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Impenetrable Russia. The most deadly missile systems of the Russian Federation

Assistant Chief of Staff of the Royal Air Force of Great Britain Julian Ball called the missile systems C-400, "Bastion-P" and "Iskander-M" the most deadly species weapons Russian production. It was thanks to these systems, in his opinion, that Moscow was able to implement the defense strategy of “access restriction zones and maneuvers” - A2 / AD in the NATO classification.

As part of this strategy, clusters of the aforementioned anti-aircraft missile systems of the RF Armed Forces create a multi-stage defense in depth with the land and water borders of the country, both on land and in the sky. This defense is so thought out and powerful that it is practically impossible to open it to the forces of a potential adversary. At the same time, Ball expressed the hope that in the future, perhaps, NATO military specialists will be able to develop a counter-strategy against the Russian A2 / AD methods using artificial intelligence and the latest weapons of future generations.

Coastal missile system "Bastion-P" to protect coastal waters and coastlines of the Russian Federation

“Bastion-P” is truly the killer of any surface craft, regardless of their class or displacement. With the help of the Onyx unified homing missile, this DBK can sink any ship - be it the flagship of an aircraft carrier strike group or a single escort ship. Moreover, radio-contrast vessels will not avoid defeats by Onyx even under conditions of active radio suppression and multi-frequency electrical interference.

One such complex is capable of conducting effective coastal defense with a length of about six hundred kilometers. At this distance, not a single landing of a potential enemy can land unnoticed and unattacked. The deployment of the DBK takes only five minutes, after which it is completely ready for the aimed salvo at the visible and invisible visually target.

In addition to the Onyx missiles, the Bastion-P complex is reinforced by K-340P self-propelled launchers with a crew of three military personnel and an K-380P combat armored vehicle with a crew of four. A unique DBK is made by its autonomous robotic combat control system, as well as a system of information and technical interface of the combat assets of the complex with the head gearbox. It is logical that such a multifunctional army complex is complemented by an automated maintenance system.

In the arms market of the world, Bastion-P is the best in its class. It is not surprising that he is interested in many countries that have access to water. Vietnam was one of the first to acquire DBK of this type from Russia.

Operational and tactical complex "Iskander-M" to protect the land territories of Russia

Iskander-M is a high-precision operational-tactical missile system of the ground forces of the Russian Federation. Its main task is to deliver point-by-point missile strikes against priority and key, often small-sized objects of a hypothetical enemy throughout the depth of their combat forces. This complex works for a variety of purposes and targets: firing points, headquarters bunkers, anti-aircraft and anti-missile weapons and electronic warfare, even air force aircraft at approach or base airfields.

Impenetrable Russia. The most deadly missile systems of the Russian Federation

The train to which the Iskander sends the combat unit of the complex is determined by the distance of 50-55 kilometers. At such heights, no air defense system that exists at the moment can get it and bring it down. Moreover, the complex is mobile enough to remain invisible even during firing: in just one minute, Iskander-M can launch two rockets and disappear from the launch site, turning off all devices that could be detected by enemy radar systems.

At the same time, the flight of the missile launched by the complex is unpredictable: both immediately after launch and on approaching the target, the projectile actively maneuvers, which makes it practically impossible to intercept it. In addition, the interceptor missile must develop speed and withstand overloads two to three times higher than the Iskander projectile, and this is not technically feasible today.

Strategically, Iskander-M complexes are scattered throughout Russia so that they cover the entire territory and coastal waters of the country with sufficient safety net between neighboring batteries. One of such operational-tactical missile systems is deployed in the Kaliningrad region. Accordingly, almost the entire Baltic States and part of Eastern Europe fall under his sight.

C-400 Triumph anti-aircraft missile system defending the Russian sky

The legendary air defense systems of the Russian assembly C-400 "Triumph" are considered the most advanced air defense / missile defense systems in the world. They are far superior to their American counterparts: Patriot and THAAD systems. The US air defense missile system shoots no further than one hundred and twenty kilometers, while the range of the S-400 is about four hundred kilometers. In addition, the American system does not know how to shoot “over the horizon”, while the Russian system does this easily and accurately.

