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Russia moves to the production of its own matrix for the manufacture of thermal imagers

Russia moves to the production of its own matrix for the manufacture of thermal imagers
On Thursday, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin spoke at the II International Forum "Engineering Technologies - 2012" in Zhukovsky. His main message was the idea of ​​the need to eliminate monopolism in the field of the military-industrial complex (MIC). Speaking in Zhukovsky, Dmitry Rogozin said that Russia had begun to manufacture domestic matrices for thermal imagers and was experiencing an unprecedented demand for air defense systems.

“Today I was informed that we are switching to the production of our own matrix in the production of thermal imagers. We will do more complex designs. This is something that no one will ever sell to us, ”said the Deputy Prime Minister, quoted by Interfax.

"You know that we have no end to the proposals for the purchase of our air defense systems, the most diverse, and close and long-range battle," - said Rogozin, speaking of the best-selling Russian technology abroad.

In addition, Dmitry Rogozin said that the Russian military-industrial complex is successfully advancing in the creation of new armored vehicles, as well as in areas in which domestic products traditionally lagged behind, for example, optics. Import substitution has already been launched in these areas, he said.

Speaking about the possibility of buying modern technologies abroad, the Deputy Prime Minister said that “if someone thinks that they can sell us modern technology, either they are simply naive or stupid”.

In addition, Rogozin said that Russia in the development of the military-industrial complex should rely on hypersonic technology and the creation of artificial intelligence. “Such tasks should be, for example, the task of creating hypersonic technologies. I hope that in the near future we will really concentrate our efforts on this direction and create a scientific and technical reserve that will allow us to achieve such a breakthrough, ”he said. “We think a lot about new materials, we think about intellect, which should replace manned equipment, be it land, air or sea,” added the Deputy Prime Minister.

According to him, the Russian defense industry must set itself ambitious and promising tasks, which even in the expert community may initially seem fantastic: “We must set ourselves such tasks and not be shy about implementing them,” said Dmitry Rogozin.

Commenting on the statements of the Deputy Prime Minister, Director of the World Trade Analysis Center weapons Igor Korotchenko told the newspaper VIEW that, as practice shows, in the production of arrays for thermal imagers in Russia, it is worth going by borrowing technology from the French. “France is today our closest partner in military-technical cooperation. We are implementing a number of key French developments in the framework of joint ventures. Moreover, it is very important that these are the developments of the national defense complex of France, and the Americans here cannot impose export restrictions on them. In this case, we can agree on technology transfer, including in the field of optoelectronics, implementation already on the basis of Russian factories. Obviously, Rogozin talked about getting promising Western technologies, ”Korotchenko explained.

The expert noted that with regard to the development of hypersonic technology, this is a really important area, but very expensive.

“This is an important direction, especially considering that in the USA and other Western countries, technologies for creating hypersonic impact aircraft and weapons are actively developing. In Russia, there is a corresponding backlog of tactical missile corporations to create promising tactical class missile systems based on hypersonic technology. Hypersound is a promising direction, but costly in terms of investment. Therefore, only with state support and appropriate funding can one develop the designated direction, ”Korotchenko warned, adding that the implementation of hypersound technology pulls along a number of related issues (materials science, the creation of highly durable coatings — metal with new properties).

During his speech at the International Forum, Dmitry Rogozin noted that he was in favor of integrating private business into the defense industry in order to eliminate monopolism. “The monopolist must be killed as a class, shot by economic methods,” he said resolutely.

According to Rogozin, on June 29, the government will host a meeting of the military-industrial commission, at which the Council for Public-Private Partnership will be formed. “Its Minister for Relations with the Open Government, Mikhail Abyzov, will be headed by a new member of the military-industrial commission. We will include representatives of private business in this council who will have access to defense technologies and the defense industry in the part that our specificity and confidentiality allows, ”Rogozin promised.

The Deputy Prime Minister explained that the deep integration of private business in the defense industry is directed against monopolism in this industry. “I think that after a while, by the end of the year, a new machine of economic resistance to monopolism will work,” he added.

Rogozin also said that Russian President Vladimir Putin will soon hold a series of meetings on the implementation of the state defense order. “They will take place in the coming days,” the Deputy Prime Minister announced.

According to Dmitry Rogozin, the Russian president decided to hold a series of meetings on the execution of state defense orders, similar to the one that recently took place in Krasnodar on the purchase of military equipment for the Air Force. “Now we are preparing similar meetings in other areas,” he noted.

Recall, on the eve of Vladimir Putin said the need to restore the system of military acceptance. “Acceptance was eliminated as a class. This is bad. It needs to be restored. Without an efficiently functioning, functioning military acceptance system, we have big problems with the quality of military equipment, ”said Putin.

“In Russia, a number of defense industries, which simply have no analogues, so their monopoly is objectively inevitable. For example, the development and production of strategic solid-propellant ballistic missiles. This is done only by the Moscow Institute of Heat Engineering, and the only site where such missiles are made is the Votkinsk plant in Udmurtia. The same applies to nuclear submarines. Sevmash is the only enterprise for their production. Therefore, with all we wish, we can not repurpose and develop competition. In addition, in some cases the existence of monopoly is explained historically, it is inevitable. Russia simply cannot afford to build duplicate defense productions, ”said Igor Korotchenko on this matter.

According to experts, monopolization has affected and tank technicians. Their main production is concentrated on Uralvagonzavod, there was still an Omsk plant, but it was redesigned and closed due to the fact that the demand for T-80 tanks was lower compared to the demand for T-90 tanks.

“At the same time, I believe that competition should be developed at the project level as part of the development of the fifth generation fighter. There was a competition. The Department of Defense has chosen between the proposals of the two developers. As a result, Sukhoi Company won. Accordingly, today all efforts are being thrown to ensure that it is the development of this company that goes ahead of fighter prospects aviation. Competition at the project level is a normal and useful thing, ”said Korotchenko.

According to him, with regard to admission to the defense of private companies, in Russia there are examples of their successful work. “A private company cannot afford to be the owner of huge defense plants. Most likely, private companies can be demanded precisely in the segment of innovative developments. There are several electronic companies in Zelenograd that are ready to produce at the level of defense high-tech, to provide developments that will then be breakthrough among world analogues, ”said the expert.

In the subject of the state defense order, Korotchenko noted the problem associated mainly with pricing. “The problem of the state defense order is mainly related to pricing points. The policy of the Ministry of Defense is to enter into contracts subject to full transparency of the reasonableness of the price from the industry. This is necessary in order to eliminate cheating, ”he explained.

