Geopolitical mosaic: in Scotland, they tried to clamp down on freedom of speech, and British professor Liven believes that the West should respect Russia

"Superjet" is not to blame? The SSJ-100 crash was not caused by technical problems. According to Russian experts working in Indonesia, the bravado of a pilot in flight and the negligence of dispatchers could be the cause of the disaster. Dmitry Petrov talks about this ("Vesti").

The preliminary stage of the investigation is completed. Decoding the “black boxes” of the crashed liner is over. “Everything is audible on the record,” says D. Petrov, “and as a co-pilot he dissuaded the crew commander from a dangerous maneuver, and as a dispatcher he did not forbid to descend in zero visibility”.

From the records it is clear that Alexander Yablontsev disconnected the proximity warning system. It would be because it does not contain a cartridge with the surface of the island of Java.

The atmosphere in flight was festive. On the eve of the flight, when Neptune Day was celebrated in the air, and Indonesian flight attendants played the role of mermaids, Jablontsev made turns between mountain ranges, which aroused enthusiasm among potential buyers. In the 9 flight of May, despite the bad weather, he is supposed to have decided to repeat the turns.

The commander ordered the second pilot to request a reduction to 6 thousand feet. The pilot replied that it was dangerous here. But the commander, who apparently really wanted to effectively fly next to the rock, did not listen to him: “I know better where we are.”

Dmitry Petrov writes: “... And when the plane flew out of the cloud at a speed of about five hundred kilometers per hour, there was a mountain right on the course. The commander only managed to say: “Lord, what is this?” - and abruptly pulled the control joystick towards himself, turning on the engines at full power. To lift the plane over the ridge, he did not have three seconds. The plane lifted up its nose and flat- it didn’t even hit it, but as if it lay on a mountain. It was thanks to this that all the bodies of the passengers and crew members were found. ”

The flight director, who saw a mountainside on the radar monitor, could have banned both the decline and the turn for the pilots.

And another reason for the liner crash: the dispatcher on the ground did not have a partner. Investigation has established: Perdanakusuma airport is understaffed. The air traffic controller simultaneously monitored several flights at once, and the SSJ-100 liner did not have enough of his attention.

Obviously, D. Petrov concludes, the sum of the errors was the cause of the tragedy.

The Red Cross did not remove the wounded from Homs. Because of the ongoing fighting, the Red Cross staff could not evacuate the wounded from Syria Homs. About this 21 June reports "" with reference to the Reuters agency. Quote:

“According to the representative of the Red Cross, on Thursday morning the organization managed to reach an agreement with government forces and insurgents on a temporary ceasefire in order to remove the wounded from the central district of Homs. Despite this, the mission’s personnel who had left the scene were fired upon, and therefore they had to abandon the humanitarian operation.

Meanwhile, according to the human rights organization Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, according to Agence France-Presse, June 21 was a record day in terms of the number of victims since April 12 on 2012, when the formal armistice agreement entered into force. According to human rights activists, at least 54 government forces soldiers, 10 rebels and 104 civilians were killed in Syria on Thursday’s day. ”

Deserter fighter. Yesterday, the Syrian Ministry of Defense issued a statement about the hijacking of the MiG-21 to Jordan. He writes about it ""referring to "SANA".

Piloted fighter Colonel Hassan Hamad. The Syrian command called this man “a deserter who committed a crime and will be punished for his actions under martial law”. The Ministry of Defense also stated that it had contacted the Jordanian authorities and demanded the return of the fighter.

At present, it is known that official Amman has declared satisfaction of the deserter’s request for political asylum.

Armed Taliban attacked a hotel in a suburb of Kabul today. Reports about it from Cairo ITAR-TASS correspondent Dina Drunk.

Geopolitical mosaic: in Scotland, they tried to clamp down on freedom of speech, and British professor Liven believes that the West should respect Russia

According to information from the Afghan capital, the Taliban militants with grenade launchers and machine guns attacked a hotel near Lake Karga - at the very moment when wedding receptions were held there.

The night attack began with the fact that three terrorists with suicide belts broke into the hotel complex. One of them activated the explosives, then the attackers exchanged fire with the guards, who came to the aid of police units. The militants took hostage hotel guests, including children and women.

