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PACE tells Russia to listen to the right rallies.


The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe will call on the Federal Assembly of Russia to strictly follow the recommendations of the Venice Commission when adopting new laws. In fact, PACE reproaches our parliament for approving a draft law on rallies, Interfax reports.

The draft resolution of the PACE contains a reminder that ten member states of the Council of Europe are still under the monitoring procedure. In addition to the Russian Federation, "lucky" Azerbaijan, Albania, Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Moldova, Serbia, Ukraine and Montenegro. As part of the resolution concerning the Russian Federation, it is reported that the commission approved preliminary draft monitoring reports on the Russian Federation, as well as on Turkey and Montenegro, and these reports were sent to the authorities of these countries so that they would comment on them within three months.

The experts interviewed “However” are generally unanimous in their conclusions.

Vyacheslav Lysakov, First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Constitutional Legislation and State Construction:

- I think this is a gross interference in internal affairs. Let their colleagues advise which contacts to establish or not to establish. This is our business and our right. The parliament of the Russian Federation is a legislative body and at the same time a representative power, there is a certain work schedule. What it means to “establish a dialogue with the opposition” is not very clear to me. We have opposition factions with whom we work, who head the 14 committees - is this not establishing a dialogue with the opposition? Our governing bodies include opposition factions, they head almost half of the committees, are members of the Duma Council, etc. Is there any infringement? Absolutely none. And if the conversation is about some kind of street opposition, then it is foolish to establish contact with the participants, even authorized rallies. It is even difficult to formulate how this should be done, because we have a huge number of public events in the form of pickets, rallies, etc. And they have completely different slogans: from political to economic. How do our distinguished colleagues from PACE see the establishment of these dialogues?

Once again, I emphasize that I consider this interference in internal affairs. In which direction to move, with whom to contact, what legislative trends to create are the internal affairs of Russia, the Russian parliament, the Federal Assembly. Their appeals are completely abstract, I would even call it political speculation, nothing more. This is just a shaking of air.

Leonid Polyakov, political scientist, professor:

- The Venice Commission is called “democracy through law” and is trying to create such universal monitoring of legislation in terms of its compliance with basic democratic principles. The task is correct, noble. Monitoring is useful in any case, including from the point of view of comparing the experience of different countries. But. Here it is important to understand the goals and objectives and in no case do not turn this commission into an instrument of manipulation or interference in the internal affairs of other states. Because the criterion of how democratic this or that law is is not established by anyone. It is always a matter of judgment, and, ultimately, the assessment of a law as inappropriate to democratic norms can always be challenged.

Therefore, as soon as recommendations — or rather, the conclusions of this commission — become someone's tool and are used as an argument, as, say, in the case of controversy around amendments to the law on holding rallies and demonstrations in Russia, then I think this is completely redundant. To argue with the conclusions of the so-called. The Venice Commission’s inadmissibility of our law is wrong and is simply a way of political manipulation by certain political circles.

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  1. smile
    smile 30 June 2012 12: 41
    Leonid Polyakov incorrectly put it, saying that it is not necessary to turn the Venice Commission into an instrument for interfering in the internal affairs of other states - What does it mean to TURN. If these all kinds of commissions were created with the aim of interference and pressure on other countries! Onizh can’t do anything else! Counselors, Their arrogance is striking - do they seriously think that Russia will pay attention to their cemetery howls? Well, except that a kick in the ass to give. not more.
    1. andrey586
      andrey586 30 June 2012 14: 11
      Our law on rallies was written from Western laws, so get these stupid ones criticize their own laws
      1. Sherlock
        Sherlock 30 June 2012 15: 59
        In a word - insolent !!! Pase is such a strange organization into which all the restless old-timers from all over Europe are united. There is nothing from them - but it’s stink! ..
        1. recitatorus
          recitatorus 30 June 2012 16: 42
          Pase is that! There is still an ODIHR! Under Yeltsin, they listened to every shushar, and the guys liked it!
        2. 755962
          755962 30 June 2012 16: 43
          Again, these "democratic" marauders decided with their charter to get into a strange monastery with their crystal clear thoughts.
          1. Saburov
            Saburov 30 June 2012 18: 46
            Write such laws, do not disperse bolt creatures, give gays (in Russian) a place in parliament, etc. I had to answer. Guys, can you shit from the balcony?
            1. esaul
              esaul 30 June 2012 19: 27
              Look, you ...! It’s not easy for the guys from all sorts of PACE and Helsinki groups to please! Spoiled for democratic grub ...! There is Madame Alekseeva, who, in general, was preparing to dust non-democratic Russia if they did not cancel the provisions of the law on rallies. The old hanger dictates to the country's parliament what it needs to do, not taking into account that the new law is sustained, just in the spirit of the most democratic (American and European!) Principles -----

