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Geopolitical mosaic: H. Clinton is either satisfied or dissatisfied, and K. Sobchak leaves “House-2” for the sake of opposition

Everything suits everyone. As passed yesterday correspondent ITAR-TASS Dmitry Zlodorev, at the meeting of the “Action Group” in Geneva, according to Hillary Clinton, on the Syrian issue it was possible to find “a coordinated approach that suits everyone, including Russia and China”. This was the US Secretary of State said in an interview with American television and radio. The text of the interview was circulated on July 1 by the US Department of State.

It seems to the US Secretary of State that Russia has finally matured and is “ready to put pressure” on Syrian President Bashar Assad. According to H. Clinton, the Russians "made it clear that they have no continuing strategic interest in ensuring that Assad remains in power." Therefore, Clinton concluded that "there is every reason to believe" that Moscow would agree on the need for the transfer of power.

H. Clinton has long been explaining that Moscow is not interested in finding Assad in power. She believes that even a little bit of Washington’s diplomatic efforts will prevail in Damascus and a truly American-style democracy. She must like to say out loud what she believes in, but that very little seems to be true. The more often she repeats the same thing out loud, the greater the number of Americans who will mechanically memorize her words and, following her, will begin to repeat them in offices, underground and on the streets in the manner of a parrot. And it doesn’t matter that Moscow thinks, say, the opposite, while Assad still rules in Syria. If H. Clinton and V. Nuland begin to convince Americans that the planet Earth is not a sphere, but a plane resting on three whales and a giant tortoise, then in the States with time they will believe in it.

It is possible, however, that the Russian minister S. Lavrov also believes in something like that. Only in the context of the Kremlin’s position on the Syrian issue. From this point of view, the words of the US Secretary of State could also be misunderstood.

On the eve of the Geneva conference, the Russian foreign minister said that at a meeting on Friday in St. Petersburg with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, he felt not something, but Washington's changing position on Syria.

“I felt a change in the position of Hillary Clinton. There were no more ultimatums. Not a word was said that the document that we will discuss in Geneva cannot be changed, ”the minister announced at a press conference (Kommersant, Pavel Tarasenko).

According to the results of the negotiations, as passed "Vesti"Lavrov said: “Of course, Syria dominated international affairs, and I felt a change in the position of my colleague Hillary Clinton. I heard an experienced politician, a diplomat who said he understood our position, and we reciprocated. ” The minister added: “We agreed to look for agreements that would bring us together on the basis of a clear understanding, as recorded in the Annan plan, that the Syrian parties should be encouraged to dialogue. It is necessary to mobilize all external players to create the necessary conditions for the implementation of Kofi Annan’s plan by the forces of all the Syrian parties. Then the participants of the Geneva Conference on Syria have a real chance to come to a common denominator. ”

The Russian Foreign Minister, he said, was pleased with the negotiations with the US Secretary of State.

Thus, the Americans feel that Russia and China are about to give way to Syria to America, and Russia believes that America is about to surrender and leave Syria alone. This, obviously, is called “unity of opinion” in modern geopolitics.

Meanwhile, Mr. Annan, known for his plans, which were previously successfully used to build democracy in various countries, has drawn up a new plan for Syria (currently in draft).

Kofi Annan dreams of forming a transitional government in Syria, which will include both oppositionists and members of the Assad government. The Special Representative of the United Nations announced this on June 30, summing up the international conference on Syria held in Geneva, reports "" with links to France-Presse and Reuters.

Add on my own that Annan, out of his old habit, decided to combine the unconnectable. By the way, an experienced peacemaker made a cunning reservation. According to him, the citizens of Syria will have to form a new government, however, “people whose hands are in blood” will not be elected to the government. Such an elegant Aesopian language, if translated into normal human language, means that neither Asad nor other members of his “regime” will get into the government. The oppositionists obviously have their hands in blood not to the neck, but only to the elbow.

And then, as the transitional government will be created, it will decide the fate of Assad, - says Mr. Annan. The special representative believes that in a year it is possible to organize such a government, and to get the first results from it. What are the expected results, you can not speak. Libyan, obviously. Or Yugoslav. Does Annan know?

The full version of the Annan plan will be available in Cairo soon. This was reported by H. Clinton, who also participated in the conference in Geneva (well, where without her?).

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, as in the case of the St. Petersburg meeting, said that Russia was satisfied with the outcome of the conference. The settlement plan, according to Lavrov, does not exclude any of the parties from the peace process and does not provide for external intervention.

But this time Mrs. Clinton was not satisfied. Her optimism shrank. She seemed to see her for a moment. The fact is that Russia amended the text of the declaration (three of the four amendments were adopted), and the US secretary of state was left with only to repeat his proclaimed, annoying death to everyone: "Assad will have to leave anyway."

About this tells Pavel Tarasenko (Kommersant):

“In Geneva, Russia put forward four amendments to the text of the declaration. First, she demanded to withdraw from it the call to the UN Security Council to take further measures against Syria. “Our Western partners could promote their ideas at the Security Council, pointing out to us that we signed the corresponding paragraph of the Geneva document,” a source close to the delegation of the Russian Federation explained to Kommersant. Secondly, Moscow has proposed a strict ban on any illegal shipments. weapons all parties to the Syrian conflict. Third, she proposed to fix the right of journalists to free access to information about what is happening in the country covered by the conflict. And finally, she insisted on changing the part of the document where the procedure for establishing an armistice was painted. “The draft stated that a synchronous cease-fire should take place after the government withdraws troops from the cities. But in this case, the opposition will immediately take all the positions left behind,” Sergei Lavrov told reporters later. the withdrawal of the troops was withdrawn from the document. Only one Russian amendment was adopted - on illegal arms transfers. (Well, still! Separate the opposition from illegal arms supplies - and peace will immediately come to Syria. - O. Ch.).

