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HAARP vs. Russian Sura Project

The fact that the climate on Earth has changed and not for the better, today almost everyone understood. Every day from News we learn about natural disasters around the world, although we do not believe that the cause of the violence of the elements can be man-made.

HAARP vs. Russian Sura Project

About the previously closed American project HAARP, which continues to work since 2015, and that scientists conduct their experiments there, I wrote in a previous article: "HAARP turned on again!".

For your information:
HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) is a program of high-frequency active auroral research. This is an American research project to study the interaction of the ionosphere with powerful artificial electromagnetic radiation. They launched the project in 1997 under the joint program of the US Air Force and Navy. The HAARP transmitting unit, built near the Gakona village in Alaska, is a phased array of 180 high-frequency cross-dipole antennas located on 33 acres (13,7 hectares) of land. Unofficially, the HAARP installation is considered "climate weapons", As it is able to influence the formation of weather in certain regions of the planet.

Under public pressure and because of a series of scandals, the financing of the project was stopped and upon completion of the contract it was frozen. But in 2015, the military department officially transferred HAARP equipment to the University of Alaska Fairbanks Geophysical Institute (UAF) to study the powerful potential of the ionosphere - the electrically charged layer of the Earth’s atmosphere. Details here.

Since 2015, the bulk of scientific experiments conducted at HAARP have been plasma physics. But in the 2018 year, the experiments conducted by C. Follen revealed great potential for research in the field of radio wave propagation. At the same time, very few experiments were conducted with the transfer of audio recordings and still images.

2018 experiment of the year

Let me remind you that in April 2018, the lead researcher of the project Christopher Follen conducted a series of experiments with HAARP, inviting all amateur radio enthusiasts to join their project in Twitter.

During the experiments, the frequencies, the configuration of the transmitted signals, the direction and duration of exposure (from 20 minutes to 2 hours!) Were selected. Ham radio all over the world wrote in Twitter the scientist about his observations of the received HAARP signals. In military terms, then “fire adjustment” was carried out with the “shooting results” recorded and equipment adjusted.

HAARP signal propagation map (2018 experiment)

Christopher Fallen, who is considered the chief scientist of the HAARP project, took part in a "hacker conference" this winter. There, he invited the Canadian "interdisciplinary artist" Amanda Dawn Christie to implement her author's art project on HAARP equipment.

Inspired by the success of last year’s experiments, Fallen was intrigued by Amanda’s proposal (which, incidentally, received a grant from the Canadian Council of the Arts for her project) to use IRI (Ionospheric Research Instrument) to broadcast a very specific “transmission”.

Little about her

Amanda Dawn Christie is an assistant professor of studio art at Concordia University in Canada and is a very “peculiar” lady. They usually say about such people: "With their cockroaches in their head."

She positions herself as follows: “An adult artist with (teenage) attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, who uses her own medical imaging with technology.” She, for example, proudly announces that she was able to get scan data of her brain, X-rays "and even tissue samples of my biopsies from pathological laboratories." She used all this in various research art projects.

“More recently, I included an MRI scan of my brain in high-frequency radio transmissions, which I sent from HAARP to the ionosphere and to outer space as part,” says Amanda.

Ghosts in the air

Amanda named her project Ghosts in the air glow ("Ghosts in the air").

"The object that was used by the military has an atmosphere of secrecy and has been the subject of many conspiracy theories over the years - this is what I thought about when creating the work."
She explains.

Project Ghosts in the air glow officially became the first Canadian project funded by HAARP.

The presentation says that Christie uses the world's most powerful high-frequency radio transmitter on earth "to send art around the world and into outer space." A beautiful wrapper with dubious inner content. My grandfather Vanya would say: “All this is an artistic whistle!” The true goals of the experiments, as a rule, are hidden from the eyes of ordinary inhabitants, but we will try to deal with these “ghosts”.

We will deal with ghosts

From a technical point of view, “Ghosts in the Airflow” is an ionospheric mixing of sound and image with a powerful carrier signal of the HAARP installation.

Broadcast using HAARP consisted of eight parts, each of which was created at specific frequencies, as stated "to study various concepts related to radio technology and the HAARP site itself."

Transmissions were conducted for an hour daily from 25 to 28 on March 2019.

Here are the main components of the broadcast:

- various audio compositions “Requiem for Radio”;

- a wolf howl called "Meeting of polar wolves with aurora";

- “poetic texts” written by Morse code and the phonetic alphabet of NATO;

- various SSTV images (image transmission over narrow-band radio channels in the HF or VHF bands).

