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Hypersonic weapons on the "stealth": the United States again scare Russia

Hypersonic weapons on the "stealth": the United States again scare RussiaThe US military intends to significantly increase funding for projects to develop hypersonic weapons and equip fifth-generation F-22 and F-35 stealth planes with similar ammunition. Such US activity seriously worried Russia.

For decades, the military of different countries tried to create missiles capable of flying at hypersonic speeds. Such weapons are practically invulnerable and can overcome any air defense. Until now, tests of hypersonic weapons have been going on with varying success, and until the creation of models that can be put into service is far away.

However, the US Air Force wants to change the situation and, moreover, to expand the shock capabilities of its fifth-generation aircraft.

The US military announced its intention to increase the development budget in the field of hypersonic ammunition by 150% - from the current 6,2 million dollars to 15,4 million dollars in 2013 year. In addition, it is planned to equip fifth-generation stealth fighters F-5 and F-22 with missiles flying 35 times faster than sound. This will allow you to quickly destroy any air defense system and with impunity to strike at targets protected by a powerful echeloned anti-aircraft defense system. The increase in the budget will be aimed primarily at accelerating the development of samples of missiles suitable for combat use.

Unlike strategic hypersonic weapons, such as the HTV-2, tactical missiles such as the X-51 will probably be widely used even in local conflicts.

Currently, the most compact hypersonic ammunition is the 8-meter prototype of the X-51 Waverider rocket, which is launched from the B-52 bomber. Fighters will have to develop much more compact rockets, which presents a certain complexity, since a powerful rocket engine and a perfect compact ramjet engine are required to accelerate to high speeds.

According to Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, studies of hypersonic weapons that the US plans to complete by 2015 year pose a particularly serious threat to Russia.

Hypersonic missiles significantly violate the existing parity in the field of conventional and even strategic weapons. Thanks to high-speed missiles, subtle fighters will be able to deliver unexpected disarming attacks that will pave the way for “traditional” means of attack, for example, bombers or cruise missiles.

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  1. Ataturk
    Ataturk 23 June 2012 08: 46
    Come on, they scared you. The hedgehog was scared bare back. There is no method against scrap if there is no other scrap. I am sure that there is always the right scrap for the Russian sinus to answer. So in vain rejoiced.
    1. andrey586
      andrey586 23 June 2012 09: 34
      I wish them to make a rocket as "good" as f 22, f35 laughing
      1. nycsson
        nycsson 23 June 2012 11: 25
        I do not share your optimism! Unfortunately, our Finnish armored personnel carriers are buying ours, since we are not able to make ours! And you already master the hypersound! recourse
        1. 755962
          755962 23 June 2012 12: 39
          There was infa on the topic.The X-90 Koala cruise missile is Russia's new weapon?
          The new Russian weapons, the world's first maneuvering hypersonic cruise missile, must successfully overcome any missile defense system. The missile is called the X-90, and is the Kremlin’s response to Washington’s missile defense program. A prototype missile is designated as GELA (a hypersonic experimental aircraft). In the west, the project is known under the harmless name "AS-X-21 Koala".
          Description of the cruise missile X-90:

          developer - ICD "Rainbow"
          control system - inertial and radio command
          length - 8 ... 9 m
          wingspan - 6,8 ... 7 m
          weight - 15 t
          engine - scramjet
          Accelerator - RTTT
          flight speed - 4 ... 5 Mach
          launch height - 7000 m
          flight altitude - 7000 ... 20000 m
          launch range 3000 ... 3500 km
          the number of warheads - 2
          warhead power - 200 ct
          1. Tyumen
            Tyumen 23 June 2012 20: 34
            There is an article about * Koala *, you can not attract other sites.
        2. mark021105
          mark021105 23 June 2012 17: 22
          GDP several years ago in its speeches spoke of an asymmetric response to NATO threats, including the latest hypersonic missiles. As for this information, it resembles the 1982 SOI.
          1. nycsson
            nycsson 23 June 2012 23: 23
            If so, then I'm only happy !!! God grant that we have something to rattle!
        3. alps
          alps 24 June 2012 03: 04
          How many have already bought?
    2. Hedgehog
      Hedgehog 24 June 2012 20: 26
      so more about the hedgehog
  2. Drugar
    Drugar 23 June 2012 08: 48
    The US military announced its intention to increase the development budget in the field of hypersonic ammunition by 150% ..... According to Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, research on hypersonic weapons, which the US plans to complete by 2015, poses a particularly serious threat to Russia .... .

