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Antarctica and Siberia - a global treasure?

In the epoch of the next attempts to redistribute resources in various territories of our planet, the situation with the "no man-made" Antarctica seems very interesting. Someone on this ice-covered mainland seduces untold riches in the form of clear water, someone wants to get to Antarctica to make it a huge military training base, someone has plans that the southernmost continent of the Earth due to its selective and temporary occupancy could be used as a landfill for storing accumulated nuclear waste and other debris left over from human activity. In general, plans, as they say, the hulk and attempts to implement these plans are becoming more and more revealing. As well as issues related to the opposite “end” of the planet, the Arctic, concern even those countries from which thousands and thousands of kilometers to the Arctic expanses, so today the Antarctic question causes quite substantial disputes between those who want to preserve the unique world of Antarctica and those who wish bend the world to your interests.

It would seem that the 1959 treaty concluded in the American capital that Antarctica should become a place where any representatives of humanity have equal access should cool the ardor of those who advocate the redistribution of the continent. Recently, however, this treaty is being subjected to a very original discussion, when the general and equal access is perceived by many countries in the following way: they came, fenced, did their job, and how far this matter corresponds to the ecological security of the continent, this is not all recalled.

Obviously, the continuing parity on the southern mainland is unlikely to be eternal. Sooner or later there comes a time when certain forces will try to do everything so that the resources of Antarctica serve them well. Today, Antarctica for many is a golden jug, which attracts to itself, preserving its secret wealth, but is behind seven seals. And you can say with a high degree of confidence that there will be hunters to thwart these forbidden seals. Whether the Washington Social Contract mentioned above will be an obstacle for them is certainly not. Yes, and this agreement itself can be used as desired by one or another state, because here the slogan “everything is collective and everything is mine” can be understood by all interested people too literally. Obviously, dealing with the breakdown of the press would have gone much faster if the Antarctic were not only prospected, but also mineral deposits are economically justified. Say such as hydrocarbons.

An eloquent example in this regard is the situation with Siberia. Hot heads in the West are already declaring that Siberia should become the same “common” territory as Antarctica. The argument is approximately the following: Russia once seized these lands from the indigenous population and therefore has no right to dispose of their richest resources, because it (Russia) cannot even settle Siberia properly. But, as is clear from these words, the European and North American states, it turns out, have every right to begin the development of Siberia. Where this right is negotiated - the tenth case. In the end, those same hotheads can, in a relaxed atmosphere, concoct a new treaty in which Siberia will be a “neutral” territory.

It seems that these are ordinary empty words, which have already been spoken enough to Russia by a number of Western politicians, but they cannot be ignored either. Any expressed idea can become material, and enough ways for its materialization can be found.

It is obvious that some foreign “partners” itch from the desire to attach them to the riches of Russian Siberia, which, in the understanding of these people, has suddenly become a “global treasure”. But then you need to follow this logic to the end and declare the territories for equal access, for example, the Persian and Mexican bays, Alaska or Greenland. However, for some reason, it is Russian Siberia that is associated by its status with Antarctica, but American Alaska is not. The approach to endowing territories with “common property” statuses is understandable, and why such provocative statements come into being is also clear.

By the way, it is worth recalling that the Washington Antarctic Convention is not indefinite. It was concluded on 100 years, which means that its term ends in 2048 year. It would seem that before the onset of this time is still very far away, but here it is necessary to keep in mind such an idea that any adopted convention can be unilaterally calmly revised and before the expiration of its validity period. And if we assume that at least one of the signatories of the Antarctic Treaty decides that only Antarctica should belong to it, then this can lead to a grandiose conflict. And here, no one will remember the environmental security on the mainland and the moral principles of partnership in general. Everyone will try to grab a chunk more impressively, so that later you can use it at your discretion. But a chunk of a neighbor may turn out to be more and “tastier,” and this is already a new reason to clarify the relationship.

In this regard, it is worth thinking about how to preserve the status of the Antarctic global wealth and beyond. Of course, no military intervention should be allowed. On the other hand, it would be possible to create a kind of Antarctic Council in the UN, which would receive real authority to control the claims of various states in Antarctica. But the trouble is that the United Nations has managed to seriously discredit itself, and therefore there is no trust in it in terms of regulating the development of the Antarctic either.

