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The legendary commander of Alpha Gennady Zaitsev talks about his military career

The Alpha group is known far beyond the borders of our country. The operations in which the soldiers of this special unit participated were also well-known to millions of citizens. But it’s one thing when operations are described in media reports, and it’s quite another to learn first hand the details.

The legendary commander of Alpha Gennady Zaitsev talks about his military career

A large interview with Gennady Zaitsev, Hero of the Soviet Union, the legendary commander of the same Alpha, has been published on the TacticMedia YouTube channel. Gennady Nikolayevich celebrates his 85 anniversary.

Gennady Nikolayevich talks about his path, noting that after the end of seven classes he was forced to go to work at the plant, while retaining the desire to enter the Kama College of River Shipping. Retired Major General talks about his childhood during World War II.

Gennady Zaitsev:

All these difficulties, harsh times, they came in handy in life. Because of them, you look differently at what is happening, at the people around you, at their problems.

Gennady Nikolayevich tells about the passage of two-month training camp in the training regiment of the division named after Dzerzhinsky.

Hero of Russia:
The oath was taken on December 5 of the 1953 of the year already in the Kremlin.

All the details of the glorious and heroic life and battle path of Gennady Zaitsev are presented in the interview film:


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  1. rocket757
    rocket757 13 September 2019 11: 24
    While the SPIRIT of our people lives, we will still have REAL HEROES!
    Glory to our Ancestors, Glory to our Heroes!
  2. Terenin
    Terenin 13 September 2019 11: 34
    Hero of the Soviet Union, the legendary commander of Alpha Gennady Nikolayevich celebrates his 85th birthday.

    Gennady Nikolayevich - our Respect and Respect! soldier soldier soldier hi hi hi
    1. VeteranVSSSR
      VeteranVSSSR 13 September 2019 21: 56
      Hero of the Soviet Union !!!, born in the USSR !!!
      There’s nothing more to add, there’s no such country and they don’t do such anymore. Very sorry !!!
  3. Vladimir Nizhegorodsky
    Vladimir Nizhegorodsky 13 September 2019 12: 01
    Real hero.
    There would be more such examples for our youth.
    We will learn from you.
    SERGEY SERGEEVICS 13 September 2019 12: 05
    The legendary celebrity in the Alpha group and her immediate hero.
    Glory to our Heroes and good health to you, for many years !!!
    For you drinks
  5. iouris
    iouris 14 September 2019 16: 30
    There is only one question: did the former "Alfovtsy" who refused "to carry out the orders of the State Emergency Committee" and the former heads of the main departments of the KGB of the USSR after the "victory of democracy" work in the banking structures of the well-known "Russian" oligarchs?
  6. nikvic46
    nikvic46 15 September 2019 06: 04
    Gennady Nikolaevich. Good health. And long life!
  7. Arkady Gaidar
    Arkady Gaidar 16 September 2019 14: 48
    The main value at all times was considered by us people who worthily performed their duty to the Fatherland. Good health and many years to Gennady Nikolaevich!
    And in the case, it is immediately clear that the respondents do not own the subject. because the conversation is superficial, about honey, nature and weather.
    From this interview it is immediately clear that the foreign experience in the 80s was not generalized by the "alphas". And that, I guess, was a big omission! Otherwise, methods of neutralizing militants, both with cans of gasoline and hung with explosives, would have been developed in advance.
    And about the Soviet leadership, selling for currency "candy wrappers", Gennady Nikolayevich "did not discover America." The opportunists made their way into the power of the country even then, they are there now and do not value their own citizens at all, and we now know the result. On this occasion, I expressed my thoughts here:
    A whole era has been reflected in this man! It is interesting to listen to the interview in order to understand how that magnificent system functioned as a whole. And alas, no more.