I give the full video of the reception of one such program at the end of the article.

Ghosts in the Air Glow (Thursday, March 28, 2019). Speech, music, howling of a wolf pack, broadcast of “strange” pictures, old photos, morse code.

Composition of one of the first broadcasts from HAARP

Pictures of one of the first broadcasts

Old photos in one of the broadcasts

According to Amanda, the connecting thread that unites all parts of her installation is the idea of ​​the “ghosts” that supposedly inhabit our radio waves, or rather, esotericism. When the radio was opened in the 19 century, the spiritualistic movements of that era believed that it was the souls of the dead that occupied the electromagnetic spectrum of radio waves. She liked the idea of ​​the connection between matter, energy and electromagnetic waves. “By incorporating images and sounds into the glow of the air, I also in some way introduce my own“ ghosts ”into the EM spectrum, an invisible but very active area,” says Christie.

Consider this impact

The Russian scientist Nikolai Viktorovich Levashov described the theory of reincarnation of living beings well. According to this theory, the energetic entities of all the dead occupy a certain near-Earth space, waiting for a suitable newborn organism for their next incarnation. If we consider the idea of ​​a Canadian scientist to fill the "ghosts" of the ether from this point of view, then her experiments look terrible. Not only does HAARP radiation burn through “holes” in the ionosphere, destroying the entities that are there, it also “creates hell for them”. But let’s leave the ghosts to the spiritualists and return to the “poetic texts” and symbolic pictures.

Some of the images included in the broadcasts look more than strange, and some show symbolism and globalization, giving food for thought to conspiracy theories. Yes, and NLP (neurolinguistic programming), and other ritual spells, it seems, no one has canceled. Who knows what kind of thought-forms were introduced into “poetic texts” by their creators and psychoanalysts!

Strange images in subsequent broadcasts

Radio amateurs around the world saw such pictures.

But the most important thing in these experiments is the purpose of the impact. There is free access to information that the HAARP signal is sent to Russia, and more specifically to Surra. What was my surprise when the Internet told me that Sura is not only a settlement and a river, but also the Russian Sura object (multifunctional radio complex), similar to HAARP, is located near the city of Vasilsursk in the Nizhny Novgorod Region, which is 150 km from Nizhny Novgorod. True, their site, it seems, has not been updated for a long time, but you can learn something about the operation of this object.

Site of the Sura Project

Technical data of the Sura radio complex:
The frequency range of the heating installation is from 4,5 to 9,3 MHz. The setup consists of three 250 kW power transmitters and an array of 144 dipole antennas measuring 300 × 300 m. In the middle of the range, the maximum zenith gain is approximately equal to 260 (~ 24 dB), the effective radiated power of the ERP installation is 190 MW (~ 83 dBW).

There is no information that our multifunctional radio complex is closed.

It can be assumed that if the “Sura” is of interest to our worst “partners”, this means that the object is in working condition. They clearly marked him!

This picture is emerging. Canadian scientist Amanda Dawn Christy arrives from her Montreal in Alaska to visit another male scientist, Christopher Follen. And instead of spending the grants together, roasting a barbecue in nature, drinking Alaskan beer, taking selfies against the backdrop of HAARP antennas and admiring the beauties of the landscape, they launch into the sky ... No, not romantic Chinese lanterns and not balloons, weather balloons.

They send the most powerful, stuffed with "ghosts", wolf howl, spells and who else knows what muck HAARP signal, directing it to our scientific (or military) object "Sura". Is this a kind of duel between rivals? Comments are redundant.

Amanda Dawn Christy in the HAARP Control Hall

And this is a broadcast to Russia

I can only add that at the same time, broadcasting to Russia as part of the experiment was supplemented by the transmission of a signal from Uzbekistan at a frequency of 7595 kHz. Is there similar equipment installed there too?

Second American Broadcasting Complex in Arecibo

Some radio amateurs, however, were able to catch another powerful signal from the second American transmitter - the radio telescope in Arecibo (Puerto Rico). At that time, scientists sent a coded message from him to deep space.

Transmission from Arecibo to deep space

Radio amateurs on this occasion joked that it was like screaming at night in a wild forest inhabited by wild predators. Who knows what civilization will catch our signal and with what intentions they will come to us! ..

