Geopolitical mosaic: Putin street appeared in Bethlehem, and Hillary Clinton dismissed her hair

Erdogan is angry. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, as reported, commented on the incident with the Turkish military aircraft shot down by Syrian air defense 22 June. According to him, it is a hostile and despicable act. The minister also said that the Turkish army received an order to stop any provocation by the Syrian side.

“An unarmed reconnaissance aircraft was shot down in the international sky. We should not take our rational response as a sign of weakness. Our anger will be as fierce as our friendship was cordial, ”said the head of the Turkish government.

The prime minister, who had lately made an expressive comment, did not think that it was not the actions of Syria, but the flight of the “Phantom”, which spent 15 minutes in Syrian airspace, very much resembles a provocation - about which representatives gathered in Brussels all 28 NATO member states. However, it is known that the North Atlantic Alliance does not plan a military operation against Syria.

Mr. Erdogan, who wishes “an unarmed reconnaissance aircraft” that has flown from an “international sky” into someone else’s sky, must also be reminded that there is a lively trade in Turkey, near the Syrian border weaponsand the American guys from the CIA for several weeks engaged in the distribution of parties of arms there between groups of Syrian "revolutionaries." Even in the most democratic press in the world, this is acknowledged - for example, in the newspaper "New York Times" (report by Eric Schmitt). By the way, automatic rifles and anti-tank rifles are paid by Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

This is where the provocation does not smell, but the organization of the war, Mr. Erdogan. And you tell us about the "international sky"!

Susan Rice wants to support peace in Syria. US Permanent Representative to the UN Security Council Susan Rice demanded a peacekeeping operation in Syria, with the approval of the Security Council. About this newspaper writes "Sight" with reference to Interfax.

“We must take more meaningful steps to exert pressure (on Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad), including, in addition to sanctions, the application of Chapter VII of the UN Charter,” she said on Monday, speaking at the UN Security Council.

The aforementioned chapter, called “Actions in Respect of a Threat to Peace, Violation of Peace and Acts of Aggression”, provides for the use of armed forces to maintain peace as decided by the UN Security Council.

According to reports from the United States, the United States, Britain and France are now preparing a new draft resolution providing for increased sanctions against the Syrian government. Two previous projects that opened the way for foreign armed intervention in Syria were previously blocked in the UN Security Council by Russia and China.

The situation makes it even more tense that yesterday the Turkish authorities handed over to the UN a statement in which it was said that the actions of the Syrian military who shot down the Turkish Air Force plane threaten peace and security in the region.

In Washington, the planned coexistence and dialogue in Syria forum was canceled, to which the supreme mufti of Syria, Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun, was invited. “I tell everyone in Europe, I tell America that we will use suicide bombers, who are now in your countries, if you bomb Syria or Lebanon,” Hassoun said, the Council on American-Islamic relations.

It is not clear why the words spoken at the speech in October, quoted in late June. Probably, America did not find other suitable words that would inspire the inhabitants of the advanced democracies, sitting down in front of the televisions, a real horror. By the way, Americans have a way to get rid of Syrian fears: you need to sip Coke and vote for Mitt Romney. This mister yesterday winner of the Utah primaries, knows how to go war on the whole world. Romney, like his associate McCain, is not very kind about the policies of Syria, Iran and Russia, as well as the policies of Mr. Obama.

"Real War." Yesterday, the Syrian President acknowledged that there is a “real war” in the country. He writes about it "" with reference to SANA.

Assad made a statement at the first meeting of the new Syrian government. The president demanded that the cabinet use all available resources to win.

Shipment of C-300 to Syria canceled. The Russian Federation has suspended the implementation of the contract for the supply of Syria with S-300PMU-2. This is reporting ""referring to the Vedomosti newspaper, which, in turn, refers to its sources in the Russian military-industrial complex. The shipment of C-300 to Syria is reportedly suspended "on instructions from above."


“The very existence of a previously unpublished contract, as Vedomosti says, is confirmed in the annual report of Nizhny Novgorod Machine-Building Plant (part of the Almaz-Antey concern) for 2011 a year. It, in particular, spelled out contracts with Algeria and Syria for the supply of C-300 worth 39 and 105 million dollars, respectively.

