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F90 assault rifle from Thales


At the international exhibition of arms, Eurosatory-2012, Thales presented the new assault rifle F90. F90 - light innovation weaponthat meets all the requirements of the conditions of modern combat for this weapon. The extensive experience of the Australian company in the field of small arms manufacturing has distinguished F90 from a series of similar weapons that have been in service with the armies of Australia and 30 countries of the world for more than two decades.

The public is presented with a modification of a rifle weighing 3,25 kg with a high level of reliability and fast target acquisition. The so-called bullpup design allows the rifle to have an elongated barrel and provides a higher initial speed of the bullet while maintaining the compact size of the product.

The F90 kit provides the ability to use the 40mm under-barrel grenade launcher that joins the rifle for a few seconds.

F90 is an analogue of EF88, developed by the company as part of the Australian program LAND-125 and based on the F88 platform, which has been in operation and developed in the Australian armed forces since the end of the 1980s. The weapon will be available in five versions: F90, F90 (G) (a modification involving the installation of a grenade launcher); F90M (Marksman - modification with an extended barrel); F90M (G) and F90CQB (carbines). The modification of Marksman is the same as F88SA2, which is in service with the Australian army, but is lighter on 0,5, while the equivalent version of F90 (G) is lighter on more than 1,6.


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  1. AK-74-1
    AK-74-1 25 June 2012 09: 30
    Beautiful trunk. I don’t know how reliable it is, but the copy is interesting. I don’t understand why we don’t have weapons built according to the BULLPAP system. This is as noted, and reduces the dimensions and the length of the barrel allows you to increase.
    1. radikdan79
      radikdan79 25 June 2012 09: 59
      Along with the advantages (mainly compactness), this system also has disadvantages:
      - Highly located sights make the shooter rise higher from the shelter, for example, when shooting from a lying position;
      - the extractor window is too close to the shooter's face, and when firing from the left hand with the right-handed extractor, the liners fly directly into the shooter's face. there is the possibility of changing the direction of the extraction of the sleeve, but this does not solve the problem of the accumulation of powder gases in the face of the shooter. there are more radical measures - in the automatic grenade launcher system A-91, to solve the extraction problem, a scheme was developed with the cartridges removed from the receiver forward, through a special channel running along the breech of the barrel and leading the cartridges out to the right, slightly behind the pistol grip (which is somewhat complicated the design);
      - the specific location of the store makes reloading much more difficult, especially when firing from a prone position;
      and Russia has weapons built on the bullpup principle. it just didn't get widespread


      OC-14 "Thunderstorm"

      1. PLO
        PLO 25 June 2012 11: 49
        who knows, comment on whether it’s actually purchased?
        1. luiswoo
          luiswoo 26 June 2012 17: 37
          Quote: arms-expo
          Victor Zelenko, general designer of the KBP KBP, said that the new ADF was tested and put into service four years ago, however, it is purchased in scanty quantities, two per year.

          The designer said that at the moment only the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the FSB are buying new weapons, and it is also exported to Algeria, Syria, the Emirates, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Canada and other countries. The quality of the weapon suits everyone, and re-orders are underway, but in Russia there is simply no money for it, said V. Zelenko.
          Read more:

          2011 article of the year, but I think that has not changed much.
      2. Korvin
        Korvin 25 June 2012 20: 00
        Definitely, I’ll add to you and myself, Thunderstorm, according to the reviews used, really, smokes, very much, but basically this is a problem of ammunition of domestic production, but in general bullpups are acceptable for gas contamination BUT when silencers are put on., Smoke, they start everything. as in the F2000 and A91M it causes its own problems, in particular, the appearance of a mirage in the area of ​​sights and the difficulty of quickly checking if the cartridge is delayed.
    2. Korvin
      Korvin 25 June 2012 19: 52
      That is, how is it not, my friend? Tulyakov has almost all the rolls. From the last ASh12.
  2. Chicot 1
    Chicot 1 25 June 2012 09: 30
    At the heart of this family is the Austrian StG77 / AUG. Good enough rifle. A number of decisions laid down in it served as the basis for imitation in other systems of small arms.
    The Australians, if possible, modified the rifle, however (judging by the proposed material) they did not make fundamental changes to its design. But in any case, this sample deserves some attention ... Yes, and as a result, pretty nice thing came out. That, in general, is also important ... smile
    Thanks to the author! yes And "+" in the piggy bank ... laughing
    1. Svistoplyaskov
      Svistoplyaskov 25 June 2012 09: 39
      Quote: Chicot 1
      This family is based on the Austrian StG77 / AUG

