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The US gives its patrol ships "deadly force"

Shipbuilders engaged in the release of littoral warships are exploring the possibility of imparting additional "deadly force" to already existing LCS options. This is reported by the publication USNI News.

The companies Lockheed Martin and Austal USA have been working on this issue since 2017, after calling on the Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral John Richardson, to endow the patrol ships with great potential.

As indicated, the first stage assumes integration of the missile launch system for active anti-ship missile NSM, created by Raytheon and Kongsberg, for launching active jamming Nulka MK 53 (DLS), electronic warfare systems SLQ-32 (V) 6 and modified OMS for 57 -mm caliber The possibility of upgrading the radar of the TRS-3D is being considered, but the final decision on the radar has not yet been made, as the option of installing a solid-state version of the TRS-4D or SAAB Sea Giraffe is being studied.

In addition, Lockheed is responsible for equipping ships with the COMBATSS-21 combat system, which is a component of Aegis.

Within the framework of the second stage of modernization, the installation of a laser weapons and an eight- or single-cell vertical launch complex for the Mk-41 guided missiles.

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  1. Alexey from Perm
    Alexey from Perm 22 May 2019 00: 18
    this is not good news for us.
    1. siberalt
      siberalt 22 May 2019 01: 18
      Is the missile itself protected with interference from enemy interference? winked
    2. Warrior-80
      Warrior-80 22 May 2019 07: 36
      But to us that these are ships of the near sea zone, we are not going to attack the United States from the sea, even if they are perverted
      1. bessmertniy
        bessmertniy 22 May 2019 08: 18
        A good example to follow. We must also add firepower to patrol vessels.
  2. poquello
    poquello 22 May 2019 00: 25
    however, they feel that the border is getting closer to the USA and the puddle is not so big anymore
  3. voyaka uh
    voyaka uh 22 May 2019 01: 10
    This is how it will look:

    The vertical container Mk-41 will not fit (on the trimaran for sure),
    but for a couple of installations Norwegian anti-ship missiles will be added.
    1. Avior
      Avior 22 May 2019 08: 59
      even short will not fit? sort of planned.
      ЕССМ as for a small frigate or a large corvette will be quite normal, especially since they are already with AGSN
      1. voyaka uh
        voyaka uh 22 May 2019 09: 00
        I did not know about the existence of the short MK-41 ...
        The problem is the length of the container.
        1. Avior
          Avior 22 May 2019 09: 09
          their three main types are 8-cell-shock, tactical and for self-defense.
          but at the last they managed to shove the ЕССМ.
          for ЕССМ there are other types of Mk41 - even in one cell, under Sea Sparrow they did originally did.
          VLS Strike
          •VLS Tactical
          • SDLS

          for self-defense, something about 4 meters long, drums, about 9 or something.
        2. Avior
          Avior 22 May 2019 11: 46

          something like that.
          There are also similar UVP Mk-48, if I am not mistaken, there are cells differently
    CERBERFOL 22 May 2019 02: 09
    The next step will be the deployment of nuclear warhead missiles on patrol boxes? Have they lost fear at all?
    1. Uncle lee
      Uncle lee 22 May 2019 04: 24
      Personnel will be given lightsabers, and officers light daggers!
      To the boarding group - blasters!
    2. Avior
      Avior 22 May 2019 09: 01
      it is the size of a frigate., about 3000 tons of displacement
  5. Altona
    Altona 22 May 2019 07: 09
    Are there not "lethal forces" on the warships? It looks like a new action movie from Marvel is being advertised. The littoral ships will also house Spider-Man, Hulk and Superman. Like that.
  6. Alexey RA
    Alexey RA 22 May 2019 15: 32
    We will have a small cheap mass ship for action in the coastal zone, which is not a pity to lose.
    We will have a massive, cheap ship with modular weapons and uninhabited vehicles, which will knock and bring down the enemy outside the fire. And this ship will replace frigates, minesweepers and a cloud of other types of ships + will release the Burke.
    We'll have to build a "mini-Burke" with UVP, anti-ship missiles and Aegis components. And in parallel, you will have to build frigates.
  7. Fantazer911
    Fantazer911 22 May 2019 18: 02
    Again cut Bobla Lockheed Martin