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The United States may offer India to "change" C-400 to F-35

The United States can supply fifth-generation F-35 fighters to India if New Delhi refuses to purchase the Russian C-400 anti-aircraft missile system. Otherwise, Washington threatens to impose sanctions. This newspaper reports The Economic Times.

The United States may offer India to "change" C-400 to F-35

According to the newspaper, the United States significantly increased the pressure on India in connection with the signing of an agreement on the acquisition of the Russian ZRS X-NUMX. Washington stated that the purchase of Russian anti-aircraft complexes "will have a direct impact on any cooperation between the two countries in the field of high technologies."

Meanwhile, the Indian Ministry of Defense is preparing a tender for the supply of the country's Air Force 111 aircraft and 57 for the Indian Navy. Although India did not request the purchase of fifth-generation F-35 fighter jets from the United States, the United States may offer this aircraft for delivery to both the Air Force and the Indian Navy.

While there were no official requests from India, and the United States did not offer F-35 supplies, these aircraft are considered to be the only aerial platform that, if upgraded and equipped with the appropriate weapons, could hit the C-400 system, which was delivered to China

- writes the edition.

It is emphasized that even in the case of partial payment of the transaction on the acquisition of the Russian ZRS-400, Washington is ready to impose sanctions against New Delhi, provided for countries that buy weapon from Russia.

Although there was an impression that the USA would make an exception for India and would not apply the sanctions provided for by CAATSA, Washington’s recent statements do not support this.

- the newspaper notes.

At the same time, the United States, in order to prevent India from receiving C-400 SAM systems, offered it to acquire the US NASAMS II air defense system for air and missile defense in the Delhi metropolitan region. Also, the US is negotiating with India on the supply of THAAD and Patriot [PAC-3].

Recall that India ordered in Russia five regimental sets of C-400 “Triumph” missiles in excess of 5 billion dollars.
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  1. The popuas
    The popuas 14 June 2019 08: 27
    Undemocratic like that ... request but what about the right to choose ... repeat
    1. Herman 4223
      Herman 4223 14 June 2019 09: 38
      With their sanctions, they cut off their sales market, high-tech equipment, and demand is not going anywhere, then this technique will be done by someone else, maybe even us. When the Americans get so puffed up, it even makes me smile.
      1. maxim947
        maxim947 14 June 2019 10: 20
        Americans, with their excessive boil, make good additional advertising for our complex).
    2. PalBor
      PalBor 14 June 2019 09: 49
      Gee ... Now, probably, I'll write a banality, but remember this story? When Stalin says: "We have always thought that democracy is the rule of the people. But Mr. Roosevelt explained to me that democracy is the rule of the American people." Moreover, you understand that the people mean the American oligarchs and the politicians serving them.
      1. bessmertniy
        bessmertniy 14 June 2019 11: 40
        And, of course, the American oligarchs and politicians are crushed by a toad that an order of $ 5 billion was made to Russia, and not to them - a disease. fool
        1. Artunis
          Artunis 14 June 2019 16: 43
          Yes, it's not a toad, but the fact that the sky over India will be closed from the same F35.
  2. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 14 June 2019 08: 28
    Take our "rotten stuff", don't take anti-democratic missiles! S-400s are very harmful. They smell bad of "non-freedom" molecules ... wassat
    1. keeper03
      keeper03 14 June 2019 10: 05
      It is necessary to give India an anti-sanction BOLT! laughing good soldier
      1. lis-ik
        lis-ik 14 June 2019 12: 59
        Quote: keeper03
        It is necessary to give India an anti-sanction BOLT! laughing good soldier

        They themselves do not.
  3. Hagalaz
    Hagalaz 14 June 2019 08: 29
    And so troubled F and even to such operators as Indians? However!
    1. knn54
      knn54 14 June 2019 08: 33
      Roman, as usual, is our technique, but your problems.
      1. Hagalaz
        Hagalaz 14 June 2019 08: 36
        USA is an exporter of problems! laughing
        1. Sergey39
          Sergey39 14 June 2019 08: 47
          They won’t succeed this time. Let's hope.
        2. Fat
          Fat 14 June 2019 10: 00
          Quote: Hagalaz
          USA is an exporter of problems! laughing

