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US President Donald Trump has found a simple and ingenious way to replenish the treasury of the United States through numerous satellites. Now Washington was about to bill its allies for the military bases of the American army stationed on their territory. Usually, the host country should pay for the base, and not the host country. But the Americans have their own logic.

Trump pointed Europe to its place

The fact that the incumbent US president Donald Trump behaves extremely arrogant towards the European allies has long been known. The trade duties alone that Trump scares Europe are worth! But the American president’s tour of the EU countries showed even greater neglect of the interests of European states.

At first, Trump quite clearly expressed his attitude to Poland - the most faithful US satellite in Europe. Warsaw always looked into Washington’s mouth, supported any American initiatives and projects, and even sought to outperform an overseas patron. But when solemn events were scheduled in Poland on the occasion of the 80 anniversary of the outbreak of World War II, Donald Trump announced that he would not attend.

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For the Polish side, such an act of Trump became a real spit in the face. It turned out that the head of the American state considered it less than his dignity to visit Poland as a "wedding general" at such an event. And although Trump was dissuaded that he was in charge of managing the aftermath of the hurricane, it was clear to everyone - the president simply showed Poland the distance that separates the lord from his vassals. Seniors do not go to their vassals for birthdays - such is subordination. Similarly, here.

Although Poland, if you use the classification of the former US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, refers to the countries of "New Europe" - the fact that they are actively deploying US military bases on its territory and fully support the US foreign policy towards Russia. But even this behavior of Poland did not force Trump to change his usual arrogant attitude towards the European allies of the United States.

Donald Trump is trying to show Europe that the United States is not interested in friendship and cooperation with European states, and Europe should be interested in American patronage. Washington is definitely not going to reckon with European interests. This was shown, for example, by breaking the Treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate-Range and Shorter-Range Missiles, which is not at all beneficial to European countries. Indeed, in the event of an armed conflict, not the United States, but Germany and a number of other states will become a primary target for Russian missiles, since American military bases are located on their territory.

Speaking of bases. At one time, the United States tried to make the conditions for deploying its military bases and troops beneficial to host countries. And if Germany or Japan completely provide themselves without American help, then for the post-Soviet republics of the Baltic states or for Poland, the presence of American military bases became a source of serious financial income. Now everything can change.

Where are US military bases located?

American military bases in European countries are the result of World War II. It was after the defeat of Nazi Germany that the United States deployed its troops in Europe as a victorious country. First, on a temporary basis. But there is nothing more permanent than temporary. First, the NATO bloc — the North Atlantic Alliance — was created, and then within the framework of NATO, the American leadership began to deploy military bases in NATO member countries.

The first country where American military bases are located is Germany. Here, American troops appeared during the Second World War and since then, for more than 75 years, the Germans have suffered the presence of the American military on their territory. Although, we must pay tribute, the number of personnel of the American military contingent is gradually declining. In Germany, there are both bases of the ground forces and the air force.

The second most important country in Europe, where American troops are stationed, is Italy. Here are based parts of the ground forces, air force, naval forces. Italy is particularly important in terms of the deployment of military aircraft and ships, since Italian bases allow Americans to control the situation in the Mediterranean.

US military bases are located in Greece, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Norway. In Eastern Europe, American troops are present in Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Romania, and Kosovo. In a number of European countries, the United States places its nuclear weapon.

In addition to European countries, the United States has military bases in other regions of the world. Most of these bases were created during the Cold War, but some appeared relatively recently. In East and Southeast Asia, military bases in Japan and South Korea, as well as in Singapore, are crucial for the United States.

In the Middle and Middle East, American troops are deployed in Turkey (Incirlik base in the first place), Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, and Israel.

In Africa, the United States has military bases in Djibouti, in Latin America - in Cuba, in Honduras, in Brazil. In addition, American troops are present in other countries where they perform temporary combat missions - in the same Syria, for example.

