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Safe Olympiad

I. Watch out for hand cream!

A month later, the Olympics-2012 starts in London. Athletes from more than 200 countries will take part in it. Many high-ranking officials, prime ministers and presidents will also come. Our Vladimir Putin is going to fly to London to watch the judo performances, the Russian delegation is supposed to be headed by Dmitry Medvedev. With the US official delegation, the first US lady Michelle Obama will leave for London. Summer Olympics plan to watch not live on TV, but live more than a hundred heads of state.

The expected mass gathering of high-ranking people, and indeed the estimated concentration of the world's population in the British capital, has already interested representatives of Al-Qaida.

British media recently reported that during the Olympics, terrorists are going to launch attacks using potassium cyanide. Uk security services like сообщается, recently discovered a homemade online guide for making a highly toxic paste, including potassium cyanide and hand cream.

"Europol" scares no longer hand cream, but the most common terrorist attacks. In the police service of the European Union, they express confidence that during the Summer Olympic Games, the Al Qaeda terrorist network may well carry out a series of terrorist attacks. According to communication representatives of "Europol", "this group may want to go to regain the weight lost after the elimination of the leader of Osama bin Laden." The attacks with a large number of victims, Europol noted, continue to be one of the goals of the terrorist organization. After all, "the London Olympics, - пишет Alexander Zakharikov - too tempting "target" ... "The target, and indeed suitable for a loud reminder of who is who.

Frightens the capital of Britain and America. This country, recently subjected to cyber attacks by active Chinese hackers, says that "it hurts". US authorities have scared the United Kingdom of possible cyber attacks by gangs. The former adviser to Microsoft, Stuart Oukin, also talks about the same thing. By his opinion, "The most high-tech" in stories Olympic movement Games in London can be a target for cyber attacks.

The organizers of the Olympics are also afraid of outbreaks of infectious diseases, accidents in the energy sector, transportation problems and strikes associated with the crisis, and at the same time discontent with the high costs of the Games.

The royal army at the demonstration exercises on the River Thames in London. (Reuters / Finbarr O'Reilly)

Ii. Billion pounds on security

Expenses only for security at the Olympics-2012 can reach 1 billion pounds (1,58 billion.). Big Brother sees you:

“The big role is assigned to video surveillance. On the part of general surveillance and collecting a variety of information about the British, the United Kingdom has long been a byword.

To date, the British Isles are confidently leading the world in the number of video cameras installed in cities and other settlements. According to the British media, now their number is close to five million, and on average a person gets into the field of their actions more than 150 once a day - on the streets, in shops and at train stations.

On the eve of the Games, electronic systems are being installed to automatically determine the identity of people, biometric identity cards are being introduced, new police control centers are being opened ”(Boris Zaitsev, "Echo of the Planet"ITAR-TASS, London).

When visiting the Olympic venues in London, viewers will be tested as passengers at airports, the same B. Zaitsev in another report. Special attention will be paid to the testing of liquids. Interfax-Ukraine With reference to the Guardian, reports that British intelligence agencies will verify the identity of about half a million people on the eve of the Games.

In addition to liquids in bags and pockets and suspicious personalities, security coordinators in London fear mass protests. Chris Ellison, security coordinator at the XXX Olympic Games, deputy commissioner of Scotland Yard Police, says security forces are in touch with organizations planning to hold protests during the Games. "The United Kingdom is a democratic country and has a long tradition of protest on a wide variety of occasions," сказал Allison. “We are not against such actions if they are allowed, are non-violent and do not interfere with the holding of the Olympics.” In case of violation of these conditions against the demonstrators "will take decisive action."

Many in Britain are unhappy with the huge cost of the Olympics-2012. Expenses for the preparation of the Games almost six times exceeded the 2005 plan of the year. According to Sky News, after completing preparations for the Olympics, total expenses could come close to 24 billion pounds. Dissatisfaction with such costs for the Games while reducing social spending, rising unemployment in the country, especially among young people, cannot but generate protests.

And to protest, which can turn into pogroms, people will carry all sorts of unsafe objects.

The British Ministry of Internal Affairs has compiled a list of things prohibited to be carried to the Olympic arenas. Besides the big tubes of sunscreen, into it included: tents, foodstuffs, drinks, camera supports, large umbrellas, lighters, flasks, cooler bags, needles, knitting needles, whistles, rattles, horns, drums, other musical instruments, banners, balls, rackets and advertising materials.

Allison, mentioned above, reported that the level of security threat in the UK is rated as “significant.” During the Olympics, the level will be raised to "serious", implying that the possibility of a terrorist attack is considered quite likely.

