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By 2021 year. Unified hypersonic program of the army, air force and navy

Already in 2021, the Pentagon plans to adopt the first workable models of promising hypersonic weapons. Now these projects are at different stages, and their current status gives grounds for optimistic assessments. Of greatest interest is the joint program of the army, the Air Force and the US Navy, which united several previous projects.

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At present, several variants of hypersonic combat systems of various kinds are being worked out in the USA. At the same time, until last year, there were slightly more such projects. In 2018, Pentagon plans were repeatedly mentioned in foreign media to combine several current projects into a common program, thereby saving resources and time.

In October, it became aware of such a decision. The Army Advanced Hypersonic Weapon (AHW) program, the Hypersonic Conventional Strike Weapon (HCSW) air force project and the Conventional Prompt Strike Navy (CPS) program were combined. Further work was proposed to be carried out within a single program in the interests of all three structures.

At that time, some details of the new hypersonic program became known. In a single project, it is planned to use the best practices for all three previous ones, choosing the most successful and appropriate tasks. The result of the work should be a whole family of unified hypersonic systems suitable for operation in the army, navy and in the air force.

According to different sources, it is proposed to take a ready planning hypersonic combat unit from an existing project and, with minimal modifications, make several missile systems for different types of troops out of it. The advantages of this approach are obvious. The time of project development is reduced, and in addition, the possibility of obtaining maximum unification appears. Thus, a weapon with the desired parameters will appear earlier and will be cheaper.

Warheads and their carriers

The Pentagon is in no hurry to publish the technical details of the new project, which leads to well-known results. So, last year, the words of the representative of the US Air Force about the test results for various programs and their consequences were actively discussed. It is important that such statements were made before News on the integration of the project.

It was claimed that the AHW Army Planning Combat Combat proved to be better than the HCSW for the Air Force in testing. In this regard, a proposal appeared to take the "army" product, supplement it "aviation»A booster rocket and arm the B-52H bomber with such a system. The possibility of creating similar weapons for the ground forces and naval forces was also mentioned.

In recent months, various unconfirmed reports have appeared on the further development of the combined hypersonic program. They allow us to present an approximate picture, but its authenticity remains questionable. However, its main points seem plausible and can be further confirmed.

The basis for the promising hypersonic ammunition, intended for three types of troops, is supposed to take the product AHW, has already passed the test and well-proven. It will be finalized taking into account the test results and the specifics of future use. The United States has extensive experience in the creation and application of new materials, as well as the layout and other solutions necessary to create hypersonic systems. This requires the creation of some new units.

At the end of April, 2019, the Sandia National Laboratories, reported on their participation in the development of new weapons. One of the branches of this organization is developing the means of navigation and guidance for future weapons. The possibility of creating an autopilot with elements of artificial intelligence is being considered. He will carry out flight control, including in difficult conditions and in a completely autonomous mode. Automation will have to quickly make the right decisions, not hoping for the participation of man.

For a finalized AHW product, several carriers will be needed. So, for the Air Force is required to create a booster rocket that is compatible with existing and prospective bombers. Probably, its carriers will be the existing B-52H and promising B-21. Land Forces and the Navy require a rocket, providing intercontinental firing range. In the case of the fleet, the rocket must be compatible with existing and developed submarines. Probably, these will be ships of the types Ohio and Columbia.

Ambiguous optimism

The AHW hypersonic aircraft made the first test flight in 2011, and further tests took place. There is reason to believe that by now this project has advanced far enough, and its revised version will be able to meet the requirements for real weapons. Nevertheless, it is obvious that processing the existing technology demonstrator into a practically applicable product is not the easiest task.

Also in the framework of the new program you need to create new missiles, and in addition, the adaptation of platforms for such weapons will be needed. All these works are not very simple, they are also associated with financial spending and will take some time.

According to last year's reports, the Pentagon wants to get the first combat-ready hypersonic complexes already in the 2021 year. Given the previous history three joint projects, it can be assumed that such terms are quite real. At the same time, the complexity of the required work makes it possible to doubt the possibility of meeting these deadlines.

The most plausible at the moment looks like the next forecast. The American industry will be able to create the required weapons and, perhaps, even fulfill all the wishes of the Pentagon - first of all, in terms of the unification of missile systems for different types of troops. However, such a program will go beyond the established schedule and will not be able to manage only with the initially allocated finances. This happened regularly in the past and the present, and therefore there is no reason to believe that the most difficult and promising project will end with different results.