It is with the help of C-400 that Russia is so reliably covered from the air. The Triumphs embody the latest developments in radio electronics and ballistic rocket science. These air defense systems are equipped with the latest generation radar stations. Thanks to them, C-400 can spot and destroy almost any flying object, including reconnaissance aircraft with stealth technology.

The uniqueness of the C-400 is also that they have in their combat arsenal as many as four types of missiles with different weights, with a wide variety of combat capabilities and missions. And this allows one Triumph complex to fulfill the function of an almost full-fledged multi-stage air defense system. The latest missiles for this anti-aircraft missile system can hit a target at a distance of up to two hundred and forty kilometers. Moreover, C-400 can intercept ICBMs and interchangeable modular missiles.

It turns out that in strategic clusters all of the above missile systems really become an almost impenetrable defensive shield of Russia: Bastions-P are on the guard of coastlines, the land territory of the Russian Federation is under the protection of Iskander-M, and the Russian sky is reliably covered by Triumphs S -400. Together, they are practically irresistible and invulnerable. The British military is absolutely right in this opinion.

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  1. Fedor Sokolov
    Fedor Sokolov 15 September 2019 06: 03
    Why try to break through the defense of the Russian borders? For what purpose? The Anglo-Saxons are preparing a great war. By the way, by this, they actually confirm that Russia has built a strategy to protect its territories, which they seek to overcome.
    1. 210ox
      210ox 15 September 2019 06: 54
      And where are "Yars", "Sarmat" ... In my opinion, they are the most deadly ..
      1. Fedor Sokolov
        Fedor Sokolov 15 September 2019 07: 15
        Left for a snack!
      2. hydrox
        hydrox 15 September 2019 08: 22
        They are deadly in attack, but in order to get the RIGHT TO ANSWER, one must undergo aggression, and with the existing confrontation with the Anglo-Saxons one needs to know their ATTACK weapons - there are no supersonic and especially HYPERSonic weapons and there will not be another 5-10 years, and this gives us some hope that Russia with its HYPER means can win by being attacked.
        Imagine: the Anglo-Saxons started aggression in the framework of a network-centric war and attacked us with all means available to them. While hundreds of these assets (and their carriers), slowly, follow their combat courses, our excellent air defense systems are ready to meet them, but this is not the main thing.
        The main thing is that our hyper-tools at this time leave their stationary orbits and already go with HYPER sound speed to targets in Washington, Denver and Seattle with Houston. And when the first operations of anti-aircraft missiles reflecting aggression against Russia follow on our borders, ALL US military targets will already be in ruins - this is what HYPER weapons are: we use weapons in the format of active defense, and the result is like a surprise attack, defense from which the Yankees have NO.
      3. Paranoid50
        Paranoid50 15 September 2019 09: 00
        Quote: 210ox
        where "Yars", "Sarmat" ...

        The first - on duty, the second - on the way. yes These are global tools, and the material considers the inner circle, so to speak. And yes, perhaps the Britons decided that they would simply regret the big batons, and would be used only with traditional means. request
      4. Alex20042004
        Alex20042004 15 September 2019 11: 49
        Each is deadly in its class.
        S-400 and S-300 in their class - in defense, and in retaliation - these are "Yars", "Sarmat". All these are weapons of constant combat readiness.
  2. Mordvin 3
    Mordvin 3 15 September 2019 06: 09
    Well, that’s it, now I’ll sleep peacefully. And somehow I dreamed of a hangover, as if the Germans had defeated us. True, I esessovka tuda-syuda .. But still insulting ... sad
  3. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 15 September 2019 06: 11
    the defense is so thought out and powerful that it is practically impossible to open it to the forces of a potential enemy
    So maybe you shouldn’t even try to do it in the future? Is it time to resolve international issues, no matter what differences, peacefully using exclusively diplomacy? Really have not yet understood that Russia will not dance to the Anglo-Saxon tune.
    1. Hagalaz
      Hagalaz 15 September 2019 07: 01
      Ushlapki. They like to bomb with a shaver. Like Yugoslavia or Libya. And then comes out found a scythe on a stone.
      They will not agree, so if, on trifles. They will try to swing from the inside. Moreover, once a ride.
  4. The comment was deleted.
  5. Kontrik
    Kontrik 15 September 2019 06: 37
    Good article in the morning .. The mood raises !!!!

