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US Army and its main battle tank. Successes M1A2C Abrams

Currently, the US defense industry is preparing for serial modernization of the main combat tanks Abrams on the newest project M1A2C (previously used the designation M1A2 SEP v.3). The first tanks, which underwent modernization on a serial basis, have already entered the troops, and work continues. In recent days, there have been several interesting reports about the progress of the modernization program and its results.

According to the manufacturer

21 in May, the American media published interesting data from the tank building plant Joint Systems Manufacturing Center (Lima Army Tank Plant, LATP), which is responsible for the modernization of the Abrams MBT. The management of the company stated that the manufacture of the first brigade set of tanks M1A2C will be completed this summer.

US Army and its main battle tank. Successes M1A2C Abrams
Tank M1A2 SEP v.3. Photo by

The completion of the release of tanks for the rearmament of the whole brigade is considered an important milestone in stories project. One of the units of the army will be able to start the full development of the latest technology, which will have a beneficial effect on its combat capability and the potential of the army as a whole.

To fulfill the current order for tanks M1A2C, the plant in Lima has to expand its staff. In 2016, JSMC employed less than 500 people. By the end of last year, the number of employees exceeded 600. Until the end of this year, the company will have at least 700 jobs. 2020 plans to recruit another hundred employees. Thus, in less than five years, the number of workers should almost double with a corresponding increase in productivity.

However, the plant faces some difficulties. When searching for workers, he has to compete with other large enterprises in the region. The JSMC management considers such circumstances useful for the economy, but problematic for specific organizations. In addition, the state tank-building enterprise has to check candidates before being hired. Depending on the position, checks last up to four months.

Opinion tankers

23 May edition of the Defense Blog has published new data on the progress of the testing and verification program of the upgraded MBT. It managed to communicate with the participants of the military tests of the tank M1A2C / M1A2 SEP v.3 and published the most remarkable details.

According to the Defense Blog, the inspection of tanks under conditions of actual troop operation was conducted by personnel of the 2 Battalion of the 8 Cavalry Regiment of the 1 Tank Brigade. This unit has extensive experience in the operation of armored vehicles and has participated in several local conflicts of recent decades. In addition, it is armed with the newest versions of tanks M1 Abrams.

Now the main armored vehicle of the 2 Battalion is the tank M1A2 SEP v.2. To conduct military tests, he was given one of the experienced machines of the SEP version v.3. Not long ago, the battalion returned from Europe, where it participated in the Atlantic Resolve operation. As part of this deployment, unit personnel completed many different exercises using two models of MBT, including the latest machine, the M1A2C. Verification of the received tank lasted about 9 months.

Upgraded tank in JSMC workshop, February 2019. Photo

It was the operational experience of the M1A2 SEP v.2 tanks that made it possible to conduct full-fledged military tests of the vehicles. Tankers familiar with the previous modification could better understand the differences between the new M1A2C and more fully appreciate its advantages. The upgraded tanks were used in various combat training activities, and in all cases the necessary data was collected.

Military tests confirmed the correctness of the applied design solutions and showed the advantages of the upgraded MBT over previous modifications. In addition, the car received good marks in terms of the convenience of the crew and technical staff.

Completion of military trials is an important step towards the future full-scale modernization and operation of the updated tanks. Already this year, the US Army will receive the first brigade set of tanks M1A2C, and in mastering this technique, tank crews will benefit from the experience of the 2 battalion of the 8 regiment, which recently studied the pre-production sample.

Production success

It should be noted that the last news About project M1A2C look extremely interesting. Reports of successful military trials were expected and obvious. News from the JSMC plant in Lima is also a cause for optimism. The recent successes of this company are in line with the customer’s expectations, and he may not worry about the fulfillment of the conditions of the current contract.

In February, the first photographs of the upgraded tanks M1A2C / SEP v.3 appeared in free access. It was argued that no more than 6-10 armored vehicles were ready. According to announced plans, by the end of the year, the industry must upgrade and transfer the army to 135 tanks. Recent reports show a sharp increase in production rates.

Not later than the summer of this year, the JSMC plant is obliged to supply the troops with the first brigade set of new tanks. To arm one tank brigade you need 87 tanks. Until the end of February, they managed to rebuild no more than a dozen cars. Thus, in about six months, the plant in Lima should upgrade about 80 tanks. About the release of the first brigade kit speak almost like a fait accompli. Apparently, the recruitment of new employees made it possible to bring the production capacity to the required level and ensure that the Abrams' 13-15 was updated monthly. This is not an absolute record, but against the background of previous activities, JSMC / LATP looks very worthy.

Prototype at the site. Photo by Leonardo DRS /

While maintaining the same production rates, in the fall and early winter, by the end of the current calendar year, the plant in Lima will have time to release another fifty modernized M1A2C. Thus, the order for this year in sizes 135 MBT will be successfully completed and, possibly, exceeded.

Next year, more than 160 tanks will be upgraded. Thus, the JSMC plant will again have to increase the pace of work. However, it seems that this will not be a problem. By recruiting new employees and using existing production facilities, the company can increase the pace of work with a clear result.

Plans for the distant future have not yet been published. The US military has approximately 1500-1600 tanks with M1A2 tanks of several modifications, and a significant number of these machines can be upgraded by the SEP v.3 / M1A2C project. This means that over the next few years, the plant in Lima will have to produce at least 130-150 upgraded MBTs annually.

Optimistic estimates

The latest news suggests that the US Army has no cause for concern in the context of the modernization program for the main battle tanks M1A2 Abrams. Technique has passed all the necessary stages of testing and entered the series. The contractor has already reached the desired pace of work. The first set of equipment for the re-equipment of one of the brigades will be ready in the coming months. Nothing further threatens the fulfillment of contracts.