    The only way out for Russia is to increase the budget for the development of the S-500 by 200% ....
    Maybe in this way at least a quarter of the funds will reach the end point without being stolen ...
    1. Sleptsoff
      Sleptsoff 23 June 2012 11: 08
      S-500 is certainly good, but you don’t offer to defend yourself forever, you also need offensive systems similar to Amer’s.
    2. Stealth
      Stealth 23 June 2012 18: 23
      Well, what does the S-500 have to do with it? Even the S-300, not to mention the S-400, is capable of hitting hypersonic targets, so I somehow don't understand the reasons for this panic. I especially do not understand how such a missile is going to be crammed into the internal compartment of the F-22, into which only one 450-kg bomb fits, or the F-35 can fit as many as two 450-kg bombs, but even the subsonic tactical anti-ship missile "Harpoon" does not fit or PRR "Harm". In general, laughter and only ... No panic please wink
      1. 11 black
        11 black 25 June 2012 09: 24
        absolutely true stealth
        such a missile in general on any small-sized aircraft (fighter / attack aircraft) can only be placed on an external sling, but then this aircraft greatly loses speed and maneuverability and the "stealth" concept completely collapses, that is, the carrier itself may come under attack ...
        and our latest air-to-air rocket with a range of 400km will help him in this ... laughing
  3. taseka
    taseka 23 June 2012 08: 51
    Hrenonovo of course! But I’m sure that our scientists will find an even more chrenon system of their destruction !!! There is a nut on the bolt!
  4. Svistoplyaskov
    Svistoplyaskov 23 June 2012 08: 53
    Author's quote: .... "The US military announced its intention to increase the development budget for hypersonic munitions by 150% - from the current $ 6,2 million to $ 15,4 million in 2013" ...

    So what's the problem, if this is such an important area that threatens the strategic balance, you can allocate $ 50 million. I think for Russia this is not a problem! It’s better than to suck in a $ 100 million per year football team!
    1. kuzmich
      kuzmich 23 June 2012 09: 12
      don't talk about football please
      1. Svistoplyaskov
        Svistoplyaskov 23 June 2012 10: 46
        Quote: kuzmich
        don't talk about football please

        Sorry - apparently anger is splashing out!
    2. El13
      El13 23 June 2012 14: 54
      Quote: Whistling
      So what's the problem...

      The problem is that these are the funds that will be spent on research in existing laboratories, by existing specialists on existing equipment ... I think I put it clearly ... And we, apparently, also need to create a base, and this is not only money but also time unfortunately.
      1. Hairy Siberian
        Hairy Siberian 23 June 2012 17: 14
        Quote: El13
        The problem is that these are the funds that will be spent on research in existing laboratories, by existing specialists on existing equipment ... I think I put it clearly ... And we, apparently, also need to create a base, and this is not only money but also time unfortunately.

        I think this is also solvable. Russia should have money for this business, but it can be accelerated with it. In addition, Russia has a scout president, and there are no former scouts!
        1. El13
          El13 23 June 2012 19: 18
          I don’t agree, no matter how much money you have, but you won’t give birth to a child faster than it should be ... Training a specialist at a university takes about 5-6 years (4 years for an emergency) - this is only one of the stages.
    3. Denzel13
      Denzel13 23 June 2012 15: 06
      National team for what? Do we have a soccer team? (I also apologize, but how else can you characterize those people who entered the field from the Russian Federation. And communication after the game with the fans is generally beyond understanding).
  5. Bugor
    Bugor 23 June 2012 08: 57
    And how are they going to launch an 8-meter rocket? That is, with external pylons? Stealth technology then finally needless?
    1. scutum
      scutum 23 June 2012 11: 35
      The F-117A seems to be fairly well visible by Soviet air defense systems (for example, Serbia). to place the rocket on the pylons of the external suspension of the F-22 - EPR increases - so what kind of "stealth" then?
  6. Delink
    Delink 23 June 2012 09: 02
    Surely something similar is being developed here too, if it’s not already ready, only everyone keeps it a secret. And, as always, the amers will suddenly be scared that we have something to which amers still think and think.

    In general, you need to keep your eyes open, under the nose of amers under the norfolk or from western America near the borders of Canada
    1. tungus
      tungus 23 June 2012 11: 24
      The first thing that comes to mind from our similar developments is the "Russian-Hindu" "Brahmos", created on the basis of our "Onyx". There, they have been talking about the creation of a hypersonic modification of the rocket for two years already, maybe tests are already underway.