The attack of the Taliban, according to Reuters, is directed “against wealthy foreigners and Afghans who organize wild parties on Friday holy for Muslims.”

According to the latest post RIA News", citing Reuters, the Afghan security forces are now continuing the operation to free hostages captured by militants. Until freed eighteen people. The chief of the Metropolitan Police, Ayub Salangi, said: “Two terrorists were destroyed, and we cleaned out the second floor of the hotel. Now we are cleaning the area of ​​the remaining militants. ”

The political crisis in Paraguay. 22 June in the Paraguayan Senate began hearings on the impeachment of President Fernando Lugo, accused of improper performance of duties. Reports about it correspondent ITAR-TASS Dmitry Fominykh. Quote:

"The bloody events that are being blamed on the Paraguayan president occurred last Friday, when over a hundred landless peasants who illegally seized private territory located 380 km from the Paraguayan capital, set an ambush for law enforcement officers who intended to evict them from the site by decision court As a result of the shootout, six policemen and 11 peasants died, more than 100 people were injured, 20 of them are in serious condition. ”

In Mexico, they took the son of Gusman. The Mexican Marines detained Jesús Alfredo Guzmán, one of the sons of Joakin Guzmán, the head of the Sinaloa drug cartel. This is reporting "" with reference to the Associated Press.

According to the authorities, 26-year-old Guzman controlled large flows of drugs and laundered money in the states of Jalisco, Kolima and Sinaloa. Most likely, in the near future Guzman will be extradited to the United States. Giving Mexican drug dealers to America for trial and punishment is a common practice.

"," recalls that "Sinaloa" - one of the most powerful drug cartels of Mexico, controlling about a third of the supply of drugs to the United States. Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman is one of the most influential people on the planet. His fortune is estimated at a billion dollars.

In Bolivia, the police and their wives defeated the police station. "Vesti" With reference to "24 Russia", it is reported that in the Bolivian La Paz several dozen police officers, being in civilian clothes, defeated the police station.

The defeat was started because of low wages. Dissatisfaction with salaries was expressed jointly with husbands and wives of Bolivian law enforcement officers.

Against the rebels were other peace officers, who were assisted by special forces. Dissatisfied police were dispersed with tear gas. Active participants in the clashes are arrested.

Julian Assange speaks from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. This is his first public statement from the embassy, ​​reports from London correspondent ITAR-TASS Roman Podervyansky.

The founder of the portal "WikiLeaks" is already the third night in the diplomatic mission of Ecuador, awaiting the decision of the authorities of this Latin American country to grant him political asylum.

Assange explained his demarche to the embassy by saying that he was not ready to go to Sweden: “The Swedes have publicly announced that they will keep me in custody, in prison, without charge while they continue their so-called investigation.” Assange also believes that in the future he is likely to be extradited to the US authorities, who continue to prepare an indictment against him.

New greek government. Yesterday, the composition of the new Greek government became known, reports "" with links to France-Presse, The Associated Press and Ta Nea Online.

The position of prime minister was taken by Antonis Samaras. The Minister of Finance was 65-year-old head of the National Bank Vasilis Rapanos. Dimitris Avramopoulos was appointed Head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Evripidis Stylianides was appointed Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Avromopoulos was formerly Mayor of Athens, Minister of Health and Minister of Defense, and Stilians was Minister of Education and Minister of Transport.

Representatives of PASOK and the Democratic Left did not enter the cabinet of ministers formed by the New Democracy. Previously, they made it clear that they are not going to send their deputies to the cabinet, reports correspondent ITAR-TASS Yuri Malinov.

RIA Novosti correspondent Alexey Bogdanovsky reports from Athens: "Despite the fact that" New Democracy "has a large majority in parliament, the refusal of PASOK and DIMAR to delegate its deputies to the government will significantly weaken the position of this cabinet, especially when carrying out unpopular reforms."

