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And one in the field warrior

It often happened that a Russian soldier showed his heroism and bravery on the battlefield, even if he remained cut off from his fellow soldiers and comrades. These stories originated in the times of Kievan Rus, when the warriors fought in 300 people against 1000 invaders. Or similar stories happened during the Second World War, when they defended the Brest Fortress or detachments defending Moscow and literally with their bodies stopped the breakthrough of the German troops to the capital of our homeland.

But such bursts of valor occur in our time, especially on the eve of the height of local conflicts, such as the Ossetian, Dagestan or the first and second Chechen war. The reasons for these actions are sometimes difficult to understand, as they most often lead to the death of soldiers. There are frequent cases in modern history when border police officers provoked terrorists to blow up cars with bombs near themselves, so that civilians would not fall victim to these attacks. After the end of the Chechen conflicts, extremely interesting data about unknown heroes began to emerge, at the cost of their lives, which did not spread the threat to the lives of their residents and colleagues. Cases and the defense of buildings or objects by fighters against three times the forces of enemies are frequent. A similar incident occurred in Chechnya, and I would like to consider it in more detail:
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