Land-to-air missiles are installed on the roofs of high-rise buildings in London. Any enemy object located more than three miles away will be hit by a rocket in less than 8 seconds. The military on duty at the missile systems, really like a good panoramic view from the roofs of the chosen houses.

Joint ground defense base in Lincoln, England. Pilots of the Air Force of England took part in the exercises on the eve of the Olympics. 13 000 military personnel, both men and women, tested air defense and air attack systems. (Bethany Clarke / Getty Images)

At the time of the Olympics in London will be unfolded and sound weapon: A long-range acoustic device developed in the USA (Long Range Acoustic Device) that can emit a directional signal that is extremely painful for humans. An “acoustic gun” can generate a “beam” with volume up to 150 decibels, and already at 130 decibels, hearing damage is impaired. Similar devices are used around the world. For example, the Americans used them to disperse crowds in Iraq, and the Georgian police to disperse anti-government demonstrations in 2007.

It seems that in Britain they are preparing for war - or, at least, for a large-scale military operation.

World Olympics safety will provide 13,5 has thousands of troops (note in brackets, this is more than the British military in Afghanistan). One of the leading strike ships of the British Navy, the helicopter carrier "Ocean" with the "Pumas" and "Lynxes" and the landing ship "Baluek" will be involved. The Typhoon fighter-bombers will be located at Northholt airbase. Taking into account the police, special services and employees of private companies, security forces can make 40-50 thousands of people. Both terrorist attacks and massive terrorist attacks are expected.

Mentioned of the helicopter "Ocean" directly during the Olympic Games will moor at the mouth of the Thames in the Greenwich area. It will be not only a platform for helicopters of the British Ground Forces and Navy, but also the residence of military personnel - those who will ensure the safety of equestrian sport competitions near Greenwich Park.

British counterintelligence mobilizes all agents en masse to ensure Olympic security. According to the newspaper "Independent", referenced "Voice of Russia", operation involving about 3,8 thousand employees MI-5 will be the largest since the Second World War. Introduced restrictions on the next vacation counterintelligence.

According to the "Independent" referenced by the resource "Science Magic", in October last year, MI-5 introduced a new system for collecting intelligence and monitoring potential terrorists. It includes identity verification, monitoring of the militias in the world, cooperation with intelligence services of other countries. The system was specifically designed for the Olympics-2012. The maintenance of technical equipment for the performance of assigned tasks is classified.

“As an official developer, supplier and exploiter of security systems,” says Lyubov Lyulko (, The British authorities selected a private British military company, G4S, which patronizes Israeli checkpoints in the occupied West Bank, as well as security systems in the notorious Ofer prison in Ramallah. Here they contain, judge and torture Palestinian political prisoners, including children. The British parliament harshly criticized this choice and is trying to figure out the basis on which this firm became the official partner of the Olympiad. ” L. Lyulko also writes that in a crisis, the Saudi and Qatari magnates who bought the Olympic real estate will receive real benefits from the Games.

In addition to the MI-5 agents, who will focus on potential terrorists, in the Olympic operation also involved MI-6 intelligence service, UK Government Communications Authority, anti-terrorism and other police special forces.

The cops alone will be in London 12.000 people, twenty percent of them will be transferred to the capital from other parts of the country.

Finally, the Olympic teams of some countries will accompany in London, national intelligence officers. With athletes from the USA and Israel, the FBI and Mossad agents will arrive at the Olympic competitions - about a thousand people. True, the Russians accompanying the FSB will not arrive at the Games: they were not allowed into London.

Police officers, firefighters and ambulance workers participate in exercises in case of terrorist attacks at an unused meter station in London. (Reuters / Luke MacGregor)

Iii. The FBI will, "Mossad" will, the FSB - will not

The reason for the refusal of the FSB to work at the Olympics-2012 is not called. British intelligence does not comment on it. Perhaps they are afraid of Russian FSB officers more than Arab terrorists.

Director of the Federal Security Service of Russia Comrade Bortnikov at a recent press conference in Chisinau following the meeting of the Council of Heads of Security Agencies and Special Services of the CIS Member States сказал: “To my deep regret, I have to admit that, under false pretexts, the British side refused the FSB of Russia to organize security arrangements for the Olympic team and the entire delegation of Russia, guests and other objects.”

But in the official memo of the British Interior Ministry on security at the Games-2012 it is saidthat any nation can use the services of its own security services.

