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Putin ordered to equate the militants of Dagestan 1999, the participants of hostilities

In a direct line with President Vladimir Putin, the inclusion of the Dagestan village Botlikh was carried out. This is the very village where the dramatic events unfolded in 1999 year - when local militias together with units of the Internal Troops, special forces of the FSB and other security forces knocked out terrorists. Then on the map lay the fate of the country, and these are not empty words.

Putin ordered to equate the militants of Dagestan 1999, the participants of hostilities

The residents of Botlikh asked Vladimir Putin to adopt a document that would equate members of the Dagestan militia 1999 of the year to participants in the hostilities. The inhabitants of Botlikh noted that justice would be restored in this way.

When people from Dagestan appealed to me and said: Well, if Russia cannot protect itself and us, give us weapon. Dagestanis came to our commander and asked why you do not beat militants from artillery. The commander then replied: “It’s a pity, the houses you built are there.” And people said in response: I do not mind!

Putin, in a direct line, instructed the government to equate the Dagestani militiamen to combatants.
Also, Vladimir Putin recalled the feat of the inhabitants of the Tsumadinsky district, who did not let the militants (and we are talking about about a thousand terrorists) through their territories.

I am grateful to Dagestanis and Dagestan for their position then and today. Thanks to your support and the support of the whole country, we managed to save Russia.

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  1. Digital error
    Digital error 20 June 2019 14: 47
    The inhabitants of Botlikh noted that justice would be restored in this way.

    Though justice has triumphed in something. And across the country, Vladimir Vladimirovich?
    Have you arrived? I recalled in the Strugatskys "happiness for everyone, for nothing, and let no one leave offended!"
    1. Uncle lee
      Uncle lee 20 June 2019 15: 01
      People came, standing in the rain ... It's good that they got their way, they waited.
      Let them be lucky! hi
    2. The comment was deleted.
      1. Igor Shcherbina
        Igor Shcherbina 20 June 2019 15: 51
        Comrade Stalin solved this problem, and Gorbachev, Yeltsin, let it go by itself, the GDP decided in its own way.
        1. Arh
          Arh 20 June 2019 16: 08
          Militias well done !!! The song is good.
      2. The comment was deleted.
      3. RuslanNN
        RuslanNN 20 June 2019 18: 44
        Ermolova in the Caucasus is remembered. Like the Russians, Hitler is also not forgotten. There were similar methods.
      4. Lekxnumx
        Lekxnumx 21 June 2019 00: 08
        Quote: Genofond
        they only understand the power

        How do you poor fellow know what exactly Caucasians respect? Caucasians respect, first of all, themselves, their loved ones, relatives, and then all the others who respect themselves. The guest is received with bread and salt, they are given lodging. They open a feast, put a drink, the youngest son will serve his father and guests. They will put on the table everything that is rich. , the woman will not be allowed to the table. You can let the traveler into the house, you can not entrust the family to everyone. In the Caucasus, acquaintances are divided into those who can be admitted into the house and who not. and will be. On the most international piece of the planet, the earth has its own rules. Never generalize nationality, never judge by it. That which you cannot tolerate in relation to yourself, never do in relation to another, otherwise with ..... you will. In the Caucasus, they do not respect strength, in the Caucasus they respect the spoken word. In the Caucasus, they can kill for the word that Russian uses in relation to his best friend almost every day. In Great Russian, swearing is normal, a form of communication. And in the Caucasus, people are simple, primitive , insulted means decided to humiliate. Simple people live for the sake of "I", and when it is possible for this "I" feels close to a friend, then this is forever. In the Caucasus, they do not like instructions, they respect advice. But the one who advises should respect himself in order to respect what is said their word. In the Caucasus, they do not like sycophancy, sycophancy, in the Caucasus they respect seriousness. Real Caucasians do not dance Lezginka anywhere. If a man danced in your yard a dance that his ancestors danced before the battle. So this man showed everyone around him what you mean to him. .When a man is a guest dancing, women must go out for a couple in the house where the celebration is, the rhythm rises, they leave. When a man is dancing with his comrades, NONE of the strangers will come out to them. Everyone is waiting for a queue, in the courtyard of a respected person there are no disputes about queues. Caucasians are another world, you can't understand this by your customs, notions. If the Caucasians respected strength, they would be the first to submit to the Russians (Russians are strong). Just the same Caucasians do not respect strength!
        1. Military Builder
          Military Builder 21 June 2019 05: 30
          These Caucasians do not dance lezginka anywhere. If a man danced in your yard a dance that his ancestors danced before the fight. So this man showed everyone around what you mean to him