However, there is no reason to talk about a fundamental change in the position of the West in Syria. Hillary Clinton was frank: "Assad will still have to leave." To this, the Kommersant’s source in the delegation of the Russian Federation advised the Secretary of State to read the adopted document, where there are no such abstracts. He suggested that now "Westerners will try everything that could not be included in the Geneva document, to conduct directly through the UN Security Council."

The “action group” intends to meet next time in Moscow. So Russia wants. Saudi Arabia, Iran, and representatives of all Syrians will be invited to the meeting, probably by the Russian host.

The draft plan of Annan did not like the Syrian opposition. On Sunday, the Syrian opposition expressed their dissatisfaction with the new plan of the UN special envoy, formulated at the end of the Geneva conference. He writes about it "" with reference to the Associated Press.

As was to be expected, gentlemen “revolutionaries”, aspiring to power, declared that they considered inadmissible negotiations with Assad and representatives of his “bloody” regime.

Obviously, the opposition did not really bring the essence of the new plan. The main thing that the opposition did not understand is that it plays a significant role in the transitional government. As a matter of fact, as mentioned above, the Annan plan implies the exclusion of the people of Assad and Assad himself from the list of those whom America and the United Nations would like to see in the transitional government. Mr. Annan did not in vain emphasize that “the people whose hands are in blood” would not fall into the government.

By the way, Lenta reports, not only Annan, but also French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius explained that the text of the peace plan implied the resignation of Assad. Official Damascus has not yet commented on the idea of ​​creating a transitional government.

While the West, speaking of the new plan of Annan, has in mind, as before, the resignation of Assad, Moscow in the person of S. Lavrov, declares that the Russian side is satisfied with the results of the negotiations: after all, the new settlement plan does not exclude any party from the peace process and does not mean the unconditional resignation of Assad.

In general, the translators obviously did not help the negotiators badly. Everyone remained unconvinced, Clinton realized that she was mistaken a little, Russia bargained for three points in the final declaration, and the Annan plan itself (the full version of 2.1) will be ready later. The oppositionists didn’t understand anything at all, and now they don’t want to be friends with either Assad or Annan.

Seem to be, Turkey alone knows what to do. As transmits "" With reference to BBC News and the Associated Press, yesterday Turkey sent six F-16 fighters to the Syrian border. Fighters moved at a distance of 6,5 km from the border.

It is reported that Turkish fighters were sent to the border with Syria in response to recent cases of the approach of the Syrian military aviation to the Turkish border. On June 30, Syrian fighters were allegedly spotted south of the Turkish province of Hatay, as well as near the border of the province of Mardin. However, the Syrian fighters did not violate Turkish airspace (information from Reuters).

The Turkish General Staff yesterday announced these radars, which confirm the fact that Syria has destroyed the Turkish fighter in the international zone. The Turkish command considered it necessary to clarify this again - due to the appearance in the foreign press of the most diverse information about the incident. This is reported from Ankara correspondent ITAR-TASS Kirill Zharov. Quote:

“22 June 2012, one of our aircraft, and not two, as stated, flying without weapons and with identification systems turned on, was shot down in the international airspace of the Eastern Mediterranean during a mission to monitor the work of our radars in this region. It turned out that the plane was shot down by the Syrian side, ”the statement says. According to the General Staff, the fighter upon returning from the next round of inspection of radar systems "violated airspace (Syria. Approx. Correspondent) for about a period of five minutes." The radar data showed that during the flight in the Syrian airspace, no action was taken by Syria in relation to it. "In 11: 56 during flight in the international zone, our plane suddenly lost altitude and disappeared from the radar," - said the General Staff. "

Also, the army command reports, citing data from radar records, that the plane was shot down "at a distance of one nautical mile from the 12-mile zone of the inland waters of Syria." The General Staff pointed out: “He was amazed at about 13 miles and, losing altitude and speed, fell into the water at a distance of 16 km (8,5 nautical miles) from the Syrian coast.”

"Bridgehead for the Battle of Damascus." As conveyed yesterday from Beirut correspondent ITAR-TASS Dmitry ZeleninReferring to the Lebanese television channel Al-Manar, Syrian government forces regained control over the city of Duma, located in 13 km from Damascus, and the eastern surroundings of the Syrian capital. The operation to suppress the rebellion is close to completion. The process of returning residents to areas that have been under the control of militants for two weeks has already begun.

The Syrian independent newspaper Al-Vatan indicates that there are many Arab mercenaries among the oppositionists who declared the Duma a “bridgehead for the battle for Damascus”.

A special operation to free the Duma started on Friday, after the authorities ’ultimatum expired. According to SANA, a “large terrorist base” was liquidated in the Duma; warehouses with weapons and explosives were seized. Now the operation to prosecute terrorists continues in Artuz and Tella, as well as in the oasis of Guta.

There are also hostilities against the “revolutionaries” in the northern provinces of Hama, Idlib, Aleppo and in the El-Haff area. Dozens of extremists killed in eastern Syria - in Deir ez-Zor on the Euphrates.

Thus, the militants are fleeing, and the West is losing its position in diplomacy. In this scenario, the Annan plan for a “transitional government,” consisting almost entirely of opposition members, is unlikely to be implemented. No matter how Kofi Annan, or, say, the former leader of the SNA B. Galyun, tried to unite the scattered opposition, she somehow does not unite. Now, if it were taken under the wing of the North Atlantic Alliance, another thing. But after the Turkish plane was shot down by Syrian air defenses, Mr. Rasmussen does not want to hear about the establishment of democracy in Syria by military means. Yes, and Mr. Obama, amid the last scandal in the White House with "Disrespect" of the Prosecutor General to the Congress, began to lose rating points. Only the wars with Syria, when American fighters would start falling into “international waters”, did he lack ...

Russian helicopters and air defense missile systems for brotherly Syria. This tells "" with reference to Interfax, which has a source in military-diplomatic circles.

After the attempt to send military equipment to the Alaid cargo ship failed, Russia could deliver transport-combat helicopters and anti-aircraft missile systems to Syria by military transport aircraft. The question of the method of delivery of military equipment under contractual obligations to Syria will be decided in the near future.