      So the French did not take their FAMAS as a basis, or at least finalized it.
      1. Chicot 1
        Chicot 1 25 June 2012 11: 07
        I meant specifically Australian rifles, not all "bullpads" in general ... wink
        And why exactly the French did not take the StG77 to arm their army, it is necessary to ask the French themselves ... wink Although, I think, if they had done it, it would have been an order of magnitude more ... bully
      2. leon-iv
        leon-iv 25 June 2012 14: 15
        FAMAS is a mixture of PP and an assault rifle?
        Do not make me laugh.
        1. Chicot 1
          Chicot 1 25 June 2012 17: 55
          Respected leon-iv, did you even understand what you said? ... smile
          However, "+" you. Laughing ... laughing
          1. leon-iv
            leon-iv 25 June 2012 18: 43
            yeah funny
            For doing assault rifle on a half-free bolt.
            Even the Chinaez did not think of such a thing.
            1. Chicot 1
              Chicot 1 25 June 2012 21: 34
              An example of a machine gun MG-42 (and its modern version MG3), which uses the principle of automatic control on a half-free shutter with roller locking, is very, very indicative in this regard. For 70 years it has been in service. It has established itself as a reliable and unpretentious weapon. And the G3 assault rifle also showed itself not from the worst side ...

              And by the way, how can we not recall our discussion with you about the Armenian-made Vagan machine gun, dear leon-iv. Judging by its appearance, it clearly does not work on the principle of removal of powder gases. And the elongated rear of the receiver indicates that the shutter rolls out after it is disengaged from the barrel or receiver. A clear sign of the semi-free shutter automation ... However, you, dear leon-iv, at that time they defended this brainchild of Armenian gunsmiths with all their might and presumably agreed with the authors of the material that "Vagan" is a first-class weapon ... wink

              And the Chinese, they really didn't think of this. You very, very correctly and truly noticed this. Why do you need another "+" in the piggy bank ... smile
              1. leon-iv
                leon-iv 26 June 2012 00: 26
                And by the way, how can we not remember our discussion with you about the Armenian-made Vagan machine gun, dear leon-iv.
                Umm, about this Armenian miracle, I did not discuss with you. If not hard to remind.
                a little google I did not find myself in this top
       или еще где то было?
                An example of a machine gun MG-42 (and its modern version MG3), which uses the principle of automatic control on a half-free shutter with roller locking, is very, very indicative in this regard. For 70 years it has been in service. It has established itself as a reliable and unpretentious weapon. And the G3 assault rifle also showed itself not from the worst side ...
                And what of this FAMAS also climbed out of the AAT-52 and what does it change.
                And even considering that the Germans G3 riveted because they did not sell their license to FN FAL. Also gives food for thought.
                + Germans from the 60s began to nibble on a cactus with G11, realizing that G3 is not suitable. And the result put into service G-36
                And only francs still nibble on a cactus.
    2. Korvin
      Korvin 25 June 2012 20: 07
      I liked the weight 3,25 kg with a full rifle barrel. And this despite the fact that bullpups are almost always heavier than the classics and also from above a bunch of incomprehensible artsy garbage is stuck under a picinka to a regular AUG. What’s the way?
      1. Chicot 1
        Chicot 1 25 June 2012 21: 49
        Yes, there is nothing incomprehensible and pretentious, dear Korvin... Everything is quite practical and functional. And under the "picatinny" there is a trunk. More precisely, its breech with a chamber and stops for coupling it to the receiver ...
        1. Korvin
          Korvin 25 June 2012 23: 09
          I’m talking about the protrusions that are above the front arc of the trigger guard on the side, is it a side rail fastening or something? It’s just that in an ordinary AUG with rails everything is decided easier and clumsy, is this design interesting or all these protrusions have some kind of constructive need)))
  3. Middle-brother
    Middle-brother 25 June 2012 09: 44
    a beautiful thing, but far from a breakthrough in the creation of small arms. Designers play with uniforms and ammunition, but do nothing fundamentally new.
    Article +
      EMILPOLAK 25 June 2012 10: 13
      a fundamentally new one will appear only if fundamentally new types of ammunition are created (whose work will be based on other physical principles). and will continue to be played with materials, shapes, barrel length and various electronic gadgets.
      1. valex
        valex 25 June 2012 11: 52
        The Germans made a caseless ammunition for the G11 was a rather successful design, but, according to some sources, after the unification of Germany, an excess of small arms was formed and the barrel did not go into series. Similar work was carried out here in Russia, a sample of a pistol for a caseless cartridge is in St. Petersburg, in the Art Museum. (If I am not mistaken, 48 (forty-eight) charges were squeezed into the size of "Gyurza")
        1. radikdan79
          radikdan79 25 June 2012 13: 24

