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Pushkova is threatened by the Japanese because of his position on the Kuril Islands

The head of the Duma’s international affairs committee, Alexei Pushkov, said that he received threatening letters through social networks because of his public stance on the Russian identity of the South Kuriles.
Pushkova is threatened by the Japanese because of his position on the Kuril Islands

"On this occasion in Japan there is an incessant hysteria. After I stated that the South Kuril Islands are our territory, I received a message from Twitter from Japan that now my name is on a certain" death list, "he told reporters, as reported ITAR-TASS.

At the same time, Pushkov called the situation "a rather revealing manifestation of an unbalanced psyche."

"Recently, it seems that Tokyo decided to pursue a double line with respect to Russia. On the one hand, this is a line on building relations, expanding contacts. On the other hand, Japan considers it not just an insistence on negotiations with Russia over the fate of Southern I smoked, and each time in a rude manner, try to assert my own understanding of who the Southern Kurils belong to, "the head of the committee is outraged.

He expressed confidence that Russia will not succumb "to direct and rather gross pressure from Japan." Pushkov also warned the Japanese side against such a “unsuccessful double strategy”.

"If the Japanese side wants to achieve a qualitative breakthrough in relations with Moscow, then whenever it protests about some of the Russian leaders’s going to the islands, it actually undermines the positive things that it creates with Russia as a result of negotiations and the establishment of productive bilateral relationship, "he warned.

According to the Russian deputy, “if Japan wants to have interaction and negotiations on issues of concern to it, it should choose a line of conduct that will not cause outrage among Russian citizens and which will encourage the Russian side to negotiate on the full amount of issues with Japan instead of to achieve the exact opposite effect. "

Pushkov recalled that "the Japanese reaction to Dmitry Medvedev's trip to the South Kuriles caused outrage in Russian society and a large number of responses, within which Russian citizens very negatively assess the demarche of the Japanese side."

“It’s absurd to call the Russian ambassador to Tokyo and demand clarification from him about the Prime Minister’s visit to the territory that is internationally recognized as part of the Russian Federation. Almost all countries of the world recognize the territorial integrity of the Russian Federation, recognize it together with the South Kuril Islands.

The exception may be the United States, which on this issue quietly, but rather persistently supports the Japanese side. In itself, the expression of discontent on the part of Japan over Medvedev’s visit is absolutely unacceptable for Russia to be the Japanese side, "he concluded.

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  1. DAGESTAN333
    DAGESTAN333 6 July 2012 15: 53
    I don’t understand why we generally maintain a conversation about the islands and make retaliatory attacks ?! Here it is necessary to be bolder than they are, and point blank not to notice their squealing.

    1. Teploteh - nick
      Teploteh - nick 6 July 2012 16: 37
      And it seems to me that either PR or just a letter was sent by a Japanese teenager - for whom spermotoxicosis is overwhelming, or another provocation.
      In any case, nothing serious.
      The sad thing is that almost 90% of the Japanese are sure that the USSR suited Hiroshima / Nagasaki.
      Although - on the other hand - let them be afraid. It will be necessary - we will arrange only not Hiroshima - but an extraordinary Tsunami.
      Quote: An exception, perhaps, is the United States, which on this issue quietly, but quite persistently supports the Japanese side
      So they heat up these discontent! Do not go to the grandmother here. Japan - is under the specific heel of America. What they say is yapping.
      By the way - it was the Amers - at one time - who developed miniature underwater nuclear warheads for calling the Tsunami. I think - the USSR and Russia - in this matter - are not far behind. And they did things that could cause earthquakes and consequently tsunamis - anywhere in the world - and without nuclear weapons, by sending a powerful impulse to a given point of the lithosphere, say from a sea vessel on which the necessary equipment is installed - this is at sea, or from KAMAZ - on land .
      A similar unit was tested by Russia in the mid-2000s - on the basis of KAMAZ - equipment capable of causing earthquakes of any magnitude - within a radius of 500 km.
      1. Korvin
        Korvin 6 July 2012 21: 49
        One hundred percent is PR. I strongly doubt that in Japan they generally know about Pushkov’s existence, and I myself saw him a couple of times from a zomboyaschik, otherwise I wouldn’t know about his existence))) Or a teenager with some sort of Russian minor ...... b -animeshchik-yaponofil))) Maybe not on the Death List but on ,, Death Note ,, brought it ???))))))) I was shown by this sister a funny cartoon)))))))
    2. beech
      beech 6 July 2012 19: 45
      they are there on their islands completely fucked up !!!! so even a teddy bear doesn’t behave recklessly !!!! I think it’s necessary to carry out exercises with nuclear submarines near Japan, to emerge, say, a couple of kilometers from one of the Japanese islands !!!
      1. Teploteh - nick
        Teploteh - nick 6 July 2012 19: 58
        Quote: beech
        say, a couple of kilometers from one of the Japanese islands !!!