And while the situation looks calm enough, but this is only outward calm, which can lead to a real near-Antarctic storm.
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  1. Lech e-mine
    Lech e-mine 26 June 2012 08: 18 New
    ha ha-local penguins in ANTARCIDUS pose a threat to US democracy.
    A no-fly zone is urgently announced and NATO contingents and US aircraft carriers are sent to help the local opposition (killer whales and sharks). .
    1. vadimus
      vadimus 26 June 2012 08: 47 New
      Some hotheads would not hurt to cool in any hole, so that the lips do not roll out to Siberia ...
      1. Kaa
        Kaa 26 June 2012 22: 01 New
        vadimus I propose to declare Alaska a world heritage, tear off our former patrimony from the heart, let the world enjoy it!
        Do not play the fool, America,
        Here are those boots, you’re probably freezing.
        That Siberia, that Alaska - two shores,
        Bath, vodka, accordion and salmon.
    2. Leisure
      Leisure 26 June 2012 08: 52 New
      To each aircraft carrier, on an iceberg !!!!! Urya comrades !!!!
      1. Kaa
        Kaa 26 June 2012 21: 52 New
        Dear Lazer, you are not so far from the truth. When the allies were preparing to land in Europe, they seriously considered the project of building a fleet of huge aircraft carriers from ice. The British engineer and scientist Geoffrey Pyke, an employee of the Mountbatten department, suggested assembling warships from frozen ice blocks by incorporating refrigeration pipes into the structure. nothing
        This ice ship was built in Canada, on the Patricia Lake in Alberta, and it was summer, which was required to test both the construction technology and the ship itself. It was called “Habakkuk”, in honor of a prophet from the Old Testament, who said: “People see and are extremely surprised! Since the work that is done in your days is such that you would not believe if someone said that " A ship with a skeleton of wooden beams and a filling of ice blocks (stabilized by three small refrigeration units and a network of tubes) totaled 18,3 meters in length, 9-plus meters in width and weighed 1,1 thousand tons. Combat ice carriers were supposed to have a length of 1,22 kilometers and a width of 183 meters. Their displacement was to be several million tons. From which I draw a conclusion - there is a global struggle for building materials for the fleets. How many fleets can be built!
        1. Kaa
          Kaa 26 June 2012 22: 41 New
          okay, the idea with an aircraft carrier was neglected (with a sense of humor, apparently. something), like this: "After exploring all kinds of options, IceDream came to the following conclusions. First: for transportation, a table iceberg (with a truncated top and vertical walls) is best suited about 160 m high, including the underwater part 1. Second: a single tug can handle the job, but the mountain of ice will have to be packed in non-woven geotextile material so that it does not crack in warm waters. Finally, the third: a block weighing several million tons (5 million tons) = annual water requirements of 000 people) can be delivered from the shores of Newfoundland to the Canary Islands in 141 days, losing 38% of its mass. Enthusiasts for converting ice into drinking water are so inspired by the results that they promise to conduct pilot trials in 2012 or 2013. " - World stocks of fresh water want to pull away!
    3. baron.nn
      baron.nn 26 June 2012 10: 30 New
      Lech e-mine:
      In every joke there is a fraction of a joke ... It is unlikely that anyone will be able to counter something with this AUG ...
      1. Armata
        Armata 26 June 2012 15: 01 New
        Quote: baron.nn
        It is unlikely that anyone will be able to counter something with this AUG ..

        Icebreaking fleet. To use the AUG + escort vessels + a ship with shovels so that all snow can be removed in Siberia and the Arctic, otherwise you cannot fight with such snow, all this must first be done across the Arctic Ocean, and their vessels are designed for such transitions, this is not the Pacific Ocean. So its use disappears, there are only paratroopers with shovels.
        1. baron.nn
          baron.nn 26 June 2012 15: 06 New
          Torture to clear ... It's me about the snow. Yes, and mosquitoes in Siberia are such that you will not get sick ... It is not comfortable for the Yankees to fight ... MEAN the threat disappears!
          1. Malyavka
            Malyavka 26 June 2012 15: 38 New
            And let's tell them about our tick wink
            And we live with small little insects whose bite can make an invalid laughing
            1. baron.nn
              baron.nn 26 June 2012 16: 18 New
              No need to injure the vulnerable American psyche ... Believe it ...
            2. 755962
              755962 26 June 2012 17: 34 New
              Quote: Malyavka
              And let's tell them about our tick

              And also about the "anthrax" which, by a strange coincidence, will suddenly be in their way laughing
          2. revnagan
            revnagan 26 June 2012 16: 33 New
            Quote: baron.nn
            Not comfortable the Yankees will fight ...