“Everything will depend on whether we can survive under pressure from the West, which requires curtailing military-technical cooperation with Syria,” a source told Interfax.

And the West, it seems, lost here to Russia. At the Geneva meeting, US Secretary of State H. Clinton did not even raise the issue of sending Mi-25 modernized in Russia to be shipped to Syria. “Topic is closed. We will deliver the helicopters on time, ”the source in the Russian delegation assured the Kommersant newspaper. Also, an unnamed source explained that the cars will be transferred to Damascus unassembled and it will take at least 3-4 months to bring them into battle (Kommersant, report by Pavel Tarasenko).

The new authorities of Libya asked Russia to repair their military equipment. He writes about it "" with reference to Interfax, which has its source in the military-industrial complex.

“They are primarily interested in the repair and restoration of equipment, which they inherited after the overthrow of the Gaddafi regime,” a source told Interfax.

According to the International Institute for Strategic Studies, the arsenal of the Libyan army in late 2010 was five hundred tanks T-55, one hundred T-62, about two hundred T-72 and one hundred eighty T-90. On conservation were another 1040 T-55, 70 T-62 and 115 T-72. In addition, SV belonged to about 1000 BMP-1, 750 BTR-50 and BTR-60, and fifty BRDM-2. Most of the equipment was supplied to Libya by the Soviet Union.

Fifty-four life terms for Ibrahim Hamed. As transmitted RIA News" With reference to the press service of the Israel Defense Forces, an Israeli military court on Sunday sentenced former Palestinian militant commander Ibrahim Hamed to 54 life imprisonment.

In the past decade, this man led the military wing of Hamas in the West Bank. A military court based on Ofer considered his involvement in terrorist acts, in which 46 people died, and over 400 was injured.

Siloviki - for the president. RIA Novosti correspondent Dmitry Znamensky, referring to the channel "Telesur", reports that the armed and police forces of Paraguay said yesterday about their unlimited support for Fernando Lugo - President, 22 June biased by the decision of parliament.

A joint statement issued by the military and police commanders said: "We oppose the actions taken against the president, especially since they were carried out without public discussion and discussion with the Paraguayan society, which means a serious step back in the process of democratization of the region."

In Mexico, an opposition candidate wins the election. Reported it correspondent RIA Novosti Dmitry Znamensky.

According to exit polls on 20.00 local time on Sunday, the candidate of the opposition Institutional Revolutionary Party, Enrique Peña Nieto, is gaining from 39% to 42,7% of votes.

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, a candidate of the left forces, is behind him, representing the Party of the Democratic Revolution (from 30,8% to 34,4% of votes). 3-place for the representative of the ruling National Action Party Josefina Vázquez Mota (22,1 - 25,7%).

It should be noted that the last candidate did not help even radical appeal for the voters' wives - to deprive the “heaps-heaps” (sex) for a month of those husbands who would prefer to lie down on the sofas on election day or to stubble in bars.

One hundred years ahead. Presidential elections in Venezuela will determine history countries for the next hundred years. This was announced on Sunday by President Hugo Chavez, speaking at a rally in Maracay. “Furious” promised that his rival in the elections was expecting a “stunning knockout”, and also expressed confidence that the people, as before, would support the project of building socialism in the country begun by him, Hugo, thirteen years ago. Talk about it "Vesti".

Chavez is a candidate of the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela, as well as a general candidate of ten parties, including the Communists. His main opponent in the elections, Enrique Capriles, is a candidate of twenty-two political parties united in the Block of Democratic Unity.

All the latest polls say: Chavez is more popular than his rival. Last week, Hugo often and long spoke to television cameras, thereby demonstrating that the rumors of his illness can not be trusted.

75 million fine. The US Department of Justice has accused Pratt & Whitney Canada, a subsidiary of United Technologies Corporation, a Pentagon contractor, of selling equipment to China to build the Z-10 attack attack helicopter. This is reported by "Voice of America".

The sale of equipment violated the Weapons Export Control Act. In the US, there is a ban on the sale of military equipment to China: it was introduced in response to the suppression of democratic demonstrations on Tiananmen Square in 1989.

UTC, its American subsidiary Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation and Pratt & Whitney Canada have already agreed to pay more than $ 75 million in a settlement with the US government. Part of the sum is a fine for providing false information to the US authorities: contractors claimed to be helping China to build a civilian helicopter.

"" referring to Defense News, it clarifies what this “equipment” was - the engines. Quote:

“In the absence of serious technical differences between the civilian and military versions of United Technologies' engines, they decided to sell power plants to China without government permission. Meanwhile, according to the materials of the court, China concealed for the first few years that it was developing a strike helicopter. Buying engines and other materials from Western companies, the Chinese company CAIC (manufacturer Z-10), presented the program as a civilian.

According to the US Department of Justice, United Technologies, leading illegal cooperation with CAIC, hoped to get the support of the Chinese government and expand its presence in the helicopter market of the country ... "

By agreement of the company with the US government, 55 million dollars will go to the State Department, and the remaining 20 million - to the Department of Justice. The latter, Lenta writes, can refuse to collect a fine from United Technologies, provided the company invests these funds in the American economy.

Mr. Cheney confirmed what was not. About this tells Stephen Webster in "The Raw Story" (translation source - "Translation").

The other day, the US National Archives of Security declassified a document stating that the CIA provided the Bush administration with information contrary to the statement of former vice president Dick Cheney, according to which the hijacker of the 11 September 2001 September Mohamed Atta met in Prague with an Iraqi intelligence officer .

The December 1 document from 2001, submitted to December 8 White House, states that Atta “did not go to the Czech Republic 31 in May 2000” and adds that “the person who tried to enter the Czech Republic in 31 in May 2000, ... was not the Atta that attacked the 11 World Trade Center on September 2001. ” However, a few days later, Cheney told Tim Russert (deceased), while the host of the “Meet the Press” program, that the meeting in Prague was “fully confirmed”.

