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Four fights of Colonel Yakov Sergeev

Jacob Tikhonovich Sergeev - one of the many officers of the Russian imperial army, the gentleman of St. George weapons and the Order of St. George 4-th degree.

Siberian arrows on the march

A participant in the Chinese campaign and the Russian-Japanese war, Lieutenant Colonel Ya. T. Sergeev went to the Great War as a battalion commander of the 21 Siberian Rifle Regiment. Distinguished himself in many battles, deserved high military awards - and in October 1917 met with the colonel, the commander of the same regiment.

And then - participation in the White movement on the Eastern Front, the command of the Combined Ufa and 12 th Siberian rifle divisions. In 1920, Major General Ya. T. Sergeev was taken prisoner and was enlisted in the reserve of the Moscow Military District. It is not known when the life of a valiant officer was cut short - most likely, fate did not bypass him, which fell to the lot of the overwhelming majority of officers of the former Russian imperial army, who had the misfortune and negligence of remaining in Soviet Russia.

We want to tell about several battles of Siberians, conducted under the command of Ya. T. Sergeev in the time of the Great War - battles that brought high awards to the officer and confirmed the well-deserved fighting reputation of the Siberian shooters. So, as the dry lines of the document from the funds of the RGVIA - F. 16180. Op. 1. D. 63. LL 7 - 9 (see Description of the exploits of Colonel Y.T. Sergeev).

In the fire of year 1915

For the first time, Lt. Col. Ya. T. Sergeev was able to distinguish himself during the temporary command of the 21 Siberian Rifle Regiment during rearguard battles on July 27 - August 2 1915.

In the July 29 battle, when around the 17 watch the 1 line of the 22 Siberian Rifle, 9 and 21 of the Turkestan regiments, which occupied positions at the turn of Dmoha - Voha - Chishevo - Sutki, could not withstand the concentrated fire of the enemy's heavy artillery , hesitated and began to retreat, Lieutenant Colonel Ya. T. Sergeev, who was in the brigade reserve with the 1 and 2 battalions, seeing the critical situation for the artillery of the sector and the whole corps, on its own initiative, personally, mounted, under a disastrous artillery, machine-gun and rifle fire opponent Unfolded 1-rd and 2-Battalions - and launched a counterattack. Ya. T. Sergeev detained the advancing enemy units, stopped them, and forced them to withdraw. Despite the fact that the reserve movement took place in a band swept by heavy artillery, it was carried out in perfect order - which contributed to bringing order to the retreating units. A dashing counterattack threw the enemy back to the starting positions.

Taking advantage of this, the 1-th battery of the 6-th Siberian artillery brigade again took up its position and, sending into the chain of observer Lieutenant Bulgakov, began to shoot the enemy’s columns and chains at close range, which finally contributed to securing the occupied space.

Having advanced to the location of the corps, the regiment remained at the turn until 4 hours of the morning, when the order was received by the chief of the 44 Infantry Division: to withdraw to a new position on the line in front of the villages Benki - Novy, Benki Older.

1 August August The 21 Siberian Infantry Regiment of Her Majesty's regiment was in the brigade reserve near der. Apple - Kostelnaya. The position of the 22 of the Siberian rifle regiment was on the line of Yakuboventa-Sh. Andrzeioventa, to the right - the 163 of Lankaran, and to the left of the 7 of the infantry regiment of Revel. In the morning, the Germans fired trenches with hurricane artillery fire, and at the same time fired heavy shells at the reserve. The shelling continued uninterruptedly for 10 hours - and the battle line could not stand it, and in 6 hours 29 minutes began to retreat (and the 21 th Siberian rifle regiment left the machine gun). The enemy pursued the frustrated units with hurricane artillery fire, and his heavy rifle chains rolled one after the other - shooting retreating men.

Noticing the critical situation, Ya. T. Sergeev deployed a brigade reserve into battle order, and personally led him to a counterattack - bringing him to a bayonet strike. Rejecting the enemy (in this case 5 prisoners were captured), Sergeev's fighters restored the former position of the front, holding out until 12 hours - when the order was given to change to the 22 regiment. The lieutenant colonel stopped people from various regiments who left the position, formed companies - and sent them to the counterattack. So, the movement to the counterattack of the 7 of the Revelsky regiment stopped by him was reported to the regiment commander - a note sent to the 19 hours of 25 minutes by a constable of the Kuban Cossack detached hundred Ivan Novosiltsev. The 1 th battalion of the 163 Lankaran regiment was also moved to the counterattack - by covering the right flank (the Germans tried to achieve flank coverage).