New ministers tighten their belts. As reported from Athens correspondent ITAR-TASS Yuri MalinovPrime Minister Antonis Samaras said at the first meeting of the coalition cabinet: “The salaries of the members of the Council of Ministers will be reduced from the first day of work at 30 percent, and, secondly, I will instruct the Minister of the Interior to limit the use of official cars by members of the government and administration to the lowest possible level. I have always believed that the best way to rule is to set an example first: with truth and modesty. ”

The Prime Minister intends to save Greece from the crisis and save the country's participation in the euro zone: "We will do everything possible to save our country and so that it continues to follow the European course ..."

Pomegranates and tomatoes. On June 19 in the north of Kosovo, an attack was made on the Brnjak administrative transition, controlled by KFOR soldiers (international NATO forces occupying Kosovo). Reports about it IA "REGNUM".

Unknowns threw two grenades at the KFOR stronghold, one exploded (one soldier was easily contused).

The local Serbian population is dissatisfied with the attempts of the self-proclaimed Kosovo authorities, which have conspired with NATO forces and the European Union to make the administrative border with Serbia an interstate.

21 June Kosovo’s parliamentarians representing the opposition expressed their dissatisfaction with the Balkan policy pursued by the European Union. During the talks, EU Special Envoy Robert Cooper with Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Tachi, opposition MPs pelted the government building with tomatoes. This is reported by the channel Euronews.

Glauk Konufka, a member of the Kosovo parliament, said: “We will continue our protests because people in the government are ready to sell the north of Kosovo, giving it autonomy status. It will destroy the sovereignty of our country. "

Swedish nuclear power plant going to blow up? "Vesti" with reference to "Russia 24" they report that as a result of the inspection of the area around the Ringals nuclear power plant, the largest patrol in Sweden, the patrol discovered a car with explosives. Now the protection of all Swedish nuclear power plants is transferred to the enhanced mode.

The type of explosive and its amount of information is not reported. It is alleged that the bomb would not have caused serious damage to the station.

The prosecutor decided that Breivik was insane. 21 June prosecution asked the court to declare Anders Breivik insane and send him to a psychiatric clinic for compulsory treatment, reports "" with reference to France-Presse.

According to the prosecution, the actions and statements of the defendant testify to his apparent mental illness. Prosecutor Svein Holden also noted that if Breivik is still considered normal, the prosecution will ask to sentence him to the maximum possible term - 21 year in prison.

The terrorist himself had previously stated that he preferred to receive a prison sentence. He claimed that he had committed crimes in a sober mind. It is interesting that two groups of Norwegian forensic psychiatrists came to the opposite conclusions: the first group decided that he was insane, and the second - that he was sane.

Their freedom of speech. As reported by 15 Jun RIA News"referring to the Scottish Daily Record newspaper, the regional council and the leadership of the Lochgilphead School in the Argyll and Bute area in Scotland have banned nine-year-old student Martha Payne to publish photos of school lunches on her own NeverSeconds blog. The blog has already gained over two million views.

The schoolgirl added her comments on the quality of the school meal to the photos taken and assessed the dishes on a ten-point scale.

After the suggestion made to her, Martha Payne published a message about the completion of her food reports: “This morning, at a math lesson, the school principal took me out of the classroom and escorted me to my office. I was told that I can no longer take pictures of my school dinners. ”

According to the Telegraph newspaper, the ban came from the local government of Argyll and Bute and appeared after the publication in the media of a note on Martha Payne’s blog.

News about the ban on publishing photos of school lunches caused a flurry of criticism - both from bloggers and from Martha’s father.

Criticism was effective. 16 June "News"referring to the Telegraph newspaper, which, in turn, referred to the statement of the representative of the regional council Roddy McQuish, said: the regional council Argyll and Bute canceled the ban order. McQuish said: “I have just instructed officials to immediately lift the ban on photographs of meals in the school cafeteria. There is no place for censorship in Argyll and Bute. ”

According to the representative of the regional council, the fact that the girl published photographs of the dinners was not bad, but “it was completely unacceptable” that the media in their publications criticized the staff of the school cafeteria. As the Telegraph notes, the Daily Record earlier published an article using Martha’s blog, giving her the headline: “Time to dismiss women serving lunch at school.”

Ignorance of Russian is not an obstacle for employment. Yesterday, the Latvian Saeima, in its third reading, supported amendments to the labor law, according to which, when applying for a job, it is now prohibited to require Russian language skills from applicants. Reports about it from Riga correspondent RIA "News" Vadim Radionov.