Cheney’s allegation turned out to be the strongest allegations that influenced the decision in favor of the war with Iraq, and yet this allegation was repeatedly denied by the CIA. But even after the CIA refuted the link between Iraq and the September 11 hijacker, Cheney did it anyway in September with 2003 in the program “Meet the Press”. Shortly afterwards, moderator Tim Russert presented him with the survey results. They showed that 69% of Americans believe: the Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein was involved in the September 11 attacks.

No connection, Webster writes, was found between the Iraqi regime and the September 11 attacks.

Last September, the University of Maryland conducted a study. His results showed that at least 38% of Americans still believe that the United States "found clear evidence in Iraq that Saddam Hussein worked closely with al-Qaeda." Another 15% believe that Iraq was "directly involved in the implementation" of the September 11 attacks.

Add on my own: such is the power of a word spoken by a high-ranking official on TV. And we wonder why this Hillary Clinton repeats the same thing! ..

Ksenia Sobchak changed roles. She did not extend the contract with the TV project "House-2". The head of the PR department of the non-air promotion department of the TNT channel Valentina Kiseleva reported RIA News": "July 6 on the air" House-2 "Xenia says goodbye to the audience."

At parting with the viewers Xenia decided because she made a choice. She told about it to the correspondent of RIA “Novosti” Anna Gorbashova.

“Participating in the project“ House-2 ”does not fit in with my current activity, it’s impossible to sit on two chairs at once - you have to choose,” said the TV presenter. She added: “I chose another direction, this is my personal decision. I told my management about my departure a few months ago, but I had to work out the contract until the end of the season. I was moved by all the participants of the project, seeing in the last series of the season. ”

Geopolitical mosaic: H. Clinton is either satisfied or dissatisfied, and K. Sobchak leaves “House-2” for the sake of opposition

It turns out that Ksenia Sobchak understood - as Leo Tolstoy understood it at the time, with horror looking back at the first half of the life she had lived - it was time to embark on the right path.

“The time comes,” wrote Tolstoy, “when rational consciousness overgrows false teachings, and a person stops in the midst of life and requires an explanation” (“On life”).

Reasonable consciousness led Xenia to the fighters for the rights of the people of Yashin and Navalny. The latter has already given his comment to Sobchak’s departure from a reality show: “Sobchak fulfilled the demand of the Organizing Committee for Protest Actions and left ДомаHouse-2». Otherwise we would not allow her to go with a poster ”(

Incidentally, Navalny is the top-ranked figure in the Russian opposition. As reported the other day RIA News" According to the polls, the general director of VTsIOM Valery Fyodorov, this oppositionist became the undisputed leader of the protest movement. VTsIOM conducted a survey on the protest 12 June. The sample size is 531 people, the statistical error is 3,4%.

At a press conference in RIA "News"Fedorov said:" Compared with what it was in February, there have been significant changes in the popularity rating of opposition leaders ... Yavlinsky fell in popularity, Prokhorov fell in popularity, and Udaltsov and Yashin grew in popularity. Navalny became the undisputed leader of the protest movement. "

He noted that Navalny’s rating among the protesters for the last 4 of the month (from February to June) has tripled and now stands at 46%. The rating of Udaltsov is 26%, Yashin - 10%, Ksenia Sobchak - 7%.

But if we add on our own, Mrs. Sobchak will bring all of her former television audience behind him to Moscow squares, then VTsIOM will, willy-nilly, turn to her fans for opinion. The Navalny rating will fall back to the Udaltsov indicator, and even Yashin, and the beautiful Xenia will lead the most radical oppositionists behind him - those who are ready to turn Russia into “House-2”.

Observed Oleg Chuvakin
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    Sobchak leaves House 2 ----- AAAAAAAAAAAAA ------ what will happen ????? bully
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      Hilliri said that she finally broke Russia, but Russia still does not know about it, and therefore delivers combat helicopters to Syria! In a woman! ..
      1. Armata
        Armata 2 July 2012 14: 16
        I am generally amused that Clinton, that Anan has the feeling that they only in their dreams realize these plans and even achieve success. And the fact that Sopchak washed away from the House 2. So there are still a whole bunch of such insane people, it’s a pity that there is no one to burn all their buildings so that they themselves scatter.
        1. Alexander Romanov
          Alexander Romanov 2 July 2012 14: 24
          Zhenya, now house 2, will represent the party to which she will go. As a last resort, she will create a new party called "horse smell" laughing
          1. Tersky
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            Quote: Alexander Romanov
            a new party called - "the smell of a horse"

            More precisely, manure from under the horse fellow
            1. Shveik
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              And the whole party will "indulge in the tail" ;-)
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            Sasha, she is of course a naive fool, She also advertised a shampoo with the name "Horse Power" When I saw an advertisement a little flippers from laughter did not wrap up, she would have pills for stupidity, but more. She made a safe house out of her own in Krupskaya pancake like playing, let him play until they took her by the buttocks.
            1. Alexander Romanov
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              Zhenya, if a person is a fool, this is for life! No pills will help. Looks like there was a serious prenatal trauma, the only way to have lame horses is to shoot smile
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              Quote: Steam Train
              shampoo called "Horse Power"

              Farewell tour before departure to Razliv!
              1. vpm
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                In vain you are so on a horse, they can have a fairly successful political career:

                Incitat (Latin Incitatus, swift, greyhound) - the favorite horse of the emperor Caligula, appointed by him by the Roman senator.
                After the assassination of the emperor, it was said that he, unlike other senators, he did not kill anyone and did not give the emperor any bad advice. Senators also faced a problem: according to Roman law, before the expiration of the term of office, it was impossible to expel anyone from the Senate, even a horse. Then the emperor Claudius found a way out: Incitatu was cut off his salary, and he was removed from the Senate, as non-eligible for financial qualification.

          3. alexng
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            Clinton is either satisfied or dissatisfied. To her it is necessary to send Sabchak to the role of a satisfactory and fix it there. And what? What is not a draft horse? And Mrs. Clitoris will be satisfied and Ksenia will be attached.
        2. Tersky
          Tersky 2 July 2012 14: 41
          Quote: Steam Train
          So there are still a whole bunch of such insane people, it’s a pity that there is no one to burn all their buildings so that they themselves scatter.

