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Geopolitical mosaic: Assad emigrates to Moscow or Minsk, and the IMF will not save the US from the crisis

Syria will not submit to the West. Iranian State Television and Radio referring to Mehr News, reports that the Syrian President, commenting on the incident with the downed Turkish fighter, said: the Syrians will never obey the policies of the United States and the West.

In an interview with the Turkish Jumhuryat newspaper, Bashar al-Assad said that in Syria "until the very moment the plane crashed, they did not know that it belonged to the Turkish Air Force." The president added: “The plane flew in the air corridor that had been used three times by the Israeli aviation. Our radars could not identify him, and he himself did not give us information, so the military shot him down. ”

At the same time, Assad stressed that the plane was shot down precisely in Syria’s airspace when flying low. He was hit by a “small ZRK battery”, which does not hit targets at a distance over 2,5 km.

Infographics with Turkish and Syrian versions of the fighter route from RIA News"

Assad is time to emigrate to Russia. Or maybe to Belarus? Western countries are urging Russia to grant political asylum to the Syrian president. Pavel Tarasenko, Elena Chernenko, Gennady Sysoev (Kommersant).

According to Kommersant, an unnamed source in Russian diplomatic circles, Western countries, and especially the United States, are trying to persuade Moscow to take the Syrian leader back by giving him political asylum in Russia. However, the source "Kommersant" assured journalists: "We have no plans to pick up Assad and there is no."

The Syrian opposition has no clear leader yet. However, the arrival of a delegation of Syrian opposition leaders led by politician Michel Kilo next week to negotiate in Moscow can correct this “facelessness” of the opposition. Kilo, who participated in both internal (acting in Syria) and external (abroad) opposition, may turn out to be a compromise figure, journalists write, around which the opponents of Assad will unite.

The president of Syria himself, in a recent interview with the Turkish newspaper Cumhuriyet, announced for the first time that he was ready to resign if he was convinced that this step would lead to a settlement of the conflict.

Vladimir Sotnikov, senior researcher at the Center for International Security at the Institute of World Economy and International Relations of the Russian Academy of Sciences, told Kommersant: “Moscow can give Assad political asylum if he realizes that the West is not ready to give security guarantees to the Syrian leader and his family.” The expert also admits that “Moscow will hold talks with Belarus and, in order not to annoy public opinion in the West, persuade Minsk to shelter Assad: Lukashenko is quite ready for this.”

Fight in Cairo. At the conference of the Syrian opposition, its representatives were torn apart, not agreeing on terminology. Talk about it "Vesti"referring to ITAR-TASS and local media.

The verbal skirmish due to the wording of the final document between the Syrian opposition at the conference turned into assault. Drachunov had to separate the guards of the hotel, where the meeting of the opposition.

The cause of the fight was the Kurdish question. The Secretary General of the Arab League Nabil al-Arabi announced that the participants of the forum approved all the items of the final documents, with the exception of the concept of "Kurdish people". Representatives of the Kurdish National Council did not tolerate this and said they were leaving the meeting. They tried to stop, followed by a fight. After the fight, the delegates of the Kurdish group still left the conference. “This is unfair,” said KNS representative Abdelaziz Othman. “We are leaving because this conference has abandoned the provision on the recognition of the Kurdish people.”

The conference showed that the opposition, as before, is very far from uniting and is simply not capable of acting as a united front. Not a single document was adopted at the forum, but only some agreements were reached. In addition, among the delegates remained insurmountable differences on the need for foreign military intervention in the affairs of Syria.

The draft outcome document provides for a course for a transitional period, which should begin with the overthrow of Assad and bring to justice all those responsible for the bloodshed. All internal issues will be decided, according to the draft document, by the Syrians themselves. However, assistance is expected from the Arab countries and the world community - “to protect the unity, sovereignty and stability of Syria.”

This apparently means the following: you help us with money, weapons, equipment and soldiers, and then we say thank you and build a new world. The noble West, of course, is just waiting for the moment when it will be possible to bow out and leave the geopolitical scene.

Despite the general approval of the draft opposition document, it is not known when it will be adopted.

10 thousand against Syria. How is 2 July Interfax With reference to the Iranian channel "Press TV", about 10 thousand well-armed fighters spread to Syria across the border with Lebanon to support the rebels and inciting civil war in the country.

It is reported that the militants have, among other weapons, anti-tank missiles. According to available information, they occupied the city of al-Quseir in the province of Homs.

New tunnels were excavated and new bunkers were built. Iran has helped Hezbollah improve the tunnel system in southern Lebanon. This is done in anticipation of a possible Israeli attack. Reports about this resource MIGnews with reference to the Lebanese newspaper Al-Joumhouria, which refers to "European diplomatic sources and European secret services." In addition, the newspaper said that, under the supervision of Iranian military engineers, a system of tunnels was also created in the Bekaa Valley.

Hezbollah dug new tunnels and built bunkers south of the r. Litani. The tunnels are equipped with ventilation, lighting and communication systems. In the tunnels are arranged warehouses of weapons and ammunition, medical equipment. There are field kitchens, toilets and heating systems. It is noted that the tunnels under the Bekaa go deep into the Syrian territory.

Libyan prisoners released. This tells Igor Kryuchkov (Moscow News).

Four representatives of the International Criminal Court (ICC), including the former Russian ambassador to the Netherlands, Alexander Khodakov, arrived in Holland yesterday. All of them were held in Libya for just under a month.

Democratic Libyan authorities said their release was a gesture of goodwill. The investigation of the four representatives of the ICC is not completed. They will again answer the questions of the investigation, but already in The Hague. They are accused of violating official instructions. The ICC pledged to keep Tripoli informed of the investigation.

The arrest of lawyers was due to the fact that representatives of the ICC Melinda Taylor and Helena Assaf during a meeting with their son Gaddafi Seif Al-Islam allegedly tried to convey a message to him from one of his former political advisers. In order not to leave colleagues, Alexander Khodakov and Esteban Losiya refused to leave Libya without them.

In Libya, they see the activities of conspirators planning to take out Gaddafi’s son from the country.

Death by polonium? Al Jazeera journalists reported yesterday that Yasir Arafat’s clothes and personal belongings of Yonir Arafat, deceased in 2004, were found to contain traces of polonium-210. About this tells Vadim Zlobin (

Traces of polonium were found on those Arafat things that journalists received from his widow. These items were transferred to the Institute of Radiophysics in Lausanne for research. The head of the institute, Francois Bosch, confirmed the presence of polonium-210 in samples.

Experts specify that it will be possible to find out where the “polonium trace” leads to, only after researching the remains of Arafat and soil samples from his grave. Suha, the widow of Arafat, has already filed an application requesting the exhumation of her husband's body.

Conference of the International School of NATO. It opened on July 2 in Baku. Its theme is “Anti-crisis measures: approaches of the international community, opportunities and resources”. Reports about it Institute of Caspian Cooperation with reference to

The opening ceremony was a speech by the Ambassador of Romania to Azerbaijan, Daniel Christian Ciobanu. He shared his views on the possibilities of joint actions by NATO countries in countering the threat of the global economic crisis, combating terrorism, supporting democracy in the world and protecting human rights. Ciobanu praised the cooperation of Azerbaijan with NATO.

It is reported that the summer session will last until July 7. The following topics will be discussed: “Theoretical view on the crisis”, “Review of military crises”, “Financial crisis”, “Regional conflicts”, “Nuclear energy” and others.

According to RosbaltThe special representative of the NATO Secretary General in the Caucasus and Central Asia, James Appathurai, should take part in the conference. His official visit to Azerbaijan is scheduled for July 5-6.

The great sin of Comrade Shevardnadze. "Vesti" With reference to the Tbilisi newspaper Asaval Dasavali and ITAR-TASS report that the former Georgian President Eduard Shevardnadze regrets the transfer of power to Mikhail Saakashvili. Comrade Shevardnadze admitted this himself, giving an interview to the popular newspaper Asaval Dasavali.

As the former Georgian president said, his “greatest sin against the people and the country is that he handed over power to Mikhail Saakashvili.” He stressed: “Then I had no choice but to retire early, but I am ready to repent a thousand times and apologize to the people of Georgia for transferring power to Mikhail Saakashvili. I admit my mistake and apologize to the people. "

According to Shevardnadze, Saakashvili "is not able to solve the main problems of Georgia" (ITAR-TASS information).

Georgian project. As passed yesterday from the UN correspondent ITAR-TASS Oleg ZeleninThe UN General Assembly adopted a draft resolution on Abkhazia and South Ossetia put forward to vote by Georgia on the problem of refugees and displaced persons. 60 countries voted in favor, 15 voted against, and eighty-two states abstained.

Criticized the document Russia. Alexander Pankin, the first deputy ambassador of the Russian Federation to the UN, said that the resolution proposed by Georgia "only complicates the already shaky negotiation process being conducted in Geneva." According to the diplomat, Tbilisi “is the time to put up with objective reality,” according to which there are two new states in the region. “It’s impossible to change this conjuncture reality by adopting resolutions,” said Pankin.

The document proposed by Tbilisi calls, among other things, "... the creation of security-friendly conditions conducive to the voluntary, safe, dignified and unimpeded return of all internally displaced persons to their places of origin."

Russian is the cause of the hunger strike. Ukrainian oppositionists are holding a protest in Kiev against the adoption of a law on the fundamentals of the state language policy. This tells RIA "Novosti" correspondent Alyona Meita.

The number of protesters is not exactly known. According to the opposition, several thousand people came to the protest rally, and according to the Ukrainian media, there are only a few hundred.

