Turkish drones Bayraktar TB2 in the Ukrainian army

In the early spring of 2019, tests of a Turkish-made Bayraktar TB2 unmanned aerial vehicle were conducted in the skies over the Zhytomyr and Khmelnitsky regions. As noted by P. Poroshenko, who at that time served as head of state, the tests were successful.

Turkish drones Bayraktar TB2 in the Ukrainian army

Agreement for the purchase of Turkish military drones, we recall, was signed in early November last year during the visit of the head of the Ukrainian state to Turkey. According to the terms of the contract, it was supposed to supply 6 combat vehicles, two control stations and two hundred guided missiles. In addition, the delivery of a set of spare parts, staff training and service were provided. The cost of this contract was estimated at 69 million dollars.

The Ukrainian and Turkish sides were negotiating on supplies drones for several years, during this time period, Ukrainian representatives of the military department visited Turkey, getting acquainted with the various stages of testing the drone.

What is the Turkish Bayraktar TB2?

This is a Turkish-made operational-tactical drone equipped with a Rotax 912 internal combustion engine with a capacity of 100 horsepower. The body of the device is equipped with an automatic take-off and landing system and is made of composite materials. Drone is able to carry aviation bombs and anti-tank guided missiles. In length, the device reaches 6,5 meters, wingspan - 12 meters. It can reach speeds of up to 222 km / h, while cruising speed is 130 km / h. The range of Bayraktar TB2 is 150 kilometers. The drone is capable of carrying a load of up to 50 kg.

Turkish drone, it should be noted, set a record for the duration of the flight during the test - 24 hours 34 minutes.

If we talk about stories creating Bayraktar TB2, then it is quite simple. Back in 2007, two companies, Baykar Technologies and the Kale Group, received an order from the Turkish military to develop a prototype of a promising unmanned aerial vehicle. Two years later, Bayraktar Block A appeared, which was taken as a basis. In 2012, it was finalized and put into service under the guise of Block B, after which mass production began.

Since that time, Turkish troops have made an order for the 151 drone, at the moment only half has been received. In addition, one complex (6 apparatuses) is in service with the General Directorate of Security and two complexes - at the High Command of the Turkish Gendarmerie.

These drones are widely used in Syria against the Kurds, as well as directly in Turkey itself. It is known that at least one unit was shot down in the middle of winter 2018 of the year on the Turkish-Syrian border.

More recently, the Turkish-made drone could not boast of export success, and only at the beginning of 2019, one such complex (6 drones) was delivered to Qatar.

As for the Ukrainian-Turkish cooperation, it all started with the fact that the Ukrainian state-owned concern Ukroboronprom was looking for UAVs that would already have been worked out in serial production and met the requirements of the Ukrainian army. At the beginning of this year, an agreement was signed on the supply of Turkish drones to the Ukrainian side. The number of purchased vehicles remains unknown, but last fall there was information that the contract spelled out the purchase of one complex and two hundred missiles.

In the spring, the vehicles passed tests and were sent to the zone of armed conflict, according to some information, to the Dokuchaevsk area as part of the 35-th separate brigade of marines.

If in the near future Ukraine will get some more drone drone strike, it will mean strengthening the strike potential of the Ukrainian army. The troops have already received a good machine, which is capable of hitting targets from a height of about 5 km and has a long range.

However, on the other hand, the Turkish drone has a number of drawbacks. These include, for example, a relatively small combat load, which in fact means that only unprotected objects are capable of hitting bombs or missiles. There is nothing surprising in this, since the manufacturers from the very beginning designed an apparatus for fighting partisan Kurdish units, therefore its main task was to stay in the air for a long time and, at a certain moment, on command, hit single targets or small caravans.

In southeastern Ukraine, by contrast, there is a full-fledged war using tanks and serious fortifications. Therefore, it is not yet possible to determine how effective Turkish drones will be in this case.

The disadvantages can also be attributed to the relatively low cruising speed - just 130 km / h, but at the same time quite large sizes. It is still not entirely clear how the Turkish vehicles will behave with active electronic countermeasures, because the combat experience of using Bayraktar TB2 is limited only to operations against small partisan detachments.

Although, probably, the Ukrainian military has a coherent concept of using UAVs, which includes the use of not only Turkish large drones, but also small Warmate kamikaze UAVs, which have been mass-produced in Chernihiv. These devices have great speed and have the ability to hit the target as quickly as possible.

