Moscow in summer 1941 of the year

In July, the photo journalist of the American magazine "Life" Margaret Bourke-White arrived in Moscow military 1941. She worked in unique conditions: with the advent of the war, the shooting mode in Moscow became much more severe; for an unauthorized shooting, as well as for an undelivered camera, the tribunal was relied upon. But in the Kremlin in those days they were preparing for important talks with the United States, a personal friend and confidant of President Roosevelt was supposed to come to Moscow, and Margaret received permission to take pictures of the belligerent Soviet Union .. The Soviet leadership thought that such pictures were in an authoritative transatlantic magazine Profitable present the USSR to the American public.

Margaret Bourke-White spent two months in Moscow. And despite the fact that she was always accompanied, and sometimes prepared in advance for shooting, she made truly unique shots.

Luftwaffe raids on the Soviet capital began on July 22, Margaret managed to capture one of the first, in the picture July 26. Anti-aircraft fire, searchlight is looking for enemy aircraft. Presumably Margaret took this picture from her number in the National.

Same night. This picture is supposedly taken from the roof of the English embassy on the Sofia Embankment.

Saleswoman soda and Muscovites.

Matches are still held, the championship is not closed.

Gorky street.

The metro station "Ploshchad Sverdlova", Muscovites take to the street after the airstrike.

Workers rear, a very famous picture in the West.

View of the Manege Square and the Kremlin from the "National" window.

Sandrunner training.

They let Margaret into the holy of holies, a place that was forbidden for ordinary filming - the Moscow metro. In the picture Muscovites take refuge from the next air attack at the station "Mayakovskaya".

Entrance to the escalator, Mayakovskaya metro station. Some look back at an unusual sight - a photographer in the subway.

Female students in the dorm.

In the lobby of the hotel "Moscow".

Moscow State University.

Students conduct experiments in the aerodynamic laboratory of Moscow State University.

At a lecture on Greek stories, MSU.

Pavilion with heavy machinery at the agricultural exhibition.

Mongolian farmers at the agricultural exhibition.

In the subway during an air raid.

Bookstore in the open air.

The entrance to the Spaso House, the private residence of the US Ambassador to Moscow.

Workers in Spaso House remove stained glass windows broken during raids.

Kremlin in the moonlight.

Young people after listening to military reports in the Park of Culture.

Playing "war games" in kindergarten.

They organized for Margaret a meeting with the chief of staff of the Western Front, who was on the point of the main attack, and who led the heavy fighting near Smolensk, V. D. Sokolovsky, the future Marshal of the Soviet Union.

He is at a banquet in honor of the American delegation.

Old Bolshevik Solomon Abramovich Lozovsky (Dryzho), director of the Soviet Information Bureau and Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Molotov. He will be arrested in 1949 and shot in 1952.

German soldier Fritz Ehrhardt in a Soviet hospital after being wounded in battle.

Rolf Helmudt, another German soldier.