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Getting ready for the ground. Empty Moscow streets and western broomstick flights

Project "ZZ". Future. Close and far. From London to New York - in half an hour. Harry Potter Broom Competition. Getting ready for the earth: instead of skyscrapers, there are skyscrapers. This is the picture of life in the developed countries of the world. It will develop in about fifty years. And what about Russia? But in Russia, only the near future is visible. And it was not some foreign futurologist who designated him, but the local Mr. Navalny. According to the Western press, he changed his strategy: he refused large-scale street protests. Dense crowds of protesting opposition will probably no longer appear on Moscow streets.

We will ride, we will rush on a rocket in the early morning

Roads under water, Quidditch on hoverboards, self-cleaning houses, space hotels, flying buses, mass production of organs using 3D printing, implants that control health ... This is how people will live in 2069 year, according to experts.

A Samsung report stated that events that seem futuristic today will become familiar over the next fifty years.

Forecasts were issued by a group of foreign scientists and futurologists representing various branches of scientific knowledge. Among the forecasters of the future were the president of TechUK, co-chair of the Coding Institute Jacqueline de Rojas, a representative of the Royal Academy of Engineering, Dr. R. Morgan, and other prominent scientists. The co-authors report is called “Samsung KX50: The Future in Focus” (“Samsung KX50: the future is in the lens”).

Among the main points of the speakers, the British edition "Daily Mail" highlighted the following.

By 2069, transport will survive a real revolution. Underwater pipe systems will be used between the UK, mainland Europe "and other regions", where high-speed containers will begin to transport travelers "between some countries in less than an hour."

In order to put an end to traffic jams, as scientists believe, mankind will switch to flying taxis and buses. As for long-distance trips, observer Tim Collins notes in the publication, they will be carried out on "reusable missiles flying at high speed in the upper atmosphere." Travel time between London and New York will be less than thirty minutes.

T. Collins grouped expert forecasts. Here are the top 10 "best predictions" of the future:

1. Underwater lines: a transport system in the form of sealed pipes, the movement of which is carried out in capsules. A link will be established between the UK, Scandinavian countries and mainland Europe. Traveling between distant points of the route will take no more than 1 hours.

2. Dredgers: Skyscrapers, on the contrary. Newfangled houses will "grow" down several floors. This will allow them to withstand earthquakes.

3. Self-cleaning houses: at the touch of a button, houses will “self-clean” when the tenants leave or when they sleep.

4. Space hotels: they will give people the opportunity to spend their holidays in space. Space hotels will revolve around the moon or planets of the solar system, generating their own gravity.

5. 3D-printing of organs: ensuring the replacement of organs for those who need it, and not only them. New bodies will be able to provide "night vision or super speed."

6. Cheap burgers with insects! By 2069, insects will be one of the main sources of dietary protein.

7. Flying buses and taxis. An air taxi and unmanned buses will lift a person above traffic jams.

8. Implants in the bodies will track health.

9. Air Sports: Hoverboard Quidditch Style! (Simply put, flying on a broomstick. Or an electric broom.)

10. Interactive movies and games. New virtual reality: the physical participation of the viewer in action. Tactile suits will create a sense of touch and deceive all five senses.

Ms. de Rojas, co-author of the report, told the reporter that the next fifty years will bring “the greatest technological changes and innovations we have ever seen.”

The British were asked which of the forecasts they would most like to see come true. 63% of respondents said that their choice is self-cleaning houses. At the second and third places were implants for monitoring the state of health and flying vehicles.

So, we note that London and Samsung are preparing for a speedy leap into the future. Apparently, despite Brexit, the UK, the EU, and the United States will soon be a single super-fast highway.

The report does not say anything about the future of Russia. Mentioned are some “other regions” of the globe, nothing more.

However, the Western press still predicted the future of its Russian neighbor. Near future.