Representatives of the opposition forces staged a rally last night outside the Ukrainian House, where Viktor Yanukovych’s press conference should be held today. According to the Batkivshchyna Party, during the rally, its participants clashed with the Berkut fighters: the latter used tear gas. However, according to the UNIAN news agency, in the Kiev police deny the use of gas. In the metropolitan headquarters of the police they reported: “The police did not use any special means, including tear gas, but, on the contrary, several masked people used liquid from an aerosol can against the“ Berkut ”. Also, the police noted that not one of the participants in the clashes was detained.

On Tuesday, the Verkhovna Rada approved the draft law on languages, despite the fact that oppositional deputies actively tried to prevent voting. Now, if the law approved by the parliament is signed by the president, the Russian language will receive regional status - where it is native for at least 10% of the population (and this is 13 from the 27 administrative-territorial units of Ukraine).

Oppositionists, outraged by the adoption of the law, said they would not participate in the work of parliament until the end of the current session. Seven deputies even went on a hunger strike.

Rotting Europe. Hollande's campaign promises come true! In France, writes "", referring to France-Press, same-sex couples from 2013, will be able to marry, and even adopt children.

Prime Minister Jean-Marc Erault yesterday spoke to members of parliament and said: “In the first half of 2013, the right to marriage and adoption will be available to all couples, without any discrimination.”

The legalization of same-sex marriage and the permission of such couples to adopt children, reminds “Lenta”, was one of the pre-election promises of Francois Hollande.

In advanced democratic France, civil unions between same-sex couples have already been allowed (since 1999), but in comparison with official spouses they limit the rights of partners. Early last year, homosexual fans tried to challenge the ban on same-sex marriage in the French Constitutional Court, but the court decided that the articles of the civil code, in which marriage is defined only as a union between a man and a woman, are in full compliance with the Constitution.

The majority of deputies, following the results of yesterday’s parliamentary hearing, were supported by the cabinet of ministers formed after Hollande took office as president.

And the majority of deputies, we will add from ourselves, is the quintessence of the people's opinion. At least the majority of the people. Draw your own conclusions.

Cases Sarkozy. Andrey Baranov ("Vesti") talks about how badly Monsieur Sarkozy, the former president of France, now lives.

Geopolitical mosaic: Assad emigrates to Moscow or Minsk, and the IMF will not save the US from the crisis

First, French investigators searched both the house and Nicolas Sarkozy's office (he himself was in Canada prudently): the ex-president is suspected of being illegally sponsored by Lilian Betancourt in 2007 . There is a testimony from the former accountant of the owner of the twenty billionth state, according to which this richest woman personally handed 150.000 euros in cash to the chief treasurer of election headquarters Sarkozy. Yes, and other witnesses claim that in the same year 2007 more than once saw Monsieur Sarkozy visiting Betancourt, where he received brown envelopes with bills from a generous elderly business woman. The prosecution believes that the amount of illegal donations Betancourt on the Sarkozy campaign could reach 800.000 euros.

To prove his innocence, Sarkozy sent the judge a couple of weeks ago ... a copy of his weekly. And there it is clearly stated that the owner of the notebook visited Betancourt only once: he is a busy person.

Here, it turns out, what weighty arguments can bring to the court of politics: you send a weekly to the court, in which it is said in black and white - I wasn’t there more than once! The strange thing is that the French court ignored this indisputable evidence.

Secondly, Sarkozy is suspected of receiving multimillion-dollar bribes-kickbacks for delivering submarines to Pakistan (the “Karachi case”).

Thirdly, the ex-president is accused of receiving funding for the 2007 election campaign from the Libyan budget on behalf of Gaddafi.

What can I say - except that it is not easy to be president! True, it becomes much harder when you stop being it.

Dear Breivik. As transmitted from Stockholm correspondent ITAR-TASS Irina Dergachevareferring to the newspaper Verdens Ganges, the staff of the psychiatric ward in the Il prison, which is organized specifically for the maintenance of Anders Breivik, will be approximately 20 people. Security alone will cost taxpayers 30 thousand Norwegian Kroner (5 thousand dollars) daily. Moreover, the restructuring of the building under the psychiatric ward will require costs in the amount of about 2 million crowns (almost 330 thousand dollars).

These are the financial news from Norway. It is also reported that terrorist Breivik will be in Il prison, regardless of whether he is sentenced to compulsory treatment or imprisonment.

How did humanoids come from Europe! Twenty people will live only to make it convenient Breivik!

You can only shudder, imagining how many people will stretch after Breivik, hoping to find peace and stability in the 21 year. The humanoids hardly think about this: their job is to arrange in such a way that the letter of the law is respected.

By the way, Breivik is guaranteed an audience for preaching ideas of anti-multiculturalism. For 21 a year, he can convert the entire staff of the new prison department to his faith. Unless, of course, he is recognized as mentally ill, and doctors and orderlies will not gradually do their job.

Afghan national security forces will independently control the southern part of Afghanistan. It is reported "" with reference to the National Television of Afghanistan.

Last Sunday, the Afghan national security forces took control of the southern part of the country from the international armed forces. The solemn ceremony in Kandahar was attended by the governors of Kandahar, Uruzgan and Zabul, representatives of ISAF, the Afghan military, as well as representatives of civil organizations.

At a press conference, General Abdul Hamid said that from now on night raids will be carried out by units of the Afghan army.

Soon, Kandahar and the districts of Dand, Daman and Arghandab will also come under the control of the Afghan armed forces.

NATO shipments will travel through Pakistan again. The government of Pakistan has resumed deliveries of goods to NATO forces in Afghanistan through its territory, as announced on July 3 by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Reports about it "" with reference to the Associated Press.

The decision to resume cargo transit, according to Clinton, was made after the United States officially apologized for the death of 24 by the Pakistani military, destroyed as a result of NATO air strikes 26 on November 2011. Apologies, according to Clinton, were made during her telephone conversation with Pakistani Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar.

Thus, it is possible to summarize: America learns to apologize in difficult times. It only took seven months for her to understand that, with the current balance of forces in geopolitics, the world position of the United States is no longer such that, due to the old habit of avoiding politeness, to pry and to avoid apologies.

Pakistani press notesthat this is the first time that a high-ranking official from Washington has apologized for the victims of the American UAV raids.

In addition to the apology, Pakistan received money. As reported from Washington correspondent RIA "Novosti" Denis Voroshilov, The United States unblocked a package of aid to Pakistan worth about 1,1 billion dollars. The reason for this decision was the consent of the authorities of the country to open a corridor for the transit of NATO goods to Afghanistan.

“The allocation of this amount has already been approved, the process has already begun,” an anonymous representative of the US administration told reporters.

The money, according to a White House official, compensates Pakistan for counter-terrorism operations.

According to Hillary Clinton, NATO and the United States will be able to ship goods and troops to Afghanistan along the old routes and at the same rates.

The Taliban are threatening. Meanwhile, the Pakistani Taliban announced yesterday that they were organizing mass attacks on caravans with cargoes for NATO troops. The goal of the Taliban is to thwart the agreement reached between Islamabad and Washington on the resumption of transit of goods through Pakistani territory. Reports about it correspondent RIA "Novosti" Evgeny Pakhomov, referring to the TV channel "DawnNews".

According to the said TV channel, the Taliban are threatening to carry out actions against the columns of trucks with logistic support for NATO throughout Pakistan.

Comrade Medvedev visited the Kurils. As reported from Tokyo correspondent ITAR-TASS Vasily Golovnin, the Japanese government regrets the visit of the Russian Prime Minister to the South Kuril island of Kunashir.

This was announced today at a press conference by the Secretary General of the Cabinet Osamu Fujimura. He noted that the visit of the Russian Prime Minister to Kunashir contradicted the position of Japan on the ownership of these lands and said: “It is extremely regrettable that this trip took place in conditions when a positive atmosphere developed in the dialogue between the two countries. We need to solve the problem of the northern territories, so that more of this does not happen. "

Earlier, on Tuesday, the head of the Japanese Foreign Ministry, Koichiro Gamba, also stated his displeasure at Medvedev’s visit to the South Kuril Islands. He told reporters: "This trip is contrary to our position, which boils down to the fact that Kunashir belongs to the northern territories of Japan."

Medvedev tells about the trip "Free press":

“Dmitry Medvedev visited South Kuriles Island Kunashir on Tuesday as part of a working visit to the Sakhalin Region. During the visit, the head of government examined the Yuzhno-Kurilsk fish factory and spoke with its director. The premiere wondered if there was any fish, where they got money from at the plant and whether the number of employees increased. The director answered the first and last question in the affirmative. “As far as I understand, the most important thing happened - the outflow from the Kuriles stopped,” Medvedev said, adding that this is very good.

The Prime Minister also examined the Central District Hospital and the building of the maritime station under construction. It is planned that the port will house the customs and border guards, medical center. According to Medvedev, construction will end in August, and the station will be commissioned in November. “There will be a full-fledged port,” said the governor of the Sakhalin Oblast, Khoroshavin.

In general, not very similar to the "northern territory of Japan."

US condemns Iran. As reported today from Washington correspondent ITAR-TASS Dmitry KirsanovThe United States condemns Iran’s military exercises yesterday, which were accompanied by the testing of ballistic missiles. This was announced at a press briefing for journalists by the head of the US State Department press service, Victoria Nuland.

As she stressed, the 2010 resolution adopted by the UN Security Council in June 1929 "prohibits Iran from engaging in any activity related to the creation of ballistic missiles capable of delivering nuclear weapons."

Also, the State Department does not like the fact that Iranian parliamentarians are calling for blocking the Strait of Hormuz for the passage of oil tankers bound for the countries of the Persian Gulf to Europe. “We intend to do everything necessary to ensure the openness of the strait,” said Nuland.

