Youth policy of the DPR. Young Guard and an event with orgy elements

Young regions ...

Before the war, the youth movement Young Regions, which existed with the money of the Party of Regions, was operating throughout Ukraine. Advanced youth actively did nothing, successfully assimilated state funds and generally behaved quite frivolously, but knew how to save face, avoiding high-profile scandals. After the outbreak of war in the Donbass, youth policy in Novorossia was quickly crushed by people who had previously taken an active part in the "Young Regions". The organization, in view of the changed circumstances, was renamed the Young Guard, but the essence remained the same. True, the "guards" failed to maintain their former caution and ability to hide their exploits.

Youth policy of the DPR. Young Guard and an event with orgy elements

In the event that took place in Zuevka there is really nothing wrong - the usual corporate party of home-grown "elitists" on a budget allowance. Elderly young activists, scruffy-looking damsels, and unsavory contests with a flair of sexual perversions. In principle, youth policy in the DPR is generally a strange phenomenon, forever divorced from both youth and politics. The only question is why these photos got on the Internet and why no one was punished?

Heroes of our time

At a minimum, it would be worthwhile to think about changing the name of the organization, which, being Donetsk, refers to the Young Guard, a teenage underground group operating during the Second World War in Krasnodon (LPR), whose members were brutally murdered by the Nazis, initially could have nothing to do . As it turned out according to the results of the event in Zuevka, it has no moral right all the more.

In general, this scandal is a point of no return, after which the leaders of the social movement must either dare to publicly repent, or finally sign that its members, and first of all the top of the organization and its curators, absolutely do not correspond to those ideals and moral guidelines, thanks which Novorossia was originally created and which are propagandized at the state level in Russia.

That is, they are not patriots and not a youth asset, not leaders of public opinion and not an example to follow. These are polyps on the republican budget, cheerfully mastering Russian money, while imitating violent activity.

Head in the sand

The worst thing is that the Donetsk "elitists" after their scandalous brawl not only do not consider it possible to apologize, but also actively try to explain that everything that can be seen in the photographs is normal and correct. The speaker of the Bidevka People’s Council, who was photographed with a BDSM character, is silent, who in February 2014, as a deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, voted in support of the junta. The leadership of the social movement and the curators of the "youth" are silent, the Ministry of Culture is silent.

On the other hand, off-budget bloggers became more active, writing whole sheets about how miraculously happened and how insignificant people who dared to criticize the wonderful emotional outbursts of the best representatives of Donetsk youth. However, recently in Donetsk it has been unequivocally expressed that all those who criticize the DPR authorities are the enemies of the republic, Russia and personally Vladimir Putin.

Member of the Public Chamber Alexander Bolotin was especially pleased, who published a statement on his blog, the content and style of which are incompatible with social activities, with common sense, or with physical health - because someone from the audience may be offended.

State in the state

It remains only to recall that in the LPR there are mirror-created youth social movements that over the years of their existence have never been seen in anything that is so ambiguous. In comparison with Donetsk, Lugansk lives bored - without sex olympiads and BDSM parties, without fashion shows and other elite fun.

Probably, the reason is that LNR is controlled by Pasechnik, who, being an ex-colonel of the SBU, is a systemic person, requiring subordinates to comply with the regulations and elementary decencies. While the authorities in Donetsk in the last year are represented by people from the street who not only do not understand what they are doing wrong, but completely forget that sooner or later all these ridiculous mistakes will fall upon their mortal heads with a heavy load.
Yegor Makhov
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