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US Air Force tested UAV “slave” software

The U.S. Air Force took another important step in the development of an autonomous combat unmanned aircraft in the framework of the program known as Skyborg. This was reported by the portal Defense Aerospace.

At the Edwards Air Force Base (California), the US Air Force conducted a test flight as part of the development of an unmanned aerial program. This project involves the creation of the so-called The XQ-58A Valkyrie UAVs and Skyborg artificial intelligence systems.

It is assumed that Valkyrie will interact with the F-35A and F-15EX, expanding the range of fighters and reducing the likelihood of unmasking the aircraft. UAVs will have to fly forward with radars on to detect enemy radar. The lead fighter will fly with the radar turned off, while receiving information from drones in real time. The Skyborg system will be installed on the fighter, which in semi-automatic mode will be able to control the actions of the UAV.

The purpose of the test flight was to test a new software package designed to ensure the flight safety of an unmanned aerial vehicle.

Currently, development is being carried out in several directions at once. Scientists are exploring the possibilities of creating cheap "drones", as well as software that allows pilots to control drones during the implementation of a standard flight mission.

The new UAV should be commissioned in the next 5 years

The Department of Strategic Development and Experimental Programs at the US Air Force Research Laboratory is working on a prototype autonomous combat aircraft with such an aim to reach its primary operational use as early as 2023.

Tests are carried out on a reactive UAV 3,7 meter long, capable of speeds up to 250 nodes. Changes have been deliberately made to the on-board system of the unmanned vehicle, which take it beyond flight restrictions. For the duration of the tests, the onboard drone system has been deliberately programmed in such a way as to regularly go beyond flight restrictions. At the moment when a “failure” occurs in the UAV, the TACE program should take the drone under its control, stabilize the “drone” and deliver it to a safe point.

This year the program has already been tested on a less powerful UAV. Its speed was 30 nodes, and then the system proved its effectiveness. After current testing, the program will be tested on an even more powerful unmanned aerial vehicle.

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  1. E.S.
    E.S. 1 August 2019 19: 31
    There is no UAV, no radar for the UAV, and the software is already ready. Well done, we are waiting for the news that the paint is already ready, which will draw numbers on the UAV
    1. newcomer
      newcomer 1 August 2019 20: 04
      there is more mundane news: in the next year our SU39 will go into series. Until the end of this year, the MIGs will present the appearance of PAK LA, conditionally MIG41.
      1. dirk182
        dirk182 2 August 2019 02: 42
        laughing for so many years, the picture of f-ki for an instant 41 was given out and finally !!! will give us a look. A Su-39, developed in the 80s will go into series. Maybe something from the 80s in the series will be launched?
        1. alexmach
          alexmach 2 August 2019 08: 40
          Together with nonexistent anywhere except the fantasies of Garik PAK LA. LA is that what? light aircraft carrier or what?
    2. voyaka uh
      voyaka uh 1 August 2019 20: 10
      UAV is. It’s a real jet plane,
      able to fly long distances at transonic speed.
      Firms Kratos. They will also install this software, which is tested on the model.
      1. newcomer
        newcomer 1 August 2019 20: 17
        An experimental model that also begins flight tests. let the road be long and clumsy.
        1. Observer2014
          Observer2014 1 August 2019 21: 31
          You put a plus sign for patriotism? Or because you don’t understand aviation? And then this more mundane news?
          1. newcomer
            newcomer 1 August 2019 21: 48
            your plus sign will be a burden to me. put it in your pocket. be kind to you and in a whisper. you explain_ peas with tenku.
            1. Observer2014
              Observer2014 1 August 2019 23: 19
              you explain_ peas with tenku.
              good laughing Well done. Like from me for that. Well, so the news is yours to what the Americans tested the software for the "slave" UAVs. Is the essence of the article even understandable without the veil of false patriotic frenzy? For those who are in the "tank" This is a devil of five minutes a controlled drone from a fighter. This is what smart people have been talking about for many years here and justified. And these are our Wishlist, including the operation of the Su 57 .. But our Wishlist is still. you are welcome.
              1. The comment was deleted.
                1. Observer2014
                  Observer2014 1 August 2019 23: 47
                  Why are you so mad? Or do you think that usurped the concept of a patriot? Do not hope. To receive a military pension and sculpt for every reason and without ur Patriotic comment does not mean anything in the modern world. Thank you for your understanding. And what MO was thinking. then let it think. But then it’s also MO. They pay money for it. And what you personally described for me is a clear day. But the Americans with this about the fact that the article has already essentially announced their success. And ours. Because of the bushes in the pictures. He takes off with a tractor for take-off. You’re not an aviator at all. And you’re really an aerodrome one. So maybe everything was close to the planes.
                  1. newcomer
                    newcomer 2 August 2019 00: 02
                    where did my bassism appear in the comments? Why are you replacing concepts, in this case, the topic of our dispute? Based on what you decided that I "usurp the concept of a patriot"? again:
                    1. SU57 in a series without complaints.
                    2. С70 is completely identical in electronics and other “surprises” with 57m.
                    3. The next step of the 70th will be take-off / landing. runway already passed.
                    4. with ready-made software at the 57th with 70m, I do not see any particular problems in working together.
                    5. What are we losing the Yankees to?
                    1. newcomer
                      newcomer 2 August 2019 00: 10
                      Stop! and this is a pure lie and naklep_ who crooked you that I am an aviator?
                      and with retirement ..._ are you sober? Or is the blurry pitch in general?
                      Do not judge your neighbor by yourself; I don’t make friends for rugs or change my convictions.
                      1. Observer2014
                        Observer2014 2 August 2019 01: 10
                        None. It's just that you are always the one I described. Here is the 100% one who you are .. No, well, there are even deeper specimens .. That's all you tried to prove to me about Su 57. Didn't I try to print the same for you too? Well, if you argue with the obvious fact .. There are two options. Or what I stated to you later. Or I’ll stop! So why out of the blue for a normal comment voyaka uh start over patriotism where you do not have to mock?
                      2. newcomer
                        newcomer 2 August 2019 06: 46
                        observer, are you really without a brain, or just a person with brain impediments from birth?
                      3. Observer2014
                        Observer2014 2 August 2019 20: 23
                        Only after you. laughing
  2. E.S.
    E.S. 2 August 2019 00: 14
    The APG-82 type radar will not fit into this, it’s necessary to stir up a new one, but this is not fast
  • Dietmar
    Dietmar 1 August 2019 21: 05
    Windows XP.
  • alexmach
    alexmach 2 August 2019 08: 38
    There is no UAV, no radar for the UAV, and the software is already ready. Well done