Kyle Raines, Representative 5th fleet The U.S. Navy, based in Bahrain, said that on June 23, Americans threw four more minesweepers into the Persian Gulf. Also in the region there is a converted large landing ship "Pons", turned into a naval base of the US Navy special forces.

Independence Day of America. Today, residents of the United States celebrate Independence Day on 236. How to report from New York correspondent ITAR-TASS Alexander Bekreneva, a grand pyrotechnic show on this occasion will take place in New York: 40 thousands of charges will be launched into the sky from barges on the Hudson River and they will color the sky in fifteen colors for about half an hour. The predominant colors will be blue, white and red.

No you not have thought. It is about the colors of the American flag.

Watching these national colors, Americans will arrange traditional barbecues, as well as gather in Brooklyn, where they will host annual international competitions on eating hot dogs.

We wish the Americans bon appetit!

While they are celebrating there, the IMF warns: the crisis is knocking on American doors. The United States needs to urgently solve its financial and economic problems. If it comes to a serious crisis in America, there will be no one to save America. About this, the United States received a warning not from some newly-minted prophet, but from the managing director of the International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde. Reports about it from Washington correspondent ITAR-TASS Andrey Shitov. Quote:

“The main findings of the IMF based on the review results are that“ the economic recovery in the United States is still barely warm and depends on the increased risk factors in the light of financial tensions in the euro area and the uncertainty about home fiscal plans. ” This is clearly reflected in the figures: this year the fund expects GDP growth in America at 2 percent, in 2013-m - at 2,3 percent. At the same time, the US federal budget deficit is expected at 7,5 percent levels. and 6,0 percent. respectively. The national debt should reach 106,7 percent this year, and increase to 110,7 percent in the future. ”

Lagarde subordinates believe that there is a danger for the United States to break from the “financial cliff” - if Congress and the administration do not agree to prevent budget sequestering in 2013. The IMF specialists calculated that if the budget expenditures in the USA are reduced by 4 next year percent, it can "slow down annual growth to a level much less than 1 percent, and early next year to negative growth rates, with significant negative consequences for the already fragile world economy."

Journalists at the briefing asked Lagard about how likely the United States would ask IMF for help. "We would not have the resources to lend to the United States," admitted Christine Lagarde.

Thus, we will add on our own the planned reduction of budget programs in the US - in addition to saving, there is a blow to consumption, and therefore it is a double-edged sword, especially in such an advanced consumer society as the United States.

Putin taxis America. Michael Weiss at "Foreign Policy" (translation source - "InoSMI") writes that Russian President Putin is doing whatever he wants with America. Mr. Weiss proves his thesis with the following arguments:

1. Syrian conflict. The Obama-Putin conversation at the G-20 summit was cold, and in general it was a bad meeting. Unsuccessful, alas, for America: after all, it must be admitted that the reset, which "killed the Syrian president Bashar al Assad," "only gave Obama an excuse to cover his flight in the face of the Russian offensive." The Kremlin and Assad, the author of the article believes, “friends do not spill water,” and the state company Rosoboronexport supplies weapons to Assad. (The author mentions a certain “MiG-25” instead of Mi-25).

2. In the opinion of Weiss, Russian dissidents are now paying the price for the credulity and revolt of President Obama, which is now deprived of US support — even symbolic. The evidence cites the words of Oleg Kozlovsky, whom the author calls an opposition veteran from the anti-Kremlin movement Solidarity: "I can’t name any real change in American politics in the past few years that would benefit democracy and human rights in Russia." In general, Obama's weak America is to blame for the fact that in Russia they are arresting protesters and conducting searches. Anti-corruption activist Natalya Pelevina would like to see a decisive reaction from the US, but, alas, she does not see.

3. Unhappy Ambassador McFaul, a reboot architect suffering from Moscow's anti-Americanism, is also paying the price for Obama's weakness.

4. The “deal” of Obama with Putin - without any particular clarification - is called “Faustian” in the article. Putin did not help America in organizing multilateral pressure on Iran. "In fact," writes Weiss, "Russia took advantage of the hand stretched to it by America in this matter, and is now playing a smart game, offering a minimum of concessions in exchange for maximum benefits." In the Iranian issue, Putin generally steers as he wants: “Putin helped build a nuclear power plant in Iran’s Bushehr and repeatedly offered to enrich Iran’s uranium in Russia.” Russia benefits from the Iranian nuclear problem: after all, Weiss writes, “because of the Iranian nuclear problems ... oil prices are high, which is a gift from heaven for Moscow.” (Already straight "heaven" and not the West?)

And Russia doesn’t care about sanctions against Tehran: “... very few well-known institutions, such as the First Czech-Russian Bank, are very active and lively in their transactions, charging more than six percent per transaction.”

Not to mention the fact that Moscow supplies arms to Iran: “Over the past decade, it has sold military equipment and armaments to Tehran for more than 5 billions of dollars.”

5. “Despite clear requirements for the withdrawal of Russian troops from Georgian territories, Moscow even strengthens its military presence in the self-proclaimed republics of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. And nevertheless, the United States pressured Tbilisi so that Georgia would not hinder Russia's entry into the World Trade Organization. ” The author hints at the fact that Comrade Putin has the idea to include Georgia in the imperial possessions of Russia.

6. Obama’s attempts to prevent the adoption of the law by Magnitsky demonstrated, according to the author, the true motives of the reset policy: “It is not aimed at improving bilateral relations - it is based on attempts to creep up on the Russian mafia state, get some compromises from it, and then fool us all, forcing to believe that this mafia state has changed its habits. ”

This is far from everything that the author of the long article said, but quite enough to understand: they are now doing world politics in Moscow, cleverly using America for this, and specifically its weakly characterized President Obama, who "fits" with the Kremlin. And if this goes on like this, the American reader should think here, then today, July 4, may be the last day when I’m enjoying hot dogs. And even the IMF of my America, weakened by the machinations of the FSB-KGB, will not help. What to do? Read Russian Chernyshevsky? Isn't it easier to vote in November?

It turns out a hidden election campaign, comrades. In favor of Republican candidate Mitt Romney.

Observed Oleg Chuvakin
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            The pilots of the F-4 Phantom fighter of the Turkish Air Force, recently shot down in Syria, literally “ran into” the fire of the air defense forces, an informed source in Moscow told Interfax-AVN on Wednesday.

            “The actions of the Turkish aircraft, of course, were provocative. Otherwise, how to explain the fact that the fighter made two, albeit short-term, calls into Syrian airspace, ”the source said.

            “For such actions, the crew could have only one motive - to check the combat readiness of the Syrian air defense system, and he really checked it. And also to conduct reconnaissance of forces and means of the Syrian air defense in the coastal direction, ”the source said.

            “In any case, the crew of the Turkish Phantom tried very hard to literally run into the fire of Syrian air defense forces,” the source said.

            Daily electronic newspaper "National Idea"
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            1. vorobey
              vorobey 4 July 2012 18: 11
              Well, why your ancestors did not take out the copyright on the word democracy. Now the amers would unfasten your grandmothers, and I think they didn’t use this word in every sense.
            2. radikdan79
              radikdan79 4 July 2012 23: 25
              Russia will stand on its feet (and also take a deep breath)! just amers - this is it ... until they get it in full, they don’t understand that they are not pavas ...
              1. Fidain
                Fidain 5 July 2012 01: 57
                Ya ne menshe vashevo Veryu chto Rassia vstanit na nogi i zaimiot to mesto v mire katoroe po pravu prenodlezhit yei.No kakpokazivaet istoria, kogda iz dvux sverx derzhav ili imperi astayoka priot zhe vot, to ono necital bil obshi vrag i rabotali chto bi pobedit i kak ne stalo CCCP im preshlos vidumivot Al-kaidu, napast sami na sebya chto bi svoemu norodu ubedit chto, tolko kak vse videm eto ne takuzh rabotaet vsyo vsplivaet.I narod v eto basni ne verit i Amerika razvalivaeca ... Ne srazu no.proces poshol.
                a chto kaseca anglosaqsoncev, to rto yesho te virodki, u nux net ne chevo svetovo!
                1. esaul
                  esaul 5 July 2012 18: 06
                  Bratello Fidain, welcome! I really like your position, brother Fidain,
                  Quote: Fidain
                  a chto kaseca anglosaqsoncev, to rto yesho te virodki, u nux net ne chevo svetovo!

