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Tymoshenko may receive a term for the debt to the Ministry of Defense of Russia


In Ukraine, the “gas conflict” that arose as a result of the signing of Y. Tymoshenko and the Russian Prime Minister of the agreements on the supply of blue fuel in 2009, does not abate. The signed contract established for Ukraine the price of gas is significantly higher than other consumers of Russian fuel.

In the “gas war” there is no talk about the profits or losses of Gazprom, RosUkrEnergo and Naftogaz of Ukraine - this is not an intercorporate war, most likely it is a strategic relationship at the interstate level.

It is believed that only Russia benefited from the terms of the gas agreements signed, but they brought huge losses to Ukraine.

The Ukrainian top management constantly publicly complains that the entire population of the country suffers from an agreement on gas supplies from Russia signed by Y. Tymoshenko. The current Ukrainian Prime Minister does not openly blame the Russian side for this, but places the entire responsibility for the damage on the officials who participated in the negotiations and the signing of the agreement.

All efforts of the Ukrainian government to achieve a revision of the gas contract from 2009, have been unsuccessful. The only thing that was done was to condemn the former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko to seven years in prison.

The West did not support this decision of the Ukrainian justice, because it believes that Tymoshenko made the right decision in a critical situation, which allowed the Europeans, in the conditions of the winter of 2009, to restore gas supply to their consumers. They are not interested in the loss of Ukraine itself from this decision and the corrupt supply chain.

The question of the possible release of Tymoshenko, which is sought by supporters of the "orange princess", faces the current government of Ukraine quite sharply. Indeed, in the event of Y. Tymoshenko’s release from imprisonment, she can constitute a real political threat to the current ruling cabinet and, especially, President Yanukovych — the autumn elections to the Verkhovna Rada are on the agenda, and then presidential elections are not far off.

In order not to allow Yulia Tymoshenko to participate in the political life of the country, the court began consideration of the case of violation of the current legislation by the United Energy Systems Corporation (UESU), which was personally owned by Y. Tymoshenko (the company was created by Yulia Tymoshenko and her husband, Alexander Timoshenko family friend Alexander Gravets). The corporation existed from 1995 to 2009. In 90-ies, “EESU”, thanks to the use of Tymoshenko’s state resource, in a short time became one of the monopolists of the Ukrainian gas supply market. Since A. Gravets, one of the founders, had a registered company in Cyprus, EESU enjoyed tax breaks as a company with foreign investments.

The curator of such a profitable business was the former Ukrainian Prime Minister P. Lazarenko (later, he was sentenced by a US court for fraud on money laundering).

EESU is accused of embezzling public funds and tax violations. The criminal case on tax evasion Y. Tymoshenko was initiated 11 years ago, but in connection with the victory of the Orange Revolution, as a result of which Yulia Tymoshenko occupied a high government position, the case was closed. Despite the fact that the statute of limitations for this crime has already expired, the law enforcement agencies of Ukraine resumed the investigation.

The reason for initiating a new investigation regarding the activities of Y. Tymoshenko was the appeal of Russian Minister of Defense A. Serdyukov demanding the return of $ 450 million, which are the duty of EESU to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation as well as the publication of a book written by the former deputy prosecutor general of Ukraine - N. Obihod who supervised the case of P. Lazarenko's bribes. One of the conclusions in this book was the assertion about Tymoshenko’s complicity in major frauds, as well as tax evasion from personal income and an attempt to fraudulently recover VAT.

One of the episodes of the charge during the new investigation is that Tymoshenko transferred the $ 450-million debt of her corporation to the Russian Ministry of Defense to the state. This crime is the most financially weighty and has irrefutable evidence, and the current Prime Minister of Ukraine, N. Azarov, has repeatedly stated that the Ukrainian budget will not return the debts of “EESU” to the Russian Ministry of Defense.

The essence of the conspiracy was that Lazarenko, on behalf of the Government of Ukraine, ensured the conclusion of an agreement between UESU and the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, as a result of which Tymoshenko received Russian gas for free, which she sold, but did not carry out a supply of building materials for the needs of the defense Russian department . As a result, a huge debt “hung” on the budget of Ukraine, since it was the government of the country that was the guarantor in this transaction.