            Yes, they will not fight with their own hands, they have been taught the intervention of the period 1918-1922, they will poison someone. And this was the case when a whole unit of Amers entered the taiga near Arkhangelsk, and so far none of them have come out of it. 0. Which of the conductors repeated the feat of I. Susanin, I do not know. But there are still such people.
            1. controller
              controller 26 June 2012 22: 12 New
              I don’t know how the case with Susanin was, but there was a case with two saboteurs bullied by a bear.
              Nobody likes pind owls, not even bears laughing .
        2. Goga
          Goga 26 June 2012 16: 11 New
          Steam locomotive - Greetings, Eugene, - quote - "... there are only paratroopers with shovels left" - either kulistichesky with NTV, or German soldiers and dogmen with "Bolotnaya" or ... whatever else they are ... - these will not only clear the snow - language the road will be paved to the "democrats." There is no need to fight with AUG - one kulistiches of misfortune more than a whole "Enterprise" brings - and after all the order to him ... no The aspen stake in his gozno - a reward!
          We need to put things in order at home, and then the Arctic and the Antarctic will not leave us!
          1. Armata
            Armata 26 June 2012 21: 21 New
            Hi Igor. This is a completely different story. Russians harness for a long time, but go fast. Do not forget folk wisdom.
    4. The Shrew
      The Shrew 26 June 2012 16: 38 New
      Hoping for the UN is simply impossible, it is already under the litter of the Americans, and it is unlikely that it will survive until 2048! .. A squabble for the Antarctic will be serious, the profit is too painful.
  2. Yoshkin Kot
    Yoshkin Kot 26 June 2012 08: 28 New
    Do you speak Siberia? and you don’t want horseradish on a stick?
    1. Alexander Petrovich
      Alexander Petrovich 26 June 2012 13: 02 New
      Guys are in control, these freaks just want to make us angry. USA belongs to the Indians. So don’t worry.
      1. The Shrew
        The Shrew 26 June 2012 16: 39 New
        Quote: Alexander Petrovich
        US belongs to Indians

        This indisputable truth should be driven into the soft brain of a civilized public!
        1. Alexander Petrovich
          Alexander Petrovich 26 June 2012 19: 32 New
          the time will come, we will become stronger then and begin to play on their nerves.
      2. survivor
        survivor 26 June 2012 19: 07 New
        Incidentally, they, the United States, the Indians also owed huge amounts. I won’t give a link, I don’t remember, but the point is that the Indians want to file a lawsuit against the American government in a world court for not paying the debt. there it was a sum with many zeros.
        I found it)))
    2. Krasnodar
      Krasnodar 26 June 2012 13: 28 New
      Siberia let these hot heads master! Only with kyle or ax and under the supervision of shepherd dogs and guys on the towers! Well, they can still take a ride in tourist places and see the beauty!
    3. 755962
      755962 26 June 2012 17: 41 New
      Quote: Yoshkin the Cat
      Do you speak Siberia? and you don’t want horseradish on a stick?

      Siberian ulcer from Siberia!
    4. urchik
      urchik 29 June 2012 14: 55 New
      let them go, the very first Siberian frosts and a bunch of corpses. into the civil Transbaikal partisans - bearded men with whole units were freezing the Japanese not allowing to raise their heads from the shelters
  3. Sakhalininsk
    Sakhalininsk 26 June 2012 08: 30 New
    But how did they already hear about the common heritage of mankind .. Siberia, Baikal ... let the ridges of the Apalach mountains be called common property ... And our land is ours, which has been bequeathed to us by our ancestors!
    First you need to live with Antarctica until 2048, which is not a fact under the current global trends in saber rattling, and no one is technologically ready to seriously engage in Antarctic exploration.
    But essentially you need to arm yourself, arm yourself and arm yourself again, otherwise shit-democracy and peace lovers of all countries are already on the threshold of the Fatherland.
  4. Alexander Romanov
    Alexander Romanov 26 June 2012 08: 31 New
    Our lake was drilled, and the water in it at 80% consists of pure gold in a small molecular state. Even cops from private departments were sent there. And Siberia, as ours was, will be so! Chatter, soft American little heads, Russia is not interesting.
    1. sonik-007
      sonik-007 26 June 2012 08: 38 New
      Where does the info about gold come from?)
      1. sazhka0
        sazhka0 26 June 2012 09: 08 New
        Article of April 1.)) Even on TV, they also showed the 1st
        1. The Shrew
          The Shrew 26 June 2012 16: 41 New
          The Americans believed! Now getting ready for a new gold rush.
    2. saturn.mmm
      saturn.mmm 26 June 2012 10: 39 New
      Quote: Alexander Romanov
      and the water in it is 80% pure gold

