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The struggle of empires. Attempts of modern powers to divide the world

The era of colonialism is not a thing of the past. In the modern world, like 150 years ago, the struggle continues for the division of spheres of influence. Only now have new ambitious states been added to the old colonial powers of the West.

The Big Seven is a project of the old colonialists

Not so long ago, the next G7 summit took place. This organization is noteworthy in that it unites the old colonial powers - Great Britain, the USA, Germany, France, Italy and Japan. The list lacks the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Belgium and Denmark, but for economic and political reasons, they no longer play such a significant role in the division of spheres of influence in the modern world as before.

The era of decolonization, which coincided with the Cold War, freed more than a hundred countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Oceania from colonial dependence. Once formerly British, French, and other colonies, these countries became independent states - with their own problems, economic and political, but with formal, and in some places with de facto sovereignty.

Of course, many of yesterday’s colonies were not completely able to free themselves from the hyper-custody of their former metropolises. For example, France is still actively interfering in the political life of its former African colonies. French troops are deployed in a number of African states, and, if necessary, French paratroopers are always ready to land in the country they need and help to overthrow or establish a regime.

Great Britain acts more gently, but it also retains the formal appearance of the British Empire - the Queen of England is considered the head of state in a number of countries of the world. Elizabeth II does not just head the British Commonwealth of Nations - she is also the current queen of 15 sovereign states.

Among them are developed Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the small states of the Caribbean and Oceania - Antigua and Barbuda, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Grenada, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Jamaica, Tuvalu , Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands. In addition to these countries, Britain retains influence in many former colonies in Africa - for example, Kenya, in Asia - for example, in Oman or Brunei.

France and Great Britain are the last two European powers that are still trying to fully exploit their colonial past. With Germany and Italy, as well as with non-European Japan, it is more difficult - they were deprived of their colonies as a result of the First and Second World Wars. But German, Italian, and Japanese businesses are active in the former colonies, as well as in many other countries of the Third World.

As for the United States, the imperialist aspirations of this state have never been a secret to anyone. For two centuries of its existence, Washington has developed and tested a unique ideology - the imperial ambitions of the United States are disguised as a struggle for democracy, for human rights, while the United States is trying on the role of the international gendarme and is ready to reckon with nothing. Thousands of people killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, in Libya and Syria, in Yemen and Sudan, in Somalia and in Vietnam are not a question, because the main thing is “human rights”.

The main task of the old colonial powers is to preserve and strengthen their influence in the modern world, especially in the face of challenges from Russia, China and a number of other states, claiming a more active role in world politics and economics. It is with the goal of maintaining their positions that the United States and Western European countries regularly intervene in political processes in other regions of the world.

Modern colonialism is manifested in various parts of the world - from Zimbabwe to Ukraine, from Libya to the Philippines, from Venezuela to North Korea. The Western powers reserve a certain right to evaluate certain political regimes, systems, and even entire nations. And they are trying to determine which of the countries of the world to be an “outcast”, and who is not, with whom it is possible to cooperate, and with whom not. Does Saudi Arabia respect human rights more than Syria or Venezuela? The West does not ask this question, it is much more important to him that Riyadh fits into the coordinate system being built, but Damascus does not.

Until the middle of the twentieth century, the West reigned supreme on the planet. But the October Revolution, World War II, decolonization made adjustments, and today the world is becoming increasingly multipolar, and the United States and Western Europe have to compete with those countries that until recently did not pose any danger to the old colonial powers. Indeed, the "centers of power" today, in addition to the United States, Britain and France, forms several more countries.

China and its plans

Chinese President Xi Jinping does not hide the fact that by the 2049 year he plans to turn China into the most economically developed state in the world. “Catch up and overtake America!” - this slogan is now much more suitable for China than for our country. And in many ways, Celestial America has already surpassed. The West, which raised the “Chinese monster” as an alternative to the Soviet model, itself planted a bomb under its own world hegemony. China has tremendous potential - the billionth population, large territory, convenient geographical location. And of course, as the economic growth of the leadership of China is thinking about the establishment of Chinese interests around the world.