In Russia, they found the culprit in the person of the chief financier of the Ministry of Defense G. Oleinik, depriving the general of all ranks and awards. Three months later he was amnestied, and a year later he was rehabilitated by a decision of the Presidium of the Supreme Court. But nevertheless Oleinik was sentenced to three years, but already in connection with the frauds with foreign currency bonds.

Oleinik argued that in the period 1996-1997. Three contracts were concluded between EESU and the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation for the supply of building materials for $ 300, $ 250, $ 200 million, respectively. The first contract “EESU” fulfilled completely, the second only in the amount of $ 123 million, and did not even start the implementation of the third. Oleinik believes that the reason for the disruption of supplies was the decision of the Ukrainian authorities in 1998 to deprive the corporation of foreign economic activity rights, therefore, the fulfillment of obligations under the agreements concluded was suspended.

As a result of the investigation, the Ukrainian side found out that Tymoshenko, instead of settling accounts with the Russian side, transferred money through sham firms abroad.

In 1998, EESU ceased to exist under pressure from the Tax Inspectorate. It was officially liquidated in 2009 by a decision of the founders. Even the fact that in the 2000-2001 years, Tymoshenko was responsible for the work of the entire fuel and energy complex of Ukraine, did not lead to the revival of "EESU".

But in the case of the Ministry of Defense with EESU, it is clear that such a deal could not be completed without the personal approval of Yeltsin and Kuchma. And besides Lazarenko, this agreement from the Russian side was “punched” by Chernomyrdin (at that time occupying the post of prime minister), Vyakhirev (head of Gazprom), Vavilov (deputy finance minister of the Russian Federation) and Grachev (minister of defense).

The corruption scheme of this agreement was well thought out and brilliantly executed. All Russian actors have safely escaped responsibility: who is to the other world (Chernomyrdin), who to other positions.

It was Chernomyrdin who convinced Igor Rodionov, who took the post of minister after Grachev’s resignation, to participate in the transaction, as a result of which financial assistance would be provided to the department through an agreement developed by the Ministry of Finance. Rodionov, who did not know how to pay for the maintenance of the army and the purchase of weapons, could not object to the Prime Minister. The amount of the proposed transaction was 30% of the budget allocated to the Ministry of Defense for construction purposes, and Rodionov seized on this idea. Also at this time, Ukraine had a huge debt to Gazprom. Needed a complex scheme of settlements.

The agreement from the Russian side was signed by Rodionov, Vavilov, heads of the tax service and Gazprom, and from the Ukrainian side, President of UESU Tymoshenko and the company United Energy International Limited, a member of the UESU corporation.

According to the former chief financier of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, he was puzzled by the fact that the sums of money were transferred under a contract that had already been paid under Grachev by treasury tax exemptions. But Vavilov personally demanded an urgent transfer of funds, resorting to hidden threats against the military financier. Everyone knew that Vavilov was the trustee of Yeltsin, so no one wanted to argue with him. It was on the initiative of Vavilov that special accounts were opened for all participants in the transaction. Hundreds of millions of dollars went according to the established scheme.

As a result: Gazprom closed its tax arrears, the Ministry of Finance financed the army, the Ministry of Defense transferred money to UESU for future supplies of building materials, Tymoshenko received gas and sold it, the Ministry of Defense did not receive construction materials expected from the Ukrainian side.

In 2004, the Americans forced the private plane Vavilov (at that time he was already a Russian senator) at the airport of Palm Beach and interrogated him in the case of P. Lazarenko. Vavilov managed to avoid responsibility this time: prosecutorial questions did not prevent him from acquiring real estate in New York worth more than $ 50 million. Only in 2010, Vavilov voluntarily left the Federation Council.

In the summer of 2004, the Russian prosecutor's office announced Tymoshenko on the international wanted list. She was accused of facts of the transfer of bribes to Russian defense ministers through their proxies for the conclusion of state contracts for the material and technical supply of the Russian army at inflated prices. After the victory of the Orange Revolution in Russia, the case was closed due to the “expiration of the statute of limitations.”

Of course, the role of Tymoshenko in the "big kid" of the Russian Defense Ministry is large, but without accomplices, she would not be able to perform such a large-scale interstate gesheft.

Moscow responded with silence to the result of a new trial by the Ukrainian side in the Tymoshenko case. Everyone knows that Putin did not give up the people of Yeltsin, but as a result of the trial, the names of the participants in the transaction will surely come up from the Russian side. Tymoshenko also will not be able to get away from the issues that are quite acute for her on the deal with the Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation.