The expert noted that the transition to three- and five-year contracts is currently underway, and even if at first some delays are inevitable on the way to agreeing prices, within the framework of the terms of the contracts, the backlog will be compensated in subsequent years. “In general, I can say that Dmitry Rogozin works very actively and offensively, professionally. He takes care of the military-industrial complex and does a lot to ensure that new forms and methods of work come into the Russian defense industry, ”concluded Igor Korotchenko.
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  1. Yoshkin Kot
    Yoshkin Kot 4 July 2012 08: 47
    where are the cries on duty about the prosravelsepolymers? I do not understand? laughing
    1. Septugian
      Septugian 4 July 2012 08: 49
      They’re still sleeping, but they’ll find something to say! And on the topic, well done, it's high time!
      1. alexng
        alexng 4 July 2012 12: 54
        Of course, they will find something to say. After all, pi .. do not carry bags. And most importantly, they are not responsible for anything, only the troll and the troll. In fun for downs. So all life will be spent on chatter, i.e. to bubbles in the water from another bunch.
    2. Trailer
      Trailer 4 July 2012 09: 56
      It's easy: “Speaking about the possibility of buying modern technologies abroad, the Deputy Prime Minister said that“ if someone thinks that they can sell modern equipment to us, he is either simply naive or stupid. ” OH PALEVO! That is, purchased wheeled tanks, sniper and automatic weapons, Italian armored cars, Israeli drones are old stuff ??? Wait, what about the French Mistrals? Old stuff again? Why, then, are they presented to us as something new, with which we need to get acquainted for the development of our production? In general, this character is still that verbiage:

      "According to the decree of the Russian government published on Friday, in addition to the previously permitted land transit, combined transit is also allowed, including the use of rail, road and air transport. The Deputy Prime Minister stressed that Russia is interested in the international coalition forces leaving Afghanistan." We. " opening the gate "and making money on it," he said.

      Moral: everything is well formed in the words of Rogozin himself: "We open the gates and make money on it!" That would be such an assistant with his excuses and the guard of the gates of the besieged city! It would be a pity for the residents!
      1. urzul
        urzul 4 July 2012 14: 58
        And who said that from the purchase of equipment we expect to get ultra-modern technology? We and many not so young are not, especially the USSR, at one time, did not hesitate to use this at all. And here it turns out it was terribly embarrassing to do, and was useless.

        Do you personally all believe in tales about the hordes of NATO troops that will settle in Russia with megatons of heroin?

        Transit has existed for almost 5 years, this is for your information.
      2. esaul
        esaul 4 July 2012 18: 27
        Quote: Karavan
        the deputy prime minister said that “if someone thinks that they can sell us modern equipment, he is either simply naive or stupid.” “OH, PALEVO!

        Colleague, you skillfully twisted it. In the best traditions of "dirty dirt". I don’t remember literally, but this phrase sounded in the context of the fact that Western manufacturers are not going to sell advanced technologies to Russia, as such, and, therefore, we have to buy small batches of weapons in which such technologies are present in order to obtain them. Ay-ay-ay, colleague! You are just like Navalny reasoning ... In order to point out to me my fallacy, take the trouble to share the link ...
        1. Vadivak
          Vadivak 4 July 2012 19: 25
          Quote: esaul
          we have to purchase small batches of weapons in which such technologies are present in order to obtain them.

          Hi Valera Who like, the French are selling everything together
          Russia will purchase from France two universal amphibious assault ships (UDKs) of the Mistral type with all navigation and technological equipment, including one of its main components - the combat information and control system (BIUS)

          but no Jews
          According to the statement by retired Major General Amos Gilad, who is the director of the military-political bureau of the Israeli Defense Ministry, his country will not transfer advanced military technologies to the Russian Federation.
    3. sazhka0
      sazhka0 4 July 2012 10: 33
      "Duty screams" in your head. Consume less and see the world with wide eyes. And not as Putinoid. (((Respectfully
      1. aksakal
        aksakal 4 July 2012 11: 05
        Quote: sazhka0
        "Duty screams" in your head. Consume less and see the world with wide eyes. And not as Putinoid. (((Respectfully

        - porridge in your head. Rogozin is from Putin's team and is loyal to him. Here you stand up for Rogozin and condemn the "putinoids". It is evidently inadequate, and it is still soft. You condemn the "shouting on duty", assigning them the label "putinoids", but again it is the anti-Putin people who scream on duty, and the more "anti-Putin", the louder they scream, right up to splashing saliva and snot. You do not see this in a surprising way. Again inadequate. Minus you.
        I didn’t post it for Putin and Rogozin and not against them. I posted it purely for you purely because of your cereal in my head. Go try to clarify it. Throwing alcohol abuse is great, by the way.
        1. ariy_t
          ariy_t 4 July 2012 11: 21
          Well, they waited for yelling .... laughing
          1. alexng
            alexng 5 July 2012 01: 06
            But what without them?

            A smoked crow flies upside down and shouts:
            - Knock me down with a stick, I can’t do this anymore.
        2. Trailer
          Trailer 4 July 2012 13: 32
          I confirm! Organics are always better than pomace!
        3. alexng
          alexng 4 July 2012 14: 09
          Aksakal (2), it will not help him anymore. This, in my opinion, is incurable and for life. But screaming against Saraka Abama, his tail immediately clings to his ass. In one word used ...
        4. Ufa
          Ufa 4 July 2012 17: 08
          I don’t understand. If Rogozin is for Putin, why is he and Nemtsov hanging out? Maybe we still have a fake opposition.
          1. alexng
            alexng 4 July 2012 18: 23
            What year's photo? This is not the time when Rodina existed?
            1. Ufa
              Ufa 4 July 2012 18: 32
              To be honest, I don’t know. In nete there are still a lot of pictures where he is with Navalny, for example.
              1. CC-18a
                CC-18a 4 July 2012 19: 26
                "Well done", I don't know anything, I don't want to know, but I'm putting up a photo and I'm stating it there ... and what I don't know. fool
                It’s a pity that there are so many of you here (
                And mostly anti Putiners and anti Russians.

                Isn’t it so difficult before blathering something to at least ask what you are blinking about right now and the topic of the question? request
                1. Ufa
                  Ufa 4 July 2012 19: 55
                  He looked specifically for you. With Navalny, he was at nationalist congresses and marches. I don’t know about the photo with Nemtsov. Therefore, I asked, but did not affirm (there is a question mark at the end of the second sentence). But there is nothing anti-Russian in my messages. I’m not going to lick ass for Putin, there are so many such comrades on this site.
                  1. CC-18a
                    CC-18a 4 July 2012 21: 12
                    Blah blah blah.
                    How did you get the marshes with your chatter and demagogy and almost always a lie.

                    Facts are important only facts, not your speculation.
                    1 fact. In the photo, Rogozin and Nemtsov see a bunch of photos before Rogozin began to help Putin build Russia.
                    2 fact. You didn’t show the photo with the bulk, you blinked something, but the photo with Nemtsov, where and when you didn’t know when you posted it. And for sure, out of 2 different facts in your head with your porridge a false type fact fact was born, number 1,5, yanking half a fact from two facts and receiving something new ... porridge will endure this instead of brains, but there is no healthy brain. Therefore, I do not understand you and do not tolerate such antics as the whole sane society of Russia.

                    Quote: Ufa
                    Therefore, he asked

                    You didn’t ask, you tried to give out black PR, something to say ... and as soon as it didn’t work out, you started to think up all kinds of false excuses.
                    And now realizing that instead of admitting that you weren’t right and apologizing, or maybe accepting a lesson, you decided to just invent a lie in justification ... and like you why Russia should believe? those who are not responsible for the words and lying? pffff ...
                    Note, I am writing a lot of sentences with a question too, only I and you and all other readers understand that I am not asking !!! and just like you wrote the message earlier, these are rhetorical questions.

                    Quote: Ufa
                    But there is nothing anti-Russian in my messages

                    Maybe, but specifically about Rogozin you had a mistake.

                    Quote: Ufa
                    At the same time, I’m not going to lick Putin’s ass, there are so many such comrades on this site.