    Well, in general, in UAV software it’s almost half the novelty. Everything else is already there, the radar, glider and engine can easily be taken from manned aircraft.
  • Rwmos
    Rwmos 1 August 2019 20: 21
    Do not forget that the software of the "leaders" of these F-35 slaves can not be tested until they are ready
    1. rocket757
      rocket757 1 August 2019 21: 18
      Anyway, no matter what, the Yankees are moving forward! And it can become very dangerous.
      They "blind" the aircraft and the new one, and reconnaissance and other infrastructure will be prepared!
      This is already dangerous if they succeed!
      It is necessary to prepare the counters already YESTERDAY!
      1. newcomer
        newcomer 1 August 2019 21: 21
        well already. C70 will be the ward of SU57.
      2. Rwmos
        Rwmos 1 August 2019 21: 40
        They aren’t going anywhere, we just have the Su-57 complex imprisoned, marching to work with a drone in pair, which we are now testing.
        The United States has areas in which they are ahead of us, but NOW it is just in question about technology in aviation - much in doubt. And especially with the current jambs - you have not noticed that the F-35 is stamping in place - one will be caught - the other will pop up.
        Another thing is that the fleet is much more
        1. E.S.
          E.S. 2 August 2019 00: 16
          The fleet is so big that they are going to dig up the B-52 stewardess
        2. Tsoy
          Tsoy 2 August 2019 04: 13
          They aren’t going anywhere, we just have the Su-57 complex imprisoned, marching to work with a drone in pair, which we are now testing.

          And where did you get the idea that the F-35 is also not geared towards working with drones?
  • Ural-4320
    Ural-4320 2 August 2019 01: 00
    Again the Valkyrie? Well, the unlucky name is for the USAF. Look, dog lovers never call the second dog a nickname like the first.
  • nesmeshimenya
    nesmeshimenya 2 August 2019 02: 13

    But the AI ​​the Pentagon wants would have more advanced from the get-go if the US military is to protect itself from adversaries seeking to exploit system capabilities - such as pattern recognition, feature recognition and data extraction - by feeding it false information.

    “The current generation of AI does not deal with a world that understands how AI works and intentionally trying to throw a wrench in its machine. We will deal with that, ”Roper explained.

    This part in the original article, IMHO, is the most interesting. The Pentagon wants MIT to develop a new generation of AI, which will deliberately deceive those who are trained to deal with it.