At the same time, Tymoshenko’s associates believe that the appeal of the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation to the Ukrainian cabinet of ministers demanding repayment of the debt is illegitimate, since, in their opinion, he has no right to directly address the Prime Minister of Ukraine.

Tymoshenko herself also denies the existence of the debt of the corporation "UESU" to the Russian military. She recalled that in 1996, the president of Ukraine, Kuchma and N. Azarov, who was the head of the tax service of Ukraine in 90, confiscated all the assets of her corporation, and the state cannot be responsible for the debts of commercial structures. Yulia Tymoshenko considers this demand for a return of debt to be a political provocation and that the claims of the Russian defense ministry are unfounded are wrong.

But whatever the outcome of the investigation, all this unsightly история can significantly harm the reputation of both Russia and Ukraine in the face of the global community.

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  1. mechanic33
    mechanic33 7 July 2012 09: 38
    for every sly Julia .....
    APASUS 7 July 2012 09: 41
    The fate of Tymoshenko, the Russian language, monuments to Shukhevych, this is not a tricky set used in Ukraine, to distract the population from the catastrophic situation in the economy !!! Distraction of the people and stuffing their own pockets !!
    1. Kaa
      Kaa 7 July 2012 10: 36
      This catastrophic situation, as you deigned to express it, was caused, including by Tymoshenko and his comrades. She is not alone, but it will come to everyone (I want to believe).
    2. gladiatorakz
      gladiatorakz 7 July 2012 10: 40
      Straight voice of the First channel !!! It is very bad that more and more people think not with their heads, but with the TV.
      1. Tersky
        Tersky 7 July 2012 10: 53
        Quote: gladiatorakz
        It is very bad that more and more people think not with their heads, but with the TV.

        Do you see me thinking about the latter, or is it far from television facts about the corruption of officials and far from the last persons in Ukraine and Russia for you? Do not write nonsense ....
        1. Kaa
          Kaa 7 July 2012 11: 11
          Mr. Tersky, he really "thinks" so. Do not throw beads in front of the TV. These people do not want to understand a simple thing - when Ukraine received gas (until 2005) at $ 50 each, for 1000 cubic meters, having split off 10%, Lazarenko and Tymoshenko received $ 5 in their pocket. And it was she and Yushchenko who proposed calculations "in world prices", which gradually reached $ 500. Now, a 10% "flake" already weighs $ 50. And Gazprom's position is quite understandable - if people themselves insist on raising prices, why not? This "TV-head" cannot (or does not want) to understand that it is this lady (worth 11 billion dollars, according to Forbes) and some others who are to blame for the mess that is happening in Ukraine, well, God is with him, as they say, wants God punish - will deprive the mind (and hand over the TV).
          1. valokordin
            valokordin 7 July 2012 12: 02
            You are a wise constrictor, you must understand that the officials of the Russian Federation were also interested in the theft of the princess, therefore they are so concerned about her fate
            1. Kaa
              Kaa 7 July 2012 12: 51
              Tymoshenko - our problems, who is to blame in Russia and what to do is not for Ukraine to decide. Although, in fact, it is necessary to start asking who in general the Union was falling apart, and these all sorts of "oligarchs" are secondary foam from those who like "to fish in troubled waters."
              1. APASUS
                APASUS 7 July 2012 13: 09
                Quote: Kaa
                Tymoshenko - our problems are who is to blame in Russia and what to do is not for Ukraine to solve.