Thus, the United States entangled almost the entire planet with a network of army, naval and air bases. The total number of US military bases is very difficult to calculate, as they close, open, change their location. Approximately we are talking about 730 military facilities in various countries of the world. And of course, that such a number of military bases cost the US military budget a pretty penny.

Billions of dollars are being spent on maintaining the image of the “world gendarme”, which could benefit the American economy in a different capacity. But the United States cannot refuse a military presence around the world, since economic dominance rests, among other things, on aircraft carriers, fighters and bayonets of the US Army marines.

Moreover, recently the US relations with Russia have not only worsened, but the risk of confrontation with China has also increased, especially in the Asia-Pacific region, where Beijing with its growing ambitions has its distinct interests. If we talk about Europe, here American military bases serve, first of all, as a guarantee of the preservation of the pro-American political and economic course by most European states.

Military bases must be profitable

Trump’s key thesis, which underlies his policy towards American allies in Europe, is that US military bases should be profitable for the United States. Trump wants to transfer American contingents abroad to self-sufficiency, so that the entire financial burden of providing them would be borne by those countries that deploy American troops on their territory.

Nonsense? Not really. This Russia finances Abkhazia and South Ossetia, helps Syria, Tajikistan and other countries. Trump, seeing that US spending on foreign military representation is growing, wants to change the alignment completely - to force the countries of Europe and then Asia to pay for American military bases. And the US allies may have no other choice.

The main argument that Trump brings in support of his position is that European countries are not able to independently provide their defense. And the presence of the American army is the only guarantee that European countries will not suffer the sad fate of being conquered by Russia.

The most win-win strategy for Eastern and Northern Europe. Polish, Latvian, Norwegian, Swedish media literally intimidate the mass audience with possible aggression from Russia. This is done, first of all, in order to explain to the people huge expenditures on defense, which in general are senseless - no matter how much money Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway or even Poland spend on their defense, they would still not could survive in an armed clash with Russia.

Therefore, the American leadership and emphasizes the countries of Eastern and Northern Europe that they are not able to protect themselves from Russian aggression and need to deploy American military contingents on their territory. Eastern European countries are still engaged in this demagogy.

In Western Europe, the American strategy is already failing. It is no accident that Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel are increasingly talking about the need to create a pan-European army, that Europe itself can ensure its security. Such reasoning by European politicians is a peculiar response to Washington’s demands to financially ensure the presence of American troops in Europe.

In Paris and Berlin they make it clear that they do not particularly need American military contingents. But such a position of the French and Germans provokes a natural rage in Washington, because the very idea of ​​creating a European army can put an end to not only the American military presence in Europe, but also on the NATO bloc as a whole. Indeed, in fact, the European army will be a parallel structure to NATO.

In response to the position of German politicians, Washington says it can transfer bases from German territory to Poland and Romania. Actually, against the background of the pro-American position of the Eastern European countries, Germany is indeed of less and less interest for the Americans in terms of the feasibility of deploying military bases. Indeed, now the North Atlantic Alliance has moved much closer to the borders of Russia. Military bases can be deployed in Poland, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, there is also Ukraine controlled by Washington.

But in the United States, they are well aware that, unlike rich Germany, Eastern European countries have far less financial opportunities. They may and are willing to finance US military bases, but they cannot afford it. The only way is to transfer the money of the European Union to Eastern European countries, and then Warsaw, Bucharest or, say, Riga, will pay the money to the American military.

Thus, Donald Trump wants to turn American military bases in Europe into a tool for making money. And to kill two birds with one stone: both troops will be present, protecting the geopolitical interests of America, and will be on full payback at the expense of the host country. The host will pay Washington for the "roof." How else to call the system developed by White House analysts?