                    There are Russian patriots on the site and almost all of them are for Putin, and if a person is not a fool and acknowledges Putin's merits during his reign, then this is not to be licked, but to admit the truth, that is, to be honest with Russia, before itself. But those who do not recognize the facts and they’re lying are just fools and jo * politicians but not of a person but of the whole US State Department.
                    1. Ufa
                      Ufa 4 July 2012 21: 52
                      Your logic is understandable. If I am not for Putin, then immediately the Department of State’s licking. As for Putin: there could have been more done in 12 years. Under Stalin’s leadership, they were able to industrialize in less time, but Putin could not stop the extinction and degradation of the population, export capital, create a non-resource-based economy, fight corruption, reduce the stratification of the population by income, etc. Privatization No. 2 will pass soon, which is not good. There are positive changes (for example, the arrival of new equipment in the troops), I do not deny it, but they are small. Here you can pic to scrub if it’s interesting ( In general, you can communicate without insults. And those who don’t pray for your Putin can be called marshy, it’s complete nonsense. patriots. Look only at the Nashi degenerates.
                      1. CC-18a
                        CC-18a 4 July 2012 22: 42
                        Quote: Ufa
                        in 12 years, more could have been done.

                        Well, I’m saying that you are a liar, and a demagogue.

                        Here you go and do it! At least for myself. I can say with 100% certainty that you yourself for yourself in 12 years he did nothing. Anyone who has achieved something in his life knows the value of work and achievements and would never have blamed that little has been done in 12 years.

                        Quote: Ufa
                        Under Stalin’s leadership, they were able to industrialize in less time,

                        That is, right now, you are offering Putin to take you to be shot or imprisoned.
                        Are you ready to go to be shot at the request of Putin, and work from morning to night at the Stakhanov pace? or are you here demagoguery current divorced children's ...
                        Are you ready to take an answer for at least 1 of your words? Or are you from the childish stupid innocence of the virginity of the brain you do not realize what kind of nonsense you are carrying?

                        Quote: Ufa
                        Putin could not stop the extinction and degradation of the population

                        Stopped. This is a concrete achievement of Putin’s rule. We take the brain, preferably not stupid, and a little statistics of the born and the dead, and everything ... is proved!

                        Quote: Ufa
                        capital export

                        In 2000, the outflow of capital amounted to about 200 million or billion. By 2006 or by 2005, by the end of the year, the net outflow / inflow was positive, that is, the inflow of capital was more than the outflow. By 2008, before the crisis, the total outflow / inflow of capital from 2000 to 2008 was in the black.
                        That is, de facto Putin was able to overcome the outflow of capital. The crisis ruined everything because of which, with the help of liars and demagogues like you, there was a huge outflow of capital. However, the return of the net inflow, that is, the excess of the inflow over the outflow of capital, was at the end of 2011 ... and here you were already bogged off **** no matter how obscene you are, you are perfectly suited to any of this word. De facto in 2012, the capital outflow from the Russian Federation is due only to you "everything is lost", they will be piled up and marsh ... specifically after December 24, in a couple of days, the capital outflow was an amount higher than for the entire 2007 ... in a couple of days !!
                        De facto! the owners of money are not morons and clearly understand where Putin has stability and development, where you swamp there destabilization of devastation and loss of money. Money - capital - trust - all this is to strive for Putin, and the bogs flee from you like a fire.
                        I repeat! this year, the outflow of capital is entirely the fault of the bulk.

                        Quote: Ufa
                        fight corruption

                        And why did bulk come to the Kremlin once and disappear?
                        Only a full bulk or complete go * of believes that corruption can be overcome in some 10 years, although it can and can, but again it is necessary to personally shoot you for this, are you ready for such a price? knowing your psychological portrait - definitely not! Not a single verbiage and demagogue is ever ready to answer for his words, especially for actions, and therefore all the more for his life !!!
                        And to fight corruption, then that for 10 years it has not been overcome is quite logical and predictable, but the fact that it has become less is to deny it is stupid. I lived in the 90s and I have an idea of ​​the difference between "bribing brandy with candy" - as a matter of course in the 90s, and meanwhile that this is no longer a matter of course, but some risk of going to jail, but they may simply not take it, and fig already knows that means a smile if the person is offended and will tell you where to go or supposedly took it, before this was not the case in the 90s.

                        Quote: Ufa
                        create a non-commodity economy

                        Well, this is generally a matter of 20-50 years, at least, again, those who believe that this business is a couple of years, go * from.
                        In addition, the economy is not raw, we have a bunch of different industries, which means we do not have a raw materials appendage. A raw materials appendage is when we drive oil and buy food for the surrender of oil, but we do not buy, we produce everything ourselves.
                        In addition, the economy of any country always depends on any of the products, this is called globalization. China depends on consumer goods, the United States on dollars, England on loans, Slovakia or somewhere nearby 100% depends on the export of car bodies, almost every EU country depends on the export of a particular product. But the difference between the Russian Federation and all of them is that we simply reprofile them to sell oil on the domestic market, and they cannot, they will have a complete economic collapse, that's why the default in the EU and the USA and not ours, although it was money that leaked from us to them.

                        Quote: Ufa
                        reduce income stratification

                        What is it like? forbid to earn more? Well try, forbid your parents not to earn more than they are now ... they will send you to ****.
                        And the stratification here is not so great so far. In the United States, for example, it’s more, it’s the Jones index or something like that ... but you are nodding like it’s cool there.
                        Meanwhile, each of you wants to live richly and beautifully as shown in Hollywood, but at the same time, each of you is for limitations ... these 2 things are not compatible! Kanesh wants everything at once! but this is only for fools.

                        Quote: Ufa
                        how soon privatization number 2 will pass, which is not good

                        It is not known how it will go. One thing I know for sure, bulk or some mediocrity will make it much worse!

                        Quote: Ufa
                        There are positive changes (for example, the arrival of new equipment in the troops), I do not deny it, but they are small

                        You can do more, join the army and say that you will take the money accrued to you by the Defense Ministry for the construction of the tank, and you will serve 1 tank for free, or rather 1 roller from it ... That's how you do it, you can blather a little or not a few! In the meantime, you yourself did nothing to improve the situation.
                        And so, the pace of rearmament of the Russian Federation is higher than that of any other country. Moreover, our budget is not the largest, and even more so the budget of the Moscow Region.

                        Quote: Ufa
                        .And those who do not pray for your Putin, called marshy, complete stupidity

                        I don’t call everyone, but specifically you and people like you!
                        You are swampy and it shimmers and smells even for tens of thousands of kilometers.

                        Quote: Ufa
                        Not all Putin Putin patriots. Look only at the Nashi degenerates.

                        "Our" are just patriots, unlike you and people like you, they go to the veterans on May 9, they help the veterans, they build detachments and create something like that, they work for the good , they create! and you breed demagoguery current. You're not even worth their little finger. All you can lie, but those whom I saw from "our" they are engaged in business, while people like you go to litter at rallies and throw stones at the riot police, ours go on May 9 with veterans enlightened to patriotism and sometimes go out to clean the city from garbage that people like you do.
                        This is the main difference between you ... some people think of what to do to raise Russia and do it, while others shout something, shout something, lie and breed demagogy but do nothing for the sake of the country, and that they don’t tear anything from themselves for the good of the country, for sure.

                        Quote: Ufa
                        In general, you can communicate without insults

                        You can, as soon as you fulfill 3 conditions:
                        1) start to think
                        2) stop lying
                        3) you stop breeding demagoguery.

