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The many faces of the Typhoon Airborne. Armored car as a base for equipment

At present, tests of the promising multi-purpose armored vehicle K4386 "Typhoon-Airborne" are being completed. This machine was developed taking into account the requirements and wishes of the airborne troops and is intended to solve a wide range of problems. The armored car in the initial configuration is a protected vehicle for fighters, and after refinement it can become the basis for specialized samples.

Armored car "Typhoon-Airborne" with a combat module BM-30-D. Photo

Armored Platform

A new wheeled armored car for the Airborne Forces was developed from 2015. The aim of the project was to create a multi-purpose armored vehicle capable of transporting people and goods, as well as carrying a variety of weapons. The armored car had to meet the requirements of parachute landing. In the future, such a model could become one of the new platforms for the construction of new airborne equipment.

An experienced armored car under the name K4386 "Typhoon-Airborne" was first shown in 2017. Subsequently, the equipment passed the necessary tests. In addition, the development of the platform continued with the advent of new specialized designs. Part of the technology of the resulting family has already been tested and is preparing for adoption. According to the last news, mass delivery of serial K4386 in various configurations will begin next year.

"Typhoon-Airborne" received a single-volume armored vehicle with combined protection, corresponding to 5 class GOST R 50963-96. Explosion protection 6 kg of TNT under the wheel or 4 kg under the bottom. The design provides all the basic means and methods of protecting the crew from the negative effects of the explosion. In particular, the crew and the landing are placed in energy-absorbing seats.

The armored car is equipped with a KAMAZ-650.10-350 engine with 350 horsepower. and automatic transmission. The suspension is made on the basis of hydropneumatic shock absorbers. The maximum speed of the car reaches 100 km / h, power reserve - 1200 km. The combat weight of the armored car in the basic configuration is 13,5 tons.

The main body volume can be equipped with the required units - landing chairs, ammunition stacking or special equipment. A sunroof is provided on the roof, which can also be used as a seat for the combat module. Thus, the architecture of the armored car has some elements of modularity, which corresponds to modern views on the goals and objectives of armored vehicles.

Armed transport

In the basic configuration, the "Typhoon-Airborne Forces" is an armored vehicle for transportation, capable of transporting people and some goods. In this case, the habitable compartment is equipped with eight seats, including the driver and commander. Access to the inside of the machine is provided by three doors on the sides and in the stern.

The many faces of the Typhoon Airborne. Armored car as a base for equipment
One of the first armored vehicles K4386-air defense. Machine guns are visible; missile is stored inside the hull. Photo

The sunroof can be equipped with different weapons. Initially, the possibility of installing an open turret with a machine gun of normal or large caliber was mentioned. Also, the installation of an automatic grenade launcher was not ruled out.

Later, the K4386 armored car with the BM-30-D cannon and machine-gun combat module came out for testing. This product is a closed turret with an 30-mm 2A42 gun and a PKTM machine gun. Search for targets and fire control is carried out using a full-blown block of optoelectronic equipment. DBM BM-30-D is completely mounted outside the armored housing and does not take away internal volumes. With such a module "Typhoon-Airborne" passes the necessary tests.

It is alleged that the armored car can carry any other DBMS with different arms, designed to solve different problems. For their installation, a standard overhead is used, and connection to the on-board systems is carried out via unified interfaces.

Of particular interest is the K4386-air defense combat vehicle. This modification of the armored car is equipped with an open installation with a heavy machine gun, and also carries the necessary communication and control equipment. The crew includes three Verba MANPADS with a stock of missiles. Missile and machine gun weapons must ensure the destruction of various air targets in the near zone.

Artillery armored car

This year, the Army-2019 forum for the first time showed a prototype self-propelled mortar 2С41 "Drok", built on the basis of "Typhoon-Airborne." The development of this project began several years ago, and now it is brought to the test stage.

Self-propelled mortar 2С41 "Drok". Photo NPK Uralvagonzavod /

“Drok” loses the bulk of the equipment of the airborne compartment, instead of which stacking for mines and other units are mounted. On a standard pursuit, a combat module is placed with a removable 82-mm mortar on recoil devices. The mortar complex carries ammunition from 60 rounds and is equipped to develop a rate of fire up to 15 rounds / min. Armament is controlled by digital means with remote control. 82-mm gun provides firing at a range of 6 km.