China's attempts to interfere in the political life of other countries began during the reign of Mao Zedong. But then the PRC was more concerned with supporting the Maoist Communist Parties, which had expanded around the world and competed with pro-Soviet Communists. In a number of countries in Southeast and South Asia, not without Chinese help, the Maoists fought guerrilla warfare against their governments. Then, as it became embedded in the world system, China began to curtail the support of radicals, although until now some Maoist groups, especially in Myanmar, Nepal and India, enjoy the support of Chinese intelligence services.

Today, the affirmation of Chinese influence goes in other directions. First of all, this is the investment of Chinese business in national economies. Beijing finances many projects around the world. Earlier in the countries of East Africa, prestigious schools taught English and French, in the countries of the socialist orientation - the Russian language, but today they learn Chinese.

China is a powerful investor in so many African countries. According to the scale of injections into African economies, the Celestial Empire has overtaken and surpassed many Western countries, including the former metropolises. The Chinese work willingly and actively in Africa, not forgetting to support local governments, especially those that are at odds with the United States and European Union countries.

In Asia, China is increasingly cooperating with the same Pakistan, relations with which have been formed since the Cold War, against the backdrop of confrontation with a common enemy - India. Chinese companies are active in Central Asia, gradually “crushing” post-Soviet republics - Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, as well as Mongolia. Even in Latin America, China is actively working with a number of countries, primarily with Venezuela. And the matter is not only in political and ideological proximity, but also in economic interests.

Russia: a withering empire or an emerging power?

When the Soviet Union collapsed, it seemed to Western analysts that the power of the Russian state was over (after all, the USSR was Russia for them). But ten years later, Russia again began to gain strength, and then actively declared itself on the world stage.

Today, Russia is increasingly participating not only in the politics of the Middle East, where the Russian army is fighting in Syria, but also in the affairs of Venezuela, a number of African countries (CAR, Libya, Sudan, Egypt), post-Soviet Central Asia.

We can say that in recent years Moscow has been rapidly recovering the global political influence of our country, which has been shaken for the first post-Soviet decade. And I must say, so far it turns out pretty well. At least Russia is once again perceived as an independent actor in world politics. In the USA, in a number of European countries, they fear and hate us, but this is a good sign for our country.

True, Russia cannot be called a colonial power. All история of our country testifies that we helped the countries of Africa, Asia, South America to free themselves from colonial dependence and establish their own lives at a decent level. Another thing is that, following economic investment and military assistance, Russia's political influence is growing. But how without it?

Powers of the Islamic East

A number of countries of the Islamic East are increasingly declaring their ambitions. The modern Islamic world is diverse - from economically very backward countries like Mauritania or Niger ravaged by the Somali war to the nuclear power of Pakistan, the richest Saudi Arabia, and highly developed Turkey. Naturally, in the Islamic world there are both countries with a claim to regional leadership, and states whose ambitions extend far beyond the borders of neighboring regions.

The first is Saudi Arabia. Claims for the leadership role in the Islamic world by the kingdom are caused not only by the fact that here was the historical homeland of Islam, are the saints Mecca and Medina. Saudi Arabia is one of the richest countries in the world that has "risen" on the oil trade and the exceptional conditions created by the United States and Great Britain. The West supports Saudi Arabia insofar as it benefits from cooperation with the kingdom.

In turn, the Saudis have their own and far-reaching global plans. Riyadh through controlled funds is active in almost the entire Sunni world from Morocco to Indonesia, from Kazakhstan to the Comoros.

Can KSA policy be classified as “neocolonialism”? Rather, we are talking about ideological dominance, with the help of which Riyadh expects to push through its economic interests. The entire Islamic world is of interest to the Saudis, so they invest tremendous amounts of money in public organizations, movements, foundations and do not even hide their support for radical groups in a number of countries of the world.

The second powerful Islamic country with a claim to leadership is Iran. This is the main ideological and economic competitor of Saudi Arabia, only deprived of Western support and included by the USA among the “rogue countries”. But Iran has its own ambitions. Firstly, Tehran longs for leadership in the entire Shiite world - and this, besides Iran itself, also Iraq, Azerbaijan, partly Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Bahrain. The “export” model of the Islamic revolution is designed for Shiite communities.