Not with your feet, but with your mind

Russians should not take to the streets, according to a Swiss newspaper Tages Anzeiger Zita Affentranger. Of course, this is not about citizens in general, but about citizens of protesters.

The Kremlin "by all means" intends to "prevent new protests in Moscow", and suddenly the "opposition leader Navalny" comes to the aid of the Kremlin. So argues C. Affentranger.

Ilya Yashin, the author further reports, for the fifth time after the "release" was immediately arrested again. “This time, according to police, we are talking about the Moscow demonstration of 3 in August. However, Yashin did not participate in this protest because he was in prison, ”says Affentranger. Another big “mystery,” says his lawyer.

Yashin’s fifth arrest shows: the authorities are again making it clear that they are determined to keep the protest leaders “under control”, the author writes. Protests must be prevented. The pressure, it seems to the journalist, is "starting to act": after a large demonstration in the middle of last month, in which about 50000 participants participated, "everything calmed down."

One of the reasons for this may be that "the opposition leader Alexei Navalny does not call for further mass demonstrations." His people "largely refused to organize protests on social networks." What is going on? C. Affentranger admits that Navalny changed his strategy. He wants his movement to be measured not by number, but by skill, the author suggests.

The number of demonstrators is not the right strategy. A genuine strategy should be aimed at "winning the ruling party in the election." That's where the change of strategy comes from, the author notes. Instead of protesting with their feet, people should choose with their minds. This means the following, Affentranger comments: voters must vote for those candidates who have the best chance of defeating the representatives of the United Russia Kremlin party in the election. And for this, Mr. Navalny created a website where "voters register and then receive the name of the most promising candidate in their constituency before the election."

It is unlikely that any independent candidates will be approved, therefore, most likely, among the candidates who oppose the “parties of the Kremlin” there will be communists. Navalny is ready to look at this deviation through his fingers in order to achieve a greater goal. If someone from the sympathizers of the opposition does not like the candidate, then United Russia is even less attractive. Here is the new Navalny strategy.

The change of strategy caused fierce debate among the Russian opposition. Some people think that this is really the best option after the opposition candidates have been "rejected." But others see this as an ordinary “betrayal of the case and those who were beaten and arrested in shares for fair elections.” Independent political scientists also “sharply criticize” Navalny’s unilateral decision.

Consequently, let us note in conclusion, a change of strategy that reminds other critics of a change of course and even betrayal of ideals promises the Kremlin empty Moscow streets in the near future. Empty from the marching opposition. From onlookers. From police and reporters.

And only with traffic jams in the capital will everything remain the same. Air buses are not planned here yet.
Photos used:
Samsung, Rebcenter-Moscow

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  1. Svarog
    Svarog 3 September 2019 15: 07
    The future of Navalny in one article is a mess .. Navalny, Navalny .. and the fact that in 2069 everything will be "stable" I have no doubt .. unless, of course, an energetic patriot of Russia comes to power. If, as before, we add up our surplus money and invest in Western economies, then yes, they will have the future described in the article, but we will not.
    1. 210ox
      210ox 3 September 2019 15: 26
      Here too ... 2069 and Navalny ... Is this gad circus really going to be the next half century ... Bolivar can’t stand it .. And Navalny too. Thank you Dude, have fun .. However, is it really waiting for us what Technical progress .. Or Bulk .. It is necessary to choose from something. yes
      1. Greg Miller
        Greg Miller 3 September 2019 16: 55
        With the current pace of "development", no Russia-2069 will exist. As there was no Russian Empire - 1969 ... Either the restoration of the USSR, or disappearance from the political map of the world forever, so the once powerful Byzantium disappeared ...
        1. pru-pavel
          pru-pavel 3 September 2019 17: 24
          After disappearing, Byzantium regretted a hundred times that it had not restored the USSR
          1. Vladimir16
            Vladimir16 3 September 2019 18: 59
            Quote: Greg Miller
            Russia-2069 will not exist. As there was no Russian Empire - 1969 ... Either the restoration of the USSR, or the disappearance

            How do you differ from a juvenile Ukrainian jumping on the Maidan?
            Replace the USSR in Ukraine and voila you are like 2 drops of water.
            Both deny the past of their country, both predict the death of their country if it is not so as you wish. And you want exactly what you were told in the media or whispered in social networks.
            Zombie guys with pots on their heads or party cards in their pockets.