Additional weapons "Droka" consists of a DBM with a PKTM machine gun and a set of smoke grenade launchers. The optoelectronic equipment of the module can be used for reconnaissance purposes.

While the self-propelled mortar 2С41 "Drok" is being tested, but in the future it is planned to bring it to adoption. The presence of such a machine will ensure an increase in the combat effectiveness of the airborne units. The unification of a self-propelled mortar with other armored cars on the chassis will give obvious advantages.

Engineering technology

Also at the Army-2019 forum, the first premiere of three promising engineering vehicles from the Kleshch-G code family was held at once. The aim of this project is to create universal mine loaders for land units. One of the presented models of equipment, UMP-T, is built on a substantially modified wheeled chassis "Typhoon-Airborne."

The K4386 full-time armored hull in the new project is deprived of the aft landing compartment, instead of which an open platform with armored sides is organized. It houses two universal launchers for mine cassettes. UMP-T carries 60 cartridges; the number of mines depends on their type. Modern means of mine shooting control are used, which also provide mining mapping.

UMZ-T mine layer. Photo NPK Uralvagonzavod /

After the exhibition, UMP-T and other representatives of the Kleshch-G family went to the test. The results of the checks are still unknown, but there are reasons for optimistic forecasts. It should be expected that upon successful completion of all necessary tests UMP-T will enter service. Most likely, equipment based on the "Typhoon-Airborne" will go to the landing units.

Armored Scout

This year, for the first time, they showed the MTR-K technical reconnaissance vehicle built at the K4386 base. This sample is intended for technical units. His goal will be to search for damaged equipment on the battlefield and assess its condition, followed by the implementation of the necessary work or the involvement of other vehicles.

MTR-K is equipped with its own surveillance system and unmanned aerial vehicle. There are also radiation and chemical reconnaissance facilities. The MTR-K crew will be able to carry out part of the assistance work independently; in other cases, it will have to cause an ARV with the desired characteristics.

Now the technical intelligence machine is in testing. The completion of inspections is scheduled for next year. Then MTR-K can be taken into service.

Multipurpose and many-sided

According to recent reports, tests of the K4386 Typhoon-Airborne armored car are coming to an end and will be completed before the beginning of next year. In 2020, it is planned to launch a full-fledged series with the transfer of airborne vehicles. At the same time, the list of modifications planned for release has not yet been specified.

Machine technical intelligence MTR-K. Photo by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation /

The main operator of the armored cars will be the airborne troops for which they were developed. However, "Typhoons-Airborne" can find application in other structures. Recently it became known that the 12 e Main Directorate of the Ministry of Defense, working with nuclear weapons, showed interest in such machines. As part of its fleet of vehicles, there are various samples of automobile and military equipment, and in the near future the delivery of new K4386 is expected.

Apparently, after the launch of the series, the most massive modification of the "Typhoon-Airborne" will be an armored car for transporting personnel with machine gun or cannon weapons. Other options will be produced in smaller quantities that meet customer requirements. All these processes will lead to the re-equipment of the airborne forces, and with the maximum unification of new equipment.

The development, development and testing of the K4386 Typhoon-VDV armored car took several years - the first information about the project appeared in 2015, and mass production will begin only in 2020. However, this time was not wasted. Russian industry has created not only an armored car with high performance, but also a number of its modifications for various purposes. Thus, even before the start of a full-fledged service, Typhoon-Airborne Forces managed to establish itself well as a platform for various equipment.