          Nuka in more detail, what do Kazakhs express when they dance a lezginka in the expanses of Russia-Mother - respect or dance before the fight?
          1. Aerodrome
            Aerodrome 21 June 2019 10: 07
            men. respect is indisputable, it is a pity that this is how they have to defend their rights. and today I received a call from a friend about the start of the war on June 22, 1941, it turns out in our district town, today they began to celebrate it, in a summer children's camp at school 1. music of the war years, poems "about those who will never come, please remember ... ", tomorrow is a day off in the camp, so it seems ahead of schedule ... it’s like that. Today is 21 we celebrate, tomorrow a week ... then we will move on to September 1 (Nazi invasion of Poland) .. .or I just get hot in vain?
  2. Tests
    Tests 20 June 2019 14: 55
    Twenty years of heroes did not notice! They fed, watered, put on shoes, dressed, they planted their bread positions, it was not up to them ... The Arkhangelsk region and the Komi Republic (it’s clear that not all, but some citizens hoped and believed) didn’t wait for a word - not a word about the mega dump at the station of Shies. What else does Russian Railways prepare for us? ...
    1. grad2308
      grad2308 21 June 2019 18: 00
      Testov (Evgeny): "For twenty years the heroes were not noticed! They fed and watered, put on shoes and dressed them, they were seated in bread positions, there was no time for them ... The Arkhangelsk Region and the Komi Republic (it is clear that not all, but some citizens hoped and believed) did not wait for a word - not half a word about the mega-dump at the Shies station. What else is Russian Railways preparing for us? ... "You shouldn't be so" bending ", when you almost" cut out "two auls, the locals" sniffed "gunpowder ... firsthand. They never offended the "feds" and gave away the last just like that. Example: In early February 2000, we passed through their aul "to descend from mountainous Dagestan down the Argun gorge", the local population carried to the passing military column what was at home - tea, jam (what they could give). The regiment passed without stopping, they simply conveyed what they could ... And the "frostbitten" Dagestanis in the conditionally peaceful time after August 1999 and those events in the "donkey's ear" became completely adequate (and I do not idealize them, I state the fact ... ). Anyone will protect loved ones, Russians will also protect their loved ones ... Military doctors, after helping the wounded, always went home to the local residents: they put droppers .... injections; and I think it was not only in our regiment .... but everywhere along the front line. In any wars "ordinary mortals" suffer, I will not go into polemics - this is stupid. PS I have been there for 9 months since 99 .... I know what was going on firsthand ...
  3. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 20 June 2019 14: 59
    At last! They stood up for Russia, and did not let the terrorists set fire to Dagestan. Honestly towards them ...
    1. rocket757
      rocket757 20 June 2019 15: 04
      The country will not forget its heroes .... probably.
      Interestingly, and what country "our" officials "serve"? the deeds of very many do not understand this at all!
    2. knn54
      knn54 20 June 2019 15: 38
      Eugene, people were selling cattle to buy "Kalash and cartridges. And practically no compensation ..
    SERGEY SERGEEVICS 20 June 2019 15: 02
    They, too, were not sickly battered by that war, as were our boys who served there. Eternal memory to them.
  5. prior
    prior 20 June 2019 15: 06
    "Putin ordered to equate the militias with the participants in the hostilities"
    It would be better if he ordered that the bribe takers and corrupt officials be equated with the enemies of the people and the terrorists whom he promised to wet in the outhouse.
    1. Digital error
      Digital error 20 June 2019 15: 15
      Quote: prior

      this key word is not binding to marry hi
    2. Ka-52
      Ka-52 20 June 2019 16: 01
      It would be better if he ordered to equate bribe takers and corrupt officials

      as in the topic of the article then. It's about recognizing the merits of the participants in the hostilities, and you again, officials and children of the oligarchs are pulling here ... Tin, there will be branches on the VO where this whining will not be? (((((
      1. Dart2027
        Dart2027 20 June 2019 19: 59
        Quote: Ka-52
        as in the topic of the article then

        When I started reading the comments, it was interesting how quickly the fighters for all the good things would appear.
  6. Varyag71
    Varyag71 20 June 2019 15: 10
    It is interesting, but if in the Russian village the inhabitants defend their home from all sorts of people, will they be equated to whom?
    1. ltc35
      ltc35 20 June 2019 15: 19
      They will put him for exceeding the necessary measure of self-defense. The term is decent.
      1. yehat
        yehat 20 June 2019 15: 25
        in Kazakhstan, the grandfather of the beekeeper shot the brothers with a machine gun and he was not put in prison.
        and we rot for a kitchen knife
        1. Ka-52
          Ka-52 20 June 2019 16: 05
          yehat (Sergey) Today, 15:25 AM NEW
          in Kazakhstan, the grandfather of the beekeeper shot the brothers with a machine gun and he was not put in prison.
          and we rot for a kitchen knife