          Great said! Great slogan. I wrote down so as not to accidentally forget. hi
  4. Wedmak
    Wedmak 14 June 2019 08: 43
    What wonderful partners are these United States ... Do you buy air defense systems from Russia? Don’t take it, you don’t need it, we better know. Still signing a contract? No, we demand (!), Better take our unfinished F-35. And then we apply sanctions. And in general it will be very bad for our relationship. We also have air defense systems, buy them, and buy from Russia, we will apply sanctions for sure.
    A common word from 6 letters of some kind, not partners.
  5. Aliken
    Aliken 14 June 2019 08: 44
    USA - Gopnik from trade.
  6. g1washntwn
    g1washntwn 14 June 2019 08: 50
    American "OR C-400 OR F-35 "kind of makes you think:
    Why such a stubborn desire not to let them meet?
  7. rocket757
    rocket757 14 June 2019 09: 11
    Also, competition ... by any means.
    Nothing new, if you look closely.
  8. Azazelo
    Azazelo 14 June 2019 09: 14
    The best air defense in the world for a buggy plane .... well, if they change, then the Hindus are simply inadequate ...
  9. Sonmaster
    Sonmaster 14 June 2019 09: 21
    Indirect evidence of the effectiveness of the S-400 against the F-35.
  10. HAM
    HAM 14 June 2019 09: 23
    Hindus and good technique manage to turn into trash, and F-35 ....... Krishna himself ordered.
  11. Alexey-74
    Alexey-74 14 June 2019 09: 26
    The United States-the usual blackmailers .... and their entire defense industry - a huge flea market with traders in the Senate and the Pentagon ....
  12. Graz
    Graz 14 June 2019 09: 45
    if the Indians succumb, they will lose all military cooperation with Russia in the framework of joint development, the United States will not do anything like it, plus there will be a permanent dictate from the Yankees what they must do, let them think and decide
  13. evgic
    evgic 14 June 2019 10: 04
    The more actively you get something, the more likely they are to impose some kind of shit. With this starlet, the same impression. If the product is good, it does not need such protection, they themselves will stand in line. But when with a darling, then yes, we must impose everything on everyone
  14. Runoway
    Runoway 14 June 2019 10: 15
    I think the news is good, especially if the deal takes place! In the presence of f-35, the S-400 complexes planned to be sold to India, with great desire to buy Pakistan wink . And again, the presence of F-35 among the Indians is a big plus for our intelligence.
    I think the Americans are well aware of the unreliability of the Indians and the consequences of this deal, in fact, the sale of the F-35 is a bluff, necessary only to disrupt the purchase of the S-400, this is not one or two and drove the planes while the contract is still on the conveyor, while the Indians are flying teach, force the infrastructure to prepare in India, and then again, and like Turkey, shish you, and not planes "and the sheep are safe and the wolves are fed"
  15. Altai72
    Altai72 14 June 2019 10: 38
    Are they trying to get the Turkish order into Poland and India?))) Ah yes Trump, oh yes ...
  16. Forest
    Forest 14 June 2019 11: 02
    Yes, and then ask that the U.S. flight task be loaded into f-35)
  17. Horon
    Horon 14 June 2019 11: 28
    Apparently, the S-400 really turned out to be a cool thing, if the American boys are so tearing farts that they even jump out of their panties just to limit its spread! what
  18. HMR333
    HMR333 14 June 2019 11: 37
    these are different things what's the joke another la la! then air defense, and then the plane is the most expensive and breaking down!
  19. Invoce
    Invoce 14 June 2019 11: 54
    Ha Ha ... Hindus will buy Fu-35? they will bargain until it becomes obsolete ... and then they will require design documentation and localization of production in India by 40-60% ... and then they will refuse to buy! It’s better for Amers not to mess with Indians ... Novels, they are novels laughing
  20. Berkut24
    Berkut24 14 June 2019 13: 45
    Marketers from cowboys come to the eastern bazaar?