                It’s just that they make a show from Tymoshenko even in prison, like House 2. They try to squeeze the number one news out of the ordinary criminal! Who is sleeping, what is eating, how sick, and the country needs economic reforms !!!
                And everything seems to be the case! The country is fighting FOR and AGAINST Tymoshenko, breaking spears for the Russian language, urging to demolish the monument to Shukhevych !! The government is sitting and doesn’t do shit! The oligarchs are stealing! Problems are growing !! People are getting poorer !!
                And all in business !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                1. Kaa
                  Kaa 7 July 2012 15: 10
                  For APASUS: The question of questions still of the Roman justice "Who benefits?" I assure you, several thousand across the whole country, protesting for or against something, this is not the WHOLE country. The vast majority of people work in factories, fields, mines, offices, finally. And when they come home and turn on the TV or computer. - a virtual picture such as "YULI WILL", "FEMALE SKIN", etc. is slipped into them. In 2004, many TV channels "absolutely disinterestedly", spitting on the money for advertising, suggested around the clock that hundreds of millions of Ukrainians were protesting on the Maidan. With skillful manipulation of public opinion, it is possible to arrange Tahrir Square. Therefore, when we analyze THESE shows, the question arises again, WHOM IS IT PROFITABLE. The answer is obvious, I think. that neither me, nor, say, gladiatorakz, maybe those who are fighting for financial kickbacks and "flippers"? And the people are taught: the result is nothing, the struggle is everything.
                  1. Captain Vrungel
                    Captain Vrungel 8 July 2012 09: 18
                    The vast majority of people work ... in stalls, markets, booths. From scientist, engineer to children and retirees. Factories are standing, mines are being bent, agriculture is falling apart. We produce minuscule, but we trade in large quantities (we resell). We are not walking that way, sir. Fundamental changes are needed in all branches of government, in the Laws. State for the people. In the present, we have built a state, or rather a territory for criminal-oligarchic groups according to their thieves' notions with constant showdowns in the so-called ZRada, or rather "gangway". It would not be bad for them to look on lamp posts, opposite each other ("coalition", "opposition"), as an edification to descendants, which leads to trust in their eyes (Oh, what Yanukovych's exterior is), their ears (oh, how sweetly Timoshchenko sings ), but not to the brains (did not work).
              2. Tersky
                Tersky 7 July 2012 22: 30
                Quote: Kaa
                Tymoshenko - our problems

                Not... No. , in this case, Russia, $ 450 mln. after all, I generally for arranging for her a judicial gangbang Russia & Ukraine =am Julia.
                1. ARMSTRONG
                  ARMSTRONG 8 July 2012 03: 25
                  Quote: Tersky
                  Not ..., in this case, Russia, $ 450 million. After all, I generally for arranging for her a judicial gangbang Russia & Ukraine = Julia.

                  Well, at the * ball, it’s like you, so why should Ukraine intervene here, sort it out yourself. And her debt has long been paid by gas contracts. What does even with interest.
              3. phantom359
                phantom359 8 July 2012 11: 26
                KaaThey decide something for a long time. They started with a timothy, so the whole Jewish union and the company of stinks raised about political persecution. An ordinary criminal, and they make a martyr out of her. How many years the people fooled their heads with their promises, how many robbed, and some tear their fifth point for it. And indeed there is a lot of honor for this Mr. ,,, well, to have discussions about it.
            2. VAF
              VAF 7 July 2012 14: 59
              Quote: valokordin
              You are a wise boa constrictor, you must understand that the officials of the Russian Federation were also interested in the theft of the princess

              Wise Kaa wants to be politically correct, +! And she doesn’t want to go there ...... and she does it right! drinks

              1. Tersky
                Tersky 7 July 2012 22: 41
                Quote: veteran.air force
                Wise Kaa wants to be politically correct, +!

                Seryoga hello! Kaa looks at things soberly, gives a clear assessment of the situevine and does not stomp his feet shouting "Russia give us gas for half the price," knowing who gave the price to the gas. drinks Seryoga, (bubble from me ...., for starters, and there as laughing ) where are you taking such photos and demotivators? What is not a comment with an image, then a masterpiece .. good !!!
          2. gladiatorakz
            gladiatorakz 7 July 2012 14: 03
            Ha. And I read that boas are not poisonous. Mistake? Or mutations? Why is there such a vicious, and inappropriate reaction? Where did you see me justifying or blaming someone? I think before you engage in criticism and insults of strangers to you, it would be worth analyzing your behavior. I am an opponent of Tymoshenko and her team. And I know firsthand about many of their arts. I think over time and the hands of the investigators will reach them.
          3. Tersky
            Tersky 7 July 2012 22: 26
            Quote: Kaa
            God wants to punish - deprives the mind (and hands the TV).