      Storyteller you however
      1. sssla
        sssla 27 June 2012 01: 38 New
        A long time ago to see the Americans were not trimmed in the wrong hands
  5. Nasty
    Nasty 26 June 2012 08: 41 New
    How many US territories have Mexico seized?
    1. skullcap
      skullcap 26 June 2012 17: 05 New
      Instead of Siberia, it was North America "should become the same" common "territory as Antarctica," since the Paskuds of the Anglo-Saxons chopped off it from the Indian autochthons.
      To push this thought even to Zhirik - let him voice it from the rostrum.
      1. survivor
        survivor 26 June 2012 19: 14 New
        By the way, but the idea is +++++. since many states took part in the discovery and development of America, then it should be a public territory)
  6. volcano
    volcano 26 June 2012 08: 46 New
    In Siberia, we can say that the West will certainly put pressure on the fact that Siberia is supposedly also a “colony” of Russia, and since all developed countries have abandoned colonialism, Russia must accordingly abandon Siberia.
    Well, the fact that in Siberia, unlike their colonies, began to live in Russia and at the very least, but still master, precisely as a territory of residence, and not as a large quarry with minerals, does not interest anyone in the West.
    I think that a more intensive development and settlement of Siberia will remove all questions.
    As for the Arctic and Antarctica, I think that as soon as the question of the exhaustion of minerals in existing deposits arises very sharply, then naturally all agreements will be destroyed.
    The case will end in very big blood. And here, in connection with the extreme remoteness of Antarctica from Russia, perhaps we should give it, as it were, and concentrate all our military-political efforts on protecting the Arctic.
    And while everyone will chase tidbits in Antarctica to create a belt of defense of the Arctic, which would cool the most ardent, and if necessary, then tapping on their long arms.
    1. The Shrew
      The Shrew 26 June 2012 16: 44 New
      Quote: volkan
      In Siberia, we can say that the West will certainly put pressure on the fact that Siberia is supposedly also a “colony” of Russia, and since all developed countries have abandoned colonialism, Russia must accordingly abandon Siberia.

      For such nonsense it is necessary to introduce an article and plant it as a denial of the Holocaust, and all, regardless of citizenship and place of residence.
    2. luiswoo
      luiswoo 26 June 2012 18: 29 New
      With the same success, you can “run into” Brazil with the Amazon basin, the States with Alaska and Canada with its bald north - except for a few chingachguk, there is also no one special there.
  7. lewerlin53rus
    lewerlin53rus 26 June 2012 08: 49 New
    Someone wants to master Siberia? Yes, it’s not a question, let them master it, and we will punish them so that they would not run away! laughing We, however, have their whole area recruited. So send them from the Moscow Swamp, to the Siberian swamps.
    1. Goga
      Goga 26 June 2012 16: 19 New
      leverlin53rus - A colleague, in fact, is true "+", but we didn’t have enough "marsh" in Siberia. From their rotten blood even mosquitoes will die - and this is a violation of the ecological balance ... wassat . There can only be one benefit from this “swamp” biomass - if they are boiled for “tap” - for fertilizer - maybe all the same the earth will digest them and something useful will grow ... what
      1. lewerlin53rus
        lewerlin53rus 26 June 2012 23: 29 New
        Quote: Gogh
        only here in Siberia there weren’t enough “marsh”

        Colleague, there is another option. In Antarctica, clear the snow and push the icebergs off the shore. They will bring more benefits than sitting in their offices and tearing into swamps
        1. Armata
          Armata 26 June 2012 23: 33 New
          Quote: lewerlin53rus
          push icebergs off the coast.

          And deliver to the coast by swimming. Water is fresh there.
    2. Simon
      Simon 27 June 2012 22: 30 New
      Better to Yakutia, where the frost is under 60. laughing
  8. Leisure
    Leisure 26 June 2012 08: 56 New
    I can already see the democratic AUG, fettered and ice-worn.
    1. party3AH
      party3AH 26 June 2012 09: 40 New
      Quote: Lazer

      I can already see the democratic AUG, fettered and ice-worn.