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  1. Kote Pan Kokhanka
    Kote Pan Kokhanka 11 September 2019 18: 12
    Thank! I read it with interest!
    Regards, Vladislav!
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. Megatron
      Megatron 11 September 2019 22: 38
      For me, the best of light armored vehicles is the WOLF!
      1. Zaurbek
        Zaurbek 12 September 2019 07: 30
        6x6 and the Tiger is provided. But this topic is not developed
  2. Zaurbek
    Zaurbek 11 September 2019 18: 18
    Is it more expensive than the new Tiger?
    1. Donald72
      Donald72 11 September 2019 18: 41
      Surely he is a class heavier. And when you consider the cost of additional equipment. A tower with a cannon and a control more expensive than a car can exit.
      1. Zaurbek
        Zaurbek 12 September 2019 07: 29
        There was also the original Tiger 6x6 with a 120mm gun / mortar. Too bad I didn't go.
  3. E.S.
    E.S. 11 September 2019 18: 56
    This is what a healthy person’s Humvee looks like!
  4. garri-lin
    garri-lin 11 September 2019 19: 16
    Very controversial car. He spoke repeatedly in discussions. It is controversial for the Airborne Forces. Plus, the article does not indicate that a decision was made to simplify the design in order to save. They refused hydropneumatics. They also forget to indicate that after a mine explosion the Typhoon will be immobilized. Incomprehensible weight. 13,5 is it with or without DUM? Initially they said that with weapons. Then this weight began to be applied to cars without weapons. Forget to indicate the price, the main indicator of the speed of entry into the troops. Well, a lot of controversial sides with the typhoon. And so, for the rear and the MTR the car is not bad.
    1. Corn
      Corn 11 September 2019 19: 30
      It is controversial for the Airborne Forces.
      It is the Airborne Forces that have not been going to land for a long time, respectively, and they need equipment suitable for real operation in the combat zone, and not self-propelled aluminum coffins.
      after a mine explosion, the Typhoon will be immobilized.
      but the crew is alive, this can already be considered an achievement.
      1. garri-lin
        garri-lin 11 September 2019 20: 16
        The level of protection is almost the same. Level 5 is 7,62 bb. BMD to this level to bring no problems. And mine is very complicated. Just the weight of TNT is absolutely not an indicator. The shape of the charge or the correct shell and the result is completely different. This is the first counterargument. The second is the reason for the installation of mines. If the mine is part of an ambush, then the crew of the immobilized car is almost certainly dead. And no need for quick dismounting. There will be a couple of shelters in total, and putting the usual stretch marks there will not cause problems for the ambush group. Plus, with patency, not everything is clear. I didn’t see the video where the typhoon drove through the Mud.
      2. Catfish
        Catfish 11 September 2019 20: 32
        Right, Carl hi , I absolutely agree with you on "but the crew is alive", and especially on "aluminum coffins".
 12 September 2019 00: 17
          Uh, excuse me, but there are chariots that, after undermining, even 2 kg under the wheel will be immobilized?
          And not only the wheels, but the goose, too, will have to be pulled at least.
          All of these options are only about saving the crew’s life.
          When ambushed by a “lonely” Typhoon, it’s most likely that the crew will be killed. But if this is a car from a convoy - here, most likely, the crew will live. And help in repelling the attack.
          1. Catfish
            Catfish 12 September 2019 00: 54
            When ambushing a lone tank, its crew will most likely be cranky too. If you deprive a single machine of mobility, then the rest is already "a matter of technology", this is understandable and so. As for the caterpillars, they already flew on the 9th, if memory serves, exercise, then it was canceled altogether. I served in the tank, a little in the know.

            PS To the minus player the question is: offended by aluminum, poor fellow? Okay, don’t cry, now I will write as you want - LUMIN. laughing
          2. garri-lin
            garri-lin 12 September 2019 08: 36
            I personally saw how an APC with 2 torn off wheels cheerfully crawled along the virgin lands. And despite the fact that they were the first and second wheels on one side. That's where reliability is. And most importantly, it weighs like a typhoon.
     12 September 2019 22: 06
              Yes, it’s only flashed from a DShK from half a kilometer.
              And the wheels are 8, not 4.
              1. garri-lin
                garri-lin 12 September 2019 22: 10
                That's just a Typhoon on 4 wheels weighs the same as an APC at 8. And this is an occasion to think about the actual cross. And Typhoon is also stitched in the same way 12,7 mm from any distance.
          3. Glory1974
            Glory1974 12 September 2019 09: 49
            but there are wheelers who, after undermining, even 2-x kg under the wheel will be immobilized?