                        PS: alas, I wrote too much and too many clever words and logic, I am afraid, as always, I will run into the wall of the opponent’s stupidity and his inability to understand things and facts that are too smart for him
                      2. Ufa
                        Ufa 4 July 2012 23: 41
                        Damn, when you managed to print so much. I’ll answer you for an eternity. I’ll try on the points: 1) I evaluate him as a leader compared to others (the same Stalin); 2) there’s nothing to shoot or plant me for if for the prosperity of the country necessary hard work, then I agree; 3) the number of indigenous peoples is decreasing (Russians -4%, Tatars -4%), they are replaced by migrants; 4) yes, of course, I am withdrawing capital with Navalny; 5) you are tired of your Navalny, do not you need to give him an example, why shoot me? I don’t even want to write about corruption; 6) again, INDUS RIALIZATSIYA was carried out in less srok.U us a real resource-based economy, ie. we are very dependent on energy prices, if we don’t buy resources from us, we will bend, and they may find an alternative; 7) you understand what I mean. I mean that you need to confiscate the property of those who acquired in a gangster way it in the 90s; 8) and it does not need to be carried out at all, it is better to nationalize especially important enterprises; 9) read carefully, the shifts are small in general, and not the number of new equipment. The rate of re-equipment of China is much higher; 10) another stupidity; 11 ) I see Nashi people in a different light. For the last 4 years, don’t leave a single wrapper ; 12) to carry out their own colors usloviya.Skromnost cheloveka.Ne forget mudrost.I folk need to be simpler, all of what I wrote is just my opinion.
                      3. CC-18a
                        CC-18a 5 July 2012 00: 44
                        1. You still compare a stone with water. How many times to repeat, the USSR and the Russian Federation different countries to compare the 2 heads of state in nothing. However, idiots continue to compare the head of the CPPS Central Committee with the president of the Russian Federation. Putin can only be compared with the president of the Russian Federation and nothing more. As an example, Stalin could have shot you, but Putin hasn’t, aren’t you so stupid that you’re not able to understand this.
                        Quote: Ufa
                        I have nothing to shoot or plant
                        And this is not up to you to decide. If you want the prosperity of the Russian Federation, then accept the conditions. But instead you are bustling and trying to get away! it does not happen !!! You want to get the benefit, but at the same time you don’t have to work and you don’t have to answer for anything, more like a child psychology, as usual, I’m sure you are still a child, so we can be excusable.
                        Quote: Ufa
                        I agree

                        you balabol! and I don’t believe you.
                        Although it’s possible to check that you’ve got your payroll from work, although you probably don’t work, but if you agreed, then come on, payroll for this month and for the following months, so that each one has a processing bonus and does not increase the salary (you should he himself refuse to increase the salary for the good of the country), more quickly forward Stakhanovets if not n ** bol.
                        Will there be a calculation? if so, we’ll check, if not, then you’re a balabol and it’s proved and justified.
                        Quote: Ufa
                        ) the number of indigenous peoples is decreasing

                        This is a problem of indigenous peoples, not of the state. The state creates conditions for everyone and is the same, even the conditions are better for the Russians ... and the fact that they do not "breed" is rather contrary to the efforts of the state.
                        In short, your stupid logic again - "do not do anything but get everything", you cannot have children yourself, you still ask the state to hold a candle.
                        If other people, for example, the Caucasus can give birth and give birth, then the conditions are created and there are.
                        I don't care about migration or not. You stated above that we are dying and degrading, I told you that you were wrong! you didn’t agree with this as a man, but how balabol created a new balobolstvo.
                        I repeat, with the advent of Putin, they began to die less and be born more?
                        To be born, not to migrate fool
                        Well no?
                        Many countries have a migration estimate !!! all of Europe is in migrants, the south of the United States is already Latinos alone. And this is called the market! while the indigenous people do not want to work in their place, those who are ready to work come.
                        4. Again balabol moved out, but be you a man answer for the words.
                        Capital flees from the country because of those like you will pile up but comes to the country of current thanks to the painstaking work of Putin.
                        Answer me! Well no?
                        The fact that yes, I proved the statistician, we can check the data.
                        If you blather that there isn’t, then from you the dock of your nonsense.
                        5. Again the balabol moved out, what an irresponsible child you are.
                        I poke you in the face of a specific question.
                        Corruption decreased under Putin?
                        Well no?
                        1 current option is correct and everyone who knows in the 90s lived and didn’t ride it in a manger.
                        6. Damn ... what you do not call a good word? why are you so stupid? why industrialization now? everyone went this way again to go through it this current dumb look.
                        The Russian Federation is capitalism and a market economy, the USSR is another! Do not compare the Russian Federation with the USSR, do not go * otom. The only thing that can be compared is the countries of the West after 1945, they have been restored with the help of the United States for more than 20 years, and we have been recovering for 10 years.
                        Quote: Ufa
                        real commodity economy

                        Yes, but not in Russia. In the Russian Federation there is a dependence on oil, exactly the same as I gave the above example, China - shirpotrep. Are you so stupid chtoli that you’re not even able to read and understand the open, chewed text? I’m not a strong opinion already, I’m about you, at least try to think.
                        Quote: Ufa
                        we are highly dependent on energy prices

                        Like all countries of this world winked High price = stagnation of the economy of the USA and the EU and China, low price = economic growth. EVERYTHING DEPENDS ON THE OIL PRICE! not only Russia. But for some reason, our trolars constantly talk about it, it’s obvious that they learned the methodology of the State Department, there are no brains to comprehend so simply stupidly learned and retold without turning on the brain.
                        Quote: Ufa
                        if they don’t buy resources from us, we will bend

                        No. Although it depends on who is at the helm of the country. Yeltsin then we’ll bend, and we’ll bend with high prices, Putin — then we won’t bend ... 2008 the crisis already had an oil price dropped to 38 ... like you stupid people shouted earlier that the Russian Federation would collapse as the current price drops below 100 ... fell, the Russian Federation resisted, then they shouted that it would not stand up to 80, then they resisted, then the price fell down to 50 and below 50 ... then they shouted that it took time ... the oil was cheap for almost 2 years and the Russian Federation didn’t ! even gives loans.
                        So in fact, such as you, balabolas of the current pi ** know how to child, and are always wrong! So here's a fact of history as an example that you're wrong.
                        Quote: Ufa
                        they can be found an alternative
                        We’ve already found it 100 times from the words of people like you, and things are still there ... probably because you’re not filling up the morbidity, demagoguery, and lying in tanks and you won’t go far in reality laughing

                        7. Who will you confiscate? Judges who? Or Putin? or any dude? whom everyone who is confiscated will be accused of corruption and the stench will be all over the country. And those who confiscate from them just do not have time to pick everything up and dump it? that is, the outflow of capital will not be 200 million and 200 trillion.
                        In general, a good slogan for deb * ilov, select and share, it is a pity that the current smart understand what the consequences are waiting for the country.

                        8. And how? I’m wondering if people like you are so stupid that they don’t understand that no one will give up their plants, the best thing is if they bankrupt the plant, they dismiss everyone, sell them for cheap and dump them abroad ... and the worst is if they start to muddle the authorities then and to civilian not far.
                        Well, again, your slogan is good for sheep, but those who are smarter sure understand the severity of the issue.

