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Who and how wanted to attack the United States

One of the essential components of the military-political might of the United States of America is their geographical location. The United States was formed in North America, initially being isolated by the Atlantic Ocean from those European powers that could pose some danger to them in the XIX-XX centuries. Exactly the same barrier from the Asian powers is the Pacific Ocean, and in the New World itself, the United States never had any real competitors. And yet, for more than two hundred years stories American independence, several countries of the world still hatched a plan to invade the United States.

British against Americans

In the late XVIII - early XIX centuries. the young North American state had to confront one of the strongest world powers of the time - England. Actually, the United States won its independence in the war with England, but London did not calm down for a long time trying to regain its positions. Especially since English ownership remained in North America.

The British authorities considered the territory of modern Canada as the optimal springboard for the invasion of the then rather weak United States. As you know, during the War of Independence, the long-standing enemy of England, France, provided significant US support. And when in 1812-1815. In Europe, there was a large-scale war against Napoleon, the British authorities considered this moment ideal for an attack on the United States. France could not support the United States for obvious reasons, and London had significant fleetpractically not involved in the European war, and by numerous troops in Canada.

The war, dubbed the “Second War of Independence,” began in June 1812. On the side of the British and Americans were various Indian tribes of North America, who were promised various preferences by the British and American authorities. So, on the side of the British, the Shawneys fought, on the side of the Americans - Cherokee, shouts, chikasso, Choctaw and Seminoles. The war continued for three years, during which time the British even managed to take by storm and burn the capital of the United States, Washington, but then the Americans still managed to take revenge and inflict serious defeat on British troops.

In 1815, the fighting stopped. England was forced to finally recognize the independence of the United States and no longer attempted to restore its power over their territory. Decades later, the United States and Great Britain became the closest allies who, in numerous conflicts, acted together.

After the Anglo-American War 1812-1815. foreign armies no longer entered the land of the United States, although, of course, foreign nationals themselves as volunteers participated in the same American Civil War and on the side of the northerners, and on the side of the confederates.

German plans of war against the United States

Germany at least twice hatched plans to invade North America. For the first time in Berlin, they thought about the war with the United States at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, when Germany was actively involved in the struggle for the section of the “colonial pie”. Although in Africa, the US had no interests on the “Black Continent”, the Germans competed with the British, French, Portuguese, and Germany still had to face Germany, but in Polynesia.

The two countries almost came to the brink of war because of the dispute over the possession of the Samoan Islands. But nature intervened in the conflict between the two powers ... nature: a cruel typhoon destroyed both American and German ships that arrived in Samoa. The islands were divided into Western Samoa, which became a German colony, and then an independent state, and Eastern Samoa, which is still under US control.

Nevertheless, after this conflict in Berlin, we thought about the possibility of organizing an invasion of US ground forces. After all, Germany possessed the strongest land army in Europe (excluding Russia) and the whole question was only how to overcome the Atlantic. However, the Kaiser relied on the power of the German fleet. According to the first plan, the German ships were to fire on the American coast, after which they would land assault forces in the Chesapeake Bay. It was assumed that the German forward detachments would destroy American shipyards, after which the main forces would land - up to 100 thousand people.

The second plan meant a campaign on the US 60 warships of Germany, from which it was planned to land two landings - one at Cape Cape Cod, and the second at the mouth of the Gulf of New York. However, the Kaiser himself and the Chief of the General Staff of the German Army, Alfred von Schlieffen, came to the conclusion that such a scenario was unrealistic. The third plan envisaged the landing of German troops in Cuba and Puerto Rico, after which, using the islands as bridgeheads, it would have been possible to attack the territory of the United States.

But then the First World War began in Europe and the plans to invade the US had to be forgotten - Germany and so had to fight on two fronts against the Entente. Only in the 1933 year, when Germany was led by the Führer Adolf Hitler, did the Third Reich think about the war with the United States. True, the main role in it, as the leaders of the Reich believed, will be played by airplanes and submarines.