At the end of last year, Liam Fox, the former British Secretary of Defense, voiced his concerns about Kremlin espionage activities under the cover of the 2012 Olympiad. The ex-minister believes that London will not be able to prevent the penetration into the country of "highly undesirable personalities" under the guise of protecting Russian athletes. is he сказал: “We are dealing with a large number of FSB agents who will come to London during the Olympics, including some very undesirable personalities. When the Russians decide to send people to protect their team, they will select a large number of FSBs for this. London will be a very interesting place next summer. ”

Retired KGB General Boris Kurdyumov criticized Fox spying: “It's all nonsense. All countries are stuffed with spies so much that they know each other by sight and greet each other among themselves every morning. ”

In general, in addition to preparing the British for a large-scale military operation that looks a lot like London’s defense during World War II, the current Olympiad is also distinguished by total espionage. The times when the Olympic rings were not an empty commercial "logo", but symbolized the unity of the five continents, irrevocably sunk into oblivion.

Iv. Olympic crisis

If the Olympic Union of the Continents turned into a postmodern zilch with rocket complexes on the rooftops and tens of thousands of special services, military and police, mixed with spies, then Olympic commerce is going through hard times. Increased costs do not automatically mean a growing profit.

Instead of Olympic profits in London, they are preparing to count the losses.

This summer, much less tourists will arrive in London than usual. And the reason that tourists prefer the British capital to other cities in Europe is just the Olympics. People do not want to be in London because of the increased cost of living in hotels, soaring in the price of food, but also because of the increased security measures, which are very frightening and resemble preparation for war. This is not to mention the fact that the media warned of possible strikes in London, mass protests and the upcoming suppression of them. Finally, tourists are well aware of the alleged terrorist attacks and al-Qaeda’s interest in the Olympics. Well, who will go to London in such a sad scenario? Is that the avid fans, which "Al Qaeda" will not scare ...

Number of rooms booked in London hotels for July-August decreased by 35% compared to 2011 year. London hotels are already suffering losses. Tourists are really scared of the upcoming Olympics. What is really going on there: the competition of athletes, or the confrontation of special services and terrorists?

Pushes away potential guests of the country and the high cost of rooms. The capitalists will not miss the chance to cash in. For three hundred percent profit, as Comrade Marx wrote, capital will crawl into a loop. The Olympic Games Organizing Committee has booked 40.000 hotel rooms — and the hotel owners, sensing a “boom,” immediately raised prices for the remaining rooms. London's 4-star hotels have brought prices to 415 pounds per nightthat is almost four times more expensive than usual. In addition fifth of the roomsOrdered by the Organizing Committee, has been reserved. Now it is empty.

Resource conducted a study, according to which the average cost of hotel rooms in London for the period of the Olympic Games increased by 97% compared with the previous year and amounted to 208 pounds.

Instead of London, many tourists will go to rest in other European cities. For example, in Paris, 50% more tourists are expected during this period. And the number of tourists in Berlin and Barcelona increased by 100%.

The lack of tourists, however, can be replenished by “girls” who at all times drove by whole brothels to where sports competitions were held. “London policemen,” writes Lyubov Lyulko (, - are afraid of turning London into a center of prostitution. For example, Dennis Hof, who owns the largest brothel in Nevada, told the BBC that he was expecting an influx of “live goods” traders in London and, at least, “1000 girls should be brought in from Southeast Asia and Africa by Albanian gangs involved in sex work and drugs. " His prediction is based on what he saw at 2010 at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. ”

All this is very little like a sports union of five continents. Today the rings should symbolize espionage, prostitution, security business, terrorism, and mass protests.

If the Olympics-2012, for which 24 will be spent £ 10 billion, will be unprofitable, the protesters around the world will have an unshakable argument for speaking out against large-scale Olympic competitions in general. No matter how sad it is.

Observed Oleg Chuvakin
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  1. Alexander Romanov
    Alexander Romanov 26 June 2012 08: 22
    If I knew that in our time the Olympics will be held just like that, mother give birth to me back. This is insanity, what for such games are needed.
    1. esaul
      esaul 26 June 2012 08: 43
      Quote: Alexander Romanov
      If I knew that in our time the Olympics will be held just like that, mother give birth to me back. This is insanity, what for such games are needed