Ukrainian prospects for the production of UAVs

Of course, the fact that Turkey and Ukraine began cooperation in the military-industrial complex may indicate an exchange of technologies and experience. Therefore, even without knowing all the conditions of the contract, it can be assumed that after carrying out full-scale state testing, the Ukrainian side will want to sign a contract for the local production of similar UAVs. In addition, we should not forget that in Ukraine there is a private development of the shock drone from the "Antonov" - "Gorlitsa". About her virtually nothing is known, although in fact it differs little in its technical characteristics from the Turkish drone.

Here, first of all, it is necessary to understand that for the Ukrainian state such a direction as the design and production of UAVs was not a priority right up to the 2014 year, when the capabilities of drones were appreciated in a real war. Of course, the 4 of the year is very small for creating a full-fledged, efficient unmanned vehicle. Therefore, even in the presence of production capacity, scientific and technical potential, the production of such devices stretches for years.

With the acquisition of Turkish drones, Ukrainian military industrialists have gained invaluable experience in creating drones of this type. In addition, the Gorlitsa UAV is not at all the limit of the potential of the Ukrainian defense industry. It should be recalled that in October 2018, the Ukrainian side presented a model of a strategic strike drone similar to the American MQ-9 "Reaper". According to the plans, this model should have very good characteristics: maximum payload weight up to 1400 kg and take-off weight up to 6 000 kg. Of course, this is only a model, but it should also be remembered that Antonov signed a cooperation agreement with the Swiss company AIR-ION Technologies SA at the Farnborough air show. The memorandum provides for joint development and production of electric and hybrid UAVs.

Thus, we can say that Antonov Design Bureau has a clear idea of ​​what Ukrainian shock drones should be like, and ambitions do not end with the Gorlitz UAV. But since the Ukrainian military-industrial complex is only at the beginning of the path, then, accordingly, the creation of strategic strike drones is still far away.

It is impossible to deny the benefits from the supply of foreign strategic drones, especially in conditions when the Ukrainian army is in dire need of modern weapons. While domestic devices are under development, it is necessary to use the experience and capabilities of the allies.
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    31 July 2019 05: 37
    Thus, we can say that Antonov Design Bureau has a clear idea of ​​what Ukrainian strike drones should be, and ambitions do not end with the Gorlitsa UAV.

    Well, we’ll see what kind of a fellow will turn out
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      31 July 2019 07: 39
      one hell of a "reaper" will look like
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        31 July 2019 07: 41
        And the best for "reaper", hammer "and" stronghold "in one bottle.
        by "fighting" qualities
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          31 July 2019 07: 55
          "hammer" must be installed on it
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            31 July 2019 07: 58
            Quote: novel xnumx
            "hammer" must be installed on it

            Can a couple. For reliability.
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              31 July 2019 07: 58
              and so that the alignment is not violated
              1. +1
                31 July 2019 08: 01
                And aerodynamics didn't suffer
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      31 July 2019 08: 21
      Everything is as always, we are the S-400 Turks, and they are on an unmanned UAV. We are waiting for Turkish drones at our borders.
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        31 July 2019 08: 26
        Quote: machinistvl
        and they are on an unmanned UAV.

        I was so scared that I probably won’t fall asleep today
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          31 July 2019 11: 53
          In length, the device reaches 6,5 meters, wingspan - 12 meters. It can reach speeds of up to 222 km / h, while cruising speed is 130 km / h. The range of Bayraktar TB2 is 150 kilometers. The drone is capable of carrying a load of up to 50 kg.

          And the Turks have been developing it for 20 years? UAVs about nothing. We sold to Ukraine to sell it at least somewhere. In Turkey, this project is considered a failure.
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          31 July 2019 12: 24
          According to information circulated by the Ukrainian war journalist Yuriy Butusov, Ukraine signed a contract to acquire the Turkish reconnaissance and assault unmanned aerial vehicle Bayraktar TB2. The $ 69 million contract provides for the delivery of six Bayraktar TB2 drones, two ground control stations and 200 guided missiles, which also includes a set of spare parts, service support and training for personnel. It is known that the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko during his visit to Turkey on November 3-4, 2018, visited the company of Baykar Makina company - the developer and manufacturer of Bayraktar drones. Perhaps during this visit a contract was signed. President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko during a visit to the company of the Turkish company Baykar Makina against the background of a reconnaissance and strike unmanned aerial vehicle Bayraktar TB2. Two guided ammunition Roketsan MAM-L (on internal suspensions) and two MAM-C (on external suspensions) are suspended under the device. Istanbul, 04.11.2018/2009/2014 (c) Ministry of Defense of Ukraine A prototype drone took off in 50. Since 2, at least 650 pieces have been delivered to the Turkish law enforcement agencies, they were also used in Syria. Bayraktar TB100 has a maximum take-off weight of 220 kg, while its 130 hp piston engine. with a propeller, it provides the drone with a maximum speed of 8100 km / h, cruising speed of 6,5 km / h and a ceiling of up to 12 m. Machine dimensions are 2 m in length and wingspan is 75 m. The glider is made of composite materials. Roketsan MAM-L guided ammunition Bayraktar TB55 has a payload of up to XNUMX kg (usually XNUMX kg) and is located on four underwing pylons. Roketsan L-UMTAS or MAM-L anti-tank guided missiles with a semi-active laser guidance system can be suspended on a drone. A lightweight MAM-C ammunition has also been developed, which is an adjustable bomb with a laser semi-active guidance system.