Secondly, Iran seeks to maintain influence in neighboring countries - Afghanistan and Pakistan, where impressive Shiite communities live, Tajikistan (on the basis of linguistic proximity), Armenia (on the basis of the general confrontation of Turkey). Iran’s main problem is very poor relations with the United States, which impede full economic development.

The third ambitious country is Turkey. With the advent of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Ankara is increasingly showing "neo-Ottoman" tendencies, trying to dominate the Turkic world, as well as a number of Islamic countries. Turkey-controlled structures operate in Azerbaijan, the Turkic-speaking countries of Central Asia, the Russian republics of the North Caucasus and the Volga region, inhabited by Turkic-speaking Muslims, in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina. In addition, Turkey declares a special role in Middle Eastern politics - in Syria and Iraq, playing “its game ”in Libya, maintains ties with Islamic countries and movements of Tropical Africa and Southeast Asia.

Erdogan’s demarche with the purchase of Russian C-400 was intended to show the United States and NATO that Ankara no longer intends to be content with the role of a dumb satellite. Exactly 100 years have passed since the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, and Turkey believes that a whole century is a sufficient break for the revival of national power.

Finally, do not forget about Pakistan. Although this country is less active in the international arena than Turkey, Iran or Saudi Arabia, Islamabad has nuclear weapon, and the population of Pakistan makes it one of the largest Islamic countries of our time. True, so far Pakistan has only regional ambitions that extend to Afghanistan, Kashmir, post-Soviet Central Asia.

Saudi publicist Hussein Shobokshi, talking about the "empires of modernity", recalls the project of Israel. But Israel is still a purely regional power, although it is trying to secure the support of various countries of the world through numerous Jewish diasporas.

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  1. rocket757
    rocket757 5 September 2019 15: 10
    now new ambitious states have been added to the old colonial powers of the West.

    Like a textbook! Nothing unexpected.
    Who did not have time, he .... "elbows" will shove the rest!
    1. Tatyana
      Tatyana 5 September 2019 16: 03
      Saudi publicist Hussein Shobokshi, arguing about the "empires of our time", he also recalls the project of Israel. But Israel is still a purely regional power, although trying to secure the support of the most different countries of the world through numerous Jewish diasporas.
      Well, if everything is clear with many colonial countries in the author's analysis, then I am most worried about the so-called. "regional-sovereign" Israel.

      This so-called. a "regional power" Israel is also striving to become colonial. And most importantly, she does it secretly, methodically and skillfully.
      And Judaist Israel sees its colonial territory on the territory of the primordially Russian lands - in Ukraine - and next to the Russian border. Moreover, not only are the Jews / Jews of Israel fighting the Arabs, but they also transfer their militancy to Ukraine in the form of implementing their long-running Hasidic project to create their own "Heavenly Jerusalem" - or simply Israel No. 2.

      It is a pity, however, that few people are now paying attention to this Jewish project "Ukraine - Israel No. 2". Meanwhile, in "Heavenly Jerusalem" (Israel-2), the social roles of the peoples who will initially live in it have already been distributed.
      Namely, in Israel-2 it is planned that:
      - Ukrainians will work "on the ground" (in agriculture),
      - Russians will work underground (to extract minerals),
      - Westerners-Galicians will be over Ukrainians and Russian policemen, as it was in the Second World War,
      - and the Jews will be the rulers-managers and the "elite" of all consumption of those goods that the servants will create for them.

      And all this is planned and it is presented under a pseudo-democratic veil, as an informal project "Axis - Russia, Israel, Ukraine"! (Watch video from 25:00 min.)