            BTR-80 easily keeps the separation of one wheel and is not immobilized. With two torn off more difficult, but also the chances are very high.
    2. Chaldon48
      Chaldon48 11 September 2019 21: 06
      I heard that almost all armored vehicles for airborne vehicles have aluminum armor, of course this metal is light, but it seems dubious to me its ability to withstand the impact of large-caliber bullets and fragments, or am I wrong?
      1. Saxahorse
        Saxahorse 11 September 2019 22: 36
        Quote: Chaldon48
        Of course, this metal is light, but it seems to me doubtful whether it is able to withstand the blows of large-caliber bullets and fragments, or am I wrong?

        Of course not right. Aluminum armor is simply made thicker, but the weight of the armored corps is less. For example, the forehead of the well-known BTR M-113 is 38 mm Al, but at the same time it holds a 12.7 mm bullet from 200 meters. We have the same strength has a 23 mm steel forehead BMP.
        1. garri-lin
          garri-lin 12 September 2019 00: 15
          Forgot to add that the specific gravity of aluminum is 2,7-2,9 and the armor is 7,7-8 g / cm cubic. So that you can estimate the weight savings.
        2. Chaldon48
          Chaldon48 12 September 2019 04: 11
          Interestingly and Kevlar and ceramics did not try to strengthen?
          1. garri-lin
            garri-lin 12 September 2019 08: 37
            What? Nowadays everything is strengthened with Kevlar and keraika.
    3. Sergey Aleksandrovich
      Sergey Aleksandrovich 15 March 2021 11: 15
      It is for the Airborne Forces that such a machine is needed, at last there will be a landing tractor capable of pulling the D-30 howitzer. After the retirement of the GAZ-66, the Airborne Forces were left without a tractor for such a necessary weapon, the firepower of artillery support was greatly reduced.
      1. garri-lin
        garri-lin 15 March 2021 16: 29
        Didn't know the Typhoon had a tractor version.
        1. Sergey Aleksandrovich
          Sergey Aleksandrovich 16 March 2021 09: 52
          Without any versions, there is nothing more to pull this gun with.
          1. garri-lin
            garri-lin 16 March 2021 10: 05
            There are a lot of normal equipment in the Airborne Forces. The same Shell. And Typhoon is an outspoken ersatz for police operations. It has no advantages over the BTR 80. And it is inferior in many ways.
            1. Sergey Aleksandrovich
              Sergey Aleksandrovich 16 March 2021 10: 08
              Do you want to prevent the appearance of a tractor for the D-30 howitzer? I cannot understand the point of returning to the discussion of the characteristics of the Typhoon in the second round.
              1. garri-lin
                garri-lin 16 March 2021 15: 18
                I wish the troops had normal equipment and not ersatz. Why don't you like Shell as an artillery tractor?
                1. Sergey Aleksandrovich
                  Sergey Aleksandrovich 16 March 2021 16: 52
                  I have no idea why they don't use the Shell as a tractor. And why are you not satisfied with the traction characteristics of the Typhoon-Airborne Forces for transporting mortars and howitzers? Or you want to return to the GAZ-66, which did not cope with this.
                  1. garri-lin
                    garri-lin 16 March 2021 18: 16
                    Do you think Typhoon can handle it? A vehicle with the weight of an armored personnel carrier and with half the number of wheels. The patency is already in question.
                    1. Sergey Aleksandrovich
                      Sergey Aleksandrovich 16 March 2021 20: 37
                      I am not going to think and guess, it was mentioned in the press that the D-30 can pull.
                      1. garri-lin
                        garri-lin 16 March 2021 23: 19
                        Which road? Ammunition will be able to carry at the same time? And the calculation?
                      2. Sergey Aleksandrovich
                        Sergey Aleksandrovich 16 March 2021 23: 28
                        And on what roads do the Urals carry or the undersized and the shape-shifter GAZ-66? Is it better for the crew to sit in a tilt truck than in an armored Typhoon?
                        This is generally why such questions.
                      3. garri-lin
                        garri-lin 17 March 2021 00: 51
                        This is a question to the fact that if you change something that does not suit you, then change it to something adequate and not to ersatz. Typhoon Airborne Forces is a purely police car. More precisely, the platform.
                      4. Sergey Aleksandrovich
                        Sergey Aleksandrovich 17 March 2021 08: 35
                        Then the matter is small, to decide what will be adequate. The Airborne Forces do not have an airborne assault rifle, Nona and Lotus have a shorter firing range compared to the D-30. Leave the Airborne Forces without serious artillery as it is now? And only because an armored truck reminds someone of a policeman.
                      5. garri-lin
                        garri-lin 17 March 2021 18: 17
                        Octopus and Lotus are ideal for the Airborne Forces. More is not necessary. D 30 is redundant. And not mobile enough for mobile troops.
                      6. Sergey Aleksandrovich
                        Sergey Aleksandrovich 18 March 2021 10: 42
                        It's good that the Airborne Forces do not think so. Read the report from the last exercises, they were carrying the D-30 Typhoons there.
                      7. garri-lin
                        garri-lin 18 March 2021 18: 07
                        ABOUT THE LAST TEACHINGS. Whether this will be applied or not remains to be seen.
                      8. Sergey Aleksandrovich
                        Sergey Aleksandrovich 18 March 2021 19: 00
                        Dreaming about leaving the Airborne Forces without howitzer artillery is something. I cannot wish you success in this field.
                      9. garri-lin
                        garri-lin 18 March 2021 19: 59
                        Nona and her followers to help. Fortunately, there are a lot of them and you can pick it up. Depends on the wallet.
                      10. Sergey Aleksandrovich
                        Sergey Aleksandrovich 18 March 2021 20: 05
                        Before giving advice on such a large scale, first inquire about the Nona's range and the differences in ammunition power. To rely only on Nona means almost guaranteed to leave without artillery support in at least half of the operations being carried out. Therefore, they conduct exercises with howitzers.
                      11. garri-lin
                        garri-lin 18 March 2021 20: 09
                        D 30 range 15. Vienna range 13. Big difference? It's about the wallet. And the Typhoon is expensive.
                      12. Sergey Aleksandrovich
                        Sergey Aleksandrovich 18 March 2021 21: 43
                        Quote: garri-lin
                        D 30 range 15. Vienna range 13. Big difference? It's about the wallet. And the Typhoon is expensive.

