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Greenland: President Trump's Green Dream


A step away from freedom

The largest island on Earth, which until recently had vegetated somewhere far in the north, suddenly turned out to be very necessary. Yes, not to anyone, but to the United States. They suddenly saw a great geopolitical significance in Greenland. Although, in fact, everything can be much more prosaic. On the shelf of the island discovered large reserves of oil.

The Danes are in shock. While they selflessly struggle with “aggression” from the east in the form of “Nord Stream-2”, not letting Russian gas into Europe, problems came from the west. A faithful ally took and made a “surprise”: the United States announced its desire to buy the largest island on Earth - Greenland. The autonomous territory of Denmark, as it turned out, can radically change the course of navigation.

Moreover, the proposal was made in some kind of humiliating form - the information leaked to the media. Either in the form of a joke, Donald Trump asked his assistants whether the States could expand their possessions, or the president aloud announced his cherished dream. And for the second time.

The first time happened last spring. Trump gave a dinner party, and during the feast he dropped out - why not buy Greenland? According to The Wall Street Journal, then this proposal did not surprise anyone, they thought that the president was joking. A whim, a passing hobby. But on the other hand, what a joke - after all, lawyers on the orders of Trump took up the legal examination of the issue.

Experts have a field for work. In the past, the United States was one step away from acquiring a green island. In April 1940, after the occupation of Denmark by fascist Germany, the States announced the extension of the Monroe Doctrine to Greenland. A year later, the Danish envoy in Washington signed an island defense agreement with the US government. That's when the United States came to the "green" land, taking up the construction of military bases.

After the end of World War II, President Harry Truman offered 100 millions of dollars for Greenland to Copenhagen. But then Denmark somehow managed to get around the hot issue. Four years later - in the 1949 year - it joins NATO, and in the 1951 year both countries signed a new agreement, according to which Denmark and the United States carry out joint defense of the island. As a result, Washington settled even more firmly in the north - already at the beginning of the 70-ies in Greenland there were two military bases and other military installations.

The Danes, however, after Trump's “joke” quickly came to their senses, saying that Greenland was not for sale, and the idea of ​​such a deal with the United States was completely absurd. This statement was made by Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, who promptly visited the island on Sunday, August Xnumx. She clarified that "Greenland is not Danish territory, Greenland belongs to Greenland."

Behind these words is a lot. Indeed, Denmark and the largest island on Earth are connected not by the simplest relations. The "green land" went to Copenhagen to some extent by chance. Greenland is a longtime Norwegian development. The first Vikings appeared here in the X century. Eric Red in the 982 year made the first survey of the island, and soon Norman colonies were founded in the south of the island. From 1262 to the beginning of the 18th century, Greenland formally belonged to Norway. After the dissolution of the Danish-Norwegian Union in 1814, Copenhagen made Greenland remain in Denmark. And until 1953, the island was its colony, and then became part of the country.

Since then, the opposite process has begun - the Greenlanders, among whom 90% are Eskimos, tried in every possible way to increase the distance from the mother country. Already in 1979, the Danish parliament granted Greenland wide autonomy. In 2008, a referendum was held in Greenland on the expansion of autonomy.

Its result was predictable - in 2009, Denmark passed a law that seriously expanded the rights of Aboriginal people. The official language on the island became Greenlandic along with Danish. Local authorities took responsibility for the police and the judiciary, control over all the natural resources that Greenland is rich in: gold, diamonds, oil and gas.

In the end, Denmark ended up with just “nothing” - defense issues, foreign and financial policies. True, there is one “trifle”: the island’s budget is half subsidized. Copenhagen annually sends Nuuk about 740 million dollars in translation at the exchange rate.

Battle for the Arctic

Danish experts do not hide the fact that the Trump proposal will exacerbate the separatist discussions in Greenland. As expert Rasmus Kiergaard Rasmussen of the University of Roskilde says, "Either they sell a lot of fish, find oil, uranium or other minerals and tax them. Or they find a new Denmark, a new sponsor to cover 740 million dollars."

The Greenlanders, of whom there are only 56 thousand people, have a real choice. In recent years, China has been paying close attention to the island. He announced his intention to build three airports on the island. And even more - this year Beijing published its first official Arctic document, in which it publicly outlined the transfer of its interests in Greenland from research to the economy.