      The second is the X-90 rocket. The X-90 missile is launched using the Tu-160M strategic bombers. "M" - modified - means in this case that the wings of the machine are increased. The experimental X-90 prototype was successfully tested in February 2004, during the strategic command-and-staff exercises “2004 Security” in the presence of Vladimir Putin.
      According to the developers, the X-90 missile is able to overcome all available as well as advanced missile defense systems and destroy targets with great accuracy, including on other continents.
      According to reports, the missile was planned for adoption in the 2010 year.
      Work on the creation of the X-90 has been going on since the 1976 year. At the end of the 70's, the X-90 prototype reached the speed of 2,5-3 M, and in the 80's already 3-4 M. At the moment, according to reports, the rocket speed exceeds 5M, and the range is 3500 km. Each missile carries two warheads with nuclear warheads with an 200 CT each. The length of the rocket is 8 meters, mass-15 tons, flight altitude from 7000 to 20000 meters.

      Third. This is what was tested as a warhead for the UR-100N (SS-19 Stiletto) in the mid-XNUMXs. "This", in contrast to the existing ballistic warheads, is capable of "at any time change the flight trajectory in accordance with a predetermined program, both along the course and in height, or be re-aimed at another target over the enemy's territory."
      In fact, some kind of hypersonic missile was used as a warhead. In any case, in order to maneuver as described, it is necessary that the warhead has an engine and some rudders (aerodynamic and / or gasdynamic). Well, the speed (at the time the warhead entered the dense atmosphere, its speed was 5000 m / s, about 18000 km / h). says that we are dealing specifically with a hypersonic system.
      1. postman
        postman 23 June 2012 12: 09
        Why so many words, numbers, quotes ?????
        The article deals with the development of missiles of the class: air-to-ground, located inside the fuselage compartments on type carriers. F22
        Hypersonic. For use in local conflicts
        And you about MBR 100tn, X-15tn, brahmos 5tn and other yao.
        About Apple with MBR add: 4
        1. Igarr
          Igarr 23 June 2012 16: 12
          Friend tungus ..
          Thank you for the post, but did not understand.
          Why the x-90 two warheads with nuclear warheads?
          Does the missile also act as a bomber?
          Then, let the amers immediately sign the act of unconditional surrender.

          And then, you see, our Dolgoruky will shoot back, and then take off - to destroy the US space group.
          1. Igarr
            Igarr 23 June 2012 16: 30
            I read .. about X-90.
            And ... added.
        2. Oleg 11111
          Oleg 11111 23 June 2012 17: 07
          THEY ARE DIMENSIONAL CANNOT BE BROUGHT TO THE MIND - A YOU SPEAK FOR COMPACT ROCKETS - YES and their cost for local conflicts will be space
          1. postman
            postman 24 June 2012 01: 34
            Oleg 11111,
            Oversized have long been brought to mind and oversized too.
            For the sake of interest (or self-education), compare the performance characteristics (well, at least of the complexes with 400 and. THAD) Mass / speed / range / type of destruction of the target.
            Do not believe newspaper delirium.

            Look what is used in local conflicts: the "ax" is not cheap, but lope ...
            Do you have a concept about the cost of production? Cost x pieces?
            1. tungus
              tungus 24 June 2012 09: 48
              For the postman (1).