                  And about the evolutionary leaps in the development of a particular civilization - these are the truths prescribed by the "comrades" Marx and his Carifan Engels. Evolutionary breakthroughs can only occur due to extreme conditions. Pliz - WWII. 2/3 of the industry of the USSR plowed for victory and the result was that the "fascist beast" was driven into the birlog (I think, into a pub) and extinguished in full.
                  Another moment brother FidainI associate your nickname with those who extinguished our landing at the dawn of "the struggle for the independence of the freedom-loving people of Azerbaijan for their independence." The Fidains were, for the most part, emissaries of Iran, and their task was to dismember the USSR and involve Azerbaijan in the orbit of Iranian foreign policy. Then Iran was not considered either as a potential enemy or as a close friend of the USSR. A certain duality of "nickname" and commentary texts is surprising. And therefore - caution in the perception of your comments ...
          3. esaul
            esaul 4 July 2012 18: 09
            Greetings to all of you, colleagues. Chesslovo, Oleg Chuvakin this time, besides a successful review, managed to raise a wave of no less humorous comments, and this is a very camille! News dumped - a lot and all the interesting and revealing ...
            If in order, so about the fact that Assad "expressed a desire" - about this the Western press has been blowing the victorious horns for three days, using the first half of Assad's speech, "not noticing" the continuation. And there it says in Arabic script on white that Assad believes that, in the end, the question of his future fate will be decided by the people of Syria, and not by any organized criminal group under any names like "Syrian Transitional", etc. Assad is well aware that at this time the people and the Army support him and, therefore, he has no way to escape, just as there is no desire to make this flight. And all these options, which he allegedly "goes through" in his cunning Middle East reflections, these are options for NATO wishes and nothing more.
            And the fact that the so-called "Syrian opposition," in fact, is a gopot striving for power, shows their style of resolving political differences - a scuffle. They are weak only against our brothers in the memorable 90s. Then our questions were resolved more decisively and "concretely" - a bullet in the forehead. You look - the Syrian oppositionists will learn and follow the same path. Teachers can write themselves an English language teacher from England. His name is Boris Abramovich with a very "pro-Russian" surname - Berezovsky ...
            Another piece of news did not surprise me, but amused me. This is how comrade. Shevardnadze turned out to be very strong "hindsight" In an interview with some newspaper "Asaval nasaval", he confesses that at one time, in spite of the USSR Empire (which raised him to the level of a state figure), he thrust such recipes and leaders into his small homeland Twenty years later, he turned the respected republic into a mat, which rushes about in search of how it will be more convenient to substitute the "DarAgom" sponsor.
            And the gentlemen of the Norwegians were especially struck by their talentlessness ... Insidious thoughts can involuntarily sneak up to give recommendations to the gentlemen of terrorists of different stripes - "Comrades! Shuru with your cannibalistic manners to prosperous Norway! Everything is so safe there and the people are so talented that you, after completing your raids guaranteed you will be provided with food and shelter and a gym until your very old age! " This is how it looks ...
            And of the feints of our first politicians, I really liked Medvedev's feint about the Kuril Islands! If there were more such feints and yapes, he would not like to play political football with Russia. Sit down and smoke a fish over the fire of Fukushima ...
            And regarding the last section, I remembered the title of one of the articles on the internet - something like - "Putin must become the president of America!"
            Guys, and "in the last lines of SVOVO letters, grandfather" (that's how Vanka Turgenevsky expressed himself) I want to throw up a funny incident that came across in the internet today and lifted my spirits after today's hot and exhausting day

            --------- Landing Tu-95 on an aircraft carrier

            vinter_cool thu, 24 / 05 / 2012 - 16: 29

            Aviation humor.
            This story happened during the time of the ardent friendship of the USSR and Cuba. Then our long-range strategic Tu-95 bombers regularly circled around Cuba and did aerial photography of all that was possible. By the way, the Americans in this area kept their warships, including several aircraft carriers.

            So, one Tu-95 flies over the ocean (By the way, who does not know what the Tu-95 is: it is a huge colossus, with a wingspan of about 85 meters - wider than the deck of an aircraft carrier, with 4-healthy engines and 8-th 3-meter screws), flies nobody touches, and an American interceptor flies up to him from the side (just at the Tu-95 course there was a state aircraft carrier).

            The pilot showed the signs “open the bomb gate” (you never know, suddenly there is a bomb near the carcass and he flies to sink his airfield). Our pilots opened his offshore trust bomb bay. The pilot flew up from below, seeing that there was nothing there except for the camera, calmed down. Again, catching up with the carcass, he smiled, winked, and then showed the belly of his plane along with air-to-air missiles, to which the carcass menacingly turned its 8 guns (exchange of courtesies, so to speak). But the pilot did not calm down and decided to joke - he showed the command "Sit down!".
            Our asked again:
            “Sit down ?!”
            - “Yes!”
            - “To an aircraft carrier ?!”
            - “Yes!”
            “Ok,” the Russians said, and on approaching the aircraft carrier they went to land ...
            But as they went on landing ... .. Reduced altitude and speed ... Put forward all their flaps and slats .... They lifted their nose .... They even released the chassis !!!
            Amerikosy, I’ll just forgive *** if they saw that this colossus would now sit on them and leave the deck from the deck, planes, people and buildings, they began to jump into the water !! And the height of Belize offshore trust is unpleasant - from about 9 storey building.
            Ours of course did not sit down, and at the last moment turned to the side and flew at the minimum height to hide from enemy locators. As eyewitnesses say at the airport, after landing, our pilots literally fell out of the plane from laughter. link

            As Serge (our colleague and my fellow countryman) says - "Obossaka!"
            1. chistii20
              chistii20 4 July 2012 18: 29
              Yesaul thank you very much for the comment I read laughed heartily The mood raised to all 100 Plus you big
              1. esaul
                esaul 4 July 2012 18: 43
                Sergey, welcome, buddy and thank you for your kind words. drinks
            2. 755962
              755962 4 July 2012 18: 37
              On April 22, 1977, the Ocala Star-Bonner (Florida) newspaper published a front page article about Soviet Tu-95RTs flights over the Saratoga aircraft carrier and 60 miles off the coast of Florida: "The Russians have never flown so close to the US coast." I want to add - these were our Vologda from the Kipelovo airbase
              1. esaul
                esaul 4 July 2012 18: 45
                Quote: 755962
                . "I want to add - these were our Vologda from the Kipelovo airbase

                Zhenya, salute. I share your pride with your damsels. they and mine ... compatriots. drinks laughing
                1. 755962
                  755962 4 July 2012 19: 04
                  Greetings, Valery! There is even more or less painted on the site (culturally) And what my friend, the former onboard mechanic of the "Bear" Loginov Sasha (the kingdom of heaven to him) told me, did not fit into any framework. muzhiki. OUR !!! There is something to be proud of. They were called by the Yankees - "Rabid Russians". drinks
              2. Little thing
                Little thing 4 July 2012 21: 39
                do they still fly? Kipelovo is the same as far as I remember next to Fedotovo
                1. 755962
                  755962 5 July 2012 00: 34
                  Quote: Ethish
                  Kipelovo is the same as far as I remember next to Fedotovo

                  That's right! They fly wherever they go. We go to our village through Fedotovo.
                  1. Little thing
                    Little thing 5 July 2012 09: 19
                    it’s a pity that I never saw their flights live (although it is possible that I just don’t remember). and do they bypass Vologda far?
            3. Yura
              Yura 4 July 2012 21: 56
              Quote: esaul
              Amerikosy, I’ll just forgive *** if I saw that now this colossus will sit on them

              I was neighing for five minutes so I didn’t own the mouse to put a plus, I did the same, thanks for the mood.
            4. radikdan79
              radikdan79 4 July 2012 23: 28
              Valery, great! good the story with "Carcass" generally smiled!
          4. Yura
            Yura 4 July 2012 21: 47
            Quote: Teploteh - nick
            And we are still dancing on their graves !!!

            Everything is too radical, but I am for it.
          5. radikdan79
            radikdan79 4 July 2012 23: 18
            Teploteh - nick,
            to be honest, it looks like the slogans of the Soviet era. but actually the idea is correct. no matter how bad Russia may be for the world community, it has never allowed itself such outrage in relation to other states (such as the "guarantors of democracy" are doing now)!
          6. Danloff
            Danloff 5 July 2012 14: 45
            Quote: Teploteh - nick
            led by Russia !!!

            You forgot about China. Which is economically more powerful than Russia by almost 4 times, and is growing further. Better led by the United States than with you.
      2. Gray-haired
        Gray-haired 4 July 2012 21: 40
        It’s scary, however. For former leaders, according to EU recommendations, they can poke knives in POPU. It hurts, however. Druzhban Gaddafi died of no habit, but as he wanted to be friends with Sarkazenysh, he turned his face from Russia ...
      3. radikdan79
        radikdan79 4 July 2012 23: 14
        Sarkozy has already done so many nasty things that it’s time to ask for asylum somewhere in Polynesia (or even to hell) laughing
    4. Gray-haired
      Gray-haired 4 July 2012 21: 35
      How evil you are, however. Well, a bit, a Gypsy Jew, has thrown money into it, and you are glad that you threaten to drag him on the zugunder. Not good. The Jews already have nothing to steal from all over the world, but here it’s hit.
  2. Deniska999
    Deniska999 4 July 2012 12: 54
    Rotting Europe. Hollande's campaign promises come to life: gay marriage destroys society. Comrade Medvedev visited the Kuril Islands: this is our country and why the Japanese are yapping at it ?! The United States condemns Iran: these are just words; I hope it won’t get to the point. Dear Breivik: conditions are like those of a king! and he is a criminal. Thanks for the review.
    1. Jaromir
      Jaromir 4 July 2012 13: 41
      They are obsessed with these same-sex marriages! I can't imagine who the child will grow up in the "family" of pederasts! .. The third pederast or what? ..
      1. Kaa
        Kaa 4 July 2012 14: 08
        "In France, writes" ", referring to" France-Presse ", same-sex couples from 2013 will be able to marry, and even adopt children."
        It remains to allow lesbians to reproduce by parthenogenesis, as some species of lizards, but I can’t imagine what to do with the propagation of homosexuals. What don’t put in there - crap will come out, however.
      2. chistii20
        chistii20 4 July 2012 14: 12
        Quote: Jaromir
        They are obsessed with these same-sex marriages! I can't imagine who the child will grow up in the "family" of pederasts! .. The third pederast or what? ..