Deliveries were to be completed on 2012 - the beginning of 2013 of the year. The shipment of three C-300 divisions to Algeria, according to a Rosoboronexport representative, has already taken place. ”

Perhaps Russia has refused to supply the Syria air defense system because it does not want to complicate relations with Western countries. In 2010, Russia canceled the contract for the supply of C-300PMU-2 to Iran. However, Russia continues to supply Syria with the Beech M-2 medium-range air defense system, the Pantsir-S anti-aircraft missile-gun systems and the Pechora-2М systems.

The defilers were caught in Jerusalem. Jerusalem police arrested the suspects in the desecration of the Holocaust Holocaust Memorial Museum "Yad Vashem", which took place on June 11. Writes "" With reference to The Jerusalem Post, they turned out to be three members of the Naturei Kart orthodox Jewish community.

The suspects' houses were searched. During the searches were found texts condemning Israel and Zionism, flags of the Palestine Liberation Organization. The suspects confessed to desecrating Yad Vashem. According to them, they are involved in the desecration of two other memorials, including those located in Jerusalem on the Arsenal Hill.

The inscriptions on the walls of the Yad Vashem Museum, glorifying Hitler, expressing gratitude to him for the Holocaust, which the Zionists "have called themselves", appeared on the night of June 11.

The Naturei Map community is of the opinion that the State of Israel has no right to exist. Followers of the sect believe that this state can be created only after the arrival of the Messiah.

Putin Street, or East - is a delicate matter. The President of Russia, who visited Israel the other day, paid a visit to the West Bank yesterday. He writes about it MIGnews.

Geopolitical mosaic: Putin street appeared in Bethlehem, and Hillary Clinton dismissed her hair

The head of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, meeting in Bethlehem with the Russian leader, discussed the state of the peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority and the role of Russia in the Quartet of Mediators. The Palestinian leader thanked the Russian government for its continued support.

By order of the head of the Palestinian Authority, one of the streets in Bethlehem was named in honor of Vladimir Putin. (By the way, this is not the first street, which received a new name in honor of the Russian leader: in January, 2012, in Jericho, Medvedev Street appeared).

Newspaper "Sight"referring to “Interfax”, V. Putin’s yesterday’s words about it: “To be honest, I’m a little confused, but nothing can be done about it.”

Speaking with journalists, the President of Russia noted: “But I think that perpetuating the memory of each of us is a matter, first of all, of course, for future generations.” However, the East is a delicate matter, as comrade Sukhov said. Therefore, Vladimir Putin added: “But if something happens like that, it’s such a subtle thing, especially if it’s abroad, because if you start to object too much, you can offend people.”

"Marsh" stretched to the West. Alexander Dolmatov, one of the activists of the unregistered party The Other Russia, who participated in the actions on Bolotnaya Square, asked for political asylum in Holland. He writes about it "" with reference to Interfax.

Dolmatov, the leading designer of one of the defense enterprises in Russia, left the country after being searched at the place of his registration in the Korolev town near Moscow in the framework of the May 9th Bolotnaya riot case.

The publication "", reports "Lenta", clarified the name of the company, which worked A. Dolmatov - OJSC "Corporation" Tactical Missile Weapons ".

The HRO lost two more. Two more human rights defenders decided to leave the Presidential Council on Human Rights: Valentine Gefter and Boris Pustyntsev; "Vesti".

Lyudmila Alekseeva, the head of the Moscow Helsinki Group, announced earlier her withdrawal from the HRC. She did not like the new order of formation of the Council, proposed by the presidential administration of the Russian Federation. Any public organizations will be able to submit candidates within a month, and then, in August, an Internet voting will be held on them. Alekseeva, on the other hand, is afraid that the voting will be held in such a way that people who have little sense of human rights will join the Council.

The HRC may consist of 38 people. 13 members were informed about the withdrawal from its membership: for example, journalist Leonid Radzikhovsky, political analyst Dmitry Oreshkin, head of Civic Assistance Svetlana Gannushkina, head of the Russian branch of Transparency International Elena Panfilova, and others advocates of democratic ideas.

Hacker Hell was entertained by breaking into “Twitter” and Navalny’s mail. This was written yesterday "News".