              Are you trying to contrast THAAD C-400? smile
              First: how much does one THAAD complex cost? I recall - more than 2x mld. dollars. C-400 same-order 400 million
              Further. THAAD-200 km missile range, maximum intercept altitude-150km. A missile with similar characteristics for C-400-48Н6М. Yes, its speed is 2100 m / s, and not 3000m / c like THAAD, but their range of targets is different!
              THAAD is a missile defense system, unlike C-400.
              Yes, and let's compare the target hit ratio of these systems. At C-400, it is 0,8-0,9. How much does THAAD have?
              Let me remind you that THAAD missiles use the concept of "kinetic interception", i.e. the rocket must hit exactly the target. They do not carry any explosives, respectively, a slip of half a meter - and all-purpose is gone. For comparison: C-400 cleans the sky in a radius of up to 50 m with a cloud of damaging elements.
              And further. Today, THAAD is capable of destroying ballistic targets whose trajectory is known in advance with a given accuracy. And many experts note that the direct hit concept limits the possibility of countering this complex with complex ballistic targets, and the possibility of countering non-ballistic (maneuvering) targets is doubtful.
              1. postman
                postman 24 June 2012 15: 40
                for tungus
                You are confusing, I am not. It said "at least".
                I don’t quite understand why you are bringing $ billions? Do we have advanced training courses for accountants?
                Compare THAAD from the USA (currency $) with C-400 we (currency Ruble), well, not correct, but this is not the main thing and has nothing to do with the essence.
                1. you brought good wiki characteristics, BUT FORGOTTEN ABOUT WEIGHT! but about this I wrote. 900 kg and 1900 kg.
                2. According to the nomenclature: S-400-Designed to defeat all modern and promising means of air-space attack
                3. about the fact that THAAD can not hit aerial targets, read the test results, it can confidently. Another thing is that it is not intended (from a gun on sparrows), and the radar from 10g in place.
                Well, you do not like it, take MIM-104D / F, just pay attention to the weight of the rocket and calculate the specific characteristic range (speed) / weight.
                Quote: tungus
                How much does THAAD have?
                - Let's compare, and how many PPCs have been reported? AND?
                Where do you get the S-400 from? and how do you get it? Well also take for THAAD (visit LMco)
                Quote: tungus
                Let me remind you that THAAD missiles use the concept of "kinetic interception"
                . Do not. I know. And I will not remind the reason WHY abandoned the warhead.
                I do not understand what you wanted to say by this?
                What to destroy "kinetically" is it an indicator that the complex is worse than undermining a warhead at a distance of 50m?
                Quote: tungus
                And further.
                (etc). These are fairy tales. Do not repeat propaganda slogans.
                I understand that many of us are accustomed to calling Americans: stupid, always chewing fat animals that have no spirit, no conscience, no courage .. Let.
                But you can’t seriously consider them so clinical idiots who buy complexes
                Quote: tungus
                I recall, more than 2 mln. dollars.
                shooting at targets with a radio beacon, with a previously known trajectory.
                You read the test reports at your leisure.
                Let me remind you of THAAD (by the way, I’ve got the error thAd (due to the ics4 rye-wrote from the phone), I am surprised that no one kicked) I brought in to show the dimensions of the rockets for the internal compartment 22.
                Moreover, that for MIM-104, that for KV - this is almost applicable.
                What Lockheed Martin buzzes about since 2008
            2. Oleg 11111
              Oleg 11111 24 June 2012 15: 54
              Who brought it? Tamahawks are subsonic and not as effective as it seems to you. They stand unmeasured and even weren’t enough for Libya. Read for the sake of interest
              1. postman
                postman 24 June 2012 16: 35
                for Oleg 11111
                "WHO brought it?": MBDA, PWR, Diehl Stiftung & Co. KG, MBB

                Quote: Oleg 11111
                Subsonic Tamahawks
                - imagine I know.
                Nothing "seems to me", I am used to operating with numbers (confirmed).

                Quote: Oleg 11111
                Are unmeasured and even

                that's why he brought it, and read it yourself "for the sake of interest" how much was released:
                Libya, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya. And about the prospects and the doctrine.
                cost determines the cost of production, almost inversely proportional to the number. I wrote about this
                1. Oleg 11111
                  Oleg 11111 24 June 2012 22: 42
        3. tungus
          tungus 23 June 2012 17: 55
          For "postman (1)"

          When it comes to hypersonic systems, the carrier of them is of secondary importance. By itself, a hypersonic guided missile, capable of maneuvering at speeds above 5M, and having a more or less significant range, is an extremely complex and high-tech system. It is in the full sense of the word "weapon of the future". And the good news is that we are working on at least three such systems. I also wrote about them.
          1. postman
            postman 24 June 2012 01: 46
            For tungus,

            Carrier, especially with low EPR (internal compartment), is of utmost importance
            Itself to myself ... and so on, do you imagine the purpose of the carrier?
            Starting from 1000km or starting from 200km? Need to continue?
            Extremely complex and so on .... I had a little bit of an attitude towards testing the object at the base of the S-200go.
            We have mathematics no worse than in the USA, there are difficulties with the technological base.
            We now have problems with detonation combustion in the sz stream.
            And the British (mda) are at the finish line of the decision
            1. tungus
              tungus 24 June 2012 10: 28
              Reduced ESR? I remember that the F-117 was also lowered. And where is the cimus? Where is that stealth?
              Reduced EPR, due to changes in the angles of the reflecting surface of the airframe, is such a fairy tale, similar to the destruction of the ozone layer by freon from household refrigerators. Yes, if the plane flies strictly on the radar, while the radar is at the height of the flight of the aircraft, and the radar emits in the X-band, of course, yes, yes. EPR will be reduced. But how often is such an idyllic picture in harsh reality? No one has yet succeeded in making the plane inconspicuous at any angle and from any waves (well, or at least from the L-band). And it’s unlikely to succeed.

