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Italian manual machine gun AS70 / 90 "Beretta"

The AR70 / 90 assault rifle was taken as the base for this machine gun. The AS70 / 90 light machine gun was designed to equip infantry units. The 70 / 90 family was developed in 1984 for the Italian army under the NATO cartridge 5,56x45. Family weapon includes four models: a shortened carbine, carbine, assault rifle, light machine gun. Serial production of the machine gun was started only in 1995 year, it was carried out his military tests, but the question of its adoption for service remains open.

Italian manual machine gun AS70 / 90 "Beretta"

The design of the machine gun as a whole repeats the design of the base rifle. But unlike other models, a heavier trunk cannot quickly change to field conditions. The work of automation is carried out due to the removal of powder gases while the gas outlet as much as possible brought forward. The gas regulator can be in one of three positions - normal, with a wide opening of the vapor outlet and with a fully closed (when firing a rifle grenade). Firing rifle grenades can be conducted from the flame arrester, although there are various starting muzzle devices. The locking system with a turn of the bolt with a pair of lugs borrowed from the Soviet AK machine gun and the American M1 carbine. Bolt lugs when locking into the grooves made in the receiver. The recoil momentum as a result of this is taken only by the trunk and the battle larva. This allowed the use of less durable and cheaper materials for the manufacture of other parts.

In the AS70 / 90 machine gun, a shot is made from the rear sear (in order to avoid self-ignition in the heated barrel of the cartridge with the open bolt).

On both sides of the trigger box is a flag translator-fuse. The checkbox can be in one of three positions, specifying the “fuse” (letter “S”), “continuous fire” (“2”) and “single fire” (“1”) modes.

To power the machine gun is a box magazine capacity 30 cartridges. The receiver for the store is made in accordance with the NATO standard STANAG 4179, which makes it possible to use the store from the American M16. Store latch also performed two-way.

Carrying handle located on the top of the receiver is fastened with a latch. The handle is equipped with a simple sighting device with a luminous mark, which allows you to quickly aim in low light conditions and close combat, but the device itself does not carry the sight. The handle can be replaced with an optical or night sight in accordance with the NATO standard STANAG 2324. There are slits in the arm posts so that the aiming line does not overlap. Sights - front sight, and a two-position diopter, having installations 300 / 800 meters. When shooting, the sight can be adjusted in the direction, and the front sight - in height.

The weapon has a plastic forearm, a metal perforated receiver plate, telescopic stamped bipods. The butt, despite the rather unusual configuration, gives a good emphasis on the shoulder, and also firmly held during firing from the bipod of the machine gunner’s left hand. For shooting gloves (winter), release the trigger guard.

The procedure for unloading the Italian AS70 / 90 “Beretta” machine gun:
1. Disconnect the store.
2. Turn the bolt handle back until the shutter is set on the sear.
3. Through the window of the receiver to inspect the chamber (check the absence of a cartridge in it).
4. Press the trigger while holding the bolt handle and smoothly return the bolt and bolt carrier to its frontmost position.

Technical characteristics of the Italian Beretta AS70 / 90 light machine gun:
Patron - NATO 5,56x45;
Machine gun weight - 5,43 kg (without bipod and magazine);
Machine gun length - 1000 mm;
Barrel length - 465 mm;
Grooves - 6 right;
The length of the stroke rifling - 178 mm;
The rate of fire - 800 shots per minute;
Magazine capacity - 30 cartridges.

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  1. sedoii
    sedoii 9 July 2012 11: 54
    Well, 30 rounds, for a machine gun, this is not serious. Shtur.vintovka on a bipod.
  2. Brother Sarych
    Brother Sarych 9 July 2012 13: 45
    And in the photo there is a very interesting store - more about him ...
    1. matex
      matex 9 July 2012 15: 06
      If my memory doesn’t fail me, this is a 100 round magazine magazine just right for a light machine gun.
    2. Castor oil
      Castor oil 9 July 2012 15: 17
      Quote: Brother Sarich
      very curious store

      In simple terms - "eggs". Such ones are still popular on the AR-15 / M-4. Strumming Nipadets. lol
      1. matex
        matex 9 July 2012 16: 18
        Even on western copies of the AK-47 are used, although in the United States such stores on civilian weapons are prohibited.
        1. Castor oil
          Castor oil 9 July 2012 18: 45
          Quote: matex
          although in the United States such stores on civilian arms are prohibited.

          Not quite so - they are forbidden on automatic weapons, since automatic weapons there are also prohibited for free circulation. And for civilian semi-automatic versions - as many as you like, even if you buy a wagon such stray. In Russia, there is a limit on the capacity of a civilian weapons store, in the USA there is no such restriction.
    3. Fidain
      Fidain 9 July 2012 22: 32
      Eto magazin na 100 patronov, 5,56 na 45. Ix stavyat i na M4 i na G36 i vsyo chto idyot pod etot kalibor
  3. cth; fyn
    cth; fyn 9 July 2012 18: 02
    light machine gun, and garbage is nothing special, reinforced the rifle and done.