Greenland: President Trump's Green Dream

The United States had to put pressure on Copenhagen, so that it was he who was engaged in the construction of airports in Greenland, so as not to let the PRC into the northern "estate". In response, the islanders called the intervention of Denmark a manifestation of neocolonialism. It can be assumed that the Greenlanders will try to play the "triple" game, choosing alternately Denmark, the USA or China as their partner partners. Ahead is looming a big goal - the world's first independent Eskimo state.

Only this project is unlikely to take place. States, of course, can play along with the Greenlanders on separatist feelings - this they can do, but only for their own purposes. At stake is a big geopolitical jackpot - the battle for the Arctic is gaining momentum.

Washington’s first urgent task is to prevent China from settling in the northern latitudes. The second is to try to “lock up” Russia in the Arctic: Alaska stands on one flank, Greenland stands on the other. And then put pressure on the Russian Federation, trying to crush the situation in the region for themselves. Dividends - the sea: studies show huge hydrocarbon reserves in the Arctic latitudes, and the Northern Sea Route promises to become the new Suez Canal.

But what about Denmark - after all, an ally, and even with experience? And here, by and large, there are no problems for the States. What remains of Copenhagen's assets - defense and financial policy? So the defense issue has already been improved so much that it is not clear who is defending Greenland.

In the 2004 year, Denmark and the USA signed an agreement developing an agreement from the 1951 year. First of all, we are talking about the modernization of the American base of Thule in the framework of the missile defense system created by Washington. Changing a monetary unit is also not a problem. In any case, the American dollar will look more attractive than the Danish krone.

Of course, you can offer a specific amount for the island. Analysts have even calculated - 11 trillion dollars. Although if you build on Harry Truman's 100 millions, then, given inflation, the United States could offer only 1,5 billion dollars. But experts say this does not match market value.

Serious intentions

Joking as a joke, and from the USA, confirmation of the seriousness of intentions regarding Greenland continues to come. At first, Trump's adviser Lawrence Cadlow confirmed that the president is really interested in the possibility of acquiring the island. He noted that Trump "understands something in the acquisition of real estate," adding "Greenland is strategically important and there are many valuable mineral resources."

Then, the American leader personally said that the country plans to discuss this issue, although so far it is not included in the core pool. But at the end of last week, the president, as Western media write, repeatedly asked his advisers whether the United States could buy Greenland and demanded analytical reports on the island’s natural resources.

It's hard to say how President Trump will be accepted in Copenhagen.

In addition, Donald Trump is scheduled to visit Copenhagen in early September. On the agenda are meetings with Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen and Greenland Cabinet Minister Kim Kilsen. They will discuss the problems of the Arctic. There is no doubt that leaders and purely economic issues will be affected.

After all, as it turned out, impressive oil reserves were discovered on the island shelf. In 2018, the US National Geological Survey conducted an analysis of the bowels of Greenland - and approximately 50 billion barrels of black gold were found on the shelf. For comparison, Libya has 52 billion.

And it may so happen that the question of buying an island by itself will go by the wayside. And on the first - the priority development of the bowels of the bowels by American oil companies. That is, before that, everything was a classic hype from the US president? Hype! Business laws apply everywhere Greenland is worse

Will Denmark do anything to spite the United States for such behavior, for example, give permission to lay the Nord Stream-2? Most likely no. As they say, why tease a tiger who is still thinking about a jump. So let's wait for the beginning of September, meetings in Copenhagen will clarify the future of the largest island on Earth.

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  1. Trevis
    Trevis 21 August 2019 15: 12
    Is it interesting to bend in Denmark or not? All the same, I think not.
    1. Vasily Ponomarev
      Vasily Ponomarev 21 August 2019 15: 18
      let them not buy it, calm down
      1. Dym71
        Dym71 21 August 2019 15: 48
        Quote: Vasily Ponomarev
        let them not buy it, calm down

        That's right, they will lease it, years on 50 - 100 for a start .... winked
        1. Vasily Ponomarev
          Vasily Ponomarev 21 August 2019 15: 49
          oh well, to Americans it is clearly more important than Denmark, for which it is as a reserve
          1. Tatyana
            Tatyana 21 August 2019 16: 28
            Greenland's minerals are unlikely to beckon trump any more than First of all, the US’s urgent military and strategic location in the Arctic against Russia.