The amendments will enter into force if approved by the President of Latvia.

The bill was submitted for parliamentary consideration by representatives of the nationalist party "All - Latvia." They consider that Latvians who do not know Russian language are subject to discrimination in the labor market.

110 passengers from 200 saved. Australian and Indonesian sailors rescued 110 from 200 passengers of a vessel that was turned over off the coast of Fr. Christmas in the Indian Ocean reports RIA News" with reference to the Associated Press.

The ship was supposed to be able to carry up to 200 illegal migrants from Sri Lanka. The fate of about 90 people is still not known, the search continues.

Indonesia is a famous transit point for refugees from many Southeast Asian countries heading to Australia. Vessels with migrants are often in distress off the coast of Indonesia, both because of congestion and because of the lack of professional pilots.

Military exercises near North Korea. Today, the United States and the Republic of Korea launched large one-day military exercises near the border with the DPRK, dedicated to the 62 anniversary of the beginning of the Korean War, transmit "Vesti". Quote:

“Over two thousand military personnel, F-15K fighters, Apache fire support helicopters, and Apache fire fighting helicopters were involved in maneuvers that began in the Pochon area (Kengido province) Tanks. They will also for the first time take part in the E-737 Peace Eye, a long-range radar detection and control aircraft, as well as TA-50 attack aircraft.

Resource "Foundation for Strategic Culture" gives other information about these exercises, the duration of which is determined not in one day, but in two, and among the participants is called Japan:

“In the international waters south of the Korean Peninsula, naval exercises of the United States, South Korea and Japan began. Two days the military will work out the interaction during combat and rescue operations.

Two thousand soldiers will take part in the exercises, helicopters, tanks and fighters will be involved. The servicemen will conduct training firing live shells. An attack group led by the atomic aircraft carrier "George Washington" based in the port of Yokosuka in the Tokyo area takes part in the exercises from the USA. The Japanese Navy sent three ships, including the Kurama helicopter carrier and the Kirishima missile destroyer, equipped with the Aegis multi-purpose tracking and guidance system. South Korea does not disclose the scale of its participation in the exercises due to the difficult situation in relations with the DPRK, which regards them as a provocation and a threat to the security of the region. ”

Agency Moody lowers ratings. How to report from New York correspondent ITAR-TASS Andrey Bekrenevyesterday, Moody's downgraded the credit rating of fifteen major international banks at once: American JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup and Morgan Stanley; Swiss "Credit Suisse" and "UBS"; British HSBC, Barclays and Royal Bank of Scotland; French BNP Paribas, Credi Agricole, Societe Generale; German Deutsche Bank; Canadian Royal Bank of Canada.

The downgrade is due to the instability of the global financial system.

America will create EuroPRO. Russia is not a hindrance to it. As reported from Washington correspondent RIA "News" Maria TabakThe United States will continue to implement plans to build a missile defense system in Europe.

Speaking yesterday at the Senate’s international committee, US Deputy Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs Madeleine Cridon said: “The administration is implementing all four phases of the missile defense plan and will not accept any restrictions in the US missile defense, despite objections and protests from Russia.”

The benefactor of American business has resigned. How today conveyed from Washington correspondent ITAR-TASS Dmitry Zlodorev, US Commerce Secretary John Bryson resigned for medical reasons. In a letter addressed to the president, published on Thursday, he said: “I came to the conclusion that the attack suffered by me on June 9 may interfere with my work as a minister.”

In response, Obama thanked Bryson, praising his "tireless work for the benefit of American business." According to the president, the minister “during his career has proven to be an effective leader both in the private sector and in public service”.

Obama and Bryson did not say a word about the recent the scandal, as a result of which the minister had to say goodbye to his post.

Anatol Lieven, a professor at the Department of Military Conflict Studies at King’s College in London, author of The Rights or Not Rights of America: Anatomy of American Nationalism, believes that the West is not helping to strengthen mutual respect and trust between him and Russia. Simply put, the West does not want to respect Russia, but wants to curse Putin. This theme Liven develops in the article "The West should work with Putin, and not just scold him" ("The Financial Times"source of translation - "InoSMI").