      Hehey our icebreaker will still be rented to sail home with frostbitten legs.
  9. AIvanA
    AIvanA 26 June 2012 08: 57 New
    Well, let them try to come to SIBERIA, we’ll see how they leave, but seriously, these are the very far-reaching plans. Just imagine what we have done in 10 years in the country, and what it will be in 10 more if at the same pace, come and want what you want, because no one has canceled plans for further reform of the Russian army and the number of troops with a brigade system for our country is clearly not enough, here is the north of Siberia and bare, and even the number of transport planes and runways that are maintained in good condition is catastrophically not enough, that will be where you are Denis Davydov.
  10. Trapperxnumx
    Trapperxnumx 26 June 2012 08: 57 New
    And all from what? From greed ... A Western man is greedy and greedy for greed, everything is not enough for him, now give Siberia. Why do they need it? Do they have all the best? Ehhh, no matter how sorry, but the big war, apparently, still can not be avoided ...
    1. AIvanA
      AIvanA 26 June 2012 12: 08 New
      No dear, this is far from greed, if you look more closely at the systematic pitting of peoples, the goal is to destroy as much as possible and then simply world domination - sorry, you cannot explain this huge amount of funds. Candolysis at one time, Baikal also declared America's zone of vital interests.
  11. JonnyT
    JonnyT 26 June 2012 09: 05 New
    Our Siberia !!!! The nasty scum is drooling, they want to plunder and cash in, as usual. X .... th them in all their arrogant erysipelas !!!!!! am It is possible to master, but it is not easy, and it is not necessary yet. Siberia is the best stab fund and reserve of our country !!
    1. cth; fyn
      cth; fyn 26 June 2012 10: 37 New
      E May baby e it is Siberia!
    2. Goga
      Goga 26 June 2012 16: 28 New
      JonnyT - Colleague, oh familiar picture good - imagine "bradley" or "abrams" in the "snowy" version, it is no coincidence that in our country, as well as flowers, snowdrops melted in the spring are also called "snowdrops" ... belay .
      But seriously - these guys have different methods - why should they freeze their guzno in Siberia, when they can promote anal-bulk and oral-daredevil ones, and they will not only give Siberia to their mother ... angry
      1. The Shrew
        The Shrew 26 June 2012 16: 56 New
        Even the Soviet government, which was meticulous, but it neutralized the last White Guards in Yakutia only in the 40th year! So in Siberia we are elusive, and each of us is worth a division!
  12. papss
    papss 26 June 2012 09: 11 New
    The West started talking about Siberia, as worthless managers came to power in Russia, offering him (the West), all kinds of leases and experiments on their territory.
    In the article itself, all conclusions are correct. With the development of industry and scientific and technical progress in developed countries, the struggle for resources will begin not in earnest. All wars are now resourceful.
    Russia, with its territory, a reliable ally can only be a strong army.
    1. Yoshkin Kot
      Yoshkin Kot 26 June 2012 09: 45 New
      the first time they got advice there in the 20s at concessions, until Jugashvilli drove them out
      1. revnagan
        revnagan 26 June 2012 16: 41 New
        Quote: Yoshkin the Cat
        the first time they got advice there in the 20s

        Yes? But there was an article on the Russian Portal about the execution of workers in the Lensky mine. So there, it turns out, under the tsar, foreigners organized a concession. Dig. And then “advice, advice ...” Yes, under the tsar, Russia was sold to foreigners in bulk and in retail. Look for how many Russian zemstvos belonged to foreign campaigns, in particular from French banks, and then brand “advice”.
        1. Yoshkin Kot
          Yoshkin Kot 27 June 2012 10: 28 New
          and? compared to the Jewish lawlessness of the 20s is a trifle
  13. duchy
    duchy 26 June 2012 09: 30 New
    An eye sees, but teeth can be lost, with such a high probability, 100%. Hands, feet and other bodily injuries will be lost if they climb into Siberia with such a mood. You won’t even be able to gamble, shit-bucks.
    1. iulai
      iulai 26 June 2012 10: 45 New
      and Putin gave the territory of Russia to the Chinese and what asked you?
      1. Prorox
        Prorox 26 June 2012 17: 07 New
        Quote: iulai
        and Putin gave the territory of Russia to the Chinese and what asked you?

        This is not a Muscovite, but tell me where the Chinese can be seen a lot right away, except for China and the ranks in the clothing market.
  14. apro
    apro 26 June 2012 09: 54 New
    The Russian tsars communist secretaries-general mastered Siberia so that the new comprador oligarchy would blow our common property shamefully.
  15. Press
    Press 26 June 2012 10: 02 New
    A guarantee of the inviolability of Siberia and the Arctic can be a multiple increase in the country's population to at least 300 million for a start, then there will be a large army + our good weapons. For a thousand years now, the West has been engaged in the genocide of Russians with the help of its sixes: many wars with European countries and Eastern peoples, the 1st and 2nd World War, the Great Jewish Revolution, drug-alcohol-tobacco-genocide, etc. Wars will continue until we numerically reach a certain critical milestone, 50 million or 1 billion - it depends on us. Hundreds of millions of Russians died and weren’t born anymore or fell victim to drug and alconauts. But Russia is not falling apart and is being reborn from time to time. With a monoethnic (80%) population of 1 billion people, Russia will never be captured or destroyed by military methods, and other forms of genocide will drag on for centuries, during which time a sensible ruler will come. The contribution of each of us to the future of the country is valuable, even one warrior in the field, if he has iron eggs :)
    1. prophetic
      prophetic 26 June 2012 15: 25 New
      Well, then you need to stop climbing on the Internet and run - to the wives
      1. The Shrew
        The Shrew 26 June 2012 16: 52 New
        Quote: prophetic
        Well, then you need to stop climbing on the Internet and run - to the wives