        They have all long been mired in debauchery for them, this is the norm we do not understand. Here is the true face of shit democracy
        1. Jaromir
          Jaromir 4 July 2012 17: 35
          This is not a face, this is another part of the body: just below and from the back!
          1. chistii20
            chistii20 4 July 2012 18: 31
            Thanks enlightened
        2. Yura
          Yura 4 July 2012 22: 04
          Quote: chistii20
          They have all long been mired in debauchery for them, this is the norm we do not understand. Here is the true face of shit democracy

          Well, yes, it’s not normal for them to be normal for a long time.
      3. Fidain
        Fidain 4 July 2012 17: 58
        A chto yesho mozhet bit, yesli v semie net ne chevo svetovo, dazhe ix soyuz po vsem religiem eto to kak tam virostut normalnie lyudi
    2. Big lexey
      Big lexey 4 July 2012 15: 16
      This excessive passion for tolerance of all vices will lead Western civilization to perdition. Maybe it should be so ?!
      1. ariy_t
        ariy_t 4 July 2012 17: 11
        So it will be, you see ....
        1. alexng
          alexng 4 July 2012 18: 20
          Garden and Gomorrah do not scare Europe. Although it did not stop her from reminding how it all ended
      2. Fidain
        Fidain 5 July 2012 02: 01
        Naverno shas to samoe vremya, kogda nam vsem, amerikanci, britanci, francuzi, kitaici, ruskie nuzhen obshi vrag chto bi nash mir ne katilsa v bezdnu, para bi inoplanityanom poevica laughing
    3. Yura
      Yura 4 July 2012 22: 01
      Quote: Deniska999
      this is our country and why the Japanese are yapping at it ?!

      Yes, and why? The owners, that is, the occupiers - the Americans seem to be like a light bulb, but these are yapping ?!
  3. vorobey
    vorobey 4 July 2012 12: 58
    Comrade Medvedev visited the Kuril Islands. Comrade Medvedev’s visit was preceded by a landing on the island of Sakhalin.

    Question to Mr. Medvedev. - You do not want to go on an official visit to Tokyo?

    The members of the international criminal court smiled. Only Russian and hot Spaniards (respect for peasants) could be asked to be captured because of women. other practical members chose to go home.
    1. Jaromir
      Jaromir 4 July 2012 13: 45
      Quote: vorobey
      other practical members chose to go home.

      And why do they need women, their houses cannot wait for same-sex "families"! fellow fellow fellow
      1. chistii20
        chistii20 4 July 2012 14: 13
        Quote: Jaromir
        And why do they need women, their houses cannot wait for same-sex "families"! fellow fellow fellow

        + + + + + + + + + + + + +
    2. 755962
      755962 4 July 2012 17: 57
      Quote: vorobey
      Comrade Medvedev visited the Kuril Islands

      We will smoke the Kuril Islands. Cool smoke.
      9FxkqSiB8olwW7bR2th_MRGg [/ img]
      1. 755962
        755962 4 July 2012 18: 14
        9FxkqSiB8olwW7bR2th_MRGg [/ img]
        So for clarity
      2. vorobey
        vorobey 4 July 2012 18: 15
        Eugene, that was eleven years ago, when my eldest was 4 years old.
        We walk around the market as a family, and here a bitch is drawn that has recently wheedled. Nipples almost hang to the ground. Well, son, without hesitation, a question for mom. -Mom, and who milks her? The people who were nearby rolled with laughter.

        we will milk the smokers ourselves.
      3. esaul
        esaul 4 July 2012 18: 51
        Quote: 755962
        We will smoke the Kuril Islands. Cool smoke

        Damn, buddy, famously said ...! good
    3. 755962
      755962 4 July 2012 18: 16
      Quote: vorobey
      Comrade Medvedev visited the Kuril Islands

      1. Odinplys
        Odinplys 5 July 2012 01: 22

        Put a huge poster ... that every Japanese would see ...
  4. vladimir64ss
    vladimir64ss 4 July 2012 13: 06
    It's too early for Assad to emigrate. The best option: the conditions under which he can stay in the country in the event of a transfer of power. If the version about the poisoning of Arafat is confirmed, then it may become a "bomb" (Lugovoi was acquitted in time) If the blayer is a poodle of bush, then who is Obama to Putin? Thanks for the review.
    1. vorobey
      vorobey 4 July 2012 13: 08
      then who is Obama to Putin?

      Probably something like this
      1. Jaromir
        Jaromir 4 July 2012 13: 48
        No, most likely so! Cheburashka is asexual, but Obama has decided on the floor!
        1. vorobey
          vorobey 4 July 2012 13: 51
          Jaromir, there is not written cheburashka.
          1. chistii20
            chistii20 4 July 2012 14: 17
            Quote: vorobey
            Jaromir, there is not written cheburashka.

            Yes, it’s true at first didn’t pay attention. Then he laughed for a long time. laughing
        2. Kaa
          Kaa 4 July 2012 14: 23
          "Obama-Putin conversation at the GXNUMX summit was cold"
          So, I was not tempted by the Abama’s GDP, I broke his heart, you know!
          Whether it was Lavrov’s business with Clintors, delight!
          1. vorobey
            vorobey 4 July 2012 14: 29
            I wonder how many laurels of vodka are consumed before meeting with her.
            1. Tersky
              Tersky 4 July 2012 16: 08
              Quote: vorobey
              It is interesting how many Laurels of vodka are consumed before meeting with her.

              Sasha, all the vodka in Russia is not enough for such a nightmare ...
              1. vorobey
                vorobey 4 July 2012 18: 42
                Hillary ...
                -I want to eat vodka and get drunk, get drunk and eat vodka!
                -But you are a girl!
                -Oh shit
            2. SlavaP
              SlavaP 5 July 2012 00: 14
              sorry, probably not before and after ... her visage causes a persistent gag reflex - our man Lavrov and understands that if he suddenly turns him out there, then how much good will be wasted ...
          2. Fidain
            Fidain 4 July 2012 18: 06
            Nevernoe po sovmestitelstvu Lavrov, praktia v psix bolnice proxodil, nu dlya profilaktiki s budushchimi vstrechami s (Amerikanski prezident, gos-dep, amerikanski senat, Britanskoi pravitelstvo)
    2. Kaa
      Kaa 4 July 2012 14: 12
      "Traces of polonium-2004 were found on the clothes and personal belongings of Yasser Arafat, who died in 210".
      Is this a HORRIBLE FSB trained before Arathat before Litvinenko’s murder? Well, little Brittons, well, clowns!
  5. ShturmKGB
    ShturmKGB 4 July 2012 13: 11
    There is only one conclusion: do not sleep and defend Russia's interests everywhere in the world, not only in Syria ...
  6. Manager
    Manager 4 July 2012 13: 22
    Oh, the Japanese already got it ... They regret it, etc. .... By God, the nation is from another planet ...
    1. survivor
      survivor 4 July 2012 17: 58
      ... yes, to add several islands to Russia, regardless of the opinion of the population !!!
  7. Forget
    Forget 4 July 2012 13: 35
    and the Norwegians are morally on the side of the breivik ..
    1. Curious
      Curious 5 July 2012 01: 02
      77 families for sure am
  8. StrateG
    StrateG 4 July 2012 13: 37
    According to Kommersant, an unnamed source in Russian diplomatic circles, Western countries, and especially the United States, are trying to persuade Moscow to take the Syrian leader back by giving him political asylum in Russia. However, the source "Kommersant" assured journalists: "We have no plans to pick up Assad and there is no."

    It seems to me that the West has changed its strategy. When Assad leaves for Russia or Belarus, they will begin expansion. This can no longer be stopped.

    NATO cargo will again travel through Pakistan. The Pakistani government has resumed shipments for NATO forces in Afghanistan across its territory, which was announced July 3 by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. It is reported by with reference to the Associated Press.

    And quite recently they said that they would be allowed to transport goods through Ulyanovsk. Who to believe? Or was it a duck?

    Putin rules America. Michael Weiss, in Foreign Policy (the source of the translation is InoSMI), writes that Russian President Putin is doing whatever he wants with America.

    Nice to hear.
  9. Alexei
    Alexei 4 July 2012 13: 41
    With regards to the Syrian opposition; What kind of negotiations are possible with them, if they don't even agree with each other !? Here is a vivid example of the possible future of Syria, if this "opposition" (or rather terrorists), even rallying for one cause (overthrow of the Assad regime), manages to get torn apart. It's scary to imagine what they will learn when they come to power sad
    1. Kaa
      Kaa 4 July 2012 14: 16
      "The verbal skirmish over the wording of the final document between the Syrian oppositionists at the conference turned into assault."
      Directly "children of Lieutenant Schmidt are some: Who are you? -Who are you? -No, first tell me who you are!
      1. Havoc
        Havoc 4 July 2012 17: 41
        No sooner as in the movie The Crown of the Russian Empire from the elusive,
  10. Tersky
    Tersky 4 July 2012 13: 44
    Michael Weiss in Foreign Policy - Russia took advantage of America’s hand extended to her in this matter, and now is playing a smart game, offering a minimum of concessions in exchange for a maximum of benefits. ” On the Iranian issue, Putin generally rules as he wants: "Putin helped build an atomic power station in the Iranian Bushehr and repeatedly proposed enriching Iranian uranium in Russia." Russia benefits from Iran’s nuclear issue: after all, Weiss writes, “because of Iran’s nuclear problems ... high oil prices, which is heaven’s free gift for Moscow”. , well, yes, judging by the author’s pearl, the United States can have interests only, and the whole world is AMERICA. As for Obama, the US media are preparing to lose the Obama team in the upcoming elections, the closer they are, the more negative will appear about him in the press. They want Romney, Romney wants them ... Oleg, as always, the highest rating review good Thank you for the excellent analysis of events!
    1. Armata
      Armata 4 July 2012 13: 53
      Quote: Tersky
      Well, yes, judging by the pearl of the author of the article, only the USA can have interests, and the whole world is AMERICA

      Hi Vitya. Hurray we rule the whole world !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fellow
      But in fact it’s nice that the amers take us very seriously. Now we need to dig a financial cliff to them, so that it takes less time to move back to the edge. But the level of intelligence pleased me with them. Just imagine, WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP TO EAT HOTDOGS. I am shocked by their stupidity.
      1. vorobey
        vorobey 4 July 2012 13: 57
        Quote: Steam Train
        Now we need to dig a financial cliff to them, so that it takes less time to move back to the edge.
        1. Tersky
          Tersky 4 July 2012 15: 09
          Quote: vorobey
          Now we need to dig a financial cliff to them, so that it takes less time to move back to the edge.

