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Russia is expanding the geography of arms supplies

Deliveries abroad of Russian military equipment and weapons steadily growing, and the geography of countries-consumers of Russian weapons is growing. The corresponding statement was made by Rosoboronexport CEO Anatoly Isaikin, speaking at the international forum "Technologies in mechanical engineering-2012", held in the Moscow region. Russia exports weapons to 57 countries of the world. At the same time, the list of buyers of Russian military-technical products was replenished with Germany, the Czech Republic, Mali, Singapore, Uruguay, Guatemala, Laos, Equatorial Guinea. At the same time, according to the head of Rosoboronexport, contracts were signed with some countries for the first time in the last 10-15 years. Rosoboronexport supplies in 2011 brought about 13 billion dollars, which is 3 billion dollars more than a year earlier. Russia experiences certain difficulties in the supply of military equipment and weapons only in the markets of the Middle East and North Africa, which is largely due to the unstable political situation in the regions.

Currently, Rosoboronexport is the only Russian exporter of military-technical products. The portfolio of all the company's contracts for the coming years is estimated at 40 billion dollars. According to the military expert Igor Korotchenko, who is the director of the Center for Analysis of the World Trade in Arms and the Chairman of the Public Council under the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the potential of Russian weapons is great. In addition to the potential of the weapon itself, the potential of the authorities responsible for its export is important. There is no reason to doubt that the federal service for military-technical cooperation and Rosoboronexport are teams of real professionals who are doing enough to promote Russian weapons in various regions of the world.

Today, Russia occupies a stable second place in the world in terms of arms sales. Obviously, in 2012, the figure in 13 billion dollars will be at least confirmed, and possibly exceeded. According to the Center for Analysis of the World Arms Trade, over the next 5-6 years, Russia's share in the global arms market may increase, and annual exports will reach 16-17 billion dollars.

The key buyers for Russia, in addition to India, today are the countries of Latin America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East. At the same time, the loss of the Libyan market will not fatally affect the prospects for Russian exports. Sufficiently high expectations are attributed to the fact that Russia will withdraw from the unilateral weapons sanctions against Iran, which resulted in restricting the supply of air defense complexes to this country. Taking into account the changing geopolitical situation, it is obvious that Russia will be in confrontation with the United States on issues relating to the deployment of a missile defense system in Europe.
Russia is expanding the geography of arms supplies
Air Force Su-30 Indian Air Force

Against this background, unilateral steps to restrict the export of defense weapons systems to Iran can be canceled, taking into account the arrival of Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin and the new realities of Russian foreign policy. Today, deliveries to Iran of the C-300 air defense system look absolutely logical, normal and natural step, due to the fact that Russia needs to strengthen the defense potential of those countries that are geopolitical allies for it.

Temporary difficulties with arms supplies to the Middle East are related to 2 circumstances. Firstly, with reformatting and changing a number of regimes that acquired Russian weapons, or looked at them. Secondly, “the Arab spring, was the reason that the governments of several countries in the region decided to limit the purchase of weapons and transferred free money to implement social programs in order to reassure the masses. The principle of “guns instead of butter” was here mirrored to “butter instead of guns”. According to Igor Korotchenko, this process is objective, and the fact that Russia does not get in this market, it will take on the market of Southeast Asia and Latin America.

So relatively recently, Rosoboronexport OJSC agreed on the sale of AK-103 Kalashnikov assault rifles to Bahrain. This is the first deal with the country of the region, which includes not only the supply of machine guns, but also ammunition and grenade launchers. The representative of the government of Bahrain Abdul-Aziz bin Mubarak Al Kaif noted that the cooperation of the two countries will allow Moscow to strengthen its position in the market of the Gulf countries. The general director of Rosoboronexport, Anatoly Isaikin, confirmed the fact of the deal with Bahrain, and also said that this country is showing interest in Russian aviation equipment, air defense systems and weapons for the ground forces.
Mi-17 transport helicopter

The Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies (CAST) believes that, according to 2012, Russian arms exports will exceed 14 billion dollars. Given the total order book in 41,5 billion dollars, this export volume will be able to steadily hold for at least 3's years. According to the center, in the 2012 year, Russia will deliver about 50 fighters of the Su-30 family abroad. These aircraft will be transferred to India (around 30 vehicle sets for assembling Su-30MKI), Algeria (8 Su-30MKI (A)), Vietnam (8 Su-30MX2), Indonesia and Uganda by 2 Su-30MK2. In addition, 15-20 Indian Su-30MKI will be upgraded under a contract signed in 2010 year.