        By our standards, I have long exceeded all plans! But I don’t intend to slow down. So be calm, the night will pass fruitfully, and there, as God willing!
      2. urchik
        urchik 29 June 2012 15: 10 New
        First, ban abortion, eradicate alcoholism and drug addiction, close the fornication channel of TNT and put all the socialites in one stall and artificially inseminate ... that is, they will be useful
  16. yula
    yula 26 June 2012 10: 03 New
    they just tease - their gut is thin for everything else
  17. Leisure
    Leisure 26 June 2012 10: 26 New
    I recommend everyone to review the film, "Chief of Chukotka."
  18. Executer
    Executer 26 June 2012 10: 28 New
    The argument is approximately the following: Russia at one time seized these lands from the indigenous population and therefore has no right to dispose of their richest resources
    Well so then the whole territory of the USA falls under this definition!
    And to declare it at the same UN assembly - let the egghead turnips scratch :-))
  19. baron.nn
    baron.nn 26 June 2012 10: 37 New
    They will get Durkee from the bull. not Siberia !!! And Siberia wouldn’t hurt to settle and develop ...
  20. iulai
    iulai 26 June 2012 10: 42 New
    if we do not defeat corruption, they will sell Siberia and they will not ask us! He gave the empty-headed Diman part of the marine territory of Norway, and gave the Azeri two villages in Dagestan along with the inhabitants. and what, asked someone? so do not comfort yourself with hopes. and how many territories gave China Yeltsin with Putin?
  21. Press
    Press 26 June 2012 10: 44 New
    Not only Siberia needs to be populated. The country's population should correspond to% of the occupied part of the planet’s land.
    1. mr.Man
      mr.Man 26 June 2012 20: 32 New
      Yeah and China should occupy the entire territory (with Poland inclusive) to the borders with Scotland (there MacLeod will not let them occupy ...)
  22. USasha42
    USasha42 26 June 2012 10: 44 New
    West is bullshit! Pay attention to China. Already generations (!) Of Chinese have been brought up in school atlases, where Siberia is the occupied territory of China. Ermak, a bastard, grabbed Siberia from the Chinese. Why? Because the Siberian Hagans, whom the Russians, it must be said, did primory, were, it turns out, natural Chinese. Like this. And the Chinese troubles, with the size of their army and our valor, is not American babble. And after all, every Chinese since childhood considers this an axiom!
    1. pu
      pu 26 June 2012 22: 04 New
      Perestroika binge is expensive! But now we know who is breathing poison on us!
  23. vadimN
    vadimN 26 June 2012 10: 45 New
    ] "Hotheads in the West are already declaring that Siberia should become the same" common "territory as Antarctica. The argument is approximately the following: Russia once seized these lands from the indigenous population and therefore has no right to dispose of their richest resources"

  24. cth; fyn
    cth; fyn 26 June 2012 10: 46 New
    Russians did not capture Siberia, it was captured by the Cossacks of Yermak, and after it was presented to Ivan 4. It should be remembered that Yermak was in disgrace, and he was awaited by Grozny. Yerema had no official relation to the Russian authorities. it follows that we did not capture Siberia; it voluntarily became part of the Russian state. later, other lands were also voluntarily annexed. for example, Tuva generally joined only after the Second World War. again, Khakassia to avoid the conquest of China voluntarily became part of the Russian Empire. there was no centralized power in the Krasnoyarsk Territory and therefore it was a draw, but how to stay and not draw a draw? the Far East was also peacefully annexed.
  25. sichevik
    sichevik 26 June 2012 10: 46 New
    One moron in 41 already tried to reach the Urals. Near Moscow stalled. And then he attributed everything to a frost general ... Although Soviet people and Siberians including him beat him. Interestingly, how do they expect to fight in Siberia? After all, there are stronger frosts than near Moscow. And the Siberians are harsh people. And how are they going to fight in the taiga? There are no McDonald's, no dry closets and other achievements of Western civilization .. Yes, and bears roam the taiga. N-e-e-e, dumb this business - to conquer Siberia. To do this, you need to be at least a little bit like Yermak. And all of them are up to Ermak, as before Mars ... Their gut is thin Siberia to capture. So that all these conversations are idle talk.
    1. urchik
      urchik 29 June 2012 15: 17 New
      sichevik! from Siberia people flee even more degenerate. the taiga is cut down and sold, so if the Chinese come nowhere there will even be partisans to hide.
  26. vostok
    vostok 26 June 2012 10: 49 New
    What has become crowded? Fuck you, not Siberia!
    1. dengy12
      dengy12 26 June 2012 11: 19 New
      Quote: vostok
      What has become crowded? Fuck you, not Siberia!