              Sergey Markov, political scientist, member of the Public Chamber, vice-rector of the PRUE Plekhanov, in an interview with "However," said that:

              - The law largely repeats the American law, which has existed for many decades. The purpose of the law is to reduce the influence of foreign states on the country's policy. Moreover, our law is much milder than the American one. He does not prohibit anything at all, but he says that if you are an NGO and at the same time receive from foreign states, funds, etc., and at the same time engage in politics, that is, are fighting for power, you must inform Russian citizens about this.

              Those who oppose this law do this for two reasons: the first - either they want to seize power in Russia, in the interests of foreign states and against the interests of Russia, and the second - either they get Western money and want to rob them.
              1. The Shrew
                The Shrew 30 June 2012 21: 09
                In the same America, if an organization receives funding from abroad, it automatically loses its non-profit status! And this is a completely different calico! Counterintelligence behind such figures is literally on the heels. And we have a mess that they want, then they will turn it on! In a ram’s horn and knot!
                1. esaul
                  esaul 1 July 2012 18: 20
                  Quote: The Shrew
                  And we have a mess that they want, then they will turn it around!

                  Ilya, greetings. Not really, buddy. The Duma approved new "codes" on the activities of NGOs in Russia. Everything, like people, i.e. how do you write, buddy. But this is just not like (for some reason!) All this foreign lads and their Russian descendants - Alekseeva (who, by the simplicity of her soul, in a righteous anger, threatened that the Helsinki office would leave Russia) and the Nemtsov-Kasparo-Udaltsovskaya gop- companies.
            2. Alsa74
              Alsa74 3 July 2012 10: 10
              Quote: Saburov
              Guys, can’t you shit from the balcony?

              Tolerant, and not jam the face with jam?
      2. starshina78
        starshina78 1 July 2012 21: 13
        Do not believe the propaganda sweeping from the TV screens. From foreign laws on rallies, our deputies took only what suits them, and most importantly not. G. Lysakov speaks about the opposition represented in parliament, but he does not mention the opposition represented at Bolotnaya. Is that cunning or ignoring street opposition? More likely the second, but in vain. We'll have to agree, I'm afraid it will only be too late. She will not want to negotiate with this authority.
        1. Alsa74
          Alsa74 3 July 2012 10: 13
          Quote: starshina78
          Will have to agree

          This is unlikely ....
          Quote: starshina78
          She won't want to negotiate

          Russia does not want to negotiate with hamsters wow ....
    2. Sosed
      Sosed 30 June 2012 21: 38
      Hello!!! laughing
      Yesterday I was Neighbor - as many as 9 warnings were soldered for one personal message to the professor!
      And since I already had 1, then the ban profile forever.
      I do not care about your toy rating. tongue
      But you explain to me - as it is - 9th for one letter! Especially PERSONAL! I thought that you can write anything in them. And today - they included antimat in them - and so what *** it wasn’t yesterday! When i'm drunk laughing He sat and wrote to this ******* - who got me with his crawls under my skin! On me, so to speak - the mistakes corrected their own flaws.
      What can I tell you - "administrators" - a flag in your hands. Something your ban - does not *** work !? belay laughing Well, take a look at this profile - one more!
      I’m tomorrow - (today it’s too late) - 20 of them I will create for myself. And I will come off at the Professor. I also need to find out his IP address - I'll set up a concentration camp for him. His Bank and Internet will sweat from Ddos and Flood attacks. Yes Professor! wink
      Why do I insert my letter the same thing in every article - and so that the People know - about the lawlessness that administrators sometimes create.
    3. wk
      wk 30 June 2012 23: 13
  2. Kaa
    Kaa 30 June 2012 12: 42
    Russian proverbs have long been invented for this monitoring 1) Teach your wife to cook soup 2) Do not go to someone else's monastery with your charter 3) Let the pig sit at the table, she and her legs on the table. Let monitor how much you like, the rest is a violation of sovereignty. You need to add a proverb from the times of the USSR4) And you have blacks being beaten!
    1. qwz_qwz
      qwz_qwz 30 June 2012 14: 03
      Quote: Kaa

      Russian proverbs have long been invented for this monitoring.