In addition, 10 carrier-based fighters MiG-29K will also be delivered to India, also under the 2010 contract of the year, and about ten Indian MiG-29 will be upgraded to the level of MiG-29UPG. Myanmar should also receive 14 MiG-29B / EP / UB aircraft. According to TsAST, the 2012 of the MiG-24М29 fighters were scheduled for delivery to Syria on 2, but these plans are unlikely to be realized, although the first MiG-29М2, intended for the Syrian Air Force, in December 2011 began flight testing.

According to CAST estimates, in 2012 the largest deliveries of helicopter equipment will be to Azerbaijan (about 20 Mi-17 family helicopters, as well as at least 12 Mi-35M combat helicopters), India (about 20 Mi-17-B5) and Afghanistan, which can get 12 Mi-17-B5. Air defense systems will be delivered to Algeria, the United Arab Emirates (Shell C1E), Syria (Buk-M2E), and Belarus, which will receive another Tor-M2E air defense missile system. Land equipment will mainly be delivered to Venezuela, on account of previously concluded supply contracts tanks T-72, BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicles and BTR-80A armored personnel carriers.
Guided artillery shell "Krasnopol-M"

The most significant events of 2012 will be the delivery of naval equipment by Russia, all of which will be related to India. This year, India will be able to receive the aircraft carrier Vikramaditya (formerly Admiral Gorshkov), its transfer is scheduled for December 2012 of the year. Also, India was leased for 10 years by the submarine of the 971 and Nerpa project. In addition, the country will receive the 2M frigate of the 11356M project (the first 2 of 3-s under the contract signed in 2006), as well as another (now the seventh) upgraded diesel-electric submarine of the 877ECM “Paltus” project.

If we talk about India, today it is the largest importer of Russian weapons, but competition is gradually increasing on the Indian market. In particular, the United States, Great Britain, France and Israel are actively involved in it. The arms market for India is becoming increasingly competitive, therefore, while maintaining leadership in terms of supply, Russia is starting to lose ground in individual segments, losing tenders. All this underscores that the situation on the world arms market is developing quite dynamically and Russia must respond as flexibly as possible to these changes.

If we talk about the nomenclature of Russian exports, there are Sukhoi combat aircraft (primarily Su-30 variations), MiG-29, combat training Yak-130, Mil helicopter and helicopter gunner, Pantyr 1С, “ Buk ”,“ Thor ”, C-300 (delivery of the newest C-400 air defense systems will begin only after the Russian air defense units are equipped with them). Russia also quite successfully exports submarines, frigates, tanks and infantry fighting vehicles abroad. By tradition, the main part of Russian exports is aircraft engineering (in terms of value, more than 50%). In North America and Europe, transport helicopters Mi-17 are in demand, Cyprus recently acquired Russian tanks, Greece’s air defense systems, Turkey purchased Russian Cornet anti-tank complexes, and France is showing increased interest in transport helicopters Mi-26 and artillery shells "Krasnopol-M".

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  1. vadimus
    vadimus 6 July 2012 09: 31
    This is certainly wonderful, but we would not have forgotten our relatives ... Otherwise, everyone has it, but we don’t have enough.
    1. VAF
      VAF 6 July 2012 09: 51
      Quote: vadimus
      but still we would not forget our relatives ..

      I absolutely agree with you, +! drinks

      I carefully read this "enthusiastic" article, where we allegedly arm almost the whole world, but ...... not a word about the supply of the Su-30 SM and MiG-29M2 for us ?????

      Or will the "modernized" suit us?