The Twitter account of the famous oppositionist, and part-time Aeroflot board member Alexei Navalny, was hacked by a famous Russian hacker acting under the nickname Hell. In correspondence with the user Pavel Fedorov (@abbsol), the hacker boasted of a burglary, which he committed on the first. Now he thinks what to do with Navalny’s account in the future.

In addition, according to Izvestia, a hacker on his blog (@torauemada_hell) stated that he was conducting a “sweep” of Navalny’s microblog. Now the number of readers of the Russian opposition is decreasing.

The hacker also said that he had hacked Navalny’s email account and promised to publish excerpts from his personal mail. By the way, earlier, comrade Hell had already hacked Navalny’s account on Gmail and laid out the texts of the letters. Looks like a hacker keeps his word.

According to Alexei Navalny, which Izvestiya cites, his mail and Twitter were hacked using a technique that was taken from him two weeks ago during a search. But the Investigative Committee stated that it considers such a position of Navalny as pressure on the investigation.

As the with the BBC, Navalny sent a statement to the head of the TFR, Alexander Bastrykin, asking him to verify the circumstances of his email hacking and Twitter account.

As for the activities of the hacker Hell, this comrade states that he hacked accounts not for personal gain for the sake of: “I don’t get money for it. I don’t consider this work at all, in principle I do it when I have a desire ”(with the BBC).

News linguistics. Russian-language "being" is fired. "" With reference to the Lviv edition of "Vgolos" tells about the dismissal of the driver of the route taxi, who refused to turn off the Russian music that sounded in the cabin. Irina Fahrion, deputy of the regional council and a representative of the nationalist party Svoboda, demanded to take measures against the obstinate comrade.

At the session of the regional council, the deputy said: “Today I received a letter from Mr. Zhuk [head of the local transport department], in which I was informed that this being [the driver of the minibus) had been fired.” She added: "And so it will be with everyone who neglects the Ukrainian language."

The conflict between the nationalist and the driver happened on June 11. Having sat down in a minibus and heard “Russian music” in the cabin, Fahrion asked her to turn off, referring to the decision of the regional council from December 20 of 2011, obliging drivers “to ensure the absence of musical accompaniment during transport, which threatens traffic safety and creates psychological discomfort for passengers.

The driver refused to fulfill the request, for which he was now dismissed.

"Tape" recalls that in 2010, another scandal involving Fahrion took place. The nationalist conducted a “literacy lesson” in kindergarten, in which she reprimanded children bearing Russian names, and advised them to leave Ukraine.

Also, this representative of "Freedom" is known for offering to deprive people of their liberty for not knowing the Ukrainian language.

Russian, in her opinion, is the language of the invaders. Recently, speaking on the language reform initiated by the Party of Regions, Fahrion said: “The Russian language did not come to the Ukrainian land as a level. Equalizing his rights with the Ukrainian, we will equalize the language of the people with the language of the invaders. "

In Latvia, the Russian language will take to protect Hillary Clinton? The Society For Fairness and Justice, which defends the rights of the Russian-speaking population of Latvia, in an open letter asked the US Secretary of State to mediate in negotiations between the Latvian authorities and the Russian minority. He writes about it "" with reference to the portal

Tomorrow Clinton will arrive in Latvia with a one-day visit. In the society, For Fairness and Justice, they explained that they appealed to her because the current situation of Russians in the republic is similar to the situation of blacks in the United States after World War II, when they fought against racial discrimination.

Romanian on the Moldavian Railway. "" referring to Moldnews, it reports that employees who refuse to speak Romanian will be dismissed from the Moldovan state-owned company Moldavian Railways. This was stated by the Minister of Transport of Moldova Anatol Salaru.

According to the country's constitution, the state language is Moldovan. However, many, and among them representatives of the republic’s leadership, consider the Moldovan language only a dialect of Romanian.

Minister Salaru said that there is a “fierce resistance” to the Romanian language on the railway. True, he acknowledged that the law allows it. The “Law on the Functioning of Languages” states that “this law does not regulate the use of languages ​​in interpersonal relations, in the production activities of railway and air transport (with the exception of passenger service)”.

The number of railway workers who refuse to speak Romanian is not specified.