Radio telescope in Arecibo

The financial side of the project

Christopher Follen himself mentioned that the 2 minutes of HAARP working time required to send an SSTV image (rounded to 5 minutes in practice for billing management) cost 5000 $ USA per hour. “This is the most expensive MMS,” he jokes. I already wrote about the approximate fuel consumption of diesel generators supplying the HAARP installation.

“We are rebuilding many of the research tools in place and installing new project equipment,” says Christopher.

This year, they even abandoned the annual Open Day.

At the HAARP Summit in Washington in April, strong support was given by the research community. HAARP has also been included in the report of the US Arctic Research Commission, Aims and Objectives of Arctic Research for 2019-2020.

I add that the US Senate in the report 116-48 "Law on the approval of the National Defense for the 2020 financial year" also recognizes the unique importance of the project and allocates funds for its further use "to support the national space security program."

Here is a translation of a piece of text US Senate Report

The Importance and Use of Active United States Ionospheric Research
The committee recognizes the unique importance of American active ionospheric research facilities, also known as ionospheric heaters. These facilities transmit high-frequency (HF) radio waves and play a decisive role in studies of the ionospheric effects on national security systems.
The research that can be carried out at these facilities is useful for national security in areas such as domain awareness, radar, atmospheric effects on space systems, and over-the-horizon communications.
The Committee recognizes that while there are four ionosphere research sites in the world, two of them are located in the United States, including the High Frequency Active Auroral Research (HAARP) program in Gacon, Alaska, and the high-frequency heater at the Arecibo Observatory (AO) in Arecibo, Puerto -Rico. Both of these centers are designed to support research and national security programs by the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Energy, and the National Science Foundation.
The committee is aware that HAARP is supporting research into the ionospheric effects on communications and navigation at high latitudes and in restoring high-energy killer electrons in the magnetosphere as a result of an extreme solar event or high-altitude nuclear explosion. HAARP supports strategic applications for over-the-horizon radar, global communications and satellite diagnostics. The Committee is aware that the AO facility provides support for studies of ionospheric effects in the middle and low latitudes using, including radio communications and radar detection. These experimental sites provide an understanding and diagnosis of ionospheric effects that are extremely difficult to obtain.
The Committee encourages continued use of these facilities and considers that these facilities may be used, where appropriate, to support the national space security program.

Christopher Fallen, talking about his future research plans, explains that the experiments with HAARP, conducted in 2018 and in 2019, are only preparatory activities. The main programs will take place in 2020 year. The broadcasting time (spring) was also not chosen by chance. Only in the period of spring atmospheric “windows” are conditions ideal for the passage of a high-frequency signal with minimal absorption (scattering).

You can still talk about the strange anomaly of the formation of a cyclone over the Irkutsk region or the murderous heat in Europe, as well as the March snowfall in Saudi Arabia. In Alaska, for example, forest fires have been raging since spring, and such an anomalous temperature has not been observed for 100 years, but “this year their geographical latitude and intensity, as well as duration, are“ especially unusual ”.” And you can draw causal parallels and draw your own conclusions about the possible use of “climate weapons”. From these scientists with "cockroaches in their head", controlling a powerful emitter, you can expect anything. But now we know that they planned their grand show for the spring of 2020 of the year.
Ghosts in the air glow

Speech, music, morse code:
17.08 - 22.09 - Howling Wolf Pack
25.00 - 32.00 - broadcasting “strange” pictures, music, speech
43.40 - 56.00 - broadcast old photos, morse code
Photos used:,,,
Articles from this series:
"HAARP turned on again!"

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  1. Observer2014
    Observer2014 14 August 2019 18: 24
    When he doesn’t do a cat for himself, he polishes himself. I don’t want to see anything in my life. I honestly didn’t understand the article. I’ll just read it again tomorrow. I want to delve into it. I reserve the right to another comment.
    1. vadim dok
      vadim dok 15 August 2019 13: 36
      No need !!!!! This is from the series "Flat Earth"! What nonsense is printed on VO?
  2. demo
    demo 14 August 2019 18: 30
    Someone from this nonsense understood?
    The ionosphere experiences such effects from the sun and galactic radiation that the transmitters in 250 kW are just about nothing.
    Of course you can be wrong.
    But even after flares on the Sun, which is accompanied by a colossal release of energy in all possible ranges, there are no global cataclysms on Earth.
    And then 15 ha of antennas.
    Very strange.
    Can other goals be pursued, of which no one has said a single word?