For example, Hitler planned to seize the Azores, which would have reduced the distance to the American coast by almost half, but this plan came up against opposition from the sly and cautious Spanish caudillo Francisco Franco, who did not want to spoil relations with the United States and Britain (and, as it turned out, no wonder - unlike Hitler, Franco ruled for thirty more years after World War II and died quietly from old age).

The Third Reich naval forces managed to get close to the shores of the United States and organize a serious submarine war. In 1942-1943 German submarines literally terrorized a huge water area from the shores of Newfoundland to the Gulf of Mexico. During this time, they managed to sink hundreds of ships, mostly merchant ships. Only in January 1942, the Germans sank the ship 62.

Luftwaffe Colonel Victor von Lossberg put forward an interesting proposal - to deliver a BV.222 “Wiking” seaplane to the shores of the United States, which would then drop several eight-bomb bombs on New York. But the authorities of the Third Reich failed to realize this idea - by the year of 1944, when it was supposed to send a submarine with a seaplane to the American coast, the US Navy had already succeeded in clearing the enemy's submarines adjacent to the US coast.

The third idea, which consisted in a missile attack on the territory of the United States with the help of the A-1 rocket, was also not realized by the Third Reich. In January, 1945, Adolf Hitler approved a project to create a bomber based on the Condor passenger aircraft, which would carry several small aircraft with bombs and kamikaze pilots. There was not enough time to implement the project - a few months later the Soviet army inflicted a final defeat on Germany and the Third Reich collapsed, burying Adolf Hitler with his closest associates and their insane projects under their rubble.

Japan vs USA

For Japan, the United States was a far more significant adversary than for Germany. If the Third Reich was focused on the war against the Soviet Union, then Japan, having unleashed military operations in the Pacific, clashed with the United States. At the same time, the Japanese authorities practically did not consider the possibility of a land invasion of the United States, as they were going to first conquer India and Australia.

However, Japan attacked territories in the Pacific, which were under US control — the islands of Kyska and Attu (the Aleutian Islands). Since there were no American garrisons on these islands, the Japanese managed to capture them without interference and to keep control over them for more than a year.

Eight employees of the American meteorological station on Kyska Island were captured by Japanese, two more American meteorologists were killed by the Japanese military. Only in August 1943, the US Navy managed to win over the islands of Atta and Kyska, more precisely, the Japanese troops could secretly evacuate, and the US fleet continued shelling the empty island of Kyska, without assuming that the Japanese secretly managed to leave it.

Japanese submarines sometimes approached North America, but met with fierce resistance from coastal defenses. However, the Japanese managed to launch more than 9 thousands of balloons with high-explosive fragmentation bombs. Three hundred such balloons flew to American territory, six American citizens were killed by bombings from balloons.

Meanwhile, in the American society itself the thought of invading the Japanese caused fierce horror. It was for this purpose that the entire Japanese population living on the Pacific coast of the USA was interned in special camps. By the way, when they recall the deportation of Volga Germans to the USSR, for some reason they forget this “mirror” fact from American history.

The consequences of the war with the USA for Japan turned out to be fatal - the Empire of the Rising Sun actually lost its status as one of the key world powers and no economic success of post-war Japan could return it.

Soviet invasion is a nightmare of American propaganda

After World War II, the Soviet Union turned out to be the main likely opponent of the United States. The creation of the Soviet atomic bomb quickly equalized the chances of the two great powers in a nuclear confrontation, while simultaneously protecting Washington and Moscow from the onset of an armed conflict. However, in the American media, in literature and cinema, the topic of the Soviet military invasion of the United States began to be actively discussed from the beginning of the 1950s.

Especially the US fears intensified after the appearance of the USSR a reliable ally in the Caribbean - Cuba under the leadership of Fidel Castro. At the start of the 1960s, the Third World War could well have begun due to the Caribbean crisis. The American leadership panicked the presence of Soviet military and especially Soviet missiles in Cuba, although the US military was stationed in very many European countries.

However, if the Soviet Union were to start active operations against the United States, then the best option would be to use internal contradictions in the States themselves. Thus, in 1950-1960-s, interracial relations were very tense, African Americans were still subjected to severe discrimination and, with skilful external leadership, this factor could well be used to destabilize the situation in the United States.