          Sasha, he’s been ready for a long time, moreover, a quote: planned budget cuts in the US - besides saving, there is a blow to consumption, , now now in the USA you need to expect marsh ...
          1. vorobey
            vorobey 4 July 2012 15: 19
            Ah, Victor, if only I were for it, otherwise all of us will be pulled back from early on.
      2. Alexei
        Alexei 4 July 2012 14: 05
        Quote: Steam Train
        But in fact it’s nice that the amers take us very seriously.

        And I really want that to be so. But this scribble about a weak America is more reminiscent of electoral nonsense aimed at Obama's voters, so that they reconsider their choice to vote for him.
        1. Armata
          Armata 4 July 2012 14: 08
          Quote: Alexej
          But this scribble about a weak America is more reminiscent of electoral nonsense aimed at Obama's voters, so that they reconsider their choice to vote for him.

          In every joke there is a share of jokes.
      3. Tersky
        Tersky 4 July 2012 15: 01
        Quote: Steam Train
        Hurray we rule the whole world !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Eugene, today we drink in full, drinks before losing pulse and consciousness belay , such news !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good
        1. DEMENTIY
          DEMENTIY 4 July 2012 16: 04
          It may be nicer to drink.
          Why is the American economy on the verge of collapse? Sometimes you need to give numbers as arguments, and you have plenty to choose from.

          It’s not only President Barack Obama who is responsible for the catastrophic state of the American economy, who, for obvious reasons, before the election speaks only about positive changes, but also Congress with its dangerous economic policy over the past decade, as well as the Fed.

          We offer a list of 70 facts that Barack Obama does not want you to know:

          $ 3.59 - When Barack Obama arrived at the White House, a gallon (4,5 liter) of gasoline was worth $ 1,85. Today its price is $ 3,59.

          22 - This is hard to believe, but currently the poverty rate among children in the US has reached 22%.

          23 - According to Congressman Betty Sutton, an average of 23 businesses closed daily in the US in 2010.

          30 - In 2007, about 10% of all unemployed Americans could not find employment for more than 52 weeks. Today there are already 30% of such losers.

          32 - Since Barack Obama became president, the amount of money sent by the federal government to US citizens has increased by 32%.

          35 - The average property price fell by 35% from the peak level during the real estate bubble.

          40 - The official unemployment rate has exceeded 8% in the last 40 months.

          48 - Currently, 48% of Americans consider themselves "needy" or "poor."

          49 - Today, in 49% of US households, at least one person receives government assistance.

          53 - Last year, 53% of all university graduates under the age of 25 were unable to find work.

          60 - According to a Gallup poll, only 60% of Americans think they have enough money to live comfortably.

          61 - The Federal Reserve bought back 61% of the government debt issued by the US Treasury in 2011.

          63 - According to the latest 63 survey,% of US citizens are sure that the US economy model is not working.

          71 - Today, 71% of all small business owners believe that the US economy is still in recession.

          80 - Americans buy 80% of all painkillers on the planet.

          81 - Credit card debt for Americans aged 25-34 years increased by 81% from 1989

          85 - 85% of all artificial Christmas trees made in China

          86 - According to 86 surveys,% of American workers older than 60 years plan to continue working after 65 years.

          90 - Currently, 1% of the richest Americans have more money than 90% of US citizens.

          93 - The USA is ranked 93 in the world in the list of countries with the largest income inequality.

          95 - The middle class continues to decline: 95% of all the jobs lost during the last recession were from the middle class.

          107 - Every year, the average American must work 107 days just to pay all local and federal taxes.

          350 - The average head of a corporation earns approximately 350 times more than the average American worker.

          400 - According to Forbes, the fortune of the 400 richest Americans exceeds the general fortune of 150 million US citizens.

          $ 500 - In some areas of Detroit, Michigan, you can buy a three-bedroom home for $ 500.

          627 - In 2010, China produced 627 million metric tons of steel. In the same year, the United States produced only 80 million metric tons of steel.

          877 - 20 thousand workers have applied for 877 vacancies at Hyundai Automobile Plant in Alabama.

          900 - Import of auto parts from China to the USA increased by more than 900% from 2000.

          $ 1580 - When Barack Obama became president, an ounce of gold was worth $ 850. Today, this precious metal costs more than $ 1580 per ounce.

          1700 - Consumer credit debt in America soared by 1700% from 1971

          2016 - The Chinese economy is expected to be larger than the US as early as 2016.

          $ 4155 - The average American family spent $ 4155 on 2011 for gasoline

          $ 4300 - The real income of the average American household has decreased by this amount since Barack Obama came to the White House.

          $ 6000 - It's hard to believe, but the average cost of a Detroit home is $ 6000.

          $ 10 000 - Pension savings of 46% of Americans do not exceed $ 10 000. Meanwhile, 29% have less than $ 1000.

          49 000 - In 2011, the US trade deficit with China was 49 thousand times greater than in 1985.

          50 000 - The United States has lost an average of 50 thousand jobs per month since China joined the WTO.

          56 000 - More than 56 thousand enterprises have been closed in the USA since 2001

          $ 85 000 According to The New York Times, the Jeep Grand Cherokee in the USA costs $ 27 490, and in China, due to numerous duties, the same car is sold for $ 85 000.

          $ 175 587 - The Obama administration has spent $ 175 587 on research on the behavior of Japanese prostitutes.

          $ 328 404 - In the next 75 years, health insurance will receive less than $ 38 trillion, or $ 328 404 for every US household.

          $ 361 330 - So much the average banker in New York earned in 2010

          440 000 - If the federal government decides to pay off its current government debt at $ 1 per second, then it will take 440 thousand years.

          500 000 - According to the Institute for Economic Policy, half a million jobs are transferred annually from America to China.

          2 000 000 - Farms continue to disappear. According to the USDA, the number of farms has declined from 6,8 million in 1935 to 2 million at present.

          2 600 000 - In 2010, 2,6 million Americans were below the poverty line. This is the largest annual increase since 1959.

          5 400 000 - When Obama took power, there were 2,7 million unemployed in the country. Today, their number has increased 2 times.

          16 000 000 - It is expected that as part of Obama's proposed health insurance reform, 16 million Americans will be added to Medicaid.

          $ 20 - This is how much money the US government has spent on the Pakistani version of the Sesame Street children's television program.

          25 000 000 - Today, approximately 25 million adult Americans live with their parents.

          40 000 000 - According to the forecast of the professor of the University of Pristine University Helen Blinder in the next 20 years, America will lose another 40 million jobs.

          46 405 204 - So many Americans today use free food stamps. When Obama came to power, 32 million citizens received coupons.

          88 000 000 - Currently, more than 88 million working-age Americans are not working and are not looking for work. This is the highest figure in the history of the country.

          $ 150 000 000 - So much the Obama administration and Congress steal every hour from future generations in the United States.

          $ 2 000 000 000 - JP Morgan will lose that amount as a result of an unsuccessful derivative trade. Meanwhile, according to experts, the real figure will be much higher.

          $ 147 000 000 000 - In the US, medical costs associated with obesity are approximately $ 147 billion per year.

          $ 295 500 000 000 — The US trade deficit with China in 2001 was $ 295,5 billion. This is the largest trade deficit of one country with another in world history.

          $ 359 100 000 000 - In the first quarter of 2012, US government debt increased by $ 359,1 billion. In the same period, the country's GDP grew by $ 142,4 billion.

          $ 454 000 000 000 - During the 2011 fiscal year, the US government spent $ 454 billion only to pay off interest on a government debt.

          $ 1 000 000 000 000 - The total student debt in the US has exceeded $ 1 trillion.

          $ 1 170 000 000 000 - The size of the US government debt that China currently holds is $ 1,17 trillion. Meanwhile, Washington annually sends foreign countries millions of dollars in gratuitous aid.

          $ 1 600 000 000 000 - This amount has been added to the US public debt since the Republicans took control of the House of Representatives.

          $ 5 000 000 000 000 - Since Barack Obama became president, US public debt has grown by $ 5 trillion.

          $ 5 000 000 000 000 - This is the US budget deficit in 2011, if you use generally accepted accounting principles.

          $ 11 440 000 000 000 - The amount of debt on consumer loans in the United States.

          $ 15 734 596 578 458 - US government debt 7 June 2012

          $ 200 000 000 000 000 - Today, the 9 largest US banks have potential derivatives risks in excess of $ 200 trillion. If the derivatives market collapses, there will not be enough money in the world to cover all its losses.
          1. Tersky
            Tersky 4 July 2012 16: 13
            Quote: DEMENTIY
            It may be nicer to drink.

            Dmitry thanks for the numbers, "+"! very valuable and visual information about the real state of the state economy. According to estimates, if you raise for each figure drinks until morning unstable, we get .. laughing Well, on the topic, the conclusion is that one state has long been living in debt. A country eating another's piece of bread, while teaching the rest ..
          2. Guun
            Guun 4 July 2012 16: 14
            They will try to rob the bank and break the big jackpot (Iran) as it was in Libya. They are waiting for the bastards when the Iranians block the Strait of Hormuz and begin.
            1. 755962
              755962 4 July 2012 18: 57
              And then the Americans remembered suddenly on international laws.
              The United States will not allow Iran to block the Strait of Hormuz in response to EU sanctions, US Department of State spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said today.
              According to Victoria Nuland, such a decision runs counter to international laws, since the strait belongs to international waters. As the saying goes "Whose cow would moan ..." This means all fools, they alone are smart.
          3. Alexei
            Alexei 5 July 2012 01: 29
            Quote: DEMENTIY
            $ 175 587 - The Obama administration has spent $ 175 587 on research on the behavior of Japanese prostitutes.