    And more.
    A radio telescope is a purely receiving device.
    And if a transmitter was attached to it, then the radio telescope did not become another device.
    Like so.
    1. Observer2014
      Observer2014 14 August 2019 18: 38
      And what is incomprehensible. All disasters are interconnected. What they have. What we have. I kept repeating this on the site for many years. Now I begin to understand and find my theory scientific confirmation so to speak. But anyway, I will re-read many more times. I want to study this topic thoroughly articles..
    2. Rusfaner
      Rusfaner 8 October 2019 13: 31
      "... The ionosphere experiences such influences from the Sun and galactic radiation that transmitters of 250 kW are just about nothing." (C)
      Not "counter-", but "pro":
      At one time, near Alma-Ata, on the HF RC No. 5 of the Ministry of Communications of the Kazakh SSR, only TZ-1 worked almost continuously on ten transmitters of 250 kW each, and on the 7th radio center (Chilik) - a megawatt HF transmitter and nothing - no hurricanes It was. Except, perhaps, the lack of TV reception in the surrounding villages due to intermodulation ...
  3. Katran
    14 August 2019 18: 40
    It may be more understandable
    1. Aviator_
      Aviator_ 14 August 2019 19: 35
      Do you seriously think that "high-power ion beams" will reach "dense stratospheric layers"? The fact is that ion beams tend to scatter, especially when the density of the medium is about 1,25 kg / m3, which occurs at sea level. And this is the maximum density, then only less. So there is nothing for them to be reflected from, even if they get there (rather, they die in the first 10 m). Remember electric vacuum devices - there, in the flask of the radio tube, a special vacuum is made so that the electrons reach the grid and the anode. Conclusion: pure fantasy.
      1. Katran
        14 August 2019 20: 44
        A bit of physics
        "Created (for example, HAARP) artificial plasmoids with certain pumping radiation parameters are used as a huge mirror that reflects the radiation focused on it in a certain direction. Such mirrors, created at a considerable height above the Earth, allow directing the reflected signal far beyond the line of sight horizon."
        U.S. Patent US5041834. Artificial ionospheric mirror from a plasma layer, which can be tilted.

        And with the help of such technologies, it is possible to create a huge "Atmospheric lens" that focuses the flow of solar energy on a certain territory of the earth, and to arrange a local heat there, provoke fires.
        You did not play with a magnifying glass as a child? The sun was focused to the point ?! good
        1. Aviator_
          Aviator_ 15 August 2019 00: 01
          I don’t need to explain the principle of the lens operation, otherwise I’ll also require you to write the equation of the lens, at least in the paraxial approximation. The question is different - what are you going to focus according to this patent? After all, I clearly said that "ion beams" will die in the place of their generation. As for the patent, it is immediately clear that you have a holy confidence in its truth. It is immediately clear that you have never dealt with patents and have no idea how much outright rubbish there is.
          1. Katran
            15 August 2019 12: 34
            Do you know why HAARP has the word "Auroral"? - this is when an artificial glow (like the Northern Lights) is caused in the ionosphere. So HAARP does it easily and regularly. Confirming pending patents and launching new ones.
            "ion beams" will die in the place of their generation

            Somewhere there was a video of how above the ground, it seems in Australia, a plasmoid artificially created by scientists hangs. But did not find No.
            Found another, where everything is more primitively explained.
            Earth is protected from cosmic radiation, X-ray, UV, etc. radiation by atmospheric layers. Now imagine that some kind of villain has removed this protection (or weakened it many times) over your area. He burned a hole in the defense and put you, defenseless, under the distribution of hard cosmic radiation. Thermal burns, radiation, skin peeling will be the smallest of possible troubles. request
            HAARP Complex - How do the US penetrate artificial holes in the ozone layer?
  4. ares1988
    ares1988 14 August 2019 18: 45
    Dear editors, tell me, please: what is this conspiracy nonsense doing on topwar? Especially under the heading "Armament"?
    1. tol100v
      tol100v 14 August 2019 19: 17
      Quote: ares1988
      ? Especially under the heading "Armament"?