The collapse of the USSR, of course, was for the United States one of the most soothing events throughout the twentieth century. All the nineties of the twentieth century in Washington were convinced - "the enemy is defeated," and therefore you can not worry about the conflict with Russia. The attention of American propaganda has shifted to international terrorist organizations. And, by the way, they were accused of one of the most impressive attacks on the USA, the September 11 ram.

Strengthening Russia's position in the late 2000-x - 2010-s again caused great concern to the United States. One of the main fears of the American leadership is the appearance in Russia and China of numerous allies in Latin America. After all, the presence of friendly countries immediately creates the risks of locating Russian (or Chinese) missiles, airplanes, ships, and troops on their territory. That is why the US is so concerned about the change of political regimes in Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba.

East v. USA

At the end of the twentieth century, the United States had other very dangerous opponents. First, it is the Islamic Republic of Iran, for which the United States is the main enemy, the “big Satan”, referring to the terminology of Ayatollah Khomeini. Iran has repeatedly demonstrated complete disregard for US positions on key issues, sharply responded to any American threats. However, it is clear that Iran does not have real possibilities for attacking the territory of the United States, not to mention a land invasion.

Secondly, these are inter-ethnic radical organizations like Al-Qaida (banned in Russia), which was generated by the American special services, but then turned into a “headache” for the United States itself. No one hit the US as painfully as the 11 September 2001 terrorists did. True, there is also a version that one of the bloodiest acts of terrorism in history was directed by the American special services themselves.

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  1. Uncle lee
    Uncle lee 18 June 2019 05: 29
    was directed by the American secret services themselves
    It may very well be ....
    Especially blow to the Pentagon!
    1. Krasnodar
      Krasnodar 18 June 2019 05: 55
      Yes bullshit all this. The Americans could do something like this without enormous damage to their insurance companies and the destruction of thousands of literate and business people in twin towers, i.e. could bungle something simpler, cheaper, without prejudice to the business elite and large organizations.
      1. Uncle lee
        Uncle lee 18 June 2019 06: 00
        Quote: Krasnodar
        all this garbage

        Bullshit is different, solid, liquid and gaseous ...
        But the sediment remained .....
        1. Krasnodar
          Krasnodar 18 June 2019 06: 23
          And sometimes she’s golemic, which is most often laughing
      2. Cowbra
        Cowbra 18 June 2019 06: 52
        Destruction of office plankton not employed in the real sector, i.e. It doesn’t directly affect GDP, all their activity is transferring pieces of paper and pumping money INSIDE the country, the damage is minimal. About insurance - there, the AUG campaign is much more expensive than two sheds, in addition, cheap oil from all over the Middle East pays for everything.
        The excuse did not crawl due to the complete discrepancy between reality. Bullshit turned out just golem.
        1. Krasnodar
          Krasnodar 18 June 2019 07: 28
          The United States has a very developed financial sector. According to the World Federation of Exchanges, the total volume of traded financial instruments for 2010 on the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ alone amounted to $ 17,796 trillion and $ 12,659 trillion, respectively
          Estimate, yes - this is just about office plankton from Down Town Manhattan.
          Now, about the "domestic" - the share of imports in the US economy is 17% - lower only in Brazil. The share of exports in 2018 is 1,65 trillion, while the US GDP last year - 20, 494 trillion - the US economy is quite closed, and 78, approximately, its percent are: education; healthcare the science; [finance; trade; transport and communication; government services; various professional and personal services.
          So your calculations about the "real sector" - from ignorance hi
          Now - during the war on BV - and any oil goes up laughing No way down, so what and how it paid off is not clear.
          About the AUG campaign and sheds - the damage from the September 11 attacks in New York alone amounted to 36 billion dollars. This is at 2001 prices. Let me remind you that the modern budget for defense of the Russian Federation for 2018 amounted to $ 61 billion.
          So I don’t know what about excuses, but with your economic knowledge and analytics you are weak)). But anger - uuuh good
      3. beeper
        beeper 18 June 2019 18: 12
        The most important, business and necessary that day, "somehow miraculously" escaped or were absent (the same with the allegedly "huge values ​​in the basements" of the scandalous, by that time, and supposed to be demolished, "twin towers"), as, incidentally, and on the Kiev "Euromaidan" was on the day of the shooting of the "hell of a hundred" sympathetic onlookers and insignificant ordinary extremists - not a single more or less significant "Maidan Fuhrer" was not even close ("Tales of the Giblets about" that day by walked through and helped pull out the wounded "let us refer to a series of delusional fantasies of an inveterate nonsense and a hypocrite, who were not believed and even the most gullible" babkiparaski "of the Maidan lohtorata spat into the screen of the zombie visor! wink )!
        Even before this "case" the staff members never had a stop before, at the cost of hundreds and thousands of lives of their low-value fellow citizens, to arrange a provocation with "far-reaching benefits" for their state! Offhand - "Maine", "Lusitania", Pearl Harbor, ... and even in the Malaysian "Boeing" were their citizens, again did not spare their own!
        And how many passenger airplanes were deliberately destroyed, with crews and passengers, in the post-war period, in different parts of the world, with smaller local targets — how many times did the American intelligence agencies suggest that J.F. Kennedy destroy an American passenger plane near Cuba in order to use it as pretext for armed intervention ?! request
        1. Krasnodar
          Krasnodar 18 June 2019 18: 27
          1) About how the most business and necessary slipped away on September 11 - fairy tales
          Researchers estimate that 80% of those killed in Manhattan were men, with an average age of all victims of 40 years. These were mainly office workers: from secretaries and clerks to top managers and presidents of companies. 59 of the dead held the position of vice president