            Does anyone know what for they needed it? winked I dare to suggest that perhaps they are creating new jobs repeat
          4. Alexander Romanov
            Alexander Romanov 5 July 2012 06: 23
            Quote: DEMENTIY

            $ 6000 - It's hard to believe, but the average cost of a Detroit home is $ 6000.

            I will sell an apartment in Vladivostok, I will buy cartel in the wind laughing
  11. vova56
    vova56 4 July 2012 14: 05
    Poor Shevarnadze - repented, obeyed his bad people, I would have shot him back in 90 for my actions in the USSR, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, sold all our eastern seas to the states - no penitent. In general, I liked the review.
  12. volcano
    volcano 4 July 2012 14: 14
    Thanks Oleg. Great advantage.
    Everything goes according to plan. The West is rotting and decaying, the US is dull. RUSSIANS ARE COMING.
    1. Shveik
      Shveik 4 July 2012 15: 47
      The West rots and decomposes according to plan, but the Russians (Eurasia) do not go for a while, but harness it slowly.
      1. vezunchik
        vezunchik 4 July 2012 17: 26
        This is our national trait - harness slowly and drive fast!
        1. vorobey
          vorobey 4 July 2012 18: 18
          Quote: vezunchik
          Yes, we drive fast!

          [Borovik189] [created: 23.02.2011 17:53:10]

          I'm on the bus. Nearby is a dad in military uniform with a son about 5 years old. The son asks a bunch of questions, dad is "boiling." Sonulya asks: "- Dad, how long to fly to America?" Dad on the move "- Twenty minutes!" "- And Sasha said that he and his mother flew for 10 hours!" "I tell you, twenty minutes, maybe twenty-one ... Don’t argue, I know exactly how long to fly to America!" I look at my dad's overcoat with the "Strategic Missile Forces" patch ...
          1. 755962
            755962 4 July 2012 19: 21
            Quote: vorobey
            "Strategic Missile Forces" ...

          2. esaul
            esaul 4 July 2012 19: 56
            Quote: vorobey
            I look at my dad's overcoat with the "Strategic Missile Forces" patch ...

            "All sorts of dads are needed! All sorts of dads are important! ..." And such dads are even more needed ... good drinks
  13. Splin
    Splin 4 July 2012 14: 20
    After yesterday's events in the Supreme Soviet, the Party of Regions lost my vote in the elections. Acceptance was somehow petty. I like the work of our government and the course of the state, and if a referendum was held on the status of the Russian language as the second state language, I would vote “FOR” with both hands. And this moronic law is not enough that it does not give anything. he will also quarrel us.
    1. revnagan
      revnagan 4 July 2012 15: 23
      Quote: Splin
      And this moronic law is not only that does not give. he will also embroil us.

      It is true that this unfinished law was invented in order to play on uncertainties. You look, and only adequate people would remain with us.
      1. Splin
        Splin 4 July 2012 15: 45
        Quote: revnagan
        not a single Bandera, not a drop of water, not a crumb of bread

        Well, why so. Vaughn Tymoshenko had a bad dream, the West is already trumpeting about the physical impact on her. The European court justifies Lutsenko, as if they were standing next to him at the time of detention. And the idea that will begin when they all starve to rest?
        1. Kaa
          Kaa 4 July 2012 17: 26
          The collapse of sanitary equipment in Western Europe, the epidemic, the war for sanitary plumbers on duty and the extra dry closet will begin - in short, the new blockbuster Apocalypse Euro 2012.
      2. Kaa
        Kaa 4 July 2012 17: 23
        Interestingly, the hunger strike was announced only until the end of the session, or unlimited? If only until the end of the session, then this is therapeutic, such as fitness.
    2. Danloff
      Danloff 5 July 2012 15: 33
      Quote: Splin
      if you held a referendum on the status of the Russian language

      Never. If you studied the law, you would know that the Russian language acquires the status of a regional language where the population speaks it more than 10%
  14. Alx1miK
    Alx1miK 4 July 2012 14: 48
    Japs are crazy. They lost the war, but they want the territories back. Let them pray to their gods that we did not take more, as we could.
  15. Galina
    Galina 4 July 2012 14: 59
    Thanks to the authors for the review!
    The material begins to inspire hope for a counterattack. Only now you need to be very calm and thorough in order to tightly close all the exits. And then - you can do COTTON !!
    - amen.
  16. Septugian
    Septugian 4 July 2012 15: 24
    Everything would be fine, but something about the base in Ulyanovsk, permission for the transit of military cargo, the WTO, Juvenal, and so on, as it is by default!
    1. Guun
      Guun 4 July 2012 15: 44
      Quote: Septugian
      Everything would be fine, but something about the base in Ulyanovsk, permission to transit military cargo,

      My opinion is NATO’s flight from Afghanistan by 2014. You don’t take all the technology, the Uzbeks recently left the Collective Security Treaty Organization (the reason is clear - the rapprochement with the West) plus freebie technology that will lead to destabilization and imbalance in Central Asia (the relationship of Uzbekistan with its neighbors is not very friendly and where it’s even tense - the Uzbeks mined the border with the Tajiks, war is possible in the near future). Failing such a plan to work the Russian Federation compromises with NATO and thereby tries to save Central Asia from the war and the deployment of US bases in it. But recently I read the news l that Pakistan will make it possible for NATO to transport (then withdraw) equipment and so on.
  17. Guun
    Guun 4 July 2012 15: 29
    In Russia they say Putin betrayed the country, In the United States that Obama betrayed the country, in Europe, in general, the presidents are thieves.
    Right now in the usa popular video
    Do not forget that everywhere is good where we are not!
    1. skiff-xnumx
      skiff-xnumx 4 July 2012 16: 48
      This content is not available in your country due to a request by authorities to remove it.
      Like this. Here the pend wasps have already been. Put it through a file hosting service if it's not difficult. I'd like to see what the dermocratic censorship banned there.
      1. Guun
        Guun 4 July 2012 19: 13
        2 videos.
        In other Internet resources, the video has been deleted ... Вот еще если ссылка с верху неработает.
        Just type in Yandex or Google - Coffins for Americans American fascism
        1. 755962
          755962 4 July 2012 20: 00
          America’s “free ride” in terms of borrowing costs is coming to an end as global investors realize that the US is no different from any other printing and spending nation. The rate on federal funds is set by the Fed, but the market decides on the cost of loans for the United States. When the US begins to suffer from its wasteful lifestyle, they will be forced to tighten economic conditions, just when the Fed would like to "stimulate" more.
          1. Guun
            Guun 4 July 2012 20: 25
            It will be worse than in Greece.
  18. King
    King 4 July 2012 15: 33
    The pug barks the elephant is coming. let them rot in your west
  19. Simon
    Simon 4 July 2012 15: 39
    Yes..! So Shivornadze began to repent to the people of Georgia. Interestingly, when will Saakashvili begin to repent? request
  20. baton140105
    baton140105 4 July 2012 16: 02
    two homosexuals can grow only one more homosexual .. and this is sad, because adopted children already drank grief without parents, and then two more pi --- a (((
  21. Roman Dmitriev
    Roman Dmitriev 4 July 2012 16: 18
    About Japan. We must wait until he goes somewhere to Honshu, and also arrange a tantrum. wassat
    1. vorobey
      vorobey 4 July 2012 17: 50
      # 1019 for [was] against [NoName] [created on 23.11.2010/14/56 49:XNUMX:XNUMX PM]

      This grandfather told me this story when I was a little older.
      Russian-Japanese war. Some European newspaper wrote about one battle like this:
      "And here the Russians shouted: YOP-TVO-YMAT, which means - DIE FOR THE KING, rushed to the attack."
      1. survivor
        survivor 4 July 2012 18: 13
      2. Yasen Ping
        Yasen Ping 4 July 2012 19: 14
        You are cunning)))) my grandfather also told such things)))
        Tell me why the Russians won the war against the Japanese. In the Japanese dictionary there are a lot of letters per word, in general, when they say - "fire" it will take a long time)))) Americans have come up with special words to shorten this time in comparison with the Japanese .. Attention the question, in our language words are also long words, why are we shooting so fast ??? laughing I will answer myself, because how to sleep a cough, we automatically switch to MAT)))))
    2. Shveik
      Shveik 4 July 2012 19: 30
      Only BABS hysteria!
  22. SoVIet ZiMBo_O
    SoVIet ZiMBo_O 4 July 2012 16: 22
    Michael Weiss the fucker is certainly complete, of course I hope and believe that Moscow is putting enough pressure on issues where it is beneficial to us, but the article is clearly for narrow-minded Americans whose article will only lead to a vote for Romney.
  23. JonnyT
    JonnyT 4 July 2012 17: 02
    Pleased !!!!!!!!!! However, we must be prepared for the dying mischief of our "colleagues"
    1. 755962
      755962 4 July 2012 19: 50
      Quote: JonnyT
      However, we must be prepared for the dying mischief of our "colleagues"