From the perspective of the likely opponent

Obviously, the new version of AHW and other hypersonic systems are being developed as a response to the threat in the form of similar weapons from Russia and China. The Russian avant-garde hypersonic missile system will begin to arrive on duty this year, and in the future it is expected that the Chinese WU-14 / DF-ZF will be adopted. The USA has a reason to consider itself lagging behind in this direction.

By adopting its own complex, the United States will be able to ensure parity with possible opponents. Russia and China, in turn, should consider AHW as a threat to their security and take the necessary measures. The Chinese and Russian military can use their leadership in the hypersonic field to create means of protection against such weapons of the enemy.

At the moment, hypersonic complexes are able to overcome existing air defense systems and missile defense. At the same time, the pros and cons of such weapons are well known, and this makes it possible to identify their “weak points” that can be used to combat them. However, the creation of means of protection against hypersonic systems is extremely complex, and workable samples of this kind will appear only in the future.

According to the optimistic plans of the Pentagon, fundamentally new weapons will enter service in the early twenties. There is not too much time left before its appearance, and therefore the likely adversaries of the United States - including our country - need to take action. However, it cannot be ruled out that in parallel with the creation of hypersonic technology in our country, methods of dealing with it were created. Thanks to this, in 2021, our armed forces will have the means to counter the new American complexes.

The military-political situation in the world cannot be called simple, and there are more and more reasons to expect a new cold war with an arms race. Like last time, the system of fundamentally new classes will become the engine of the arms race. It seems that it is hypersonic shock complexes that will be the first to fall into this category. Leading countries are well aware of this and therefore take the necessary measures.
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  1. Operator
    Operator 16 May 2019 07: 15
    The Avangard project begins to bear fruit - in the form of unwinding the US Department of Defense for money laughing
    1. The comment was deleted.
      1. Operator
        Operator 16 May 2019 07: 56
        The American printing press broke - there wasn’t enough money for the wall with Mexico, and not that for a hypersonic project.

        Consolidated US debt exceeded 100 trillions of dollars: 22 trillion owes the US government and 79 trillions to US corporations.
        1. g1washntwn
          g1washntwn 16 May 2019 08: 49
          Those dollars that no longer fit into the global trade market are gladly eaten by the military-industrial complex.
          New jobs !, We will return all production home !, Make America Great again! ... same
          1. Operator
            Operator 16 May 2019 13: 35
            The problem is that production, which is transferred mainly from China, is economically designed for cheap labor (with salaries several times less than in the USA).

            Therefore, the American leadership faces an unsolvable task - either to significantly lower the average wage rate of Americans or to drop their standard of living due to a multiple increase in prices for consumer goods.
        2. voyaka uh
          voyaka uh 16 May 2019 11: 14
          "The American Printing Press is Broken" ////
          You probably noticed that dollars are printed, but there is no dollar inflation? The dollar is very stable in relation to other leading currencies.
          If they printed as much as they wanted, the dollar would have depreciated a long time ago.
          1. Operator
            Operator 16 May 2019 13: 32
            That's what I’m talking about - the US Federal Reserve prints as many bucks as the external and internal market of dollars can absorb, and not how much the hound of the US DOD is recruited.

            The launch of the printing press is the Great Depression of the 1930 model. Now America is solving another problem - to abandon imports and reduce the balance of foreign trade balance to zero. As a result, the dollars circulating on foreign markets will automatically pour into the United States, the main thing here is not to print new ones, but to link the old ones - otherwise inflation will again.
          2. g1washntwn
            g1washntwn 17 May 2019 11: 13
            Slightly wrong:
            Quote: voyaka uh
            no dollar inflation

            Actually - devaluation. Depreciation in the domestic market is inflation. In relation to other currencies, the dollar holds on to self-circulation on the world market and for the fact that it is still considered a measure of the value of the goods.
            Quote: voyaka uh
            If they printed as much as they wanted, the dollar would have depreciated a long time ago.

            Again, where is it printed? If there are no restrictions for domestic consumption - get inflation, if under virtual "bubbles", lending, liabilities and to ensure settlements around the world - also only until these "bubbles" can be inflated. However, try inflating the balloon harder than you would like ...
            1. Horse, people and soul
              Horse, people and soul 23 May 2019 13: 32
              The fall in the real value of the dollar since 1913.

