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Notes of the Colorado Cockroach. The whole world is a theater, and only Ukraine is a circus!

Hello my dear readers and scrollers! I am very glad to welcome you after a prolonged absence. Not my fault, by and large, it happened. We, you understand, are not Odessa cognac; we do not become stronger and more expensive with age. But since I’m so all strong, seasoned, of the highest quality (who will argue?), Then here’s my next review with pictures of Kiev life.

Notes of the Colorado Cockroach. The whole world is a theater, and only Ukraine is a circus!

Circus, as was the title, and we are in the front row! More precisely, on the bridge!

I’m starting, however, not from Kiev. I'll start from the Dnieper. Naturally, your (I hope) eyes were riveted to our show from the “95 quarter” in the Dnieper.

I’m sure that it’s reached you, how are we building a road in Ukraine today, building a bridge, laying pipes? Well. in the sense that not according to plan, but contrary to. That is to argue.

Of course, when the president orders the mayor, this is nonsense. Even in Russia. You, of course, Putin can stick to any governor once a year on this “Direct Line”, but before we get into a bubble, this is only ours!

This, of course, I'm kidding, but the fact of a certain “bet” between the president and the mayor of the city is already hinting at some kind of nonsense in what is happening. And what was going on around the bridge ...

Some attempts by the president to figure out whether they are fooling him or not, what are they worth!

Yes, it’s clear that they’re fooling, Volodimir Oleksandrovich, with us this is the only way!

I talked with ours there, and so they said that the bridge, most likely, still stands. Built in Soviet times, hoping that after a nuclear explosion on it Tanks will go. So - stand.

But the process itself, that the president and the mayor clogged up at the time of the opening, there weren’t any admissions committees, and there couldn’t be, because everything was done the way we do, which is an indicator.

But ... Tadammmm !!! This is the first time I am quoting a legitimately elected president of Ukraine!

"We live in Ukraine, and this is the situation in the country."

It’s only a pity that I quote this and for that reason.

I will try to separate my news photos of our Kiev. And you yourself see what has changed there. Well, look at the prices, as always, did not pass by.

Perhaps you are waiting for my comments on the exchange of ours for non-ours? Here, wait.

By the way, Russians, return the hat! I mean, our beauty and pride of the Black Sea squadron! There, if anything, the tug was almost new!

But seriously, but I only have it almost always, then I only welcome it. We all who were without a pan on their heads were all very happy about this fact. All normal society, because whoever agreed, Medvedchuk and Surkov or Zelensky and Putin, the fact is clear. More precisely, it is there in Europe that the fact is obvious, we have more and more horseradish on the snout, but the main thing is the result!

And the result is one - agreed! And it’s not bad that the presidents of our countries agreed. We are not talking about the thaw openly yet, but we understand that something has moved somewhere by a millimeter.

I know, some of you there discussed who they returned to Ukraine, the new Nadiy or the new Savchenko?

Now tell me, what's the difference, the same person?

And not one! Our Nadia, for which we tore throats and painted sheets, is one person. This is the Hero of Ukraine and all that! And the former deputy Savchenko and twice the felon of Russia and Ukraine - this is completely different.

So you understand why Ze didn’t scatter orders there, right? You’ll hang a piece of iron today, and tomorrow you have to tear it off. Does anyone think of anything there, right?

Yes, as I think, with daggers, too, stupidity. Dagger, if you sharpen it well and put your hand right, is that thing. I’m thinking, dear ones, I had to award flasks! Nominal and complete! This topic would be, as they say, and to the full, and without sin.

But here's something Zee has blundered. But even though the Hero did not do anyone, already a plus.

So, these returnees, here it will be necessary to look hard, who, where, what will carry.

The Crimean land director Oleg Sentsov first began to advertise Russian prisons. And then we do not know what there nishtyak? And then we do not remember the face of Savchenko, which did not fit into every frame after the hunger strikes in the Russian prison? Yes, we all remember!

I was thinking, Sentsov is about to rush into battle, a documentary-recollection to create about Putin’s bloody regime and atrocities in prisons.

But no. I uploaded the photo, told for my life on the concepts of how difficult it is on kitsch without a smartphone.

It turns out that the main cruelty of the Russian prison is that there is no Internet and phones. That is, there are phones, but godfathers and real boys. Phones are not laid down. I said so myself!

He took and burned everything. Now everyone understands why Sentsov did not have a phone, and if he did, it was extremely rare and not for long. Well, there's nothing to be done, everyone has their own place. Depending on yourself you know what.

But in his hands in the photo of Sentsov he holds a jar of tea. He kept it all these years and presented it to Zelensky. I don’t know, he called there to chifir and crack for life for concepts, but as I understand it, Vladimir Alexandrovich refused just in case.

