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Press tour to the 43-th center of combat use and retraining of flight personnel

Last week, with a group of bloggers and journalists, I visited the 43-th center for combat use and retraining of flight crews in Dyagilevo (Ryazan). I would like to immediately thank the press club of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and Colonel Bybko Vasily Vladimirovich for organizing a press tour. It was dedicated to the centenary of the Air Force this year. Now about the trip.
In front of the military town we were met by many famous representative of the Air Force - Tu-16!

After examining it, we headed directly to the 62632-B military unit.

Our acquaintance with the part began with a visit to the officers ’cafeteria, which was very opportune, since we had time to get hungry.

They feed well, you can choose a dish from several options.

The second is served 3 side dish simultaneously

Then we were taken to the museum.
The task of the center is briefly transferred:

It is located in the headquarters building.


A bit about the museum. In Diaghilevo there is the only museum of DA (Far Aviation), but since 2009 he has been working exclusively on a voluntary basis, which does not seem practical. He was expelled from the states by order of the Secretary of Defense, and his employees were fired. The museum needs funds.
The museum director conducts a tour:

There are many rare photos, documents, exhibits

Ilyushin form

Photos, awards, form A.E. Golovanova

Instruments Tu-16

Cone from the air refueling system. The first samples were very heavy, one day when refueling the cone badly damaged the plane.

Aircraft design gun Richter

Emergency ration

Helmet of the deceased taking the plane from the houses of Lieutenant Colonel Oskin

No competition in any way =)

Then we went to the museum parking aircraft

So, the legendary M-4! The world's first jet heavy strategic bomber. As a firstborn, he was characterized by a high accident rate during takeoff and landing. During the operation broke about a third of the aircraft. The reason is that the car easily fell on its side during gusts of wind, as the wings are raised low.

TU-95. Since it is difficult to place it in a frame, I had to climb on the M-4 :)

Tu-22 in different versions


Training Tu-134

VM-T - on it transported Buran

Next was preparing to paint the plane

After the museum we were taken to the runway, where strategists were preparing for takeoff. Training flights are carried out regularly, at least 3-x once a week. Preparation and its logical continuation:


Then it was the turn of the transport workers:

Transport workers work "Afghan sunset"

And finally flew a brand new A-50

On this, our visit to the airfield came to an end ... But before the way back we were still fed a delicious dinner :)
What else to say ... Aviation is great! And we will always remember this day with the roar of engines and aviation flights :)
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  1. AK-74-1
    AK-74-1 25 June 2012 09: 24 New
    Thank you very much. Planes are handsome. Great photo.
  2. Svobodny
    Svobodny 25 June 2012 10: 21 New
    Thanks to Maxim for a wonderful photo review!
  3. Svistoplyaskov
    Svistoplyaskov 25 June 2012 10: 24 New
    With the exception of airplanes, everything resembles a pioneer camp! Already remembered my childhood!
    Dear Maxim, thank you very much for the photo story!
  4. Railways
    Railways 25 June 2012 10: 41 New
    good Excellent article.
  5. Tirpitz
    Tirpitz 25 June 2012 11: 46 New
    And it’s a shame for the museum. The state is simply obliged to maintain such institutions, because memory is EVERYTHING!
    1. leon-iv
      leon-iv 25 June 2012 12: 42 New
      They were always on the balance of the piece. We have schoolchildren being brought to the BTA Museum.
  6. tverskoi77
    tverskoi77 25 June 2012 12: 10 New
    What is an afghan sunset?
    1. leon-iv
      leon-iv 25 June 2012 12: 41 New
      Approach with a sharp decline and core and alignment at the strip.
    2. pavelk
      pavelk 25 June 2012 18: 55 New
      "афганский взлет" и "афганский заход" это набор высоты(если "афганский заход" то имеется ввиду заход на посадку) летательным аппаратом по крутой спирали в охраняемой зоне аэродрома. Служит,как верно было подмечено для уменьшения вероятности поражения воздушного судна системами противоздушной обороны противника на наиболее уязвимых этапах полёта. Пример "Афганского взлёта" можно наблюдать в фильме "Афганский излом" :"
    3. Axel
      Axel 25 June 2012 23: 04 New
      Spiral descent and landing right away, usually planes land on a glide path
      1. tverskoi77
        tverskoi77 25 June 2012 23: 41 New
        Thank you all for the clarification! Yes, such techniques are vital to work out.
  7. leon-iv
    leon-iv 25 June 2012 12: 41 New
    Aviation is great! And this day with the roar of engines and aviation flights we will always remember :)
    And all my life I’ve been used to living next to him, and the younger one is not afraid anymore, and the older one takes pictures of airplanes in my DSLR.
  8. Dimonspp
    Dimonspp 25 June 2012 13: 04 New
    Taburetkin Museum in vain with security removed. It is impossible without culture and enlightenment.
  9. kvp932
    kvp932 25 June 2012 16: 54 New
    am Why didn’t they take the Minister of Defense out of staff
  10. Boot under the carpet
    Boot under the carpet 25 June 2012 17: 12 New
    I live nearby) In a neighboring area, I often see the A-50 !!! Cool of course! I’m not at all offended by the constant roar of aircraft engines, but I am happy for the flight crew! PS Fly often by the way;)
  11. Bronis
    Bronis 26 June 2012 00: 02 New
    Tu-95 and Tu-22М3 in a new coloring. So, they are repairing it slowly. This makes me happy