              Further. Internal stealth compartment smile
              The maximum load on ALL F-22 internal compartments is 1250 kg. smile
              Tell me, what kind of hypersonic missile can I put in there? What will be the range of such a rocket?
              On the other hand, up to 160 tons can be crammed into the TU-40. But he is not "stealth". How will this affect the effectiveness of the use of hypersonic weapons?
              As for the detonation-pulsating engines, here I can not object to you, since it is not the topic at what stage these works are with us. I heard that they were already conducted in the late nineties, not at a very fast pace.
              However, in my opinion, this engine is appropriate for creating hypersonic aircraft. For missiles, a ramjet is quite enough. Fortunately, the speed there is limited only by the strength of the case materials. The hypersonic "Brahmos" is being created on the basis of a ramjet engine. By the way, it is in materials that can withstand temperature and overloads that occur when moving at hypersonic speed, and at the same time are small in size, the entire plug. They are just beginning to be developed and created.
              1. postman
                postman 24 June 2012 16: 21
                For tungus.
                1. I don’t understand what does 117 have to do with it?
                There were war elephants, the Romans used fighting Rottweilers, the secret guns of Count Shuvalov. "And where is the cimus?" And where are those elephants?
                Quote: tungus
                Reduced EPR due to changes in the angles of the reflective surface

                I will not comment on your statements about dispersion and about X and L rays. It’s the same as the perpetual motion machine of the second kind to unleash another innovator ......
                There will be time to write about the project "Athena", although it is not a future and not feasible, but it gives a simple understanding of EPR, angles, profiles, absorption, reflection.
                Quote: tungus
                To make the plane inconspicuous at any angle and from any waves (well, or at least from the L-band)
                . It turned out both L and X.
                And it’s not so difficult.

                The difficulty is that this "not shaved" la could fly with dignity
                3. I wrote (in the context of the answer and the article, about the reduction of the EPR when the weapon is in the internal compartments and on the pylons of the external suspension
                4 ..
                Quote: tungus
                Tell me, what kind of hypersonic missile can I put in there?

                And you can put ERINT "there", which LM insists on.
                Quote: tungus
                On the other hand, in the TU-160
                .I don’t really understand your idea. And in B-52? And in B-1B? What are you comparing?
                What does the effectiveness of the gz weapon mean the stealth of the carrier?
                Let's hang gzr on "bears"
                Quote: tungus
                appropriate for creating hypersonic aircraft. For rockets, ramjet is also quite sufficient.

                Do you ever think about efficiency at least occasionally?
                The speed is limited by the energy of the engine, and roughly (!) It is considered: power do (thrust) is the resistance of the medium.
                7. I will not say anything about the "Hypersonic" Brahmos ", since so far these are only statements by MAI and BrahMos Aerospace Private Limited for LENTA.RU
                And they will create it not on DU ramjet, but on DU ramjet, which means with detonation combustion in the wave.
                Quote: tungus
                By the way, it is in materials that can withstand temperature and overloads that arise when moving at hypersonic speed

                This "plug" has not been present since the first space flights, and by the time the Buran and SShutle programs are implemented (WITH REUSABILITY and not one-time use) it has been resolved to 7M, and 10 M (theoretical limit) is unlikely to be approached in terms of energy, at the level of modern chemistry.

                read at least at least Fedorov A.A. at leisure
                "Computational and theoretical study of the possibility of creating a small-sized weapon model at ranges of 6-70 km using a ramjet engine"
      2. Tyumen
        Tyumen 23 June 2012 20: 38
        Tungus, sorry, but you have not been to Popular Mechanics before
        and Inosmi?
        1. tungus
          tungus 24 June 2012 09: 18
          On Popular Mechanics, no. At Inosmi-present.
          1. Tyumen
            Tyumen 2 July 2012 18: 07
            Thanks for the answer. So, on the PM another tungus).
      3. postman
        postman 24 June 2012 18: 08
        For tungus
        1. Unfortunately, they are only talking.
        Quote: tungus
        X-90 missile launches
        , does not start, but it was proposed to run. no this gzr. That layout with Max -99 is just a layout.
        Real results were achieved only according to the Meteorite and ...
        And adopted by the X-55, subsonic.
        About 2 (!) JABCH, in my opinion, in general, someone did not rationally blur out and wanders from article to article.
        Well, then think for yourself 2 apples per 200kt! where? why? how to breed at 100km? how to direct?
        After all, BT does not fly and the zoning of damage is provided only by energy, but where can I get it?
        Quote: tungus
        "This", in contrast to the existing ballistic warheads, is capable of "changing the flight trajectory at any time.

        about "This" - just a lot of talk.
        And really (what you are describing) we can talk not about 15A30 / 15A35, but about 8K69 / "R-36orb"

        Quote: tungus
        its speed was 5000 m / s - about 18000 km / h). says that we are dealing specifically with a hypersonic system.

