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Tiger fired at in Chechnya saved crew lives

The military-industrial company published photos of the command and staff vehicle based on the STS Tiger base, which was fired upon by militants last August in Chechnya.
The whole crew remained intact, only one of the servicemen was slightly scratched by a bullet. The shelling was carried out from Kalashnikov assault rifles, a grenade launcher and a SVD sniper rifle.
Tiger fired at in Chechnya saved crew lives
The marks from the automatic bullets are clearly visible, and the top right of the door is where the grenade comes from the grenade launcher.
Side window on the driver side, inside view
Tried to kill the driver ...
... yes did not work
Only the back door was vulnerable when an armor-piercing incendiary bullet from the SVD hit
The company says that the bullet could only punch through the door and break through the plastic, it did not have enough for more
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  1. vadimus
    vadimus 5 July 2012 08: 45 New
    Do not save on people! Build more armored vehicles. Our gene pool is more expensive than iron, believe me!
    1. Yoshkin Kot
      Yoshkin Kot 5 July 2012 09: 44 New
      eh in the first there would be more such machines
      1. Boos24
        Boos24 5 July 2012 10: 37 New
        And in the future they will not hurt, impressed by the marks from the under-barrel grenades
        1. alex-defensor
          alex-defensor 5 July 2012 16: 25 New
          Our military-industrial complex has released a good car, keep it up. "Democrats" are not asleep, you have to be ready !!!
      2. ilf
        ilf 5 July 2012 12: 11 New
        Note the frontal bulletproof glasses are divided, in this case it is easy to replace the shot glass, and on Rysa the windshield would have to be completely replaced, I think bulletproof glass withstanding automatic bursts is not cheap!
    2. FiremanRS
      FiremanRS 7 July 2012 00: 51 New
      Advertising for the car is not bad)))) I want this))))
  2. Tiberium
    Tiberium 5 July 2012 08: 48 New
    We can say that the tiger went through baptism of fire.
  3. itr
    itr 5 July 2012 08: 51 New
    It's good that everyone survived!
  4. Pashhenko Nikolay
    Pashhenko Nikolay 5 July 2012 08: 52 New
    Definitely the right car. And more.
  5. Dart weyder
    Dart weyder 5 July 2012 08: 53 New
    paid off in this situation! then it’s not in vain bought!
  6. Kobra66
    Kobra66 5 July 2012 08: 55 New
    Improve rear door bookings and produce
  7. tun1313
    tun1313 5 July 2012 08: 56 New
    "Only one of the servicemen was slightly scratched by a bullet" - SVD? For more details about the fighter. And so to strengthen the booking of the rear door and forward.
    1. alexng
      alexng 5 July 2012 10: 05 New
      Probably the bullet hit the slot for firing a machine gun / machine gun. And so the "tiger" proved to be a fine fellow. More tiki cubs.
  8. Alexey Prikazchikov
    5 July 2012 09: 00 New
    I believe that you do not need to buy Tigers with protection of 5 and 3 classes. If you take it, it should be Tiger 6a, it holds 6 kg of waste under the wheel, while it should be equipped with a remote module, which we have developed to hell
    and a navigation system, a new AMZesovsky engine, and grilles on glasses, and even more preferably light screens or networks, like in the French. So this should be a combat tiger. And we need new modifications of the medical drug like Humvee or for repairmen. Since one brigade is easier to equip with tigers of all modifications than a bunch of different equipment. Moreover, there are dshb that drive tigers and ride because they replaced the hussars that were previously in service, so they should be equipped with such a set.
  9. Tirpitz
    Tirpitz 5 July 2012 09: 03 New
    It’s time to change the oise. So there would be several corpses, it’s good that the equipment did not disappoint. still normal armored personnel carriers and soldiers will ride inside, and not outside under bullets.
  10. wk
    wk 5 July 2012 09: 07 New
    to upgrade the TIGER according to the 6th class of armor protection and no malacholny Lynxes are needed in the Russian army.
    1. Yoshkin Kot
      Yoshkin Kot 5 July 2012 09: 46 New
      my friend, who "had a rest" at the resort in the first place, says about this, easier, you defend the car? shove your ass in it and on the land mine! and then judge
      1. wk
        wk 5 July 2012 10: 04 New
        Quote: Yoshkin Cat
        put your ass in it and on a land mine! and then judge

        dear YoK - Serdyukov and K are not guided by this principle at all class of armor, then "LYNX" and can not be placed next to.