      Well why so categorically. please ... truth, the conditions will not be European: barbed wire, perimeter towers, a convoy with Dzhulbars, a number on a padded jacket. Pick up Siberian riches with your bare hands good
  27. Press
    Press 26 June 2012 10: 52 New
    The Chinese even unintentionally, without an order from above, populate Russia because of hunger and a desire to earn money; in China there is not enough work. Here it is necessary not to run into them, but to raise the demographics themselves. We would have a population density like theirs, i.e. with our territories about 3 billion, then we ourselves would have climbed into other countries. To keep the territory you need people and your own power.
  28. Karabin
    Karabin 26 June 2012 10: 52 New
    A lot of the wishes of our “partners” have been voiced recently regarding Antarctica, the Arctic shelf, the Northern Sea Route and even Siberia. The most foul thing is that you can’t hear from our authorities a rebuke on these issues. Such a rebuke so that the "partners" shut up, at least for some period of time. Moreover, various international forums and symposiums are organized to discuss either the problems of small indigenous peoples, or ecology, and other universal human canids. And we are participating in this, thereby giving rise to doubt our absolute sovereignty over the same North and Siberia. Not to mention Antarctica, where Russia is losing ground, and the West, spitting on agreements, is expanding its presence. Russia should not make even the slightest concessions in these matters, and under no circumstances should foreign companies be allowed into this sphere, be they private or state-owned.
  29. cth; fyn
    cth; fyn 26 June 2012 10: 53 New
    If we recall the history of the United States, it is clear that there was genocide of the ethnic population. It was the "Enlightened" Europeans who came up with the scalp of the victims (to calculate how much you killed in the battle) and pay for each scalp, while the female scalp was paid more than the scalp war ... it’s immediately clear why. then the Indians were driven on a reservation. Well, how do Western bullshit explain it there? can force them to return the territory? where will they go then? in the sea-oceans? or back to Britain?
  30. sanyabasik
    sanyabasik 26 June 2012 10: 57 New
    We will not give up our land even an inch! It’s a pity that Siberia belongs to Russia, and a handful of people living in London “scattered” profit from it ...
  31. Nechai
    Nechai 26 June 2012 11: 00 New
    Quote: Yoshkin the Cat
    the first time they got advice there in the 20s at a concession

    Comrade Trotsky was the most important conductor of these events. He brought the theoretical base under ento business. And when he voiced it (theoretically, the supplier of primary processed minerals for the USA in the first place) during his trip to Siberia, the people called "DON'T UNDERSTAND". It was then that Comrade Eihwe began to “explain” - “from Siberia to Siberia”.
    While we are weak, any ... eye will open its mouth. And of course, these .. lyadskih sing along should be scorched, first of all. And the planner had already planned it out: WTO –2th privatization — juvenile absurdity –– collapse of the remaining production –– mass riots –– transfer of control over the RCF and all nuclear weapons of the Russian Armed Forces to the Americans –– deployment of Western troops to ensure the safety of life and property of the Western owners of Russian wealth. A curtain.
  32. Press
    Press 26 June 2012 11: 01 New
    For this, the United States acts as the defenders of small nationalities, since they themselves have exterminated and are exterminating so far. And if someone screams at the top of their lungs: "They are robbing, save good people," you will not immediately think that he is a robber. This is their tricky marketing move, they also have advanced managers and global marketers, PR managers. You need to learn PR :)
  33. Averias
    Averias 26 June 2012 11: 20 New
    But let them go, they will ask the Tungus if they want to join the "splendor" of McDonald's, the great "democracy" and live on reservations as Indians. Already if the traces of the Tunga meteorite in endless Siberia have disappeared without a trace, and star-striped will dissolve even more. Gnus will devour completely. And the Tungus will chuckle in barbs. They have a fig and not Siberia.
  34. collapse
    collapse 26 June 2012 11: 26 New
    Siberia should become the same "common" territory as Antarctica

    Ha. generally spoiled. It's like in the movie: Can you give me the key to the apartment where the money is?
    Can we come up with the same chip and make global a couple of states with them, and what they can and we do not?
    And about SIBERIA, let them bite.
  35. collapse
    collapse 26 June 2012 11: 26 New
    Siberia should become the same "common" territory as Antarctica

    Ha. generally spoiled. It's like in the movie: Can you give me the key to the apartment where the money is?
    Can we come up with the same chip and make global a couple of states with them, and what they can and we do not?
    And about SIBERIA, let them bite.
  36. time112
    time112 26 June 2012 12: 03 New
    Their lips have long been rolled out to our Siberian open spaces. So the States themselves are all standing on Indian lands, if anything. And where are those Indians - the indigenous population? In reservations, the survivors survive .......... So they would be silent better, the freaks are stoned. The hole to them is from a donut and from a dead donkey's ears, not Siberia.
  37. Vyalik
    Vyalik 26 June 2012 12: 32 New
    Fuck them and not SIBERIA.
    1. Slavyan I.
      Slavyan I. 26 June 2012 22: 02 New
      They don’t need horseradish. Hiring a low stock exchange index.
  38. Press
    Press 26 June 2012 12: 56 New
    It is necessary to create a society to protect the rights of Indians and engage in its promotion in the media within the United States, as well as using low-cost, but effective methods to increase the number of Indians with the subsequent separation of certain states from the United States. Their methods must be acted upon. Let there be a government of the Indians in exile in Russia. They need help to fill the media with complaints about the occupation of their lands and genocide by Americans. They will immediately forget about Siberia and the Arctic.