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  1. parusnik
    parusnik 19 September 2019 05: 47
    US policy towards Europe can be summed up with one phrase: Shadow, know your place ...
    1. Tatar 174
      Tatar 174 19 September 2019 05: 50
      You have to pay for the "roof"))) Finally, they officially announced what they were diligently silent about!
      1. Ross xnumx
        Ross xnumx 19 September 2019 06: 11
        Military bases must be profitable

        Europe must consider whether Washington’s sanctions policy is profitable. request
        In general, all this catavasia resembles an aunt from Kiev:

        It remains to find niece Galochka with a knife so that "aunt" (Uncle Sam) would agree to nephew Grisha (she went home and didn't spoil the air) ...
      2. To be or not to be
        To be or not to be 19 September 2019 07: 48
        "Pay for" cover. "The US will demand money from allies for its military bases."
        1. Not the roof, but the direct US occupation of European countries since 1945. Must pay the owner a tribute!
        2. Europe began to try to be more independent from the United States - then they got under "Back" (events in Ukraine) and "Head" (South Stream-2 = refugees to Europe) And inflated an imaginary threat from the east with an increase in the number of their troops by territories .. so that the "natives" do not rock the boat and have no thoughts about their independence
        3. Output:
        -Russian official statement on the absence of plans for an invasion of Europe and a direct and open explanation of US policy on Europe
        Merkel Pact -Putin (such as the Molotov Pact-Ribentrop) .. wink
        -strengthening of two third-party relations of the Russian Federation with individual countries of Europe. (France-RF.RF is already being implemented. -Bulgarians Bulgarians began to build a gas flow to their own Serbia ....)
  2. Thrifty
    Thrifty 19 September 2019 05: 52
    That's right, this is a market economy according to Trappy — you want to live, live, but pay me when and how much I will say, so far this formula is being tested only on slaves like Nata and EU, but for now. ..
    1. Chaldon48
      Chaldon48 19 September 2019 06: 14
      This is a real racket. Interestingly, they began to understand this in Europe, in Turkey it already seems, yes.
    2. fif21
      fif21 19 September 2019 06: 26
      Quote: Thrifty
      this is a trap market economy

      This is capitalism. Read Marx's Capital, nothing has changed since then. The laws of capitalism in action. hi
      1. depressant
        depressant 19 September 2019 09: 02
        What fear is the US really playing on in Eastern Europe? On the fear of young people and those who overthrew socialism, before the opinion of many people from their own older generations, with this they still silently disagree. They are afraid of those who have not died yet, who, by the way, voluntarily created the socialist camp and lived well in it, receiving a lot from the USSR. And now, not very happy with the humiliating presence of powerful and insolent strangers on their territory, the elders compare how it was and how it became. Maybe in some of these countries it has become better financially, and some even have a basis for cultivating their own ambition, but a feeling of humiliation, backed up by demands to "compensate", "pay for services", "To the leg!" , others - it is not far off. And not far off is a bitter, angry insult when they stop tossing money on life, but on the contrary, demand: "Jump up!" , - this is to determine if a small change in your pocket is ringing, which can be taken away. How France and Germany are now being forced to jump.
        Only the USSR is no longer there, so over time where they will go - they will jump with an effect opposite to the jumps on the Kiev Maidan. Do you think why you rode in Ukraine? To show "It doesn't ring in pockets, it's empty, agree to everything, give it!"
        1. Oleg Zorin
          Oleg Zorin 22 September 2019 00: 57
          Too much pathos. See my post
  3. fif21
    fif21 19 September 2019 06: 22
    First, bleed the EU from the Russian Federation (create a security threat), then offer protection for a fee (for a non-existent threat). Just like in the Russian Federation. The scheme is simple and effective. What is Trump doing wrong? request
    1. tihonmarine
      tihonmarine 19 September 2019 09: 54
      Quote: fif21
      What is Trump doing wrong?