            Russian Northern Sea Route Control Zone: Why Trump Greenland - Russia 24
        2. The comment was deleted.
      2. NEOZ
        NEOZ 21 August 2019 16: 16
        Quote: Vasily Ponomarev
        let them not buy it, calm down

        will hold a referendum?
    2. DimanC
      DimanC 21 August 2019 16: 04
      Interestingly, the state of Denmark will anyone ask? stop
      1. Grits
        Grits 22 August 2019 10: 00
        Quote: DimanC
        Interestingly, the state of Denmark will anyone ask?

        Will anyone find it on the map? From Denmark has just remained on hearing - "Hamlet - Prince of Denmark"
    3. Mixanchik
      Mixanchik 21 August 2019 18: 27
      Quote: Trevis
      Is it interesting to bend in Denmark or not? All the same, I think not.

      They refused like the Danes .. Trump was offended.!
      Then I think Russia has connected all its levers, because this will be a very dangerous neighborhood!
      Greenland is a unique island and its militarization, it is sacrilege and a threat to the whole world.
      1. The comment was deleted.
  2. Igor Borisov_2
    Igor Borisov_2 21 August 2019 15: 20
    Quote: Trevis
    Is it interesting to bend in Denmark or not? All the same, I think not.

    I agree. From Denmark, that would be great stupidity ....
    1. Vasily Ponomarev
      Vasily Ponomarev 21 August 2019 15: 45
      why stupidity, you can explain, if of course you want recourse
      1. Honest Citizen
        Honest Citizen 21 August 2019 16: 01
        Do you need a true answer? Or so what would have been a chat about?
        Well then, the counter-question is why Alaska was needed for the USA?
        1. Vasily Ponomarev
          Vasily Ponomarev 21 August 2019 16: 07
          probably from her capture by Britain
          1. Honest Citizen
            Honest Citizen 21 August 2019 16: 14
            But think more global in any way?
            1. Vasily Ponomarev
              Vasily Ponomarev 21 August 2019 16: 17
              Well, take it away, don’t languish, since you consider the historical background not global
              1. Honest Citizen
                Honest Citizen 21 August 2019 16: 21
                The first is to remove Russia from the hemisphere. And Greenland for the United States, in addition to the next "rights" to the Arctic, is needed only in order to "officially" be present in both hemispheres.
                Resources in this case are secondary.
                1. Vasily Ponomarev
                  Vasily Ponomarev 21 August 2019 16: 22
                  in which both hemispheres?
                  1. Honest Citizen
                    Honest Citizen 21 August 2019 16: 25
                    Did you take a geography school course? It is believed that planet Earth is divided into Western and Eastern hemispheres.
                    1. Vasily Ponomarev
                      Vasily Ponomarev 21 August 2019 16: 27
                      no, I understand don’t hold me for a fool, but why would they buy territory if their bases are everywhere, if of course you taught a school course
                      1. Honest Citizen
                        Honest Citizen 21 August 2019 16: 31
                        Then, to be present on both hemispheres. Not bases, but territory.
                      2. Vasily Ponomarev
                        Vasily Ponomarev 21 August 2019 16: 34
                        except for bases, they would have nothing there, it’s very cold and few would like to live there, even in Alaska, where very few live much warmer
                      3. yehat
                        yehat 22 August 2019 11: 05
                        Alaska residents have big complaints about federal plans for the development of this territory, not counting the big environmental problems and the mass of other scandals. I do not think that it will be better in Greenland and the inhabitants of this island understand everything perfectly.
          2. Sergej1972
            Sergej1972 21 August 2019 18: 48
            What is the capture of Britain? Britain granted Canada autonomy in 1867.
            1. Vasily Ponomarev
              Vasily Ponomarev 21 August 2019 18: 51
              so I'm not talking about Canada, Alaska did not belong to her, and Britain wanted to seize Alaska from RI
              1. Sergej1972
                Sergej1972 21 August 2019 19: 43
                I’m talking about the point in Britain was to capture Alaska, if it gave wide autonomy to neighboring huge Canada, and that for several decades became an independent state.
                1. Vasily Ponomarev
                  Vasily Ponomarev 21 August 2019 19: 44
                  well, there it’s not so simple as it did then they fought with us
  3. Amateur
    Amateur 21 August 2019 15: 26
    If the government decides to sell this diamond, it will not only completely remove the problem of our external debt, but also allow the whole country, all its inhabitants, to live in the Canary Islands for three years. (Shirley-myrli)