      Or is it written as always "between the lines"?
      1. Tirpitz
        Tirpitz 6 July 2012 09: 54
        I completely agree with you the Su-30 in India is disproportionately more than in the Russian Air Force.
      2. Andrei from Chelyabinsk
        Andrei from Chelyabinsk 6 July 2012 11: 00
        If you try to count on the contracts - it turns out
        In the period from 2012 to 2015 g should be delivered
        24 Mig-29K
        30 - Su-30CM
        45-Su-35C (three sides are considered to be delivered)
        Generally do not understand how many Su-34. It seems like there is a 2 contract - on 32 machines and on 92 machines, but the second contract is from 2014 to 2020. But no less than 15 machines have already been delivered under the first contract.
        And some more Yak-130.
        In general, if everything goes according to plan, as I understand it, 30 units, on the strength of 40 new aircraft will be received annually in the Russian Air Force. Those. MAYBE our Air Forces will receive as much as the Indian Air Forces receive from the RF industry.
        And maybe not.
        1. VAF
          VAF 6 July 2012 12: 16
          Quote: Andrey from Chelyabinsk
          And maybe not.

          Andrey, most likely not. than yes! +! Unfortunately!

          if according to the Yak-130 it will be according to plan. due to non-deliveries to Libya and Syria, the Su-34s do 10 units a year anyway, but with the rest Sukhoi, and even more so with the Mig-29K / KUB -... we’re flying by train already, how unfortunate!
          1. 755962
            755962 6 July 2012 13: 24
            Hi Sergey! The Western Military District will receive in the second half of 2012 Already as many as 8 helicopters Mi-28N "Night Hunter" ... Eh .... With India flew by 1 billion green specifically.
            1. VAF
              VAF 6 July 2012 14: 49
              Quote: 755962
              In the second half of 2012, the Western Military District will receive AF as many as 8 Mi-28N Night Hunter helicopters ... Opensource ...

              Hi Zhenya, this is still good. that at least 8, +! It saves us that we do not supply for export, but if we were to go to a bathhouse somewhere, we would at best have one, or wait again until someone refuses for some reason !!!

              Selyava. as they say.....
    2. Kaa
      Kaa 6 July 2012 13: 41
      To put in your troops, money can be found in two ways; 1) Take-redistribute from the available money (budget) 2) - make money on the manufacture and sale of something, gas, oil, weapons. Considering that redistribution will lead to a reduction in the "social sphere", then I personally support the second option. We sell 2 fighters (in the export version), the third - to the troops, practically free of charge, that is, for the money of third countries.
      1. alps
        alps 6 July 2012 14: 01
        You don’t have to confuse all of this in one pile, foreign contracts give life to our industry, and that, in turn, makes equipment for us, so this is selling abroad and equipping ourselves, these are two different cutlets and each with its own fly.
        1. VAF
          VAF 6 July 2012 14: 52
          Quote: alps
          foreign contracts give life to our industry

          Vastly erroneous, venereal populist opinion of this period !!!

          These foreign contracts give life to a handful of managers and their associates and make it possible to stay afloat, at least somehow .....!

          Quote: alps
          so this is selling abroad and equipping yourself, these are two different cutlets and each with its own fly.

          so with these slogans, you should go to the Edra congress, the very place !!!! am
          1. Kaa
            Kaa 6 July 2012 20: 11
            Slogans, sir, what about the arguments? the economic principles of piece and large-scale assembly have not yet been canceled. And about managers and their entourage, I, apparently, like you, do not have the best opinion. But we live in THIS world and in THIS time, so, returning to small quantities of new aircraft, I recall: "Better forty times a time than never forty times." drinks
            1. VAF
              VAF 6 July 2012 21: 08
              Quote: Kaa
              the economic principles of unit and large-scale assembly has not yet been canceled

              This of course is, +! but this principle is simply unacceptable to the army !!!

              Quote: Kaa
              But we live in THIS world and in THIS time, so, returning to small quantities of new aircraft, I recall: "Better forty times a time than never forty times."

              For a long time you probably haven't been to the Air Force Museum, in Monino? I strongly recommend that there is this "one-time and small" amount of such luxurious aircraft that .......
      2. VAF
        VAF 6 July 2012 14: 47
        Quote: Kaa
        We sell 2 fighters (in the export version), the 3rd - to the troops, almost for free, that is, for the money of third countries.

        About this I have been repeating for almost half a year. I give examples, even from the distant past, when only the Su-30 began to produce ... no one hears !!!