This, of course, is a good tradition, but Zelensky is still too early to think about the shkonka. But here he is, a fresh consultant, no need to look far.

You yourself know, to swear from a bag and a prison ...

Our GDP has grown here ... Yes, I have already heard a friendly giggle behind the scenes. And not at all from which organ, but because! Because Goncharuk said! And the Cabinet of Ministers confirmed that yes, it has grown by 4%!

Is your “life expectancy growth rate” growing? At our “Review” I read, if that. So we don’t know how, but it is also growing!

And so, then, the deputies began to make up our budget! Well, we are already in anticipation of debate, scuffle and other effects, which we already miss.

245,8 billion hryvnia is planned to be allocated for national security. This is almost 10 billion dollars. What time!

Pension Fund financing should amount to 172,6 billion hryvnias ($ 6,93 billion). Well, that’s so ...

It is proposed to allocate 74,4 billion hryvnias ($ 2,98 billion) for the development of road infrastructure. And why there, we still have the road hoo! Will serve ...

But that is not the point. The main thing was voiced by the head of the Ministry of Finance Oksana Markarova. The latest news!

In the 2020 year they plan to increase the minimum wage already by 550 hryvnia! Panama! In general, the average monthly wage in 2020 will amount to 4723 hryvnias.

And now we take the calculator and count. And even taking into account our prices, it still turns out as usual.

Well, we live in Ukraine, where such a situation in the country ...

And here is a picture for this postulate.

In the village of Bogdanovka, the Nikolaev district, vandals (of course, unidentified so far) have desecrated a monument to Jews, which is installed on the site of the massacre.

There has been no desecration of the monument for a long time. Somehow calmed down with us. But this time, the deal with swastikas or red paint did not end.

The swastika, of course, was painted. And good, as it fits the article, unlike paint. But the note that these animals placed on the monument is from a new one.

The threatening note is addressed to President Vladimir Zelensky, former Minister of Transport Yevgeny Chervonenko, and also to the director of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee, Eduard Dolinsky.

In addition to threats, the creation calls not to sell land in the country, because such a step "will quickly lead to the Holocaust."

Yes, this is our situation in such a country. That's how we live.

Walking around Kiev, I saw this:

I don’t know if this person is remembered by you, but even if they don’t remember, I already agreed with the authors - they will write. As it is customary in your country to write: “To be remembered”.

One of the great places. And for comparison - one of the former wonderful places.

That's how we live...

However, we have ... no, not Hope. Hope is not yet in the business, but at least has thrown herself back from Kitsch to freedom. Already a plus for her.

We have a shadow of hope that after all the situation will stabilize over time and the country will embark on the road ... to the theater! Well, as Shakespeare said, the whole world is a theater, and people ... Well, there are different interpretations, I would say that today the world is a theater, and Ukraine is a circus with horses.

Well, nothing but a quote from the president, you will not bring here. Mamo scho mamo, the only way, and no other way.

Agree, after all, Kiev is not so good during the day as at night. A lot of dope.

Night is our time.

So I wish you, my dear, tickets to the orchestra. In the theater, since the circus is already fed up with everyone. And since the “Review” is still military, I will allow myself to recall the old army principle. "He who was in the army does not laugh at the circus."

So do not laugh at our circus.

Beautiful autumn for you, mushrooms in the bunker, fat of the correct salting, the last warm days, autumn smiles and all the best!

Will live!

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  1. Pessimist22
    Pessimist22 16 September 2019 06: 00
    Let them live as they want, the main thing is to crush them economically.
    1. Berber
      Berber 16 September 2019 10: 15
      No need to press. Just don't give your own for free, "out of brotherly love," and everything will work out. In short, wean you off freebies. "Bachily ochi scho took (Independence), ischte hoch povylazte."
      1. fruit_cake
        fruit_cake 17 September 2019 01: 52
        why not push this is capitalism, social Darwinism, nevertheless they pray so much for it
        1. Berber
          Berber 17 September 2019 08: 46
          It doesn't matter what you call it. The main thing is not to do it in spite of opponents and to the detriment of yourself. And so you can be friends, only mutually beneficial. Extra emotions are not needed here. And then we become like their "skakuasam". Well, like - "to spite grandmother ..."
          1. fruit_cake
            fruit_cake 17 September 2019 09: 49
            yes they don’t need your friendship, they mix you with shit as they can
    2. Personalrec
      Personalrec 16 September 2019 12: 40
      The Ukrainian economy will reach its pre-war level in 2022, while the Russian economy is closer to 2030. This is on the issue of pressure.
      1. Berber
        Berber 17 September 2019 08: 48
        I am without mockery. Just wondering. From what sources is this infa?
        1. Personalrec
          Personalrec 17 September 2019 13: 14
          IMF and World Bank data. The economy of Ukraine is growing at 3-4% per year, the economy of the Russian Federation at 1.5%.
          1. Berber
            Berber 17 September 2019 13: 20
            The Ukrainian economy collapsed before this. So the growth is very ephemeral. And I would not trust these organizations much.
            1. Personalrec
              Personalrec 17 September 2019 13: 29
              The Ukrainian economy collapsed before this

