Military Review

New field camp of the 9 Motorized Rifle Brigade

A year ago, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation purchased a field camp from Karcher Futuretech GmbH in Germany for the Armed Forces of Russia. Here are the first shots of the mounted camp in the 9 th motorized rifle brigade (Nizhny Novgorod):
New field camp of the 9 Motorized Rifle Brigade
It looks so

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  1. sorrento
    sorrento 7 July 2012 07: 25
    not to order in Russia. It will be much cheaper and the quality of the navigation system will suffer
    1. Tirpitz
      Tirpitz 7 July 2012 11: 12
      It will be interesting to listen to the soldiers of this brigade. Quality will suffer 200%. After the soldiers live like people, no one wants to live in Russian camps.
    2. alexng
      alexng 7 July 2012 11: 27
      This is a common world practice. Some things can and should be purchased in other countries. Well, they have a domestic system, and this must be admitted, so far much higher than our Russian one. I will repeat so far above ours both in quality and convenience. And in matters of military technology - this is another question and it is perhaps very complicated. And I do not think that anyone here on the forum, including myself, is strong in the issue of public administration, and of such a large and diverse country as Russia.
      1. beech
        beech 7 July 2012 11: 44
        I agree with alexneg completely. It’s business: bought tents, that's all, nothing terrible happened
        1. Indigo
          Indigo 7 July 2012 12: 52
          .. an eternal question - why collect the so-called candy wrappers, which at any moment can be reset to zero - give back, and take technology and what we do not have or are lagging behind. Mistral came with the technology of modular hull assembly, this complex will help to establish its own production. I don’t see anything shameful in the actions of the Moscow Region in folding the solitaire of strong and combat-ready Russian Armed Forces.
    3. rumpeljschtizhen
      rumpeljschtizhen 7 July 2012 13: 49
      I understand that if you had a choice, you would prefer to be in a Russian tent with a potbelly stove ... without air conditioning ???? You’re my friend a masochist
    4. xzWhiteWolf
      xzWhiteWolf 7 July 2012 16: 48
      So they bought it to see what and how, whether the soldiers would like such a camp or not. If you like it, they will redo it, make changes according to the complaints or requests of the soldiers, make it cheaper and everything will be fine) It's not a fact that the soldiers will like it, but outwardly it’s not bad)
    5. starshina78
      starshina78 7 July 2012 21: 30
      When ordering in Russia, do not cut down the Eureka, but you will have to travel to some Tmutarakan, and here Germany!
  2. Igarr
    Igarr 7 July 2012 07: 52
    In Russia, the rollback will be less.

    It feels like these "buyers" are from the 80-90s. They throw themselves at everything foreign as farmers.
    Overslept .... or forgot?
    What kind of buzz do they have?

    Gradually, blindly they encode - everything around is German, everything is statewide, and you yourself, you, dove, will be like NATALK.
    1. Kaa
      Kaa 7 July 2012 10: 22
      Dear Igarr, why are you so straightforward, well, right. You yourself write, everything around is German, the state is a great opportunity to train special forces (and just troops) in conditions that are as close as possible. And then you can’t figure out in the dark where to throw a grenade, where to bend down ...
    2. bremest
      bremest 7 July 2012 11: 20
      But Taburetkin is a farmer. He is presented to us as a successful manager, but in fact it is a personnel error ..... And one should not expect anything serious from Tabretkin.
      1. Indigo
        Indigo 7 July 2012 13: 05
        You exaggerate this issue and reduce it to a company with a staff of 10 people, where the director and the king and god.
        The minister is not able to delve into all the issues (from socks to Bulava, etc.) - someone analyzes these issues, gives conclusions, takes into account the capabilities of the industry (after the collapse of the 90s - "killed" a rubber factory - the only one in the union - oil seals , etc.), the order and its quantity and the sea of ​​questions that we are not able to analyze.
        General line - what, GDP is not in the know? or there are some other "pitfalls" that are not publicly available - probably there are and it seems to me that one of these stones is that the generals did not show themselves in defending the country to which they swore the Oath and now someone needs to plow like in galleys to restore the Empire ...
        1. CC-18a
          CC-18a 7 July 2012 21: 59
          Yes, here every second person is sure that the Moscow Region or Putin personally is watching everyone and knows everything. In particular, they are sure that any cook is better than them to handle. Meanwhile, when you start asking specific important questions, insults, dullness, and just cons with keeping away from the question are immediately obvious, but you will never get an answer to the question itself.
  3. Fidain
    Fidain 7 July 2012 08: 03
    S vidu krasivo, a tak na skolko udobno eto uzhe boicam luchshe znat, kto tam zhil.
  4. IDV68
    IDV68 7 July 2012 08: 03
    Well, they survived. It remains to install in the trenches of the toilet with a bidet and without toilet paper in the taxiway a fighter should not be allowed to attack.
    1. broker
      broker 7 July 2012 08: 50
      Each joke has its own share of truth)))
      1. alexng
        alexng 7 July 2012 11: 29
        In every joke there is a share of jokes. laughing

