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About NATO from Germany: Elderly Maiden, who still sing the praises

An interesting look at the expansion of NATO from the citizens of those countries that are part of the North Atlantic Alliance. Many people in our country believe that NATO is a monolithic association that clearly follows the charter and applauds ideas for further expansion. In fact, such a judgment is erroneous. And often, citizens of NATO countries express harsh criticism of NATO.

About NATO from Germany: Elderly Maiden, who still sing the praises

On the YouTube channel PolitRussia material is presented, which is a translation of the article by German political scientist Herman Plopp. The German specialist reflects on the topic of what constitutes the North Atlantic military bloc these days - 70 years after its foundation.

One of the remarks about NATO's 70 anniversary:

A number of troubadours continue to sing the praises in honor of this elderly maiden. The essence of these praises (about the creation of NATO) is in the same related stories, including "the aggressiveness of the USSR after the war."

One of the points pointed to by the German political scientist is that the Western countries allegedly wanted to live in peace after the 1945 year, but Stalin’s USSR “wanted the war to continue”. And allegedly in response to this, the “progressive West” had to follow the path of a new military-political self-organization. Moreover, this path was in an ever-expanding direction - to the east, even after the Soviet Union had ceased to exist.


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  1. Basil50
    Basil50 3 May 2019 05: 43
    No matter what kind of foreign country I am in, including in the former republics, I ALWAYS made claims for ALL RUSSIA and for every citizen of RUSSIA. Everywhere I was RUSSIAN, and not only me, but any citizen of RUSSIA ALWAYS gets into a similar situation.
    But we are being introduced what is * the ruling elite * and * the rest of the people *.
    Have you noticed? So in this article about NATO’s heterogeneity, omitting the goals of creating this bloc and action, including in Europe.
  2. AlexVas44
    AlexVas44 3 May 2019 05: 52
    The essence of these praises (regarding the creation of NATO) consists in the same stories connected with each other, including "the aggressiveness of the USSR after the war."

    The essence of the praises is well known, but the thoughts remained with Hermann Plopp. Or didn’t I understand something? stop
  3. Blacksmith 55
    Blacksmith 55 3 May 2019 09: 43
    The main goal of NATO was and is to subordinate Russia to the United States and England ???
    So it is written in the film. Either I stopped understanding Russian, or the authors did not learn it at all.
    If you wrote ..... subjugate Russia to the United States and England, the meaning is changing.
  4. Ali Kokand
    Ali Kokand 3 May 2019 15: 47
    The creation of NATO made sense in the existence of the USSR and the ATS. After it went by inertia. Russia does not pose a threat to its neighbors; it has enough of its own problems. Perhaps with a hypothetical version of the return to power of new pasionaries such as the Bolsheviks. But this option is definitely impossible. And thank God.
  5. Fevralsk. Morev
    Fevralsk. Morev 14 May 2019 13: 12
    Europeans like to hang out at a NATO club, pay dues, take part in picnics in nature — the NATO flag is in their hands. With the combat readiness of the armies of NATO countries (except the United States), you should not take it seriously and close to your heart. They are not a threat to us. The easiest way to enslave a country is to buy the ruling elite, develop social inequality, corruption and raise the children of your enemy. All. The country is conquered. A bunch of examples. Our former Baltic republics and former Warsaw Pact colleagues.