      Sasha, the NAGLOSaxes themselves (hand in hand with the CIA) opened Pandora's box and now the troubles with which they planned to "bestow" all of humanity, besides themselves, are beginning to hang over their heads. Themselves gave rise to the precedent of the violation of the world during the Olympics, inciting the Caucasian paranoid (Mishiko) in South Ossetia. Now we ourselves have to put the cannon under the pillow at night. They also didn’t “stick it out” on Iran. Then they will burp it very bitterly.
      1. Armata
        Armata 26 June 2012 08: 57
        And I doubt that our FSB will not be there. Unofficially, but ours will take care of the safety of Russian citizens, otherwise these clowns are not particularly trusted.
        1. Narkom
          Narkom 26 June 2012 10: 51
          if there is a president, then the FSO will be there)))
        2. Alexander Romanov
          Alexander Romanov 26 June 2012 12: 34
          Everyone will be, and at that time there will be hell in Syria, but the democratic world will not give a damn about it.
          1. Armata
            Armata 26 June 2012 12: 55
            Sasha, what did you think? Pole vaulting and swimming are much more important than anything else in the world.
            1. 755962
              755962 26 June 2012 17: 27
              under far-fetched pretexts, the English side refused the FSB of Russia to organize the security of the Olympic team and the entire delegation of Russia, guests and other objects
              Thus the Anglo-Saxons are already advance hysteria around our team and fansI am silent about possible provocations. I wish our "specialists" masterly work and, as always, be on top no matter what. wink
  2. SIA
    SIA 26 June 2012 08: 37
    Organize the Olympics for special services.
    1. Krasnodar
      Krasnodar 26 June 2012 14: 30
      These guys managed to spoil the porridge with butter!
  3. Follow us
    Follow us 26 June 2012 08: 44
    Oh, nothing Vladimir Vladimirovich was going to London. It is safer to watch judo at home, at least by organizing the World Cup in Russia wink
    1. Trailer
      Trailer 26 June 2012 09: 06
      "The safety of the world Olympic holiday will be ensured ... One of the leading attack ships of the British Navy, the helicopter carrier Ocean with the Pumas and Lynxes and the landing ship Baluek, will be involved." e mine, but who are these lodndon going to protect from? From student strikes? It’s not London, which is organizing the transfer of terrorists by sea in Libya, to worry about the fact that a battalion of beardlings will emerge in the middle of the Thames! And so, I will not watch the Olympics! Hai, the sea season will disappear!
      1. Follow us
        Follow us 26 June 2012 09: 20
        As the old saying goes, "if a gun hangs on the stage, it will definitely fire in the third act."
        A random missile from the authorities installed will easily overwhelm a couple of leaders of uncomfortable countries along with guards, and dump everything on the craziness of some lone policeman, an al-Qaeda secret agent.
        1. Trailer
          Trailer 26 June 2012 09: 28
          Alkaida agent, a policeman who knows how to control a rocket launcher and knows exactly the location coordinates of objectionable leaders? Pour me too!
          1. Follow us
            Follow us 26 June 2012 09: 59
            Al Qaeda agents are generally very peculiar people smile They are everywhere and nowhere! Demolish skyscrapers at a time, while even their passports are not subject to burning! so that the bullet from the installation for them is like two fingers on the asphalt.
            1. Trailer
              Trailer 26 June 2012 13: 26
              The funny thing is that out of 25 alleged September 11 demolitions, 4 called on television and said that they did not understand anything when they were recorded as terrorists! But, who cares already! Al Qaeda is already a brand! If profits fall, you need to rebrand - revive the activity in another place, for other reasons, BUT "!!! with the same name and image!
      2. baron.nn
        baron.nn 26 June 2012 10: 44
        From whom to defend themselves with such forces? Here the special services need to work together with the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
        1. Trailer
          Trailer 26 June 2012 13: 28
          Already everyone said. Clear as white day:
          1. From a nuclear attack by Iran and North Korea.
          2. From Al Qaeda Police Agents.
          3. From our security officials!
          4. From their citizens who can go out to rally in the streets!
          1. baron.nn
            baron.nn 26 June 2012 15: 02
            This list of aliens from space is not enough ...
            1. Trailer
              Trailer 26 June 2012 15: 09
              No one told you what installations will be hidden under the Olympic flame in London! wassat !
              1. Kaa
                Kaa 26 June 2012 22: 07
                I know - SM-3 Block 4. And the buildings depicted in the photo are ideal launchers for ICBMs with nuclear warheads with multiple warheads against terrorists
          2. vpm
            vpm 27 June 2012 12: 10
            karavan, you forgot:
            5. From a zombie attack
            Six months after the rage virus was inflicted on the population of Great Britain, the US Army helps to secure a small area of ​​London for the survivors to repopulate and start again. But not everything goes to plan.