    Probably D. Trump finally watched this film and made a similar proposal to the Danes: sell Greenland and live in the Canary Islands. drinks
  4. hohol95
    hohol95 21 August 2019 15: 34
    Grigory GREBNEV
    (Flying station)
    The League of Crosses then bought Greenland from Denmark. Here Shayno created an airfield, garages and barracks for his army, which until then had a wandering lifestyle, hiding under the wing of various capitalist states. Greenland was also needed by the crosses for another reason: the intelligence of archbishopric Lilian informed the headquarters of the crosses that the most vulnerable border of the Soviet Union is ... the Arctic. The huge coastline stretching for many thousands of kilometers in the north of the Union really seemed weaker than other borders.
    The last cars of the crosses fell already over their airfields ... That was the end.

    Tram probably reads early Soviet science fiction!
  5. Seld
    Seld 21 August 2019 15: 59
    Not far ....
    Rzhunimagu: "Analysts have even calculated - $ 11 trillion. Although if we start from Harry Truman's 100 million, then taking into account inflation, the United States could offer only $ 1,5 billion." - yea Yea!!!!! How! Achired analytics crawled out ... Aha! How is it so ONE thought?!?!?!?!
    What if Harry offered "a pack of cigars and Alyonka's chocolates"?
    How much, how much did they get a hundredth beyond MKAD? Give them in the face! yes Zarathustra does not allow !!!! ...
    Let me repeat myself once again: the only priceless and hardest "equivalent-world currency" with (almost) final value on the planet can only be land, land and water.
    Everything else is a derivative.
    What Amer once again confirmed. Well done! Cho say ...
    Akazazats, found the resources ... Not surprised.
    How did you calculate the cost of these resources? Say for such a "ridiculous period like 100 years"? and in what (mother ... mother ... mother ...) day. Why are there some bucks-shmaks again? What the hell is this PAPER?!?!?! Who is the surety, what tomorrow, i.e. literally, in the next quarter, this paper will not be reduced to the rank of "toilet third grade"?
    Where is this clever guy who dragged "inflation" into his face-to-face, senile calculations.
    Allle! Garage!!!!! In a blizzard, with smart words like "inflation-stagnation-perturbation-industrialization-defloration-defloration" play on your exchanges! There, make a fool of Moscow simpletons in Achochkas!
    Earth - the essence of land in the form of an island - is a very different economy; honest, by the way.
    I would venture to suggest: it is understood that the volosts both traded and will trade. But in the current reality, if you really do trade, then you need to do it, of course, not for pieces of paper. And not even for gold - silver, gas-oil ... These products are exhaustible / "drinkable". And the land is eternal! Ideally - bash for bash. Earth versus Earth.
    And the best thing is to step aside and keep away from fools and cunning scumbags at a fair distance.
    1. Vasily Ponomarev
      Vasily Ponomarev 21 August 2019 16: 11
      you are easier, we understand you wink
      1. Seld
        Seld 21 August 2019 16: 59
        Not far ....
        Well, the Danes are a Nordic narot, with an in-depth sense of humor .... Very deep.
        Meanwhile, on such a demarche, it was possible and Nuno could make a counter advantageous offer: "Dear Trump, we are buying from you Florida and California. We will agree at the price. You can immediately with the souls. Wrap up in a piece of paper ...."
        Just in case, send a commercial offer by registered mail with delivery notification ...
        1. yehat
          yehat 22 August 2019 11: 07
          Incidentally, RI officially did not sell California to the states - the transaction was not completed.
          And the heirs of RI and Mexico have more rights to manage this territory than Washington.
          1. Sergej1972
            Sergej1972 24 August 2019 01: 09
            There were only a few strongholds of the Russian-American company in California, which themselves were on bird’s rights. To say that we owned California is babble.
  6. Zlat070
    Zlat070 21 August 2019 16: 02
    Looks like Trump is getting ready for the Yellowstone fireworks!
    1. Vasily Ponomarev
      Vasily Ponomarev 21 August 2019 16: 10
      Are we getting ready for our fireworks, or don’t you know that we also have volcanoes?
      1. hohol95
        hohol95 21 August 2019 17: 19
        Are we getting ready for our fireworks, or don’t you know that we also have volcanoes?