                        I did not expect anything else.
                        And the Typhoon turns out to be expensive?
                        I'm tired of fakes and manipulations, the dialogue is over.
                      13. garri-lin
                        garri-lin 18 March 2021 21: 54
                        I did not expect anything else. The dilettante from the couch gave up when the very first numbers appeared. Learn Math Part.
  5. Catfish
    Catfish 11 September 2019 20: 30
    Nice machine, multifunctional and "multi-armed". It's nice to know that we're not bastard here either. soldier
  6. Saxahorse
    Saxahorse 11 September 2019 22: 48
    I agree with some comments, the idea of ​​a heavy armored car for the Airborne Forces is not clear. Well, why? Obviously not optimal for landing, too heavy. No firepower. With the same weight with BMD, even out-of-pocket is not suitable on the battlefield.

    Such a machine is only suitable for patrolling the rear, and limited counter-guerrilla operations. And then there is something more serious is desirable to have .. At least like Strike or Boomerang. Do we suddenly have the Airborne Forces decided to retrain the traffic police? Or, as usual, lobbying everyone and everyone, just to shove and cut the loot .. I won’t be surprised if, for example, Armata is pulled into the traffic police, as a patrol car :) And at least throw it away :))
    1. Den717
      Den717 12 September 2019 07: 42
      Quote: Saxahorse
      Well, why?