First, according to the professor, the Kremlin is right in declaring that Iran should be involved in an international agreement on Syria: there are links between Iran and the Syrian regime, and Iran is not indifferent to the future of the Alawite minority. In addition, the policy of Saudi Arabia - is dangerous. Washington has forgotten that it was the Saudis who helped lay the foundation for extremism in Pakistan and other countries.

“When we listen to statements by Washington and Paris about Syria,” the professor writes, “we should recall the American and French policies towards their ally Algeria in the 1990s, when the military canceled the results of democratic elections and launched a brutal campaign of repression against Islamists who won the vote, which led to the death of more than 150 thousands of people. Then the question of the isolation of Algeria and the intervention of the West simply did not stand.

This story, - continues Liven, - exposes the present Western rhetoric in a ridiculous and ridiculous light. Probably, Hillary Clinton had to take a quick look at the mirror of history before calling Russia and China “mean” for their opposition to international actions in Syria. The situation is aggravated by the fact that Clinton publicly accused Russia of supplying attack helicopters to Syria, although US officials confidentially admit that it intentionally thickened the paint to put pressure on Moscow. Does this promote mutual respect and trust? ”

Secondly, according to Liven, the results of the Russian elections and the composition of opposition demonstrations show that the majority of Russians are not going to vote for pro-Western liberals. Such a fundamental aspect of the Russian reality, the professor believes, coupled with good economic performance achieved "under the careful and attentive guidance of Vladimir Putin", gives strength to the Kremlin administration and "means that even in the unlikely event of her departure, Russian foreign policy will not change a jot" .

Third, the West should look for compromises with Russia. After all, he, the West, "is weaker than before." In addition, the professor believes, the idea of ​​Georgia and Ukraine joining NATO and the EU, and even a hint of strengthening such a partnership, "today is a stillborn product."

The West, according to Comrade Liven, must abandon the policy of anti-Russian expansion, preferring to it a strategy of jointly containing crises - for example, such as the threat of a new war between Armenia and Azerbaijan over Nagorno-Karabakh.

A good start in terms of such international cooperation, in which the parties begin to respect each other’s systems, according to Lieven, the negotiations of the West with Russia and China on the Syrian crisis can become.

Observed Oleg Chuvakin
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    1. Aleksey67
      22 2012 June
      Oleg, thanks for the review !!! But it's too early to write about the guilt of the pilots, in my opinion .... We are not logs that are trying to "wash the grandmother" on the bones.

      In the investigation of the crash of the SSJ-100 in Indonesia, a technical version 22 June 2012, 10: 35
      Photo: ITAR-TASS

      According to the investigators' priority version, the Russian Sukhoi SuperJet-100 aircraft could crash into a mountain in Indonesia due to air conditioning problemswrites on Friday the press, citing sources close to the investigation.

      Aeroflot pilots flying SSJ-100 confirmed to Izvestia that the failure of the air conditioning system is one of the main technical problems of the new Russian airliner. However, experts do not exclude other versions of the disaster - from the climatic to the human factor.

      Two cases of failure of air conditioning systems in a row, a newspaper source close to investigating the disaster in Indonesia said, made the Indonesian specialists who are now deciphering the second parametric black box found on Mount Salak pay attention to the possible failure of the air conditioning system and the technical version of the disaster.

      The fact that the SSJ-100 has technical problems, the representative of Aeroflot Konstantin Mokhna said back in March at the board of the Federal Air Transport Agency. In addition to failures of air conditioning systems identified during operation, were named and other pain points: flight and navigation equipment, hatches and doors. The serviceability of the SSJ-100 is 17–45% lower than the average for the Aeroflot fleet, said Mokhn at a board at the Federal Air Transport Agency. According to him, due to problems with the air conditioning system, Aeroflot had 17 days of inactivity.
      1. Shveik
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        Hoho look at what I came across online


        Detailing of bulk :-) tin, is it interesting to get into the news?
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 просят распространить среди патриотично настроенных людей.