            Russia will be. God willing, children and grandchildren will live in the Russian country.
            And you cry, all anger, from anger or from anguish.
            1. Greg Miller
              Greg Miller 3 September 2019 19: 44
              Dear Vladimir, I would like to understand what your statements are based on? From what I read was only "God willing" ... Tell me why your God did not give such an opportunity for the "holy passion-bearer" Nicholas II to win the First World War and save his life?
              The truth of life is that modern Russia today is eating what the Great Soviet people created, under the leadership of the Communist Party. And this legacy ends. What can "independent" Russia boast of, Usmanov and Melnichenko's yachts, palaces and billion-dollar states of officials, retirement age 65/60 and lack of free medical care?
              1. Greenwood
                Greenwood 4 September 2019 04: 05
                About the citizenship of the countries of the "decaying West", which the family members of the Russian "elite" have forgotten to write about. I think this is the main sign of patriotic power in the country.
        2. Plantagenet
          Plantagenet 3 September 2019 20: 11
          “When I give lectures in America, the audience sometimes cannot understand whether I am optimistic or pessimistic about the future of Russia. “An optimist,” I reply, “because I do not believe in catastrophic scenarios. I do not believe that Russia will break up or that there will be a civil war or a fascist dictatorship. For fascism, Nazism, we need millions of young people who are ready to die and kill in the name of an idea; we need a Hitler youth or a Komsomol of the twenties. Where do we have these millions, where is the idea for which they are ready to go to the mortal battle? Communism, fascism, democracy, the great mother Russia? Unless the last, Russian patriotism, and then only if it is shown on TV that the Russians are being killed on the streets in any of the former Soviet republics. But there are no signs of this, and therefore you will not be carried away by Russian youth with any grandiose idea, they will not follow any great leader, the times of ideological enthusiasm and sacrifice have passed, for Russia this is the past. ”

