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Pakistan does not rule out forceful solution to the situation around Kashmir

Pakistan will adhere to diplomatic methods to resolve the situation around the Kashmir region, which is disputed with India, but does not exclude the use of military force in case of escalation of the conflict by India. About this RIA News said Pakistani Ambassador to Russia Kazi Khalilullah.

Pakistan does not rule out forceful solution to the situation around Kashmir

According to Khalilullah, the Indian government abolished the state of Jammu and Kashmir, creating two union territories instead, thereby greatly curtailing the rights of the region with a predominantly Muslim population. Neighboring Pakistan, traditionally supporting the population of Kashmir, strongly opposed this decision, acting so far only through diplomatic methods.

Islamabad lowered diplomatic relations with India, suspended trade, rail links and a number of bilateral agreements. At the same time, it is stated that Pakistan does not exclude forceful methods of influence on New Delhi in case of escalation of the conflict in Kashmir.

In February, India committed an act of aggression against Pakistan. They violated our airspace. (...) When it comes to our national security, we have the determination and the ability to defend ourselves. In the current situation, we have said the same thing. We will respond to any act of aggression from India or any adventure from India

- said the ambassador of Pakistan to Russia.

In turn, China called on India and Pakistan to resolve the conflict in a peaceful, diplomatic way, but at the same time expressed support for Islamabad.

China continued to support Pakistan in protecting its legitimate rights and interests, as well as fair treatment for Pakistan in the international arena

- said Foreign Minister Wang I.

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  1. Honest Citizen
    Honest Citizen 10 August 2019 13: 16
    Now the United States must declare its support for India and the war has started. India, it seems to me, has a higher mobilization potential. If they, of course, do not start throwing a nuclear ball, then I would bet on India. Even without US support.
    1. Mavrikiy
      Mavrikiy 10 August 2019 13: 23
      Yes, you are right, but the opposite is also possible. (Vysotsky) USA - crap. For Pakistan - China, this is an order of magnitude more serious. And closer, and a second front.
    2. Aleksandre
      Aleksandre 10 August 2019 13: 23
      The problem is that the loser will be very tempted to just "throw the nuclear", even if the war is initially fought by traditional means.
    3. knn54
      knn54 10 August 2019 13: 47
      Sergei, Islamabad's statement was made after a meeting between the leaders of the United States and Pakistan, where Trump offered "his services" to resolve the conflict.
    4. Sky strike fighter
      Sky strike fighter 10 August 2019 14: 11
      The USA promises to support either India or Pakistan. In fact, they provoke the conflict openly, but in reality they will not help anyone. As at one time the United States incited Saakashvili to war. Set fire to Hindustan. How can the US be trusted?
    5. Oquzyurd
      Oquzyurd 10 August 2019 17: 05
      If you fight with a sword on horseback, yes, India has 1 mln. 380 million population, and Pakistan has 205 million people, and in this scenario India has more chances. But for a modern war, 205 million people are enough to cope with India.
      1. Sky strike fighter
        Sky strike fighter 10 August 2019 17: 27
        And if you fight nuclear weapons, then they will cope with each other completely and irrevocably. And depending on the scenario of the development of events, China may intervene, which may want to increase its stake in Kashmir.
      2. alexmach
        alexmach 10 August 2019 23: 44
        And where is the confidence that the Indians will be fighting with a sword on a horse and the Pakistanis are waging a modern war?
        1. Oquzyurd
          Oquzyurd 11 August 2019 00: 06
          I meant that for the conduct of modern warfare, 200 million people are enough, even if the enemy has more than a billion people. They all will not attack in chorus holding a sword. Both sides have a certain limited number of equipment, aircraft, guns, etc. The training of troops and equipping with modern types of weapons will be a decisive factor, and not the numerical superiority of the population. The strategic depth of both countries is large enough and it will be very difficult for anyone to win even in a protracted war.
          1. gsev
            gsev 11 August 2019 02: 21
            Quote: Oquzyurd
            200 million people are enough for modern warfare, even if the enemy has more than a billion people

            If India has 5 times the population, then they can produce more weapons. In addition, it seems to me that the Indians of Kashmir’s Muslims oppress less than the Pakistanis of their fellow citizens Pashtuns and Balochs. At one time, the Pashtuns conquered Kashmir for India. Now the Indians have a chance to annex Kashmir to India by the Pashtun tribes.
          2. alexmach
            alexmach 11 August 2019 11: 32
            The idea is clear. And it is clear that such a war will not be an easy walk for anyone.
            Both sides have a certain limited number of equipment, aircraft, guns, etc.