      I think that the command cannot decide the concept of using the airborne forces in principle, and as a particular, what will these troops need in terms of technical equipment. Placing an automatic cannon on a lightly armored vehicle would entice the commander to use it in battle formations against at least an equal enemy. And that, I mean, motorized infantry units, in turn, today is equipped with armored vehicles against our 30x165. The result is not entirely clear, but we are clearly not achieving the advantage. Given that 4 bridges (armored personnel carriers), after being blown up by a mine, the car will still be carried away with a high degree of probability (if the driver remains conscious), but 2 bridges are unlikely. Maybe they wanted to create a kind of "jihadmobile" for local wars or patrolling conflict zones, then this is not a task for the Airborne Forces. I am tormented by vague doubts .... that the issue is being solved by the economics of production - a cheap mastered machine + the same cannon, they were blinded from what was ... eat, do not crap? wink
      1. garri-lin
        garri-lin 12 September 2019 08: 40
        The price of Typhoon is not specifically known. Still wise. But at some info it is more expensive than the BTR 82. What kind of cheapness can we talk about.
        1. Den717
          Den717 12 September 2019 09: 09
          Quote: garri-lin
          The price of Typhoon is not specifically known.

          This is key. "Some infa" is a very rough concept. And the BTR-82 archaic is complete, with 5 mm armor. It's not serious today. In any case, it is necessary to strengthen the protection of a traditional armored personnel carrier, and not rely on remote sensing. Moreover, at least against the 30x173 in the modern version.
          1. garri-lin
            garri-lin 12 September 2019 09: 53
            An armored personnel carrier does not pull onboard 7,62 BB Typhoon seems to be holding. That's the whole difference in armor between them. The concept of Some infa is not specific. But when they declare simplification of the design for the sake of cost reduction and boast that they cut the price by 30 percent, you begin to wonder what the original price was and what remains of the design after simplification.
            1. Den717
              Den717 12 September 2019 10: 35
              Quote: garri-lin
              An armored personnel carrier does not pull onboard 7,62 BB Typhoon seems to be holding.

              Today, the 12,7mm sniper rifle is almost the standard armament of combat units, and the 12,7mm Browning has already gone out of fashion and has been replaced by at least a 25mm machine gun. Equipment for war (not for anti-terrorist operations) must provide at least some adequate survivability of the soldier. Moreover, a trained contractor is already a so-called. "piece production", not to mention intelligence and other specialists, they must be protected. IMHO
              1. garri-lin
                garri-lin 12 September 2019 10: 42
                And in what context did you recall 12,7 here? The typhoon does not hold this ammunition. There is no reserve for increasing mass. Therefore, there is no reserve for increasing armor. For backers it is suitable. For MTR is also suitable. For the Airborne Forces, this is ersatz. The only plus of the Typhoon is that it is Mrap. Mines holds better than BMD. But this is a moot point. Knowing what the target will be, the miner will put an adequate charge. Not 6 kg, but 10. And Khan to that Mrap. Typhoon for the Airborne Forces and troops in general is ersatz.
                1. Den717
                  Den717 12 September 2019 10: 50
                  Quote: garri-lin
                  And in what context did you recall 12,7 here?

                  But that combat units do not drive hooligans with slingshots, but are used in conflicts with normal resistance, and protection from 7,62 ammunition is clearly insufficient. That is why Typhoon, and BTR-82, should be used by the Airborne Forces - dooming them to unjustified losses. IMHO
                  1. garri-lin
                    garri-lin 12 September 2019 11: 06
                    The Airborne Forces always had their own equipment. Now the concept is not clear why it has changed. I do not like Typhoon, I honestly say shocked by Drok. The result of such rkform will again be the lives of soldiers. There is a BMD 1,2,3,4, ...! It is more logical to spend money on bringing existing equipment to realities rather than developing a new one, and even with parameters close to the existing equipment. By the way, 12,7 against Typhoon, BTR82, BMD. The rifle will just make a hole, and that’s it. And with developed surveillance tools, the position of the arrow will be detected and 30 mm will fly quickly in response. Armor is certainly needed, but sometimes a gun with a competent shooter may well perform its function.
                    1. Den717
                      Den717 12 September 2019 13: 27
                      Quote: garri-lin
                      And with developed surveillance tools, the position of the arrow will be detected and 30 mm will fly quickly in response.