              The economy collapsed thanks to one very reliable neighbor of Ukraine, who laid a bolt on international treaties, occupied a bunch of territory and banned the export of goods to third countries through its territory.
              growth is very ephemeral

              Do you, as an economic expert, assert, or can you see the "ephemeral" of growth from your sofa?
              And I would not trust these organizations much.

              And who do you propose to trust, the First Channel and Kiselev?) You are ridiculous in your blind hatred of Ukraine, honestly.

              I suggest you provide evidence of the "ephemeral" economic growth so as not to be unfounded, as well as links to reliable, in your opinion, sources that can be trusted.
              1. Berber
                Berber 18 September 2019 08: 55
                Well, for that matter, not "sofa", but "office chair". And in general, in this case, you can call me "kremlebot", I will not be offended.
                And about Ukraine, in my words there is no hatred, however, as well as special love. So do not bile. I am for it - that we all, both Ukrainians and Russians, live well.
              2. Russian jacket
                Russian jacket 19 September 2019 04: 50
                Can you tell me who was the first to start this bootlegger regarding mutual sanctions, ditches at the border? And about the IMF and the World Bank, google what forecasts were in the 90s about Russia if it follows the advice of the above organizations. And what was the result. It will be informative. About hate. Censor no long read? Even in the first and second Chechen wars there was no such hatred of the Chechens, including on the site of Russian nationalists, even after Budennovsk and Beslan.
  2. andrewkor
    andrewkor 16 September 2019 06: 05
    I was pleased with the flag of Uzbekistan at the gala parade in the circus, we still remember such a country!
    1. Lexa-149
      Lexa-149 16 September 2019 10: 47
      So there is the flag of Tajikistan.
  3. Same lech
    Same lech 16 September 2019 06: 27
    Commenting on Ukrainian politicians is seriously impossible what and laughter and sin.
  4. nikvic46
    nikvic46 16 September 2019 06: 27
    I am glad that the author speaks with humor for life. And then I recalled the Odessa joke. Do you think life is on Mars? No .. also not.
  5. parusnik
    parusnik 16 September 2019 06: 51
    Our GDP has grown here ... Yes, I have already heard a friendly giggle behind the scenes. And not at all from which organ, but because! Because Goncharuk said! And the Cabinet of Ministers confirmed that yes, it has grown by 4%!
    .... So we have Rostat, the identity says that everything is growing in a good way, and so that you have that we have almost the same problems: there are not enough parking lots ... smile
  6. Thrifty
    Thrifty 16 September 2019 06: 55
    This is now Zelensky such, according to the first roar from the United States, he will become more aggressive than a steamer, what to take from puppets. ..
  7. Li17
    Li17 16 September 2019 07: 27
    Good rank pan + Comrade Cockroach! Thanks for the stuff! Yesterday I talked with another colleague in Kiev! You are an interesting people (and so are we). It's me that someone in the circus thinks that they have real life in the arena, but for ...., well, they don’t understand the poor type! And as soon as it turns out in practice that without the public in FIG they are not needed, and circus grievances against whom? That's right, to the public, they say they’re not flawed! So he says that people are very treated in Russia, but they are offended by our power! So we, too, treat you very well, but then you sort it out on your own, we don’t do the maidan for you. It’s kind of a strange thing, it seems like my friend has an education (higher + academy), but the brains (I didn’t notice this before) in analytics at the kitchen and store level, you start poking out, but we’re offended .... We’ll have to give a link to the cockroach, I suspect that this is his fault, he bred ...., and the authorities have to pour chemistry into the water so that his parasite .. and people suffer. I don’t understand!
  8. BambrSV
    BambrSV 16 September 2019 08: 40
    drinks I wish you health wink
  9. Mestny
    Mestny 16 September 2019 09: 06
    Photo with currency exchange rates.
  10. AleBors
    AleBors 16 September 2019 09: 35
    Your Ze is right. You have what you have. What they chose is what they got. One thing is worrying, how much your and our rulers are alike ... Apparently, the same "bright future" awaits us.
    And so yes, we will live ....
  11. Lexa-149
    Lexa-149 16 September 2019 10: 49
    Correspondents Anatoly Sharia were not too lazy and sailed on a boat under the bridge. And there are sections of exposed reinforcement, the remains of the formwork ... Nobody did anything there at all, but the dough was cut a lot on this bridge!
  12. xomaNN
    xomaNN 16 September 2019 12: 52
    Yes, the national fuse is exhaling already and the patriots wassat