      This is where our proverbs understand, and in the West it’s very tight with them ...
      1. alexng
        alexng 30 June 2012 14: 53
        They are not only tight with proverbs, but also with brains. And with the brains "tighter" will be. It is high time that PACE treats it as a noise effect, and nothing more.
        1. Kaa
          Kaa 30 June 2012 23: 08
          If the noise effect, say, then the decoding should correspond - Petard Whistling Europe Association = PACE
        2. Odious
          Odious 2 July 2012 11: 03
          Yes, they are cool. fellow
        3. Alsa74
          Alsa74 3 July 2012 10: 16
          Quote: alexneg
          noise effect

          as after many noise effects, a not very pleasant smell spreads smile
    2. slas
      slas 30 June 2012 20: 40
      About the pig laughing
  3. Narkom
    Narkom 30 June 2012 12: 48
    Russia LETS PACE go on foot erotic journey.
    1. Tersky
      Tersky 30 June 2012 15: 07
      Quote: Narkom
      Russia LETS PACE go on foot erotic journey.

      Denis + !, you concretize their direction, they may get lost because laughing
      1. Kaa
        Kaa 30 June 2012 23: 10
        Language to x..I will bring.
        1. scrack
          scrack 1 July 2012 10: 10
          Comrades will be offended if they are sent to the desired erotic address laughing
      2. Narkom
        Narkom 1 July 2012 15: 54
        If I say a specific address, I'm afraid I'll catch winked
  4. Dart weyder
    Dart weyder 30 June 2012 12: 51
    na ul PACE, let them condemn the crackdown on Wall Street takeover, and crackdown methods ...
  5. darkman70
    darkman70 30 June 2012 12: 52
    PACE orders Russia

    And not to send this very PACE along with their advice to hell ...
  6. sichevik
    sichevik 30 June 2012 12: 54
    But the PACE would not have gone to hell ... We somehow forgot to ask them what laws to adopt.
    Let them solve their pressing problems. And they in Europe accumulated them above the roof ...
    Themselves in such a deep anus that they cannot be seen from there, but still they teach others to live. Forgot about the proverb "What is good for a Russian, death for a German !!!"
  7. Sakhalininsk
    Sakhalininsk 30 June 2012 12: 58
    Let the gentlemen from PACE in their garbage can buzz. Wherever you look, all such smart ones are already disgusting; they just don’t go in formation and do not yell :)
    We have nothing to learn from PACE and others, which were long ago plumbed from head to toe by the democratic institutions of the collapse of unwanted states in the name of the prosperity of the Anglo-Saxon billion.
  8. dark_sp
    dark_sp 30 June 2012 13: 07
    Let your election be watched fucking !!
  9. Stasi.
    Stasi. 30 June 2012 13: 10
    I completely agree with the opinion that all PACE recommendations are interference in the internal affairs of Russia. All these MEPs simply simply snickered, they did not know the real grief. Well, nothing, soon they will have their own Chechnya and Kosovo in Europe, the whole of Europe will be flared up by immigrants from Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Natives of these countries are descendants of slaves plowing at the European colonialists. And these descendants are very determined to pay off their former colonialists. So very soon PACE will have to think about how to survive by ourselves, and not teach others how to live.
    1. recitatorus
      recitatorus 30 June 2012 16: 44
      You suggest to work with this contingent to give it the necessary vector?!. Not a bad idea!
      1. Stasi.
        Stasi. 30 June 2012 19: 49
        It would be nice to work in principle, but I think they themselves will do everything without an external pointer. It is enough to recall how fires burned in the outskirts of Paris not so long ago. And this is only the first swallow.
  10. Leisure
    Leisure 30 June 2012 13: 30
    PACE is a bunch of parasites from all over Europe.
  11. controller
    controller 30 June 2012 13: 34
    On the first line, everything immediately becomes clear:
    "PACE will call on the Russian Federal Assembly to EXACTLY follow the recommendations of the Venice Commission"
    There is interference in the internal affairs of Russia with FEW recommenders.
  12. S_mirnov
    S_mirnov 30 June 2012 13: 45
    "The Parliament of the Russian Federation is a legislative body and at the same time a representative power" - according to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, power in the country belongs to the people of the Russian Federation. Can you name at least one parliamentarian elected directly by the people? Naturally, our parliamentarians begin to screech when they are poked at their own noses. They even start to remember about patriotism (and forget about the NATO base in Ulyanovsk) PACE is, of course, also a bunch of people, but it is ugly to cover up its illegitimacy with screams about patriotism. However, as our "people's choices" say - people are eating!
    1. Ilyich
      Ilyich 30 June 2012 15: 45
      Quote: S_mirnov
      Naturally, our parliamentarians start squealing when they poke their nose into their own Mr. They even begin to remember about patriotism (and forget about the NATO base in Ulyanovsk). PACE is also, of course, a companion, but covering up its illegitimacy with yelling about patriotism is ugly.