Sunset career Voevudsky and Figursky. The management of the Polish radio station Eska Rock on the evening of June 25 decided to close the program of Cuba Voevudsky and Michal Figursky “Poranny WF” - after the offensive statements about Ukrainian women that were aired on the air. Reports about it "" with reference to Polskie Radio.

Figursky and Voevudsky will stop working on a popular radio station. Recall that UEFA decided to refuse to cooperate with Figursky, who was supposed to entertain the public before the semifinal of Euro-2012 in Warsaw.

The details of this Polish-Ukrainian scandal were commented on in the “Military Review” in the last "The results of the week".

Nine agreements between Chavez and Lukashenko. As reported from Caracas correspondent ITAR-TASS Sergey Sereda, the presidents of Venezuela and Belarus signed yesterday 9 agreements on economic cooperation between the two countries in the field of oil production, energy and mining industry. At the signing ceremony at the presidential palace "Miraflores" comrades Chavez and Lukashenko noted that the number of agreements in different areas of the bilateral economic partnership exceeded two hundred.

Hugo Chavez said: “Alexander Lukashenko is a leader of great spiritual power, a politician with a wonderful geopolitical vision. We know well how much force he is exerting to carry out our joint plans in various fields of activity. ” The leader of the Bolivarian Revolution cited the opening of the socialist enterprise MazVen in assembling Belarusian trucks in his home state Barinas as an example of bilateral cooperation.

Lukashenko noted: “We came here from afar not to enrich ourselves, but to transfer industrial technology to Venezuelan specialists and to assist Venezuela in developing its own industry.” According to him, the trade between Belarus and Venezuela increased from 6 million dollars in 2006 to 1,3 billion dollars in 2011.

Special Commission for Paraguay. As reported from Mexico City correspondent RIA "News" Dmitry Znamenskyreferring to the Paraguayan edition of Ultimahora, the Permanent Council of the Organization of American States (OAS) at yesterday’s extraordinary meeting decided to send a special commission to Paraguay to study the situation after impeachment of President Fernando Lugo.

The proposal to send the commission was made by the representative of Honduras, he was supported by the USA, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Costa Rica - all 25 countries from 34, which are members of the OAS. The members of the Bolivarian Alliance of the Peoples of Our America (ALBA) - Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Nicaragua and El Salvador joined them - demanded the qualification of what happened in Paraguay as a coup d'état.

The Taliban beheaded seven soldiers of the Pakistani army. The Taliban militants captured and beheaded seven Pakistani army personnel. This was reported by 25 June correspondent RIA "Novosti" Evgeny Pakhomov with reference to the TV channel "DawnNews".

The soldiers were killed by militants who had fled to Pakistan from the territory of Afghanistan in the Upper Dir region in the north-west of the country. Earlier, local media reported that six to eight servicemen were killed during a clash with these militants last Sunday, the 14 militants were destroyed. On Monday, it became known that during the battle 11 soldiers disappeared without a trace. It is assumed that they were captured by the Taliban. Seven of them were executed.

According to the Pakistani security services, the militants of the field commander Mullah Fazlulla attacked the checkpoint.

Magnitsky Act: Universal? As reported from Washington correspondent ITAR-TASS Andrey SurzhanskyThe “Magnitsky Act” will be merged with a bill granting Russia the permanent status of a normal US trading partner. This was announced yesterday by Democratic Senator Benjamin Cardin, author of the Magnitsky Act.

According to the ITAR-TASS interlocutor, the promotion of the Magnitsky Act now depends on the adoption of a bill granting the status of a normal US trading partner, which means that the Jackson-Vanik amendment is repealed.

Earlier, the Magnitsky Act, which provided for sanctions against Russian officials, was unanimously approved by the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee. According to Mr. Cardin, the document is universal and will be extended to other countries where human rights are violated. “This concerns not only Russia, this bill is universal in its application,” said the senator. - This is exactly what we wanted. If countries where human rights are being violated do not bring those responsible to justice, then other states, following the example of the United States, should prohibit them from entering and using their banking system. ”

Members of the Foreign Affairs Committee adopted the only amendment to the act, which makes it difficult to publicize the “black lists” of people subject to sanctions. Allowed to supplement the plain text of the bill with a secret application. US Secretary of State gets the right to classify the names of those subject to sanctions - for reasons of national security.