      1. rocket757
        rocket757 5 September 2019 17: 28
        The system of exploitation of man, by man, capitalism, imperialism, has no nationality at its core ...... those days have passed when slaves are a priori blacks!
        They went to a different level, supranational! So it is more profitable for them!
      2. Leonid Dymov
        Leonid Dymov 5 September 2019 18: 18
        The collapse of Ukraine is inevitable. The Russian economy will not pull the South-East of Ukraine, besides, Russia is afraid of Western sanctions. Therefore, the Russian Federation and Israel can deal with the South-East of Ukraine together. Israel has the support of the global Jewish community, including financial. Israel needs to create an independent Jewish state. I think that the black soil of Ukraine will be bought by Jews, because Israel has the best agriculture in the world. In this sense, Jews will create competition primarily in Europe. Perhaps the creation of New Israel will be in the Dnipropetrovsk region. The bargaining of the Russian Federation and Israel is inevitable here.
      3. nickname7
        nickname7 6 September 2019 06: 56
        It is a pity that few people are now paying attention to this Jewish project "Ukraine - Israel No. 2"
        This is all nonsense, the "dawn" channel has slipped into a pseudo philosophy and an alternative in the spirit of REN TV, they will tell you about reptilians and the drying up of rivers in the Russian Federation.
        1. Tatyana
          Tatyana 6 September 2019 12: 30
          Quote: nickname7
          It is a pity that few people are now paying attention to this Jewish project "Ukraine - Israel No. 2"
          This is all nonsense, the "dawn" channel has slipped into a pseudo philosophy and an alternative in the spirit of REN TV, they will tell you about reptilians and the drying up of rivers in the Russian Federation.
          In vain you say so.

          Firstly. I do not consider Jews to be fools at all.
          And secondly. These "nonsense", as you say, persistently crawl from various sources of information - not only from the RASSVET channel - that it is simply NOT POSSIBLE not to pay attention to THIS !!!

          At the same time, it was just NEXTILITY to let such information pass by international-political attention! Scouts don't do that.
    2. Chaldon48
      Chaldon48 5 September 2019 19: 07
      There is an iron principle in our world, there is power, there is hope for the satisfaction of one’s ambitions.
      1. rocket757
        rocket757 5 September 2019 19: 19
        As the movie hero said, "the power is in the truth"!
        OUR PEOPLE have not yet completely descended to the definition that "strength is in power"!
        This is me about OUR people, the upper ones do not fall under this definition.
  2. WILL
    WILL 5 September 2019 15: 11
    The Chinese Dragon, nurtured by the West ... can really eat everyone!
    And this country is located on Our borders. sad
    1. Svarog
      Svarog 5 September 2019 15: 16
      Quote: ANIMAL
      The Chinese Dragon, nurtured by the West ... can really eat everyone!
      And this country is located on Our borders. sad

      So they revived him for this purpose, they just overdid it a bit .. We don’t have friends of allies, we have temporary fellow travelers. The resources are finite and most of all they are located on our territory, for this reason all temporary allies can become an enemy overnight, and whatever this is, you need to develop science, your own production and, of course, the population should grow ..
      1. WILL
        WILL 5 September 2019 15: 24
        Here you are restless ... you know how to push slogans! And how, personally to me, your call to carry out? To invent a perpetual motion machine, or something else ... attack the Spouse love My fish, the third child hard to do ... for which for almost two years we have been saving money (for a baby).
        What exactly to do? belay
        1. Svarog
          Svarog 5 September 2019 15: 40
          Quote: ANIMAL
          What exactly to do?

          If you are separately to yourself, then you know better what will be more beneficial for you .. I’m talking about the development of the country. Slogans .. why do you think the need to develop science, economics, industry are slogans? In my opinion, this is an objective reality, we are very much behind.
          1. mikh-korsakov
            mikh-korsakov 5 September 2019 16: 36
            Vladimir, I agree that the development of science, economy and industry are not slogans. As for backwardness, this is a difficult question. Somewhere ahead of the whole planet - somewhere we are lagging behind, I was convinced myself. The judgment that any country can be a pioneer in all areas is utopia. I would not say that our industry is in complete collapse - something is born, something dies - this is natural. It is unnatural to just eliminate the state in solving emerging problems. Putin's legendary "speech" in Pikalevo just shows the wretchedness of our legislation - in which the interests of big business rule, and not of a person - despite the fact that if you look closely - respecting the interests of people - strategically positively affects economic growth. I believe that in order to rectify the situation, it is necessary to start from the highest level - from changing the constitution in order to create the primacy of production over, to some extent, human rights. It is necessary to keep in force those rights that were guaranteed by the Soviet constitution, but to eliminate all loopholes that allow unfair enrichment. Unjust enrichment occurs when separate areas of the functioning of the commodity-money-commodity system arise in the state. For example, the performance of a famous artist (product) - brings him a huge income (which, however, is explained by the fact that the artist has to share with the servants) - a parasitic system is created. At the same time, in a separate area, the commodity-money-commodity system gives incommensurably less income. This needs to be changed.
            1. Svarog
              Svarog 5 September 2019 16: 53
              Quote: mikh-korsakov
              Somewhere ahead of the rest - somewhere behind, I made sure.