    So gentlemen, I do not advise you to once again try Russia for a "tooth" .. discard your fangs ..
  6. Thrifty
    Thrifty 15 September 2019 06: 43
    Angichans said this because there is little money allocated to them for the defense industry, clearly so. Similar articles from NATO warriors constantly appear on the Internet, and then there are moans that there is no money for defense.
  7. The comment was deleted.
  8. Amateur
    Amateur 15 September 2019 07: 23
    This defense is so thought out and powerful that it is practically impossible to open it to the forces of a potential adversary. At the same time, Ball expressed the hope that in the future, perhaps, NATO military specialists will be able to develop a counter-strategy against the Russian A2 / AD methods using artificial intelligence and the latest weapons of future generations. (IN, 15 September 2019. (Oleg Orlov))

    For this, the troops are moving to a new attack system, within which an extensive range of weapons will act as a striking force. Julian Ball, assistant chief of staff of the Royal Air Force, speaking on September 9 at the DSEI arms exhibition (London), said that a threat poses from Russian missile systems, such as the S-400 air defense system, Bastion-P anti-aircraft missile system and Iskander air defense system, to which it is necessary to give an adequate answer. And he will be found, promises a senior military man. IN, 12 September 2019. (Without a signature)

    Deja vu. VO participants need to explain everything twice, what would come to us? recourse
  9. aszzz888
    aszzz888 15 September 2019 07: 54
    So yes, there wouldn’t be such missiles - there wouldn’t be us anymore either. Our armored train is oiled, modernized and stands calmly on its way. And on which - it’s someone who’s so lucky, God forbid! to such events.
  10. The comment was deleted.
  11. Misak Hananyan
    Misak Hananyan 15 September 2019 08: 11
    [media = http: // https: // v = Q3fokZ6QMbE].
  12. The comment was deleted.
  13. ugol2
    ugol2 15 September 2019 11: 26
    If the neighbor’s three-meter fence causes the greatest concern, then it’s just right to ask the question - are your thoughts so clean?
    Do not meddle with us and there will be nothing to worry about.
    And so on the thief and the hat burns. So who is going to attack anyone? We are worried about your divisions at our borders, and you are our defense complexes.
    The question is who the aggressor after such appearances can be closed.
  14. Old26
    Old26 15 September 2019 12: 34
    Yeah ... The mood on Sunday is ruined. More and more often VO does not publish articles with a serious analysis of the situation, but such eulogies in the style of the editorials of the Pravda newspaper in the most remote times of stagnation. Continuous grunting and no attempt to analyze the situation. And some of the author's paragraphs are like pulling an owl onto a globe.

    Quote: Paranoid50
    The first - on duty, the second - on the way.

    The first is on duty, you're right. The second is not even on the way. On the way, this is when the product completes the test and is about to get on the database. And with that, "Sarmat" is so far away.
  15. Operator
    Operator 15 September 2019 12: 56
    The article deals only with the expansion of the border control of Russia beyond its territorial waters - the creation of the so-called access restriction zones and A2 / AD maneuver.
  16. Super
    Super 16 September 2019 19: 26
    No wonder it is said, how they are afraid of us!
  17. SPB.RU
    SPB.RU 30 September 2019 07: 12
    Where are our zircons? Or another 50 years boom onyxes boom? :)