        - It is wonderful! You entered the market just six months ago, and you already have a million. How did you achieve this?
        - Well, that’s very simple. I started with two million ...
  5. DmitryDmitry
    DmitryDmitry 7 July 2012 08: 10
    Well, you can still understand the drone bought for review. but the tents are really not destiny to do it yourself !!!! fly into space, can’t we make a tent? or do not want to?
    1. rumpeljschtizhen
      rumpeljschtizhen 7 July 2012 13: 55
      DmitryDmitry so you yourself answered the question ........ you still haven’t done it yet, then we can’t ..... though it’s a business friend .. it just never occurred to anyone that the soldier was in normal conditions .....It's Russia
  6. Ragnarek
    Ragnarek 7 July 2012 08: 24
    I don’t understand something above the commentators. what is wrong if the soldiers will live in normal conditions and how will this affect the fighting spirit? in Russia such modules are not yet made, now I hope they will be. Well, liberals-hamsters - just a few kickbacks, but you go to w ...
    1. DmitryDmitry
      DmitryDmitry 7 July 2012 08: 33
      Yes, I'm not talking about kickbacks. If this purchase is really one-time for acquaintance, and then we begin to rivet ourselves, then everything is fine! It just seems that it is either just one-time, or there will be purchases in batches, and we won’t come up with anything ourselves. This is exciting.
      1. Ragnarek
        Ragnarek 7 July 2012 08: 50
        the problem is that we make similar tents, but as separate units, and the Germans have a whole complex. I think they’ll look and start stamping (at least I hope so)
        1. 7 July 2012 10: 21
          Quote: Ragnarek
          Well, liberals-hamsters - just a few kickbacks, but you go to w ...

          I agree. Already some kind of reflex has developed: just listening to the purchase of something western, so the tantrum begins.
          I would like to ask the screamers: "How did the USSR create its armed forces and industry? Was it not with the help of foreign engineers, projects and screwdriver assembly of American and British tanks?"
          Stop whining! We urgently need to re-equip and rearm the army, and the state of the industrial complex does not allow us to do this on our own, so we have to go around. Is it really that hard to understand?
          1. DmitryDmitry
            DmitryDmitry 7 July 2012 10: 50
            the construction of the armed forces and industry or the creation of a tent camp. there is a difference?
            1. CC-18a
              CC-18a 7 July 2012 22: 01
              No. The toolkit is the same.
              Purchase - testing - the solution to the issue should be made the same with us or not needed.
    2. itr
      itr 7 July 2012 10: 54
      I agree with you completely just the gentlemen of the lice in Soviet tents did not feed. In winter, not freezing in summer, not wet from the heat
    3. CC-18a
      CC-18a 7 July 2012 22: 05
      Modules do, it’s true for the Ministry of Emergencies, and by the way, what they do is considered to be the best among the Ministry of Emergencies of the whole world. The fact that US and EU rescuers use military tents with minor improvements is undeniable, so we already produce modular tents, more or less similar to those that we bought from the Germans, though production capacities may be small, but the main thing is. So they bought it from the Germans most likely to inspect competitors, take into account their own and others' mistakes, to create their own something more advanced.
  7.  pistons
    pistons 7 July 2012 09: 56
    Did the benches also go in the set ??
    1. rumpeljschtizhen
      rumpeljschtizhen 7 July 2012 13: 57
      pistons about benches plus :-))))))))))))) this is clearly our answer in the field of aesthetics and efficiency to the German camp
  8. Magadan
    Magadan 7 July 2012 10: 40
    Quote: kos
    I would like to ask the screamers: "How did the USSR create its armed forces and industry? Was it not with the help of foreign engineers, projects and screwdriver assembly of American and British tanks?"