          Georgy Ilyich Mirsky “Life in three eras”
  2. your1970
    your1970 3 September 2019 15: 09
    Air buses were expected back in 1900 in the near future ...
    100 years have passed .....
    1. Mestny
      Mestny 3 September 2019 15: 25
      They are massively too dangerous for passengers. See car crash statistics. so it is on earth. You can imagine what will be in the air with the same amount.
      Like most other presented Wishlist.
      Underground houses are too expensive to operate (ventilation, sewage, humidity control). And in the case of the slightest failure, for example, power supply - most of the inhabitants of such a house will be trapped. This is not to mention possible natural disasters.
    2. 210ox
      210ox 3 September 2019 15: 32
      Gerber Wells and Jules Verne? The more that they described, it came to life. About air buses, including .. What does the airport and airbus not suit you for? But the article is not about that .. For someone, a self-cleaning house is a dream, but for someone it’s a normal life ...
      1. Greenwood
        Greenwood 4 September 2019 04: 08
        It must be said that Jules Verne was very thoroughly and meticulously interested in scientific and technological progress and read about various scientific discoveries and inventions, therefore, slightly fantasizing and developing them in his novels, he often turned out to be right in predicting the development of certain technical innovations.
  3. dvina71
    dvina71 3 September 2019 15: 11
    ITEM N.1 is not correct.
    There should be- an engine efficiency of at least 90% .. any, battery power of at least 10 kV per 100g of weight and battery charging speed of less than five minutes (standard gas station).
  4. Rwmos
    Rwmos 3 September 2019 15: 12
    Fir-trees with Predictions ... Open the Murzilka magazines of the beginning of the last century, they predicted so much fun there as well ... For any gypsy, predictions will come true. than such Samsung
  5. max702
    max702 3 September 2019 15: 14
    The number of demonstrators is not the right strategy. A genuine strategy should be aimed at "winning the ruling party in the election." That's where the change of strategy comes from, the author notes. Instead of protesting with their feet, people should choose with their minds. This means the following,
    This means that in Russia (despite the approval of just these protesters) there are just democratic and free elections, if the opposition themselves decided to gain power and make changes in the life of the country, which again proves everything in Russia with democratic institutions in order, and based on this, all the previous statements of both the protestors (liberdas) and the State Department (with grunts) are complete nonsense that have no meaning ..
    rs: Directly carved themselves ..
  6. Undecim
    Undecim 3 September 2019 15: 15
    Paraphrasing a popular saying, an article from the series "In the garden of an elder, and in Moscow - Navalny".
    1. Rwmos
      Rwmos 3 September 2019 15: 28
      Moreover, the author did not indicate the true reason for the cessation of rallies in Moscow ...
  7. The popuas
    The popuas 3 September 2019 15: 32
    As always in Europe, buzzing, but in Russia they didn’t choose from the best but from the worst best .... crying
  8. certero
    certero 3 September 2019 15: 57
    Some kind of mess in the post.
    I’ve read such forecasts in the seventies. Especially about flying buses
    1. Chaldon48
      Chaldon48 3 September 2019 20: 23
      Porridge turned out because those who pushed the author to write this article do not see and do not understand real Russia. Ruble has long been sold to Zapod and lives by its standards, which are alien in the spirit of a true and still living Russia. Whether the buses will fly or not does not matter, the most important is brewing another deep crisis of capitalism, which they are once again trying to solve with the help of technical innovations, in particular universal chipization, as always under the noble pretext of universal recovery of the population, but in fact universal surveillance and possible fooling the population for the sake of the ruling elite.
        TANKISTONE 4 September 2019 15: 33
        The first part of the article is two (maybe three) in one: a method of distraction and a manual for a new plan of action for the "opposition". Question: does the VO website remain a politically neutral military review, or a political tribune for those dissatisfied with the government?
  9. shinobi
    shinobi 3 September 2019 16: 00
    Flying taxis and expressways were the first to predict even at the dawn of steam and electricity, things are still there. No, of course it will, someday. There are tactile suits, while expensive and so-so, a dead end branch. Most likely, neural interface technologies will be developed with direct broadcast of a signal to the brain. Like in the anime SAO, Accelerated World or movies 13th floor, Nirvana. The first cars are already there, but working models are also far away. Bye. Organ printing. Development is progressing, BUT!, slowly, very slowly. I would like to be quicker. Implantable health sensors? What the hell? Perhaps from the mid-80s, experiments were carried out and everything ran into a purely financial and domestic obstacle. Nobody wants to spend money on something that is becoming obsolete by the time of serial production. It's not a mobile or scribe. It's just so don’t push into the closet, you still need to get it out of the body. Everyone is waiting for a breakthrough in remote monitoring. Type of additional option in the smartphone. Orbital hotels? Well, I don’t ask, I don’t know. I don’t understand the current tourists. What kind of buzz hanging out in a tin can and staring at the porthole, paying 250 lyam green for it. And Navalny just got bogged down. Something, but the authorities can let the people blow the whistle. How many there are and how many there will be. And those who at least try to pose a threat, an unenviable fate awaits for which they are not ready and do not want to be ready. Fighters on the couch and keyboard can only pour slop and call for attacks on children on the net. The titmouse, one might say, got off with a slight fright.
    1. ProkletyiPirat
      ProkletyiPirat 3 September 2019 19: 21
      Quote: shinobi
      . Most likely, neural interface technologies with direct signal transmission to the brain will be developed. By type as in the anime SAO, Accelerated World or films 13th floor, Nirvana.

