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Poland decided on the deployment of the US army on its territory

The United States and Poland have finally determined the locations for the deployment of new American troops on Polish territory, according to the statement of the Minister of Defense of the country. polish radio.

Poland decided on the deployment of the US army on its territory

The head of the Polish military, Mariusz Blaszczak, speaking at a press conference after a meeting with US Presidential Assistant for National Security John Bolton, said that during a telephone conversation with US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper, the locations of the new units of the American army were determined. However, the document will not be signed in the near future, as Donald Trump canceled his visit to Poland.

The new declaration, which represents the implementation of previous agreements, has been postponed until the visit of President Donald Trump. We have already agreed a document, which is an executive act of previous agreements

- he said.

At the same time, Blaschak explained that six locations of the American army in Poland had previously been discussed, and this was the seventh place. In turn, Bolton said that Washington and Warsaw agreed on an important expansion of the US presence in the republic.

The strategic environment in this part of Europe is crucial. We will act as if a new memorandum has been signed

- said the assistant to the American president.

Recall that on June 13 the United States and Poland signed a joint declaration, which confirms the significant security cooperation between the two countries.

According to the agreements reached, the USA will increase the military contingent in Poland due to the transfer of forces from Germany. At the same time, the number of US troops should increase by about one thousand people, which will bring the total presence of US troops on Polish territory to the level of a division.
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  1. WILL
    WILL 30 August 2019 16: 22
    Here you have the Polish ambition ... winked Such undisguised joy that foreign troops will be based on the land of “great” Poland is just a kapet !!! negative
    1. tol100v
      tol100v 30 August 2019 16: 29
      Quote: ANIMAL
      that foreign troops will be based on the land of "great" Poland,

      There is nothing good about it! Only additional priority goals!
      1. Kontrik
        Kontrik 30 August 2019 16: 35
        Poland, as it was the "hyena of Europe", so it remained .. The next time we will not "liberate" .. You know how to paint boots for foreign soldiers, the skills are still there?
        1. tihonmarine
          tihonmarine 30 August 2019 16: 46
          Quote: Kontrik
          Next time we will not "release" any more ..

          And the last time it was not necessary to release.
          1. Tatyana
            Tatyana 30 August 2019 20: 01
            Poland decided on the deployment of the US army on its territory

            Indeed, the Russian proverb is ideally suited for human stupidity by the leadership of the Poles. Namely.

            "Fools do not sow and plow - they themselves will be born"
        2. seregatara1969
          seregatara1969 30 August 2019 16: 56
          these are boots that need boots! Russian boots have the wrong system
          1. The comment was deleted.
      2. hydrox
        hydrox 30 August 2019 16: 52
        Well, how is that any good?
        Such a cool (oh!) ... girl with low social responsibility in the middle of Europe is lying around - you haven’t seen anything like this!
        But she got old, ... she has no past strengths, capabilities and abilities - just one American division is enough ...
    2. Siberia 75
      Siberia 75 30 August 2019 16: 31
      Quote: ANIMAL
      Such undisguised joy that foreign troops will be based on the land of "great" Poland

      In connection with the growing economic and political struggle between the United States and Europe, the stripes anticipate that sooner or later they will be politely asked to curtail bases in Germany. Here in advance and prepare a new springboard
    3. KVU-NSVD
      KVU-NSVD 30 August 2019 16: 35
      Quote: ANIMAL
      Here you have the Polish ambition ... Such undisguised joy that foreign troops will be based on the land of "great" Poland is just a kapet !!!

      To this kapets kapets, as the non-climbers envy ...
      1. WILL
        WILL 30 August 2019 16: 39
        Envy is an independence feature of character, Distinctive, so to speak! bully
    4. tihonmarine
      tihonmarine 30 August 2019 16: 43
      Quote: ANIMAL
      Such undisguised joy that foreign troops will be based on the land of “great” Poland is just a kapet !!!