      Conspiracy or not - not for me to judge! But the fact that there is no smoke without fire, I can safely say. After one natural phenomenon named "Katrin", the work of this "experimental radio telescope" was stopped! Apparently to amend the "wind"!
      1. Sergey39
        Sergey39 14 August 2019 20: 24
        Especially when you consider how much money is invested in this program.
      2. ares1988
        ares1988 14 August 2019 20: 32
        Of course, you do not believe in coincidences) How many other typhoons were there, after which the work of HAARP did not stop. And how many cataclysms after its suspension. Where is the correlation, where is the relationship?) At what point in time do not suspend it (even because of budget savings, even for preventive maintenance) - lovers of the search for patterns will always be able to find the cataclysm preceding this. And no wonder, because these or other disasters / incidents happen on Earth regularly. I can only advise you, with this approach, go look for encryption agents of the State Department in the texts of the articles of the Tape or the Merchant) And I'm waiting for your articles on the reptilians and the planet Nibiru)
  5. Katran
    14 August 2019 18: 48
    October 2013
    LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky, not without reason, said that weather in Russia is directly dependent on the United States. They, in his opinion, “arranged” floods in the Far East and Sochi. As Zhirinovsky noted, this was done at the Black Sea resort in order to disrupt the Olympics: “At the moment, only Americans have the ability to influence natural phenomena. The climatic weapons in the most developed phase are in Russia and the USA, but we are on the defensive as always, as always we are afraid to do this. Mostly it is used by the Americans, which they demonstrate by the example of Sochi. The Far East was a kind of rehearsal so that we invested a lot of moneybut here to disrupt the Olympics. " According to Zhirinovsky, Russia has every opportunity for an adequate response to "climate aggression" from the United States: "There will be an order - our people will do everything. We can provoke an earthquake and a tsunami. ”

    The deputy added that the impact on the climate of Russia is carried out in the framework of the program of high-frequency active auroral research (HAARP) in Alaska. “Of course, they deliberately moved him closer to us. The king - sold Alaska, did not think about the consequences, and now they are calmly from this land provoke either flood or drought in Russia»
    1. Nikolay87
      Nikolay87 14 August 2019 19: 20
      LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky said not without reason

      These still will not say that. Everything around them will be to blame, except for themselves.
      1. Sergey39
        Sergey39 14 August 2019 20: 29
        The holy fools were always kept under the tsar in Russia. They were allowed to say something that others cannot. In this case, V. Zhirinovsky played such a role.
      2. Rey_ka
        Rey_ka 15 August 2019 09: 59
        Now, if finally Yellowstone babakhnet again we will be to blame? can already apologize now?
    2. Aviator_
      Aviator_ 14 August 2019 19: 37
      And when did Zhirik have a reason?
    3. Narak-zempo
      Narak-zempo 14 August 2019 23: 27
      Quote: Katran
      LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky, not without reason, said that weather in Russia is directly dependent on the United States

      But, according to the same character in 2003, Russia possesses gravitational weapons.
  6. The comment was deleted.
  7. KCA
    KCA 14 August 2019 19: 20
    The released energy of one seedy cyclone is greater than the released energy of all nuclear and thermonuclear explosions that a person made on planet Earth, HAARP in such energies is no more than a ciliator-shoe on the body of an elephant, or even a blue whale
    1. engineer74
      engineer74 14 August 2019 19: 43
      The energy of the initiating chemical explosive to the power of the initiated nuclear explosion has approximately the same ratio ... wink
      1. KCA
        KCA 14 August 2019 19: 58
        A chemical explosive is not initiating, it physically compresses the fissile element to achieve a critical mass in a limited volume, initiating a nuclear explosion, which initiates a thermonuclear reaction by a neutron flux, affect the Earth’s atmosphere with some kind of microwave emitter, at a time when the solar radiation is trillions of times more energy affects the atmosphere, always, 24/7/365? Nude
        1. engineer74
          engineer74 14 August 2019 20: 29
          You confuse nuclear and thermonuclear charges. For a thermonuclear, a nuclear one is truly initiating. hi
          1. KCA
            KCA 14 August 2019 21: 36
            Excuse me, but did I write wrong?
            initiating a nuclear explosion, which neutron flux initiates a fusion reaction
            1. engineer74
              engineer74 15 August 2019 09: 46
              В nuclear explosion initiator - chem. BB (+ neutron generator), in thermonuclear - nuclear charge! In my comment I wrote about nuclear explosion, not thermonuclear. smile
              1. minus
                minus 21 August 2019 07: 33
                One way or another, but also in a thermonuclear one, it is necessary to start a nuclear reaction first. And without the initial chemical explosion to create a critical mass can not do ...
    2. Sergey39
      Sergey39 14 August 2019 20: 33
      "The last straw breaks the camel's back."
  8. kind
    kind 14 August 2019 19: 31
    Sura is a river in the Penza region!
    1. Katran
      14 August 2019 20: 09
      And also Multifunctional radio complex Sura (see wiki) wink
      Here is the site (link with bypass binding to IE) of the Sura project
      1. voyaka uh
        voyaka uh 15 August 2019 00: 15
        Listen, I’m like a 44 degree freemason working under direct control
        reptilians from Nibiru, I say directly: "bullshit is all."
        The climate has been successfully managed by Egyptian priests for 6000 years.
        Now they are slightly warming the Earth to warm the people
        before the next ice age.
        (I’ll say right away: floods in Siberia are not their job. It’s the shamans who screwed up.)
        1. user1212
          user1212 15 August 2019 05: 50
          Quote: voyaka uh
          The climate has been successfully managed by Egyptian priests for 6000 years

