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The new Boa constrictor pistol and its capabilities

TSNIITOCHMASH has developed a new version of the small arms weapons - The Boa constrictor pistol. Udava has two versions. The first is conventional, combined arms; the second is for special units.

The new Boa constrictor pistol and its capabilities

A detailed review of the new domestic pistol in the program "Military Acceptance" was released on the Zvezda channel. At the same time, the review was actually of a test and demonstration character, because in its course the “Boa” was not only fired, but also subjected to various extreme influences. For example, the gun was exposed to liquid nitrogen at critically low temperatures, and then used as directed.

The gun is subjected to contamination in order to find out the degree of its “survivability”. In general, recently, a demonstration on the camera of how weapons behave after “freezing” or significant pollution has become a kind of fashionable trend. And such tests do not withstand all the options for small arms. The Russian pistol "Boa" passed the test. That is why the first samples of the "Boa" have already begun to enter the troops as part of the pilot combat operation.

The video presents the comparative capabilities of the Udav pistol and pistols of other modifications, including the Yarygin pistol. For comparison, various types of targets are used, including wooden ones. In one of the experiments, the "Boa" encountered an unexpected obstacle in the form of a bitch.

Photos used:
TC "Star"

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    KVU-NSVD 2 September 2019 10: 37
    The main thing in the gun is that it does not fail when must . PM once failed me. If a new gun is not worse in reliability, then, given its cartridge, this is a good gun. Although with modern technologies, you probably could have done it easier - a kilogram with cartridges is a bit much for modernity.
    1. svp67
      svp67 2 September 2019 11: 26
      Quote: KVU-NSVD
      The main thing in the gun is that it does not fail when necessary.

      This is for sure, considering at what range it is used. But here is the first visual impression of the "Boa", how big it is ...
      1. KVU-NSVD
        KVU-NSVD 2 September 2019 11: 35
        Quote: svp67
        first visual impression of "Boa", how big it is ..

        Mnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. Although, in order for a gun to be liked or not, you need to drive with it and use a month or two where the thread is in the fields ..
        1. svp67
          svp67 2 September 2019 11: 39
          Quote: KVU-NSVD

          Well, this is for "working" in "mittens", so it's understandable, but the location of the barrel and the frame gives the feeling of a "crooked barrel"
          1. KVU-NSVD
            KVU-NSVD 2 September 2019 11: 46
            Quote: svp67
            but the location of the barrel and frame evokes the feeling of a "crooked barrel"

            In principle, if you look at the work of any weapon by freeze frames, then you ask yourself the question "how do they get out of this?" So let's leave these views to the gunsmiths and focus on the indicators in general and gadgets (for example, deviations of the true hit from the line) of the service barrel in particular (whoever has, of course - to lubricate and shoot once again is useful for a person, and a pistol is pleasant)
    2. Mestny
      Mestny 2 September 2019 11: 49
      In extreme cases, you can call on the head.
      1. KVU-NSVD
        KVU-NSVD 2 September 2019 11: 55
        Quote: Mestny
        In extreme cases, you can call on the head.

        And also to chop nuts, hammer in a nail, open a beer, check the scales in the market, hide the stash from his wife and "talk" the "tongue". A pistol is generally the most convenient thing in life.
        1. novel66
          novel66 2 September 2019 12: 00
          and do not forget to cut the fly in time (for some) lol
          1. KVU-NSVD
            KVU-NSVD 2 September 2019 12: 03
            Quote: novel xnumx
            and do not forget to cut the fly in time (for some) lol