                        Quote: Ufa
                        The rate of rearmament of China is much more

                        Less. In China, that aircraft that tanks are 1-2 generations older than ours, respectively, the number of 1 to 1 can not be considered. The basis of the park in China is our T55. But the T-72 and its comparable counterpart in the Russian Federation comes more than in China, in the aggregate, the Russian Federation is still re-equipped faster and better. But you definitely don’t understand this! if you already didn’t understand what was written above.

                        10. Rather, a fact and with every post you prove it.

                        Quote: Ufa
                        I see Nashi in a different light

                        Because you are blind.
                        I have cited facts that can be verified, an example about May 9, instead of refuting the ego, you blundered some kind of stupidity DEMAGOGY of the word ANYTHING.
                        Again, I repeat "Our" patriots, they do things for the good of the country, they want to help with the veterans on holidays, they do not often clean up garbage like subbotniks, but they do it.
                        Well no?
                        The fact that yes I proved that no you will not prove because it will be a lie. So it remains for you to either admit that you are a balabol and a liar, or lie further.

                        Quote: Ufa
                        12) fulfill your conditions yourself.

                        I completed them all.

                        The conversation is over for the sim, I don’t want to discuss with a very stupid person who, instead of talking about the essence and the facts, can only breed demagogy and lie, generally behave vilely through the swamp.
                        Although if you fulfill the conditions:
                        Quote: CC-18a
                        1) start thinking 2) stop lying 3) stop breeding demagoguery.

                        Then it will be possible to talk, if not, then you do not want to tell the truth and discuss smartly and with facts.
                      4. Ufa
                        Ufa 5 July 2012 14: 07
                        Okay, you're right. Everything is fine in Russia: there is no corruption, the economy is one of the fastest growing (as Putin said), the population is growing rapidly, we have the most powerful VS. And all this thanks to great Putin.
                        PS I won’t write anything more to you, because it takes too much time. You may not answer.
                      5. CC-18a
                        CC-18a 6 July 2012 08: 42
                        Demagogue fucking * new. And a liar, it’s easy to demand an answer from you so that you quote where I wrote that there is no corruption. Confusing "no corruption" with "corruption has become less" can the current verbal prostitute, who you are But you are right in one thing, I’m right that you are coming * from, and this is not an insult, but it’s just true, it’s the same as calling a girl a girl, simply in fact.
              2. alexng
                alexng 4 July 2012 22: 59
                And it was difficult to answer that the photo was 2006? And that's it, no one would say a word anymore, and they would not ask you so many questions. But time has put many on different sides. I choose the least of two evils, because any power, whatever it may be, will always be unpleasant to a part of the population in any country. And from the very word "power" it smells more of antagonism. And it is time to come to terms with the fact that most of the Russians do not support you and meet with hostility, not because of Putin or someone else, but because they consider the organizers of the swamp gathering to be ordinary traitors to Russia. Note not the participants, but the organizers.
              3. Ufa
                Ufa 4 July 2012 23: 51
                There seems to be no date above this photo. "Most of the Russians do not support you" - and here I am at all. I do not sympathize with the orange and Navalny in particular. If I had my way, the first thing I would have would have been jailing and shooting them.
              4. alexng
                alexng 5 July 2012 00: 56
                Sorry if I offended you with my comment. I myself am for the current government only because it is on the side of the statehood of Russia, and not against those who are against this government, except for the swamp riffraff, of course. Everyone has their own attitude and there can be no consensus - it does not exist in nature, because according to DM "being forms consciousness". Although by and large it is controversial, especially with the advent of Internet technologies, it turns out that "vyser forms consciousness", especially among the younger generation. And the comparison between Putin and Stalin in form is not correct. Under Stalin, the salary of an engineer was 2,6 times higher than that of any worker, and this led to a breakthrough economic recovery, i.e. Technologically, Reason ruled everything, not emotions and money. Now Putin has a more difficult situation in this regard - the mentality is different and it is very difficult to get him back on track. And this takes time. Stalin used repression to shorten the time interval, and now this is no longer acceptable. I think that in the end Reason will triumph in Russia, and emotions and all the consequences arising from this will fade into the background.
      2. Yoshkin Kot
        Yoshkin Kot 5 July 2012 07: 59
        another sufferer from unrequited love for GDP! laughing
  • esaul
    esaul 4 July 2012 18: 41
    Quote: Ufa
    If Rogozin is for Putin, why is he and Nemtsov hanging out?

    In order to answer this question, a colleague, you need to know the time of occurrence of this photo and place. Unless, of course, your question is dictated solely by curiosity, and not asked with a sub-knife, in anticipation of a tub of shit, which vigilantes and truth-seekers adore so much ...
  • Yoshkin Kot
    Yoshkin Kot 4 July 2012 11: 08
    first off! crawled out of the swamp did not have time to dry out laughing
    1. snek
      snek 4 July 2012 12: 22
      Quote: Yoshkin Cat
      first gone! crawled out of the swamp did not have time to dry out

      Well, I'll be the second, if you don't mind. By the number of beautiful, caressing words, Rogozin can argue with a fox from a famous fable. But things ... while they are not there. In fairness, it should be noted that not so much time has passed. But reveling in admiration for the new savior of Russia and the lifter from his knees is still a little early.
      1. 755962
        755962 4 July 2012 14: 11
        Well, I think that work for our Vologda OMZ will not be an edge. I open the Internet and see belay ...Vologda thermal imagers for foreign tanksRosoboronexport and the French company Thales Optronics have entered into a contract agreement for the licensed production of third-generation thermal imaging cameras in Russia. The assembly of these devices will be carried out on the basis of OJSC Vologda Optical and Mechanical Plant.
        The contract for the production of thermal imagers was signed on June 11, the first day of the defense exhibition Eurosatory 2012, held in Paris. The center for the repair and maintenance of similar thermal imaging cameras Catherine FC has been operating in the Vologda OMZ for four years. However, the new XP series thermal imagers, which will be assembled at our factory under license, have a higher resolution and target detection range. They are more compact and lighter than their predecessors, and also consume less energy. As the Deputy General Director of Rosoboronexport OJSC Igor Sevastyanov noted, the signing of this contract is an important stage in the development of relations with the French company.
        We add that similar thermal imagers are installed in sights on armored personnel carriers, armored vehicles and infantry fighting vehicles of the French, Belgian, Dutch and Danish armies.
        What the fuck ....... he was stunned crying
        1. Teploteh - nick
          Teploteh - nick 4 July 2012 16: 59
          Quote: party3AH
          Well, finally, my own