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          Pid eggs ...... ru cut off !!!! am and all their selling shoble !!!
          1. Shveik
            22 2012 June
            I managed to contact the author of this livejournal

            He claims that he has: evidence of Navalny’s connection with the Hermitage (the bulk now strongly denies this), COMPROMATIVE AT BEREZOVSKY, and just as he managed to hack the mailboxes of the opposition.

            HE ASKS TO RAISE ITS TOP IN THE TOP, since tinder from everywhere. will merge the information gradually

            Comrades of the EURASIANS, let’s at least we meet on June 22 without internal saboteurs, demolitions of the type of Navalny.
            WE RISE TO TOP
          2. 755962
            22 2012 June
            AAA basement was lowered below the plinth with its oranzhevizhnoy !!! We must inform the moderators that the article would be rolled up on the site.
            A thief, cutting money, constantly taking instructions from the British-American owners, who couldn’t take a single step not to consult with someone from behind a hill, shouting at every corner that he was a Russian nationalist, but really .. .y from the mountain.
            1. Shveik
              22 2012 June
              P [smoke in the top
              Download the detail of Navalio

              We look forward to continuing at
          3. Lech e-mine
            23 2012 June
            Here is the whole gang of traitors assembled after instructing the US State Department
            1. 0
              24 2012 June
              Leha e-mine,
              Under Joseph Vissarionych, they would have already knit shit, but here our lice are proudly impossible.
      2. 755962
        22 2012 June
        Quote: Aleksey67
        about the guilt of the pilots in my opinion to write prematurely ..

        Media: the investigation still blames the equipment for the crash of the SSJ-100, and there was a child in the cockpit
        Meanwhile, sensational details of the fatal flight on May 9, which killed 45 people, appeared in the media. According to the Vesti TV channel, in the cockpit at the time of the accident allegedly there was a child who spoke Indonesian. Until now, no children were reported among the dead, and the press wrote that a representative of the customer was sitting next to the pilots during a demonstration flight.

        Articles with comments from the press in connection with the completion of the first stage of the investigation of the plane crash in Indonesia on Friday write "Headlines".

        Aeroflot pilots flying the SSJ-100 confirmed to Izvestia that the weakest system of the new superliner really is air conditioning. At the same time, experts do not rule out other versions of the disaster - from poor climatic conditions to the human factor.
    2. +3
      22 2012 June
      Thank you, an interesting selection. A spoonful of honey was left in the end to sweeten the pill, as I understand it.
    3. scrack
      22 2012 June
      A good, wise professor, reasoning correctly
    4. +1
      22 2012 June
      Extremely objective review. Oleg, thank you very much as always.
    5. raptorr
      22 2012 June
      1. Che
        22 2012 June
        Reptiles are boring - do you want blood? Little Libya, and now Syria?
        1. -3
          22 2012 June
          Not, even though I am not a supporter of those ... who all reap ... and chew ...
          but .... reading headings alone ... as it was customary in the Union ... to get the mood from the editorials ...
          nothing ... constructive ... not seen ...
          there is fuss ... mouse fuss ..
          intelligence is once again being traded ... preferences are received.
          where they get .... where not.
          Lavrov personally ... notified ... PLAYERS ... play.
          The croupier has not yet said ... bets are made ... Colt will judge further.
          Same ....
          Well, we are waiting ..
          My motherland, and I am grateful to her - made a beautiful gesture ... supposedly sent the Marines, perhaps on three vessels ... to look for the shares of the best on foreign shores .. well, the flag in your hands, guys, don’t sleep, know what is around enemies ... know that you are Russians (not nationally).
          And, by and large ... all these alignments ... in Societe Generale Group ... think ... in the approximation of 1 to 10 million.
          Abidna, brothers, abidna ... Ches a word.
          Is it again ... the Mongols in Russia ... call ?????
          1. Al_miller
            22 2012 June
            Mongols do not need better sleep!
          2. zh1
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            The eccentric man ... Mo (n) goals - that is what we are. You must call yourself!
    6. Sergeant Air Force
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      The nine-year-old girl has her own blog. She should play dolls ... Although this is a general trend .... Thanks for the review
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        Come on girl! Many adults have no brains, but a blog wink
    7. DERWISH
      22 2012 June
      AMERICAN course of relations and the so-called concessions, especially in terms of a deliberately blatant lie !!!! USSR policy is the right offset !!! AMERA WILL NEVER ATTACK RUSSIA themselves because even their ass can crack but it is so far on their own and after all it may be too late they will ultimately promise China Siberia and we will always break the weak khan !!! It's time for VOLODIA to answer toughly !! !!
      1. 11Goor11
        22 2012 June
        Venezuela: the country was armed on credit. They gave money for which Chavez immediately bought a weapon. It is enough there that the amers become very painful if they turn up.
    8. Odessa
      22 2012 June
      It can be seen on such a day you did not begin to amuse people in the news block. Thank you, Oleg for the review! Everything is interestingly told! Yes good
    9. BAT
      22 2012 June
      Thank you so much for the review. As always - a huge plus.
    10. htpm100
      22 2012 June
      "The founder of the WikiLeaks portal has been spending the third night in the diplomatic mission of Ecuador, awaiting the decision of the authorities of this Latin American country on granting him political asylum" they will not give him any political asylum, the British will not give them any political asylum on the 1st place, they will give them as cute, Ecuador will not go to confrontation with Great Britain, they are in different weight categories, and Asanzh had to ask Russia for political asylum, because he still works in the Republic of Tatarstan, and I think there are connections in Russia.
    11. xzWhiteWolf
      22 2012 June
      Oleg Chuvakin, I would like to express once again my gratitude for your publications. If I see "Geopolitical Mosaic" I don't read the title even further, but I click and open the full article!
      Write excellently, in some places humor, as he wrote once before, it always gives shine to an article of this "genre".
      I would like you to continue with us!
      1. +5
        22 2012 June
        Quote: xzWhiteWolf
        Oleg Chuvakin, I would like to express once again my gratitude for your publications. If I see "Geopolitical Mosaic" I don't read the title even further, but I click and open the full article!
        Write excellently, in some places humor, as he wrote once before, it always gives shine to an article of this "genre".
        I would like you to continue with us!