          Zhenya No. , it’s better if everyone sits in one place, it will be easier to catch, and if they scatter at once, imagine how many ushlopks in the vastness of Russia will be added laughing
          1. Armata
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            Victor needs to destroy such hotbeds of evil. Or enclose with barbed wire and consider a mental hospital with all the consequences.
            1. Tersky
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              Quote: Steam Train
              Or enclose with barbed wire and consider a mental hospital with all the consequences.

              Zhenya in the subject:
              even nicotine is powerless against this horse laughing But in general, I agree, only complete isolation from the society-2 left.
            2. Alexander Romanov
              Alexander Romanov 2 July 2012 15: 02
              It will be the largest mental hospital in the world.
              1. alexng
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                Why will it be? She is the largest psychiatric hospital in the world, but not surrounded by barbed wire. And so all the symptoms on the face and in the diagnosis are difficult to make a mistake. And they probably have Sabsuchka for Catherine II.
    2. Odious
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      It is obvious.
      He is going to create "Dom-3" throughout Russia.
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      How do you spell - Bond or Bond? ..
      1. Alexander Romanov
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        On horseback it is customary to plow wassat
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          Quote: Alexander Romanov
          On horseback it is customary to plow

          Mare's stall laughing
        2. Svistoplyaskov
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      2. Klibanophoros
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        In this case - REGULATION!
    4. Tersky
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      Quote: Kars
      Sobchak leaves House 2 ----- AAAAAAAAAAAAA ------ what will happen ?????

      HOUSE-3, only more vulgar
      1. Cynic
        Cynic 2 July 2012 17: 40
        Quote: Tersky
        THE HOUSE 3

        It's nice that at least someone else does not know:
        HOUSE 3 is a virtual world in which you have to learn all the joys of communication and friendship, popularity and leadership, where it is so easy to meet and make new friends.

    5. Shveik
      Shveik 2 July 2012 15: 13
      And Borya Moses will now lead the house-2, so he will show you what Sobchak and others want to turn Eurasia into.
      1. lewerlin53rus
        lewerlin53rus 2 July 2012 17: 47
        Or maybe Klitorosh there? It is quite possible for her to find a job after the US election.
    6. Cynic
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      Quote: Kars
      What will happen?

      With the opposition?
    7. valton
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      And Russia will be house number 2, and the manager will be Sobchak-Schwonder.
      1. chistii20
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        Guys thank you all for the comments laughing heartily But for them it would all be the best solution
    8. Klibanophoros
      Klibanophoros 2 July 2012 18: 51
      The fact that Ksyushad left the DURDoma-2 in the opposition once again confirms the thesis that the TNT telewash products are a state order.
    9. mox
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      Sobchak-Dom-2-Geopolitics ?????
    10. wk
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      that's interesting about politics, I thought I could insert it here.
  2. Kaa
    Kaa 2 July 2012 14: 00
    “According to Clinton, the Russians“ made it clear that they have no continuing strategic interest in Assad staying in power. ” Therefore, Clinton concluded that "there is every reason to believe" that Moscow will agree with the need for the transfer of power. "
    And where does Hillary buy such a plan?

    "She did not renew the contract with the television project" Dom-2 "
    What a live! This House-2 with her did not renew the contract, so she already got everyone, even the battered House-2.
    1. Jaromir
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      The life of a liberalist is hard, they work like horses!
      1. matex
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        Hmm ... a photo in the subject as they say do not bring the Lord to wake up in the same bed with Sobchachka laughing laughing laughing
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          Quote: matex
          Hmm ... a photo in the subject as they say do not bring the Lord to wake up in the same bed with Sobchachka
          What are you talking about? The Lord is with you. I wouldn’t even like that in a hungry year. laughing
  3. IRBIS
    IRBIS 2 July 2012 14: 13
    Old Clinton, because of her stupidity, has not yet realized that she was simply "shod", poor fellow.
    The Syrians are fashion workers (... and Vaska listens and eats ...)! While Russia is holding back the warlike impulse of the Amers, Assad is slowly but surely restoring order in the country.
    Ksyusha amused! Changed the role of an idiot for a protest poster! Although the colleague, new to her, has not gone far from the inhabitants of "Dom-2", which, in principle, is not surprising!
    And who determines the rating of opposition figures, the figures themselves? Or is the poll conducted in insane asylums?
    1. lewerlin53rus
      lewerlin53rus 2 July 2012 17: 49
      Quote: IRBIS
      Changed the role of an idiot to a protest poster

      Well yes, there was just an idiot, an idiot became a protest
  4. Alexander Romanov
    Alexander Romanov 2 July 2012 14: 13
    Good review, thanks Oleg. 69% of Americans consider Iraq to be involved in the terrorist attacks of September 11-this is how to brainwash. In Syria, helicopters will be sent by air, someone on our site offered such an option. The Ministry of Defense must have visited our site and found a way out of this situation. And the Assad is well done, extinguishes the mercenaries of democracy and no money can help.
  5. igor67
    igor67 2 July 2012 14: 19
    Oil and Gas Eurasia, citing Israeli officials, reports that the Russian state concern Gazprom intends to open a subsidiary in Israel.

    The goal of the new company will be offshore gas production, especially at the Leviathan field. It is possible that an agreement to establish an Israeli division of Gazprom was reached during a recent visit by Vladimir Putin to the country.

    Sources say that the Israeli division of Gazprom will specialize in gas production and transportation of liquefied natural gas. All future tenders that the Israeli government intends to hold in the field of gas production will be open to the participation of Gazprom and Russian companies.

