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Tank K-2 "Black Panther" again released with a German transmission

In South Korea, resumed production of the main combat tank (MBT) K-2 "Black Panther" for the South Korean armed forces. The first two tanks with a domestic engine and German transmission were transferred to the Defense Procurement Programs Agency of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Korea (DAPA).

Tank K-2 "Black Panther" again released with a German transmission

May 27 South Korean company Hyundai Rotem announced the resumption of production of the Black Panther MBT K-2 with a domestic engine and German transmission. The solemn ceremony of the transfer of the first two tanks of the Ministry of Defense took place at one of the enterprises of the company.

Designed as a replacement for the outdated K-1 and M-48 tanks of the South Korean army, the K-2 "Black Panther" was supposed to start being delivered to the South Korean air force from the year 2011, with plans to supply up to 600 tanks. However, problems with the development of the domestic engine and transmission constantly shifted the timing of the start of tank deliveries to the troops. Due to problems, the number of purchased equipment was reduced to 297 units.

The delivery of the first batch of 100 serial MBT K-2 under the 2011 contract began only in June 2014. At the same time, the tanks were equipped with a German MTU 883 V12 diesel engine with a capacity of 1500 hp. and automatic transmission Renk. The second batch of 106 cars was supposed to be delivered with a Doosan Infracore DV27K diesel engine (1500 hp) and an S&T Dynamics EST15K automatic transmission of South Korean design and production by 2017, but was postponed until 2020 due to the low reliability and durability of the automatic transmissions.

Despite the attempts made, the South Korean designers did not manage to make a reliable transmission for the tank, so it was decided to release the second batch of K-2 with the domestic DV27K engine developed by Doosan Infracore and the automatic German transmission Renk. 1500 hp diesel engine will allow the new version of K-2 to reach a maximum speed of 70 km / h, the power reserve will be 450 km.

Tests have shown the durability of this pair, equipped by this way two prototypes made a run for a distance of 3200 km. The tests were carried out in various conditions, including during the cold season, and were considered successful.

Whether the third batch of the Black Panther OBT K-2 will receive domestic transmission is not yet known.
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  1. major071
    major071 30 May 2019 18: 46 New
    Like a good technique in South Korea produced, and the transmission for its own tank and have not developed. Paradox, however! winked
    1. Thrifty
      Thrifty 30 May 2019 19: 03 New
      Maj. hi -Samsung Mobile had to be entrusted with the creation of the transmission! On technology super Amoled plus plus !!! lol
    2. APASUS
      APASUS 30 May 2019 19: 12 New
      Quote: major071
      The transmission for its own tank was never developed. Paradox, however!

      The transmission for the tank is simply the next different level of technology development. It’s like a formula, there are more 150 car brands and car plants in the world, and in F1 there are only 10 teams.
      1. ycuce234-san
        ycuce234-san 30 May 2019 21: 02 New
        Quote: APASUS
        It's like the formula

        South Korea is the fifth in the automotive industry and the second in shipbuilding. It is doubtful that only because of the level of technical competence they did not make the transmission.
  2. korvin1976
    korvin1976 30 May 2019 19: 16 New
    What's so surprising about that? In fact, in the world, there are only a few independent and relatively self-sufficient schools of tank construction. School of the USSR / Russia, school of Germany, school of Israel, partly of France and England. And yes, surprisingly, but the fact does not include the school of OSHA. There is no such school by definition. Abrams hodgepodge of various components, a kind of KIT.
    And only a few countries can actually produce tanks, completely (by 90%) on their own.
    In my personal opinion (without reference to the rating), these are Russia, Germany and Israel, only these countries have an almost completely developed tank, everything else ....... refinements or other models, or borrowing from other countries.
    1. Varreox.
      Varreox. 30 May 2019 19: 20 New
      Japanese, French, British - what is not independent?
      And yes, OSHA is such a provocation.
      1. korvin1976
        korvin1976 30 May 2019 19: 29 New
        And what about these of your independent, completely independent? We sometimes start total OR, about the fact that our tanks are (stood in the old configuration), the imagers are French. So what's in your list is completely native?
        Again, I proceed from the realities of borrowing, the school, this is not only production for themselves, but also borrowing from other countries. How many clones / replicas / modifications of the USSR / Russia school exist, how many exactly the same German ones? Israel is specific, Israel has its own school, but at the same time it is really up to the mark, Merkava, in my opinion, not one of the best tanks.
        And yes, if to make a rating (without belonging to a place in the rating), then I would give the first three places to Russia, Germany and Israel.
        Each of them, its advantages, its specific tasks and it is very difficult to single out someone uniquely. But the rest of the fold, will not be difficult
    2. _Ugene_
      _Ugene_ 30 May 2019 22: 12 New
      In fact, in the world, there are only a few independent and relatively self-sufficient schools of tank construction. School of the USSR / Russia, school of Germany, school of Israel, partly of France and England.

      Israel, I would not add to this list, they still have about 30% of tank parts imported, including the same engine and transmission
      1. voyaka uh
        voyaka uh 30 May 2019 22: 57 New
        To which tank building school would you take the Merkava tank? smile
        1. _Ugene_
          _Ugene_ 31 May 2019 09: 23 New
          The man wrote about independent "self-sufficient schools of tank building", if such an important third of the tank as the engine and chassis cannot be developed and produced by yourself, then this is a joint cooperation of tank building from different countries. It is quite possible that the output will be an excellent product - after all, you can take the best from different tank-building schools (if you will), but such tank-building cannot be called independent and self-sufficient.
          Although Israel itself is a very young, unusual and atypical country, and you have your own development paths, you do not need this complete independence.
      2. korvin1976
        korvin1976 30 May 2019 23: 25 New
        Imported, then imported, but the layout of the tank itself and many other attributes stand out among other tank building schools, and it was by these criteria that I attributed Merkava to a separate school.
        1. English tarantas
          English tarantas 31 May 2019 08: 50 New
          I think you do not quite understand what a tank building school is. The fact that the Jews, taking into account their experience, albeit rich, collected from all over the world those solutions for their cars can not be called a school.
          1. korvin1976
            korvin1976 31 May 2019 14: 17 New
            Unfortunately, you confuse the collection of information (which absolutely all tank-building schools are engaged in) with the creation of something of your own based on the information received. First of all, Merkava differs in layout from all other schools, and layout in this regard is a decisive factor.
    3. 113262a
      113262a 30 May 2019 22: 19 New
      The point is in the AUTOMATIC transmission! In the world, even just automakers, where the layout is frivolous enough, and then you can easily read through the fingers of one hand. But to inscribe in the shell of the tank, quite a problem. So, as this hydrovolume is heated, as an infection, we need additional removal and masking of heat from it, considerable hydraulic tanks for liquids and space materials of hydraulic motors and pumps for an acceptable resource with non-acidic power. That is why in Russia such a transmission is brought up to standard with a squeak (t-14) So the Koreans ... neshmagli!)))
  3. Saboteur Holuy
    Saboteur Holuy 30 May 2019 19: 24 New
    We would have such
    1. For example
      For example 30 May 2019 20: 16 New
      Where are you going?
      At the cottage or what?
      Do you have enough diesel fuel?
  4. Evil 55
    Evil 55 31 May 2019 04: 55 New
    There is so much cold at that time with low temperatures in South Korea that it is enough for operational tests ... almost a week with temperatures up to -10 degrees ..
  5. Doliva63
    Doliva63 31 May 2019 18: 33 New
    Who are the South Koreans going to fight with these tanks, interesting? Well, if for sales, then it’s understandable.