      1. vorobey
        vorobey 4 July 2012 20: 29
        amen, amen, amen
  24. bashkort
    bashkort 4 July 2012 17: 22
    Assad does not emigrate anywhere! Although the wife - the beauty is sorry, of course
  25. aspirin02
    aspirin02 4 July 2012 17: 51
    It can’t be in terms of Libyan captives, this is an old infa, in the Ukrainian news yesterday it turned out that 5 Ukrainians received one Russian and Belarus for 10 years and one citizen of the Russian Federation received a life term !!!! Why do our states do not care about our citizens ??????????
  26. suharev-52
    suharev-52 4 July 2012 17: 59
    Oleg. Thanks so much for the review. PLEASURE WITH EXCELLENT PLEASURE
    He laughed heartily at your verbal pirouettes. Sincerely.
  27. Yasen Ping
    Yasen Ping 4 July 2012 19: 04
    Hey!!! our Azerbaijani friends, tell us what NATO is doing for you? Probably strengthens friendship with Russia? not?
    1. Simon
      Simon 4 July 2012 21: 10
      No, they just want to consider themselves Europeans. bully
  28. DmitryDmitry
    DmitryDmitry 4 July 2012 19: 13
    made a very difficult decision. Do not crash the plane, they will continue to fly over your territory, crash - they will call the aggressor. It takes courage to decide! Well done Syrians!
    1. Simon
      Simon 4 July 2012 21: 20
      Well done right. You have to stand for your State! If you don’t show your teeth, they gnaw at. wassat
  29. seminyako
    seminyako 4 July 2012 23: 00
    Russia needs to support the Kurds firmly in their struggle for national self-determination and the Baloch - there will be fun. It's a shame that Americans and Europeans frolic, and in our warehouses 17 ml. AKM - you can give away and not be recognized for free.
    1. Odinplys
      Odinplys 5 July 2012 01: 14
      Quote: seminyako
      . It's a shame that Americans and Europeans frolic, and in our warehouses 17 ml. AKM - you can give away and not be recognized for free.

      Given .... that no one has been interested in the opinion of the United Nations for a long time ... you can not hide ... An open massacre has begun ... began with Yugoslavia ... and that sadly the Peoples of the World annihilate each other ... for the sake of ... to the Zionists ...
  30. Cadet787
    Cadet787 4 July 2012 23: 51
    You read about all these outrages that are happening in the West, and it is tempting to declare the conduct of the Iron Curtain.
  31. storm
    storm 5 July 2012 00: 20
    Yesterday, July 2, with a naval base leased from Kiev in Sevastopol, a detachment of warships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet set off to the Syrian coast. The large landing ships Nikolay Filchenkov, Caesar Kunikov, as well as the SB-5 rescue tugboat, will have to complete a secret mission in the Syrian Arab Republic, Moscow’s main political ally in the Middle East, where, according to Syrian President Bashar Assad, clashes between government forces and armed opposition groups have recently acquired the character of a full-scale war.

    BDK "Nikolay Filchenkov",

    On board the ships are the marines and armored vehicles of the Black Sea outpost of the Russian Navy.

    BDK "Caesar Kunikov",

    The dispatch of the Russian military contingent to Syria took place against the background of an intermediate compromise reached by the leaders of the leading world powers on ways out of the Syrian impasse. Participants in the international conference on Syria held on June 30 in Geneva, the key ones of which are the USA, France, Great Britain, China and Russia, after hours of closed debates, agreed to take as the basis for the settlement process the proposals of the UN and LAS special representative for Syria, Kofi Annan, according to which to resolve the situation in the country should take the newly formed of the representatives of the conflicting parties the transitional Syrian government. At the same time, the main obstacle to reaching a general consensus was the issue of participation in the work of the transitional authorities of the current Syrian President Bashar Assad. Here a clash between the desire of the coalition of the West and the Arab League to get rid of Assad’s destructive influence on the further development of the situation on the one hand, and Moscow’s second-hand position on the preservation of the key role of the Syrian president in managing internal state processes on the other.

    However, despite all the complexity and ambiguity of the situation, according to the results of the Geneva race, international mediators managed to find a common language. According to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, "for the first time we reached an agreement on an approach that would suit both Russia and China, and neighboring countries, which, for obvious reasons, are concerned about what is happening in Syria." As the head of the US State Department said, “I believe that this agreement was a significant step forward in our efforts to find the least violent, destructive and destabilizing way to put an end to this conflict and give the Syrian people the opportunity to live in a different future.”

    In this case, why did the position of Russia so change, previously reassured by the consensus reached with the West on the Syrian issue? Indeed, first, on the eve of the Geneva meeting, Moscow canceled the readiness of the forces of the Black Sea Fleet to march to the shores of its Middle Eastern satellite, and then unexpectedly in a matter of days and hours returned to its preliminary plans.

    It is doubtful that Russia would start its own, multi-way game, known only to it. It is doubtful from the point of view that the current Russian leadership as such lacks both practice and desire, striving for the stated goal, to play subtly and effectively in the international arena. Russian foreign policy continues to be straightforward and rude, and, as a result, ineffective. Apparently, Moscow is no longer confident in its own ability to control and influence the situation in the region.

    Obviously, on the Syrian issue, the Kremlin knows what others do not. Against the background of sometimes conflicting media information about events from the Syrian fronts and the transition to the control of armed opposition groups of more and more territories, more and more often there are facts confirmed by official statements that high-ranking Syrian military ranks are still loyal to President Assad of the national armed forces. Moreover, from the time of the USSR, Syria has traditionally been a Mecca for the work of the first Soviet, and today the Russian special services in the entire Middle East. Russian intelligence worked here almost openly, without hiding from anyone, using the tremendous support and respect of the Syrian leadership. And there is no doubt that the information of the Russian special structures served as the basis for the decision of the leadership of the Russian Federation to send warships of the Black Sea Fleet to the coasts of Damascus controlled.

    The current expedition of the landing ships of the Black Sea Fleet to Syria, contrary to the fears of representatives of the US State Department, is more humanitarian than purely military in nature. From Sevastopol to the Syrian port of Tartus, the landing ships of the Russian Navy went without combat guard, half empty, despite the presence on the Black Sea Fleet marine units, which once again suggests that the place in the holds of the ships was intended for something else. For what should be taken from Syria - people, equipment, military equipment, maybe something else. This means that de facto Russia is leaving or preparing to leave from this Middle Eastern country, not having any more illusions about the political future of the Baath Party still in power in Syria, and personally of President Bashar Assad, as well as the prospects of keeping Damascus in orbit of its Middle Eastern political satellites.-how to understand this?
    1. 16
      16 5 July 2012 01: 29
      after so many years of oblivion ------- a trip to the shores of Syria, our strategic ally in the Middle East !!!! ????????? I think this is still something !!!!! ! and the article sucks !!!!!!! while the RUSSIAN SOLDIER HAS BULLETS, MATCHES, SAMOGON ----------- SOS ... THE X ... TH NATO soldiers, YEAST FROM FEAR PENTAGON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  32. Vasily79
    Vasily79 5 July 2012 01: 09
    \ Dear forum users do not judge, did not read your opinions. But I got to the forum and there is no correct opinion ......... to your taste
    1. Our swotting in the circle of Syria, a simple game of politicians that did not take into account the views of the real military in the direction of our security. With all due respect, and my participation (work), we need to be able to sell (to feed the bureaucrats of Rosoboron, and most importantly our shareholders) ........ In the end, for 15 tons, I will tell you where to take the 5th generation with metal.
  33. 16
    16 5 July 2012 01: 21
    foreign policy gdp is absolutely correct !!!!!!!!!! as they say ------ what is bad for a German (American, Pole, etc.) then Russian is good !!!!!! if Putin was in 1999, it’s just interesting, Yugoslavia would be handed over ????????? I think, after all, no ---------- despite the price of oil and other energy resources !!!! !!!!!
  34. not good
    not good 5 July 2012 06: 52
    When Obama finishes the United States, he must be offered political asylum in Belarus. I think the BATKO will not open!
  35. sd34efghfgh
    sd34efghfgh 5 July 2012 10: 31
    What is the matter with the country where the authorities are looking?
    I accidentally stumbled upon a site to search for people
    Here you can find information about any resident of Russia, Ukraine, and other CIS countries.
    I’m really scared - to twist in such a way with anyone can go in and see.
    Addresses, best friends, kinship with anyone, above all there are for example my photos, phone number.
    It’s good that you can delete it, you’ll find your page and you’ll go through verification and delete
    And then there is nobody who is looking for ...

    What is the matter with the country where the authorities are looking?
    I accidentally stumbled upon a site to search for people
    Here you can find information about any resident of Russia, Ukraine, and other CIS countries.
    I’m really scared - to twist in such a way with anyone can go in and see.
    Addresses, best friends, kinship with anyone, above all there are for example my photos, phone number.
    It’s good that you can delete it, you’ll find your page and you’ll go through verification and delete
    And then there is nobody who is looking for ...
  36. Simon
    Simon 5 July 2012 17: 16
    I wonder why Obama was given the Nobel Prize? American democracy crashes. The Nobel Prize must be given to Putin, because he twists Obama as he wants. belay
  37. IRBIS
    IRBIS 5 July 2012 17: 27
    It is not for nothing that the European Union has a blue flag. Here and France, the country of refined love, is sinking deeper and deeper into the quagmire-homosyat! The sophisticated "French kiss" and luxurious "royal" blowjob will go into oblivion! Only the blue flag of the European Union and around one pi ... sy !!! Guys, let's save France, take normal French women to our place! And pi..ry let them "multiply" there with emigrants. Who agrees"?
  38. Dudayev
    Dudayev 5 July 2012 20: 23
    Russia, take your asadist and even Ahmet Nedzhat, otherwise they got everyone!
    If you love the obscurantist regime in Iran, you can adopt their regime or, at the worst, the idea of ​​Juche

    this site is read in the world and what a shame you think about yourself and the country !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!