In the medium term, the US Army will get the desired number of upgraded MBT M1A2C / M1A2 SEP v.3 MBT, sufficient to upgrade the fleet of vehicles of several armored formations. Simultaneously with the upgrade of the battle machines to the M1A2C version, a new modernization project will be developed - M1A2D or M1A2 SEP v.4. Some features of this improvement of technology are already known, but it’s still far from its implementation. In the coming years, the focus will be on the actual project M1A2C.
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  1. polar fox
    polar fox 27 May 2019 18: 33
    in the states there is also a problem with personnel ... recently they offered to retire from service to retire ... byad with recruits))))
    1. Maz
      Maz 28 May 2019 06: 23
      -11 qualifying.
      Another stuffing. The Americans do not build tanks, but modernize. The new tank involves at least a new chassis with new armor and a turret. The upgraded 80s tank is not new. There are no tank factories in America; the last Abrams was released this year from 95 to 00. Now there is a bare site from the factory that produced them. And the general dinemix themselves admitted that they could not build a tank from scratch. They got rid of the metallurgical plant for tank armor because there are no government orders. Modernization at the beginning of plate armor and the installation of Jewish DM which in our country cannot be developed for 15 years, is this modernization? After modernization, the cost of Abrams approaches 2 t-90 and 3 t-72. No, nobody argues. Abram is a good tank, but not 3 times.
      1. Svetlana
        Svetlana 28 May 2019 08: 25
        What is the stuffing here?
        The article is just about modernization program and written. About the production of new "not worth anywhere" :)
  2. Professor88
    Professor88 27 May 2019 19: 39
    How much does this car cost? Is it better than the last leopard?
    1. TARSUS
      TARSUS 28 May 2019 01: 35
      And what about the Leopard 2A7? He will be worse than Abrams.
      1. Kuroneko
        Kuroneko 28 May 2019 04: 58
        Quote: TARS
        And what about the Leopard 2A7? He will be worse than Abrams.

        Firstly, this is not entirely true; in terms of performance characteristics, Leo Abrashu is superior, and secondly, 2A7 is also not the last modernization. 2A7 + is currently advancing.

        And moreover, 2A7V is being completed.
        1. Sergey985
          Sergey985 28 May 2019 09: 14
          How many are there, these new leo? A few tanks?
          1. Kuroneko
            Kuroneko 28 May 2019 10: 39
            Quote: Sergey985
            How many are there, these new leo? A few tanks?

            Just like the new M1A2C. = 3
            1. Sergey985
              Sergey985 28 May 2019 10: 48
              M1A2S will become a lot in the near future. A 7-leo is no longer becoming, and is unlikely to be.
              1. Kuroneko
                Kuroneko 28 May 2019 11: 16
                Honestly, I don’t give a damn about this and that.
                All the same, the best seller in the arms market, as the T-90 was, will remain so.
        2. Alexey RA
          Alexey RA 28 May 2019 15: 10
          Quote: Kuroneko
          And moreover, 2A7V is being completed.

          An honorable name for this model "Leopard". smile
  3. tank64rus
    tank64rus 27 May 2019 20: 13
    The KAZ system is full-time or not.
    1. kjhg
      kjhg 27 May 2019 22: 51
      It seems like the Israeli KAZ Trophy is on this version
    TARSUS 27 May 2019 21: 52
    Somewhere sad Armata ...
  5. Sasha ___
    Sasha ___ 28 May 2019 04: 36
    In my opinion there is something to learn in terms of rationality. Riveted 2000 tanks of the same series and improve. And in Russia you’ll get lost in MBT grades. Apart from canned.
  6. fraders
    fraders 28 May 2019 04: 43
    nothing about the article, general phrases
  7. sen
    sen 28 May 2019 05: 05
    Nothing, ours will come up with how to destroy this miracle. Grenade launchers and ATGMs affecting MBT from above, simultaneous launch of several grenades, ATGMs, etc.
    1. Rabioso
      Rabioso 28 May 2019 07: 55
      And it’s better to immediately vigorous bomb on him. For sure
    2. Julius Caesar
      Julius Caesar 28 May 2019 09: 37
      But what to think about - bring Chrysanthemum to mind by increasing the range and increasing the number of guidance channels and the intensity of the fire.
    3. Vadim237
      Vadim237 29 May 2019 14: 56
      They came up with a long time ago - air bombs and rockets of MLRS, with cluster anti-tank elements, hitting tanks and other armored vehicles in the roof -
      shock core.
  8. axxman
    axxman 28 May 2019 12: 54
    The M1 is not a tank at all - essentially a specialized anti-tank self-propelled gun.
    Even OFS normal in the ammunition no.
    1. Vadim237
      Vadim237 29 May 2019 14: 59
      There, instead of the usual OFS, there is a cumulatively high-explosive fragmentation explosive with a programmable fuse.
  9. Vasily199
    Vasily199 29 May 2019 11: 42
    Quote: sen
    Nothing, ours will come up with how to destroy this miracle. Grenade launchers and ATGMs affecting MBT from above, simultaneous launch of several grenades, ATGMs, etc.

    You already came up with RPG-7 and a plastic broom, and it’s completely free!
  10. The comment was deleted.
  11. Antipatr
    Antipatr 12 July 2019 05: 41
    Quote: Maz
    No, nobody argues. Abram is a good tank, but not 3 times.

    About 100 times, judging by the tank battles in Iraq.