    According to Oil and Gas Eurasia, the Russian state company Rosneft is also interested in the development of Israeli gas fields.
  6. pribolt
    pribolt 2 July 2012 14: 24
    An interesting review, Oleg +
  7. AK-74-1
    AK-74-1 2 July 2012 14: 25
    An excellent inflorescence in a mosaic. Here and BABO HILARY and the Horse-Sobchak. He smiled about "oppositionists" of all stripes, living on imported money. And as always, a lot of humor. Thank you, Oleg.
  8. Lucky man
    Lucky man 2 July 2012 14: 25
    Show House-2 must be banned. There is no need for a hotbed of vulgarity, debauchery, imitation of love on Russian TV. Perhaps Ksyusha's departure will accelerate the demise of "House-2"
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 2 July 2012 14: 32
      I hope this accelerates the demise of democracy in our country. Pal madhouse 2, fallen. When this event will be a holiday in Russia
      1. Gavrilon
        Gavrilon 2 July 2012 14: 43
        I propose to celebrate the end of the project with mass festivities and ceremonial burning of the symbolism of this cult. drinks
        1. Alexander Romanov
          Alexander Romanov 2 July 2012 14: 59
          Gavrilon, offer to burn the dog laughing I've got a can of gas drinks
          1. Armata
            Armata 2 July 2012 15: 10
            Quote: Alexander Romanov
            suggest burning a dog

            Quote: Gavrilon
            to celebrate with mass festivities and ceremonial burning of the symbolism of this cult.

            I propose to burn them all in the central square, as a warning to posterity. I have matches and firewood. drinks
            1. Alexander Romanov
              Alexander Romanov 2 July 2012 15: 28
              Quote: Steam Train
              I have matches and firewood.

              That's how the pioneer bonfire will shine with the world laughing The counselor told me in a pioneer camp that it would be useful in life to make bonfires. Persuaded, I agree to go down in history by adding a bonfire on which the witch will be burned. Inquisitor Romanov is ready to go to the place of execution 24 hours a day am
              1. Gavrilon
                Gavrilon 2 July 2012 15: 37
                Bonfire blue nights
                We are pioneers - children of workers!
                The era of bright years is drawing near,
                Cry of the Pioneers - Burn HOUSE 2 Get Ready! am
        2. chistii20
          chistii20 2 July 2012 18: 46
          Quote: Gavrilon
          I propose to celebrate the end of the project with mass festivities and ceremonial burning of the symbolism of this cult

          And scared Ksenia Sobchak
    2. chistii20
      chistii20 2 July 2012 18: 45
      Quote: Lucky
      Show House-2 must be banned. There is no need for a hotbed of vulgarity, debauchery, imitation of love on Russian TV. Perhaps Ksyusha's departure will accelerate the demise of "House-2"

      Yes, you are undoubtedly right. This debauchery on the air was created with foreign money. This is a small piece of information war that is being waged against our people. This garbage is being watched by our children, who should now have such qualities as love for the Motherland for the Family. Respect for each other. I support the right man. train of thought it's time to cover this shop
  9. Gavrilon
    Gavrilon 2 July 2012 14: 25
    One of the brains left (Clinton) = (Sobchak) Brains arrived outside of us !!!

    +1 review

    And Assad is a real Maine with steel eggs. am
  10. Svistoplyaskov
    Svistoplyaskov 2 July 2012 14: 36

  11. igor67
    igor67 2 July 2012 14: 40
    What awaits the Iranian economy and the global oil market?

    About the economy, let's say: nothing good. Negative processes have already begun. So, according to Iranian data, recently about 1200 industrial enterprises have closed in the country, which has replenished the army of the unemployed by about 100 thousand people.

    The Central Bank of Iran issued a report stating that prices of 33 major consumer goods rose from April 15, 2011 to April 13, 2012 by 18 - 146%. In some cities, the price of bread jumped immediately by 70%. By July 2012, inflation rates reached 21–21,5%, and according to unofficial estimates - 60%.

    At the same time, for several months, the purchasing power of the Iranian rial has decreased by almost 100%. (If in November 2011 one US dollar was worth about 11 Iranian rials, then by April 000 it was already about 2012). The Mejlis already says that today 22% of the country's population live below the poverty line. Attacks on the oil sector of Iran most negatively affect the vast majority of sectors of the Iranian economy.

    As for the world oil market, here the opinions of experts differ. Some say that lower demand for Iranian oil will force Tehran to lower its prices, which will lead to lower world prices.

    Others believe that this will not happen. Thus, Leonid Fedun, vice-president of the LUKOIL company, believes that oil prices, on the contrary, will grow. He noted that the withdrawal of 0,5 million barrels a day of Iranian oil from the market will contribute to the rise in prices for this resource.

    In turn, the Director General of the Institute for Energy Strategy Vitaly Bushuyev said that the role of the Iranian factor in the formation of world oil prices is exaggerated:

    "No significant fluctuations in the oil market are expected in the next year and a half. Oil prices will be in the range of $ 85 to $ 110. The factors that affect the price, not only Iranian. The Iranian factor, by the way, is far from the most important. He, if it does, it will affect some one-time price fluctuations within 3-5 dollars maximum, "the expert said.

    Iran awaits difficult times. Large-scale sanctions hit the Iranian economy, which is already in a difficult position. It is too early to talk about the disaster, but the situation is fraught with serious social consequences, which are unlikely to please the Iranian authorities.

    And the authorities constantly insisted (and insist) about the zero impact of sanctions for Iran and hope that the world oil market will not allow the withdrawal of Iranian oil.

    and that fellows closed house2, we also have a shit, a big brother is called, they all look like zombies, dibilism
  12. Cadet787
    Cadet787 2 July 2012 14: 44
    Enough for the dog to PR at the state expense, it will take place in a month and they will forget about it.
    1. chistii20
      chistii20 2 July 2012 18: 49
      Quote: Cadet787
      Enough for the dog to PR at the state expense, it will take place in a month and they will forget about it.

      Are you sure that at the state expense And not for foreign
  13. igor67
    igor67 2 July 2012 14: 48
    On July 1, the dismissal of a number of RTVi employees, sold four months ago to Ruslan Sokolov, took effect. Some have already collected things, some will remain as freelancers until the end of the year.