          yes good drinks
          Enough to feed foreigners - it’s high time to establish your production TOTAL !!! And as a result, create jobs and raise science and young professionals !!! yes
          Article ++++++++++++ !!!! good
        2. alexng
          alexng 4 July 2012 23: 07
          The article talks about domestic matrices, and nobody probably was going to close parallel production. It does not interfere. One product for the export version, and another for the domestic one.
  • radikdan79
    radikdan79 4 July 2012 23: 41
    Yoshkin Cat,
    but do not scream. Russia is a huge country. and in addition to natural resources, it also has brains! and Russian scientists are always ready to receive with open arms around the world. so there is still gunpowder (and most importantly desire and financing). It is a pity that a certain period in history stopped the development of science in Russia for a while. but, again, if desired, still catch up.
  • itr
    itr 5 July 2012 07: 38
    Well, is not Mr. Rogozin looking into the eyepiece of such a long-awaited device? laughing
  • 5aa1
    5aa1 4 July 2012 08: 51
    progressing is good.
  • Alexey Prikazchikov
    4 July 2012 08: 57
    So much for the collaboration with the French, I’ve also posted the news about the joint bmp, I also advise you to watch it.
    1. Flying Dutchman
      Flying Dutchman 4 July 2012 10: 47
      Where is the news?
      1. Alexey Prikazchikov
        4 July 2012 11: 00
        The moderators of 4 of my articles, apparently, have not yet laid out simply, I myself am a little surprised. I also posted about the Kurgan news there. I think they’ll just post it later.
        1. Joker
          Joker 4 July 2012 11: 50
          Not moderators, but administrators, do not confuse please. smile They can put 2 today and 2 tomorrow, most likely it will be so.
          1. Alexey Prikazchikov
            4 July 2012 11: 54
            It’s clear then I won’t dig up the surprise, I’ll say one thing is very good news, because I usually don’t post others.
            1. 755962
              755962 4 July 2012 14: 05
              I look forward to it.
  • sazhka0
    sazhka0 4 July 2012 09: 00
    Finally. The words are not a boy but a husband
  • Trailer
    Trailer 4 July 2012 09: 46
    "You know that we have no end to proposals for the procurement of our air defense systems, the most diverse, both close and long-range combat," added Rogozin, speaking of the Russian equipment most sold abroad. Of course we know: look what a huge country, and only key cities are protected! Um, can this be considered a foreign territory for Moscow?
  • King
    King 4 July 2012 09: 46
    the main thing is that officials do not once again exchange domestic development for foreign
  • sonyr
    sonyr 4 July 2012 09: 56
    Another injection into the masses of false information. )) The joke is very glad that everything is going according to plan, never when he doubted Rogozin, Putin, and our military potential.
  • party3AH
    party3AH 4 July 2012 10: 14
    Well, finally, my own.
  • ShturmKGB
    ShturmKGB 4 July 2012 10: 39
    Now we have to learn how to make electronic chips ourselves, we need to develop our own software, otherwise we use foreign ones. At the right time, they’ll shut off even fuck ...
    1. leon-iv
      leon-iv 4 July 2012 11: 13
      we can do chips
      They are produced not only by us but by our design.
      Software has always been mine.
      1. Alexey Prikazchikov
        4 July 2012 12: 11
        We are establishing production. Just while this happens, many orders have to be placed in the PRC. The restoration of the electronics industry takes about 8-15 years.
    2. ariy_t
      ariy_t 4 July 2012 11: 26
      Is it already .. Or do you think that our army systems on Intel are functioning ??? A motor depot on XP ??? laughing
    3. Alexey Prikazchikov
      4 July 2012 11: 50
      The world's first multicellular processor goes on sale
      The Multiclet company released the first pilot batch of microprocessors created on the basis of its own multicellular architecture, and began their delivery to electronic industry enterprises.

      The world’s first multicellular processor was eagerly awaited not only by the creators of the product, but also by many Russian companies that entered into supply contracts at the stage of research work on the project.

      “We received from the factory the first batch of multicellular processors that we developed - this is truly a significant event not only for our company, but for all the country's electronic industries,” said Boris Zyryanov, General Director of Multiclet OJSC. - The world's first multicellular microprocessor MCp0411100101 consists of four cells and incorporates a processor core with a fundamentally new (post-Neumann) multicellular architecture.
      It is designed to solve a wide range of control and digital signal processing tasks in applications requiring minimal power consumption and high performance. Working with a multicellular processor for users does not differ from the generally accepted one; we have developed a set of utilities that allows you to write programs for a multiclet. It includes: assembler, link editor (linker), C compiler, functional model, as well as the RTOS operating system in development. ”

      Now the developers of multicellular processors are completing the product testing phase, as soon as all tests have been completed, the company’s specialists will begin shipping processors and debugging kits to the country's enterprises, the preliminary date is July 1, 2012. The industrial concerns collaborating with the Multiklet company still have a lot of serious work to test the samples received.
      1. Alexey Prikazchikov
        4 July 2012 11: 52
        Russian small-sized motherboard "Monocub"

        In June, MCST CJSC and INEUM named after IS Bruk OJSC demonstrated the new development of Monocub compact motherboards.
        Due to the standard design, small size and a large number of supported interfaces, the board installed in various types of cases has a wide range of applications. On its basis, you can assemble a small office computer, a candy bar, a mini-server, or a network data storage. This development is aimed at the budget segment of the market. Cheaper cost of computers and their components is one of the important tasks of the ICST.
        See also: Scientists from SFU are working to expand the capabilities of computers

        Prepared for testing a prototype small-sized motherboard "Monocub" in the form factor mini-ITX. An Elbrus-2C + multi-core heterogeneous processor with a clock frequency of 500 MHz is mounted on the board. Elbrus-2C + is the first six-core microprocessor manufactured by MTsST. It contains 2 Elbrus architecture cores and 4 Elvis digital signal processor (DSP) cores.
        The memory controller integrated in the processor provides dual-channel operation. To install RAM strips, two DDR2-800 standard slots are soldered on the board. The Monocub is also equipped with the KPI south bridge developed at ZAO MTsST, which provides support for the most common USB 2.0, SATAII, eSATA, PCI-Express 1.0 x8 and COM ports.

        A gigabit Ethernet controller is integrated into the same chip, and the corresponding connector is displayed on the rear panel. There are also interfaces for input and output audio, USB 2.0 and eSATA connectors, as well as a DVI video output, the operation of which is provided by the integrated video adapter in the board. As a means of cooling the processor, coolers for the LGA775 socket, including low-profile ones, can be used. In the near future, it is planned to prepare the board for serial production. It includes design improvements (for example, increasing the number of USB 2.0 connectors on the rear panel and installing a full-size PCI Express x16 connector) and cost-saving measures.
        1. TROG
          TROG 4 July 2012 12: 26
          And how does this motherboard differ
          from the one I bought ten to twelve years ago in a regular store?
          Some shame!
          Why do we not buy foreign production and do not transfer, albeit to the detriment, it to our territory. But which would give a real impetus to development. For what it is necessary to "rusnano".
          Won Chinese Lenovo, a former IBM, is now one of the leaders in computer technology. And even though the factory was originally located in China.
          Why, ours come up with great devices, but collect them at the same time in China.
          It turns out like selling wood and oil, we give raw materials (ideas), and from it thousands of jobs in China, it resells us.
          1. Alexey Prikazchikov
            4 July 2012 12: 28
            Nobody sells them to us. Remember the story with Opel. Plus, a couple of years ago, there was a complete cry, we were closing the lag, that's all. Another 5-6 years of such pace and mustache. With thermal imagers, the same body was. With regards to foreign firms and factories that we can buy and buy, we mainly do not want to let us into the investment markets mainly. Europeans would not mind since we, unlike the AMS, do not ruin our competitors and do not take away jobs from people, but they do not give us bastards.
            1. aksakal
              aksakal 4 July 2012 16: 23
              Quote: Alexey Prikazchikov
              Nobody sells them to us. Remember the story with Opel. Plus, a couple of years ago, there was a complete cry, we were closing the lag, that's all. Another 5-6 years of such pace and mustache. With thermal imagers, the same body was. With regards to foreign firms and factories that we can buy and buy, we mainly do not want to let us into the investment markets mainly. Europeans would not mind since we, unlike the AMS, do not ruin our competitors and do not take away jobs from people, but they do not give us bastards.