The August 2 regiment, consisting of about 1200 bayonets, took up a position along the line from the crossroads north of the inscription of J. Jankovice leading to vil. I. Slivovo and Dombrovka to height 72 - 74; to the right was the 163-th Lankaran Regiment (at an angle to the northeast), to the left - the 5-th Kaluga Regiment.

In the morning, the enemy bombarded the trenches of the 21 of the Siberian Rifle Regiment with heavy heavy artillery fire and then with heavy chains launched an offensive (the rear movement was made in columns) - but the Germans were scattered with accurate rifle-and-machine-gun fire and artillery fire.

The enemy, continuing to fire heavy artillery with a plot of the 163 Infantry Regiment of the Lenkoran Regiment, the 21 Infantry Regiment of the Siberian and the 5 Infantry Regiment of Kaluga, repeated the attacks. The trenches were destroyed. The 163 th Lankaran and 5 th Kaluga regiments, unable to withstand, cleared the trenches (or rather what was left of them), exposing the flanks of the 21 th Siberian rifle regiment.

Seeing the critical situation, “the wand - the wand” again manifested itself in crisis situations - Lieutenant Colonel Ya. T. Sergeev. He advances the 15 th company from the reserve with a ledge on the left flank, and the 1 battalion orders the right flank to bend. The latter had to bend the flank and dig in under enemy hurricane artillery fire.

Seeing the stalemate of the regiment (the enemy found himself in the rear), on horseback, Lieutenant Colonel Ya. T. Sergeev under destructive fire led the reserve in a counterattack. A heavy shell exploded near an officer's horse, and the lieutenant colonel received a general body contusion. Despite this, Ya. T. Sergeev continued to conduct a counterattack, dragging people along, and stopped the further advance of the enemy.

During the entire period of heavy rearguard battles, from July 27 to August 2, the 21 Siberian Rifle Regiment was under the personal supervision of Lieutenant Colonel Ya. T. Sergeev, with honor coming out of various difficult situations, defending the honor of the regiment and detachment. For these battles the regiment lost: officers killed by 2, wounded 11 people, lower ranks with killed and wounded 1532 people.

As a result, 19 December 1915, signed by the commander of the 4 th army of Infantry General A. F. Ragoza, issued an order for the army with the number 1778.

Based on the 121 article of the St. George Statute, Lieutenant Colonel Sergeev was honored with the St. George Arms award - for the fact that in the rearguard battle of 2 August 1915 of the year, when the 2 battalion of the X-ray armies of the X-ray armies of the X-ray armies had fallen from the backs of their chimes. Brigadier reserve and seeing the withdrawal of the warhead, on his own initiative, deployed his battalions and personally led them to attack under artillery and machine-gun fire. Moreover, despite the contusions, he collected the waste parts and used them to support his counterattack. The enemy was pushed aside, and the previously departing units, once again occupying lost positions, held onto them until the receipt of the order.

Victory at Wilhelminovka-Zvinyache

The fourth memorable battle took place on July 3 of 1916, when Colonel Yakov Sergeev was the commander of the 21 of the Siberian Rifle Regiment. It occurred between Siberians and Austro-Germans on the river. Polonka - near the Wilhelminovka colony - Zvinyache.

The regiment under the command of Ya. T. Sergeev in the number of 1600 bayonets on the night of 3 July, after a stubborn battle, stormed the enemy fortified position - and then, overcoming the resistance of the enemy with continuous counterattacks, passed 11 km, capturing 2 regimental commanders, 53 officer and cadet, 5 doctors, 1050 lower ranks, 3 machine guns, 13 guns. And then he captured and, despite the fierce attacks of the Austro-Germans, he retained an important point of the enemy's disposition. Zvinyache "dominated over the valley of the river. Lipa - after the capture of which the battle took a decisive turn in favor of Russian weapons.

During this battle, Colonel Ya. T. Sergeev, personally leading his battalions, was continuously under strong enemy rifle and machine-gun fire — and often appeared in the most dangerous places ahead of the chains. Already with his presence, the colonel instilled a rush of boundless courage and courage into the shooters of his mouth, who uncontrollably moved forward, bypassing and surrounding the enemy units sent in support. Losses of the regiment: 18 lower ranks killed and 106 injured.