        Well then, the Americans with LGM-30G have the fastest hypersonic systems with Mk.12, Mk.12A, Mk.21- since they have a speed on the trajectory: 24100 km / h = 6700 m / s.
        They are called "the fastest".
  7. pribolt
    pribolt 23 June 2012 09: 29
    Rogozin is right if the United States achieves all of our air defense for them will not be a hindrance
    1. Alexei
      Alexei 23 June 2012 09: 42
      Is not a fact. Missiles are not so smart to find the target on their own. These air defense systems are mobile.
    2. Odessa
      Odessa 23 June 2012 10: 57
      Hypersonic weapons on "stealth": and on which the United States strives to give Russia guarantees?
      Today they will sign guarantees on missile defense, and tomorrow they will put into use some of the `` new developments '', that's the whole fox policy of the United States.
  8. bremest
    bremest 23 June 2012 09: 39
    These steps could be predicted 15-20 years ago and not sign a series of treaties with the United States, which significantly weakened the power and security of Russia. It is urgent that we ourselves develop and put into service hypersonic missiles. Only observing parity and the possibility of the United States receiving unacceptable damage from a Russian strike can stop them from starting a war.
  9. 77bor1973
    77bor1973 23 June 2012 10: 06
    I once read that with the development of these missiles, not everything is going smoothly! Accelerate to hypersonic accelerate but lose their orientation. I think ours is closer to the truth in this matter and there is some groundwork!
    1. Sleptsoff
      Sleptsoff 23 June 2012 11: 04
      While we think the Americans have already embodied this in matter.
    2. kotdavin4i
      kotdavin4i 23 June 2012 11: 17
      There is such a thing - read it there and there is also a Russian topic.
  10. nokki
    nokki 23 June 2012 10: 17
    I think now there is no need to fuss and tear the shirts on the chest. We must return to the proven method of Alexander the Great: cut the Gordian knot in one fell swoop. That is, to continue to work and introduce new weapons and technologies, and, in order to protect ourselves, to return to the concept of geophysical warfare: to place powerful nuclear bombs in tectonic faults off the North American continent. And make them one of the elements of the "Dead Hand". This will bring the Americans to their senses for a long time.
    1. SlavaS
      SlavaS 23 June 2012 10: 41
      Yes they lie there for a long time
      1. cool.cube2012
        23 June 2012 23: 56
        Yes, the money at the top has long been there.
    2. Pessimist
      Pessimist 23 June 2012 14: 04
      Quote: nokki
      And make them one of the elements of the "Dead Hand". This will bring the Americans to their senses for a long time.

      Putin disconnected your "hand" in 2006, and now the "hand" is slowly being dismantled ... The government has declared goals for the people, but there are true ones ... Apparently, including the export of money from Russia (83 billion dollars in 2011), the true goals are opposite to all declared ...
      1. Straus_zloy
        Straus_zloy 23 June 2012 17: 19
        Where did the information come from? Putin personally reported to you. that he turned it off?
        1. Pessimist
          Pessimist 23 June 2012 21: 32
          And you probably reported that it works ??? Or does it even exist? Give a link, please, very interesting! what
        2. survivor
          survivor 24 June 2012 01: 25
          as it was written in the water book, "in those camps, only turn the bulbs" I mean that turn one switch and everything is turned off, turned on .... but about disassembly, so in Russia (as well as everywhere else) say and do different things. Putin could well have given the command to shutdown, but dismantle SUCH PINOK p.i ... a.m., it's unlikely ..........
          1. Pessimist
            Pessimist 24 June 2012 02: 39
            Quote: survivor
            Putin could well give the command to shut off, but dismantle such a kick P.I. ... A.M., it is unlikely ..........