              Michael, I agree with your comment, and actually wrote that we are lagging behind in many ways, and not in everything. But there are key points that can not be ignored. If you look around you, it will become obvious that we practically do not produce anything for the needs of the average person. Everything that surrounds us is made in China or almost everything. I don’t quite agree that it’s impossible to embrace the unfathomable .. China is a vivid example of what is possible. Moreover, in 2013-14, there were many who claimed that China was so advanced, only thanks to cheap slave power .. So we have it already, like 4 years cheaper than in China, but for some reason the economic growth rate is at the level of stat of error. Actually, this is the state’s policy. Give the business cheap loans, take away the exorbitant taxes and the production will come to life ... here, in order for the production to be profitable, the margin on the cost price should be at least 100% - this is no way ..
              And of course I agree with you regarding the Soviet constitution .. In general, a socially oriented state is as natural and organic as the need to breathe, eat, sleep .. Why do we need a state where citizens are needed only to cut taxes .. Very precisely said about this J. Alferov.
              1. mikh-korsakov
                mikh-korsakov 5 September 2019 17: 23
                Vladimir! Regarding commodities. Strategically, you are right. But. Consider the real case. Our industry and science is now quite capable of creating a mobile phone with the Internet, and the quality is not inferior to the imported one, and, perhaps, I’m mistaken, in principle, as a component that would definitely have to be bought abroad = - this is India for the screen, judging by the rest would be the production of precision weapons, you can create, creating the necessary capacity. Ok created. Must be implemented. Where? In Russia - Apple, Samsung, etc. are already firmly established there. competing is incredibly difficult. Close our market for them is not comme il faut. In addition, any foreign market will be closed for us in this case. Another issue is the production of refrigerators, washing machines and other things. The elimination of domestic production is just a consequence of the criminal policies of our authorities, hiding behind the constitution with its primacy of globalization as a fig leaf. Therefore, the fig leaf must be torn off, gangrene removed, the rest treated - and domestic equipment will appear when it becomes unprofitable to keep a hundred parasites jumping on stage under Kirkorov. The Beatles worked without dancing and were famous.
      2. mat-vey
        mat-vey 5 September 2019 15: 34
        "and whatever this is, you need to develop science, your own production and, of course, the population should grow .." - again you are essentially, but it is necessary according to the regulations .... and who will do it?
      3. Chaldon48
        Chaldon48 7 September 2019 23: 40
        The population of Russia is decreasing, and not least at the expense of the Russians.
  3. Zeev Zeev
    Zeev Zeev 5 September 2019 15: 18
    "the old colonial powers - Great Britain, the USA, Germany, France, Italy and Japan" ...
    These are six countries. And who is the seventh? Canada .... Great Colonial Power. Yes, and the United States has always been rich in its colonies, like Italy and Japan ...
  4. Eug
    Eug 5 September 2019 15: 35
    There was a very interesting project of the so-called "non-aligned" countries under the slogans of anti-colonialism, but it has sunk into oblivion .. and after all, with the right approach, it was a very good tool for breaking the world imperialist system ..
  5. Pavel57
    Pavel57 5 September 2019 16: 29
    Colonies have long been taken away from Germany.
  6. Vadim T.