        3. dirk182
          dirk182 16 May 2019 14: 38
          US public debt 106% of GDP, China-147%
          1. EXPrompt
            EXPrompt 20 May 2019 12: 54
            The problem of the US public debt is not even that it is 106%.
            The problem is that it is outstanding by definition, debt is already growing uncontrollably.
            In the US today, the deficit budget is -722bn.
            In the USA, from 1998 to 2001, there were 4 deficient years, + 549 billion dollars was earned over the years, while the US government debt grew by 4 billion over the same 349 years. , and today it is already necessary to serve 5 trillion dollars 5,5 times more.
            This is a deadly imbalance. There can be nothing but default.
            1. dirk182
              dirk182 20 May 2019 13: 06
              Well, if you started, then develop the thought further wink What happens if the states default?
              1. EXPrompt
                EXPrompt 20 May 2019 22: 09
                The collapse of the world into several currency zones, the loss by the dolar of the main world equivalent of the price of goods resources and assets. Loss of the image of a stable, stable currency by the dollar.

                For America - a global long-term great depression, the deflating of overheated assets, and of the impoverishment of the population. Like ours in the 90s.

                And given the above in a previous post, all Trump's attempts, with tax cuts and the transfer of production back to the United States, as a dead pre-fleet, default is inevitable.

                And given the topic, pushing them to spend on an arms race, and catching up ... We are accelerating the process, forcing the loss of our positions by the states.
    2. Horse, people and soul
      Horse, people and soul 23 May 2019 13: 30

      The Avangard project begins to bear fruit - in the form of unwinding the US Department of Defense for money

      They print grandmas themselves. They don’t care. They will print it again, and all kinds of natives will gladly give their gold for them.
  2. Hakka
    Hakka 16 May 2019 07: 51
    And when will the scramjet rockets be?
    1. vasilii
      vasilii 16 May 2019 19: 12
      The HAWC (Hypersonic Air-breathing Weapon Concept) flight tests are planned in 2020.
  3. voyaka uh
    voyaka uh 16 May 2019 11: 04
    The American project AHW is quite simple and realistic:
    1) the device is shot from a height of about 12 km from an airplane
    2) it is accelerated to hypersonic speed using a liquid nitrogen engine.
    3) flies, gradually decreasing, by 6000 km in 35 minutes
    4) control: inertial and GPS
    5) before the target is braked to low supersonic
    6) accurate aiming
    7) the charge of ordinary explosives hits the target with an accuracy of + - 10 m
    1. Klingon
      Klingon 16 May 2019 19: 51
      Well, and how does it differ from a dagger? the accelerating engine on liquid nitrogen, since the Dagger is already accelerated by the MiG to 3 max, and the B-52H is a subsonic pterodactyl. And the Achilles' heel of this GPS complex and braking to low supersonic
      1. voyaka uh
        voyaka uh 16 May 2019 21: 45
        The dagger is the BR Iskander air launch.
        He does not plan, but makes a candle up to a height of 50 km, flies along
        ballistic trajectory and then on
        the target falls almost vertically.
        Nothing to do with this planning in the upper atmosphere
        American rocket.
        1. Klingon
          Klingon 17 May 2019 00: 38
          you so thoroughly know the performance characteristics of the dagger? and TTX of what your striped patron friends haven’t brought to mind yet? Yes, the rocket from the Iskander complex was taken as the basis, but! ..!
        2. Horse, people and soul
          Horse, people and soul 23 May 2019 13: 28
          Iskander is a quasi-ballistic trajectory.
    2. vasilii
      vasilii 16 May 2019 21: 48
      2) it is accelerated to hypersonic speed using a liquid nitrogen engine.

      Nitrogen? belay
    3. Hakka
      Hakka 17 May 2019 03: 39
      Nonsense and fiction, why should they use some incomprehensible engines on liquid nitrogen (!), When there is a TTU?
    4. KCA
      KCA 18 May 2019 13: 33
      What is a liquid nitrogen engine? Type in a gas cylinder valve open? So it’s cheaper to use carbon dioxide in siphon cylinders, and the jet will be more powerful, carbon dioxide is heavier
  4. Windsurfer
    Windsurfer 16 May 2019 21: 06
    Quote: dirk182
    US public debt 106% of GDP, China-147%

    Do not tell anyone about this, this is a military secret.
    1. Horse, people and soul
      Horse, people and soul 23 May 2019 13: 26
      Do not tell anyone about this, this is a military secret.

      When a major war happens, only the losing side will worry about their own public debt after the war.
  5. Horse, people and soul
    Horse, people and soul 23 May 2019 13: 25
    And what if a barrel with steel ball bearings meets a warhead flying at a speed of 27 Mach?

    It would seem simpler nowhere, but if the warhead maneuvers, then ...

  6. Windsurfer
    Windsurfer 25 May 2019 01: 06
    Quote: Horse, people and soul
    Do not tell anyone about this, this is a military secret.

    When a major war happens, only the losing side will worry about their own public debt after the war.

    But what if there is no war?