      No, this will definitely not happen, and there will not be any cyberpunk-style uglies either, read books in the "Commonwealth Worlds" genre (a lot of slag, but there are also good ones), the main emphasis on understanding the interrelationships of the terms there: neurointerface, neurocommunicators, neural networks, databases, bio-insights, merging of minds.
      It's just that society needs labor productivity per unit of resource costs, and not "virtuality", and at the moment the most expensive production is the production of qualified / specialized people to perform work in a particular area and it is the above described elements that lead to a multiple reduction in the production cost of this resource.
      1. shinobi
        shinobi 5 September 2019 04: 30
        It will be, believe me. The first demonstration models already exist, and the military set to work. Labor productivity is a matter of ten. The point is to reduce the response time to external information flows. The reaction of the nervous system is always inhibited by the muscular response and the neurointerface is designed to remove this brake. The roughest analogy : we see the target, the brain gives the command to the finger, it presses the button, the weapon shoots. The response limit is 0,25 seconds for trained people. With a neural interface, the chain is shortened, the brain commanded, the weapon fired. What will be the speed of the brain-machine reaction until no one even takes to predict.
        1. ProkletyiPirat
          ProkletyiPirat 5 September 2019 13: 43
          It is because of the erroneous understanding of what you voiced that I suggested you read fiction, namely, more modern fiction, and not from the times of the USSR. In short, a fighter is not a rimbaud who rushes out in the open field with a bunch of machine guns in his hands, and in a fight the fighter does not act alone in itself because there is a sectorial division of attention, because of these nuances, the need for an extremely minimal response time is extremely minimal. Here you are sure to ask the question: what then is the most important thing on the battlefield? and here they’ll answer that it’s

          At first: "experience and skills" such as camouflage on the ground, movement in the forest / suburb / city, the experience of storming, assault, the experience of handling weapons, not only cleaning and shooting, but also maneuvering in a theater of war / TBD, experience of interaction with other units and families And all this is just given by the neural interface and databases loaded into the brain, just imagine the experience of thousands of the best military men is unloaded from their brains, combined, processed and loaded by millions of "office plankton" and now you already have millions of professional military personnel capable of acting almost as a single whole. (About "almost" will be further.)

          Secondly: "processing the tactical situation in real time". Imagine there is a squad for an assault, the first suppresses the enemy, the second incapacitates, the third, fourth and fifth conduct control, and all this is by running across the intersection without a single word or gesture, about all kinds of possibilities of shooting through walls or help from a kilometer range from another house and another squads, I won't say anything at all And all this thanks to a 3D map, a digital analogue of a real battlefield, where all opponents and allies are marked in real time, and in addition, their range of fire and maneuver are calculated. And all this is exactly what neurocoms, neural networks, AIs and the fusion of minds give.
          1. shinobi
            shinobi 6 September 2019 01: 30
            My dear, I gave a "rough example" to get into the details of technology, this is the first. Second, the human brain is not a computer, but rather an analog machine and the fast recording of experience in it will rather remain fiction. I took examples from science fiction for ease of understanding average reading layman, this is the third. For you, I suggest, if you have already climbed into the jungle, pay attention to what the technology developers say about this
  10. Dym71
    Dym71 3 September 2019 16: 20
    the houses will “self-clean” when the tenants leave or when they sleep.

    "When they sleep" - a scary little fellow! bully
    Space hotels: they will give people the opportunity to spend their holidays in space.

    Now imagine a space hotel with a "self-cleaning when the residents are sleeping" function! laughing
    Tactile suits will create a sense of touch and deceive all five senses.

    And all this while sleeping in a space hotel with a "self-cleaning" function! fellow
    Quote: Svarog
    The British were asked which of the forecasts they would most like to see come true. 63% of respondents said that their choice is self-cleaning houses.