            So why should he two? Where and then zombie ... wassat .
        2. gladiatorakz
          gladiatorakz 7 July 2012 13: 48
          Did I in my quote express doubt about Tymoshenko’s corruption? Or is the Russian government corrupt? Not. My comment is rather a call for an analysis of the situation, rather than for embitterment or unethical criticism by Russian Ukrainians or vice versa. As in the comment APASUS. Well, your transition to personality, when the situation does not require this, indicates a lack of education or its absence.
          1. Kaa
            Kaa 7 July 2012 15: 27
            For gladiatorakz. I gladly apologize to you, as a person, if you saw anything reprehensible in my commentary, which, incidentally, was not addressed to YOU. And we are talking about millions of people zombie mass media tricks, so that the country is divided 50/50, or, even better, into smaller fragments that are easy to manipulate. As for your comment addressed to me, it is true that USUAL boas are not poisonous, BUT:
            "Finally, smooth-toothed snakes (like a snake), completely non-poisonous for humans, still have a separate part of the upper lip salivary gland, the secret of which turns out to be poisonous in pharmacological experiments. The opinion is also expressed that the secret of the salivary glands of any snake has certain toxic properties. Lit .: Emelyanov A ., Serpents of the Far East, Notes of Vladivost. Department of State Russian Geographer, Society, vol. III, century 1, 1929; Moritz L., Reptiles of Turkmenistan and contiguous Persia, Turkmenology, 1929, L '"6 -7; Nikolsky A., Gady and fish, P., 1917; P aw 1 o wsk u V., CHfttiere u. Ihre CHttig-teit, Jena, 1927 (lit.); P hisa 1 ix M., Animaux venimeux et venins, P., 1922 (lit.).
            So in the world everything is relative, and in general, the difference between poison and medicine is only a dose.
        3. VAF
          VAF 7 July 2012 16: 20
          Quote: Tersky
          far from television facts of corruption of officials and far from the last persons of both Ukraine and Russia for you what?

          Vitya, +! drinks

      2. karbofos
        karbofos 8 July 2012 00: 54
        and you tell us how to live well in Ukraine and we all laugh here. He’s still here under Nico Airborne, and even intelligence. Do not disgrace intelligence.
        1. ARMSTRONG
          ARMSTRONG 8 July 2012 03: 27
          Quote: kalbofos

          and you tell us how to live well in Ukraine and we all laugh here

          I feel good. Have a good laugh? Well done ... Laugh on.
        2. gladiatorakz
          gladiatorakz 8 July 2012 10: 20
          For karbofos. Ukraine has its own problems. But the main problem of any country is those pseudo-patriots who whine about every occasion, and without it too. This is the weight on the feet of any organization. From the RDG to the country. As for the fact that I dishonor the reconnaissance of the airborne forces, I will not even react. The most interesting thing to discuss this issue is looking at the interlocutor. But for some reason no one pronounces such phrases in person. But the Internet makes daredevils from karbofos.
    3. VAF
      VAF 7 July 2012 16: 04
      Quote: APASUS
      The fate of Tymoshenko,

      Well what to do recourse .... mudflow .. lol +! drinks

      1. Kaa
        Kaa 7 July 2012 20: 44
        To drawing veteran.air force.
        We are just a little bit so for lighters! request
  3. sazhka0
    sazhka0 7 July 2012 09: 52
    After the victory of the "Orange Revolution" in Russia, the case was closed due to the "expiration of the statute of limitations."
    Pu orange!? Ay patriots.) See what Heresy. Where are you ?
    1. Kaa
      Kaa 7 July 2012 10: 43
      You would pay less attention to this heresy. As the majority in Ukraine understands, the case was closed on formal grounds, so as not to seek out the prime minister of the independent state through Interpol at that time. Or do you want the Russian prosecutor's office to play according to the rules and script of the US State Department, fanning anti-Russian hysteria in Western Ukraine? I don’t know how you put it “Poo orange”, but your personal reasoning is perplexing - either a lack of analysis of the situation, or something else ...
    2. VAF
      VAF 7 July 2012 14: 48
      Quote: sazhka0
      After the victory of the "Orange Revolution" in Russia, the case was closed due to the "expiration of the statute of limitations."

      Sanya, +! Well now ... you will rake ... in full !!!!! lol
    DEMENTIY 7 July 2012 10: 41
    But whatever the outcome of the investigation, this whole unsightly story can significantly damage the reputation of both Russia and Ukraine in the face of the international community.

    But don’t do it (if you look objectively) to the image, it can’t harm in principle.
    1. Van
      Van 7 July 2012 23: 30
      In the face of the world community.

      As for me, so I shit at them from a high bell tower. laughing
    2. phantom359
      phantom359 8 July 2012 11: 28
      DEMENTIY, And what, it seems. 5 points.
  5. Kolyan 2
    Kolyan 2 7 July 2012 10: 56
    DEMENTIY Today, 10:41 ↓ new 1
    But whatever the outcome of the investigation, this whole unsightly story can significantly damage the reputation of both Russia and Ukraine in the face of the international community.

