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India: Russia offers semi-cryogenic engine technology for Gaganyan space mission

In India, they are reporting a possible partnership with Russia as part of the program for the creation of the manned spacecraft Gaganyan. The project is being developed by ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization).

India: Russia offers semi-cryogenic engine technology for Gaganyan space mission

One of the main problems for Indian developers is related to the engines for this kind of spacecraft. India needs a high-performance engine while at the same time low energy consumption.

As the Indian edition notes Livemint, Russia offers India semi-cryogenic engine technology and the critical components of a habitable space capsule. The publication when publishing this kind of information refers to the head of ISRO K. Sivan.

K. Sivan:

ISRO is currently negotiating with the Russian Space Agency on various aspects. What has been completed is an agreement on the training of Indian cosmonauts in Russia for our Gaganyan space mission. I can say that Russia has proposed its semi-cryogenic engine technology as part of the Do in India program. These engines can be used in the rockets of our space project.

Earlier in Roscosmos noted that Russia and India are preparing to discuss issues of cooperation in the framework of the Indian Gaganyan program.

The head of ISRO also added that Moscow and New Delhi are in the process of discussing the creation of ground objects in Russia and India, which will be used jointly to improve the accuracy of satellite navigation signals.


We want to establish a ground station for our NavIC system in Russia. Russia, in turn, wants to create and configure a ground station in India for the GLONASS satellite navigation system. The Russian ground station will operate in Bangalore, while ours is likely to operate in Moscow.

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  1. Victor_B
    Victor_B 26 August 2019 08: 39
    Create another competitor in space?
    The launch market is not rubber.
    1. Berber
      Berber 26 August 2019 08: 43
      With their attitude to quality, I would not fly on their spaceship.
      1. donavi49
        donavi49 26 August 2019 08: 49
        Well, so far all of their major missions are successful.
        IOM - flies around Mars and takes a picture. Already significantly revised the estimated life period.
        The first Chandra - completed a program on the moon.
        The second Chandra is already in lunar orbit and will land.

        In the work of MOM2 - to Mars and Chandra3 already with the Japanese lunar rover.

        The number of launch vehicle accidents is minimal, for the last 5 years - there were no baboons.
    2. Blackmokona
      Blackmokona 26 August 2019 08: 50
      They have been squeezing us out of the market of light loads for a long time and are actively trying to pull the average ones too.
    3. seti
      seti 26 August 2019 08: 55
      Quote: Victor_B
      Create another competitor in space?
      The launch market is not rubber.

      To create several nodes and to give something out of technology does not mean creating a complete production cycle for the Indians. So you can cooperate on mutually beneficial conditions.
      Indians also have technologies with which they can share with us. Or do you propose that everyone again have a curtain? Now it is much more profitable to cooperate, if not with friends but fellow travelers. And the Indians have money, they are solvent. The task of drawing this money from them is not to the detriment of their country.
    4. donavi49
      donavi49 26 August 2019 09: 02
      They start up the launch market. In the sense that they have rockets of different classes, including the heavy GSLV.

      In the launch market, they are not very active in export orders, but something already exists:
      For example, PSLV they set a world record for the withdrawal of cubes and nanosatellites and now almost every mission takes a container with cubes in the appendage, here in April 24 American cubes + 2 Swiss + 2 Lithuanian and 4 Spanish. Weighing in on the main Hindu satellite.

      They will take Lunar Pathfinder, a private British spacecraft to the moon.

      They jump into the super-saturated 500kg window into orbit. Where by the 20 year there will be 5-6 PH from competing companies. And to 22 - more than 10 serial pH, with similar parameters. The first launch will bring BlackSky (an American private company) packs of cubes.

      They won the tender for the withdrawal of the constellation Capella. The first is possible this year or next, it depends on the load, the Americans are dull, slow down there.
    5. Civil
      Civil 26 August 2019 09: 13
      Yes, we have technology, but Indians have money and have ideas. And the country is booming. At 5 minutes, the third economy in the world.
      1. Victoria-V
        Victoria-V 26 August 2019 10: 27
        How can she overtake Japan? To do this, she needs to increase GDP by 2 times. Unreal...
  2. silberwolf88
    silberwolf88 26 August 2019 08: 56
    from negotiations to realities in the Indian market ... how to get to Uruguay on foot ... let's see how things turn out ... well, just for your information ... we are selling those developments for which there are already new options "just for ourselves" ... since the mid-90s (when they traded everything just to survive ... including the Motherland), much has changed ...
  3. knn54
    knn54 26 August 2019 09: 03
    RosKosmos-teach and sell.
    At some stage, the Indians will simply abandon the partnership and will themselves offer services at bargain prices.
    1. donavi49
      donavi49 26 August 2019 09: 15
      Tourists carry? So I have bad news for the Indians.

      Homeless cosmonauts (the most saturated segment of the market in demand) will be hired immediately by 2 companies:
      Branson - who got a lot of dough (36 missiles bought) and this year he forces his LauncherOne air launch, the first commercial launches of tourists drove off next year.

      Bezos - which is not Musk, therefore pulls rubber, although his system has proven to be very reliable, all launches are successful.

      Those wishing to make a couple of orbits in orbit, eat, watch the views, fly to or to the ISS will be bombarded by Musk, Boeing and Roscosmos. And there, it’s not that the turn of tourists, that’s it.

      The Hindus here want to be like the Chinese. Of all the uninterrupted successes, they have so far only Mars - like IOM flies, and the Chinese can not fly to Mars. Therefore, the manned program is again a priority.
  4. kunstkammer
    kunstkammer 26 August 2019 10: 22
    Russia has proposed its semi-cryogenic engine technology as part of the Do in India program

    Eh, but what a trifle - to transfer the entire space industry and scientific personnel to India ... and everyone will be sick! Well, besides Russia, of course ...
    They have money for everything. And we are holding on ...
  5. Strashila
    Strashila 26 August 2019 10: 25
    So, we had 30 years ago on this topic we had joint projects buried for the sake of the Americans; whole industries were ruined because of this.
  6. pafegosoff
    pafegosoff 26 August 2019 20: 46
    India, she is a "reliable" partner ...