        1. Yoshkin Kot
          Yoshkin Kot 5 July 2012 10: 05 New
          do you know for sure? or how is the famous inscription on the barn?
  11. yanus
    yanus 5 July 2012 09: 25 New
    People are good. But the block with the antenna on the roof of the armor forgot to cover. As a result, the KShM is out of order with all the consequences ...
  12. ilf
    ilf 5 July 2012 09: 32 New
    This KShM is in service with the internal forces, and in the photo of the KShM with 46 MIL Defense Forces. Excellent armored car and this is not an isolated case
  13. USNik
    USNik 5 July 2012 09: 44 New
    The fighters are alive, the designers are great, the tiger did not disappoint. There would be a UAZ, there would be corpses. But in general, what the hell was KShM doing in the "foreground"?
  14. ShturmKGB
    ShturmKGB 5 July 2012 09: 47 New
    I think the engineers will still conjure, it will become even more reliable. The combat experience is priceless!
  15. Born in USSR
    Born in USSR 5 July 2012 10: 09 New
    To buy horseradish Lynx, if there is such a Tiger?
  16. Baron Wrangell
    Baron Wrangell 5 July 2012 10: 23 New
    in the second resort campaign, our UAZ came under automatic fire, (thank God everyone was still alive), apparently shot unintelligible, they went under the 80-90, and he shot from the side, aiming right at the center of the car, did not take a speed warning, so three holes in the back of the car, (UAZ police, all iron), was completely stitched. On that day, all four of us marked our survival well. And if you were in such a transport, you would look and beat this reptile, sitting behind the armor, and only they would flee and see us.
    Car Tiger respect!
  17. small
    small 5 July 2012 10: 25 New
    Heaped shot, but booking is better !! Here you have the tank on wheels !!!
  18. tun1313
    tun1313 5 July 2012 14: 02 New
    And the car and SVD too early to write off
  19. Z.A.M.
    Z.A.M. 5 July 2012 14: 04 New
    Impressive pics.
    And even more impressive is "T & GRA" itself!
    good good good
  20. xzWhiteWolf
    xzWhiteWolf 5 July 2012 15: 48 New
    Super! The car withstood the shots from the SVD in the windshield, I generally keep quiet from the grenade launcher. We need to buy as many of them as possible. They will save the guys, but the militants will just "burn" once again.
  21. nekromonger
    nekromonger 5 July 2012 16: 33 New
    not from a grenade launcher but from a grenade launcher - these are 2 big differences. RPG in skilled hands and with a tank stretches.
  22. Nursultan
    Nursultan 5 July 2012 19: 07 New
    Our Russians have not forgotten how to make good technique! TIGER is almost a tank. Still would have replaced the back door with a heavily armored. then the members will not TIGER
  23. warrior
    warrior 5 July 2012 21: 10 New
    Saved the car! For this, the soldiers love their armored cars.
    Although there are some "spreading errors" on the car as a whole.
    The loopholes that are in the glasses are directly dangerous. At least reduce the resistance of glass. Then, with a close tear or bang of a makeshift mine, the glass is scattered almost in the sand, but there is no embrasure. Ambrasurka flies shrapnel into the body, while at the level of the goals of the driver and navigator. Even worse if the gap is behind. The back door is two-winged, two secla from two embrasures. In the explosion, they will move forward, longitudinally through the body and do a lot of bad inside. It is better to make an embrasure in metal, moreover, from the cap inside, and not like here, I can see from the cap.
    The back door is too "delicate" mounts, apparently not very heavy, which means not very armored. If the SVD takes it, then it means they need to change it for something more impressive.
    They wrote about the antenna above, for a submarine car this is unacceptable, control is lost.
    In general, not bad, they modify everything
  24. Barvetum
    Barvetum 5 July 2012 22: 16 New
    Yes, I looked at the fact that I left the base rocket-propelled grenade launcher and realized: the car really paid off, and we don’t need all kinds of hammers and looters there. The first is outdated morally, and the second is too huge. And the tiger has acceptable sizes and armor protection at altitude, plus it also feels at ease in the meadows and mountains.