          Yes, do not tell tales. A machine gun that became household utensils, that possession of it has become the norm of the law? The legislation of Kazakhstan is not much different from the Russian and the illegal possession of firearms, they have the same article as ours. No need to throw on the fan like that negative
          1. yehat
            yehat 20 June 2019 16: 31
            the machine gun was taken away, but the grandfather’s court acquitted - self-defense
        2. Ross xnumx
          Ross xnumx 20 June 2019 18: 30
          Quote: yehat
          in Kazakhstan, the grandfather of the beekeeper shot the brothers with a machine gun and he was not put in prison.
          and we rot for a kitchen knife

          And I have a different version about the beekeeper:

          and it was in the Ussuri taiga ...
          1. yehat
            yehat 21 June 2019 09: 42
            beekeepers - they are different ...
      2. Varyag71
        Varyag71 20 June 2019 16: 02
        After all, a few years ago, when either Gypsies or Uzbeks came to the village for disassembly. They were shot a little there, well, at least people had weapons, and even that, grandfather vertical lines. Thanks to the hype, everyone was hushed up. And if there was no noise in the media, then I’m sure that the defenders of their land, relatives and villages were equated with extremists.
      3. Ka-52
        Ka-52 20 June 2019 16: 12
        ltc35 (Aleksey) Today, 15:19 NEW
        They will put him for exceeding the necessary measure of self-defense. The term is decent.

        do not be fooled. The law allows a person to defend himself if he was attacked and a threat to his life or health is expressed. When there is no obvious danger to life, then the actions of the defender must be commensurate with the actions of the attacker. You cannot kill with a knife or ax a person who has attacked you with fists. But if you are threatened with a gun, then you have the right to apply permitted weapons for defense. Because if you took a gun from under the bed and shot the attacker, then there will be no complaints against you regarding self-defense, but about illegal possession of firearms - they will
        1. Military Builder
          Military Builder 21 June 2019 05: 43
          everything is correct, only you did not take into account that who attacked and who defended mainly depends on who has what "roof"
  7. mr_ise
    mr_ise 20 June 2019 15: 12
    Plugging the holes again. Forcing people to beg for themselves penny benefits. Citizens of the country richest in resources should not beg. Che for bullshit. Really, if there was a normal job and the salary someone would become worried about the status of a "combatant". And then there is the moronic status "children of war". It is necessary to introduce the status of "children of perestroika", "children of the 90s", "privatization participant" ... Where is the fair distribution of the proceeds from the sale of public resources that supposedly belong to the people? In Karaganda! Until this issue is resolved, homeless people and begging for at least some benefits will wander around the country, because there are not enough funds for a normal existence without benefits. But benefits are humiliation, as opposed to being able to live without begging.
    1. Digital error
      Digital error 20 June 2019 15: 21
      Quote: mr_ise
      de fair distribution of the proceeds from the sale of public resources that allegedly belong to the people?

      If you are talking about vouchers, then this is for Chubais. And licenses for the extraction of minerals were issued by the state to joint-stock companies. Without their own interests, they do not become shareholders. Here is another question - why does our state need foreign shareholders, they are "investors"? Who actually owns Gazprom and Rosneft:
    2. Igor Shcherbina
      Igor Shcherbina 20 June 2019 15: 46
      It is necessary to change the system, ideology and the entire top of the country, there are 2 revolutionary and evolutionary paths we should choose, or reconcile and watch these answers to the people of GDP.
    3. Military Builder
      Military Builder 21 June 2019 05: 45
      In Karaganda!

      I was in Karaganda, they are not there
  8. Terenin
    Terenin 20 June 2019 15: 13
    .Putin ordered to equate Dagestan militias in 1999 with combatants

    If the President ordered, then they will equate. Questions to the commissions that will form the WBD lists so that the real participants of the database get into them. To me, on a regular business trip (only three, 180 days each), one personnel officer said that he was on business trips, and unlike me, he was 10 times fellow ... They began to find out, it turns out that he brought and drove the next shifts 10 times and for two or three days there "fraternized" with other personnel officers. But, Veteran BD designed himself ... his mother by the leg. Now in schools, etc. "sings songs" about his "exploits" fellow that children and teachers have "hair on end" crying
    1. Andrey VOV
      Andrey VOV 20 June 2019 15: 36
      Ever since the days of Afghan, such "participants" .. fly over the river for a couple of three days, will return - "Afghan" !!!!
      In our time, I’ll call the political officer the old-fashioned way, accompany us to the combined detachment, hang out for 4 days, so the very first got a participant and got some kind of fighting there ... almost ...
    2. Igor Shcherbina
      Igor Shcherbina 20 June 2019 15: 38
      We have one officer who drove people to Chechnya for 1 day, and the participant in the hostilities received a certificate, then it was canceled, it worked for several months, during which time no one went there, letters, cooks, warehouse managers, who managed to get it , then they understood and stopped it.
  9. Glory1974
    Glory1974 20 June 2019 15: 29
    I am happy for the militias. Honestly, no fools.
    But the question arises: And historical justice will triumph for those Dagestan "militias" who in 1994 blocked the movement of our columns, stopped a battalion of the Bogorodsk brigade of internal troops and captured about 40 people. Several officers were sent as a "gift" to Dudayev and their bodies were found after the capture of Grozny in 95? how with them? Or, too, participants in the hostilities, and good Vanya forgot everything and forgave?
    1. Andrey VOV
      Andrey VOV 20 June 2019 15: 40
      God forbid those militias of '94 in the next world of the guria graze their ....
    2. Alexey RA
      Alexey RA 20 June 2019 16: 56
      Quote: glory1974
      Or, too, the participants in the hostilities and the good Vanya forgot and forgave everything?