            The filmets, by the way, are notable, there the zombies knead not only the helicopter blades, but also the chem. weapons and napalm.
  4. yula
    yula 26 June 2012 09: 41
    it’s scary to go to Europe already, knowing that there is a complete mess - and here it is. and provocations are likely to be
  5. sanyabasik
    sanyabasik 26 June 2012 09: 46
    Better to "keep a clear watch" ... And our FSB officers should be allowed in, let them learn how to ensure security, we also have events planned soon. And there is no doubt that the British are professionals, and they have a lot of useful developments.
    1. Senzey
      Senzey 26 June 2012 11: 02
      If Putin goes, the FSB officers will be full there, only what they learn, they themselves will teach whoever you want, but it will be interesting to learn the methods of work of the neighbors.

  6. baron.nn
    baron.nn 26 June 2012 10: 42
    All more or less significant terrorist organizations are more or less controlled by forces loyal to the West ... It is unlikely that they will be let loose from their leashes. And if they let him down, then in order to blame Assad for everything and attack Syria ...
  7. USNik
    USNik 26 June 2012 10: 43
    XXX Olympic Games
    BGG, the main thing is that without the Queen in the title role laughing
  8. Ion coaelung
    Ion coaelung 26 June 2012 10: 45
    They become stronger, they are afraid, and the Olympiad seems to be an excuse for such a basic defense system. They are afraid not only of the air objects around them (which can really bring cargo unsafe for them, or to collect intelligence), but they are already afraid of people, as evidenced by the presence of such a quantity of video equipment ... They have sinned, and the fifth point is shaking ...
  9. VVooVVaa
    VVooVVaa 26 June 2012 11: 18
    Heh. And then what will happen in 2 years in 2014? laughing Then the FSB will recoup.
    By the way, a separate air defense brigade is already being formed. And at the current of the flower ....
  10. Alexasmi
    Alexasmi 26 June 2012 12: 18
    If it is impossible to defend our Olympians, I would generally cancel the team’s trip to the Olympics. Who will answer if there is a repeat like with the Israeli team? Yankees? Yes, they saw us in a coffin ...
  11. Very smart
    Very smart 26 June 2012 12: 29
    The article is interesting, the author - respect.
    CCTV systems are good in normal peaceful life. And in the event of a terrorist attack, then you can see how it was, how people died. An interesting approach to security. After the riots in London a year ago, police spotted rioters all year. And she figured out, only they didn’t run anywhere and didn’t hide! Terrorists will not sit and wait.
    And at the checkpoints they will take away whiskey and other tasty drinks! As well as women's perfumes. Aunts, cry!
    Do not let the FSB - a huge nonsense. With the Internet, communication with the residency is carried out remotely and without problems. And in the matter of protection, our guys could help, and even protect their team from all nonsense.
    But most of all I was pleased with the involvement of bombers in the task of protecting public order! They will only bomb London or immediately the whole country !? Interesting to see!
    1. Drednout
      Drednout 26 June 2012 14: 33
      Quote: Very smart
      involvement of bombers in public order

      Immediately to Damascus or Tehran will fly. With refueling in Libya.
  12. Fidain
    Fidain 26 June 2012 17: 14
    Stolko zatrat, dlya chego, ot teroristov! Gospadi terroristi # 1 eto NATO, mesto etix miliardov na bezapasnost mogli prosto poprasit Amerikancov chto bi prederzhali svoix psov Al-kaida i vsex ostalnix ...
  13. IRBIS
    IRBIS 26 June 2012 17: 27
    There is a suggestion. Let the siloviki compete! Why are athletes needed there? Training is reminiscent of preparing to repel an invasion of humanoids. Or even non-humanoids! Nightmare! And if I watch on TV, will someone from the British police be around? Just in case - I'm a terrible lesbian and I love women! Let them send a cop girl!
  14. romachipo
    romachipo 26 June 2012 17: 47
    Safety is the most important thing! wink
    1. Armata
      Armata 26 June 2012 19: 51
      The security of whom, and why? Let them first decide who should be afraid, Russians or those whom sheltered?
  15. APASUS
    APASUS 26 June 2012 20: 34
    It seems the British will have to strain with security. Half of the country moved from Libya to Europe ..........
  16. Uncle
    Uncle 26 June 2012 21: 06
    Fart Alkaida to allocate money for security. There they saw the budget no worse than ours, actually overseas figures are the teachers of our democrats. Terrorists are not caught, they are needed as a horror story. When the scoop in this sense was order. Muscovites no longer remember how the car was blown up at the Izmailovskaya metro station. So they found, despite the level of technology, no cameras, no biometric passports. Already in those years they managed to identify a person by their hair. Found and executed, they yelled that they were political, for the freedom of Armenia, did not listen. Capital punishment. And silence, and no one howls about the rights of scum, such as Breivik.