            About the sawn fly - this is for cowboy revolvers .. smile Our trunks are purely heterosexual and brutal to the very whisper ..
            1. novel66
              novel66 2 September 2019 12: 04
              Well. a boa’s fly is just traumatic .. lol
        2. Evil echo
          Evil echo 2 September 2019 12: 15
          I will add
          "A good word and a colt can achieve much more than just a kind word" (Al Capone)
        3. vladcub
          vladcub 2 September 2019 12: 41
          We bet that the "revolver" can also "talk" the client
        4. Region-25.rus
          Region-25.rus 26 September 2019 22: 09
          "Weight! It's reliability!" (c) Boris Razor)))))
      2. Astra wild
        Astra wild 2 September 2019 15: 00
        To "hit in the head, chop nuts", a dumbbell is also suitable
    3. asr55
      asr55 14 September 2019 23: 35
      it is all the same with 18 more powerful cartridges I think for the present is more than justified
  2. soul
    soul 2 September 2019 12: 11
    The people, but what about GSH-18? It seems that the trunk is the lightest, which should have influenced the choice in the competition. Or is the quality there not so good? I understand about the Boa constrictor - a more powerful cartridge, but it is not used in other pistols.
    1. saygon66
      saygon66 3 September 2019 19: 21
      - GSH 18 has passed into the category of undeservedly abandoned projects ... The same as AN91 "Abakan". They handed him over to the prosecutor's and bailiffs - and forgot ... The shooting prosecutor ... This is necessary ... wassat
  3. Avior
    Avior 2 September 2019 12: 13
    For personal officer weapons, it is heavy. You will have to carry it with you with a low probability of use.
    For special forces - acceptable
  4. mark1
    mark1 2 September 2019 12: 16
    But I didn’t understand something (well, it’s possible for me, I’m not an expert).
    - why, when shooting with the same ammunition, Glock turned out to be better than PY;
    -why despite the higher beginning. TT speed and lateral load of a bullet, won Makarov;
    - why "Boa constrictor" prits. range 100m if there is no stock
    1. KVU-NSVD
      KVU-NSVD 2 September 2019 12: 40
      I’ll try to answer, as not a specialist, but an active user at one time
      - why when shooting with the same ammunition Glock turned out to be better than PY
      This is possible only in four cases (provided that the b / p is of the same quality) - the difference in barrel length, the difference in the rifling system, the difference in tolerances in the manufacture of the barrel, and the difference in arrows
      why, despite the higher beginning. TT speed and lateral load of a bullet, won Makarov;
      PM was more compact, more reliable in terms of protection against accidental shots and has a higher stopping effect. Although I personally feel some weakness for the TT, as a model of a utilitarian pistol for war.
      why "Boa constrictor" prits. range 100m if there is no stock
      If you can get into a growth figure from one hundred meters from it, then there is a high probability of getting where you need to from twenty to thirty. It is not difficult to come up with a stock, but there is no order from the military for this and is unlikely to appear.
      1. mark1
        mark1 2 September 2019 14: 11
        You probably didn’t understand, I meant the results of the tests on the video.
        The length of the Glock barrel is most by 1,2 mm (probably not critical), the system of rifling, tolerances and the shooter is accuracy, but they hit the boards (directly).
        PM has a lower power cartridge with a lower lateral load on the bullet. however, bullet boards on the video went better than TT (and this is the main complaint against the 9x18 cartridge - non-penetration of means)
        At 100 m (and even 70) to get out of hand without a butt - a rare success (historical fact) for this reason should be laid in the design (or package) during development. Why the military does not demand is also a question.
        1. Oleg Kolsky 051
          Oleg Kolsky 051 3 September 2019 15: 19
          It’s very simple, from the video it’s clear that the barrel of the TT was shot to the extreme, the bullet goes head over heels. So it doesn’t catch the rifling.
          1. mark1
            mark1 3 September 2019 17: 27
            Well this is an acceptable version.
            But not quite correct tests.
        2. asr55
          asr55 14 September 2019 23: 55
          When fired at a log, the glock cannot beat PY because The ПЯ is designed for a more powerful cartridge 7n21 but can use the usual 9x19 parabellum, moreover, the barrel length is longer than that of the Glock -17, 114 mm Glock-17 versus 121mm ПЯ. Previously, the PY had many shortcomings, but during the operation and gradually eliminated, they even solved the problem with heavy charging of the stores.
  5. vladcub
    vladcub 2 September 2019 12: 38
    I have a question about the correctness of the tests: "Boa constrictor" with cartridges 9x21mm and Rook 9x19 are no longer equal.
    1. senima56
      senima56 2 September 2019 17: 08
      And with what else? Indeed, under the same cartridge 9 x 21, there is only the SPS (SR-1)! But why they did not compare with him, a question for the authors of the program.
    2. asr55
      asr55 15 September 2019 00: 38
      PY is designed for a cartridge more powerful 7n21, but can withstand 7n31 designed for GSh-18. These cartridges pierce a bar of 250 mm on a departure. But when fired with an armor-piercing cartridge, after piercing a couple of boards only the tip flies further. It is not correct to use cartridges with a heat-strengthened tip when firing at boards that are at a distance from each other. They easily sew body armor such as the Zh-86-2 from 50 meters, which is only a dream for Glock-17. Cartridges of a boa constrictor are more powerful. I do not know what kind of armor-piercing cartridges they used.
  6. Vitaly Galtsev
    Vitaly Galtsev 2 September 2019 12: 54
    and what gsh18 manure, why spend money
  7. senima56
    senima56 2 September 2019 13: 03
    I have been waiting for a "full report" on "Boa constrictor" for a long time ...., but, unfortunately, I did not see anything new for myself! WarGonzo and LazarevTactical presented even more interesting reviews. At the beginning of the broadcast, they showed plates from body armor and the vests themselves - why weren't they pierced ?! They decided to test some water, and then they say that this is not typical .... Why, one wonders? And if the author decided to compare "Boa constrictor" with "Glock", PYa and TT. Then you need to be consistent, and also set fire, dump in the mud and fill all these samples with nitrogen too! What if they also do not lose their working capacity ?! At the end of the program, a special forces soldier said that he liked the Glock better! Here is the whole output from the transmission! It's a pity the topic has not been disclosed. And many thanks to the designer Ivan Kozlov! He created a good pistol that will definitely find its niche!