                      You know, I watched a tank biathlon and came to the conclusion that at distances of 1000 meters, even with existing surveillance devices, the defeat of the silhouette of a helicopter is not guaranteed. And this is when the target rises in the surveillance sector in the expected places. Sniper detection systems are not perfect either. A simple hole in the armor can also be fatal.
                      Quote: garri-lin
                      Armor is certainly needed, but sometimes a gun with a competent shooter may well perform its function.

                      Jihadmobile? Well, maybe with an opponent like the Angu tribe ...
                      1. garri-lin
                        garri-lin 12 September 2019 14: 11
                        So I write about the developed means of observation. And in biathlon, everything seems to be used to a minimum, so that not the equipment competed but the crews. On the sector too. The forehead of most equipment is armored much better than the sides. Therefore, if fire is fired from similar rifles, it will only be on the side and from a limited sector so that the bullet travels as close as possible to 90 'to the armor. A lot can be said about the dangers of holes in armor. But such a hit will not destroy the entire car unambiguously. And from the answer on the arrow it will call n5 slowly.
                        And where does the jihadmobil have to do with it? Although Typhoon is a bit like. Commander
    2. Sergey Aleksandrovich
      Sergey Aleksandrovich 15 March 2021 11: 17
      To pull the D-30 howitzer, that's why.
  7. Cats
    Cats 12 September 2019 20: 39
    The logic of adopting reconnaissance units and airborne forces, NOT waterborne armored vehicles, is not clear. After all, the Russian and European theater of operations consists entirely of rivers, lakes and swamps. Moreover, such a floating platform as the GAZ-39371 "Vodnik" has existed for a long time. Or, in connection with global warming, the army is already being prepared for a DB in arid regions.
  8. abc_alex
    abc_alex 16 September 2019 10: 36
    Very controversial option.
    For a start, calling it "Typhoon" is not correct. This machine was not included in the Typhoon program and is an initiative development of KAMAZ, which, by the way, he refused, transferring the entire project to one of the subsidiaries. You see, the connection with the military-industrial complex now spoils his image.
    Further, until recently, the entire car was assembled from imports. Motor, automatic transmission, suspension. All imported. And what are the prospects for localization is EXTREMELY difficult to understand. For example, recently announced that the suspension will be simplified. For the sake of saving. But for the sake of saving? Initially, it was Dutch. But there is simply no domestic analogue. And apparently there is no one to do.
    I personally am discouraged by the artillery module on the roof ... With this arrangement, it will swing the car so that it will be possible to shoot from the gun only towards the target, and not at all at the target. Yes, in general, there are a lot of questions about this module of questions.
    The car does not float. This is already knocking her out of the concept of airborne. Who will drag her across the rivers?

    On the one hand, I have always said and will say that no one knows what kind of equipment the Airborne Forces need, better than the paratroopers themselves. But in my opinion, this car is a mistake committed in a state of euphoria ....
    1. Sergey Aleksandrovich
      Sergey Aleksandrovich 16 March 2021 20: 49
      That is, we should continue to drive tilt trucks and revive the GAZ-66. So the statement about the fallacy of the concept should be understood?
      As for the cannon on the roof, I agree that there will be swaying, it would be wiser to put a 40-mm automatic grenade launcher and a heavy machine gun in one module.
      1. abc_alex
        abc_alex 21 March 2021 02: 10
        Quote: Sergey Alexandrovich
        That is, we should continue to drive tilt trucks and revive the GAZ-66. So the statement about the fallacy of the concept should be understood?

        Nothing to myself, raised the topic! :)
        No, of course not on "shishiga". Nice car, though.
        The Airborne Forces need a new wheeled transport, no words. But "Typhoon-VDV" is a very controversial project and there are a lot of questions to it. In fact, nothing that I wrote in 2019 has really changed.
  9. Vitaly L
    Vitaly L 20 November 2019 04: 07
    Our answer to Hammer. Will there be a civilian version? I think we have a lot of people in Russia who will take such a jeep for hunting and fishing. Subject to maintainability.
  10. Fevralsk. Morev
    Fevralsk. Morev 21 November 2019 13: 03
    Is the car floating? No ! Can a car drive through a trench? No ! Why in the Airborne Forces police armored car for a rebellion war?