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Integrated mortar system EIMOS EXPAL

The Spanish defense company EXPAL - one of the world leaders in the field of mortar systems - has developed an integrated mortar system EIMOS. EIMOS EXPAL is a unique integrated mortar system for mortars of 81 mm or 60 mm, based on the light armored car 4 x4. EIMOS is the next step in the evolution of a mortar, which is to adapt this traditional weapons to current technological capabilities, made in accordance with the latest requirements for mortar support. The combination of 81 power millimeter long-range or 60-ty millimeter mortars with the possibility of their automotive transportation, make the system indispensable in modern combat. The automatic guidance and control system facilitates the process of shooting, and also allows EIMOS to determine the firing position as quickly as possible. The system provides maximum firing accuracy with minimal effort from personnel.

Expal EIMOS consists of a rotary table on the rear platform of the light armored car 4х4, on which is installed a mortar caliber 60 mm or 81 mm, rotating in vertical and horizontal planes. The mortar is equipped with a hydro-pneumatic recoil system with maximum efficiency in 300 mm. According to EXPAL, the system reduces the recoil force by more than 90 percent, which allows Expal to be based on 4x4 light vehicles without modifying the chassis.

Expal EIMOS has a flexible automatic guidance system as well as a reliable fire control system. Vibration transmitted to a vehicle during firing is reduced due to design features and optimized brakes, allowing the system to be integrated into most lightweight all-terrain vehicles without significant rework. The system makes an automatic adjustment, taking into account the most minor changes in the position of the car, which allows you to open fire immediately after positioning.

Integrated mortar system EIMOS EXPAL

Expal EIMOS can be used in conjunction with TECHFIRE, fire support information systems for mortars and artillery shells. EXPAL TECHFIRE allows you to automate ballistic calculations, get the maximum benefit of the latest technical advances, including a wide range of sensors, GPS, laser telemeters and inertial navigator. This connects forward observers with the commander of the units, who can control up to 16 mortars. This allows EIMOS to come to a halt to the firing task and move to another firing position in front of the counter.

Expal EIMOS can be used in combination with TECHFIRE EXPAL - a system of information support for the fire, allowing you to automate ballistic calculations and get the most out of the latest technical advances.

Data on shooting accuracy and ballistic corrections are calculated automatically, which optimizes firing, reducing the consumption of ammunition and collateral damage.

EIMOS Expal is a proven system with the power, versatility and adaptability necessary to perform modern combat missions. In addition, the system has a reasonable price and is easy to maintain, since most of its components can fit into the logistics chain of regular army equipment.

A combat vehicle equipped with an Expal EIMOS system can be deployed to a combat position in less than 10 seconds. The fire control system only needs 20 seconds to determine the target, and 10 seconds to assign it and start firing. Firing accuracy is less than 2 meters.

60-mm or 81-mm mortar

Firing range
81-mm mortar - 6900 m
60-mm mortar - 4900 m

The weight
500 kg (depending on version)

Electric motors (max. 2 kW).
Hydraulic recoil system (maximum recoil 300 mm), absorbing recoil by more than 90%.

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  1. kotdavin4i
    kotdavin4i 25 June 2012 09: 17
    An interesting toy, the fact that there is a hydraulic system, this is a big + - it preserves the chassis of the equipment, but if the mortar were also made automatic as a product 2B9 "Vasilek" - it would have no price at all.
      EMILPOLAK 25 June 2012 09: 32
      just a toy. just drive the rebels or smoke Aborigines from shelters. put in a more protected building and you can ride along with the expeditionary forces through the desert
      1. Svistoplyaskov
        Svistoplyaskov 25 June 2012 09: 49
        Really like a toy. But how everything is neatly done, conveniently and rationally located. Any senorita will cope!
      2. Flooding
        Flooding 25 June 2012 11: 54