      Shit can be found in any country. And illegitimate parliamentarians, and gay parades too. But coming to a neighbor’s house (without an invitation) and telling the owners that their dishes are dirty is even more ugly. Moreover: it’s just rudeness.
      Imagine this situation: You have a neighbor who has a two-story house. The fences are painted, the paths with soap are washed, the grass is trimmed. But you know for sure that there’s nothing to eat inside him, a web in all rooms, constant scandals and a lot of poor relatives.
      I’m wondering: if this neighbor comes to your home and begins to tell you that the dishes are unwashed, will you give him a face or will scatter in gratitude that he told you how to live correctly?
      1. S_mirnov
        S_mirnov 30 June 2012 18: 30
        I would do so ... I would send a neighbor away, and then I washed the dishes all the same!
        If the country is strong, then do not care for all these PACEs, and if we ourselves admit that our economy is planted with the WTO for the very tomatoes, then every nonsense from behind the hillock is already perceived painfully. And my opinion is that we should not smear the snot by the belly, but restore order in our country so that it is not a shame.
        1. Ilyich
          Ilyich 30 June 2012 19: 55
          S_mirnov, in general - I agree. I do not agree in particulars. Order is good. But here’s a hitch: you’ll wash the dishes, and the neighbor will come again and see the dust on the windowsill. And then - an abandoned sock under the sofa. And to you, generally speaking, it is not up to the socks so far: repairs are underway in the house. And the floors must be perestilat and windows should be inserted new, otherwise it will become impossible to live in the house.
          And the small box, meanwhile, simply opens: the neighbor simply does not want you to live next to him. He has long laid eyes on your site. The poor relatives will settle in the house, and plant a small garden with tomatoes and potatoes. laughing
          So maybe it's better to just send a neighbor and continue to do their own thing? Instead of rushing headlong to fulfill his wishes ...
          .. a plus...
    2. Saburov
      Saburov 1 July 2012 12: 10
      If Smirnov studied deep history, he would understand that in the USA and Europe corruption and crime have been in power for at least 70 years, everything has been divided there for a long time, and the people, with the bulk of their education, have been brought up to the level of an idiot by the majority of them, I’ve talked to myself, so I know , was with the delegation several times, psychologists work with ambassadors, these ambassadors do not know, dig a little deeper, but for the way the parrots repeat the same thing that was hammered into their heads at home, so talking to them is not more interesting than with the wall, so Mr. Smirnov they only think that this is good, it’s just that crime is now called the State Department or corporations, in fact the same thing they loot for better than ours, due to the fact that the taxpayers are rams, and Kennedy tried to change something in the state structures for 50 years , I hope you know the result, so don’t waste your time, at least they write and talk about the crime in the authorities and they haven’t had this for a long time.
  13. denkastro
    denkastro 30 June 2012 13: 47
    But with Ben Pas and others (the US State Department for example) they kept quiet in a rag-shit democracy, goats.
  14. NKVD
    NKVD 30 June 2012 17: 01
    There is an opinion that our authorities are mazahists they are satisfied with the "erotic" pleasure of listening to all sorts of crap .. what is PACE is a bunch of demagogues and trepachey. I don’t understand what we forgot there?
  15. ivansaxonov
    ivansaxonov 30 June 2012 17: 32
    It would be better gentlemen Europeans to solve their problems.
  16. Cadet787
    Cadet787 30 June 2012 17: 43
    Russia is not tired of listening to the delusions of homosexuals from PACE, while also paying one of the largest contributions to this organization. Why is Russia fighting off all the time, and not coming?
  17. AK-74-1
    AK-74-1 30 June 2012 18: 02
    You just need to ignore this dump of "advanced democracy". And use the platform to promote "all-Russian values" and throw mud at everyone we don't like.
    Or I agree with the 787 CADE, you just need to cut funding.
    1. esaul
      esaul 30 June 2012 19: 46
      Quote: AK-74-1
      You just need to ignore this cesspool of "advanced democracy".