    I remember in 2014-15, right across the rust with a yellow-blue color scheme, the railing of bridges, fences, gates, etc. But ... it's over. Either the free paint is gone, or the painters "in scrap" get dirty. hi

    So we live without a strain already ...
  13. isker
    isker 16 September 2019 12: 54
    sadly, but "live" - ​​you won't wake up! To exist, fighting for your life (and this is not figurative!) Daily and nightly - yes! Best case scenario...
    Here you are not there - decline and recession today is just furious steps, and with every Russian emigrant - "country" rolls back a year ...
    and at the same time - violet .. how and what exactly will happen with you, the myth of "b'gat nagodov" - has died irrevocably, a purely entertaining element remained (well, what about the Ukrainians ?!)
    the traitor (Turkey) can recover, Judas (you know-who)-never! ..
  14. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 16 September 2019 13: 01
    The whole world is a theater, and only Ukraine is a circus!
    Clarification. The whole world is a theater, and only Ukraine is a booth! It’s a shame for Nikulin, O. Popov and others like them, yet there was thought and respect for the viewer. feel
  15. asp373
    asp373 16 September 2019 13: 29
    Zdorovenka boules, shannovy pan. Here we are rumored that your diesel fuel and that of the vugle is ending, but in Kuiv they gave hot water to the elections. What do you say, as a native?
  16. BAI
    BAI 16 September 2019 14: 41
    And then we do not remember the face of Savchenko, which did not fit into every frame after the hunger strikes in the Russian prison?

    Well, Sentsov gained weight in prison, but when asked: "What about the difficult conditions in prison?" - the answer: "I was preparing for a hunger strike."
    How is it in a well-known cartoon in Russia, and not well-known in Ukraine? Fasting is considered beneficial only after a hearty meal.
  17. tochila
    tochila 16 September 2019 15: 32
    Premium flasks are great !!!! Shoigu should be noted !!!)))))))))
  18. 320423
    320423 16 September 2019 20: 37
    Dear Colorado cockroach, in Russian it is written ON Ukrainian, not "v"
  19. asp373
    asp373 16 September 2019 23: 39
    PS By the way, for some reason without a paramog today? Did not find? And I have found. Here, enjoy:
  20. Russian jacket
    Russian jacket 19 September 2019 05: 09
    Quote: BerBer
    Well, for that matter, not "sofa", but "office chair". And in general, in this case, you can call me "kremlebot", I will not be offended.
    And about Ukraine, in my words there is no hatred, however, as well as special love. So do not bile. I am for it - that we all, both Ukrainians and Russians, live well.

    I am the same for this. I support.
    But about bile. Bile is their normal condition. In July I was in Salou, Spain. He sat on a bench in the shade on the beach and read a book on a tablet. Nearby sat three. They speak Russian. They are wondering which beach to go to and where they are .... I know perfectly well the Ukrainian accent when pronouncing words. The daughter says that there are too many people. Grandfather replies that what is wrong in Crimea is completely empty. Dialogue on this topic .... I looked up from the book, told where which beach. I was told thanks. And then I asked how long they were in the Crimea. My wife, for example, went to the resort in June. One had to see faces and glances ....
    Second example. Excursion to Montserrat Monastery. Our bus stops. We go out and stumble upon representatives of the oldest nation. Family. And the grandfather speaks louder so that everyone can hear "Oh, the savages have arrived." They were looked at as if they were insane, just passed by. And it was evident that these not very intelligent characters are proud of their selukosity.
    1. yawa63
      yawa63 20 September 2019 06: 58
      Fürstenwalde, June 2019, hotel, breakfast at the hotel. In the corner sits a trinity, one in a "Dill" T-shirt, two in yellow-blakit T-shirts, one shouts - "Glory to Ukraine", two answer "Glory to Heroes", obviously with the aim of attracting attention to themselves. The overwhelming number of breakfast people, Chinese, Germans, some other Europeans (Dutch or Belgians) smile and twirl their fingers at their temples, in short - like, clowns have arrived)))
  21. Military77
    Military77 7 October 2019 22: 09
    pan targan, ti kudi go? What if you drink some slippers or are blagovirna rocking the health of a naughty one?