And the order of the 11 is the 24 of September 1916. George 727 degree for being in battle in the area count. Wilhelminovka - Zvinyache 21. 4. 03 g. He commanded the regiment, acting under strong rifle and machine-gun fire - and personally led the actions of his battalions. The regiment, which had thousands of bayonets as part of 07, in a stubborn battle, took possession of the enemy fortified position and passed with a fight more than 1916 versts, capturing and holding with. Zvinače - which was important and dominated the valley. With these actions, Sergeev seriously contributed to the overall victory in battle. Trophy regiment: 1,6 guns, 10 machine gun; 13 officers and cadets (including 3 regiment commanders), 55 doctors and 2 lower ranks were captured.

Fate saved Y.T. Sergeev on the battlefield of the Great War - so that he would perish in his own country. And we can not even show the reader a portrait of the hero. But the documents have forever preserved for us the image of an initiative, courageous and valiant commander - the real personification of the image of the officer of the Russian Imperial Army during the First World War.

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  1. Dalton
    Dalton 6 June 2019 18: 11
    A real Russian officer! On these stood and will be the Russian army and all of Russia
  2. 210ox
    210ox 6 June 2019 18: 14
    The valor of the Siberian riflemen is undeniable .. I recall the "March of the Siberian riflemen", converted in Soviet times to "Through the valleys and over the hills" ... "only the gray hat was famously knocked to one side ...." .. hi
    1. Hunghuz
      Hunghuz 6 June 2019 19: 00
      Yes, and Siberian shooters, and generally the entire infantry
      Yes, and the army as a whole
      1. 210ox
        210ox 6 June 2019 19: 04
        Yes, there were different situations ... For example, the heroism of the Osovets defenders and the actual betrayal of the garrison commander of another fortress, Novogeorgievsk ..
        1. Hunghuz
          Hunghuz 6 June 2019 19: 08
          There was a commander of Osovets, and there was a commander of Novogeorgievsk
          And these 2 types of commanders were in all armies.
          But the Russian soldier and drill officer, they have no analogues ...
          1. 210ox
            210ox 6 June 2019 19: 36
            I agree. But tell me, Shkuro was also a combat officer (and I can name other well-known surnames). What’s this? And chieftain Semyonov .. And the Russian Soldier, yes, there are no others like that.
            1. Phil77
              Phil77 6 June 2019 19: 48
              Yes. Yes. And there was still a former guardsman and, among other things, a sadist and a murderer Annenkov (a descendant of the Decembrist). And you also cannot be called a coward.
            2. Phil77
              Phil77 6 June 2019 19: 54
              Yes, and Ungern is hard not to mention.
            3. Hunghuz
              Hunghuz 6 June 2019 20: 03
              And that they were bad combat officers, Shkuro and Semenov? Yes beautiful, heroes PMV. And do not interfere with the moral character and political addictions.
              So - both the officer and the soldier are beautiful.
              Yes, and the generals are good, no worse than foreigners, and some also give odds
              1. Dalton
                Dalton 6 June 2019 20: 14
                That's right Honghuz. Politics by politics, and officers shine
                By the way, Sergeyev also served with Kolchak.
                as indeed Marshal Govorov. So Gv broke the people, split into pieces.
                1. Reptiloid
                  Reptiloid 7 June 2019 20: 00
                  Wonderful article. Thank.
  3. knn54
    knn54 6 June 2019 18: 34
    Alexei, you don’t want to open a column, say, about unknown, forgotten heroes. They deserve it.
    1. Hunghuz
      Hunghuz 6 June 2019 19: 01
      Great thought! I support hi
  4. Phil77
    Phil77 6 June 2019 18: 44
    Commander !!! A real commander. Worthy of respect, very worthy. Personally lead in bayonet attacks? This is real courage!
    1. Hunghuz
      Hunghuz 6 June 2019 19: 02
      And the rank is not a small, not a company commander
  5. Ross xnumx
    Ross xnumx 6 June 2019 19: 33
    You read like an epic. Heroic deeds, courage and will, the tragic fate of man.
    Directly according to Lermontov:
    - Yes, there were people nowadays,
    Not that the present tribe:
    Heroes - not you!
    Bad they got a share ...

    Only their share was not bad, but difficult. And they survived all the vicissitudes of fate with dignity and honor.
    Eternal glory!
    To the author + and thanks!
  6. Albatroz
    Albatroz 6 June 2019 21: 52
    It is a pity that people like Sergeev were 99% lost to our army in the interwar period of 20-30s. Priceless combat experience and traditions have been lost. And the development and resurrection of the "well-forgotten old" required unnecessary blood.
    One of the reasons for failures in the initial period of the Second World War
  7. The comment was deleted.
  8. Cartographer
    Cartographer 25 November 2021 14: 26
    Who decided that he disappeared in his own country?
    On September 16, 1930, he was the head of the military cabinet of the KHTI named after I. Butlerov.