      Andrey, we tried to proudly ignore all this slanderous dirt. They were proudly silent, relying on a sound WORLD mind ... And they almost got rid of it in full. This was especially felt in 080808. The world has changed! Today you cannot wait in silence to appreciate your nobility and understand your position - during this time a lot of people may lose their lives. The enemy has become much more unprincipled, more sophisticated and shameless. He must be fought with using his own methods and taking into account the mentality and perception of his supporters. And these "supporters" easily believe that they are blown into their skulls very quickly and competently, especially without bowing over.
  18. Pilot200809
    Pilot200809 30 June 2012 18: 56
    And neither send this to RUSSIA PACE on the "mathematical symbol of three characters", yes who is pace. Let in their Europe give directions to their fagots, etc. .. morons!
  19. uizik
    uizik 30 June 2012 19: 04
    It is necessary to participate in these organizations, not paying attention to the fact that only homosexuals and "very great friends of Russia" sit there. Reduce funding "and bend" there your own line. A big bolt from the Zvezdochka plant should be laid on their resolutions! Let them bring up their "same-sex and sexless"
  20. vladimir64ss
    vladimir64ss 30 June 2012 19: 10
    What other letters are missing in the pass address? But in general ... as long as our internal Russian parliamentary parties are "dogging" among themselves at the meetings of this very pass, we will not find authority.
  21. Owl
    Owl 30 June 2012 19: 24
    Russia's enemies and rivals benefit from the manifestations of massive "protests" that weaken the Power in the State and shake the population, pushing Russian citizens into a civil war to please the pro-Western opposition. I am dissatisfied with the current government, but I know that the "power" that will come as a result of the "orange encroachments" will be much worse, the country may not withstand a civil war. Let PACE remember the anti-Arab measures in France and Germany, in Russia the Russians will figure it out themselves.
  22. razved
    razved 30 June 2012 19: 27
    Let PACE point out to his fagots and others like them, and somehow we will figure it out ourselves.
  23. vezunchik
    vezunchik 30 June 2012 20: 00
    Let the United States and England monitor. this is their problem with democracy ..
  24. APASUS
    APASUS 30 June 2012 20: 48
    It is strange why PACE is constantly trying to teach Russia to respect human rights! But the declared goals of PACE include a lot of problems, but I don’t hear the voice of PACE, for example, when considering the problems of Russian children abroad. An excerpt from the stated goals:
    We are looking for solutions to common problems faced by all European states, such as terrorism, organized crime, corruption, cyber fraud, cloning and violation of bioethics, violence against children and women, human trafficking. Only by the joint efforts of all countries within the Council of Europe is it possible to achieve results in the fight against these social problems.
  25. kustarodinochka
    kustarodinochka 30 June 2012 20: 52
    some seniors rally, while others seniors are told something to pass.
  26. suharev-52
    suharev-52 30 June 2012 21: 35
    All these so-called international organizations were created as a specific tool for pressure on other countries by the world hegemon. So you need to treat them accordingly. And not like GDP, which threw 10 lard for the IMF. Sincerely.
  27. wk
    wk 30 June 2012 23: 14
  28. welder
    welder 30 June 2012 23: 19
    I don’t understand. Who are you writing all these comments to, YOU who listens to il ... or your comments can decide something ?!
    1. wk
      wk 1 July 2012 01: 58
      Quote: welder
      I don’t understand. Who are you writing all these comments to, YOU who listens to il ... or your comments can decide something ?!