    The fact of the matter is that this is all in the USSR!
    If the Germans had done these tents somewhere, then there is no problem, there are a lot of regions with unemployment! And so we raise their economy, spending petrodollars on, damn it, tents!
    1. Sober
      Sober 7 July 2012 15: 44
      you are right, but only in * And so we raise their economy * yes, we raise their economy .. why .. I answer. 1. we do not have such an industry 2. we do not have the technologies for this production 2.1. either there, but cheaper to buy 2.2. either there is, cheaper, but worthless quality and long production 3. we do not have a place. where to produce it, i.e. Factory 4. no staff

      and also .. this is something new for us, I already wrote here, I’ll just repeat myself .. why step on the rake, if you can buy, study, copy and produce, in the production process to modernize and create your NEW! and this for all that. if this type of product will be in demand, including for export!

      and just stop looking at the USSR there aren’t those enterprises already! more than half have collapsed, sold a quarter .. a quarter has remained and out of this quarter there isn’t what we need for the development data, we are doing something, but we just can’t do something! because right now they are very neat about such things, they study, analyze and if it is cost-effective for 50 years ahead, then they build factories, train them and go! but, I repeat again, right now we are not in the USSR, right now there is no means to build 10 thousand factories! and on the right and the wrong, right now only on the right and promising and export!

      and you don’t need to be angry, you need to work and think! and not look back, and what is wrong to yell, that all traitors and enemies are around ... that we are a khan, etc. this is the lot of wimps and losers! and we are a country of luck, and even what !!! we just squeezed us, but we won’t get out of nothing, not in the first one ... we can’t NOT get out, we are too smart and agile people, and will, and genes! blood of mighty ancestors! it all gives ++++ too!
  9. Brother Sarych
    Brother Sarych 7 July 2012 11: 22
    It is pointless to argue - it looks beautiful and, probably, it is very convenient to be accommodated in such tents! But the question arose - what for all this? Where are you planning to break up such a "pioneer camp"?
    Something reminds me of a mythical Roman camp - we were already hung up from school that the Romans set up their camps after almost every day's transition - anyone who remembers this from school can appreciate it (there are only earthworks for a month according to the drawing) ...
    If the camp should be mobile, then why do so many people gather in one place? There is a clear redundancy ...
    If the camp is not particularly mobile, then the military can be arranged in something more convenient for living than these tents ...
    In combat conditions, this is generally not applicable - it is unlikely that the adversary will allow such towns to be arranged ...
    And so the idea of ​​arranging soldiers with comfort is simply wonderful ...
    1. Sober
      Sober 7 July 2012 15: 29
      Brother Sarych,
      with each for 1-2 years, you need to deploy troops, you won’t be building 2 HOUSES for 2 years .. then the military will leave and to whom is that all? for 1 years and the village does not form around .. because such a camp would be relevant! as for XNUMX day transitions, is this your humor?

      here you say it’s not applicable in combat conditions .. yes no, for example, the battlefield is 20 km away, but there is not a single settlement in 20 km or there, but no one wants to expose the civilian population, or the settlement is small and everyone will not fit in there ! or just strategically not conveniently located! a camp of this type will be just what you need .. wherever you put it, in the woods in a clearing, you’ll find horseradish .. and we have a lot of forests, as well as treeless places in the woods .. in this camp you can arrange a rear, to allocate reserves, medical assistance, as well as food, mini-warehouses .. and all this together .. what's wrong ??? for me it’s just some amenities ...