          2) About Kennedy - there was no answer to the death of a spy plane in Cuba, so as not to start the third world war. Like the publicity.
          3) About Pearl Harbor - all nonsense! The sources of all these conspiracy theories are half-educated Americans
          1. beeper
            beeper 18 June 2019 19: 02
            That's exactly what the most important "were distracted that day", and I wrote! It is immediately evident that you, dear Krasnodar, have the "correct consciousness" of a law-abiding citizen, it is easy to "work" with you! yes
            By and large, the number of victims and the "picturesque picture" was enough to stir up the population of the States and "justify" the need for all-American "unprecedented security measures" coupled with total surveillance and (well-endorsed by a nervous and frightened civil society) a new "witch hunt" - unlimited pursuit of "suspected terrorism" around the world and, especially, in the designated guilty Afghanistan, with its advantageous geographical location and huge "drug potential"!
            About the U-2 shot down over Cuba, then a completely different, military, "calico" was and the wrong "samol" was then the main point in "solving the problem"!
            It was about the passenger airliner that was discussed (those who are interested in the history of the special services and the American-Cuban "relationship" will not be allowed to lie! smile ), but Kennedy, a combat veteran of the Second World War, who fought as the commander of a torpedo boat, did not agree to such a "setup", although he was not such a scrupulous "sissy", knew well how "big politics is done" and knew how to "do it"!
            "Conspiracy" is conspiracy, and the US "trend" is a trend smile and "uchki-dropouts" have nothing to do with it! wink
            1. Krasnodar
              Krasnodar 18 June 2019 19: 42
              That's exactly about the fact that the most important "were distracted that day", and I wrote

