The State Duma will establish interaction with the special services

The State Duma will establish interaction with the special servicesAn interfactional deputy group on the interaction of civil society institutions with law enforcement agencies and special services has been created in the State Duma. On this, as the correspondent of "Rosbalt", told reporters deputy Mikhail Starshinov.

“The group’s activities will be aimed primarily at ensuring the protection and restoration of the legitimate rights and interests of Russian citizens violated by representatives of state authorities, including law enforcement agencies and special services,” Starshinov explained.

According to him, at the same time, parliamentarians intend to increase the level of interaction between civil society institutions and security forces. Another goal is to “establish a constructive and effective dialogue between the State Duma deputies and the leadership of law enforcement agencies and special services,” the deputy continued. He also said that the group will also be engaged in “identifying the most typical cases of violation of the requirements of the legislation in the field of protecting the rights and freedoms of citizens and preparing relevant proposals to improve the activities of law enforcement agencies and special services.”

In the implementation of these tasks, people's representatives also plan to collectively send deputy requests, to initiate consideration of issues, holding parliamentary hearings and other events before the Duma committees and commissions.

The group included 10 deputies from United Russia, three from Fair Russia, and two deputies from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and the Liberal Democratic Party.
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  1. +4
    26 2012 June
    Well, now for the deputies of the inter-factional group on the interaction of civil society institutions with law enforcement agencies and special services, a full paragraph will come, a stream of complaints about unlawful actions of law enforcement agencies from non-Russian citizens will flow. wink
    1. Aleksey67
      26 2012 June
      With both hands "FOR" the interaction of the State Duma deputies and the special services, but I would like this "close cooperation" to take place in the interrogation rooms of the Lubyanka, Lefortovo prison ... winked
      1. +1
        26 2012 June
        Quote: Aleksey67
        rooms of the Lubyanka, Lefortovo prison ..

        In our presence, otherwise the window dressing is again blinded wink
  2. +4
    26 2012 June
    The State Duma to deprive the opportunity to have access to the Ministry of Defense and special services is completely. Some deputies then receive political asylum in America and London.
  3. Tirpitz
    26 2012 June
    Such interaction should have been established 20 years ago. Is that just douched? 20 years could not understand simple truths? kapets fool
  4. 0
    26 2012 June
    And what do you think this will work?
  5. Ilyich
    26 2012 June
    Kapets ... What deputy group ??? They are there like hippos in a china shop: they’ll do this - then the special services will get the hell out of the heap!
  6. +2
    26 2012 June
    Lord deputies! Do not get into the work of the last remaining professionals! You have already dispersed all the others, reduced them, and lowered them. In law enforcement agencies, most likely, you have once again flinched and have become exhausted from such news.
  7. 0
    26 2012 June
    Based on who the deputies of the State Duma, God save us from their concern for the people. Sincerely.
  8. 0
    27 2012 June
    Most likely, this "cooperation" is due to the fact that a certain circle needed a dossier on certain individuals for their behind-the-scenes games. And also have access to operational materials.
    It is also possible that this may be the first step in an attempt to take control of special services under their control, to eliminate and prevent troubles for themselves and to direct the necessary actions against their opponents. And the fluff on their snouts is enough, even more.
    At the same time, as in general and always, the authorities will remain to blame.
    "The road to Hell is covered with good intentions" - I do not believe politicians. Over the past 20 years, there has been nothing but legends about our own people, army, navy, allies. Although it does not stop to this day.

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