        And why a couple of kilometers? If the Mace flies 8.500km!
        Simple enough - they’ll have another 1 Fukushima!
        You know noticed: 08.08.08. - The war with Georgia lasted just 5 days. A week later - they had an earthquake of 7 points. Entire cities in ruins.
        Japan began to swing the rights to the Kuril Islands - what is it - 11? year - Earthquake and Fukushima.
        Match? Maybe! 1 time - an accident. 2 times - a coincidence. 3 times statistics. yes
        Do you remember how Amer accused Russia of using climate weapons when Hurricane Katrina demolished a whole state for them? It was a deal. And they, along the way in response, made us the Heat of 2010.
        Everything is much more serious than we think. In fact. Any of us - even Amer, even Russia - can destroy a part of the planet for one or two. And these funds are becoming more and more. The farther into the forest, the more firewood.
        How this confrontation will end is still unknown.
        BUT - that 1/6 of the land will survive - it is a FACT. And the fact is that - if only the Yellowstone volcano in America is blown up - in 14 days - 80% of the American population will die - this is also a fact. And enough - just 1 warhead. + Tsunami = 100% Death of America.
  2. Manager
    Manager 6 July 2012 15: 59
    Can they squeeze out another 1 island? What would dot all? That would know who the boss in the region ....
    Of course I'm joking, but I need to put Yapov in my place. Bullied already. The whole nation with a female logic damn. And women recognize the strength of character and body in men!
    1. beech
      beech 6 July 2012 19: 46
      hahaha: Can they squeeze out another 1 island?
      Manager- thanks, showed the correct solution to the problem)))
  3. bremest
    bremest 6 July 2012 16: 00
    A strong journalist and politician, I always watch his analytical program.
    And why on this occasion not begin to demand from Japan an investigation of the facts expressed against Pushkov's threats?
    1. cth; fyn
      cth; fyn 6 July 2012 16: 23
      I completely agree, let the brain break: who? Where? when?
  4. Alexey Prikazchikov
    Alexey Prikazchikov 6 July 2012 16: 02
    When the quiet start of those who shrieks toward the Russian Federation then another city will think about it three times before smashing his filthy mouth.
    1. cth; fyn
      cth; fyn 6 July 2012 16: 19
      Tuvintsev to them to drop there am for subversive activities laughing laughing laughing
      1. Manager
        Manager 6 July 2012 17: 01
        Quote: cth; fyn
        Tuvintsev will drop there

        Dagestanis to them with the Chechens to drop there))) These will quickly restore their order there))
        1. alex21411
          alex21411 6 July 2012 18: 29
          Yeah, the Yakuza in sixes will drive)))
          1. Alexey Prikazchikov
            Alexey Prikazchikov 6 July 2012 19: 03
            So he introduced the Dagestani boys lezginka dancing in Tokyo laughing
        2. beech
          beech 6 July 2012 19: 47
          Bosko will immediately cut off these goats !!!
  5. Норд
    Норд 6 July 2012 16: 06
    Quote: "... the surname is included in a certain 'death list' ...