        At the MIDDLE RUSSIAN HILL, ready for eruptions in Kamchatka!
        1. Vasily Ponomarev
          Vasily Ponomarev 21 August 2019 17: 20
          Kamchatka too wink laughing
  7. parusnik
    parusnik 21 August 2019 16: 16
    The autonomous territory of Denmark, as it turned out, can radically change the course of navigation.
    ... Today it’s autonomous, tomorrow it’s independent .. moreover, American military bases on this territory .. And the next day the next US state ... And the world will swallow it ... sanctions, there will be no protests ... Technologies are worked out ..
  8. samarin1969
    samarin1969 21 August 2019 16: 38
    "If the cowboy orders, who will refuse him ..." laughing
  9. bandabas
    bandabas 21 August 2019 17: 11
    Clowning is eternal !!! Trump and Zhirinovsky-forever !!!
  10. prior
    prior 21 August 2019 17: 33
    Get fit Denmark.
    To be or not to be a new Iran to you, that is the question.
  11. Xscorpion
    Xscorpion 21 August 2019 18: 55
    . Of course, you can offer a specific amount for the island. Analysts have even calculated - 11 trillion dollars. Although if you build on Harry Truman's 100 millions, then, given inflation, the United States could offer only 1,5 billion dollars. But experts say this does not match market value.

    11 trillions is more real, since it seems that the type of loan on 600 loans was already announced a year, obviously it will not be for 2 of the year. Rather, there will be an option for renting years for 100-200. In addition, the Danes have already stated that this is all It will depend on the inhabitants of Greenland. Yes, they are still outraged. But if they are given thousands of each for 100 bucks, I think they will quickly forget about pride, this money is very good by Western standards. And 100 thousand dollars for 60 thousand people is just 6 billion dollars. With the transaction amount in 11 trillion, these are inconspicuous pennies that Trump even from his car Ana will be able to lay out if necessary, as this will completely leave him for a second term, since he will be another president who expanded the country without military action. So if this deal really made sense to be, and not just Trump’s joke, then the question it will be decided sooner or later. The fact that Denmark once refused to sell it for 100 lyam does not mean that it will refuse for billions or even trillions. It’s like in a joke about a wife who refused to give her neighbor for a real thousand re, but agreed for a million re in words.
    1. The comment was deleted.
  12. Kenxnumx
    Kenxnumx 21 August 2019 22: 10
    It is necessary to hold a referendum
  13. Alexey LK
    Alexey LK 22 August 2019 05: 58
    Trump hints at compensation for NATO dissolution? Or just take it on a fright? I don’t think that he is ready to pay big real money. From a military point of view, nothing will change - now NATO uses Greenland as it wants. By the way, from there you can shoot medium-range missiles. Of the resources, besides oil and gas, it is also gas hydrates at the bottom off the coast, and fresh water in the form of ice - there are many both! The main thing here is not to miss - suddenly about. Bornholm will be for sale, or, there, the Faroe Islands ...
    1. ZAV69
      ZAV69 22 August 2019 10: 29
      Not so long ago, Opel and Rover were sold. We tried to buy ...... So it will be, to anyone but not to Ivan ....
  14. bogart047
    bogart047 22 August 2019 12: 27
    Well, I already see that soon there will be infringement of gays, blacks, transgender people. Democracy will be in jeopardy
  15. Valeriy A. Proskournin
    Valeriy A. Proskournin 22 August 2019 18: 32
    I didn’t understand: why was the northern border of the Russian Federation somehow strange drawn on the first map? ..
  16. Eirik Krause
    Eirik Krause 23 August 2019 17: 50
    There is not only full of fossils there is also the Northwest Passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean!
  17. Denis K
    Denis K 24 August 2019 12: 42
    The main reason besides resources, control of SVP ... distance to Moscow for cruise missiles.