  8. beeper
    beeper 2 September 2019 13: 05
    Having sacrificed lunch "sleep-drainage", I will insert my "five kopecks" too.
    I will say right away, I think the Boa pistol is the best solution for the army (although I myself always preferred and would continue to prefer the Makarov Pistol, but we are not talking about that now, but about the “new fashion” propagandized by the military and cinematographic circles. also a weighty and voluminous personal "shooting ammunition folding") than "Yarygin", especially if it is minimized in a balanced way for the widespread 9x19 mm Parabellum cartridges.
    Now, according to the video clip, VERY DANGEROUS gentlemen work at the TsNIITochMash shooting range, they twirl their weapons in all directions and even, being on the target line, openly point them at the head (23.45 video) to the careless host of "Military Acceptance", who did not interfere with the members of the film group for their own safety and security to get acquainted with the safety requirements every time!
    In a fenced (perhaps 100 meter, somehow at the beginning 25 meters to the target "did not see", it visually seemed to me that there were 15 meters at the beginning of the shooting for accuracy-optical deception or "subtleties of installation" ???) dash of this "solid institution "I didn't see any bullet-catching overlaps from above, that is, no one in the area is guaranteed against a bullet that accidentally flew in from there, and sooner or later there will be victims ?! negative
    The host of the VP made fun of "a watery substance with scraps of grass", which he, hardly distinguishable to viewers at the moment of a multi-meter "departure" of the video camera, called: "Look, real dirt!" ! winked
    And it would be really interesting to see how the "Boa constrictor" will behave, lowered into a deep puddle of sticky slurry, such as we had in the rain and slush on the dirt road of the South Ukrainian test site, after passing a group of tanks and other equipment ... Makarov "I'm always 100% sure, but the Kozlovs won't refuse such dirt ?!
    In general, many far-fetched "spectacular undertakings" of the "Military Acceptance" with pistols were similar to the tricks of young magicians! For example, they closed the handle with their hands and "tore the shots", so (unless only for me ?!) it remained unclear with the magazine and cartridges if it was doused with liquid nitrogen, or was it then loaded with one cartridge, because immediately after the shot the bolt remained in the rear position? ?!
    It is the same with freezing in the chamber, when Ivan Kozlov vigorously pulled the bolt of the weapon taken out of it several times, and only then the pistol was loaded ("cold" or "warm" cartridges ???) and shots were fired from it, one or two, after which the shutter also remained in the extreme rear position ... and with his bare hand was calmly taken by the leader for the metal shutter and his fingers did not stick to the allegedly 60 degree frozen metal ?!
    "Hammering nails" is nothing at all! wassat
    1. beeper
      beeper 2 September 2019 14: 24
      I continue.
      I am not a sympathizer of "PY", but I did not at all like how dashingly, in a straightforward way, they "lowered" him in this video, making him obviously weak in penetration even before the "Glock" - I was surprised by the unexpectedly low penetration rate from "Yarygin" (how , however, the pistol "TT", in comparison with the "Nagan" with a "sports barrel (?)" and "Makarov" !!!) "and its unreasonable hasty" elimination "on the basis of shooting only one cartridge of an unknown" article "to only "Boa" and "Glock" competed (these "tricks", I think, are not only clear to me, if we proceed from the advertising "motivations" of Tsniitochmashev demonstrators and the harsh "conjuncture of the Russian market" of pistols for "siloviki" ?!).
      After being in a "slow motion", under the words of the perky leading VP: "The TT bullet starts to tumble immediately after hitting the ballistic block (the block is clearly shortened, by the way, this is, apparently, so that the advantage of the" piercing "bullet of the 9x21 mm cartridge would seem visually more effective ?! wink )! "I saw the bullet" TT "FLYING, TURNING, ALREADY IN THE POSITION SIDE to the ballistic block, I realized that the competitor of" Kozlov "-" Yarygin "for the" comparative demonstration "was, probably, ALSO WITH ALL WEAR (" shot ") WITH THE BARREL, that's why he showed such a low result, unusual for him, in" breaking through barriers "?! request
      At the beginning of the video, among other things collected for the "tests" of the gamuz, individual breast armor plates of modern "armored vehicles" were also visible, but then no action was shown with them ???
      And finally, about the assurances and naive "manipulations" of Ivan Kozlov like "you need to get used to the handle" and "see, your finger remained pointed higher" .... in "Glock" and "Parabellum" (as well as in the very first issues small-bore "Margolin") the angle of inclination of the handle is chosen in accordance with the physiological property - the natural inclination of the human hand, providing a quick "intuitive shooting offhand" without any "getting used to the handle"! yes
      But the "addictive" angle of inclination of the handle of the Kozlovsky "Boa constrictor" is closer to the "Stechkin" one, which provides the best conditions for "maneuvering with a pistol" and placing, feeding and sending cartridges from a magazine with a "double-row exit" into the barrel!
      Apparently I. Kozlov during his studies fluently leafed through, or did not take in his hands at all, the weapon "classics" - the book of academician A.A. Blagonravov "Basis for the design of firearms" this issue has been considered exhaustively!
      And in the same place the attention of the designers-gunsmiths was drawn to the fact that with such a small angle of inclination of the handle, similar to "PM", "TT", "APS", "PYa", "Boa constrictor", ... with a quick instinctive throwing up and firing the barrel The pistol will look at the ground at a distance of about 20 meters from the shooter and the hand. Turning and training is required - individual "getting used" to the "correct" holding of personal weapons in order to learn how to shoot offhand from it! winked
      I will say about "Makarov" - indeed, at first it was very "uncomfortable" for the hand and offhand the barrel looked down, I had to persistently bring it to automatism!
      "Margolin", from the first issues, with an authentic Margolin tilt angle and a Parabellum store design, immediately sat down in the hand like a glove and shot offhand where necessary! yes
      And looking at the Glock's grip, I see that it is just the same "poured", which I will not say about the "Boa" even visually!