    In general, I am a good attitude to fans of origami and sushi, but this is a bust ...
    And where did eastern restraint go? But by the way - to sakura. Their ears are from a dead gopher, not the Kuril Islands !!!
  6. B_KypTke
    B_KypTke 6 July 2012 16: 14
    You can’t give the Kuril Islands in any way ... not only is there a 200 mile zone around each island, we’ll also ask permission from the japs ​​to go to our Sea of ​​Okhotsk.
    1. luiswoo
      luiswoo 6 July 2012 18: 33
      The media chronically forget about it - only "small, stony and useless" and say.
      The only thing you can talk about with them is the supply of soil at a reasonable price, if the zemlya itch impatient for them - in the lining of their islands they have grown a little. For any other conversations - throw the ambassador in the ass immediately and silently. It’s better, of course, how the Britons did - as the smell of a non-peaceful atom - Argentina shrunk at once about the Falkland Islands.
  7. Bnik
    Bnik 6 July 2012 16: 14
    Japan is generally a strange people. I would not be surprised if the message about the "death list" was sent to Mr. Pushkov by the Japanese Emperor :) You need to hit them once so that you understand how to run into Russia No. angry
    1. cth; fyn
      cth; fyn 6 July 2012 16: 20
      They have the coolest fleet in the world, you have to scare them with missiles!
      1. beech
        beech 6 July 2012 19: 48
        do not tell me, right now everywhere amers rule, for now))) we will soon be with the Chinese)
    2. B_KypTke
      B_KypTke 6 July 2012 16: 22
      Run into japas to beat children ... they’re already fucked up ... let the Chinese train for them, especially since they have old scores with japs.
  8. timurpl
    timurpl 6 July 2012 16: 16
    "Call the Russian ambassador to Tokyo and demand explanations from him ... AFFIGET !!! Let's allow ???
    -I will remember when the Soviet Socialist Republic for a lesser called a foreign word and made him Hajime !!!
    1. cth; fyn
      cth; fyn 6 July 2012 16: 21
      To tell them that they are loshars, the whole world in the person of Britain, the USA and the USSR has recognized our rights to K, and these still scream something.
    2. beech
      beech 6 July 2012 19: 49
      let them first calculate how much space they occupy on the islands Amer bases !!!
  9. Oleg U
    Oleg U 6 July 2012 16: 22
    Japan, under the NATO wing, feared too much and became frayed. Seeing that Russia is inferior to NATO in the foreign policy, it decided to push through its interests as well. If our politicians continue to think only about their foreign accounts, then Russia at such a pace, having essentially lost its sovereignty, will also lose most of its territories.
  10. ariy_t
    ariy_t 6 July 2012 16: 30
    Yes, all this bullshit .... Just a tantrum of the weak .... Also compare with Magnitsky’s list .... It’s the same as urinating next to an elephant .... lol
  11. suharev-52
    suharev-52 6 July 2012 17: 03
    There is no need to be conducted on their provocation. Only a firm, balanced position should be in this situation. And then some sort of reeling in this matter. Either 2 islands promised to improve relations, or something else. Sincerely.
    1. beech
      beech 6 July 2012 19: 50
      if you are silent, then Russia will soon wipe their feet !!! We must answer in a similar manner: whoever yells again about the transfer of the islands, he immediately forced castration))
    2. Captain Vrungel
      Captain Vrungel 6 July 2012 20: 04
      The four islands of the Lesser Kuril Ridge with the fishing Kuril capital on Shikotan are and should be Russian. They got blood for the aggressive policy of Japan until 1945. Having given the islands, Russia will lose the extraction of valuable fish species, the same saury, which is mined only in the South Kuril industrial region, because this area will fall into the economic zone of Japan. Japan must be sharply and categorically stated. The South Kuril Islands were, are and will be Russian, and not to dismiss the nurses in front of them, like our Yushchenko in Romania and left without a shelf in the region of about. Serpentine.
  12. Pessimist
    Pessimist 6 July 2012 17: 18
    Southern Kuril Islands have non-freezing straits, that’s all salt !!! Amers need them, Japanese poachers are also very needed! All the other Kuril Islands in winter in ice, that is, in winter, the Sea of ​​Okhotsk will become a locked reservoir, in the case of some kind of Amer or Japanese show off, the straits will be closed and that’s it! Therefore, in no case can not give away a single island, this is a matter of defense and economic security of the entire region!
  13. Tiberium
    Tiberium 6 July 2012 17: 45
    Maybe this yakuza show off? Death list, it’s something like their style. Just what do they care about our Kuril Islands? But most likely just some kind of inadequate nationalist.
    1. B_KypTke
      B_KypTke 6 July 2012 18: 24
      Yes, a very recent version, especially the largest Yamoguchi-guti clan, or whatever the point is, very patriotic scumbags are important. It is noteworthy that after Fukushima they stopped looting in very cruel ways and provided a lot of material assistance to ordinary Japanese people. They very much advocate a return to imperial militarism, Americans are not considered people for people, in general it is very similar to their style.
  14. biglow
    biglow 6 July 2012 19: 56
    need to give poplars to the Japanese, although they probably have one
  15. survivor
    survivor 6 July 2012 20: 22
    guys finish with a hat. a slut story too. there was already a similar mood in Russia against the background of an unprepared army and corrupt generals. what ended need to be reminded? no, the war with Japan is a chain of microwaves. in order to bleed our army and navy in front of a real enemy. moreover, this opponent simply adores "dragging chestnuts out of the fire with someone else's hands." It is easier or not to pay attention further. or not to pay attention to a certain point, and then, "who is ... painted? first or second tovs!" and immediately to destruction, the whole world will start yelling? Well, to direct the missiles to no one thread ischo from small and independent. to warn and if they do not subside, to extinguish. I think there is simply no third enemy .... even large states will think three times before vyaknut something. and a trifle will generally humbly shut up. we are considered an empire of evil? well, it's time to show that they are not deceived.
    1. Dock
      Dock 6 July 2012 21: 26
      So we have not yet signed a peace treaty with the Japanese.
      So the placement on the poplar islands fits perfectly
      Into the situation
  16. forward46
    forward46 6 July 2012 21: 46
    Whoever comes to us with a sword will die from it.
  17. const72
    const72 6 July 2012 21: 59
    Quote: DAGESTANETS333
    Here it is necessary to be bolder than they are, and point blank not to notice their squealing.