          Development was promising. however, the system also had disadvantages:
          - problems with the storage of shellless ammunition and their equipment stores (ideally, it was supposed to equip stores at the factory and send already equipped stores to the army);

          cartridgeless cartridges - early development on the left, on the right - the final version of the DM11 cartridge (sectional view)

          - some complication of the rifle device

          "... The rifle automatics works due to the energy of powder gases discharged from the barrel. The cartridges are placed in the magazine above the barrel with the bullets down. The G11 rifle has a unique rotating breech chamber, into which the cartridge is fed vertically down before firing. Then the chamber rotates 90 degrees, and when the cartridge stands on the line of the barrel, a shot occurs, while the cartridge itself is not fed into the barrel.Since the cartridge is caseless (with a burning primer), the automatic operation cycle is simplified due to the refusal to extract the spent cartridge case. is pushed down when the next round is fed. The mechanism is cocked using the rotary knob on the left side of the weapon.
          The barrel, firing mechanism (excluding the fuse / translator and the trigger), rotary breech with mechanics and magazine are mounted on a single base that can move back and forth inside the rifle body. When firing in single or long bursts, the entire mechanism performs a full rollback-rollback cycle after each shot, which ensures a decrease in recoil (similar to artillery systems). When firing in bursts of three shots, the cartridge is fed and fired immediately after the previous one, at a rate of up to 2000 rounds per minute. In this case, the entire mobile system comes to an extremely rearward position after the third shot, while the recoil begins to act on the weapon and the shooter again after the end of the queue, which ensures extremely high accuracy of fire (a similar solution was used in the Russian machine gun AN-94 "Abakan" ) ... "
          taken from

          - Non-compliance with NATO standards also played a small role in the refusal to adopt ...

          Quote: valex
          sample of a gun under a cartridgeless cartridge

          here it is VAG-73

          but the cartridgeless cartridge was of a different design
          - the sleeveless cartridge of engineer Gerasimenko is a steel bullet having a thin wall. The cartridge is rounded in front, on the reverse side it has a cavity for gunpowder, as well as a thread for screwing in the capsule.
          1. Kibb
            Kibb 25 June 2012 14: 40
            The whole problem is that a cartridge of the Gerasimenko type has a very low muzzle energy - this is generally a problem for all reactive systems, which is why barrel artillery exists. The German cartridge is not active - it is simply without a sleeve
            1. Kibb
              Kibb 25 June 2012 15: 02
              Would be like this
      2. Middle-brother
        Middle-brother 25 June 2012 16: 14
        and I'm talking about the same
  4. bazilio
    bazilio 25 June 2012 11: 10
    I agree with the majority, the rifle is interesting, but there is nothing fundamentally new. To date, Tavor and AUG (especially the latter) can be called analogues of this rifle. Famas, SA 80, FN 2000 and so on stand nearby. In terms of performance characteristics, all samples are approximately the same, therefore, for a potential buyer, the question of price will be in the first place. I would like to look at a comparison of performance characteristics and practical use of this rifle with other analogues, including Russian bullpup. And then talk and speculation is one thing, and comparison in practice is another
    1. Kibb
      Kibb 25 June 2012 17: 03
      Quote: bazilio
      AUG (especially the latter).

      so this is AUG, there everything is perfectly visible in the photo of incomplete disassembly
    DERWISH 25 June 2012 17: 22
    thunder bullpap
  6. Fidain
    Fidain 25 June 2012 18: 14
    Ya bi ne otkazalsa ot takoi igrushki, po mne v 100 ras luchshe chem TAVOR ...
  7. Korvin
    Korvin 25 June 2012 20: 19
    Khe-m ... I certainly can’t say anything bad about Thales, but I didn’t know that the production of a licensed AUG under the F88 Ausshteir index is now called, a lot of experience in the production of small arms,))) And the barrel is beautiful. Harmonious, good weight, made grooves on the trunk for better cooling ...
  8. romachipo
    romachipo 26 June 2012 22: 29
    this is my favorite weapon! even in games, these weapons are almost unmatched! Although it is inferior to the AK 107 in many ways, everything is a good weapon! good
  9. artem9570
    artem9570 21 October 2012 21: 59
    regular Steyr AUG