    Vadim T. 5 September 2019 16: 48
    The greatest political weight in the world of Russian civilization was during the existence of the USSR. Now Russia is the same capitalist state as the USA, Germany or France. Having received membership in the WTO, PACE and other European organizations, the Russian Federation is forced to play by rules that are contrary to its national interests. In such circumstances, talking about a breakthrough in foreign and domestic politics is pointless. In any case, until a development project, alternative to capitalist, appears in Russia.
  7. nikvic46
    nikvic46 5 September 2019 17: 06
    Who can have a powerful national influence in many countries of the world? They are not Malays, not Chinese. It is a modest regional country in the Middle East.
    1. mat-vey
      mat-vey 7 September 2019 09: 48
      In vain you are talking about the Chinese like that - these things can and can wait for centuries.
  8. samarin1969
    samarin1969 5 September 2019 17: 15
    RF on this list? - Naively .... The fragments of the Russian land are not going to be collected. What kind of "imperial ambitions" are there?
  9. Alexander Ra
    Alexander Ra 5 September 2019 17: 42
    The position of Russia is unique. We cannot copy the power of the West for ourselves; we cannot repeat the breakthrough of China. Our main danger is not even the USA or China. Eduard Birov: “... Putin froze not so much a conflict with the West as a revival of Russian identity” - the retrograde nature of our government is the main trouble.
    1. savage1976
      savage1976 10 September 2019 02: 03
      Frozen rebirth! ?? Or maybe he froze the destruction? Does it stop you from doing science? Does it prevent you from creating any product in demand in the modern world? As for me, if there is knowledge and desire, everything can be done, another question, but can you, but have something to offer? Communism as such has outlived itself in 70 years, showing that the path is very close from the initial spurt and rise of all spheres of human life and activity to stagnation and collapse. capitalism in our conditions is not the best ideology, but another one has not yet been invented.
      1. Alexander Ra
        Alexander Ra 10 September 2019 04: 59
        The destruction of the Russian population is in full swing, moral and physical. There is a complete alienation of the people as a whole from natural resources - but there is a lure of foreign investors to these resources. Correctly noted - Chubais and Gaidar deprived the people of investment opportunities. Not for privatization and capitalism, so that everyone can do everything according to their knowledge and desire. And so that the minority would force the majority to non-equivalent exchange. Both communism and capitalism are all foreign and will be torn away.
        1. savage1976
          savage1976 10 September 2019 06: 38
          I want to eat here and now and somehow I need to feed the country. In the 90s there wasn’t any food, American food was imported. And then there was derban. And now the frozen state is hard, but you can live. And the rest I wrote the same thing that you. As a new social structure is invented, the conditions are created for this, and so the movement begins.
  10. Cyrus
    Cyrus 5 September 2019 18: 01
    This is all good, of course, Chinese business, economic and financial strength, large investments and financial intervention, but ... there are good words: "Golden wife, silver wife, small coins of the yard small fry," the baron said correctly putting on a helmet, but cold iron rules over everything. " And with this while everything is very doubtful in China, it certainly puffs up, puffs up, but ...
  11. Keyser soze
    Keyser soze 5 September 2019 18: 09
    I did not understand the meaning of the article. Any way ..