              Lost 658 employees and a younger brother
              Fred Alger’s company lost 35 of 40 employees, including CEO and founder David Alger
              Kif, Bruuit and Woods lost 66 employees, including CEO and founder Joseph Barry ... etc.
              I remember, after the attacks, rumors began to circulate that the Jews did not die there, because they organized it all. It turned out that among the lists of victims there are about 450 Jewish names, which is quite natural for Manhattan and the Gemini Buildings.
              2) It’s very difficult to work with me, as it was always difficult for me to hang noodles on my ears with all kinds of conflicting versions)). I have been working with people 28 years of 42, who I live in this world, of which 17 years I work for myself, my beloved hi
              3) Afghanistan is a super place laughing Although here I partially agree with you - they appointed a country with a completely African level of development as a guilty party - a small victorious war that did not work out in the end. It was easier to sweep everything there. But the Saudis were not even touched at all, although their citizens are the main culprits of the "triumph".
              4) From the stories of the special services, I read more about the KGB and Mossad - they are somehow closer to me, but about the “dirty politics”, then our invasion of Afghanistan was at least no less dirty - the assassination of the leader of the country by our special forces with the participation of Soviet soldiers called to guard him etc.
              1. beeper
                beeper 18 June 2019 22: 10
                hi The minus was not mine, it was just leveled. smile
                It turns out that I have been working with people much longer than yours, but this is not my merit, my parents and the angels-saints, as in the song of Vladimir Semyonovich. wink
                I do not need to "hang noodles", but people with "correct consciousness" can be seen even by their writing and individual phrases, the manner of "presenting the material" and "their own conclusions."
                I don’t suffer from anti-Semitism, I see there is no such “sensitive point” for you (although, I will not deny, in my childhood they tried to train me to “select”, in appearance, ukronatsik from relatives, including now in contact with the most radical ukronationalist personalities in Ukraine, and with the American and Canadian "diasporas" and KUHN-periodically I have to meet with this part of the relatives and their, the same nationalistic, offspring, now mainly at funerals and commemorations, and even then, I try to avoid these "Organizational activities" are humanly disgusting to "communicate" after everything destructive for the country and the working population, banderonazi murder and Christ-selling tomos, which these "stubborn" ideologically nourish and enthusiastically approve.).
                Due to the fact that I studied in very international teams and at work I also had to contact a lot with people from different parts of the Union, even at that time I had been in the "fraternal" abroad, then, even in appearance, I can roughly distinguish nationality, mental potential and a mental inclination, including to crime - no "passport" is required for this, the "eyes" of a person are also well "seen". winked
                The American special services themselves knew very well who had "counterproduced" these three high-rise buildings (it seems, six months before that, planned and prepared for demolition ?!) and airliners, so no Saudis (like Afghans) are "heroes of the occasion" there - the culprits and so everyone who needs to know for sure is the general methods of "work" of such state organizations (as you rightly noted, not only in America or Israel, the interests of state security, by and large, outweigh even the many thousands of victims, if without this, in the end tens or hundreds of thousands of citizens will die, or the fate of the country is at stake, or, as in the case of the "twin towers", claims for global domination of the United States, then ordinary citizens "have to put up with the least evil", alas, we have no choice - only Intuition, Happy Chance-Fate can save from such a "sacrifice" ...).
                When it happened with the "Twin Towers", I also read with alarm the lists of the dead, since among them could have been my childhood friends and classmates who had moved under repatriation programs to Israel and further to Germany and the United States ...
                I have a large half of the school, a southern Ukrainian town, there were boys and girls from Jewish families and a good third of my university, too, we are friends, many have been living in Israel, Germany and the USA for a long time, there are already adult grandchildren and great-grandchildren!
                The only one who cannot stand the spirit, who betrayed the suffering and death of their fathers and grandfathers, is the Jews who joined the Banderonazis and who became "Judeo-Bandera", along with the Banderlogists, their "Russian-speaking" Banderokholuyi and "Crimean Tatar" Turkomans who terrorized and killing the multinational population of South-Eastern Ukraine!
                I have a worse attitude towards such "reforged" Iudomazepines, "neophytes", than towards the hereditary Zapukryan Selyuk-Banderlog (who have not seen anything good in their family and inherited the murderous tendencies of their, on everyone and everything, "offended", marginal ancestors with slavish " complexes ")!
                1. Krasnodar
                  Krasnodar 18 June 2019 22: 41
                  Let's just say - I don’t divide people by nationality - and by culture, naturally, “Russians of all nationalities” are closer to me, incl. Ukrainians and Israelis of any origin and religion. As for Ukraine - was there after the Maidan - all people are different, as here. There are also enough adequate ones, but I simply don’t understand the Jews of the “Probander’s” - crazy or crazy, the thirst for three kopecks of momentary profit outweighs logic, historical memory, etc.
                  About the buildings in New York - they didn’t prepare for demolition, it would be brilliant in value and in general - why demolish the office premises built in 1973, EMNIP, the year? )))
                  I do not believe that for the sake of ambitions, Bush Jr. needed such a pain in the beginning of the cadence - it could be limited to a staged bombing of the embassy or an attack by contingent in Saudi Arabia - for example. But there is no way to demolish the symbols of the United States along with thousands of skilled people and 36 billion damage in New York alone. Judging by the fact that in the Arab part of East Jerusalem they handed out sweets, as after the terrorist attack against the Jews, (which I thought about when I saw joy on the pretty faces of the inhabitants of this part of the city and bearded men distributing sweets), this event was very positively received the population of the Near and Middle East - so that the roots are from there, and not from Langley - everything is solved much easier there)).