      or for you fighting is a camp in the middle of the field. where is the battle going on directly? in this case, even a military base will not help)))
      1. Brother Sarych
        Brother Sarych 7 July 2012 22: 45
        I mean, the camp can be arranged at least from mobile, but more capital constructions! You can develop something like a transformer trailer that increases its volume - you still need to move it not very often, but the durability will be much higher than that of the tricked-out tent, and the sets can be of different capacities and, if necessary, can be combined or separated ...
        Plus, with possible shelling, much more protection ...
        In this version, I don’t see the point at all - it’s expensive, but not practical, and such a camp is not able to cope with its task ...
    2. nekromonger
      nekromonger 7 July 2012 15: 33
      I think this camp is for teams of constant readiness, they now spend a lot of time at the training grounds, and the conditions are mildly Spartan
    3. CC-20a
      CC-20a 8 July 2012 01: 53
      The RF Armed Forces often call on the mob. reserve "Fees", this is when you are 40 years old, the machine from which "side to keep" has already forgotten you receive a summons to come to the military registration and enlistment office, for 3-30 days you are taken to the field and trained again. According to the idea, they should teach a new technique so that in cases where you do not look at a new tank or machine gun like a ram at the gate. The truth is, basically, everyone is stupid there and they communicate without learning anything.
      So, for example, in such places of gathering, such tents are perfect ... although I am not a supporter of comfort) for me it should be like this ... to collect and there all this crowd should itself equip everything on the spot with its ingenuity and labor, because war is not shooting and not the ability to shoot accurately, it is primarily the ability to survive in any conditions and in any locality, the ability to provide oneself with all the wit, the ability to get into the woods alone and not die there from stupidity and slow-thinking .
      1. Serush
        Serush 9 July 2012 08: 59
        What does it mean often called? You personally. how many times?
        I agree with everything else.
        1. CC-20a
          CC-20a 9 July 2012 14: 00
          A military secret winked
          In my city, 2 friends left at different times from 2004 to 2008, in a neighboring city, a friend also went to such fees. That is, from my acquaintances 3 cases, my acquaintances are 0,0000000001% of the population of these 2 cities, so it often comes out about once every 1-20 years, I hope everyone gets there, according to the stories of my acquaintance there were those who got there a second time.
          And so, Serlyukov does not report to me how many such fees are spent per year ... but honestly, I will definitely punish him so that he reports to me every year, otherwise I’m completely lazy, yeah.
  10. Follow us
    Follow us 7 July 2012 11: 45
    We will test in the field and do our own thing, only better. Absolutely the right approach.
  11. the gray wolf
    the gray wolf 7 July 2012 12: 08
    what is so difficult here that it is not produced in Russia request
  12. Ilhar
    Ilhar 7 July 2012 14: 54
    If, after purchasing this camp, technical assignments were given to the Russian research institutes to create something like that, that’s good. But while it seems that this is a demonstration action of the RF Ministry of Defense Serdyukov, they say look, I’m not only engaged in “cuts” ... Because this camp was purchased more than six months ago. And so far, not a single representative of the domestic military-industrial complex has arrived in 9MSBr to collect data on this camp and, accordingly, design its own. The team has not yet created a temporary staff of technical personnel to service this project. That is, the maintenance and proper maintenance of all technical equipment fell on the shoulders of the fathers of commanders and soldiers of conscripts ...
  13. Sober
    Sober 7 July 2012 15: 18
    I didn’t understand, but what was there for shouting ... they took a camp from someone .. why we didn’t produce it, because we don’t have experience .. they bought, delivered, naturally studied .. so maybe the next such camp will be our production. ..interestingly, the Chinese also react this way when they buy something from the outside?)))

    it may still turn out that this camp will be shitty and the military will not like it, then the question is, what the hell would DO it yourself !? spend a lot of money on technology, spend a cloud of time .. create an unnecessary industry ... for HORSE? when you can buy 1 batch from foreign countries, study, work around mistakes .. and if it is profitable, then do it yourself ..
  14. VadimSt
    VadimSt 7 July 2012 22: 17
    Quote: Sober
    I didn’t understand, but what is there for screams ..