      Catherine the Great fulfilled her mission by dividing Poland into three parts. Finally, Poland became from Great Poland (from maybe to maybe) an ordinary colonial country, and fulfilled the covenant "If you don't want to feed your army, you will feed someone else's."
    5. Vend
      Vend 30 August 2019 16: 44
      Troops will be deployed in Warsaw, in the Polish government laughing
    6. Labrador
      Labrador 30 August 2019 17: 37
      Yeah ... you need to be able to lay like that: the trump does not go, but the psheks do not despair, lay down.
  2. Ravil_Asnafovich
    Ravil_Asnafovich 30 August 2019 16: 31
    The motto of Psheks is the same, let us all have what they want, but we will still be afraid of Russia.
  3. rocket757
    rocket757 30 August 2019 16: 37
    This I understand, I’m overwhelmed!
    Foreign troops to invite, and even pay for it !!! Here is a victory from victories, Polish politicians !!!
    Cool to fr .....
  4. Ros 56
    Ros 56 30 August 2019 16: 48
    The first time I see such a happy face lacking from the fact that the owner will put his overseers in his house. But what about from mozh to mozh?
    1. Reserve buildbat
      Reserve buildbat 30 August 2019 21: 21
      There will be a great Kholuysky Pshekia from Mozh to Mozh. This is not for you to sit on 10 arshins! That sounds proud! From mozh to mozh! (The truth can not be)
  5. Amateur
    Amateur 30 August 2019 16: 58
    At the largest in Poland wastewater treatment plant "Chaika" in the capital of the country, Warsaw, the treatment systems were damaged, as a result of which sewage flows directly into the Vistula at a rate of three cubic meters per second.

    Fucked. Now again, Russia will be to blame for doing it.
    Like "horse Buryat armored divers" broke.
    And they also boast: "Polish plumber is a world brand"
  6. Prokhorov
    Prokhorov 30 August 2019 17: 05
    As required.
    The next base will be in / in Ukraine, in the "soft underbelly", where even the border is not marked on the ground.
    Well, what kind of art of diplomacy must Putin possess in order to produce enemies for his country, like a rabbit for children!?!?!
  7. Evil echo
    Evil echo 30 August 2019 17: 48
    Valorous striped soldiers will inject fresh blood to the little women, at their bells they have already switched to bultuhi.
  8. Ross xnumx
    Ross xnumx 30 August 2019 18: 01
    Poland decided on the deployment of the US army on its territory

    He and his sewer drains that poured into the Vistula would have to figure it out, but they are also pulling strangers to themselves ...
  9. Jarserge
    Jarserge 30 August 2019 18: 06
    Poland is no longer a "hyena of Europe" but "forgive ..... ka Evropy"
  10. Lesorub
    Lesorub 30 August 2019 18: 28
    The Poles are lobbies of their own occupation)), as far as I remember, the Poles, by agreement, will pay at their own expense for the construction of the ifrostructure and the maintenance of American warriors.
  11. APASUS
    APASUS 30 August 2019 19: 15
    This is probably the second time a prostitute pays a client!
  12. DPN
    DPN 30 August 2019 22: 08
    No wonder, at the time WE destroyed the Warsaw Treaty, and as you know, a holy place does not happen empty, so they created their own USA-Poland, which they themselves broke firewood with offense.
  13. The comment was deleted.
  14. Dikson
    Dikson 31 August 2019 02: 47
    And the quote is good: "Strategic encirclement in this part of Europe is very important" ... They surround us, gentlemen ... no longer hiding behind any plywood "Iranian threats" .. By the way, if it were not for the Ayatollah, American missiles would be in They were standing in Iran, and boats with marines were driven across the Caspian Sea .. Who's next there? Ukraine and Mongolia? maybe Turkmenistan? .. Just like in the old English joke: "My lord! We are surrounded! - Excellent, gentlemen, - so we can advance in any direction!"
  15. NF68
    NF68 31 August 2019 15: 18
    The number of potential targets for Russian missiles in Polish territory will increase. Business then. It is unlikely that Poland will receive real benefits from this.