    I agree, + addition: either not to respond to their attacks, or harshly humiliate, for example, just to remind, there is no openly and publicly to say that once they showed the Amers to Kuzkin's mother and now they have them, still (bases), and at the same time to remind about Hiroshima from Nagasaki that it is possible to repeat it, and let their diplomats do hara-kiri for their failure. Extremely rude, openly in the spirit of "wet in the toilet".
  18. Odinplys
    Odinplys 6 July 2012 23: 12
    Do not give the Kuril Islands ...
    Return Alaska ... by the way, the majority of the population of Alaska is Russian-speaking ... and even our bears there ... look ...
  19. sprut
    sprut 6 July 2012 23: 27
    Northern Hokkaido is a native Russian territory.
  20. Uncle
    Uncle 6 July 2012 23: 44
    It is necessary to launch Tu95 more often along the borders of Japan, this makes them sober.
  21. win
    win 7 July 2012 00: 00
    These Japanese, probably, not enough one earthquake, they want one more to lose their entire island. Send them to hell. Russia paid with blood for these islands.
  22. x45ssdffsf
    x45ssdffsf 7 July 2012 00: 56
    Well, from what have already reached, imagine there is a site
    In which you can find any person only by last name, or first name,
    Collected information from the social. networks, police, etc.
    Our specials are even involved here. service, I don’t know, the truth is - but all the information about me, my husband and my children was here.
    Even photos that I never threw on the Internet, I’m at a loss.
    It’s good that I deleted it on time, which I advise you
  23. Odinplys
    Odinplys 7 July 2012 03: 23
    You don’t even need to translate ...)
  24. Ruslan67
    Ruslan67 7 July 2012 15: 24
    already wrote about this and was immediately minus, but still I repeat: this yellow-faced scum is ill-bred, she understands only the language of nuclear bombing, it’s necessary to beat not only the straw huts covered with Hiroshima as amers, but not all the kids and fat people in Tokyo and anything like Kuzkin’s mothers
  25. Nechai
    Nechai 7 July 2012 15: 54
    Quote: Teploteh - nick
    And it seems to me either PR, or just a letter sent by a Japanese teenager

    Yes, that's not a fig. This is a state program for the constant fashion of the enemy of the Japanese nation in the form of northern gaijins (barbarians). And he - Pushkov is not alone in receiving such letters of "happiness".
    Quote: KORVIN
    One hundred percent is PR.

    How does he express a nationally oriented position, so is he preoccupied with a Priar? Are you confusing anything?
    Quote: Manager
    Can they squeeze out another 1 island? What would dot all? That would know who the boss in the region ...

    Quote: sprut
    Northern Hokkaido is a native Russian territory.

    You give protection to the original rights of the Ainu, the implementation of the decisions of the Yalta and Potsdam Allied conferences !!! - military bases of the Russian Federation on the territory of Hokaido, similar to Okinawa.
    Quote: luiswoo
    The only thing you can talk about with them is the supply of soil at a reasonable price.

    Here you are blowing them, and not zemlyatse (to export, for a start, you propose to sell Russian land ?!) - the inter-island straits, and the western coast of the Japanese islands are relatively shallow - dredgers will allow you to mine as much as you like! In fact, the problems of yellow-faced, Cossacks are not fuck ... t! Well, you understand, in general ....
  26. fhctybq2920677
    fhctybq2920677 7 July 2012 17: 51
    I communicated with Pushkov within the walls of the PSU, said everything that is so clear. And regarding the Kuriles, the position is clear to everyone, "our land." Yes, Japan is disheveled, or rather its government and the mindless people living on its land. But all the same, there is no need to arrange any provocations, it is necessary to show through diplomacy and appropriate agreements who is the boss on this land. In 2004, this already happened. There is a document in the Kremlin, where it is written about the ownership of the Kurils after the Second World War, in addition, there are points in which it is written in which cases the USSR (and now Russia) can talk about the Kurils with the Japanese side. The document was signed by the USSR and Japan. (Unfortunately, I don't remember what it's called)