                  1. beeper
                    beeper 18 June 2019 23: 59
                    Before this neat demolition there was a scandal related to the "twin towers", it seems that some violations were discovered during their construction, of course, now all traces have been cleaned up, documents are "stamped", all insurances have been paid (including for the "brilliant" insured buildings and allegedly stored in their basements "priceless works of art" ?!), witnesses "disappeared by themselves" ??!
                    In principle, I imagine to myself a "big picture" of how everything could have been organized, why and why, and it is not my task to convince or dissuade the public, because sometime, sooner or later, the "secret" will become apparent. smile
                    What is this "headache" for Bush Jr. ??! It was a VALUABLE GIFT to him!
                    Yes, for such a consolidating (the entire "American nation subjected to treacherous attack" and, "around it", "the entire civilized world") "ideological basis", which he, an outspoken "weakling" - an epic "duremar" and a pitiful shadow of his father - " winner in the cold war with world communism ", received at the very beginning of his" cadence ", and ten such WTCs, with a hundred airliners smashed about them (not half, but crammed, for all 100% of seats) filled with passengers, is by no means a pity, although it would already be a clear overkill and, no longer a rise, but, on the contrary, undermining the "fighting spirit of the American nation"!
                    "Correct" law-abiding "worldview", obviously "not indifferent" to Arab "bearded men", Israeli, respected Krasnodar, apparently does not allow you to impartially assess the "beauty of the plan" and the reasons for organizing the "attack of Islamic terrorists" in the most iconic and "photogenic" center the world's most famous American metropolis ??!
                    The "attack on the American barracks" in the Middle East, with numerous casualties among the military (from memory, then 200 people died and were wounded ?!), was it the same, did it cause the same resonance throughout the civilized world as the "attack on the twin towers "with two thousand seven hundred dead (in jewelery collapsed vertically" formed "as" by order ", a priori super-strong buildings) of peaceful clerks in the center of New York ??!
                    Indeed, in the minds of the townsfolk, soldier's death does not so much get out of the "usual order of news" "shooters", the hearts of the audience on the other side of the screen!
                    The sofa dweller does not associate himself with a dead soldier, but when, unexpectedly, unexpectedly, the same "armchair brothers" perish meanly and terribly and, with a graphic demonstration of frightening details, report that his life is also under threat, only then, through the crown, "pecked with a fried tele-cock", and comes the "awareness of the acute sense of danger" ...
                    And taken by storm by "moderate bandits" (before that, at the behest and complicity of American advisers and the special forces of the United States, England, France, Italy ..., already mockingly torn to pieces by Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, under the enthusiastic "Wow!" Of the bloodthirsty old woman Kilary!) in Tripoli, and brutally, with mockery, the torn apart ameroposol with 8 chopped to pieces American diplomats did "give a similar effect" ??! request
                    The Near and Middle East are "two sides of the coin" of the same Washington "divide and rule!" - helping Israel with one hand, with the other hand, through intermediaries, the Americans help its potential enemies - do you not know this, or at least not guessing about it is just "American business and nothing personal!" ?! request
                    1. Krasnodar
                      Krasnodar 19 June 2019 01: 17
                      1) Due to violations in the construction will be demolished by airplanes? laughing No, well, Amers are big entertainers, but not as much ..))
                      2) Golovnyak was in - to whom to answer. It was impossible to hit the Sauds - the interests of American companies that developed oil there from the 20-30s immediately go to hell. last century. Leaving it just like that, without an answer, is impossible. Here’s the dilemma, especially in light of the crisis and other pressing U.S. issues,
                      And you poorly imagine the power structure in the States - any possibility of a conspiracy of such a scale would be used real competitors in the struggle for power- in this case, by the Democrats, in order to throw Bush and twenty years away from the Republicans to the White House.
                      3) My worldview is very wrong from the point of view of the authorities of any country - I consider them to be bureaucrats, who have a good standard of living at the expense of my taxes, to whom I delegated authority to manage certain areas of my life. And if I still voted for them - then I generally consider their actions under a magnifying glass - especially if actions are taken for my money, as a result of which my standard of living falls))
                      4) About Arab men:
                      I don’t particularly like them, especially those who share sweets after the attacks. Hitler's lovers, terrorists, beating the civilian population in my city with terrorist attacks in buses and restaurants, they cannot cause sympathy with me. And by the way, the Israeli elite suppresses all pogroms among Jews, the media are monitored for a liberal attitude towards Arabs, etc., so my dislikes here are not keeping up with Israeli officialdom))
                      5) About the barracks - I agree, and 200 people would have pulled. civilian personnel - families of specialists, etc. - the alignment would be sufficient to strike Iraq. Do not find? The explosion of embassies in Pakistan and, say, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan would not be a sufficient pretext for an attack on Afghanistan? I think - very, very. And the victims would have been more painful than in the Libyan civil war. As for the soldiers in countries such as the United States, where there is no urgency - I agree. As for falling strictly down - in my memory more or less tall buildings in Gaza after a bomb / missile hit in most cases fell down and fell. Sometimes they went to the side.
                      6) I know very well about the mattress principles of intervention and duplicity in the Middle East. Howl and cry over the Soviet blockade of West Berlin and the complete ignorance of the blockade of Jerusalem by the Nazis yesterday, including from Bosnians of the Muslim SS battalion, assistance to Jordan, Iraq and the Saudis, as well as flirting with Rommel, who had been waiting for 10 years ago, Hero of the Soviet Union, Nasser and helping Israel only when parts of the SA (air defense, pilots, etc.) were in Egypt directly Further. I am aware of everything))
    2. Konfuciy
      Konfuciy 18 June 2019 10: 55
      Quote: Uncle Lee
      Especially blow to the Pentagon!