        where does such neglect come from? As long as the caliber of 81 mm on the battlefield has not been canceled. Worked and will work. Well, if they put him on wheels, hung a bulletproof armor and digitized - did he lose something?
        1. EMILPOLAK
          EMILPOLAK 25 June 2012 16: 17
          yes there is no neglect. meant to shoot her from closed positions and under the cover of his troops. her + in mobility
      3. rumpeljschtizhen
        rumpeljschtizhen 25 June 2012 15: 03
        and you think our mortar "tray" 82 mm is also a toy to drive the natives ???
        1. EMILPOLAK
          EMILPOLAK 25 June 2012 16: 19
          each weapon has its own niche. and any weapon has a right to exist if it is effective. (see comments above)
      4. AER_69
        AER_69 25 June 2012 16: 26
        Aboriginal - means a local resident. Man has a halo of habitat in a particular place. We are all native to our homeland.
    2. radikdan79
      radikdan79 25 June 2012 09: 40
      Recently, more and more samples of MRAPs, mobile artillery, combat modules, etc. appear, which speaks of the serious struggle of manufacturers for a "place in the sun". It looks like now in the arms market you can find samples of weapons depending on the needs and size of the wallet ... unfortunately, our gunsmiths do not often indulge in novelties ... request it's a pity...
  2. Professor
    Professor 25 June 2012 09: 56
    On it would put a mortar caliber 120-mm and the price she would not have been.
    1. radikdan79
      radikdan79 25 June 2012 10: 42
      for sure. only they are for 60 mm. (81-) mortars installed a hydraulic recoil system, for 120 mm. a mortar similar system will turn out to be more difficult, heavier and more expensive. we’ll come to what they left from - loss of mobility, high cost, etc. request
  3. itr
    itr 25 June 2012 10: 40
    I liked the device. I also need to organize the automatic supply of grenades and just a dream
    By the way, our ghouls could consider this technique in more detail
    1. PLO
      PLO 25 June 2012 11: 54
      the Mortar complex Virgo (82 mm mortar based on MTLB) can be called an analogue of its purchase by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, although there is no automatic guidance there, but with a similar caliber and its tasks, the need for it is not obvious

      for the army, the caliber is small, there in the battalion artillery they replace 120mm mortar cartridges with self-propelled 2s34 Hosts, they have no airborne Nona and they are not going to abandon them, so everything is fine in this area
  4. kapitan_21
    kapitan_21 25 June 2012 11: 38
    I think our Moscow Region is considering all the equipment that is currently on the market. The main thing is that it still tells the industry what to copy! )))
  5. Fidain
    Fidain 25 June 2012 18: 04
    Mabilnost v nashem veke eto vsyo, a takoi minamyot detishe svoevo vremeni
  6. Nova
    Nova 25 June 2012 19: 35
    I prefer the idea of ​​an American automatic mortar, according to Discovery, it was somehow shown.
    1. datur
      datur 25 June 2012 20: 37
      Nova, - we have VASILEK - IT'S EASY TO UPGRADE AND AT ALL THE TALE WILL BE, but who will give our developers something denyushka - now my trend with Serdyukov is different - they have deployed their stigmas to the west, and all of them have complete fi !!! sad however !!!!
  7. Pessimist
    Pessimist 26 June 2012 00: 46
    The 81-82mm mortar mine is a very lethal weapon against manpower, do not underestimate! From the mine, a fragmentation funnel the size of a soldier's hat, the radius of continuous destruction is about 8 meters. In case of an unexpected mortar attack, plus accuracy, it is a very good thing to cover all the parking lots of "bandit formations" !!!
    ANTRAX 26 June 2012 12: 34
    the main thing is that the cable does not break smile and so a good toy for partisans.
  9. caprall
    caprall 25 March 2013 19: 49
    By the way, an interesting model! It would be nice if we would have something similar, only better double-barreled, fully automatic up to 60 rounds per minute, automatic aiming and adjustment, a rotary table 360, on a wheeled platform (Tiger napimer), well, the deployment time is about 30 seconds caliber 82 or 120 mm