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Park "Patriot": from C-300 to the "Royal Tiger". Part of 2

Communication machine, assembly 15В75. Communication machine MC-2 PKP missile regiment unit 15В75. It is intended for organizing communications with the highest levels of management and was used for organizing communications in the “PKP RP-KP (CPC) RP” link, as well as for ensuring combat duty performance by calculating communications in field positions.

Calculation tasks:

- provision of a direct communication line and tropospheric communication in the operational-tactical control unit;
- ensuring the maintenance of two-way duplex communication with a fixed communication center via telephone channels;
- continuous monitoring of the performance of receiving and transmitting devices and communication equipment.

Combat Duty Assurance Machine, 15B148 unit. Designed to provide electricity to consumers at the field position and in an emergency situation at the BSP, to prepare and eat food by personnel, rest and life of military personnel, organizing and performing guard duty in the field, as well as for launching rockets when operating in a dispersed manner. Designed to ensure the life of 10-ti people with personal belongings and weapons. Developed by CDB "Titan". Production is carried out at the factory "Barricades". In service with the Strategic Missile Forces 1985 year and is used in conjunction with the PGRK Topol-T and Topol.

Poplar launcher, unit 15У168. According to NATO classification - SS-25 "Sickle". Developed in the Volgograd Central Design Bureau "Titan" under the leadership of Valerian Sobolev and Viktor Shurygin. The chief designer of the rocket stove is Vladimir Tsvyalev. On the machine there was a sealed transport and launch container with a diameter of 2 meter and a length of 22 meter. The mass of the rocket launcher is about 100 tons.

The main launcher 5P85С anti-aircraft system C-300PM on the chassis MAZ-543М

Launcher 9A83 anti-aircraft missile system C-300В. The photo shows a self-propelled launcher from the C-300В anti-aircraft missile system, which is designed to prepare and launch four 9М83 anti-aircraft missiles. The installation ensures the operation of the missiles from the moment of their launch to the destruction of the target, provides target illumination, and also issues corrective commands. During 9А83 operation, there is a constant exchange of information with the multichannel missile guidance station, analysis, target designation and display of the target position in the affected area is performed.

Tactical missile system "Point U" and a container for the transport and storage of missiles 9YA234.

Fighting vehicle MLRS "Smerch" 9А52. The caliber of 300 mm guns was adopted in 1987 year and so far has no analogues in the world. The Smerch serves to defeat openly located and sheltered manpower, unarmored and armored vehicles, artillery, tactical missiles and anti-aircraft complexes of the enemy, his helicopters in the field, and also to destroy command posts, communications centers and military-industrial facilities.

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  1. vladimirZ
    vladimirZ 28 March 2019 09: 34
    A bunch of redundant photos. Why, author, do you remove wheels, doors and other unnecessary little things?
    Better less, but more interesting.
    1. Evgeny Fedorov
      28 March 2019 10: 02
      Hello! You can find general plans of this technique freely available on the Internet. It seems to me that it is much more interesting to convey the details of machines, elements of the technical aesthetics of military equipment. Isn't it interesting to see the appearance of individual units of armored vehicles? Only one running "Topol" is worth something. The devil, as always, is in the details.
      1. Roman Skomorokhov
        Roman Skomorokhov 28 March 2019 22: 22
        Quote: Evgeny Fedorov
        elements of technical aesthetics of military equipment.

        Nifiga yourself, "aesthetics" ... Seven layers of peeling paint. Very aesthetically pleasing. Mediocre translation of time and place.
  2. alekc75
    alekc75 28 March 2019 12: 31
    rubbish photo sea !!!!! what for??? another photo with peeled paint is somehow painted over, why is it ????
    1. Roman Skomorokhov
      Roman Skomorokhov 28 March 2019 22: 24
      In order for us to look in the details of the devil. This quest is this: find the devil among 100 worthless pictures.
  3. senima56
    senima56 28 March 2019 18: 00
    I understand that not a new technique is presented at such "exhibitions" ... But even such samples could be put in order ?! Missing hands? Give the pioneers from the "Youth Army" metal brushes and brushes with the task: "Clean from old paint and paint again!" They will be happy! And visitors are pleased to look at the samples! And then it's just a shame somehow ...
  4. Catfish
    Catfish 29 March 2019 10: 49
    I didn’t understand one thing, why to shoot each rivet in three projections. From such a quantitative spread, the essence is lost. Advice to the author: see articles on Lend-Lease. hi