      It's like that. Any service rendered must be paid. Now, if a boy brings a suitcase to your room at the hotel, then you will pay him, and the Americans will take money for the service. Business and nothing more.
  4. rocket757
    rocket757 19 September 2019 06: 39
    Stripes molosy! Frau will have a geyropu, and even denyushka will be shaken from her !!! Able however.
  5. Sancho_SP
    Sancho_SP 19 September 2019 07: 17
    High stakes game. The more pressure you put on your allies, the more likely you can finally tear yourself down
  6. AB
    AB 19 September 2019 09: 00
    You know, for some reason I’m not surprised ...
  7. tihonmarine
    tihonmarine 19 September 2019 09: 23
    For the Polish side, such an act of Trump became a real spit in the face. It turned out that the head of the American state considered it less than his dignity to visit Poland as a "wedding general" at such an event.
    The US perceives Poland only as a "spittoon", but not even as an ally.
  8. Galleon
    Galleon 19 September 2019 09: 49
    Hmm, the situation is about the same as someone renting an apartment from you, and then demanding money for living in it, "guarding" and "keeping order." Indeed, these Americans have their own logic.
  9. Jcvai
    Jcvai 19 September 2019 10: 20
    Just one of the economic models for strengthening the dollar: build a base "for protection", issue an invoice, provide a loan for payment in your own currency.
  10. Ros 56
    Ros 56 19 September 2019 10: 37
    So maybe we can strip the stripes and get the money ourselves in such a way, and if we even calculate how much we owe for Soviet bases, then we’ll be completely wealthy.
  11. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 19 September 2019 11: 38
    How many years to go in the wake of the United States do not give a damn about their political and economic interests, only to think about something today? Something tells us that they will still pay with a creak.
  12. Timon2155
    Timon2155 19 September 2019 11: 52
    We know, passed in the 90s: a racketeer and a shopkeeper in the market))))
  13. NF68
    NF68 19 September 2019 16: 24
    Gold pay or what?
    1. Oleg Zorin
      Oleg Zorin 22 September 2019 01: 00
      Rubles, naturally laughing
      1. NF68
        NF68 22 September 2019 15: 05
        Quote: Oleg Zorin
        Rubles, naturally laughing

        With rubles in Europe strained.
        1. Oleg Zorin
          Oleg Zorin 25 September 2019 20: 34
          Neighing, so ....
  14. Andrei Nikolaevich
    Andrei Nikolaevich 19 September 2019 21: 47
    I don’t understand why Trump’s hut ?!
    He acts as a wonderful business executive. If you want to save on defense, pay for security, gentlemen of the EU. Everything is logical and understandable.
    Why do Americans, from their taxes, have to pay for the safety of the Fritz, the cunning French and the beggar Poles ?! I’m not talking about homeless people - Romanians ..
    1. NF68
      NF68 24 September 2019 16: 14
      He acts as a wonderful business executive. If you want to save on defense, pay for security, gentlemen of the EU.

      Let those EU countries that really need this protection pay for protection. All sorts of Poland, Estonia and their equally impoverished neighbors.
  15. LeonidL
    LeonidL 19 September 2019 22: 05
    Well done Trump !!! That's what a businessman means! My respect! What's so strange about that? A person fears for his safety and hires if he has pennies for himself a bodyguard-pitching ... if there are a lot of pennies - a security team from the former special forces, but if there are no pennies - he runs to the police, I write, and in response to him, "Here they kill, then we. .. ". and countries - to be afraid of something there - need protection? Pay for security! Oh, no pennies? No security! here many will ponder, really, but is there a reason for fear? From I will laugh when money from the Balts and Poles will demand !!! Well done Trump!
  16. Oleg Zorin
    Oleg Zorin 22 September 2019 00: 54
    Europe and the United States need to determine the main thing. If Europe believes that it is in danger, then it should pay for the base. If Europe believes that there is no danger, then either send the States across the ocean, or offer them themselves to maintain their army and pay rent. As for Trump's assessment of the combat capability of the European Armed Forces, he is right. She is close to zero. So his arrogance is justified, he simply states a fact.