    + 100%.
    Apparently those who argue from the standpoint of "what the hell is it necessary" did not live in 40-degree frosts or heat in our army tents. They do not know or have forgotten that group frostbite and pneumonia occur annually at landfills.
    Army tent? Well, yes - wind protection, 8 windows, three chimneys, a potbelly stove, firewood, a stoker-daylight ....... - can instead return to the spears instead of an automaton?
    Why should our soldiers not be able to rest normally, eat, tidy themselves up, etc.?
    I did not hear something about the fact that the hospitals of the coalition forces in Afghanistan were crammed with soldiers with dysentery, malaria, pediculosis, etc.
  15. stankomi
    stankomi 7 July 2012 22: 43
    Bought and bought, what is this? We bought what we deemed necessary in terms of price, quality and, possibly, the conformity of a shared partnership. When in Russia they put the Condors to the ranks, lower than the general ..? So, we decided to suddenly buy something worthwhile, but in Russia, they didn’t do this ... Well, not the second world war, not all the time to live in dugouts.)) But if it’s worth it to fight and the Germans will break us off with these tents, then it’s possible in dugouts - and soak everyone!)))
  16. Aeneas
    Aeneas 7 July 2012 23: 13
    camp-tents-benches-bath-field kitchen I see. I don’t see people! Where are the fighters of the 9th motorized rifle brigade? belay Ahh, how is it in Russian - window dressing. That's something like this, at one time, they dragged-repaired-Ganduras for 2 months, barracks of my company, esessno by the personnel. After the authorities said: Approved! , for some reason, the foreman picked up new mattresses, blankets, for some reason, new tambourines with bedside tables returned to the warehouse :-) But it was still nicer to spend army days in the renovated new one! bully
  17. Popandopulo
    Popandopulo 8 July 2012 01: 16
    Camp on a background of mountains of garbage around smile Abruptly laughing Wooden benches and a table stand out especially good

    The French in ordinary tents of the 70s in Afghanistan live and perform assigned combat missions! And no one whines and cries for comfort! And then it turns out that ours cannot do without comfort, everything is straight from sugar!
    1. CC-20a
      CC-20a 8 July 2012 01: 54
      incendiary couple in the trash and the French immediately capitulate! wassat 100%
  18. Popandopulo
    Popandopulo 8 July 2012 01: 49
    All this suggests the next cut of money!
    1. Tatanka Yotanka
      Tatanka Yotanka 8 July 2012 13: 54
      I agree with you - nevilika wisdom to pile inflatable tents, we are the first specialists on such products - we make tanks, planes, poplar inflatable, and we have a lot of specialists and craftsmen in life support systems, they will do better, there are no nanotechnologies here. as the military mobile hospitals show on the box, they shout with might and main - our Russian, has no analogues. but it is necessary, after all, from behind the hillock that it is necessary to smuggle through banks, offshore companies and intermediary firms
      By the way, one town for 14 billion mastered, no one answered
  19. Popandopulo
    Popandopulo 8 July 2012 02: 26
    The contract of the French soldier about comfort, amenities, hot food and showers did not say anything!
  20. Evgeny B.
    Evgeny B. 8 July 2012 02: 29
    In combat conditions, such towns can hardly be used, but in the nearby rear zone - yes. In addition, they need to be considered as a step towards the complete merger of fighters with nature, where they can put themselves in order after a real exhausting work (rest). In this sense, these towns are very useful, as it seems to me.
  21. Popandopulo
    Popandopulo 8 July 2012 02: 29
    In general, it’s good that they are buying, but the most important thing is that all this should reach the soldiers! And it was not used only for show, when the bosses arrived!
  22. AIvanA
    AIvanA 9 July 2012 09: 25
    It’s a very beautiful and convenient pioneer camp, but excuse me for peacetime, so bring fighters to rest in the field, but as a camp for warfare it’s complete nonsense, and it’s very expensive in itself, plus kickbacks. With this modern weaponry, not a single adversary will miss this beautiful field town, can build it and then give it off the face of the earth with its contents, but is the highway also folding? It’s very expensive and not practical, it’s cumbersome for a very long time to assemble, and just as long to disassemble, in general, a pioneer camp.