    But don’t do it (if you look objectively) to the image, it can’t harm in principle.

    Beautiful selection of photos big +
    1. Vyalik
      Vyalik 7 July 2012 17: 53
      Truth can't hurt. As PAPANOV said, "don't you steal"
  6. beech
    beech 7 July 2012 11: 59
    The West did not support this decision of Ukrainian justice.
    And what is this West always breaks into the internal affairs of all countries !!!
    1. Kaa
      Kaa 7 July 2012 12: 53
      And this is all their habit of getting deeper and deeper inside, hence the liberalism with tolerance.
  7. Pilot200809
    Pilot200809 7 July 2012 13: 33
    Our Tulka has more than one shine, at the time of the premiere, she wound up be healthy, washed grandmothers and good for ten comfortable lives. When rusted, the main chaos was Julia. Recently I talked with one brow from the fuck, Totalitarian sects nervously smoking on the sidelines. What rusty svidomites have done under the leadership of tulle (and it was she who cherished, and not yusch) - to clear up over 25 years. Freaks.
  8. biglow
    biglow 7 July 2012 18: 36
    just so they won’t let Tymoshenko go to London. She doesn’t want to see a residence permit. If Tymoshenko leaves, Yanukovych will sit down
    1. Kaa
      Kaa 7 July 2012 20: 49
      For biglow. And is she, excuse me, fool, to go to London? One has already traveled to the USA, they have accepted it there, and they have made money, therefore they don’t release it, they keep both money and it from the harsh Anglo-Saxon jurisprudence.
      1. Captain Vrungel
        Captain Vrungel 8 July 2012 10: 21
        The British accept with open arms who appears with millions of capital in their banks. Berezovsky and a very long list. Long list.
      2. biglow
        biglow 8 July 2012 13: 22
        And is she, excuse me, fool, to go to London? One has already traveled to the USA, and there they took
        in London they accept everyone who comes there with money. From Britain there is no extradition from the Don, but the United States is a bit more complicated and Lazarenko just turned out to be too greedy and did not pay lawyers who would help settle all financial matters and make money legal
  9. suharev-52
    suharev-52 7 July 2012 19: 58
    So what is our defense minister doing? And I wondered that he was so busy. Clear. Instead of rearming the army, completing ill-conceived reforms and preparing for possible hostilities, state. Taburetkin is busy with what he loves. Obviously remembering that he once taxied in the tax department, he decided to collect the debt of an individual to the state. True, for some reason I forgot that with a significant amount, the recovery is carried out by decision of the court. And where is the solution, state. Taburetkin? Sincerely.
  10. Alex63
    Alex63 8 July 2012 02: 29
    If Tymoshenko is to blame, she must answer. But alone, she could not do such things. The Ukrainians will figure it out themselves - who is right and who is wrong. We want to hear the names of our "heroes". Putin, Medvedev, Serdyukov - do you want to say something about this? Bastrykin, stop fighting passers-by on the streets and register them as "orange". Go to the Kremlin and the White House. From each office you can withdraw in batches - and immediately to the Kolyma.
    ARMSTRONG 8 July 2012 03: 22
    Tymoshenko will answer for everything in accordance with Ukrainian legislation. And the gas price will be brought down, look, if not by peaceful methods, then by force, and only then can it be said that Ukraine and the Russian Federation are allies.
  12. Shaman fish
    Shaman fish 8 July 2012 18: 21
    Timokha must sit !!!
  13. badhoy
    badhoy 9 July 2012 07: 55
    A thief should sit in jail!!!
  14. Alex63
    Alex63 10 July 2012 03: 16
    It's disgusting to read comments. Adult men, but they were crazy like hens. Discuss Tymoshenko. And about her accomplices Putin, Medvedev and Serdyukov are afraid to say. You are cowards. Snot can only dissolve! They made a switchman from Tymoshenko and celebrate the victory. I want to spit on everyone’s face. I do not protect her, but PUTIN, MEDVEDEV AND SERDYUKOV should sit in the next cell. Do not forget to put Bastrykin there too.
    1. gladiatorakz
      gladiatorakz 10 July 2012 18: 39
      For Alex63. Peppermint drink. Aggravation? Why are you insulting everyone? Not good.