      Yes, not only. There is a detailed film about this, where it is clearly proved that this is the work of special services
  2. Cowbra
    Cowbra 18 June 2019 05: 30
    And when in 1812-1815. In Europe, there was a large-scale war against Napoleon, the British authorities considered this moment ideal for an attack on the United States.

    And nothing that everything was exactly the opposite - due to the fact that England was so bogged down with France that she was afraid of losing her own islands - she was so not up to the colonies that the United States first demonstrated its business card? That is, aggression and rudeness and the principle of "falling - push"? So they attacked defenseless Canada, who invaded where? And only when Napoleon was sorted out, England knocked on the horns of mattress freaks, in particular not
    the British even managed to storm and burn the US capital Washington

    ... and with the forces, as far as I remember, of ONE MOUTH, disembarking from the ships in the port - without a fight to occupy Fashington, and the "founding fathers" scrambled so hastily that they did not finish their breakfast, which the Britos sneered at for a long time, but then the White House, yes - burned, and due to the impossibility of conducting a database with one company, they plunged back and got away with it.
    Here it is not necessary to tell Hollywood fables about the next mattress shame!
    1. Cowbra
      Cowbra 18 June 2019 05: 40
      PiSi: the picture pleases the eye winked

      Having taken the city, the British had a tea party and proceeded to punish the naughty cousins. The buildings of the White House, the Senate, the House of Representatives, the Treasury and all other departments were burned. But not a single private house - except for the only building from which the British troops fired - was damaged or looted. For private property, gentlemen!