    The main thing here is not the result, but the strengthening of anti-American sentiments in the world and anti-government in the United States. Grab a Wall Street Movement So To speak

    In the event of a major war, not all ordinary Westerners will fight on the side of the United States. To do this, with the help of the media, open your eyes to those who are zombified by the US fascist regime. I agree that they can’t see Siberia.
  39. xzWhiteWolf
    xzWhiteWolf 26 June 2012 13: 01 New
    Siberia is the property of the Russian Federation. And who encroaches on him - encroaches on Russia - with all the consequences.
    DERWISH 26 June 2012 14: 35 New
    SIBERIA - it sounds like !!! Amerovskie yo or who else ??? in SIBERIA there will be enough holes for the entire NATO contingent !!! AND AT ALL TIME, it’s even possible to stir up a mess in Qatar and get all the oil back to our expenses for our expenses there in Persia. Well, how long can God open the Russian hawalas for her to beat the muzzle of a hamam !!!!!
  41. mechanic33
    mechanic33 26 June 2012 14: 37 New
    The argument is approximately the following: Russia at one time seized these lands from the indigenous population and therefore has no right to dispose of their richest resources

    Well, this is another question, who is the indigenous population there .... If we recall the Andronovskaya and Afanasyevskaya culture that our archaeologists dig, the clearly expressed Slavic population lived there thousands of years ago
  42. selbrat
    selbrat 26 June 2012 17: 05 New
    The joy is what a pancake, it turns out I live in the territory of the world heritage. By the way, the Americans also chopped off their territory with local Aborigines. So the United States must also be recognized as a world heritage. laughing
  43. tank64rus
    tank64rus 26 June 2012 17: 05 New
    If you want peace, prepare for war.
  44. rexby63
    rexby63 26 June 2012 17: 19 New
    The author raised a hot topic. The compassion of our native idiots regarding America’s plans with comrades amazes immensely and articles like this are needed constantly. A plus
  45. valton
    valton 26 June 2012 17: 58 New
    GIVE ALASKA WITHOUT BORDERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  46. Bnik
    Bnik 26 June 2012 18: 26 New
    The argument is approximately the following: Russia at one time seized these lands from the indigenous population and therefore has no right to dispose of their richest resources.

    But didn’t America do that? Then down with America from their land and give it back to the Indians :) But in fact, they used to sell Alaska just because it was "empty" for the technologies of that time, and now they have found oil, gas, coal, as well as in Antarctica, from by time, they’ll find something.
  47. nnz226
    nnz226 26 June 2012 20: 17 New
    If the West claims that “Russia cannot settle Siberia”, it needs help: echelons of burghers and “various other Swedes”, as well as American cowboys under the “ideological leadership” and protection of the Internal Troops, will come in handy when exploring Siberia. It would also be good to place the entire non-Russian population of dwarf limitrophic Baltic states in these echelons, it is also possible for the Poles to ....
  48. SIA
    SIA 26 June 2012 22: 05 New
    What amer Antarctica and Siberia? Let them sit at home in Texas, on the priest exactly. Siberian climate for amers = death. We will demand Alaska back.
  49. Nickname
    Nickname 27 June 2012 01: 21 New
    Minusyaka)). Recently (maybe half a year ago) there was an article on this topic, more informative with a normal map, even laziness to quote.
  50. Press
    Press 27 June 2012 07: 59 New
    Vote for the return of Alaska
    1. Strezhevchanin
      Strezhevchanin 27 June 2012 10: 06 New
      First, let them build a bridge across the Bering Strait, but then we’ll vote)))
      1. SIT
        SIT 27 June 2012 17: 54 New
        Quote: Strezhevchanin
        First, let them build a bridge across the Bering Strait, but then we’ll vote)))

        This bridge Abramovich privatizes and will tear money for travel, and the local it will only interfere with driving on ice to relatives. I in 1981 saw the Chukchi in Uelen cartridges for the 1977 hard drive. In 1992, he fought in Anchorage with a drunk Eskimo. He fell, his jacket pulled up, and on his pants he had a soldier belt with a star on a badge. I asked where I got it, and he says this is a relative of a second cousin from Chukotka. I had to treat him with beer, so as not to be offended by a dissected lip.
        1. Simon
          Simon 27 June 2012 22: 40 New
          He did it in Russian, well done. But we will not give our Siberia, a cookie to them in vegetable oil in the snout, or something else. wassat
      2. SIA
        SIA 27 June 2012 23: 16 New
        From our Palace, to their porch, to the bridge stood! From crystal steel !!!