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Exemplary Commander, Optimization Aviation Regiment Defender

Patriotism and love for their country is brought up with examples of real heroes. The Memory of Generations Charitable Foundation provides support to war veterans, as well as telling stories our brave compatriots. So, in the project “Heroes of Russia, which no one saw them”, organized by the Foundation, this year 25 heroes participated, who showed incredible courage and bravery. One of them is Colonel Victor Markelov, who defended the interests of our country by taking part in operations in hot spots, and today inspires the younger generation to selfless service to the Motherland.

Viktor Vasilievich Markelov fought in Afghanistan as commander of an air regiment. For two years, under his leadership, the regiment carried out more than three thousand sorties, without incurring losses in flight personnel or in aviation technique. Pilots of Viktor Vasilievich, who were called the “Markelists”, flew on the MiG-27 supersonic fighter-bomber and showed excellent results, masterfully performing each task. The pilots noted that the colonel conscientiously and strictly conducts work with personnel and introduces new methods of training combat skills for use in difficult conditions and unfamiliar terrain. As a result of Viktor Vasilievich’s command, about three hundred “Markelovites” were awarded high military awards, and Markelov himself was awarded the Order of the Red Banner in 1989.

At the end of the war in Afghanistan, Markelov participated in the hostilities in Abkhazia, Chechnya and was part of the collective peacekeeping forces in Tajikistan. During this time, he mastered more than ten different types of aircraft and their modifications. In 1996, Viktor Vasilyevich received the title of Hero of the Russian Federation, and in August 2000 for outstanding achievements in the development of aviation technology, high rates in the education and training of flight personnel and many years of trouble-free work in military aviation, he was awarded the honorary title of Honored Military Pilot of the Russian Federation . In addition to successfully performing combat missions, Markelov was deeply involved in the training of subordinates - he was a demanding, principled and caring commander-tutor. Thanks to this attitude, he was one of the few who managed to defend his legendary 461 attack assault air regiment from "optimization": cuts and redeployment during reforms.

Colonel Markelov retired in 2002 year - he now works in the administration of Krasnodar. He heads the veteran organization of the Heroes of the Soviet Union and Russia and is proud of the fact that it includes his countrymen: the attack aircraft Ivan Konyukhov, who saved his plane, which was shot down in battle; veteran of the Great Patriotic War artilleryman Pavel Syutkin; Helicopter pilot Andrei Volovikov, awarded with four Orders of Courage. They are actively engaged in the patriotic education of young people: they participate in youth army rallies and hold meetings with students of local schools. Heroes talk about their exploits, teach the younger generation to remember that in any case the main thing is to benefit their country and people.

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  1. Observer2014
    Observer2014 April 13 2019 14: 15
    Exemplary Commander, Optimization Aviation Regiment Defender
    This is all clear. It is definitely necessary. But with a pension, for example, our citizens, how and what will we do? And not only with pension. And with the salary of citizens of a great country hi Shouting hallelujah to Colonel Viktor Markelov. I have absolutely nothing against this person. I have against saying to those in power: Who are spreading their people in poverty. am
    P / Sy Speak .Yes.
    1. knn54
      knn54 April 13 2019 14: 42
      Pete, it’s easiest to get a starley. A lieutenant is given at the end of the school. It’s very difficult to get a general / admiral. Especially if you have a staff position (generals / admirals have children and sons-in-law).
      But Brezhnev said a wonderful phrase, not the generals won the war, but the colonels.
      1. Pete mitchell
        Pete mitchell April 13 2019 15: 23
        Quote: knn54
        generals / admirals have children and sons-in-law

        Remember: - Dad, can I become a general? “You can, son,” answered the papa general. - And the marshal? “No, the marshal has his own son.”

        If I am not mistaken, it was a question of the administrative troubles with the assignment of a lieutenant. And with the assignment of the colonel, it’s troubles of a political nature: those in power want to understand who is given the real Commander’s power in their hands.
        1. Pete mitchell
          Pete mitchell April 14 2019 00: 46
          "Minusovshiki", why didn't you like the anecdote? Is it just a sporting interest, or does every 'ancient & casual' can't sleep?
          Great weekend to everyone hi
    2. Evil echo
      Evil echo April 13 2019 14: 51
      And why are you spoiling here in the comments of the article about a worthy person? Or the meaning of life to spoil what would be noticed?
    3. Gray brother
      Gray brother April 13 2019 16: 48
      Quote: Observer2014
      I have against telling those in power

      They are not here. You are not at the address.
      1. Observer2014
        Observer2014 April 13 2019 16: 55
        [quote = Gray brother] [quote = Observer 2014] I have a say against those in power [/ quote]
        [quote] They are not here. [/ quote]
        There is yes
        1. Gray brother
          Gray brother April 13 2019 16: 56
          Quote: Observer2014
          There is

          A friend of mine devils caught a couple of months ago and claimed the same thing.
  2. Pete mitchell
    Pete mitchell April 13 2019 14: 17
    We were told that the hardest thing was to get the rank of lieutenant and colonel in the Union. The lieutenant is the first officer rank and opens the way forward. It’s difficult to get a colonel, because it was in the hands of these people that they had the power to command their people directly.

    Long life to you Colonel
  3. silberwolf88
    silberwolf88 April 13 2019 14: 40
    One of the few who did not bend under unreasonable decisions and reforms ... it also takes courage
  4. Wiknik
    Wiknik April 13 2019 15: 10
    If I am not mistaken, the commander was Colonel Starysh, Lieutenant Colonel Markelov of the deputy regiment. But the man is excellent, loved and respected.
    134 UPS
  5. edeligor
    edeligor April 13 2019 16: 46
    Thanks to this attitude, he was one of the few who managed to protect his legendary 461st Attack Aviation Regiment from "optimization": reductions and redeployments during reforms.
    Where to find such a leader at present? The time of rampant cuts in ALL areas of government. I'm just wondering how long can THIS outrage go on? After the adopted retirement sequestration, the loud slogans of those in power from all zombie channels about the fight against poverty and the upcoming technological breakthrough. Where will you put the people, the ruling party ?! Where can we find such heroes to show you Judah from the government, where are you leading the population of Russia?
  6. Observer2014
    Observer2014 April 13 2019 17: 07
    Quote: Gray Brother
    Quote: Observer2014
    There is

    A friend of mine devils caught a couple of months ago and claimed the same thing.

    Thank you good .Will be a school recourse
  7. Prisoner
    Prisoner April 13 2019 17: 23
    Serious man. It is a pity that it was not they who decided the fate of such air regiments and many others, but the worms in the troops who did not narrow!