      Details on
      1. Aerodrome
        Aerodrome 18 June 2019 06: 26
        Quote: Cowbra
        PiSi: the picture pleases the eye

        1. Cowbra
          Cowbra 18 June 2019 06: 47
          There, as far as I remember, under the Pentagon there is a seismically active zone, almost a junction of two plates. In real life, it can be much more fun.
  3. Amateur
    Amateur 18 June 2019 06: 12
    using the A-1 rocket

    We know about A-4 (W-2). Read about A-9/10. About Zengerovsky "Silberfogel" also heard.
    And A-1? This is something new?
    1. Aerodrome
      Aerodrome 18 June 2019 06: 42
      Quote: Amateur

      this is the first ballistic, made in 33, but unsuccessfully.
  4. knn54
    knn54 18 June 2019 06: 33
    -After the Anglo-American War of 1812-1815. foreign armies no longer entered the land of the United States ...
    After 1815, the Americans fought for their interests, but NEVER fought for their homeland!
  5. bandabas
    bandabas 18 June 2019 07: 07
    An article at the student level.
  6. NEXUS
    NEXUS 18 June 2019 07: 18
    If you look over the past 70 years how many times mattresses have fought all over the world, "defending their democracy", it seems that the US security was not threatened unless the Zulus did not threaten. At the same time, it is not clear how, for example, Iran could threaten the US security, given that that there is an ocean between them, and Iran does not have intercontinental missiles and a powerful fleet.
    And I am surprised at the idiocy of the US population, which heresy that the Russians are coming in. And the people hawl. Moreover, the Europeans, who seemed to be considered more adequate and educated, were fed the same thing. However, this idiocy is apparently contagious and Goebbels’s cause lives and thrives, improved by his students in the CIA and the Pentagon.
  7. K-50
    K-50 18 June 2019 08: 06
    On the side of both the British and Americans, various Native American tribes of North America acted, to whom various preferences were promised by the British and American authorities.

    Which were never completed.
    This is the whole essence of the "reliability" of the Naglossak word. fellow lol
  8. parusnik
    parusnik 18 June 2019 08: 43
    The British authorities considered the territory of modern Canada as the optimal springboard for the invasion of the then rather weak United States.
    ... And the American authorities considered the territory of modern Canada as the optimal increment of territories for the then still rather weak United States. And more than once, in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, American volunteers invaded Canada to plant seeds of freedom and democracy in Canada. With the rapid development of capitalism in the United States, forceful methods of joining Canada are a thing of the past. Now Canada’s economy and politics are completely dependent on USA.
    1. voyaka uh
      voyaka uh 18 June 2019 17: 13
      "And more than once, in the XVIII-XIX centuries, American volunteers invaded Canada" ////
      Consider only that this time there were no borders or border guards. Both American and Canadian teams of hunters and groups of settlers could easily move in both directions. And nobody knew about these "invasions". laughing
  9. Sergey Oreshin
    Sergey Oreshin 19 June 2019 11: 19
    In general, we summarize: the United States has an unusually favorable geographical position. two weak neighbors from the north and south, a strong fleet, many vigorous loaves. The probability of invasion is minimal. The probability of a successful invasion is close to zero.
    It seems to me that if the United States falls, it’s not as a result of a military defeat in a war with any other state (or group of countries), but solely for internal reasons, although so far this scenario is unlikely
  10. Zloy
    Zloy 5 July 2019 21: 18
  11. Anton Dahl
    Anton Dahl 28 July 2019 12: 39
    Nobody really attacked America. The Americans, at least on land, did not smell gunpowder. Civil war is an internal matter. This is not aggression, and not a life-and-death war. The world by no means opposes and does not oppose itself to America, but on the contrary, it tries to push them around, interfering in everything, but for nothing, in fact, without answering. This story is about to end. America, in my opinion, has already fulfilled its function as a symbol of a new overseas life, some kind of happiness hidden behind 7 seas. Now everyone understands that this is not an alternative, but just another mirage. Fairy tales for adults. It will settle on its own, without someone else's "help", not as a result of an external war, but in a fairly peaceful way. Who is next?