        You are absolutely right, +! Just not practically, but generally free of charge for us 1 of 3 export !!!
        1. alps
          alps 7 July 2012 12: 53
          Well, with aviation you are doing very well, but with the economy ... as I have with aviation feel
  2. virm
    virm 6 July 2012 09: 45
    What is it on a rooftop turntable? Air conditioning?
    1. itr
      itr 6 July 2012 10: 37
      Box with sand. And you yourself understand security laughing
    2. USNik
      USNik 6 July 2012 11: 21
      Yeah, two. Most likely this is a compressor with a filter, for countries where there is a lot of sand and dust. Another thing is interesting, what does the microwave inscription on the bear’s nose mean? Radar?
      1. MI-AS-72
        MI-AS-72 7 July 2012 20: 10
        weather radar, (radar).
  3. Lucky man
    Lucky man 6 July 2012 10: 14
    Su-30SM now in Irkutsk 2 prototypes under construction
  4. itr
    itr 6 July 2012 10: 35
    And who will tell you what Germany is buying from us

    All the same, they make beautiful and high-quality weapons in Russia. What can not be said about the native auto industry. What ain't a miscarriage machine
  5. dojjdik
    dojjdik 6 July 2012 11: 02
    if we trade as absurdly as with Rafsanjani, we will be squeezed out of the Indian market; statement that Iran (3rd place in oil production) has nothing to pay with us for suckers
    1. VAF
      VAF 6 July 2012 14: 55
      Quote: dojjdik
      floor for suckers

      You are absolutely right, +! drinks there are just two categories for the most part and are present: the 1st is the one you voiced, and the 2nd is the most loyal, licking, approving and inspiring .... fellow
      1. Srgsoap
        Srgsoap 6 July 2012 15: 36
        Vetera.air force I welcome, I completely agree with you on all today's posts. There is a current question, and how many warplanes the Yankees produce per month. The same f15 or f16 ... Do you have information, for comparison ... very interesting. We already discussed transport workers ...
        1. VAF
          VAF 6 July 2012 17: 00
          Quote: SrgSoap
          There is a current question, and how many warplanes the Yankees produce per month. The same f15 or f16 ...

          In normal years, 20 units per month F-15s

          25 pieces per month F-16s.

          For example, we let out in Lukhovitsy to 30 Mig-29-x a month !!! good

          1. M. Peter
            M. Peter 6 July 2012 18: 27
            15-20 pieces per month? request
            Is it new or what? I do not understand!
            It seems that 30-35 fighters can issue Irkutsk a year, for one year, and you write about a month.
            Please explain to me what is it about?
            1. VAF
              VAF 6 July 2012 21: 10
              Quote: M.Pyotr
              Please explain to me what is it about?

              They discussed even earlier the possibility of producing aircraft by them and the USSR!
              1. M. Peter
                M. Peter 7 July 2012 08: 28
                Quote: veteran.air force
                They discussed even earlier the possibility of producing aircraft by them and the USSR!

                Is this probably all enterprises in the USSR?
                If so, then it’s clear.
          2. Srgsoap
            Srgsoap 6 July 2012 18: 55
            Thank you very much for the info.
            1. Passing
              Passing 6 July 2012 19: 51
              IMHO, the F-15 is not at all the main ace in the sleeve of the USA, they have 233 pieces of F-15 modern modifications, plus 134 pieces of ancient rubbish of the very first modifications for the National Guard.
              But they still have 500 units of F-18 in the Navy, and even 200 units of F-22, but against the background of these additives we really look pale, taking into account the fact that we have 250 MiG-31s ​​and 350 Su-27s from the total There are only a few dozen modern modifications.
              1. APASUS
                APASUS 6 July 2012 22: 48
                Quote: Passing by
                But they still have 500 units of F-18 in the Navy, and even 200 units of F-22,

                Where does this information come from?
                Lockheed Martin has completed production of the fifth generation F-22 Raptor aircraft with the 187th aircraft of this type.