          Well, them, your priests. We have a pioneer in aeronautics - a grandmother in a mortar and a broom, she alone coped with it perfectly, without any helpers and technical perversions. All on natural herbs and mushrooms. Especially mushrooms wassat
  9. Vladimir Nizhegorodsky
    Vladimir Nizhegorodsky 14 August 2019 19: 44
    Yes, the Americans are not the only one then to arrange a cataclysm when they shoot their HAARP.
    Just in case, charges should be laid off the East Coast of America as Academician Sakharov suggested.
    And you can’t forget about the West Coast.
    Otherwise, they probably won’t understand anything.
    So will the experiments on our ball put the Earth.
  10. Aleksandr21
    Aleksandr21 14 August 2019 19: 58
    The article, in principle, about HAARP is not bad, to be honest I didn’t immediately master some points, I had to re-read it .... in the beginning it seemed nonsense that part with sounds and pictures, where all this can be included in some kind of horror movie, but if we assume that this is just a screen and the chip in the signal that has a direct effect on weather conditions and other natural anomalies is that there is a logical chain .... the truth and this is all from the category of conspiracy theories.
    1. arkadiyssk
      arkadiyssk 14 August 2019 20: 14
      Yes, it is hard to believe in this nonsense. No one denies that the purpose of the HARP is to influence the ionosphere, by ionizing it, we change the height of the ion layer. What is reflected from the ionosphere? That's right - beams of over-the-horizon radars. Those. from our side supposedly "climatic" satellites fly, which measure the height of the ionosphere and allow over-the-horizon radar to observe the sites of missile launches in America. And they are trying to ionize the atmosphere by countermeasures, knocking down the guidance of our radars. That's all - without any fiction invented.
    2. Katran
      15 August 2019 17: 37
      It would all come down to conspiracy theology, if not for one circumstance.
      They "pierced", explicitly indicating the direction of the signal in the experiment reports:
      IX. Spy Cameras from the Sky and a Mystery Box in the Woods
      Split Array - each array 30 degrees off zenith
      West array directed toward Surra, Russia - SSTV images
      IX. Spy cameras from the sky and a mysterious box in the forest
      Split array - each array is 30 degrees from Zenith
      The western massif is directed towards Surra, Russia - SSTV image

      You can see everything on the project website:
      There are broadcast sessions (video) in the LIVE FEED section
      1. minus
        minus 21 August 2019 07: 41
        And what side is sstv here ??? I myself have repeatedly taken and amateur pictures from weather satellites! What is the difference than the carrier modulated ???? Like, with ominous pictures, the ionosphere over Russia was mediated?))))) Yes, even if they work in ft8 in even modes !!!! What does this have to do with the topic of the article? Half of the information is superfluous and you need to throw it away! And what they conveyed is not interesting. Even if they do not transmit tomograms, but photographs of their intimate organs !!!)))
  11. armata_armata
    armata_armata 14 August 2019 20: 23
    So at first Kaptsov was with his super ideas, now the guys from REN-TV pulled themselves up ... What will happen next in VO is already scary to become recourse
    1. Vladimir Nizhegorodsky
      Vladimir Nizhegorodsky 14 August 2019 21: 31
      I think that the guys with REN-TV will have many options.
      We are waiting for new details on this topic.
  12. sgapich
    sgapich 14 August 2019 21: 40
    Russian scientist Nikolai Viktorovich Levashov