        Thank you, Vladimir! I do not plan to part with you, my faithful readers. Never persuade! And read the titles. They also have "humor here and there".
    12. party3AH
      22 2012 June
      great review, thanks.
      Third, the West should seek compromises with Russia. After all, he, the West, is "weaker than before." the professor is right, we can endure a lot, but sooner or later this patience will end. again according to Bismarck: Russians harness for a long time, but go fast.
    13. +4
      22 2012 June
      The article is good and covers all significant aspects of international life. To the author - respect.
      Sorry Asange. He had to try to break out of England, since he was going to jail anyway, or to seek refuge from Russia or China. There would be a chance.
      They have already written about Clintonich - all the same, not even interesting. She is a fool, and her ears are cold.
      Serbs on the border with Kosovo are still holding on - it would be nice to help them. The truth is not clear how. And the power is surrendering them. They will not be allowed into the European Union. And if they let me go, then in the role of petitioners are 2 varieties.
      Well, Syria should not be surrendered under any circumstances. Our people seem to understand this. But ships must be sent. In vain they wait for a long time - it will not become easier.
    14. +2
      22 2012 June
      The overwhelming majority in the West is not familiar with the concept of "compromise" or put another meaning in it ........ And when our country makes compromises, they consider it a weakness ..... Well .... time will judge everything in fairness
    15. +2
      22 2012 June
      Oleg, thanks for the next review. Helps you not to waste time on news channels.
    16. +3
      22 2012 June
      there are adequate people in the west.
    17. Cadet787
      22 2012 June
      There was at least one sensible person in the western dermocracy, who has everything in mind with brains. But in general, the review is excellent.
    18. +3
      22 2012 June
      "Anatol Lieven, professor of conflict research at King's College London, author of America's Rights or Wrongs: The Anatomy of American Nationalism, believes that the West does not promote mutual respect and trust between him and Russia", another naive person thinking that the West as a whole is fighting for justice in the whole world, but there are some mistakes. A mistake, the West is initially fighting for clear dominance, there is no question of justice!
    19. vladimir64ss
      22 2012 June
      Something Western adequacy does not apply to their politicians. Clintonsha is a lie, and they wink at her, they say we know why. On missile defense just send. It’s a pity Zhirinovsky is exhausted, it is time for him to answer these boors in a better way. And for the review, as always, thanks.
    20. cobra66
      22 2012 June
      Amer absolutely oh ** ate about their missile defense, we should again put on the cube TOPOL
    21. StrateG
      22 2012 June
      America will create EuroPRO. Russia is not an obstacle to it