            And, for example, try turning off the usual boiler room for two or three years, and then immediately start it ... An interesting effect can turn out! And SUCH A SYSTEM IS NOT A RUBBER, EVEN NOT A BOILER ROOM ...
            1. survivor
              survivor 24 June 2012 09: 16
              you’re right with the boiler room, but don’t forget that everything we made from weapons had a triple margin of safety. in fact, 90% of all equipment was produced in the USSR.
  11. older
    older 23 June 2012 11: 20
    Or maybe LIKE?
    1. vanya
      vanya 23 June 2012 11: 45
      bang, sure bang
      1. Kaa
        Kaa 23 June 2012 14: 24
        But later ...
    2. SlavaS
      SlavaS 23 June 2012 12: 11
      Well, about banging around us, too, a lot of everything is buried.
  12. nycsson
    nycsson 23 June 2012 11: 32
    Information is constantly being laid out, they say by the 2020 year we will have this .......! I’m wondering what the Americans will have this year ??? It's a shame, damn it .....! All collapsed! In power are such figures that even the allocated grandmas cannot competently master, not to mention everything else!
  13. forma2
    forma2 23 June 2012 11: 49
    and sue them for unleashing the development of military-technical means of destruction, for undermining peaceful coexistence and propaganda for war.
    initiate the US withdrawal from the UN, the IMF blah blah blah.
    Initiate sanctions in various projects in which they participate.
  14. xzWhiteWolf
    xzWhiteWolf 23 June 2012 13: 23
    Interesting, and how to scare Russia? Well, let's say - in 2015-2020 there will be a prototype. Imagine how much the aircraft themselves will have to adapt to these missiles so that they do not fall after launch) And how much money will be needed. Moreover, to bring 100% of the result of the hit dozens of years and work are needed.
    As far as I remember, the S-500 can bring down hypersonic targets, some said that the S-400 is capable of this. Soon there will be ships with missile defense. Our hypersonic weapons are up to 5 years behind. In the USSR, ours was five years ahead of Americans. Now everything is the other way around. But with proper funding, and even more so with the geniuses that exist in our country, we will quickly reduce the gap and catch up.
    By the way, that these missiles will be put on the F-22 is complete nonsense. I doubt that in the next 20 years the construction of air-to-air missiles will be justified at all. All accuracy is exclusively in speed. And the planes, as they say, are not standing still. And such a rocket can turn around after a slip vryatlya, in any case 20 years will not)
    F-35? Put as much as you like) Only vryatlya even by 2015 will have something to bet on)
    Conclusion - hypersound is most likely done for the fleet.
    1. xzWhiteWolf
      xzWhiteWolf 23 June 2012 13: 42
      PS PAK YES are already planning to create under hypersonic weapons. those. by the year 20 there should already be a plane on which hypersonic weapons will be installed and naturally tested.
      For Americans, as far as I know, (maybe this is not so) the old plane tests of lasers and hypersound were not very successful. The laser was generally covered up and made shipborne, and the railgun was successfully tested only on ships.
      I repeat, I could be wrong.
    2. Denzel13
      Denzel13 23 June 2012 15: 24
      Complete nonsense, since the sighting and navigation system F 22 is currently capable of only a limited impact on the surface. And the plane was conceived as an interceptor and for gaining superiority in the air (a key word in the air) What is a breakthrough of missile defense? And what attacks on missile defense facilities?
    3. Samsebenaum
      Samsebenaum 23 June 2012 15: 34
      Quote: xzWhiteWolf
      But with proper funding, and even more so with the geniuses that exist in our country, we will quickly reduce the gap and catch up.

      This proposal raises the question - will our defense industry be able to "pull" such a complex product? Scientists of genius are not extinct here, but everything rests on production. The product requires new technologies and, of course, qualified personnel. We don't have a problem with that?
      1. xzWhiteWolf
        xzWhiteWolf 24 June 2012 00: 35
        At the moment, the country just lacks the right personnel. We have no techies per se. All stupidly went to economists and others. And technical schools became not prestigious. Do you think it’s so difficult to build factories? No, but who will work for them? This is a question. There are few personnel, now they are trying to change it, but the training of really new high-quality personnel is slow, and young people are not trained in these areas, and unfortunately even fewer professionals are leaving or are going to work in their specialty. They are already teaching adults, and this is a snag. Not everyone copes with new technologies right away, someone does not cope at all.
  15. Nechai
    Nechai 23 June 2012 13: 47
    Quote: Delink
    Surely something similar is being developed here,

    Until recently, all developments on this topic were covered. Again, according to Amer’s demand. There was an attempt to use the X-90 "Koala" under the nickname GELA for research purposes, but ... Judging by the photo in the article, amers in their role, as always, solve the problem in the forehead ....
    Quote: Sleptsoff
    offensive systems similar to Amer.

    Similar to theirs, they are not needed for kui. But after the deployment of elements of the national missile defense system outside the United States, Russia de jure is free of any kind of arms limitation framework. What is signed and respected at will. Remember how they talked about it - we are leaving the ABM Treaty, but you don’t do anything. We need control systems and advanced defeat of their carriers, launching positions of space, air, ground (surface) and underwater location. Shutdown control systems, reconnaissance and orientation. Something like this.
    "X-90 / GELA (AS-19 'Koala') hypersonic experimental aircraft."
    1. Pessimist
      Pessimist 23 June 2012 14: 09
      Quote: Nechai
      "X-90 / GELA (AS-19 'Koala') hypersonic experimental aircraft."