              “Plus, Prikazchikov, you were ahead of me in answering these questions.”
              Quote: TROG
              Why don't we buy foreign production and transfer it, albeit to the detriment of it, to our territory. But which would give a real impetus to development.

              - To be honest, the question is a chela who is far from life and especially from politics. Nova, Prikazchikov, answered him well.
              I can add just one more example - Alitalia, a leading Italian company, was not sold to us either. And I will also add that the COCOM amendment (the Jackson-Vanik law restricting trade with Russia in high-tech goods) has not yet been canceled, they only want to cancel it, but immediately replace it with the "Magnitsky law." But TROG does not know about this and therefore asks (excuse me) stupid questions.
            2. esaul
              esaul 4 July 2012 18: 37
              Alexey Prikazchikov,
              Lyosha, I greet you, friend. There are a lot of examples of moving forward and it is a shame that you have to prove obvious successes to those who simply do not want to see them and who think themselves to be an absolute know-it-all, preferring to poke around in the shit looking for new "aromatic bouquets".
              Here is another piece of news that Russia is steadily following the path of innovation and new technologies

              15 June 2012 Eugene Super

              Dear readers! While you are reading these lines, an experiment is being successfully completed in our country that will not only destroy the US monopoly in one strategically important area, but also bring Russia to its world leaders. The friendly silence of the media in this regard is surprising, but we will tell you everything as it is.

              "Space thermos"

              A tractor with an inconspicuous tanker moves along a dusty Orenburg highway. The summer sun, familiar to these places, warmed up the air almost to + 40 ° C, the imported air conditioners cannot cope with the heat and therefore the drivers, having spat on them, drive with the windows open. Few people realize that inside the huge tank there is almost cosmic cold at minus 269 ° C, which is only 4 ° C above the temperature of absolute zero.

              Such a thermos on wheels is the result of the work of our engineers from Gazprom dobycha Orenburg and NPO Geliymash. It is intended for the transport of liquefied helium. During the experiment, the tank was filled with helium in Orenburg and sent to the city of Novotroitsk, which is located 250 km from the district center (along a not very good track). The purpose of the experiment is to test the design in real-world conditions.

              Yesterday, the tractor safely reached Novotroitsk, where helium was handed over free of charge to the city hospital number 1, which was looking forward to the gift.

              “Without helium, there is no life for modern medicine: it is very important for our patients,” said Andrei Kiselev, deputy chief physician of Novotroitsk Clinical Hospital No. 1. It should be noted that helium is used to operate an extremely popular tomograph in the region.

              Now the tank went on the return trip, but the most critical part of the experiment was already successfully completed.

              You might think that the development of our engineers is local in nature, but this is far from the case.

              In order to correctly assess the economic and even political importance of our tank, you should take a look at the helium market and Russia's place in it. Although it is ignored by most media, it retains a lot of interesting moments.

              Helium is used in the production of about 80% of parts for mobile phones, semiconductors, liquid crystal screens, optical fibers, as well as in space programs. Due to the fact that this gas is almost not subject to radiation, it is actively used in nuclear energy to create nuclear reactors. In addition, helium is used for welding, cutting and smelting of metals, in medicine, the advertising industry, for the production of electronics and when creating trains on a “magnetic cushion”.

              The largest consumers of helium are the USA, Europe and Asia-Pacific countries. At the same time, global helium consumption is growing, remaining immune to the economic crisis. If in 2009, the world consumption of this gas amounted to 1,75 million cubic meters, then in 2011 already 1,9 million cubic meters. Moreover, if in Europe this growth is 2-3% per year, then in the Asia-Pacific countries it is 4-5% (and in China, all 15-20% is annually). According to forecasts by the 2030 year, global helium consumption will amount to 300 million cubic meters.

              According to the growth of consumption, helium production is also growing. And here the fun begins. The world leader in reserves of this gas is Russia. We have 34% of the world's reserves (Algeria and Qatar follow us), however, our contribution to its global production is negligible and amounts to only 3% (and this is due to the only plant in Orenburg). The palm in this sphere belongs to the USA, which gives 73% of world production.

              How do we become leaders?

              So what is the helium power of the USA based on? Firstly, on a competent approach by the state. In the 60-70 years, US authorities prudently bought surplus helium from their producers (consumption in those years was low). Thus, they managed to create a large reserve of 950 million cubic meters, which began to be sold with good profit in the 90 years.

              Professionals of the Russian market suggest using a similar approach with us. The fact is that the foreign helium market is much larger than the domestic one, which means that we can produce helium in reserve. Throwing large volumes of raw materials to the market now is not rational, as this will lead to lower prices. Therefore, it is advisable to adopt the American experience, creating gas storage facilities.

              It is important that in the 1996 year in the USA, a law was passed on the elimination by the 2015 year of its national helium reserve. Formally, this is done in order to reimburse the cost of creating a warehouse, but this logic is not entirely clear, because in a growing market, the sale of raw materials on the cheap looks a bit strange. Nevertheless, the USA, pursuing a policy of selling helium stocks, keeps its prices low. However, after 2015, the situation will change dramatically and Russia will have a wonderful chance to become a market leader.

              The second reason for US dominance in the market is the presence of tanks for the transport of helium. This is very beneficial, because in a liquefied state the volume of helium decreases 6 times. Fortunately, now we have all the chances to get around the United States at this sharp turn.

              However, there is one more nuance - as mentioned above, helium is mined in Russia only in Orenburg. The largest reserves of this gas are in Eastern Siberia. There are deposits with a high helium content: Chayandinskoye, Kovyktinskoye, Sobinskoye, Chikanskoye and others with total reserves of about 20 billion cubic meters. m. Their development will allow in the 2020 year to increase Russia's share in the production of helium from 3% to 50%.

              For these purposes, a station for liquid helium is being built in the find. Now that Russia has got the opportunity to establish the production of its own tanks, the chain should close. The development of Siberian deposits has become attractive, the delivery of helium to Nakhodka is profitable, and then it is up to Asian buyers who have long been waiting for our product.

              By the way, despite the small volume of production, Orenburg helium is actively purchased by both Europe and Asia. In particular, in the famous andronic collider 50% of our Orenburg helium.

              Thus, we got every chance to break ahead in the promising helium market. The only thing left is to bring to mind the development of deposits and competently enter the market so as not to bring it down inadvertently.
              All news on the link


              So, unbelieving lads, read and "enjoy"!
          2. urzul
            urzul 4 July 2012 15: 03
            Won Chinese Lenovo, a former IBM, is now one of the leaders in computer technology. And even though the factory was originally located in China.
            Why, ours come up with great devices, but collect them at the same time in China.
            It turns out like selling wood and oil, we give raw materials (ideas), and from it thousands of jobs in China, it resells us.