    In the last days of winter 2012, media tycoon Vladimir Gusinsky made a deal to sell the international television channel RTVi to Russian businessman Ruslan Sokolov. On July 1, the dismissal of a number of channel employees took effect.
  14. amateur.
    amateur. 2 July 2012 15: 02
    How terrible is the unsatisfied Hillary (woman), for her people's lives, that mosquitoes and Bill and Monica are to blame, offended, dishonored and the whole world is reaping the fruits of their sin.)))))
  15. korvin1976
    korvin1976 2 July 2012 15: 05
    The review is excellent, in many ways, to some extent, dotted I.
    Particularly pleased with the news about the supply of weapons to Syria. When I wrote about this, I could not even imagine that ours would deliver it there for spare parts on airplanes, respect to our guys for that.
    Well, judging from this, you can show tongue those who panicked in the plan: "Ours will surrender Syria." I was sure from the very beginning that our way out would be found, and that the words ".... suspended ....." have nothing to do with the words: "...... stopped ....... "or even more so," thrown. "
    H.K. once again proved that she has developed schizophrenia. Any little competent psychologist will say that this is so. She sees the world as it is in her mind, and not as it really is. Paranoia H.K. Of course, in doubt, but I think that this disease is starting to progress in it, because a number of her statements already speak about this. To see what is actually not there is already a clinic.
    The new Libyans, in general, "well done" ask Russia to help in the repair of equipment, but they pay the salary and create normal living conditions, our guys who ALREADY repair it there? Hmm, this is already typical American thinking, thinking of "freekazoids".
    Turks, although Arabs, but with Arabic numerals and calculations, they seem generally tight. The plane was in Syrian space and disappeared from radar at a distance of one nautical mile from the Syrian border. Everything seems to be logical, but ...... apparently he walked that mile, and the Syrians shot him with a laser gun in which the speed of reaching the damaging factor is equal to the speed of light.
    Then the Syrians have to give them one problem from the course of "sophistry" about a running man and a bullet flying after him.
    The Syrians are great, while someone there is trampling about them, they’re acting, they would have to cross the borders well, so that any rabble would not come to them and drag into Syria all sorts of nasty things. They would be, I suppose, for 3-4 months to cope with their opposition.
    Israel pleased 54 life terms! I understand everything of course, they are convinced that the people are chosen by God, well, God help them in this, I do not mind, but 54 life terms? Are they cats there? Cats have only 9 lives, but it’s just some kind of Highlander probably should be. guys had fun, however, I understand they are not the first in this, but still .......
    "Dom-2", Sobchak - what are you guys talking about? What is it and who is it? And where can "it" be applied? Personally, I have a specific room for "this" house equipped with white faience. Well, why talk about "such" things, be higher and more cultured, or at least wash your hands after writing about "this".
    1. Sergh
      Sergh 2 July 2012 17: 29
      This is S. Lavrov, a fine fellow, this is a cunning fir-tree, starved through the bolt of everyone. He can be seen at the meeting with Hillary, he twisted her a podrok as a gift, and she immediately smoked, yeah, then he "his four" sentences and propelled (though one failed) under the sly, where Hillary did not notice in the smoke, and even self-harm tobacco-know-ours. Now let him play his record further, and Assad was given time to choke barefoot. Looks like our S. Lavrov eats bread and butter for a reason, we approve.

      With a Turkish plane shot down, funny horror stories draw shaving with Europeans, but on the contrary, we are happy:
      .... As noted in the article by The Sunday Times, experts drew their conclusions from it: Syria is capable of defending itself from an air attack. "Syria is not Libya, and any attempt to enter a no-fly zone over Syria will be met by one of the world's most powerful air defense systems and will cost dearly to any attacking side," British journalists quoted one of their interlocutors in the Middle East as saying. He added that the supply of weapons from the USSR and Russia, which continues to this day, played a role here.
      1. Alexander Romanov
        Alexander Romanov 2 July 2012 17: 42
        Quote: Sergh
        He added that arms supplies from the USSR and Russia, which continue to this day, have played a role here.

        What bad are these Russians good
        1. Sergh
          Sergh 2 July 2012 20: 17
          Quote: Alexander Romanov
          bad these Russians

          Well, yes, ugly, zapodlyanschiki, they are all honest with us, but we "... I won't sit in a sleigh and I won't walk on foot ..." she has already begun to spit with interjections alone.
          1. scrack
            scrack 3 July 2012 13: 10
            In Kashchenko Clintonsha would
  16. 5aa1
    5aa1 2 July 2012 16: 12
    The United States has a ban on the sale of military equipment to China

    until we introduce such a law, one should not be surprised about the arrogant copies of 75 percent of our technology.

    Sobchak rejected the news without reading. I do not like her, and the news about this mistress has no meaning.
    1. chistii20
      chistii20 2 July 2012 18: 52
      Quote: 5aa1
      Sobchak rejected the news without reading. I do not like her, and the news about this mistress has no meaning