          Content Source: https://naukatehnika.com/udarnyie-dronyi-v-nebe-ukrainyi.html
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      April 24 2020 22: 42
      Already passed the test in Syria Idlib. Worked wonderfully. The offensive of Aslad and the Russian Federation was stopped. Putin asked for Peace .....
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    31 July 2019 05: 44
    And the Turks and Crimea consider the good fellows theirs, they chopped off part of Syria and Iraq, they supply weapons to Ukraine, not for free, they also receive various Soviet developments from it, for familiarization from Russia and the S-400, and the Potok, and the nuclear power plant .. . and even Russian loans.
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    31 July 2019 06: 43
    Unpleasant news for LDNR. Inadequacies may begin to use such weapons against civilians. We’ll have to strengthen air defense again, and this is the cost ...
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    31 July 2019 06: 46
    --- "... While domestic devices are in the development stage, it is necessary to use the experience and capabilities of the allies." - Here it is, allies, proven stories.
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    31 July 2019 07: 22
    In an amicable way, it's time to take Erdogan for tomatoes again, but South Stream outweighs the future losses of the Donbass militia from these drones.
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    31 July 2019 08: 09
    According to reports from Libya, it was TV2 who killed 2 Il and Su-22 (or MiG) with their bombs.

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      31 July 2019 11: 44
      Libyans, sir! Your fucking - well, you understand, they stand out even among the Arabs. They were recently given Armor, for which this Bayraktar is a fairly easy target.
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      31 July 2019 18: 21
      2 IL-76 loaded to the dump with ammunition and weapons (they say rented from Ukraine). The operation was secret and could not believe that the reconnaissance of the Turks was up to date. We did not have time to unload the planes, TV2 was right there. Only 50 kg of payload, and business done a huge scale. 2 fully loaded IL-76, + a fighter of some kind, a huge loss
  7. BAI
    31 July 2019 08: 42
    While domestic devices are under development, it is necessary to use the experience and capabilities of the allies.

    As I understand it - a reprint from the Ukrainian press?
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      31 July 2019 10: 26
      So this is obvious. And it’s hard to understand where reality ends and the mriy begin
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    31 July 2019 09: 27
    The body of the device is equipped with an automatic take-off and landing system

    So, the chassis, powerplant and combat load take off under manual control?
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    31 July 2019 10: 37
    Bandera Ukraine is becoming more and more dangerous every day, in 2014 we could bring our pro-Russian one to power, the politician, if we rely not only on Yanukovych, but also on others, especially the army, police and SBU, would not side of Bandera, and now the situation is not in our favor, and it is getting worse and worse, and we are not doing anything. Ultimately, Ukraine as a state will fall apart if we do not bring a pro-Russian politician to power.
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      31 July 2019 10: 57
      Ultimately, Ukraine as a state will fall apart if we

      But what, is it somehow important to us? Is it on the map of Europe, is there a caravan on its way? Because from a geopolitical point of view, Ukraine is not a country, it is an occasion.
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        31 July 2019 11: 07
        This is important, our grandfathers gave their lives for the liberation of these lands, and these leaders plundered and plundered everything, but as they take the 5th point, they throw everything, they suitcase in the teeth and flee the country, and they wanted to spit on everyone, but authorities following thieves come, rob further.
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    31 July 2019 10: 55
    Well, there is one plus for the Russian Federation in the supply of Turkish UAVs to Ukraine: the Russian military will gain experience with electronic warfare with similar unmanned aerial vehicles. Yes, and having planted several such UAVs on the territory controlled by the LPNR, one can "in a calm atmosphere" study the "stuffing" and adopt, if they find something useful ... IMHO
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    2 October 2019 11: 40
    Well now is the end of Russian quilted jackets and drunks from the Donbass?