Not everyone in the Pentagon is homosexual. Not like the CIA. The Pentagon passed the first in his stories event in honor of LGBT servicemen orientation. Reports about it from Washington correspondent RIA Novosti Maria Tabak.

Defense Secretary General Jay Johnson told several hundred guests at the Pentagon: “Three years ago many of us, including myself, found it hard to believe that in 2012, homosexuals or lesbians serving in the armed forces would be able to honestly talk about their sexual orientation.

Before Johnson on the homosexual holiday were Barack Obama and US Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta. Johnson noted: “How did our military adapt to change?” Better than we thought. I attribute this to the strength of our servicemen, army, navy, air force, marines and coast guard. "

Other celebrants were somewhat upset by the absence at the ceremony of high-ranking officials of the Ministry of Defense.

“It would be nice of them to come. Leaders - they should be leaders in everything, ”the media quotes the words of one guest.

Another guest noted that military leaders were not enthusiastic about holding such an event at the Pentagon - although other departments, such as the CIA, have been conducting them regularly for many years.

Defeated Mr. Hyde. Ginny DiEngelis of "American Thinker" (translation - "InoSMI") admits the view that Hillary Clinton is "somewhat out of it." "She literally and figuratively dismissed her hair," - said the journalist.

Ginny DiEngelis is not just saying that, but refers to some interesting facts from Hillary’s biography.

The Secretary of State, who was born in 1947, concocted the story that her mother Dorothy named her in honor of Everest's conqueror Sir Edmund Hillary. However, he became famous five years after the birth of the future star of the American political Olympus.

Recalling her trip to Bosnia in the 1996 year, Mrs. Clinton, writes DiEngelis, confused the receipt of flowers from the girl at the airport with a rush of sniper fire.

Also, H. Clinton really wanted her family to be at least somehow mixed in with the September 11 crash. Therefore, Hillary stated that her daughter Chelsea was doing jogging near the World Trade Center that tragic morning. In fact, the daughter slept peacefully at home.

Also, the journalist reports that Mrs. Clinton tidied up her "gifts" from the White House, calling it a "clerical" mistake.

This high-ranking lady somehow believes that she played an important role during the peace settlement in Ireland, as well as during the economic recovery of the 1990s.

But one of her jokes: she says that the fall of the Libyan regime and the death of Gaddafi took place after her visit.

“All of this,” writes the journalist, “are just a few examples of wild statements and strange behavior, which until now seemed to be due to political motives.”

“Recently,” continues the author of the article, “having taken off her unchanged gum for hair and throwing off the hairpin, Hillary officially dismissed her hair. In a sense, she "came out of the shadows," as if some kind of fun-loving "party girl."

The journalist went further on how, at the Summit of the Americas in Cartagena, Mrs. Clinton was seen after midnight sipping chilled “Aguila pilsner cerveza” beer from a bottle in the 12 company of female diplomats.

“Only the discussion of the cheerful bachelorette party calmed down,” writes Ginny DiEngelis, “as at the swearing-in ceremony of US Under-Secretary of State for Public Relations Michael Hummer, the free party lover Hillary“ howled ”again as if she was being put to the Aguila bottles. The US Secretary of State appeared at the usual routine and boring event in purple carnival costume jewelry and green-rimmed sunglasses ... "

The journalist ends her article with these words: “In an environment where the country is rapidly flying into the economic and social abyss, there are several possible explanations for the Secretary of State's behavior: it is likely that Hillary Clinton officially left the camp of people in her right mind, or she spoke with Nancy for too long “Very-crazy-gone” Pelosi (Nancy “Lost It Altogether” Pelosi). It is also possible that she was not interested in convincing the US that she should answer the phone at the White House at three in the morning, or she threw out her estrogen patch, or the secretary of state finally showed her crazy side for more than 20 years. unsuccessfully tried to hide. "

Thus, Dr. Jekyll disappeared and the frightening Mr. Hyde appeared to the world.

But this is Mrs. Clinton said once: “The essence of smart power is smart people!” However, she also admitted: “Everyone would like me to sit at home, bake pancakes and serve tea”.

Observed and translated by Oleg Chuvakin
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