    No, but what, the British Moloriki love
    1. Rwmos
      Rwmos 3 September 2019 17: 44
      I woke up in a space hotel - and you cleaned your pockets yourself))) I will say so, for this you don’t have to wait 50 years and fly into space)))
      1. Phil77
        Phil77 3 September 2019 17: 56
        Spartachek! Well, you judge a fellow countryman by people from the earth, and not * the golden mile *?
        1. Rwmos
          Rwmos 3 September 2019 18: 44
          So in hotels I’m just not sitting in Moscow!
          1. Phil77
            Phil77 3 September 2019 19: 08
            What do not avoid on the sidewalks
            to walk?
            1. Phil77
              Phil77 3 September 2019 19: 16
              Moscow is big. Where do you live?
              1. Rwmos
                Rwmos 3 September 2019 20: 44
                YUZAO ... Why are you crazy?
    2. Chaldon48
      Chaldon48 9 September 2019 16: 58
      Self-cleaning toilets are already there.
  11. yehat
    yehat 3 September 2019 16: 48
    Quote: your1970
    Air buses were expected back in 1900 in the near future ...
    100 years have passed .....

    airliners appeared - why not buses?
    besides, they are already being used like a bus in Japan - they used B-747 for flights between nearby cities with a record number of seats. Japanese use it for business trips and for work.
  12. Saul_Rhen
    Saul_Rhen 3 September 2019 16: 52
    What did i just read?
    1. 210ox
      210ox 3 September 2019 18: 55
      You did not understand? Some kind of allegory. The whole world is developing, striving for the best ... We alone are fixated on the basement, although it seems to have blown away .. But that's not all. The adherents of this sect, calling to the "bright future", will not strike a finger in order for people to live normally. The main thing is to get to the feeder.
      1. Saul_Rhen
        Saul_Rhen 3 September 2019 19: 33
        And where are they striving for power to take care of the people? Who cares not to "get to the trough"?
        1. WILL
          WILL 3 September 2019 19: 46
          In Bananovo - Lemon Singapore! laughing
          They were lucky with the leader ...
  13. garri-lin
    garri-lin 3 September 2019 17: 08
    After the underground houses I read purely for fun. Just absurdity. Either taken out of context or Samsung is degrading.
  14. naidas
    naidas 3 September 2019 19: 51
    The author does not set off, the topic of the president is not voiced - will he remain until 2069 or not?
      TANKISTONE 4 September 2019 15: 35
      good And then: the topic is not fully disclosed.
  15. nikvic46
    nikvic46 3 September 2019 20: 36
    And here is the future, and moreover, Navalny. Frankly, I do not believe in such a future. People will have a more prosaic point. The fight against the elements. And this will require huge costs.
  16. Laksamana besar
    Laksamana besar 4 September 2019 00: 00
    Yes, yes, the guys from the Kuban have already begun preparations for the land smile :
  17. Ehanatone
    Ehanatone 4 September 2019 02: 42
    1. I easily believe in prediction 6 and 10, the rest is bullshit, ...
    or very expensive for the elite, as 3D bodies - apparently avatars predictors are not aware that the plans of the world elite have no place for overpopulated land ....
    2. I will never purchase Samsung smartphones - only a very short-sighted company is officially engaged in astrological forecasts ...
  18. gafarovsafar
    gafarovsafar 4 September 2019 07: 44
    mixed up in a bunch of horses people
    and volleys of thousands of guns
    merged into a long howl
  19. Lunt
    Lunt 6 September 2019 00: 40
    With the discovery of antigravity technologies (devices like TR-3B Astra) and free energy, people will be able to move anywhere in the world in minutes and use free electricity.
  20. Campanella
    Campanella 7 September 2019 19: 40
    Do you want to ridicule God, tell a futurist about the future, especially when it comes to Russia ...
    My futuristic outlook on the future of the world is different - the oligarch will run after another oligarch in the desert with the words "Let me bite off your leg, I really want to eat ..."