      This is a difficult question.
      You must remember that in the Second Chechen War on the side of the feds, including those who fought against them in the First War, fought on the side of the federals. Then there was a joke that one of the field commanders who went over to the side of Moscow, in the course of a report to one of the army officers, called his detachment "a legal bandit formation."
      And nothing - forgiven, warmed, caressed. But there were still those monsters there - for example, the former commander of the reconnaissance group at Khattab and the commander of the Gudermes Front with all his forces.
      1. Military Builder
        Military Builder 21 June 2019 05: 52
        ... these last worked one hour, and you equalized them with us, having endured the burden of the day and the heat. He answered one of them: friend! I do not offend you; Do you agree with me for the denarius? take yours and go; I want to give this last [same] as you; am I not in my power to do what I want? or is your eye jealous of me being kind? So the last will be the first, and the first last, for many are called, but few are chosen.
        (Matt. 20: 12-16)
  10. Skubudu
    Skubudu 20 June 2019 15: 34
    Another reason for subsidies.
    Probably everyone knows about the Dagestan disabled people ... I think there will be no less militias.
    One gets the impression that the Russian authorities are trying to ensure that every resident of the North Caucasian republics in one way or another receives money, benefits, allowances, etc., without working.
    And so they do not pay for gas, electricity, utilities, taxes, in the North Caucasus republics a huge debt for utility bills taxes and fees.
  11. vladimirvn
    vladimirvn 20 June 2019 15: 37
    I saw how the secretaries brought bundles of business trips to Chechnya, to mark those people who have never been there. Now they are all war veterans, with appropriate payouts. The point is not in payments. And in status and respect.
  12. yehat
    yehat 20 June 2019 16: 49
    Quote: glory1974
    Or participants too

    in the Caucasus there is still much debate in society -
    who is right, which is closer to them. And Moscow does not look like some kind of happy choice - there is no money or work, everyone is frantically trying to grow something, but it is very difficult to get real profit. And if someone rises, often then regrets it.
    It’s not just that the central authorities do not contribute to improving the situation, or at least to explaining it. Under these conditions, there is a high likelihood of ethnic strife and the impression is that the authorities want to redirect discontent into this direction.
  13. Alexey Z
    Alexey Z 20 June 2019 17: 43
    Equate. And then plant a gunshot for illegal possession, or vice versa.
  14. APASUS
    APASUS 20 June 2019 18: 22
    It turned out to be interesting. It was necessary for Putin personally to solve the question, up to this point, what was the whole bureaucracy doing?
  15. ZVS
    ZVS 20 June 2019 18: 27
    This was not the first appeal. Previously, such a request was made.
  16. Vkd dvk
    Vkd dvk 20 June 2019 20: 46
    Quote: RuslanNN
    Ermolova in the Caucasus is remembered. Like the Russians, Hitler is also not forgotten. There were similar methods.

    Many different peoples live in the Caucasus. Georgians, for example, fleeing the raids of their neighbors, asked to go to Russia. But, after all, there were those who slaughtered and killed? Was Yermolov equally cruel to everyone? So, take offense at your ancestors, and not at Ermolov.
  17. Flinkfan
    Flinkfan 20 June 2019 22: 28
    It is strange that PMCs are impostors; they have nothing to do with the state, this is understandable.
    But Botlikh, were they mobilized, or simply belonged to another group?

    It is gratifying that the leader, as usual, did not say anything about the sequestered pensions of military pensioners, about how he threw them again with social pensions for five years. Discrimination of people and members of their families on a social basis (unlike officials, judges, prosecutors and investigators) will continue.
    At least some stability, and it pleases.

    PS It’s scary to think that if you were on the air to Putin, veterans and servicemen of the Strategic Missile Forces, or the country's air defense, made a similar request, for example ...

    "- Can we bang?" ©
  18. capitosha1rang
    capitosha1rang 21 June 2019 10: 05
    What militants are you talking about? What came from Chechnya? Which billions are pouring in today? And how much does Dagestan get?