    In the USA, in a number of European countries, they fear and hate us, but this is a good sign for our country.

    In Europe, sometimes for six months you hear nothing about Russia. And in the USA, I can imagine that they don’t even know exactly where Russia is located. A bunch of Americans do not know which side Russia fought in World War II ....

    Otherwise, a good sign for each country is if the salary has risen over the year, the economy has jumped, or that the government has gone to jail, and the other can be allowed into the ultraviolet.
  12. tihonmarine
    tihonmarine 5 September 2019 18: 41
    Quote: Tatiana
    It is a pity, however, that few people are now paying attention to this Jewish project "Ukraine - Israel No. 2". Meanwhile, in "Heavenly Jerusalem" (Israel-2), the social roles of the peoples who will initially live in it have already been distributed.

    Likewise, the "Chabad" sect is doing the same (you wrote about this in my opinion). Read the speech of Menachem Schneerson, very interesting.
  13. Ehanatone
    Ehanatone 5 September 2019 18: 42
    What is the article about ??? ...
    Mr. Evidence? ...
  14. Vladimir1155
    Vladimir1155 5 September 2019 20: 00
    wrote everything right
  15. Plague doctor
    Plague doctor 5 September 2019 22: 58
    Russia: a withering empire or an emerging power? Ha ha ha
    Russia is not an empire, Russia does not produce anything worthwhile, everyone knows American brands, many phones have computers of world famous Chinese manufacturers. And what about Russia? Speculation with natural resources and help to all who came at the expense and expense of their own population. Only thanks to nuclear missiles are they talking to Russia. This is unfortunately a given. Russia is still afloat only thanks to Soviet missiles
    1. cradle
      cradle 6 September 2019 02: 47
      sorry further, we are pleased ... I will not list you everything that Russia produces, It’s throwing beads in front of pigs.
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. Plague doctor
        Plague doctor 6 September 2019 04: 54
        Of course, don’t list all the consumer goods that Russia produces outshine the Chinese counterparts, I’m silent about European, American manufacturers.
        1. cradle
          cradle 6 September 2019 06: 47
          Well, tell us about the "consumer goods" from Rosatom, Rostec, listen, read. I'm just sitting here chewing peanuts for consumer goods, a producer from Vladik. I read your pearls. We have a lunch break. Will be something to have fun. You yourself then "whose" you will be? I suppose?
          1. Plague doctor
            Plague doctor 6 September 2019 08: 14
            What a Rosatom fool what does Russia produce for people? Where are jobs, who need highly skilled workers. Did speculation with natural resources give citizens something? All electronics, 90% of clothes, toys, sporting goods, are not made in Russia. For example, the USSR did everything, but Russia did almost nothing. At our work people even have instruments, German helmets give out because ours can only do slag. Interesting in the USA, Germany, Japan and other developed countries are also not qualified employees, and 95% of the goods brought from China are in stores
            1. cradle
              cradle 7 September 2019 02: 39
              You twist yourself at the head. The USSR then produced, but not everything, and the country had more opportunities and more than it does now, only everyone squealed that these were goods of insufficient nomenclature, colors, etc. Patamusha, and then as now, we NEEDED to keep an eye out and spend energy and loot on weapons. Europe doesn’t spend and lives not badly ... but something went wrong with their independence. And they end very badly. We have helmets normal production Russia, Perm Territory, pos. Suksun. If you need financials, well, who’s your doctor? Suksunsky helmets are quite normal.
  16. Private-K
    Private-K 6 September 2019 08: 17
    I did not read the article. Just because I'm sure - I know more.
    And I recommend listening to Comrade Khazina. For the last six months, he gives out valuable information. In addition, he has an insider.

    But in fact, I note. Yes, this is a new redistribution of the world in which agreement between the United States, China and the Russian Federation as leaders in real (real!) strength. (Europe drops out, because possessing the highest technologies does not have a "fighting spirit".)
  17. iouris
    iouris 7 September 2019 23: 11
    There is only one empire. Within this empire, the leaders of the colonies are fighting for influence in the Senate.
    1. Ugolek
      Ugolek 8 September 2019 09: 46
      He didn’t make out the article in the heap of letters and paragraphs. In general, the problem is not described, the contradictions are not revealed, there is no analysis and conclusions. Just a listing of players. The author is clearly checkers, and not go ..
  18. E.S.
    E.S. 11 September 2019 02: 05
    Quote: The Plague Doctor
    Russia: a withering empire or an emerging power? Ha ha ha
    Russia is not an empire, Russia does not produce anything worthwhile, everyone knows American brands, many phones have computers of world famous Chinese manufacturers. And what about Russia? Speculation with natural resources and help to all who came at the expense and expense of their own population. Only thanks to nuclear missiles are they talking to Russia. This is unfortunately a given. Russia is still afloat only thanks to Soviet missiles

    This training manual has already been changed four times for sure, urgently get a new one, "Russia is a terrible existential threat to the countries of free democracies" and start right away with the second part "Russia has appointed the president of America and interferes in whatever it wants."
  19. E.S.
    E.S. 11 September 2019 02: 10
    Quote: iouris
    There is only one empire. Within this empire, the leaders of the colonies are fighting for influence in the Senate.

    In those days, when there really was one Empire on Earth throughout the Universe ... the emperor of this empire was called Publius Aurelius Licinius Valery and he sat chained on a chain at the gates of the Persian capital and ate scraps.