      Your "gala" has been in the aviation museum since the 90s ... And the S-500 is fantasies and dreams on the lawn! Under the s-400, there is still no entire planned range of missiles ...
      1. Odinplys
        Odinplys 23 June 2012 20: 07
        And now I think that war is like war ... that you can squeeze a woman for an ass ... to bang on all trunks ... so that life does not seem to be honey ... anyway, the Zionists will not stop ... better sooner ... than to be late. ..and we’ll start a new life ... we’ll stick with sticks ...
        Such ... beauty ... only once in a lifetime can you see ...)))
        1. Pessimist
          Pessimist 23 June 2012 21: 36
          Quote: OdinPlys
          Such ... beauty ... only once in a lifetime can you see ...)))

          Last time! Zionists will sit in comfortable bunkers with girls and pineapples in Australia somewhere, but mostly ordinary people will bend ....
        2. nycsson
          nycsson 23 June 2012 23: 27
          Well yes! You can break something with a fool! Have you heard that?
  16. Kaa
    Kaa 23 June 2012 14: 33
    Most likely, a full cut of the American budget with the F-22 and F-35 did not work, and then the money is hotstsa. So they suck in hypersound and immediately. Remember how you lit the whole world with Star Wars under Reagan Bush Sr., and in fact, zilch. The F-22 can’t even bring the oxygen supply to the cockpit; for invisible people, it’s dangerous to fly in wet (and hot) weather. This is not Hollywood blockbusters, this is real, not a virtual, in which American soldiers are already learning to fight. Good luck to their gunsmiths on the thorny path of plundering their budget. Per aspera- ad astra (In the most extreme case, the use of nuclear weapons will go there)
  17. Nechai
    Nechai 23 June 2012 15: 23
    Quote: Pessimist
    Your "gala" has been in the aviation museum since the 90s ..

    Sasha, you are clearly trying to match your nickname .... GELA is not mine. Or do you mean Russia in the word "your"? And do not identify yourself with "this" country? Then put it straight like this, without any equivocations. Although, judging by the flag and the name, it seems like Russian. Or do not you tolerate such a national definition of yourself? Ring tady, lad ...
    1. Pessimist
      Pessimist 23 June 2012 21: 49
      Valery, the word "your" is addressed to those who consider her, GELA, an ADEQUATE WEAPON, which she is not at all! And it was developed in fact in the USSR, and not as a response to amers to their hypersound! There is no need to brag about what happened in the USSR now, I am offended for the USSR, and doubly for modern Russia! I just soberly look at our situation, especially inside the country ... Everyone around is shouting "hurray hurray", "in the 11th year, 70 billion dollars were spent on defense, how cool", etc. And where is all this ??? One nuclear strike aircraft carrier costs 6-8 billion dollars, but there is no money to build !!! And where did the money go ????
  18. Van
    Van 23 June 2012 20: 12
    I am reminded that, together with the Hindus, Russia is already developing a similar missile and even had successful trials, the Brahmos Model if I am not mistaken.

    1. mind1954
      mind1954 24 June 2012 02: 38
      Did you develop with the Indians?
      And I always thought that he had only an Indian name?
  19. Guun
    Guun 23 June 2012 23: 28
    Our BrahMos hypersonic rockets were developed back in 1998! Http: //
    Amer just play in public, it will be the same as with the F-35-a bunch of imperfections and high cost. Well, they know how to make weapons in Russia and that’s all! And those who don’t want such weapons to come out and serve the interests of the people are true enemies!
    After all, recently they scared with a laser fellow and what in the end? wassat
  20. Messerschmitt
    Messerschmitt 24 June 2012 02: 35
    = 755962] The new Russian weapon, the world's first maneuvering hypersonic cruise missile, should successfully overcome any missile defense system. The missile is called the Kh-90, and is the Kremlin's response to Washington's missile defense program - Our response to Chamberlain smile
  21. Averias
    Averias 24 June 2012 11: 47
    For a long time already I have been talking about there that we have something (the trump card is not weak), which the Americans are so afraid of, this impression is made up of rare pieces of a mosaic and a heap of various innuendos. The first is the strike orbital constellation of satellites (land, sea), a mystery shrouded in darkness. The second is that GZ even when they began to develop and achieved great success, but the technical support fails. The third is a weapon based on the peculiarities of the interaction of microwave radiation and EM fields, here something is stunning to such an extent, but there is a minus that requires mad energy. After all, it is not for nothing that the Americans do not stop playing with their "muscles" and shouting that they have once again come up with a super-wonderful weapon capable of hitting everyone and everything. But in reality what? one, two prototypes that work in a peculiar way and during tests get out huge problems, and I'm not even talking about monetary costs. An example of this is the F-22. And the F-35, which spends about $ 30 million for each landing and takeoff, is an awesome plane. If you want to ruin the country's economy, buy an F-35 link.