            But the fact is that a larger population, as a rule, means a greater industrial and economic potential and the banal possibility of producing more weapons, including modern high-tech.

            Another thing is that the matter will reach such a large-scale conflict, other countries can calmly intervene in it. Moreover, most likely, the Indians themselves and the Pakistanis vryatli go further than militant statements.
            1. Oquzyurd
              Oquzyurd 11 August 2019 13: 15
              "a larger population .... the possibility of producing more weapons, including modern high-tech ones, is banal." This is true, but again, they, these two countries do not live in isolation from the outside world. Interested sponsors will close the weapons shortage gap, etc. etc.
              1. alexmach
                alexmach 11 August 2019 14: 12
                Interested sponsors will close the shortage of weapons shortages, etc.

                Yes, that’s all, with the development of the conflict they will obviously not be left face to face. Just in this case, the actions of the United States are not clear. They seem to need India as a counterweight to China, then why pit it against Pakistan?
                1. Oquzyurd
                  Oquzyurd 11 August 2019 14: 48
                  I have a version that the United States is interested in inciting instability, from Central Asia to Sri Lanka. Geographically, the picture of interest and plans is larger than these two countries. It is no coincidence that the United States has already dragged its terrorist henchmen to Afghanistan from the Middle East (according to some there are already more than 15 thousand of them) and this process continues. And there is information that many of them are located in the north of Afghanistan, so that at the right time they will be sent to the former Asian republics of the USSR. All this is being done against China in order to cut off the path of the Chinese project. " One belt, one road, "create as many complications as possible in the implementation of the Chinese, emerging hegemony. I think that conflicts in Central Asia are not far off.
    6. svp67
      svp67 10 August 2019 18: 21
      Quote: Honest Citizen
      Now the US must declare support for India

      Will not declare ...
  2. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 10 August 2019 13: 19
    Pakistan does not rule out forceful solution to the situation around Kashmir
    Let's show us an example of how to stand up for our people. And in Kashmir, the lives of the inhabitants are not in danger.
  3. Dux stalina
    Dux stalina 10 August 2019 13: 29
    All this is ridiculous .. Let packs with Indians play games!
    I would dunk both .. Get it already! soldier
  4. 1976AG
    1976AG 10 August 2019 14: 12
    The situation is quite slippery. With all the hints of the possibility of a forceful solution to the problem, the situation is unlikely to go beyond the local clashes with Pakistan, since both sides are well aware of the risk of nuclear weapons. Given this fact and the fact that the state is formally the territory of India, Delhi is most likely to do what it was intended, even at the cost of certain victims. If a problem cannot be resolved peacefully for many years, it is doomed to a forceful solution.
    1. Sky strike fighter
      Sky strike fighter 10 August 2019 14: 26
      It recalls the very beginning of the conflict in 2014 in the Donbass. The reasons are very similar. Indian nationalists are depriving autonomy of regions with traditionally Islamic populations oriented towards Pakistan. The next step is the settlement of this traditional Muslim region by Indians with all the ensuing consequences. And the director (USA) is the same This is what inspires the authorities of the two countries for this whole movement, telling each side what it wants to hear. Kashmir is divided between India, Pakistan and China. Is it not the purpose of inciting this conflict to provoke China to expand its territory in Kashmir at the expense of India or Pakistan, weakened in the event of a war among themselves? It would be excellent for the United States that China would suffer substantially from nuclear weapons.
      1. Semurg
        Semurg 10 August 2019 14: 37
        Haha, China populates its Muslim provinces with Han people and expresses aversion to similar actions by India. Well, yes, a Chinese wise monkey wants to sit out on a tree when the Indian and Pakistani stupid monkeys are measured by nuclear pussy.
        1. Sky strike fighter
          Sky strike fighter 10 August 2019 14: 51
          That’s the fact of the matter, China hopes to sit out, but the United States will do everything to prevent China from staying in this conflict and falling into a nuclear trap. Americans or Pakistan will not regret Pakistan or India for this purpose. .
  5. Zaurbek
    Zaurbek 10 August 2019 16: 29
    Only by force.
  6. Catfish
    Catfish 10 August 2019 20: 42
    Twenty-five again, were they few? Better their border guards with brutal muzzles do corps de ballet when changing posts at the border. Both have nuclear - they will begin to work it out and everyone will be dragged into this shit.