    Levashov is a scientist ??? !!! wassat
    1. Narak-zempo
      Narak-zempo 14 August 2019 23: 33
      It is written as: Russkiy scientist, representative of Russkoynauki (this is roughly like "Aryan physics", cleared of the inventions of pSSo alien elements, all kinds of Einsteins, Landau, etc.).
  13. Tochilka
    Tochilka 14 August 2019 22: 31
    I liked the article, despite the fact that part I did not understand.
    I will read informative comments!
  14. Undecim
    Undecim 14 August 2019 23: 39
    The author should start writing together with Samsonov. Then the plot about "Masters of the West, armed with" auroral "weapons, will sparkle with completely different colors.
    By the way, the abbreviation HAARP has a normal, general civil reading - a program for studying the ionospheric scattering of high-frequency radio waves. So much clearer than with the author's auroral inversion.
    To understand what this scribble is worth, just read two articles about HAARP - one on Wikipedia, the second on Lurkmore.
    1. Undecim
      Undecim 15 August 2019 15: 02
      For the umpteenth time, a question arises to the site administration - why are "+" and "-" anonymous? Why can't you see who is the author of the ratings? After all, the minus under some comments is a clear indicator that the commentator is out of tune with his head. Since it is possible to rate - why is the assessment anonymous?
  15. Antares
    Antares 14 August 2019 23: 41
    it is strange to see alarmism-Climate is changing for the better ..
    What do the authors know about climate?
    The calculations of paleoclimatologists visited their heads?
    Or fall down constantly in the ice ages (in which our planet more often than in rare periods of the thaw) is this normal?
    We were balancing on the verge of collapse. And thanks to industry and the lack of serious volcanism, they were able to get more time before the glacier. They did not fall into the next.
    1. voyaka uh
      voyaka uh 15 August 2019 00: 24
      The jump of civilizations occurred about 10 thousand years ago,
      when the glacier retreated north. Just a dozen places around
      large rivers originated (almost simultaneously) civilization,
      based on productive agriculture.
      It was necessary to dig and deepen channels, work together, store grain -
      and went and went ...
      Everything happened due to global warming.
      1. Antares
        Antares 15 August 2019 12: 04
        Quote: voyaka uh
        The jump of civilizations occurred about 10 thousand years ago,
        when the glacier retreated north. Just a dozen places around
        large rivers originated (almost simultaneously) civilization,
        based on productive agriculture.

        Yes, we are generally a product of short-term warming. Previous everyone remembers how it ended for everyone (how many species died)
        Thanks to warming, we survived (small mammals) managed to take control of the fire and conquered the planet.
        Imagine this conquest in the glacier .. They died immediately without a food base.
    2. Alex_59
      Alex_59 15 August 2019 07: 53
      Quote: Antares
      What do the authors know about climate?

      The feeling that the climate is worsening is creating the wild, incredible growth of information technology over the past 20-25 years. Back in the 80s, information about most of the natural phenomena in the world did not reach us. Even residents of the affected regions knew about their forest fires or floods, and the information was communicated to the whole country either in a very compressed form, or not at all. Moreover, some hurricanes or showers in the USA - at most on Soviet TV they could mention that they say yes, they have some rain, well, and then about "thrashing in the bins of the homeland" and "summit meeting." Now the newsmen make an online picture, savor all the details, show in detail what is burning or drowning - shows, ratings, advertising budgets. Well, and the Internet - every blogger is his own, immediately post to YouTube or Instagram. And even about the 19th century and earlier it is not necessary to speak. No one really knew anything about the climate.
      1. Antares
        Antares 15 August 2019 12: 07
        Quote: Alex_59
        The feeling that the climate is getting worse creates a wild, incredible increase in information technology over the past 20-25 years. Back in the 80s, information about most of the natural phenomena in the world did not reach us.

        The number of natural disasters increases only in our minds.
        Because humanity is transmitting information from all over the planet.
        Either 20 years ago, 50 years, 100-1000 ..
        And a couple of thousand there is little information at all - does this mean that there was less? No.
        If no one had seen a typhoon before, then he soon demolished the village and everyone in the world is talking about it.
        Do not believe the sensations. Believe in science.
        Sensations, faith, alarmists .. everyone wants to control our consciousness. Fear, global warming as a brand, apocalypse ..
  16. Chaldon48
    Chaldon48 15 August 2019 00: 36
    I live in Vladivostok, we haven’t a single gram of snow in the winter of 18-19.
  17. SovAr238A
    SovAr238A 15 August 2019 00: 57
    Ipa ... what was that ???
  18. vlados
    vlados 15 August 2019 01: 26
    Damn, Mulder and Scully are already retired, what to do ...
  19. Li17
    Li17 15 August 2019 05: 58
    In general, the topic is clear to me, whether tropospheric communication worked at satellite communication stations and there are curious things that have one thing in common - biological hazard! In fact, all these harps can give a second Chernobyl (which also arose because of the "toys" of scientists with cockroaches in their heads!) In the field of subtle matters! And all these lovers in the status of a monkey with a grenade (real bastards in the shadows) with their shiza can do things!
  20. kos2cool4u
    kos2cool4u 15 August 2019 06: 51
    Quote: lithium17
    which also arose from the "toys" of scientists with cockroaches in their heads!