      you have 193 comments including this one (meaningless) !!!, and who did you write them to ???
  29. Magadan
    Magadan 30 June 2012 23: 44
    As you wish, but I will not tire of repeating: WE have no orange-marsh threat! Orange revolution is NOT possible in Russia! All this marsh-orange threat is beneficial for Edru to write laws on rallies that make it possible for us, citizens, real patriots, to shut up their mouths and pseudo-patriotic shouts (such as this article)!
    I repeat - now if garbage is released according to the lawlessness of the next pedophile, then the people will not gather in Blagoveshchensk already! If judges take away six children from the family at the request of the guardianship authorities, as happened in Tatarstan (in the spring), then the people will not gather to defend the rights of the family!
    Bureaucrats-thieves-Satanists can now do whatever they want without fear of popular protest !!! And you here are worried about some kind of Venetian insanity. So it’s a no brainer that the West with their "values" does not have any influence on our minds and already, after the 90s and all theirs democratic bombing, cannot have!
    Hiding behind the "western threat" our mediocre, stupid, thieving, cynical bureaucrats have invented such a law to just shut our mouths up.
  30. forward46
    forward46 30 June 2012 23: 57
    Once again, I emphasize that I consider this interference in internal affairs. In which direction to move, with whom to contact, what legislative trends to create are the internal affairs of Russia, the Russian parliament, the Federal Assembly. Their appeals are completely abstract, I would even call it political speculation, nothing more. This is just a shaking of air.

    And I would give them a nose that no popped where should not.
  31. Odessa
    Odessa 1 July 2012 00: 04
    Quote from the article. The PACE draft resolution contains a reminder that ten CE member countries are still under monitoring.
    They are not afraid in their monitoring center, on the monitor to see such a picture, oh and there will be a squeal .... wassat
    1. wk
      wk 1 July 2012 02: 03
      Quote: Odessa

      Supporting your comment, I will criticize the picture - this "comrade" by his comprador actions (on the example of Libya and his tacit support of the White ... sweet clover) proved that he is not our friend at all!
      1. Homer
        Homer 1 July 2012 15: 20
        Somehow this is not entirely in Russian ... It would be necessary with two hands; you clench your fist, and with your other hand you strike at the elbow bend - there you have it !!!
  32. Magadan
    Magadan 1 July 2012 01: 27
    Quote: forvard46
    Once again, I emphasize that I consider this an interference in internal affairs. In which direction we should move, with whom to contact, which legislative trends to create — these are the internal affairs of Russia, the Russian parliament, and the Federal Assembly.

    I totally agree! But there is no threat from these mongrels !!! This is the same as how to start yelling about the threat of aliens and under this sauce give our bureaucrats to spend money on the invention of laser cannons, and the cops open access to every apartment to search for "minions of alien invaders"!
    Our bureaucrats deliberately fanned the "orange threat" to pass the law on rallies. Under the guise of this law, you can legally cover your ass from the people and do whatever you want - even though pedophilia in the open, no one dares to blather. They wanted to spit on our posts in the internet.
    Now they are trying hard to push the juvenile so that any bureaucrat from custody can take your child to the orphanage! Do you think I'm exaggerating? Well, in vain! And how are you going to resist this? What else but a mass protest in the street will stop the juvenile ?!
    1. Homer
      Homer 1 July 2012 15: 15
      Your fears are justified, but if you continue your logical chain, then the repressive actions of the authorities will not cause general obedience and apathy, but mass banditry. The bandits do not care about the laws, they are in an illegal situation. And this, in turn, is a civil war against everyone. As a result which the cunning bureaucrats will lose their patrimony forever. Of course there are those who need to snatch the main thing, and though there the grass does not grow, but there can be no majority!
  33. pribolt
    pribolt 1 July 2012 04: 47
    Cool slogan on the photo "bring back the snowy winter" lol laughing lol
  34. Region38
    Region38 1 July 2012 08: 15
    Everyone who dances to the tune of PACE and others, donates various funds in "support of democracy" on Yusov's money should be sent to us in Siberia in a snowy winter, we will provide !!
  35. sf35wesdg
    sf35wesdg 1 July 2012 11: 21
    What is being done with the country where the authorities are looking?
    I somehow accidentally stumbled upon a site for finding people
    Here you can find information about any resident of Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries.
    I'm really scared - twist like that any nit-picking can come in and see.
    Addresses, best friends, relatives, above all, for example, there are my photos, phone number.
    It’s good that you can delete, find your page - pass the check and delete
    And then there is nobody who is looking for ...
  36. Odinplys
    Odinplys 1 July 2012 12: 21
    = PACE tells Russia to listen to the right rallies =

    If you pull logs from their eyes ... you don’t need to chop the taiga for ten years ...
  37. Shumer
    Shumer 1 July 2012 13: 57
    Demonstrations must be dispersed democratically, with love for the demonstrators. wassat
  38. Brummbar
    Brummbar 2 July 2012 06: 19
    PACE in the "hollow" laughing What the hell did we join him?