            To study the history of UN statements about SLAVE labor in these factories. And then answer whether this is necessary in Russia.
            1. Alexey Prikazchikov
              4 July 2012 15: 19
              We need everything to be like in the Russian Federation, so that highly skilled and paid specialists, because we, as Chinese, do not break, but we are doing everything gradually.
        2. biglow
          biglow 4 July 2012 20: 36
          it’s like test samples, so the country of origin is not indicated on them
      2. snek
        snek 4 July 2012 12: 34
        I searched for information on this miracle for a long time, but there is no doubt that it’s a real breakthrough and all sorts of intel and AMD are on the sidelines; to find out, just ask the creators of the multicell.
        Seriously, there’s a reasonable (in my opinion) adequate information (and not very few leaflets):
        So what are we talking about. "Multi-core" sounds a little too shabby and mundane, and "multicellular" sounds fresh and innovative. Most people have a suspicion that protein cells have been crammed into a silicon chip - cool?

        There is very little intelligible information, but so far it turns out that the guys have crossed ordinary FPGAs with the usual processor peripherals, and all the innovation of the project is in its name. Ftopku worn-out abbreviations like "FPGA" and "SoC", you give multicellularity! Why not multicellularity, by the way?

        When advertising booklets spoke of its production in Yburg, I was, to put it mildly, amazed. Where did the factories capable of producing modern processor chips come across in the Urals? It’s not for you to rivet LEDs, here the tasks are more serious. It turned out that everything is simple here - physically, the chips will be manufactured somewhere in the Taiwan area.

        In general, another ordinary miracle. The scale of the revolution is not at all more modest than the statements of the builders, just the area is much more specific. Let's see where this circus will go next.

        taken from here:
        1. CC-18a
          CC-18a 4 July 2012 15: 13
          Breeeedd !!!
          Multicellular is a completely different processor, it's not multi-core.
          And it is named differently because it is a different processor, do not call a car a bicycle just because they perform the same task - movement.
          1. vpm
            vpm 4 July 2012 15: 58
            It is difficult for a non-professional to understand the innovative architecture of this or that processor, but what can I say, even people who seem to understand it cannot always fully appreciate this. Here is a much more substantive discussion about multicells:
            And the fact that cell architecture is not multicore is obvious - multicore is simply an extensive development of the same background of Neumann architecture, while a multiclet is not a background of Neumann architecture.
            1. CC-18a
              CC-18a 4 July 2012 19: 21
              We are waiting for organic processors :) there are already circuits and semiconductors, in this regard, Russia is also ahead of the rest, or at least there are no lags.
              Organics has many many many advantages, it is likely the future of electronics behind it. For a long time I want a laptop that you drop, but it does not break))) with organics it will be close to realities.
      3. chukapabra
        chukapabra 4 July 2012 16: 34
        Quote: Alexey Prikazchikov
        The world's first multicellular processor goes on sale

        Quote: Alexey Prikazchikov
        It includes: assembler, link editor (linker), C compiler, functional model, as well as the RTOS operating system in development. ”

        It means it does not roll under Vindos, Android is the same. This significantly increases the number of potential laughing Buyer
        Quote: Alexey Prikazchikov
        preliminary date is July 1, 2012

        today is the 4th, according to the news of such a breakthrough (still the first in the world) - silence.
        Quote: Alexey Prikazchikov
        The industrial concerns collaborating with the Multiklet company still have a lot of serious work to test the samples received.

        1. Alexey Prikazchikov
          4 July 2012 16: 43
          These are the first podvizhki, but what did you want ah? Moreover, this is a very specific processor; it is not even for computers for mine, well, speaking of this model specifically.
          1. vpm
            vpm 4 July 2012 16: 58
            The processor is probably for a real-time OS, and here Android is generally incomprehensible. The scope will most likely be primarily military or some other specialized (dispatch systems, etc., etc.) - primarily where parallelism of calculations is a critical factor.
    4. urzul
      urzul 4 July 2012 15: 01
      When was this software in the defense industry imported? except Linux, but it is open source
  • denkastro
    denkastro 4 July 2012 11: 24

    Electronic chips must now learn to do
    The Multiclet company released the first pilot batch of microprocessors created on the basis of its own multicellular architecture, and began their delivery to electronic industry enterprises. Http:// news. Now our developers of thermal imaging equipment will be free .We can advance in all areas of the construction of modern weapons.
    1. vlechin
      vlechin 4 July 2012 21: 40
      I want to add that processors with multicellular architecture are, first of all, a breath of fresh air for the space components that are suffocating from a deficit of space components. The economical and most fault-tolerant processor means the decline of the era of failures in the launches and operation of complex spacecraft, that is, we will no longer sink expensive satellites in the Pacific Ocean.
  • Truth
    Truth 4 July 2012 13: 28
    Well done, congratulations.
  • CC-18a
    CC-18a 4 July 2012 15: 16
    And finally it is strange.
    There are quite a few people here (rather trolls) who are always happy that somewhere abroad is better than in Russia, and they will never accept that something can be built or created here! rather they strangle themselves with their spattered bile. recourse
  • chukapabra
    chukapabra 4 July 2012 16: 28
    developing hypersound is cool. As long as the only hypersound is endless statements, promises and threats of Rogozin himself.
    APASUS 4 July 2012 18: 11
    Speaking about the possibility of buying modern technology abroad, the Deputy Prime Minister said that "if someone thinks that modern equipment can be sold to us, he is either naive or stupid."

    At least one person from the government voiced this idea. It is good that at least someone understands this !!
  • Popandopulo
    Popandopulo 4 July 2012 20: 28
    The Russian Ministry of Defense received the first five helicopters of the European consortium Eurocopter and transferred them to the State Flight Test Center for testing. The GLIC received two twin-engine AS355NP helicopters and three single-engine AS350B3. In total, the military intends to buy 47 helicopters.
  • an-sar
    an-sar 4 July 2012 20: 57
    Let's hope that this is a serious approach to business, otherwise we will, as always, have money to finance the project in the month of December !!!
  • Magadan
    Magadan 5 July 2012 01: 29
    Thank you, of course, for the article about helium, but I just saw something like the whole program about California metal. Well, we, too, took the leadership from the USA there, to produce this metal we just need disruptive technologies, where nuclear physics just rests and 1 gram of this California costs almost a million dollars .... In short, everything is super-duper, we are the coolest us cool technology.
    All this is wonderful, but only what% of GDP will this helium / california give? For me it’s the same as when a huge house (our entire industry) collapses, start bragging about the fact that we painted the fence near this house (well, there is helium, California, etc.)
    I remember that under the USSR we delivered our Niva to Canada, and also bought our tractors well there !!! And my friend in Denmark in the early 90s rode a Lada bought in the 80s!
    Now, if I hear such news, then I will believe in the ability of the current government to get rid of oil and gas dependence. Specifically, numbers are needed, as the share of income from resources falls, and from technology grows. And on the drum, helium, it will be or just kitchen utensils.
    1. Alexey Prikazchikov
      5 July 2012 05: 23
      In Europe, Viburnum, grant, Prior, Chevrolet Niva sell well. For agricultural machinery, we squeezed out 18% of the production of all our tractors. Sales in the USA. You can see the test on YouTube by one Amer farmer. The software RFeeshny the whole world uses the same Yandex and Casper the most picturesque examples. Our weapon, such as, for example, saiga 12, is the favorite among many foreign police officers, Germans use British amers in large quantities and nothing. The rest is just too lazy to write yourself if you want to look.
  • master_rem
    master_rem 13 July 2012 13: 44
    Alexey Prikazchikov,
    and notice how much time has passed since the collapse of the Union, eh? It is necessary to develop "stupidly" and inexorably progressively, without snot!