Artificial intelligence in information wars can lead to a major crisis

The information war is not a new phenomenon for mankind, it did not arise in the 21 century. Verbal battles between states or clans have been waged since ancient times.

In modern conditions, the information component has come to the fore, and the most fierce struggle for minds is going on in the world. Today, we are constantly surrounded by fake news, dependent media, and numerous anonymous Internet channels. We are not tired of imposing the idea of ​​how bad everything is in Russia.

According to the military psychologist Alexei Zakharov, a guest of the Day TV channel, the information war system uses all types of information impact on a person. Today, this kind of war has a determining factor, since it works both in the system of preparing a political or economic war, and in the system of its implementation, as well as in the system of influence on the population and in the system of influence on the armed forces.

Information wars with the development of artificial intelligence go to a whole new level. New technologies are already leading to the robotization of information and disinformation confrontation, which in turn may turn out to be a crisis of incredible proportions.

What is information warfare? How this concept developed in stories our country? What tasks do those people who wage information wars set themselves today? Why has the concept of “population of a country” become a determining factor in waging information warfare in modern conditions? What role does the capitalist factor, social manipulation technologies and artificial intelligence play in such a war? The participants in the conversation on the mentioned YouTube channel will try to answer these and other questions:

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