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The capital of Indonesia is in turmoil

Mass riots swept the 12-millionth of Jakarta and other major cities in Indonesia. In clashes with the police involved thousands of protesters.

The capital of Indonesia is in turmoil

According to some information, the first casualties appeared as a result of the collisions. At this point, the Indonesian media reported on six victims of the outbreak of conflict.

What is the essence of this conflict?

The reason for the unrest was the results of the presidential elections. The Indonesian CEC announced that incumbent President Joko Widodo won the election with an 55,5% result. His rival, retired General Prabowo Subianto, has about 44% of the vote.

Subianto said he did not recognize the election results, noting that Widodo used administrative resources.

After that, supporters of the general began to take to the streets of Jakarta and demand a review of the election results. After some time, representatives of radical movements began to appear in the crowd, many of which are in favor of turning Indonesia into an Islamic republic. One of these movements is the “Movement for the Defense of Islam”, which also includes openly extremist movements.

The protesters began to burn tires in the center of Jakarta and other cities, began to throw police stones and smoke bombs. Dozens of cars were burned at the market of the capital of Indonesia and at the administrative buildings. Protesters are building barricades.

Against this background, the oppositional ex-candidate Prabovo Subianto announced that if he assumed the office of president, he would increase the monetary allowance for servicemen and police officers. The goal is obvious - try to enlist the support of law enforcement agencies. The latter is on Widodo’s side.

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  1. Uncle lee
    Uncle lee 22 May 2019 08: 51
    These "color revolutions" always end in one color - the color of blood!
    1. poquello
      poquello 22 May 2019 10: 59
      Quote: Uncle Lee
      These "color revolutions" always end in one color - the color of blood!

      such results are a hole in democracy with options that do not suit everyone, the right option is to have an authoritative public commission to investigate such claims
  2. Medvezhya lapa over Ki
    Medvezhya lapa over Ki 22 May 2019 08: 53
    The election result is clearly faked by someone. We will not hint at the incumbent president, but we will directly say about this. 55,5 is a very beautiful figure.
    The bad thing is that the radicals found themselves occupying the streets of the city. By the way, where is the US reaction to the manifestations of popular will? Where is Nuland with cookies? Where are the UN meetings? Oh yes ... it's not Russia.
  3. spectr
    spectr 22 May 2019 09: 28
    In terms of conspiracy theory, it smacks of statistics. That in Venezuela, that in Indonesia unrest was preceded by processes of strengthening relations with Russia.
    If you know the next country where relations are building up, you can even assume that in the next couple of three years there will be an attempt at a coup.
    1. bessmertniy
      bessmertniy 22 May 2019 09: 56
      For too long, a large country has lived without shocks. There is a kind of desire for change. And if so, then shocks are inevitable.
  4. Yrec
    Yrec 22 May 2019 09: 39
    There are not enough pots on the heads, and so all the signs are on the face.
  5. Lekxnumx
    Lekxnumx 22 May 2019 10: 26
    6 people dead 200 wounded this "little" nuance was missed by the VO. And how can you tell me to understand such dispersal, maybe not the most peaceful demonstration? And then they wonder where radicals come from, liberals come from. They do not reproduce by budding. And they do not wake up one fine morning as a "traitor" sailor who "rocks the boat." And yes, 44% percent opposition pulls 440 people into the streets, and the government cannot 550. Therefore, when they tell me about elections, I grin. The majority have never decided anything, the revolution is for the better or for the worse, the handiwork of the minority is usually the exception. confidence in the political platforms created by the "non-government" with the "not putting a spoke in the wheels" of the current government.
    1. poquello
      poquello 22 May 2019 10: 54
      Quote: Lek3338
      6 people dead 200 wounded this "little" nuance

      and? the Chinese had a big nuance
  6. Dikson
    Dikson 22 May 2019 12: 45
    Indonesia is a big country .. and different .. And actually the state religion in it is Islam ... In Java, in cities in every quarter is a mosque .. What else is an Islamic republic ??? it is clear that Indonesia is heterogeneous and multi-confessional ... In Bali people generally believe in spirits and demons .. And as for the victims, I read that they haven’t been able to build a bridge over a river in the jungle on one of the islands for a year - Papuans from onions soldiers and workers simply mowed ..