                The fighter with tail number 4195 made its first flight on March 15. Delivery to the US Air Force is scheduled for May. The aircraft will join the 3rd Fighter Wing at Elmendorf-Richardson Air Force Base, Alaska.
                1. Passing
                  Passing 7 July 2012 12: 54
                  Rounded off from memory. I had 195 in my head, but now I looked, this, along with non-serial ones.
      2. smile
        smile 6 July 2012 20: 23
        veteran.air force
        Greetings! I do not agree with you - there are enough sensible people here. It's just that not everyone is in a hurry to knock comments.
        1. VAF
          VAF 6 July 2012 21: 13
          Quote: smile
          Greetings! I do not agree with you - there are enough sensible people here

          And you mutually, +! drinks

          Sound people are the same, who would dispute, but .... most then ...... recourse

          That honestly yesterday I clicked on an article about our 95s off the coast of Alaska and America and honestly ... ofigel !!!! fool
          1. saturn.mmm
            saturn.mmm 6 July 2012 21: 27
            Quote: veteran.air force
            I honestly locked it yesterday

            I was looking for information about the withdrawal from service of the Americans F-117 go. Due to the fact that one Ukrainian special claimed that in 2003, 18 of the 20 F-117s were destroyed during a raid on Baghdad. I decided to clarify by years, since 2006, the number of withdrawn from service but have not found anywhere, maybe you know something and what is your opinion on this aircraft.
          2. smile
            smile 6 July 2012 21: 33
            veteran.air force
            I’m going to spoil my mood - I read it, although I’ve already guessed about what I’ll talk about there ....... :)))))
  6. Pripyatchanin
    Pripyatchanin 6 July 2012 16: 38
    It would be necessary to equip the Syrian air force ..... otherwise they hurt the old planes
  7. dojjdik
    dojjdik 6 July 2012 17: 29
    you need to trade weapons; after gas, this is the most profitable business for our country; Another question is where does the profit go - can we build children's oncology clinics? can we asphalt the roads? can we stretch gas to our villages? what the hell we need it; the main thing is sold MiG and quickly throw the loot in the "Bank of America" ​​and there is a palace and a yacht. a bunch of prostitutes. bukhpa skok khosh; this sweet word - "corruption" is not bros without shootings nm can not live
    1. VAF
      VAF 6 July 2012 18: 06
      Quote: dojjdik
      this sweet word - "corruption" is not bros without shootings nm can not live

      +++++++ !!!!!!!!!! drinks
      1. saturn.mmm
        saturn.mmm 6 July 2012 21: 32
        Vysotsky, not a former Navy Civil Code, but an actor and a bard
        "I would put them against the wall through one and direct the loaded dump truck"
        Quote: dojjdik
        you can’t live without nm shootings
        1. alps
          alps 7 July 2012 13: 05
          How naive you are, you think they will shoot first of all those who have accounts over the hill, yeah, wait, first of all you will get up against the wall so that you don’t have any trends on the air, moreover, that your relatives will find out this annoying mistake in 70 years , you gentlemen, does history not at all concern you?
          1. bazilio
            bazilio 7 July 2012 14: 11
            It is not sad, but it is a fact. Cuts, kickbacks, corruption is an ineradicable phenomenon. Under the union, corruption and kickbacks also took place, but on the scale of "if someone in some place where we sometimes do not want to live honestly." In general, in the Union of special need to grab the grandmothers, it was difficult to translate over the hill, and to dump over the hill too. And having grabbed to remain in the union is not a reason
  8. x45ssdffsf
    x45ssdffsf 7 July 2012 00: 59
    Well, from what have already reached, imagine there is a site
    In which you can find any person only by last name, or first name,
    Collected information from the social. networks, police, etc.
    Our specials are even involved here. service, I don’t know, the truth is - but all the information about me, my husband and my children was here.
    Even photos that I never threw on the Internet, I’m at a loss.
    It’s good that I deleted it on time, which I advise you
  9. bazilio
    bazilio 7 July 2012 14: 12
    Something I don’t quite understand the scheme of arms delivery through Rosoboronexport, what role do they play. resellers or intermediaries? who knows tell me
  10. MI-AS-72
    MI-AS-72 7 July 2012 20: 06
    Quote: virm
    What is it on a rooftop turntable? Air conditioning?

    ROM, (dust protection device) not "our" degree of motor protection 95% loss of engine power at 200 l / s.
  11. NickitaDembelnulsa
    NickitaDembelnulsa 8 July 2012 06: 02
    Do you still remember about native sun.?
  12. Maine
    Maine 23 July 2012 17: 02
    great news
  13. Honory
    Honory April 13 2015 14: 30
    Of all the partners, the most important and currently unstable is India. If it is lost, it will be a severe blow to the Russian defense industry. All of Africa and Latin America are not worth India alone.