      Russia will create Pi * d * ts'ih'PRO - America is not a hindrance to it.
    22. +1
      22 2012 June
      It was necessary to fly under the bridge, your mother Chkalov.
    23. Che
      22 2012 June
      P N D D O owls are being wetted in Afghanistan, well, it deserves it. The geyropa, as always, does not want to understand Russia, but apparently it doesn’t understand, they snickered around there. Well, then you are in a crisis ..
      1. +2
        22 2012 June
        there is a struggle for a drug market between the CIA and the royal family of Anglo-Saxons, the family does not want to take the medical market to the ball .........
    24. +2
      22 2012 June
      I'm talking about the performance of Anatole Lieven, this is probably the second case in the history of Britain ... the first was Roderick Murchinson. Using his popularity and influence in society, in 1853 he organized a powerful movement in England against the entry of Great Britain into the Eastern (Crimean) war, which delayed the formation of the anti-Russian Anglo-French coalition with Turkey for almost a year. In the sixties, however, he managed to prevent the military intervention of England in Central Asia. Explaining his attitude towards Russia, at a crowded rally in London Hyde Park, he then said:
      "Even if Russia expands its possessions at the expense of neighboring colonies, unlike other colonial powers, it gives these new acquisitions more than it takes from them. "
      1. 0
        24 2012 June
        There are adequate people in the West, no one will give them a word. The press is a corrupt whore; she expresses only ugly thoughts. The fate of Russia to fight its entire history for the truth.
    25. +1
      22 2012 June
      Oleg, thank you very much. Very good selection. There is not always time to climb news sites, but here: the main thing, concisely and with humor. Thanks again. Waiting for the next review. Sincerely.
      1. +1
        22 2012 June
        Quote: suharev-52
        Oleg, thank you very much. Very good selection. There is not always time to climb news sites, but here: the main thing, concisely and with humor. Thanks again. Waiting for the next review. Sincerely.

        You are welcome. Humor is sparse today. It's not in my power. The next review will appear on Monday, and on Sunday you are welcome to the "Weekly summary".
    26. Oleg0705
      22 2012 June
      America will create EuroPRO. Russia is not a hindrance to it.

      LITTLE HUMOR laughing

    27. Van
      22 2012 June
      Respect +++, and especially the last paragraph hooked good
    28. -1
      22 2012 June
      Ignorance of Russian is not a hindrance to employment. Yesterday, the Latvian Sejm in the third reading supported amendments to the labor law, according to which, when hiring, it is now forbidden to require knowledge of the Russian language from applicants.,
      Even if this person gets a job as a translator from Russian to Latvian ... what
    29. gavana
      22 2012 June
      the massacre of Syrian police Shabih in Allepo
      1. 0
        24 2012 June
        The rats excelled again, the amers come to your senses what you are doing - support the killers, help them. You are thereby even more sinful.
    30. tarnishes
      22 2012 June
      Great article! The world never ceases to amaze, and most importantly how everything is clear!

      Victory is ours! angry
    31. pribolt
      23 2012 June
      Good review +
    32. 0
      23 2012 June
      Oleg! I read your reviews even a few days after publication, if there is no time to go online! +++ drinks Good luck and success to you!
    33. Welesson
      23 2012 June
      Great review, so amicably forgot about the superjet, but here comprehensive information. It is pleasant to read that even in Scotland you can find a council on zealous guardians of your interests. Thank.
    34. Rascopov
      25 2012 June
      Superjet is not to blame? The crash of the SSJ-100 was not caused by technical problems. According to Russian experts working in Indonesia, the cause of the accident could be the pilot’s bravado in flight and the negligence of controllers.
      Yes, we have it like that - that's why we lose in football! Shine in front of everyone - and then at least the grass does not grow!

      Regarding Afghanistan and the Taliban: well, what's the use of a long war?
      The Taliban still reign in Afghanistan!

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