      Honestly, we are not happy with her here.
  17. vladimir64ss
    vladimir64ss 2 July 2012 16: 19
    The fact that Sobchak changed her orientation is fun. Now, probably, we will see her in a leather jacket and with a Mauser. Mexican women misunderstood the call to deprive men of couscous, and did not let them off the sofas (I wonder how many sofas were broken in this fight). The State Department is gradually grinding its teeth on Syria, also right. Vobschem life continues. Thank you for the review.
    1. scrack
      scrack 3 July 2012 13: 12
      To see the Horse in leather and with a whip next to the Clintons
  18. Corneli
    Corneli 2 July 2012 16: 20
    And in the meantime:
    1. (to the topic of a rigorous ban on any illegal arms transfers to all parties to the Syrian conflict)
    "Militants waging an armed struggle against the government in Syria are using hand grenades produced by the Swiss military-industrial concern Ruag in combat," the website of the Swiss newspaper SonntagsZeitung reports.
    We are talking about "Offensive OHG92" and "SM 6-03-1" grenades. They were photographed in northern Syria last Thursday by an unnamed journalist covering the conflict from the opposition.
    "The rebels showed me the photographs they made of boxes filled with Swiss-made grenades. They claim that these types of grenades are already being used (in battles)," the newspaper quoted the journalist as saying.
    Ruag, for its part, confirmed that "the grenades in the photograph look like Ruag products." The company itself did not directly supply grenades to Syria, a company spokesman said.
    The OHG 92 is an offensive grenade that was produced from 1992 to 2005. When applied, it produces great destruction within a radius of 10 meters, the newspaper said.
    Another source also confirmed that the fighters of the so-called "Syrian Free Army" (FSA) are armed with Swiss grenades. They may have been smuggled into Syria from Turkey.
    As SonntagsZeitung notes, the supply of weapons to conflict zones is a violation of Swiss law on military materials.
    The Swiss Parliament intends to study information on possible supplies of Ruag grenades to Syria.
    Switzerland has not supplied weapons to Syria since 1998.
    Swiss Foreign Ministry has not yet commented on the information SonntagsZeitung.

    2. (to the topic of the transitional government and ceasefire)
    Representatives of the internal armed opposition of Syria on Monday announced their intention to boycott the conference of the Syrian opposition that opens in Cairo today, Agence France-Presse reports, citing a statement signed by the leadership of the so-called "Syrian Free Army" (FSA) and "independent" opponents of President Bashar al-Assad.
    "The meeting (in Cairo) will take place after dangerous decisions were made at a conference in Geneva to save the regime, establish a dialogue with it and form a coalition government with the killers of our children," the rebels say.
    Opposition representatives accused the Cairo conference participants of "rejecting any idea of ​​armed intervention to save the people." "We are rejecting any form of dialogue and negotiation," the statement said.

    As they say, let those who have eyesight see who really needs what and who actually does what
  19. Ohrim
    Ohrim 2 July 2012 16: 56
    Madhouse - 2. To the author +, as usual
  20. nokki
    nokki 2 July 2012 17: 11
    Thanks to Oleg for the review. As always, informative and in the subject. +++
  21. vorobey
    vorobey 2 July 2012 17: 43
    Who let the dog out of madhouse 2? AT stall her studio back, and the rest of the pupils of the bulk daredevils there too.
    1. Fox 070
      Fox 070 2 July 2012 18: 01
      Quote: vorobey
      Who let the dog out of madhouse 2?

      She went into the AWOL for the hahal. laughing
  22. Captain Vrungel
    Captain Vrungel 2 July 2012 18: 11
    Yes, the departure of Sobchak from the Dom-2 project is stunning news on a global scale, casting all other events in the world to the background.
    1. vorobey
      vorobey 2 July 2012 18: 18
      Cap, and as you wanted. She will be the face of the opposition, although more like .. for the whole opposition.
  23. s.cot
    s.cot 2 July 2012 18: 49
    Syrian air defenses were afraid. amBut Sobchak, to the demon, nobody needs her, tired of it.
  24. BARADA
    BARADA 2 July 2012 20: 15
    it is interesting
  25. wolk71
    wolk71 2 July 2012 20: 46
    Ksenia went into politics. Well, maybe for the better, more likely people will turn away from them. And after the adoption of the law on NGOs, everyone will see who sponsors whom. So the political career for her will quickly end, maybe behind bars.
  26. maksman
    maksman 2 July 2012 21: 00
    In general, did anyone in the states correlate Hillary's statements with her critical days? In my opinion it is necessary. And it is high time to protect it from society for "these" days!
  27. Shesternyack
    Shesternyack 2 July 2012 21: 29
    Ksenia Anatolyevna is still looking for her own path: she is an actress, a journalist, a TV presenter, and a writer (I will not forget that indescribable feeling when Ms. Sobchak's new book was discussed on the Kultura channel), and now she is also a politician. A person is looking for himself, trying, but no one understands her crying wassat fool
  28. Abramovich
    Abramovich 2 July 2012 23: 57
    The more often she repeats the same thing aloud, the greater the number of Americans will mechanically memorize her words and after her, in the manner of a parrot, she will repeat them in offices, underground and on the streets. And it doesn’t matter what Moscow thinks, say, the opposite, and Assad still rules in Syria. If H. Clinton and V. Nuland begin to convince Americans that planet Earth is not a ball, but a plane resting on three pillars and a giant tortoise, then in the States they will believe in this over time.

    Yeah, the Americans are an extremely stupid people, even in YouTube they show how stupid they are, and even the grandfather M. Zadornov confirms that the Americans are stupid, well, they are just plain dumb! All they do all day is waiting for politicians to speak and then parrots repeat what they hear, and without respite. And then they go together to feed the giant tortoise.

    But the Russians are the brain! But it’s not clear how stupid Americans live many times better than smart Russians. Well, it’s probably because fools are lucky, it cannot be otherwise.
  29. suharev-52
    suharev-52 3 July 2012 00: 28
    Oleg once again smiled. Thank. I’m going to the next masterpiece. Sincerely.
  30. wk
    wk 3 July 2012 02: 54
    that’s interesting about politics, I thought that it’s possible to insert
  31. scrack
    scrack 3 July 2012 13: 17
    Recently there was news that Navalny joined the board of directors of Aeroflot. Along the way, played a role, can now retire
    1. Cynic
      Cynic 3 July 2012 19: 00
      Quote: Barvetum
      can now retire

      No, this is just a transition to another level.
      Cheowek moved from non-systemic opposition to systemic politics.
      But on which side ?!
      Wait and see .
  32. Barvetum
    Barvetum 3 July 2012 13: 49
    So, did Sobchak decide to openly declare an ultimatum to Putin? He wanted to choke on her, I feel sorry for him; he put up with her for so many years only out of respect for her father. But patience comes when the end is nowhere. Let the theme say thank you for not bloody
  33. wolverine7778
    wolverine7778 3 July 2012 16: 22
    Kissing a horse for someone is cool wassat