      However, military operation will show everything, if, of course, unique 9x21 mm cartridges are enough for firing and they will not be prohibitively expensive ?!
      1. beeper
        beeper 2 September 2019 15: 33
        PS I also forgot to say about the huge, straight machine-gun in size, a suitcase-packing of the Tsniitochmashevsky "pistol set", which surprised me - is it really more compact and wearable, in a military-transport way, the designers could not put together ?! winked
        Well this is how much "extra" useful volume it will unjustifiably occupy in the warehouse during storage, and, accordingly, at the cost of "air storage" - annually "eat" additional taxpayers' money, which is not "extra" for the budget, or about that, saving the state budget, designers and military logistics do not think at all ??!
        And we were also puzzled by the coincidences of the name and surname of the designer of the entire "boa" complex Alexander Borisov and the tester at the shooting range Alexander Borisov - is this how the "defense workers" are encrypted or an accident similar to another family dynasty of gunsmiths ?!
  9. dandelion
    dandelion 2 September 2019 16: 21
    Channel Star ... A comprehensive review ... clear.
  10. gorenina91
    gorenina91 2 September 2019 16: 25
    - Interesting ... - after all, from the "Boa" they fired cartridges of 9x21 mm, and from the "Glock" with cartridges of 9x19 mm; and the results of penetrating the boards are practically the same ... -And the Glock is smaller ...
    1. Chilean Abalon
      Chilean Abalon 2 September 2019 19: 01
      I wonder what would happen if Glock was under 10mm auto? wink
  11. senima56
    senima56 2 September 2019 17: 11
    The most unpleasant thing was to see how the presenter "hammers" the nail with the bolt (!!!) of the pistol! Yes, with any metal shutter, even from a TT, even from a PYa, even from a PM, at least .... the nail will be hammered! fool
    Designer Ivan Kozlov, he even showed that the frame (plastic) can be hammered. And this one ... fool
  12. brom
    brom 3 September 2019 06: 02
    There is already a wonderful pistol under this cartridge, why was the bicycle invented.
    1. senima56
      senima56 3 September 2019 13: 08
      I wrote about this when the first information about the creation of a pistol chambered for 9x21 passed! It turns out two things: either the Ministry of Defense did not know that there was an ATP pistol chambered for 9x21 ... or there was "nowhere to put money" in the Ministry of Defense ?! fool fool fool Of course, the designer Ivan Kozlov created a wonderful pistol in accordance with the TTZ MO and Ivan has a great future ahead.
      But was it worth the "fence" ?! laughing
      1. brom
        brom 4 September 2019 04: 48
        So it is necessary to announce a pistol almost every year - they saw, they say, what we could. All there Swift, P226 TK, ПЯ, ГШ-18, МР-446, 446С and 448, PL-14 and 15, GM-100, OTs-23, 27, 33, etc. And most importantly, everyone is surely the best, and everyone is surely about to be adopted, and Makarov will be immediately scrapped. Old song, heard repeatedly. All pistols have long been invented, nothing new.
  13. brom
    brom 6 September 2019 21: 06
    9 x 21, 9 x 21, 9 x 21 ... and somewhere, a gray-haired gloomy German genius openly mocks, snickering sarcastically with a toothless mouth.