    Uh ... only the game "Stalker" does not need to be woven))) ... I also O-consciousness))
  21. Alex_59
    Alex_59 15 August 2019 07: 45
    The fact that the climate on Earth has changed and not for the better, today almost everyone has understood.
    I don’t get it. But perhaps HAARP certainly lasts longer than we think. It seems he already shot in the 1815 year, causing a micro-ice age and a decrease in atmospheric temperature by 2,5 degrees?
    In my hometown, this HAARP is constantly bombing. In the 1914 year, Kama climbed 11 meters, causing the only flood in the history of the city. And on 3 on June 1967, the damned Americans irradiated us again - it snowed in the city and the temperature dropped to -2. 20 of September 1984 of the year again sabotage - snowfall in Indian summer, when all summer residents drank at the harvest of potatoes - this is disgusting, as you Americans are not ashamed!
    1. Antares
      Antares 15 August 2019 12: 10
      Quote: Alex_59
      It seems he already shot in 1815, causing a micro-ice age and a decrease in atmospheric temperature by 2,5 degrees?

      yes Troubles, cooling and 7 hungry years in Europe (and in Russia) he too ... laughing (damned Anglo-Saxons laughing )
      he has branches in the volcanoes of MOT, Iceland, etc.
      those who are afraid of Global warming should know that Humanity, by its actions, raises the average annual temperature by a miserable 1-3C ... And one volcano only needs a day to destroy it all. The fact that humanity has created at the cost of a century of emissions - one large volcano can easily reduce. And this just can not be stopped. And not to predict.
      And we also need to fight the GP ... we urgently need to slide into the glacier.
      Given the lull in volcanism - we have such a favorable 20-21 century - civilization did not know such a rapid development (this, perhaps the previous one was swept away just by cooling)
      but we must fight and not give up .. in the absence of external enemies, we will always invent them.
  22. 123456789
    123456789 15 August 2019 07: 49
    Quote: voyaka uh
    Listen, I’m like a 44 degree freemason working under direct control
    reptilians from Nibiru, I say directly: "bullshit is all."
    The climate has been successfully managed by Egyptian priests for 6000 years.
    Now they are slightly warming the Earth to warm the people
    before the next ice age.
    (I’ll say right away: floods in Siberia are not their job. It’s the shamans who screwed up.)

  23. newcomer
    newcomer 15 August 2019 10: 58
    thanks to the author. ignore the pessimism of readers. dig further if it’s really interesting for you. take my word for it, as soon as you write perhaps in the next article) is more detailed about HAARP, about the Surah, about the experimental objects preceding the Surah, you will find more understanding among readers. and don’t be afraid of trifles, they can be more significant than the “absorbed” well-known facts. good luck.
  24. gregor6549
    gregor6549 15 August 2019 15: 51
    There are so many conspiracy theories wrapped around the HAARP project that you can get lost counting them. In fact, it all comes down to the study of the ionosphere, knowledge of the properties of which plays a very important role in the creation of long-distance communications, including communications with submarines, and in the creation of radar systems, including over-the-horizon, etc. As an analogue, although not direct, of these studies, one can cite studies of temperature layers and other anomalies in the World Ocean, which have long been used to increase the stealth of submarines. Even in conventional, non-over-the-horizon radar, phenomena of the so-called. "angels" ie environmental disturbances perceived by the radar for real targets. These angels "appear" suddenly, exist for a while and then also suddenly disappear. Those. a routine scientific research project for the benefit of both the civilian services and the military.
  25. 501Legion
    501Legion 15 August 2019 16: 32
    Credit article, my thanks. there would be more analysis on Russian / Soviet developments, but here, of course, the case is classified. but the fact that HAARP is doing nasty things is more than sure
    1. UA3QHP
      UA3QHP 15 August 2019 17: 48
      Bullshit multiplied by the sizzling artist.
  26. 911sx
    911sx 18 August 2019 23: 20
    Article plus. And scientists with cockroaches in their heads sometimes do not know what they are doing. But this is not easier for us.
  27. kig
    kig 5 November 2019 03: 24
    Is it still far from April 1?